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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  February 10, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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good evening samantha. >> reporter: it's a confusing change in power in egypt tonight. as president mubarak appeared on tv to deliver a confusing message. president mubarak announced that he will delegate power to his vice president but refused to step down. >> i have done to the country and the homeland, i'm committed about that and i'm committed about that in a similar way and similar extent to this responsibility and the perfection of the constitution and the interests of the people. so that it will be -- so that the powers will be transferred. >> reporter: that announcement sparked anger and confusion as tens of thousands of protesters gathered demanding the stepping down of mubarak. >> all we want is for him to
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leave. no bloodshed or anything like that. >> reporter: suliman who was recently appointed vice president by mubarak is now the defacto president. >> for undertaking all decisions and responsibilities under the constitution, it is the vice president. >> reporter: the parliamentary speaker says that suloman's power includes negotiating by the opposition. mubarak retains the president to ask for amendments to the constitution. it is early friday morning in egypt. in washington, i'm samantha hayes, ktvu channel 2 news. we were just hearing now that president obama has said in the last few minutes that egypt must spell out the changes needed to keel what has happened so far in cairo. here in the bay area a lot of people watching what happened
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in egypt. and president mubarak's refusal to step down is being met with criticism. mike hellgren has the story. >> reporter: a student was quick to call mubarak a pathological liar, a man with no respect for the young people in egypt. today they watched on tv and online. one american, one egyptian, both very disappointed with mubarak's refusal to step down. >> if the promubarak prospective -- >> reporter: then there's professor ibarim. american born, her family remains in egypt. >> we heard him say he was
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going to call for a constitutional amendments, he was going to appoint economies to do that and nobody wants him to appoint anything, we want him out. at this point it's really just a psychological battle. >> reporter: mubarak said today he will delegate powers to the vice president. ebraham calls him a pathological power. >> nobody believes he is going to give up power in september. and we have no reason to think that he is telling the truth. people aren't going to believe that he's gone until he's gone. >> reporter: if mubarak does not step down immediately. professor imarick expects the protest to continue and to get even louder. the u.s. embassador to the united nations was in the bay
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area. and says much of the -- ambassador rise took part of a live streaming in san francisco. she says that social media will have an impact on politics far beyond egypt. the president mubarak has ruled over egypt for 30 years. in october of 1981 then vice president mubarak was thrust into power when president sadat was assassinated during a parade. despite protesters demands that he step down in 2005, in 2006mubarak announced that he will stay in office the rest of his life. then just last month, massive protests broke out in e egypt as demonstrators demanded that
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mubarak step down. today mubarak repeated his vow not to run for reelection but refused to leave office. keep in mind that president obama is speaking out again about the unfolding events here on the air and online. our web address is we are following a labor demonstration that is going on right now in downtown san francisco. i want to show you live pictures of protesters, hyatt workers protesting outside the hyatt regency in the embarcadero. there are police on the scene, it is difficult to see protesters because they are protesting under an overhang. the workers say they are angry because they claim they have made concessions to management but are still without a contract. similar protests went on today at hyatt's throughout the country. we will bring you updates as they warrant. within just the last hour we learned that federal prosecutors in the barry bonds
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case have reduced bonds indictment process. instead of 11 indictment charges bonds will face five. the prosecution hasn't given details just yet on why the charges have been reduced. this is the third revised inindictment for barry bonds. a judge has ordered a san jose man to stand trial for attacking a priest who allegedly molested him years ago. william lynch is accused of beating up joe linder last may at a retirement home in los cados. lynch says linder molested him and his brother. linder denies the accusation, lynch is charged with felony assault. we are learning more tonight about the stunning allegations that a group of boys sexually assaulted a 7- year-old boy in the bathroom of a boys and girl's club in oakland. pat to the atti lee tells us
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the boy was later taken to the hospital after he told his mother what happened. he is joining us now. >> reporter: the president of the boys and girl's club in oakland says he's trying to keep the atmosphere as normal as possible. and if needed, he will bring counseling for the kids. most unaware that earlier today -- the buildinghoused an internal investigation. >> i don't know what's going on. i'm just getting here. >> reporter: an investigation by oakland special victim's unit. the oakland police department says right now it's still too early for investigators to determine just what happened in the boys & girl's club bathroom last night. >> we bring in our technicians and attempted uncover any evidence. then the facts of the case will reveal themselves. >> our hearts certainly go out to the young person at the center of this and to his family. >> reporter: the president of the boy's & girl's club says
