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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 10, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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oakland. why police say the victim can identify his assailant. a crash on geary boulevard has claimed a life this morning. will it effect your commute and the muni lines right through there? shots fired at an ac transit bus with passengers on board. this morning police are looking for the answer to one big question. all ahead here on the ktvu morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's thursday february 10th. i'm pam cook. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here's steve. all right. thank you very much, pam and dave. we have clear skies. temperatures cold out there. lots of low and mid-30s. end up with sunshine coast, bay, inland. everybody's in on it. temperatures low to mid-60s. now sal an update on your traffic. right now bay bridge traffic is moving okay. we had an earlier crash reported here. just going to check on the status of it but it doesn't
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seem to be -- looks like they're moving these cars. it's a noninjury accident and all the vehicles have been moved off the road. also the morning commute looks okay in san francisco. but there's a problem at geary. good area to avoid. we'll tell you more about that straight ahead. let's go back to dave and pam. sal, thank you. at 5:00 we're starting with a horrifying story ktvu first broke last night on the 10:00 news. right now oakland police are looking for young boys that they say violently raped a 7- year-old boy in the bathroom of a boys and girls club. ktvu's kraig debro joining us live. he's in oakland and has the latest from police. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, dave. none of the police i talked to here at the substation in east oakland 73rd say they can remember anything like this. but i've got some new information now. they are looking for two suspects in this case. the boys and girls club's mission statement says the organization provides a safe place to learn and grow. now we've been unable to confirm what time this all happened, but oakland police
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were called to children's hospital oakland around 8:45 last night. i've got some new information about the crime. police say the victim is 7 years old but knows the suspects well enough to identify them. police say there are two suspects, both also juveniles. police say the boy did not tell anyone at the club. he waited until he got home and told his mother. she took him to the hospital. the hospital called police. later this morning police are set to return the boys and girls club at 85th and international boulevard. they want to interview the people who were there at the time. they want to find out how many people were there. they're going to contact police further for further details as well as the president of the boys and girls club chapter of oakland. live from oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. this morning sheriff's deputies in richmond are searching for the gunman who opened fire on an ac transit bus. ktvu's jade hernandez has information about one of the passengers who was hurt in last night's shooting. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning.
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that's right. the west contra costa county sheriff's office is investigating the shooting. it happened near this intersection at third and grove. you can see if we walk just a little bit just a few feet from a bus stop. now we're live at this bus stop near richmond. the ac transit bus was driving by this intersection last night around 9:30 when someone opened fire. the bullet sprayed the side windows of the bus. we understand there were a handful of passengers aboard. one passenger was hurt when shattered glass sprayed everywhere. the bus we're told rolled to seventh and pennsylvania where it stopped. right now investigators are looking into whether someone on board was targeted or if this was a random shooting which endangered those on board. now one of the injuries -- none of the injuries were considered serious. as soon as the bus starts rolling in this area we'll hear from passengers. more on this story in just about 30 minutes. we're live in west contra costa county this morning. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:03.
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a concord woman is accused of hiding out a teen runaway in her home for two months. the teenager identified as 15- year-old stephanie cut is now back with her family. now police say she ran away in november and hid at the home of 39-year-old eva. detectives actually searched her home at one point but say stephanie hid out in a crawl space. she's accused of giving false information to the police. she may now face criminal charges. police say that teenager was not being held against her will. well, oakland firefighters discovered a body after putting out a fire at a homeless encampment beneath the freeway. someone spotted smoke and flames beneath interstate 880 at the 66th street off ramp yesterday afternoon. when firefighters arrived they found a badly burned man's body near the shelter. the fire does not seem suspicious. >> he was either asleep when
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the fire got too big or he was somehow or other incapacitated and couldn't wake up. >> at this point we don't have any word on the name of the victim. police say a dog tied to a leash nearby was not hurt. animal control is taking care of that dog. finally decision day at uc berkeley. the chancellor is expected to announce the fate of cal's baseball team and four other sports programs. they could also be eliminated after this semester because of the university's budget crisis. sports fans have stepped up to the plate and raised $15 million. but cal is not saying whether that money is enough. >> that's made what we've done a little bit more difficult. they didn't come out definitively when this decision was made to say if you raise x by y we'll reinstate. >> along with baseball men's and women's gymnastics, rug by and women's lacrosse could all be eliminated. the cut backs would save cal about $4 million a year.
