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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 9, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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. complete bay area news could have raj starts right now -- coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. student these at uc berkeley find out tomorrow if a select sports programs will be cut. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. the uc berkeley is promising the decision on cal where the fundraiser drive has already raised several thousands of dollars to try to save those
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programs. >> reporter: anxiety among the sports students wondering if their namesakes will go the way of the california golden bears and go extinct. cal baseball players say they are focused on their first game of the season against utah a week from friday. but they admit they are also looking ahead if it turns out this is the final season. >> for this to be taken away, it's a big deal. >> reporter: if it will be taken away you are going somewhere else in. >> yes, i am definitely going to try to find somewhere else to play. >> reporter: baseball, men's and women's gymnasticking and lacrosse are set to be eliminated after this semester that. could save cal $400 million a year. it could also sent 163 these and students and teachers packing. >> our careers are on the line
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as well. i have my real estate agent on speed dial. >> they didn't come out definitively when this decision was made to say, you know, if you raise x by y we will reinstate. >> reporter: also word tonight the elimination of sports programs could violate federal 9 laws leaving cal with too female these. baseball players will continue to play ball even if they are not wearing a cal jersey. >> if you want to continue playing baseball you have to find a new program to play for because it won't be here anymore. cal's decision could also have an impact on future fundraiser. one of the cal supporters told me if they turn down their proposal to save the sports teams the owners will be lessen kleined to support other programs in the future. live at cal ken wayne, ktvu, channel 2 news. they are considering a controversial proposal to invite two detainees to
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relocate to berkeley once they are released. the move would right some of the wrongs of the federal government. others disagree. and congress bans such moves but even so berkeley city council has scheduled a vote for next week. california governor jerry brown called off the sale of 11 state buildings today. instead, brown wants voters to approve tax extensions in a proposed june special election. >> the proposal that i am proposing this morning will save $6 billion over the previous proposal. former governor arnold schwarzenegger tried to sell the buildings for $1.2 billion. he wanted the state to then rent the space. the deal would have included several bay area buildings including the public utilities commission building in san francisco. the speak building in the city and the lu harris building in oakland. he met with republicans lawmakers in a closed door meeting to discussion the budget.
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the gop now seems open to the idea of a special election. >> we are not to a point that we're, you know, saying yes to putting something on the ballot yet. i think it might depend on what that ballot looks like. >> brown says the state will be forced to slash $25 billion from the budget unless there are voter approved tax extensions. the governor said the special election could be mail-in ballot only to save money. oakland mayor jean kwan is cutting her mayor's salary by 25 percent. that means she will make $137,000 a year, $46,000 less than former mayor. she says she doesn't ask others to do what she isn't willing to do herself. >> an observeant oakland police officer spotted a suspect from a weekend kidnapping case this evening. now that man is under arrest. it was about 5:30 this evening when police say the officer spotted 44-year-old larry wilson of oakland. after a short foot chase the officer arrested him near 95th
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avenue and sunnyside street. he was wanted for the kidnapping and beating of a woman on saturday night. oakland firefighters made a gruesome discovery this afternoon. they found a man's burning body in a homeless encampment beneath a freeway overpass. ktvu's amber lee is live on the ski after i-80 at 66th avenue near the oakland coliseum. amber? >> reporter: julie, every day people drive on the 66 avenue off ramp never realizing that there are homeless people living below this structure. fire officials tell us there are dozens of spots such as this around oakland where the homeless have set up camp using freeway overpasses as shelters. >> i could take you to show you, you know, 10, 20, 30 of them, you know, within a mile of where we are now, maybe two miles. so there is an awful lot of them. >> reporter: shortly after 1:00 this afternoon a passerby spotted smoke and flames coming from below the freeway off ramp. oakland police and chp and fire
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crews responded and found burning debris that appeared to be part of a makeshift shelter. >> it had been enclosed with stone to create sort of a weather break. there was sleeping things, materials there. >> reporter: crews also discovered the badly burned body of a man and a dog tied to a leash nearby. the dog was un injuried and is now in the care of animal control. fire battalion chief robert lip says there is no evidence to suggest that the fire was suspicious or that someone deliberately appeared the man on fire. the source of the fire appeared to be a campfire the man started to keep warm. >> he was either asleep when the fire got too big or somehow in capitated and just couldn't wake up. >> reporter: the chm makes sweep of homeless encampments but they come back as soon as the security leaves. >> they make a circuit going