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staffers didn't hear any commotion in the bathroom last night which is just a few feet from the front desk. >> we cover all bases trying to figure out what happened and what we can learn from it in order to preclude it from happening again. >> the investigation is causing some parents to question the club's ability to keep their children safe. >> for now, i think i will keep them at home or i will take them to the park, but they will not go back there. not yet. >> reporter: stanley tells us he plans to sit down with all the boys involved in this incident and their parents after police finish their investigation. reporting live in oakland, patti lee, ktvu news. albany police say they have arrested a suspect in the groping attacks of several women, thomas glover is charged. potter says the suspect would approach women on the greenway or another path way, ask them a
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question then grab their breasts. the assaults started last september, the last one was in november. the owner of a palo alto hooka bar was found guilty in the death of his girlfriend. 37-year-old paul zumath killed his girlfriend 29-year-old real estate agent shipsey. prosecutors say that zumath has a history of domestic violence. according to the labor department, the number of americans filing first time claims for unemployment insurance dropped by 36,000 in the first week of february. that is more than economists forecasts and it is the lowest level since july of 2008. it wasn't all good news though, the figures also showed the number of people collecting extended payments has increased. in washington today, house minority leader nancy pelosi pushed for funds to rebuild the nation's infrastructure.
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pelosi is moving a move to rebuild the moving america program. the program which expired at the end of 2010 subsidized city and county construction projects. >> this little will accelerate construction, it will strengthen our economy by rebuilding america and doing so in a green, green way. >> next week a congressional sub committee will take the municipal bonds. investors on wall street ended the day with mixed results. the unrest in egypt appeared to leave the markets unaffected today. although analysts say that could change by tomorrow depending on the global reaction overnight. the nasdaq was up a little more than one point. should jet skis and other
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motor crafts be allowed in federally protected waters just so surfers can be more safe? and what about the environment? that story coming up. it's going to be another cold one tonight, overnight lows in the north bay into the upper 20s. how cold will it be for your thursday morning?
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a new construction project to fix a giant sink hole could get under way this spring. a culvert collapsed leaving this huge sink hole it swallowed two cars. one option would be to replace the old metal culvert. engineers are due to give their recommendations to the city council next month. the council says it plans to get feed back from the residents who live near that sink hole. and surfers are waiting to see if the giant waves will
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lift up in time for mavericks. among those talking today the parents of a surfer who might have died if jet skis were not in the area. robert handa is live with more on this. >> reporter: frank the debate over jet skis in federally protected waters has been raging on all day and it hasn't been resolved yet. what to do about mavericks. right now the only time public use of motorized personal water crafts is during the annual surf contest. the concern, damage to the environment. people who want the ban lifted for year round use made that request during the council in half-moon bay today. including robert and debby treney the parents of a surfer who was saved by a jet ski that shouldn't have legally been there. >> we can protect the
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environment and also save lives. >> there are no restrictions for public safety agency or someone trained or certified by a public safety agency to use a motorized personal water craft at any time. >> reporter: many surfers say it's one thing to allow trained rescuers to be on hand, but call it unrealistic to expect any agency to have a team around whenever surfers decide to hit the waves. >> we're self-policing, we're self-trained and we're the best life guards california's cost has. >> reporter: but the deputy harbor marshal wants someone other than a person on a jet ski. >> there has to be responsibility and the responsibility to take liability. >> reporter: live in san mateo county, robert handa. this year's engine tour of california will have its first mountain top finish that is
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taking place in san jose. today race organizers said that stage four will start in downtown livermore and finish on sierra row in san jose. sierra row has a ascend with 1,700 feet of climbing. the eight day race is set to begin may 15th. despite a blizzard in the northeast, new government figures show that the on time arrival rates remained the same. the strategy of canceling flights early reduced delays. we sure felt those cold overnight temperatures and look