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time now 5:05. let's go to sal. there are things happening in your commute already this morning. >> problems. yeah. >> that's right. we do have the crashes we've been talking about. the most serious thing we're going to start there first san francisco at the corner of geary and argyll low. the corner right there in the richmond district. it's a fatal crash. this accident is there and they still have to extricate the body of one of the vehicles in this crash from the vehicle. it's going to be a while here. the 38 will be rerouted. a t-bone collision, very violent collision, and police have to do an investigation. this is new video. we just got it in. watch for delays on geary. move along and take a look at live picture of the east shore freeway here. that traffic is looking good getting out to the macarthur maze. we had an accident on the bridge. we've been talking about that as well. but the bridge crews got out there very quickly determined it was a non-injury crash and
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then moved everyone off which really helped us out. it's early enough so even though lanes were blocked for a while didn't really cause a big delay. let's go to the south bay now and talk about 280. that traffic looks good getting into the valley. now let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. mostly clear skies. i mean unless there's some patchy fog i doubt it. it's mainly colder lows this morning. a lot of 30s. it will be sunny side up though again today. santa rosa one of those dipping below freezing. they're right there now. so if you get out you'll probably find upper 20s probably up toward windsor as well. it's a cold morning. temperatures 26 to 46. but after everything gets going here we'll end up with sunshine, highs low to mid-60s. 32 napa airport, santa rosa's in there. fairfield close. same for livermore. 30s for redwood city and mountain view and san jose. san francisco 47. san mateo starting off also
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cold at 36. we're coming up one or two degrees. that's about it. we have to compensate for the lows being colder. plenty out there, just nothing coming our way until probably monday. and then it does look like we'll get rain in here next week. but the weekend looks good. mostly sunny. probably warmer into saturday. then a little cooler on sunday. but storm track which hasn't really moved in a long, long time, about six weeks, continues to stay to the north. there are signs it will dip closer to us next week. patchy fog at best. little warmer today. cold morning and then sunny. napa 64. go same for novato. 62 in san francisco. 63 morgan hill and gill roy. 65 san jose and redwood city also with santa cruz at 68. sunshine, cold morning. sunny, little warmer. i think patchy fog starts to work its way back by the weekend. mostly sunny on sunday and then increasing clouds on monday. the man born here in the u.s. who is said to be more of a threat than osama bin laden.
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also a congressman abruptly resigns because of a scandal. what he was caught doing on craigslist. the live report from washington d.c. good morning. if you're driving in the marin county right now traffic looks good heading down from novato to san raphael. we'll tell you more about the rest of the bay area commute straight ahead.
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today in egypt protesters being joined by thousands of striking workers. strikes have been reported in a variety of industries. public transportation, state electricity, service technicians at the canal and in factories. the workers are all demanding higher salaries. many egyptians are angered by reports that president mubarak and his family have a mass billions of dollars in wealth while 40% of egyptians live on $2 a day. the u.s. national counterterrorism center director says another man has taken over osama bin laden's place as the biggest terror threat to the united states. in testimony on capitol hill, the counterterrorism chief says u.s. born cleric and his al qaeda ties in the arabian peninsula are now a greater danger to the u.s. the english speaking sends out anti- american internet postings and e-mails in an attempt to
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inspire islamic radicals living in the u.s. to carry out attacks. in iraq, at least eight people are dead after a series of suicide bombings that was caught on video. [ sounds of gunfire ] >> all of the bombs exploded within minutes of each other. officials say women and children were among those killed. they are believed to be on their way to one of the country's holiest shrines when the bombs exploded. your time right now 5:13. republicans in washington d.c. are reeling from the fallout of a scandal involving one of their own who abruptly resigned last night. let's go to allison burns in our d.c. bureau with the latest on the craigslist scandal that forced a new york congressman to resign. allison. >> reporter: dave, let's get right to the picture that everyone's talking about this morning. this is the shirtless photo that new york congressman chris lee sent a woman he encountered through craigslist. he told the woman he was a