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back and forth in these encampments. >> reporter: many homeless people would rather spend time underneath homeless shelters than at a shelter. with he got off word with the coroner's office and no identity yet of the man. >> we now know the name of a man shot and killed in east oakland last night. police identified the victim as 33-year-old brown. investigators say he was confronted by at least one person but they have no suspect or motive. brown lived just a few blocks from where he was shot on foothill boulevard. he leaves behind a 3-year-old daughter. >> a san jose judge says a retired catholic priest will not have to testify at the upcoming trial of a san francisco man who allegedly beat the priest at a retirement home and says the priest molested him many years ago. the judge says he will rule tomorrow on whether william lynch will face misdemeanor or felony charges. he is accused of beating father
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jerry linder who lynch claims sexually molested he and his younger brother when they were boys. >> ironically enough here we have him not willing to step into a court to testify. and once again the authorities protect him. >> protestors showed up at the courthouse to show their support for lynch. he is scheduled to return to court tomorrow at which time the judge may set a trial date. a lawyer representing a teenager who was held captive and tortured at a home in tracy for more than a year filed a legal claim today against child protective services. the young man was finally able to escape. you see it there. and go to a nearby gym for help. he is now seeking un specified damages from child protective services for allegedly ignoring evidence of neglect and abuse. the four people charged in the case are all currently serving long prison sentences. new at 10, a kinder, gent letter approach to dealing with the mentally disabled.
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tonights san francisco's police commission adopted what's called the memphis model. ktvu's deborah villalon is live now at city hall where tonight's unanimous vote means many officers will get specialized training. deborah? >> special training, special badges and they will be the first ones sent on those 5150 calls involving the mentally ill. it's a short resolution but big changes. a cell phone captured it as officers shot and wounded a combative man waving a knife in his wheelchair. under new plans, gun would stay holsters as specially trained officers respond. >> it starts with the way the call is dispatched. >> these police veterans just spent four days riding with cip, crisisintervention teams in tennessee. and two architects of the memphis model presented it in person tonight. >> it's like nothing i can am explain. officer trained for cip come to know clients and how to get them into help not jail.
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>> it's the passion that makes the it working. it's the changing of the heart often times that sets the stage for others to follow. >> with three disturbed men shot and killed by officers in the past year alone they needed limb convincing. those who thought what patients and restraint could do were impressed. >> i don't know any officers that would ever want to shoot anyone. it is our last possible choice. it is not something we ever want to do. >> reporter: along those long working for greater sensitivity the mother of a long mentally ill man killed by san francisco officers in a movie theater nine years ago. >> the dispatching like my son that crazy man with a knife is not okay. it leads to disaster. >> also the attorney that represents the man shot last month. >> these are people suffering from an illness that need medical treatment, not guns and violence. >> reporter: with tonight's vote, the goal is to get 40
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hours of crisis training to about a quarter of the police force so they are spread across the city. reporting live in san francisco, deborah villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> san francisco police responded to a brazen daylight shooting in the city's busy hate neighborhood. how a dispute over a dog apparently triggered it. that's coming up right after the break. [ music ] >> and it's going to get downright cold in those inland bay valleys. perhaps down to 29 degrees in santa rosa. show you how cold it will get in your neighborhood and when that rain will get here. from just a few to more than 1,000, what this large group of students did that has everyone cheering. >> what's going on, san francisco? >> and at 10:30 what you didn't see on tonight's "american idol." we take you inside idol's auditions in san francisco. ♪ come on just a little bit
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we have new video after fire that started tonight a few minutes after 8:00 at an office building in downtown walnut creek. fire officials say it appears that the fire started on the second floor of that building at 1840 san miguel drive. when it broke through the roof they called for a second alarm. firefighters were able to bring the flames under control in 45 minutes. so far, there are no reports of any injuries. a dispute over a small dog apparently triggered a shooting this afternoon in the heart of san francisco's historic haight
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ashbury neighborhood. a store employee is now behind bars accused of shooting a customer. >> reporter: the shots rang out on a sunny afternoon sending pedestrians running and prompting a huge police response. >> i looked over there. i saw a man laying down on his back screaming he has been shot. in broad daylight pretty scary stuff. >> reporter: police say convenience store employee sam  fired two shots at a man who entered the store at 2 in the afternoon. >> two officers on patrol in the neighborhood responded on foot and found a man down with a gunshot wound to his back. >> the shooting victim michael stafford and sam knew each other and robbery is not a factor. the confrontation began after staff arrested accused him of kicking his dog. >> i didn't kick his dog. he moved him with his foot.