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like they're sticking around. >> overnight i saw numbers into the upper 20s, frost on the ground. your friday morning, frost on the ground again. mild to warm tomorrow afternoon. let's go outside and i will show you storm tracker 2. now palo alto checking the wind direction and wind speed. north-northwest at two. the winds are down. we go up to alameda, we have winds west northwest at five. so the winds are light. temperatures overnight will going to get downright cold because with those light winds and long nights we're going to get down to the upper 20s. most of us mid-30s, upper 30s, if we get up to the napa valley or clayton and down in toward the ramon, you're going to get lower 20s. enjoy what we have because as i've been talking about day after day, we've been on this for really since monday. the models have been very bull
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i sh on this next week's pattern. rain returns next week. some models suggest rainy weather coming down. so right now we're not sure about the exact type of storm we're going to get. but right now looks like a series of them they should be cool to cooler. that would mean less rain than we would like to see. so i would like to see the warmer latitude storms. any way, next week is wet. this is what you will notice tomorrow morning, friday morning as you race out of the house to go to school or to work, or out toward your commute perhaps heading to san jose from vallejo low 30s. freezing temperatures, frost here, frost here, freezing temperatures in the antioch and livermore and out toward the modesto area. everyone redwood city 38 degrees. it's cold tomorrow morning and warm again in the afternoon. i have all the specifics for your neighborhood. forecast highs and the five day forecast back here in a minute.
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a potential renovation in space tourism went ondisplay today. the dragon spacecraft finished it's tour to outer space on monday. space ex hopes to use the design to open the doors to space tourism. the company says it's still at least three years away from bringing tourists into space. funding problems are threatening to close the historic uss patomic. the port of oakland was forced to cut much of the funding. since 1995 that ship should provide tours to more than 250,000 people. coming up next here, we have developing news, the situation in san francisco we told you a couple of minutes
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ago. a protest near the hyatt, it has now resulted in some arrests. we'll bring you that story in a few minutes. cities and towns are struggling like the rest of the country is. so definitely. the first lady talking about the economy and the one thing she says is worth fighting for even when money is tight. fine out why republicans in the u.s. house held a congressional hearing in an old abandoned building today. a bay area man helps rescue two people from a burning house then getting a bill for nearly $2,000 for his effort. >> thanks for trying to save some people's lives. >> how ktvu channel 2 news came to his aid. plus we're continuing to monitor outrage in egypt. we'll hear more from bay area residents who are feeling the impact in today's turn of events. you could be using it on future flight, why this isn't your
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typical airport terminal. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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a watchdog group is targeting members of congress that use their office as a place to sleep. it's not unusual for lobbyists to use the congress to sleep to avoid expensive housing in washington. house rules prohibit using tax resources for anything but official purposes. and first lady michelle obama's fitness plan is one year. >> reporter: she says her efforts have raised awareness
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that obesity within children has tripled in the recent years. but those efforts could hit a brick wall as cities talk about shutting down rec centers and gyms. >> that's where the partnerships come in. getting sports leagues to step up. getting businesses to sponsor youth organizations. use a way to use abandon lands. >> it always seems that physical education is the low fruit. >> what the school is finding that academic achievement is directly connected to the physical and nutritional well being of children. >> reporter: the first lady says she's made personal sráeuts to school near dc that have avoided doing so. >> they mandate at some level in their direct recess.
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they don't allow kids to take recess and pe away as a punishment because they are finding like we all know as parents and you will know once you're little one actually starts moving that they can focus better when they've let out some of that energy. >> the state of california now facing a $25 billion budget deficit, educators are telling us all programs, sports and other wise seem vulnerable. scott mcfarlan. an in-depth federal resort says that veterans are very likely to end up homeless. more than 11,000 were young veterans almost all of who served in iraq or afghanistan. the report also found california has more homeless vets than most other states. about 15% of homeless adults in california served in the military. house lawmakers took their show on the road today in their push to sell thousands of
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unused government building. lawmakers held a congressional hearing in a partially abandoned federal building just a few blocks blocks from the capital. >> we need to sell those office, especially in a time of crisis where we're looking for every dollar to help build a budget gap. these properties, properties like these have to go. >> reporter: a new report says the federal government owns 45,000 abandoned or vacant buildings that cost more than a billion dollars to maintain. late developments in egypt spark activists online. and there have just been arrests, you see protesters are still on the scene, live coverage coming up right after the break.