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divorced lobbiest but in reality he's a married congressman. he resigned right away after the online site ran the story. he issued a statement apologizing saying he made profound mistakes. i was just at an event with him on tuesday. he'd been working with the families of air crash victims on improving the safety of regional airlines. >> very powerful force. i'm just very honored to represent many of them in western new york. >> reporter: a number of his constituents say they are very disappointed he resigned. now the question is can democrats nab that seat. i'll have more on that during my next update in an hour. for now live in washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:14. back here at home who will be san francisco's next police chief? well, a public meeting on that question will be held tonight. between 20 and 25 people have applied for the chief's job already according to the examiner. some from inside the police department, others from outside. mayor ed lee is expected to
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choose the new police chief by the middle of march. tonight's public meeting begins at 6:00 p.m. at the united irish cultural center. san francisco police are adopting a new training method to deal with those with mental illness. they approved the plan last night. now it calls for giving a quarter of the police department about 40 hours of specialized crisis training. the goal is to use a more humane approach and help more people instead of using force. now this new method comes in the wake of three shootings by police over the past year. all right. 5:15 is the time right now. sal's been covering a problem on the bay bridge, a fatal accident in the city. how's it look, sal? things are looking better on the bay bridge at least, pam and dave. that accident is clear. and as we look at the toll plaza it's still very light. so the crash which at one point was blocking two lanes was quickly removed after the authorities discovered it was noninjury accident. they made everyone essentially drive off the bridge and handle
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the paperwork off the bridge which has really helped us out. moving along and taking a look at 880 north and southbound. this traffic looks good. i want to show you some pictures of this crash at geary that happened about a couple hoursing a here. this accident was a t-bone accident and the 38 and 33 buses will have to be rerouted as the investigation continues as they have not even removed the body yet. it is going to take a while again corner at geary. good area to avoid. and really one of san francisco's busiest streets. we'll let you know when it reopens. we'll be telling you about it often and you might have to think about another way, buses for sure will be going around the block. 5:16. back to steve. sal, clear skies. if there's any fog it won't last long. it will be very isolated. cold though. a lot of 30s. it will be sunny today all the way into saturday and slightly warmer. we have some cold lows out
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there. kenwood 30. mill valley and alamo 36 degrees. ratherton and men low park 36. coal valley and in the city not as cold but still down to 42. so if you thought it was cold, yes, it is. 30s here all over the place. santa rosa, napa, concord, livermore, oakland, that's the airport. redwood city, mountain view and san jose, the heat island that they are at the san jose airport's 39. plenty out there. just nothing coming our way until probably monday. weekend looks good. mostly sunny. slightly warmer as we said into saturday. looks to be cooler on sunday. i think patchy fog will get here. rain returns tuesday of next week. today, cold in the morning then sunny. some patchy fog but slightly warmer. not a lot. just one or two degrees maybe over yesterday's highs. but we're starting off so much colder. 62 berkeley, oakland 64. concord 63. and 60s all over the place although santa cruz says check me out 68.
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63 fremont and san jose 65 gill roy 63. sunshine sunny side up. i think the fog will be working its way back just slightly and then mostly sunny on sunday. increasing clouds on monday. well, at 7:00 a.m. the iphone 4 on the verizon network goes on sale in stores. customers will be able to buy the iphone in apple and verizon stores starting at $199. this will end the exclusive deal that at&t has held with the iphone. ktvu consumer editor will join us live coming up on mornings on 2 when that iphone officially goes on sale. we'll let you know if there are any lines outside the stores this morning. all right. checking in on wall street. and the numbers from overnight looks like pretty mixed. no big swings overnight. this morning we have some earnings coming in that could effect things. pepsi co fourth quarter income
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falls and cutting outlook going forward. several more earnings to talk about. we'll have those throughout the morning. new figures out this morning also show an increase in foreclosures here in the bay area. in january more than 2600 people received default notices. close to a 40% jump from the same time last year. statewide foreclosures were only slightly down. nationwide though they fell to their lowest level in more than three years. time now 5:18. the u.s. postal service lost $329 million in the first quarter of the current fiscal year. that's up from a loss of $297 million in the same period the year before. the postal service has big problems and continues to lose money partly because among other things it's required to make advance payments to cover expected health care costs for future retirees. tom baker is going to be outside verizon store in san francisco. i guess there's already seven people about lined up right now.