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>> both men are well liked and well known in the neighborhood. >> the guy that was shot is actually like a poetry guy. you pay him like $1 or $2 and he shows a poem. >> he said he couldn't feel his legs and asking about his dog. >> tonight stafford is in the hospital in serious condition and sam is in jail. >> he is in fairfield and faces three charges, assault with a deadly weapon, a firearm and shooting into a habited building. they have released the name of a 45-year-old man who died in custody. a dj from san raphael was found unconscious monday morning in his jail cell. he was pronounced dead a short time later. arrested on suspension of dui, hit and run and violating probation. he ran i got your music
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performing at weddings and other events. results from an autopsy have not yet been released. the city of san jose and the owners of a troubled nightclub have reached an agreement concerning the club's fate. the city attorney spoke to ktvu tonight and said the owners of club wet now have 120 days to find a buyer. if that doesn't happen, the club will be closed permanently. anyone who bays the club must get proper permits and city approval before reopening. the club will remain closed while the owners search for a buyer. google executive and egyptian resistance leader wild goneme spoke with american reporters today saying he is ready to die to see democracy take root in egypt. he had a poignant and emotional message for the egyptian president and the vice- president. >> you are not going to stop us. kidnap me, kidnap all my colleagues, put us in jail, kill us. do whatever you want to do. we are getting back our country. >> he said it's no longer time
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to negotiate as too much blood has been spilled. human rights watch says 302 people have been killed in the protests. he played a key role in organizing those protests using a facebook page. and he jokingly called the uprising revolution 2.0. a republican congressman from new york, christopher lee abruptly resigned today saying he regretted actions that hurt his family. those actions apparently involve a shirtless photo that appeared on the gossip website gawker. gawker said the image was sent to a woman who lee met on craigslist. he reportedly told the woman he was divorced. he is not. his resignation took place at 5 p.m. eastern time. >> wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords's ability to speak again is being called a small miracle. that's the word from the congresswoman's top aide who said she began speaking earlier this week asking for toast and using other words. the chief of staff also told reporter that gabrielle giffords knows her husband plans to go up in the shuttle
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endeavor and that she supports that decision. new at 10, a black history month celebration in san francisco honoring 1200 african american students for their academic excellence. ktvu's heather holmes is live now outside st. mary's cathedral where those students gathered tonight with their proud parents. heather? >> yes, julie, proof tonight that good things are happening in san francisco schools. take a look. five pages of students all of them african american. all of them with a gpa of 3.0 or higher. [ applause ] >> they walked in tall and proud. to the beat of african drummers. hundreds of african american students honored for their success in the classroom this fall semester. when this honor role celebration began seven years ago, there were only a few black students who qualified.