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we're watching a dangerous situation in cairo where demonstrators are still rallying. just in the past half hour, president obama issued a statement criticisming the egyptian government. we are covering all the developments in egypt tonight. president mubarak again refused to step down today.
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there are real question -- and today mubarak transferred power to his vice president, but tonight there are questions about what that really needs. he says he will not take any foreign intervention. the vice president told protesters to go home and go back to work. but demonstrators say they will hold an even larger protest tomorrow and call for the army to take action to get mubar ak out of office. president obama urged the egyptian government to explain the changes to its people saying it is not yet clear that the changes are immediate, meaningful or sufficient. the protest and revolution going on in egypt is being fueled in part by social media. specifically facebook and twitter. ktvu's david stevenson is live tonight with the impact those two websites are having, david. >> reporter: late developments in egypt were among the largest
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trending topics on twitter. on day where high powered people acknowledged the power of social media. >> i was just reading a comment on facebook that the army are with the people in and out. >> reporter: facebook and twitter rolled in federal policy were a topic at on online meeting. hosted by the u.s. embassador to united nation. with 175 million twitter customers embassador rice told us the obama administration sees social media as a political player. >> it's been a big form of communication and social mobilization in egypt and elsewhere. >> reporter: a statement e- mailed to us from twitter says quote, along with the rest of the world we're watching
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closely as the events in egypt develop. at the social media strategy summit in san francisco today, entrepreneurs and analysts talk about the movement. now before president mubarak's speech this afternoon, facebook users some of them posted a count down clock marking time till his exit after he said he would stay in power until september. twitter filled with twitts and anger. >> we will continue to follow the quickly unfolding events in egypt both here on the air and online, our web address is we have breaking news out of san francisco at this hour. a protest we told you about just a few minutes ago. news chopper 2 is over the
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hyatt regency at the embarcadero. when we first showed you these pictures a few moments ago, you could not see any of the protesters: now a big group of people have mobilized. police have arrested 23 of those protesters who had been sitting right in front of the front doors of the hotel. all of this is going on right next to the california street cable car turn around at the foot of market. and it is possible it could impact the evening commute. we do have a crew on the scene and we'll have late developments coming up at 6:00. a 57-year-old man from pacifica was killed in a horrendous accident this morning. ken pritchett is live with video that backs up claims. >> reporter: frank it was not just one red light, according to witnesses who told police that the suspect, a 31-year-old driver blew through several red lights as he was speeding east on geary in the direction of our camera, at 2:45 this morning, the suspect t-boned
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the suspect's car right in the middle of our intersection here on our gallo boulevard. when police arrived this morning they saw this. an audi driven by the suspect smashed into a gray mazda. both cars resting near a munni bus stop. >> the suspect vehicle hit the vehicle at the driver side door. >> reporter: police believe the victim in the mazda of pacifica died instantly. we obtained this surveillance video from a corner gas station, it's fuzzy but it shows the light turned green for stalioga. then you see smoke from the collision. police say he was driving recklessly before the crash. >> at a high rate of speed and running a number of red lights and very dangerous situation. >> reporter: police say a nummi bus driver and several people tried to help the victim. a suspect was taken to the hospital with minor injury, police say he faces several arrests.
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>> he is still being detained. he is still being seen by the doctors. so we have not been able to charge him yet. >> reporter: police have not released the name of their suspect own investigators are looking into whether this crash was dui related but regardless, police say the list of possible charges is long. in san francisco, ken pritchett. 20 minutes from now san franciscans will get to speak out about what they would like to see in a new police chief. the council is looking at candidates to find someone to replace chief gascon. tonight's meeting starts at 6:00 at the irish cultural center in san francisco. and then on february 24th at the lgbt community center. in san jose police are trying to determine what led up
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to a stabbing that left a woman dead. police say the woman was found suffering from stab wounds on the 1100 block of t era lin avenue. police are releasing new details but they did say the victim was a 27-year-old woman. she was rushed to the hospital where unfortunately she later died. the death is the 11th homicide in san jose so far this year. from now on you won't be telling the clerk your zip code when you go to the check out line. find out why. we have pictures of a line to show you that formed in the bay area to buy the verizon iphone. tonight some thoughts on why the crowds really didn't show up. it's an unlikely combination. how the irs is involved now when it comes to breast-feeding mothers.