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keep watching that. we'll check on that in a bit. san jose firefighters had to go to great lengths to free a little boy who got his finger stuck. also hollywood week. it starts tonight on "american idol." but not before the bay area had its turn in the spotlight. good morning. san mateo bridge traffic looking pretty good heading out to the high-rise. another update on the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning. cold out there. a lot of low 30s. mid-30s. we'll end up upper 50s probably by say noon or 1:00. and everything said and done low to mid-60s for highs today. a 2-year-old boy's family is thanking san jose firefighters for freeing their son from a pickup truck. the four hour ordeal began tuesday when the little boy dropped his hot wheels car inside a hole in the wall of his dad's pickup truck. when he reached for his toy, his finger got stuck. firefighters finally freed him with a saw. they typically use to cut people out of car accidents. well, hospital workers in colorado found a way to get rid of a bear by using country music. they found the bear hibernating underneath their building under a crawl space. hospital officials called in state wildlife workers to shoo away the grizzly bear. to get him out they played a little music. country western music made the bear run away. that's too funny, pam.
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time now 5:23. tonight kicks off the start of hollywood week on "american idol." now the contestants will once again try to impress the judges and millions of viewers. last night bay area performers took a shot at getting that golden ticket to hollywood during the final audition show. and while some of them stood out, others quickly got the boot. >> well, that was quick. no. >> no? >> yes, no. >> definitely no. >> no. >> no. >> yikes. the answer's no. but despite a couple suggestions the judges seemed pretty happy with the local talent pool. jennifer lopez made a couple predictions on who she thinks will make the finals. she even named a possible winner. you can start the week right here on channel 2 beginning at 8:00 p.m. and you can also find more photos from idol's san francisco auditions and get the very latest idol news at
5:25 am well, this morning people on both sides of a water safety debate are expected to pack a meeting in half-moon bay. they will argue the pros and cons of jet skis at mavericks where the big surfing event takes place every year. many surfers argue jet skis save lives. they pointed to many jet skis rescues including one at mavericks just last month. but critics say they're noisy, pollute the waters and scare off the wildlife. a big round of cuts are coming to santa rosa schools. the school board voted last night to cut $1.4 million from the budget. as a result ninth grade class sizes will increase and a counseling program that helps students pass the california high school exit exam will be eliminated. a shooting inside a san francisco market has critically injured a customer. it happened inside fred's new life supermarket yesterday
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afternoon. the suspect works at the convenience store. police say the shooting happened after the victim, a regular customer, accused him of kicking his dog. we talked to witness who was dining nearby. >> three gunshots went off. and actually what gave it away that they were gunshots were the screams right after and the people running away. >> the victim identified by friends as michael stafford has life threatening injuries. the suspect is in jail and faces several charges including assault with a deadly weapon. a terrible story out of oakland this morning. a 7-year-old boy raped at a boys and girls club. police investigating the case all night say who they suspect is just as shocking. what happens when you mix celebrity golfers and the world's top pros? we'll have a live report from pebble beach. and a late night violence that left a bus full of passengers shaken, one injured.
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so far so good on bay area roadways. there is one problem in san francisco. we'll let you know the update on that and give you another look at the entire bay area commute.
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good morning to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. thursday now february 10th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now's almost 5:30. let's check in with steve for a little weather.