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>> and got bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and look at us right now. >> and this year 1200 students met the academic achievements. >> we will not allow you young kids to fail. >> young scholars overcoming various struggles to make a state lawmaker, local leaders and their parents take notice. >> i am so proud of you. >> it's a struggle every day. but i know that as a parent it's my job to keep pushing, keep holding her hand, keep encouraging her and watching her excel. >> the kids also received some encouragement tonight from a group of stanford students who told the crowd to keep working hard and keep pursuing their dreams. frank and julie, it was really cute because the little boy that was sitting next to me with his tie and jacket on he shook his head and said, yeah, i am going to college. i'm heather holmes, ktvu,
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channel 2 news. [ music ] >> it warmed up a little bit out there today. temperatures into the upper 60s in santa rosa here is the story. winds have died down. nights are long. temperatures will be cold. 30 in napa. frost and below freezing temperatures in the north bay. and the rest of us in concord, and out near oakland temperatures in the mid and low 30s. it's a cold one to start your day. here is how it breaks down. the high pressure set for the next couple of days with some very cool overnight lows. colder spots in the north bay valleys. look for some frost and freezing conditions up near santa rosa. the long range computer model shows not just a little bit of rain but a lot of rain. talk about that. the three first three stages of the bick -- bike tour begins at tahoe and ends at
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north shore. the second stage also begins in tea hoe and ends -- tahoe and ends in sacramento. and race organizers are expecting some big crowds once again this year. the eight day race is set to get started on may 15th. >> a sendoff today for some bay area soldiers. >> i love wearing this uniform. i am very proud of it. >> how one woman will serve after being touched by tragedy at home. >> but at first a new problem for shuttle discovery. how it could affect the shuttle's final mission to space. . >>, complete bay area news coverage.
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. another problem has cropped up for the space shuttle discovery. nasa says a tool came apart as a technician was working on discovery. it may have damaged the external fuel tank. so every inch of that tank is now being inspected. discovery's next mission has been delayed for months because of cracks in the fuel tank. it is supposed to launch on its
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final mission february 24th. a bay area woman and her comrades are heading off to war. they are departing for a year in iraq. as can have had's -- ktvu's mike mibach reports she is going there to save lives after being touched by tragedy here. [ music ] >> reporter: san mateo's soldiers standing tall saluting the national flag. this is the 200th support medical company. >> they are carrying out what their orders are and that is to provide medical support for personnel in the ford area. >> reporter: they will head north to washington for a month of training. and then off to iraq and operation new dawn. it will be the unit's first overseas combat deployment. >> i love wearing this uniform. i am very proud of it. >> reporter: lauren is proud to be an american, a specialist in a company of 60 soldiers. she lived near the sanbruno pipeline explosion. and not long after tragedy hit
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home for her. >> my father passed away a few months ago. it was a very hard thing to find out right, you know, as you are leaving but i can't really do anything about it. >> reporter: 297 is a team of medics. they will be on the frontline in iraq holding fellow soldiers tight in times of need. on this day though they held their families. it was a sendoff filled with tears but also a celebration of bravery for the men and women in uniform and for their families. >> i have a mother and step- mother who are very, very strong people. i know they will get through this year. and when i come home, home will still be there. i will be happy to see them all. >> reporter: san mateo's 297, soon to have boots on the ground. mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. the u.s. department of veteran's affairs is now offering extra help to family members who care for severely disabled veterans who served in wars in iraq and afghanistan. some caregivers who provide around the clock care can receive health insurance, mental health help and a
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monthly stipend. last year president obama signed a law instructing the va to help whose who are caregivers for veterans. >> on wall street the governor said unemployment could remain down for years. the eighth day in a row the dow was up. and national dangs dab was down today. >> nokia is set for a shakeup. the memo says nokia has missed trends and fallen behind apple and google. he described it as like being on a burning platform. analysts say nokia may announce a partnership with microsoft or google. and fans of apple's iphones have only hours to wait now before they can go buy the new verizon iphone 4. it goes on sale tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. at apple and verizon stores. customers have been able to place orders online for iphones to be picked up tomorrow. they start at 199.