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congress is stepping up efforts to strengthen internet security after a hacking attacking on the operator of the nasdaq stock market. it would provide increased funding for awareness and education. the bipartisan billwilll be introduced by menendez. the justices ruled unanimously that asking for zip codes violated parts of a law
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passed in 1990 that protects consumers fromdie from divulging personal information. a day many wireless phone users have been waiting for finally arrived. today the iphone finally became available through verizon. we did see lines outside of stores but the crowds were thinner than expected. analysts suspect that many of the customers bought their iphones online. at&t had an exclusive hold on the device in the u.s. >> i was on at&t and i can get another iphone. >> when it comes to dropped calls, early reviewed show that the verizon iphone has better service than at&t. verizon could sell 12 million or more iphones this year. the irs says the cost of buying a breast pump will now
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be considered a tax deductible item. today the irs decided to categorize it as a medical device. it means women with pretax flexible spending account can set aside money to buy the pump and equipment which can sometimes get into hundreds of dollars. new research suggesting women in labor who control the doze of their epidoral use lower amounts. those women reported less pain during pushing. over all they said they were satisfied with their pain relief. live at pebble beach, two former college teammates go head to head. we'll have their results, next. and definitely a cold one this morning, a cold one for your friday morning. warmer in the afternoon then i have rain to talk about. a bay area man helps rescue
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two people from a burning house, then get as bill for nearly $2,000 for his efforts. >> thanks for trying to save some people's lives. >> reporter: how ktvu channel 2 news came to his aid. we're continuing to monitor outrage in egypt. we'll hear more from bay area residents who are feeling the impact in today's turn of events. you could be using it on future flights, why this isn't your typical airport terminal. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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governor jerry brown paid a sales car on southern california business leaders. the governor held private leaders with business leaders to pitch his life proposal. he plans temporary tax hikes to close a deficit. >> i am asking the republicans not to raise one penny of taxes but to give the people of california a right to vote on whether they want certain cuts or even more cuts or tax extensions. the governor brown is calling for a special election
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asking voters to extender tend tax hikes for five years. and it's the first day of pebble beach proam. two stanford grads have dreams of making it big. >> reporter: i'm at pebble beach here. just a little chip shot away from the clubhouse. today for two pga rookies it was a re union of sorts. zack miller was a senior and captain of ncaa championship golf team. saratoga brandon was a freshman. today the two were reunited for the proam. >> it was really cool.
5:46 pm
i was laughing when i saw the line up. >> what kind of comfort was this being able to play with joseph today? >> it was great, i think that we're close friends but we're also very competitive. so i mean, you know it's fun to be out there with him, i'm sure, i wanted to beat him really badly i'm sure him the same with me. >> this kid can play. >> reporter: what does it feel to be called the next great thing? >> it's very flattering. you know when everybody thinks you're doing something well. you know you take positive vibes from it. so yeah, just take it as a complement and try to keep doing what i'm doing. >> joseph bramlet is the first african american in 25 years to earn a pga tour card from the very grueling school progress. today he beat zack miller. bramlet four shots back of the coleaders. the only other black golfer on the pga tour is tiger woods.
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he was playing today too. but in dubai. of course i guess i was encouraged by that $3 million appearance fee. reporting live at pebble beach, fred inglis. santa clara county vector control plans to spray for mosquitoes tomorrow. the targeted areas include the new chicago marsh and zanker marsh. vector control are trying to reduce the amount of mosquitoes. while those mosquitoes have not tested positive for west nile mile, they can bite during the day and travel for miles. -- the point is to allow people to determine if a home that they live or want to buy is on a california fault line.