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how does it look, steven? pamela and david, we are clear skies. temperatures are cold. starting with a lot of 30s especially inland and 40s to the coast. slightly warmer although lows are much colder we'll still end up with low to mid-60s. here's sal. steve, right now northbound 280 on the right northbound interstate 280 through downtown san jose if you're going to be driving there zonulet should be soon it should be a nice drive for you on the way to silicon valley. and 280 farther up the road continues to be a very nice drive. 5:30. let's go back to dave and pam. this morning police in oakland are looking for two young boys wanted in a horrifying child rape case. it is a story we first broke last night on our 10:00 news. now investigators say these suspects violently raped a young boy in the bathroom of a boys and girls club. in the past hour we found out that that victim is just 7 years old. ktvu news got this video of the scene shortly after the child's
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mother took him to oakland's children hospital. police were outside the hospital gathering information. this morning they are going to return to the club to question staff members and review surveillance tape. our own ktvu's kraig debro is out there this morning talking with police. he will have an update in our next half hour. our time now 5:30. this morning sheriff's deputies in richmond are searching now for the gunman who fired shots on a passing ac transit bus. ktvu's jade hernandez joining us live at the scene to tell us exactly what happened. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. the shooting happened at this intersection at third and grove. we walk a couple steps and you can see the bus stop. this shooting happened around 9:30 last night. we're near richmond in west contra costa county. now the ac transit bus was driving by this intersection when bullets struck the side windows of a bus. shattered glass sprayed everywhere. we understand there were a handful of passengers on board. one passenger was hurt by
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flying glass. but no one was shot or seriously hurt. the bus we're told rolled to seventh and pennsylvania where it stopped. the sheriff's office did not offer a description of the shooters or what kind of car they were in, if they were in one. right now investigators are looking into whether someone on board was targeted or if this was a random shooting which endangered those on board. this area is very quiet this morning. it's blocks away from industrial area. but where we are it's residential and filled with homes and apartment buildings. and soon as the bus starts rolling this morning we'll hear from passengers. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. a napa county jail inmate is in critical condition this morning after lighting his clothes on fire in his cell. corrections officers say the man wrapped himself in toilet paper last night and used the spark from a tv cord to ignite the fire. the man's name has not been released, but we do know he used to be a patient at napa state hospital. he was sent to jail in
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september on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon in connection with an incident at the hospital. time now 5:32. later this morning a san francisco man accused in the beating of a catholic priest is expected to find out the charges he's going to face. yesterday a judge ruled that the father will not have to testify in court in the case against william lynch. lynch is accused of beating the father last year. he claims the priest sexually molested him and his brother when they were young boys. today a judge may also set a trial date. firefighters of walnut creek are still trying to figure out the cause of an office building fire. it was a two alarm fire broke out about 8:00 last night. it took firefighters 45 minutes to get it under control. no injuries have been reported. the extent of the damage is still not known. all right. 5:33 is the time. sal, again, has been covering a couple problems this morning. i know problem in the bay bridge definitely looked like slow traffic. is it getting better?
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>> it is getting better, pam. the crash on the bridge actually was cleared which is good news. and it was early enough that we didn't have too much slow traffic. it was slow when it was up there but now the traffic is recovered because it happened about 4:30. if it would have happened at 7:30 completely different deal. i guess we did get lucky. we also got lucky no one was seriously hurt in that crash. move along and take a look at interstate 880. that traffic looks good coming into san francisco with no major delays. and the morning drive in san francisco at geary is going to be effected by a fatal collision. this crash is blocking that intersection. it's been out there for more than an hour. and the buses in the area have to be rerouted. we'll tell you more about that coming up. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. good news is it's going to be sunny today. bad news is we need some rain. we do. we've had a long stretch where we really haven't had much since the beginning of the year. and we're going to end this week without any rain. probably the weekend as well. then around monday night and tuesday looks like rain will make it in here. the question is one of our
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forecast models for next week is very continuing that theme. the other around by next friday starts to change the pattern. we'll see what happens. we will get a little pattern change early next week. but the weekends all right for those of you making plans. today cold morning. lots of 30s. a few upper 20s as well. sunny though. 60s tomorrow. maybe some patchy fog. the air mass is very, very dry. sunny a little warmer. weekend mostly sunny weather. looks a little cooler on sunday and noticeably cooler as we get towards monday if you want to plan ahead. today though nothing to worry about except it's cold out there. 30 kenwood. mill valley, alamo both at 36. men lo park at 36. saratoga 37. and in the city not as cold but still coal valley at 42. i think i saw 44 pa tremendous hills. little chill in the morning air. speaking of chill a lot of 30s here. santa rosa, napa, fairfield, concord, livermore. san jose at 39. san raphael at 38.