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[ music ] i am just hearing other people win. i was like oh, my god. do not cry. do not cry. >> a part of "american idol" you haven't seen. we will take you inside the show's san francisco auditions coming up next. >> a new tablet from a silicone tech giant. does hp's new touchpad have what it takes to take on apple? . >> closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by mancini's sleepworld.
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. tonight we take you behind the scenes. it's what you haven't seen on "american idol." in tonight's special report ktvu's claudine wong follows three contestants in the san francisco auditions and tells us how they are doing. [ applause ] >> we got it. we got it. >> reporter: you just watched it happen in front of the cameras. but tonight we take you behind the scenes and follow the
10:30 pm
journey of three people who came to san francisco hoping to get to hollywood. the thousands started at at&t park. but what you didn't see is what happened between there and here at the st. francis hotel in san francisco. ♪ come on just a little bit ♪ >> reporter: those are contestants, just friends. because these contestants made it passed producers at the ballpark which means they can't sing for us. but on this day we will sing for the judges. randy jackson. >> what's going on, san francisco? >> reporter: steven tyler. >> hey, everybody, how are you doing? >> reporter: and jennifer lopez. >> how are you? >> good. the last city. excited. >> reporter: we talked to host ryan seacrest about the new judges. >> hey, guys. very uncomfortable, the ego and the end tour age alone just makes it very difficult to handle. >> reporter: yours or theirs? >> mine. >> reporter: in line on this cold day 16-year-old gabby
10:31 pm
walter clay a san francisco native. >> i am really anxious. i wouldn't say nervous. i am really excited. >> reporter: 16-year-old kyle thompson from stockton was just a few feet away. >> it wasn't what i was expected not showing on t.v. >> reporter: we also met up with marsalis pleasant. he is homeless and tried out before. he has never made it to hollywood. >> i am giving 100% marsalis and that's all i can give. >> reporter: picture are snapped and interviews conducted and while ryan seacrest greets the hopefuls one by one. >> you are a rock and roll guy. i wouldn't suggest rock and roll. >> reporter: first up was marsalis. >> it was not to be for marsalis pleasant. kyle was confident. but his family could barely stand the wait. >> it was just almost too much to bare. >> i was just scared inside. oh, my good. >> reporter: their celebrations
10:32 pm
just increased tensions for gabby and her family. >> i was hearing other people and oh, my god, stop crying. do not cry. >> oh, my god. but i kept going through it. and steven tyler was the one who said beautiful. >> reporter: for these two hollywood is waiting. >> this is the mark. and if he does no more than this level, he has accomplished something very great and i am very proud of him. >> reporter: but for marsalis pleasant the season ends. he blames hot tea for damaging his vocals. >> maybe that's what it was. >> reporter: he has been told that's what it was and he has come back. so we may not have seen the last of him. claudine wong, ktvu, channel 2 news. get the latest idol news at find more pictures from san francisco's idol auditions. well, he is back simon cowel is returning to american
10:33 pm
television this fall with the x factor. >> i guess it feels a great time to be launching a new talent search because it seems to be a great time again for music. >> the singing competition is a smash hit in the u.k. judges are looking for raw talent 12 years and older here in the u.s. he left "american idol" last year to spearhead the x factor. auditions begin march 27th in la. >> a bay area tech giant unveiled its version of a computer tablet today. >> since we know that people keep information locked in different -- >> hewlet packard introduced their new touchpad. the unveiling at herb pavilion in san francisco. the new tablet has a 9.7-inch screen and weighs a little more than a pound and a half. >> the touchpad is all about you. how you want to work. how you want to play. and how you want to connect to the things you value the most. >> the company also unveiled two new smart phones.