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and we've made it easy for you to find that map, just go to and click on web links. ktvu got a close look at the new san francisco international terminal. >> reporter: he rushed into a burning home to save people he didn't even know but then got an expensive bill. find out what happened after he contacted ktvu for help. also as history unfolds in egypt, the renewed interest in the country's history. why more people are visiting the south bay's egyptian museum. east bay transit drivers are refusing to get behind the wheel on one route, why they say they're afraid at 6:00. and and the office of emergency services say as pair of mountain lions was spots yesterday afternoon roaming an area near canata college. they were seen about 4:50 a.m.
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anyone who sees a mountain lion is being advised not to approach it, especially if the cat is feeding or with cubs. another nice day today. bill we were listening to you earlier and you said the new models are bull ish when it comes to next week. >> they were funneling in on this next week period. which looks like a very wet period. definitely different from this week. which has been above average temperature, cool overnight lows and dry dry dry. outside we go and what i want you to see, how light the winds are at the golden gate bridge. west southwest at nine. and if you're out at the avenues, you have beautiful night. you have basically clear skies an an outstanding sunset as you look out to the west. yes if you're standing there looking west you're looking at the fair lons, you can even see point rays from the slopes. here is how the temps worked out tonight. certainly above average. saturday upper 60s low 70s and
5:50 pm
it's over. so plan accordingly. because when we get into that wet period, things change. commute times change. travels change, a lot of things change. that's the napa valley, you can see why it gets so darn cold because all the cold weather settles. ends up around napa. 28degrees tomorrow in napa. tomorrow stays dry with that high pressure then this system moves in saturday night, sunday more clouds. then we're going to see showers near probably monday afternoon's commute. that's the first, there's a bunch of them out there. they are varying strengths. not sure what we have, accept it's a wet period. the commuter model shows wet clouds. rain out here, it starts to slip south as we get into saturday and sunday. you see this thickening up too.
5:51 pm
so they just switch, wind tkráebgs switch too -- wind directions switch too. so 68 for that napa. mostly sunny. it has been -- it has been great, it's been a great run. and then we get back into the wet. you bet we'll be talking about wind. we're talking about lots of snow level. so definitely a wet period. >> the clock is ticking. >> the clock is ticking, sure. >> thanks, bill? and the postal service today started selling a new postal stamp featuring president reagan. the postage stamp featuring a smiling president reagan at his ranch. so who gets anxious and
5:52 pm
why? >> you ever feel anxious? do people tell you it's all in your head? you might want to watch my story, it's up ahead.
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do you get anxious? bay area researchers are finding a new way to help. ktvu health and science editor john fowler here now to tell you how your brain may be working right now. john. >> money, relationships, job,
5:55 pm
what in your life causes anxiety? >> reporter: evolution hard wired up to respond to threat. >> i work, everything makes me feel anxious. for some reason. >> reporter: for some anxiety gets the upper hand. >> because i'm wasting a lot of time and energy being anxious. >> reporter: others seem to control it. >> in my family i'm the one that calms everyone down. i'm like the mediator. >> reporter: people do respond differently anxiety primarily because their brains are actually wired differently. important new research today from uc berkeley. >> there's actually two independent path ways to anxiety. people were scared, finding out that fear lighting up two areas. not just one area as had been
5:56 pm
thought. she says your brain may be lighting up like that right now. >> if you look at the tv news, you see all these images of very negative things happening. but you wouldn't normally be exposed to. >> reporter: some people are better able to use the frontal cortex areas than others, and scans may some day show whether sufferers will respond better to talk therapy or medicines. >> can we predict each people each of these approaches will work for? >> reporter: that would be a potentially huge improvement for treatment for the millions of american suffering from anxiety disorder. john fowler, ktvu news. and ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is up next. he was hailed a hero then got a big bill. coming up we'll have the story that all started behind this fence, it's a story you will see only on two.
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>> renewed anger in egypt, why president mubarak's message caused today. and $2,000, that's what a good samaritan was charged for trying to help. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. there is fury and anger tonight in cairo. all after protesters call for president mubarak to step down from power but he did not. at this hour we understand some 2,000 demonstrators were outside the presidential palace demanding mr. mubarak resign. he has transferred some powers to the vice


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