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47 officially in san francisco. a lot of areas in the city that are much colder than that. san mateo starting at 36. 58 and a high today of 64 degrees. so close to yesterday but the lows this morning are a good ten degrees colder because we've lost the wind. high pressure continues. just say i don't think so. it will start to get nudged out over the next couple days. and temperatures come up a little bit today and tomorrow. the weekend though looks mostly sunny. then the pattern change returns next week. the storm track has been to the north for the longest time. cold morning and then sunny. lows 30s inland a few upper 20s. slightly warmer today even though there might be a slight breeze here and there. nothing compared to the past couple of days. low 60s, mid-60s. santa rosa go 66 to 63 morgan hill and gill roy same for pleasanton, fremont, redwood city at 65. half-moon bay 60. but santa cruz slight offshore component 68. more of the same friday. patchy fog. still okay saturday. mostly sunny on sunday and increasing clouds on monday.
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all right. steve, time now 5:36. a good day for golf. in about two and a half hours from right now the championship round of the at&t pebble beach national proam will start. ktvu's claudine wong joining us live at pebble beach. she's there with all the stars. and they've got her too. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, dave. we are at the monterey peninsula country club. that's the clubhouse behind me. you can see some activity. still pretty dark out here. over here is actually the driving range. pan off into the darkness there is actually some ground crews working out there. we've seen some golf carts moving their way around. in a couple hours this whole scene is going to change and get busy with some pretty famous faces out here for the pebble beach proam. this is one of those events that everyone seems to like whether or not you know much about golf. the pebble beach proam does offer you the best golfers in the world but also gives you a lot of celebrities. many of the celebrities are repeat attendees just as happy to see each other as we are to
5:38 am
see them. our own joe out here yesterday asking kenny g about his favorite celebs. >> andy garcia is really fun and he's funny. and chris is the nicest guy in the world. so those two are fun to hang with. george lopez, it depends if he's happy he's awesome. if he's a little grumpy then he's more quiet and you just leave him alone. but i love george lopez. he's one of my favorite guys. >> reporter: everyone loves george lopez of course. this is day one and they'll be playing at three courses. they're going to rotate over the next few days. why are we at this course in particular? well, this is where the biggest names will be and they'll be here this morning during the morning show and mornings on 2. the thing about this tournament that people like so much as well is that you can really get up close and personal. you can see some folks who are working this event moving around this morning. but really where we are this morning they come right in here. they get dropped off. they walk right into the
5:39 am
driving range. and oftentimes they stop and talk to us. and so when they talk to us we will bring that to you. i actually have the pairings right here telling us who will be here this morning and we'll bring you more of that coming up here on the morning news. live in pebble beach, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. that will be exciting to see. >> that's right. well, it was a horrible scene similar to the recent disaster in san bruno. a gas line explosion led to tragedy in one neighborhood back east. also a teacher facing accusations this morning accused of trying to choke her students. and the accusations don't stop there. what else students say she did to them. good morning. if you're driving in marin county, so far so good here as you head down to the 580 interchange from 101. i'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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we have our first live pictures of this fatal crash here in san francisco. they just moments ago removed the body from one of the vehicles here in this violent collision. you see the oudi. some sort of compact car there. the body was inside that vehicle. this crash has been out here now for about two, going on three hours. it was a t-bone collision. geary still closed here. and the buses, the 38 and the 33 have been rerouted. now the coroner just came up and removed the body. they have just left just a few minutes ago. looks like they're bringing an engine company on the left there coming in to -- yep, there it is. one of the engine companies is either they're bringing them in or leaving now. i guess they don't need them anymore but they have to wash
5:43 am
off the area. we're going to see this intersection closed for a time. and it's going to be a big deal if they don't remove it. obviously this is one of san francisco's busiest streets. at 5:42 let's go back to the desk. all right, sal. here's a quick look at some of the other top stories we're following at 5:42. right now oakland police are out there searching for two young boys accused of violently raping a 7-year-old boy in the bathroom of a boys and girls club. now we were watching as the young victim was taken to the hospital. we're going to bring a live report on all of this coming up at 6:00 . it is decision day at uc berkeley. the chancellor's expected to announce the fate of cal's baseball team and four other sports programs at berkeley. they could all be eliminated because of the budget crisis. and police are out there seeking criminal charges against a concord woman who's accused of hiding a teenage run away in her home. police say for two months the 15-year-old hid out at the 39-