10:34 pm
the credit card sized via and the palm 3p. they haven't revealed the price tag for the touchpad which goes on sale this summer. the wall street journal has recorded that apple has started production on a new thinner version of the ipad. the newspaper says the improved version will include at least one built-in camera, a faster processor and more memory. the updated tablet will reportedly be available through at&t and verizon. apple has sold almost 15 million ipads since the device was first launched last year. >> audits just released from pg&e says the utility delayed inspections for years and didn't follow their own safety guidelines. this came to light as part of the investigation of the sanbruno pipeline explosion last year. the california public utilities commission discovered pg&e put off inspections of high pressured transmission lines for more than two years. a new survey indicates writer -- rider satisfaction with bart has slipped in the passed two years. the survey last year found 82%
10:35 pm
of riders were very or somewhat satisfy. two percentage points lower than in bart's 2008 survey. the percentage of very satisfied riders declined from 42% to 36%. the results of the latest survey will be presented to bart's board tomorrow morning. the carnival cruise ship splendor is set to hit the high seas again friday after extensive repair work done in san francisco. the city had the only dry dock on the west coast that could accommodate such a large ship. a fire in the engine room in november left thousands of passengers and crew stranded at sea for three days. the workers put in a new engine and two new generators. the university of davis is working on a new scanner that could help the airlines determine whether airline passengers are carrying liquid explosives. it can detect the content of unopened wine bottles. he is working on a new
10:36 pm
prototype to detect dangerous explosives. >> different compounds can be tracked with high resolution and you can determine the chemical compound. >> he says a scanner could be ready for testing in about year. one ship captain says he has only seen this happen three times. the treat that some tourists got this morning and what may have brought these killer whales to the bay area coast. and it is going to be a little warmer the next couple of days. i will show you how warm it will be in your neighborhood. perhaps into the low 70s. . >> these are among the most popular drinks in the world. diet sodas. but could they damage your brain, a provocative suggestion is still ahead.
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. >> a point reyes woman was told she would not be charged. she was arrested when she refused to move out of the way of traffic in the park. she was trying to stop workers from installing smart meters in marin. a deputy da told her they were not going to press charges this time. the district attorney's office was not available for comment. the mount diablo school district isn't done with school
10:40 pm
enclose you are -- enclosures last night. they are going to shut down some schools to help make a dent in the budget gap. silverwood elementary could also be closed. and that has some parents feeling defeated. >> we have worked together and worked hard to build our test scores to where they are. and to split us into three schools it is just hard. >> the school board has scheduled a public hearing for next tuesday and a final decision on the next enclosure could come in two weeks. in news of the world tonight. (sirens). >> in iraq three suicide bombings killed at least seven people willing and wounded some 80 others. one bomb went off as emergency vehicles raised to another explosion. all of the bombs exploded within minutes of each other. it is in the oil rich north of iraq and predominantly occurred issue. the area kurdish. the area has long been thought
10:41 pm
of as a new flash point. in' -- europe they are charging him with paying for an underaged girl for sex and covering it up by using her power. he offended the dignity of the country. these charges are the most serious of many that he has faced and overcome. >> and in belgium britain's prince charles denounced skepticking of climate change at a european conference. the prince says those who doubt the science are playing a recless game of roulette with younger generations. a rare sight outside the golden gate delighted tourists and sailors alike today. a pod of arc yeahs swam alongside a charter boat this morning 20 miles out from the golden gate bridge of the the captain says in his 10 year
10:42 pm
career only seen a large group of killer whales swimming in those waters three times. >> i jumped up in the air and screamed. i always do. it is exciting for me. they are just so amazing. >> a marine biologist who was onboard this morning said it seemed the orcas changed course to stay near the boat. he also believes the orange can as came down from their northern waters because there wasn't an adequate food supply there. we are following some developing news right now. up next the troubling crime police are now investigating at a boys and girls club. also how much diet soda do you drink? up next a troubling link between diet sodas and a certify yes, sir medical problem. also chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking some cooler temperatures, even rain. the complete bay area forecast is coming up.