5:44 am
year-old's home. she's now back with her family. this morning we are learning about a leaking gas line responsible for a huge explosion at a home in allentown, pennsylvania. that explosion rocked the neighborhood at about 10:45 last night leveling one home and starting several big fires. police say that six people are still missing. several people and one firefighter are injured. the hundred foot flames also knocked down power lines and forced the evacuation of two city blocks. time now 5:44. a first grade teacher in maryland facing assault charges now suspected of choking several students. susan was arrested at her home tuesday morning. nine students reported being abused by their teacher. some of the 6 and 7-year-olds told police the teacher also kicked, punched and scratched them. eight of the students say this happened on campus during school hours last december. another student says the assault happened in march of last year. congresswoman gabrielle
5:45 am
giffords is slowly regaining her ability to speak. she asked for toast earlier this week. and has been speaking more and more ever since. giffords is undergoing therapy in a houston hospital after being shot at the tucson supermarket last month. six people died in that massacre. 12 others injured. people in oklahoma are dealing with record cold temperatures this morning. and it's following a second major storm in just one week. right now it is 27 degrees below zero in the northern part of the state. in tulsa, oklahoma, the latest blizzard brought two feet of new snow stranding several people in their cars. now that's in addition to 14 inches dumped on the city last week. that bad weather also sent farmers and ranchers scrambling to keep their herds well fed and hydrated. time now 5:45. if you're wondering if you live near a quake zone, you can now go online and find out if your house is in one of those danger
5:46 am
zones. california's geological survey has produced some detailed earthquake fault zone maps. they show which homes and which buildings are built on top of california's most active quake faults. you can now go to the cgs website. just type in your address and find out how close you are to these faults. we have set up a link on our channel 2 website at there will be a meeting tonight in walnut creek. this one will finally give details from the downtown parking task force. now for more than a year that task force has been working to solve parking problems in the downtown walnut creek area. some of the driver complaints a ranging from the lack of parking to employees taking upmost of the available spots. that meeting will be held at the new walnut creek library at 7:00 p.m. a missing snake has been found on the subway train. a three foot long bow what constrictor been missing on a train for a month. and after roaming freely among
5:47 am
passengers, the snake was finally found by transit officials. her owner says she travels with the snake wrapped around her neck. just happened to lose it between stations on january 6. not a big reptile fan really. especially loose on a train. oh, my. all right. go to sal because he has an update on the fatal crash in san francisco this morning. it's effecting bus lines as well as traffic right, sal? that's correct. geary is one of san francisco's busiest streets. 38 geary is one of america's busiest bus lines and that is not getting through right now because of this fatal crash. violent accident that happened about two hoursing a now here on san francisco at geary. looks like it was a t-bone collision. they ended up on the median there around the light pole. and the body was just taken away by the medical examiner. but this does not look close to being cleared as you can see. they haven't even gotten in the tow truck. they're still doing an
5:48 am
investigation. and the intersection which normally is very busy. but it's kind of early in the morning. but they're holding traffic away on geary for at least a couple of city blocks. so the 38 which is a motorized coach is going to go around the block a few blocks. might cause delays. the 33 as well will be delayed in this area. but more delays for you if you drive here. it looks like these accident investigation officers have quite a bit to do here. again, geary this has been out here for a while. it's going to be out there just by looking at this they don't have tow trucks anywhere near. it's going to be here for a little bit. go out and take a look at westbound bay bridge. that traffic is okay coming in to san francisco. and the morning drive on highway 4 westbound looks okay. there's a little bit of slowing in antioch as usual. nothing unusual on highway 4 right now though. 5:48. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. good morning everyone. cold out there. cold nothing you can't handle but noticeably colder than the past couple of mornings here.
5:49 am
sunny highs low to mid-60sful tomorrow i'm mentioning patchy fog although the air mass is very, very dry. sunny and warmer. the weekend looks mostly sunny. probably a little cooler. patchy fog as we head in towards sunday and changes next week. today though you can see there's not much over us. and even a slight component of an offshore breeze but most of the wind is tailed off which means temperatures drop off the table. santa rosa near 30. there are a few upper 20s. i did see one north napa. so 26 to 46 on these lows. but everybody will be in on the sun. temperatures though are still dipping. kenwood 30 degrees. i think i saw the same at st. helena. mill valley 36. alamo, walnut creek at 36. men lo park 36. you can throw woodside in there also who am i thinking of -- lost alls to. and in the city coal valley have cooled off if you will to 42. a lot of 30s here.