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. >> the late word tonight of a
10:45 pm
child being raped at the boys and girls club in east oakland. we caught up with the police a short time ago at childrens' hospital. they told us that a boy was violently sod minnesotaed in the bathroom of the boys and girls club at 8930 international boulevard. the victim is younger than 13 and the crime was committed by two other boys. officers plan to review surveillance video from the rec center but so far there have been no arrests. sobering news tonight from millions of people who consume diet coal did and feel good about their choice. as john fowler shows us there is a disturbing link between diet cola and a medical problem that could be deadly. >> auto detailer matt flynn says he drinks nothing else. >> fewer calories and less sugar. >> reporter: after the obesity of many sodas, many people young women especially drink diet soda. >> i like the taste and it has
10:46 pm
less cash nation. >> reporter: a new study of 2500 followed people for 2,000 people can lead to strokes. a blood vessel in the brain bursting or clogging up killing brain tissue. >> i think that's scary. i think it's very scary. re. >> reporter: research certifies factored out obesity, smoking high blood pressure and other risk factors. diet soda drinkser still had a 48% higher stroke risk. >> i have grown to like the taste of diet soda actually. so i might think about this though. >> reporter: uc berkeley wellness editor cautions against over-reaction. >> it raised some questions. we don't know how good the study is. we don't know how well it was designed. so don't overreact at all to this. it is very preliminary. >> reporter: researchers did say they were unable to find any reason why the ingredients in diet soda would be linked to stroke. but they do say this apparent effect needs further study.
10:47 pm
health and science editor john fowler, ktvu, channel 2 news. an historic ship at jack lemon square once used by franklin d roosevelt could be in danger of closing. the executive director says the national historic landmark needs $106,000 by the end of april to keep the floating museum going. the port of oakland donates a berth for the 165-foot ship which was fdr's presidential yacht until his death in 1945. from bad to worse for the u.s. postal service. the agency posted a $329 million loss in the first quarter of the current fiscal year. that's up from a loss of $297 million in the same period the year before. the postal service says its shaky financial situation is made even worse by a requirement that it make advance payments to cover expected healthcare costs for future retirees. >> parts of the country are experiencing more snow or waiting for it. and that includes memphis,
10:48 pm
tennessee known for the blues but not so much for snow. it started falling there at noon and by 5:00 this evening police had 200 calls for traffic accidents. in all about 400 inches of snow accumulated today. [ music ] and we have had a nice dry break. it continues dry but cold in the mornings. but check out live stormtracker 2. we don't have live stormer up right now. but up in the pacific i will back it up and show it to you. plenty of clouds out in the pacific. those clouds will impact you as you go into the weekend and that means rain. there it is. looking for showers and wet weather into sunday, monday and tuesday and well into next week. here is how it goes. tonight clear and cold. a chilly start tomorrow morning. overnight lows in the low 30s. upper 20s in the cold spot. and rain returns. you saw that big old system out there headed our way. high pressure will stick with us thursday through saturday. that's tomorrow through saturday. you will notice more clouds on
10:49 pm
saturday. and then by sunday, mostly cloudy. and then by monday it should be raining around here. and not just this one system but a series of them. a bunch are coming through all next week. good news. we have been dry. we can take some rain. but the computer model has been suggesting perhaps a half a foot of rain or more. a half a foot of rain or moreover the course of that week. so that's good news if we have dry soil ready to absorb that. mostly sunny tomorrow. dry patterns continues the rest of this week. it all changes around. take a look at the computer model here in a moment. but first go to livermoore a cold start near or at freezing for your neighborhood in livermore. 62 degrees for a daytime high. what we are looking at here is a computer model. you see nothing thursday. a few clouds come in. i will stop it right here on friday. see a cloud starting to break in over the ridge? that's an indication out in the pacific things are starting to ramp up. and at this ridge the strong high pressure that's giving us the nice weather is beginning
10:50 pm
to break down. you will see further evidence as saturday rolls and the showers are coming in. this is saturday night. sunday i think mostly partly cloudy and then monday it goes off and it continues to go off. it looks like 62 in concord. and 64 in fairfield. that's what we need. looks pretty sure it will be wet next week on and off at least. so plan this week to do whatever dry stuff you've got to do. some nice days are coming up tomorrow, thursday, friday, saturday and even sunday. and then after that all bets are off. your mountain travel will be hampered. dry driving around the bay area. the commutes will get hit just like we expected for february. in the meantime get done what you want to get done in this incredible are you i nice weather. >> just amazing. thanks, billing. >> thank you, bill. >> golden gate park is going to be a bit greener come summer thanks to what happened today. [ music ]
10:51 pm
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10:53 pm
. it was planting day at golden gate park. a donation from chase freedom allowed them to plant ten trees in the london concourse. you mayoral last year nearly 40 trees were vandalized and had to be uprooted.