5:50 am
47 officially in san francisco. 9 oakland airport. and there's redwood city 37. on the peninsula san mateo the target forecast today. 36. yeah. 36 to start and 58 a high today of 64 degrees. i believe they were 63 yesterday. so just a tiny bit on the high. systems trying to work their way in but the pattern's been stuck for the longest time. there are signs next week it will change. the question is how long will it change? will it be like a two or three day event and then out of here or will it stick around for a while? the weekend though looks okay. many of you have plans because you'll be celebrating valentine's day this weekend and not on monday and that's a good thing. slightly warmer today after temperatures in the 30s to start off for many. we'll end up with low to mid- 60s. pacifica 60. fairfield 61. santa rosa 66. for livermore 62. saratoga 64. mountain view's in there. half-moon bay 60. and gill roy 63. not much of a change through
5:51 am
saturday. increasing clouds sunday and turning cloudy on monday. it is going to cost you more to check a heavy bag on u.s. airways. bags weighing between 50 and 70 pounds will now cost $90 to check instead of $50. for super sized bags that weigh more than 70 pounds, customer wills have to pay $175. that's up from $100. the new charges start with tickets purchased after february 1st. a solar company is moving its headquarters to belmont bringing 500 jobs with it. sun edison develops and maintains solar plants. they're relocating from maryland to an empty office space just east of highway 101. they'll transfer 100 employees from maryland and some in san francisco. they will also add 400 local workers within the next three years. well, after a five year run, the company behind the guitar hero game is pulling the plug. shoot them up games like call of duty have become more
5:52 am
popular and are less expensive than the music games. the move follows the decision in november to sell off rock band game. time now 5:51. governor brown is wooing republican lawmakers trying to win their support for a special election to extend current taxes for another five years. after a meeting yesterday, at least one republican leader was sounding flexible. >> we're not to a point that we're you know saying yes to putting something on the ballot yet. i think it might depend on what that ballot looks like. >> now the assembly republican leaders say might support a ballot measure that included issues that are important to them like reforming the state's public employee pension system. well, the best of the best coming to a new california location. getting ready for the amgen cycling tour the people who are probably not happy. and what's next for the big cruise ship that limped into
5:53 am
san francisco to get itself fit to sail the seas again?
5:54 am
5:55 am
good morning. right now traffic is effected by a collision here at geary that still has one of the busiest intersections in san francisco shut down. and these cars are not close to
5:56 am
being moved. they're still doing an investigation of this violent collision that occurred two to three hours ago. the 33 and 38 have been rerouted. we'll let you know more about how this develops as the morning moves on. thank you, sal. bay area fans will have to hit the road if they want to see this year's amgen tour of the bike race. the eight day race starts may 15th. the first stage begins at lake tahoe's north shore and ends at north star. the second stage also begins at tahoe at squaw valley and ends in sacramento. the third stage goes from auburn to modesto. the news sparked a celebration in auburn last night. race fans got together for a party after learning that their town will play a big role in california's bike race. a lot of people in san francisco disappointed it's not going through the city. a rare sight near the golden gate bridge. killer whales spotted yesterday. look at this. right along side a charter boat in the gulf. the captain said this is only the third time he'd ever seen anything like this grouped
5:57 am
together. one marine biologist says the killer whales probably came down from northern waters searching for food. a cruise ship that limped into san francisco for repairs after catching fire in november will sail away tomorrow. the fire in the engine room of the carnival splendor left thousands of passengers and crews stranded at sea for three days. the san francisco had the only dry dock on the west coast that could accommodate repairs for such a big ship. workers put in a new engine and installed two new generators. a new poll in san jose asks people how they would prefer to deal with the city's $110 million budget deficit. 45% say reducing the compensation of city workers is their top choice. when they were told that the city would still face a budget shortfall, 40% said they would favor reducing city services compared with 34% who preferred tax increases. all right. time now 5:57. details still coming in about a
5:58 am
brutal sexual attack in the bay area. who the victim is and where it reportedly happened makes this story even more shocking. plus ducking from bullets on a bay area bus. where police are searching now for that shooter. good morning. clear and cold out there. sunshine today. can we hold this into the weekend?
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