10:54 pm
they hope increased police patrols and public awareness will help prevent future vandalism. good news tonight for warriors and sharks fans. mark is here it to tell us about obviously the good nights that they had. >> get to say it on a more regular basis, too. a little glimmer every now and then maybe. it is a strong maybe. but the warriors might be getting better. instead of blowing a game in the final minutes they close it out and against a really solid team no less. that could be a sign of better days ahead on a regular basis. big reason tonight wright, you will see why he was in the nba's three point shooting contest for this weekend. 23 points, 11 rebounds, eight assists. but it came down to this. the warriors are up one with just about 47 picks left. ellice always wanting the ball in the clutch situations. you see why at 37 tonight. four point lead. but here is the final sequence. denver with a chance to tie it and maybe send it to overtime put it in the hands of no, no, nane. and the warriors win it 116-
10:55 pm
1114. >> meantime back to back roads always a lot to ask from your team. but the sharks are feeling it right now and delivering not that big a problem for them against columbus. make it five straight wins. fooling around they were down 2- 0. then they get serious. kent huskins a blast from out near the blue line and it is 2- 1. tie it up quickly here the puck in front and finally off ryan clowe's skate and he scores it. and a little over four minutes left. patrick marleau starting to show some signs of coming out of his slump. his 20th goal of the year. a tough angle. the kid holds up. 3-2 san jose. a virtual 360-degree coastguard wherever you look down at pebble beach this week. when the weather is this perfect it sets the mood for the at&t which is to say everyone in high spirits on the
10:56 pm
eve of the corporate clam bake. joe fonzi there for today's celebrity shoot-out. >> reporter: the celebrities vary from year to year, but there are some years at pebble beach that remain constant. on a day like today it is one of the most breath stake -- breathtaking spots on earth. a great tradition started for bing crosby in the 30s. >> this is really for my dad. a tournament that he would have loved to have played in. early on he was a drummer for bing crosby and bing introduced my mom and dad on a blind date so something we always talked about. >> clint was garrett that they invited and brought in. clint has done a good job of trying to walk that tight rope of who gets to come here. >> this is my first year here. my bribe check finally got to the right person. >> golf is not what these guys do for a living. but they make a shot every now
10:57 pm
and then. ray romano coming oh, so close with a chip. [ applause ] >> but it came down to this for the big money. michael bolton lined up for a $19,000 putt. ♪ we -- when a woman or a women ♪ [ laughter ] >> bolton stared down the icing by anthony anderson and won the money for his charity and that of playing partner clay walker. >> tomorrow the celebrities will be joined by the pros as the first round of the tournament gets started in what should be ideal conditions. at pebble beach, joe fonzi, ktvu, channel 2 news. and final lip tonight -- finally tonight the cleveland cavaliers lost their 26th game in a row tying the record for major professional sports teams in this country. no one has lost more. that's the sporting night for wednesday night. i think that guy lebron meant a little something there. >> you think? just a little.
10:58 pm
>> they were a tad better last year, weren't they? >> that's rough. all right. mark, thank you. >> be sure to join the morning news. it all begins at 4:30 a.m. if you are up that early. have a great night. >> good night.
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