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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 14, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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describes driving conditions here as officers race from one emergency call to another. the chp says its officers responded to more than 40 crashes aacross zsa know ma -- across sonoma county. this is one of them. two people were hurt in this crash. the chp shut down the highway for about an hour while the wreckage was cleared. >> too much rain and too much speed. give extra space between you and the car in front of you. >> reporter: this rollover crash happened late today. the driver escaped injury after his toyota landed on its top. officers had little time for traffic enforcement as they responded to crash after crash. >> all day long, offers finish up one call and have to respond to another. >> reporter: high wind warnings for posted on bridges, making for a tricky drive for some motorists. >> it's windy on the bridge.
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>> when i accelerate, you lose traction, but i kind of enjoy it. >> this is the heads up to expect for tomorrow. >> reporter: what you're looking at is a live picture of a traffic stop, not a traffic accident here at highway 101 and ronard park expressway. the highway patrol says it was so busy responding to all accidents, it had very little time for traffic enforcement, but extra officers will likely be called into duty tomorrow, because with heavier rain expected, it's probably going to be a busy, busy day. in hayward, a bad accident left five people injured, the vehicles collided in the southbound lanes of 880. of the five injured, one was a child, a dog, a black lab was also hurt. the crash happened about 8:30
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tonight. several lanes were closed for an hour after the highway patrol issued an alert. the rain has been light most of the evening, but we got up to an inch of rain in the north bay, half inch else where. we have light scattered showers in redwood city and woodside. this is real, light drizzle stuff. not a big deal. concord right now is 53 degrees and light showers. this is the system that went through today, we'll push it back one more time. watch how quickly it moves, not a big one. the next system in the pacific, a big one. it's a cold one, gets here tomorrow, it will impact your afternoon and even early morning commute. it will be a big deal in the mountains as well. latest computer model estimates of when this starts to drop the rain. see you back here. . travelers at san francisco international airport are facing major delays thanks to the wind and rain. we checked a sport time ago and -- short time ago and found
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some flights are backed up three hours and when arrivals are late, departures may be as well. no other airports are reporting delays right now. it is snowing again in the sierra, how much snow this storm has dumped and why it is welcome coming up at 10:30. frightening moments today where several trapped veterans jumped from a second floor window of a burning building where they lived. the fire was reported around 4:30 today in a board and care home in the 1200 block of bay road. firefighters say someone was cooking when the fire started in the kitchen. within minutes, several people found themselves trapped inside the home. >> i was sitting on my computer and heard the smoke alarms go off, opened my bedroom door and billows of smoke were pouring in. michael said all he was able to salvage from the fire is this desk drawer, a few possessions, money, and medication. tonight, all 14 veterans are safe.
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no one was hurt, but they are now homeless and many lost much of what they own. firefighters say the house is gutted. the va is now putting up the veterans. a judge in oakland ordered two young men to stand trial for murder. pictures from security cameras led to the arrest of 19 year old la von they drummer and 18 year old dominic davis last april. prosecutors say the two had an argument with jin cheng yu and his father and that drummer and davis then punched the older yu who fractured his skull. a second person arrested in connection with with a second shooting. armando was taken into custody yesterday. the shooting happened at 5 shopping center. alonzo was arrested after the shooting but police do not think she was the actual
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shooter. the contra costa coroner said an autopsy concluded a missing san francisco man drowned in the waters of the delta. harry lee disappeared on january 22. he apparently fell overboard. authorities recovered lee's boat the same day he disappeared. yesterday, authorities say they found lee's body floating near oakley. officials are trying to determine what caused a calltrain passenger to die today. the train stopped at the hillsdale station. the man's body could not be removed until the coroner arrived, so passengers were transferred to another train. the name of the man has not been released caltran is facing fiscal challenges. even though ridership is up, managers are proposing service cuts and a fare hike. jeanine is live in san jose
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tonight where upset commuters sounded off on the first of four public meetings, jeanine? >> reporter: that's right, a public meeting took place here at city hall, it wrapped up about an hour ago. cutting service would affect thousands of commuters who depend on those trains. monday through friday you'll see vince francis commute from san mateo to santa clara for work. santa clara is the heart of technology, heart of silicone technology, just one block that way. >> reporter: but the station he uses may shut down. caltran is proposing to suspend a weekday service at these stations running from san francisco to san jose. also on the chopping block, suspending all service to gill roy. weekend service would also be eliminated. >> it is shocking the budget cuts are so expensive. >> reporter: officials met with concerned commuters to explain why they need to reduce
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service. caltrain relies on funding. >> those partner agencies are short of money and can't make the same kind of contribution to caltran's budget. that's about a $30 million deficit. >> reporter: caltran is proposing a 25-cent fare increase. some ask why not increase it more? >> the problem is ridership doesn't pay for the service. >> reporter: it is coming to deciding what's important to keep and what's not. >> i'm certainly one rider that you would lose if the san antonio station closes. >> reporter: three more hearings will be held this week. caltran will use comments to make its decision next month. reporting live from san jose, ktvu channel 2. starting this wednesday, the santa clara transit authority will allow passengers to use clipper cars. the cars already accepted on golden gate, san francisco
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muni, and sam trans. while many say they are happy to have a card used on multiple transit systems, there's also complaints the cards don't always work and it's difficult to add money to the cards at some stations. rosy profits this valentine's day. we have been talking to entrepreneurs who say people throw less anxiety about spending. amber lee is live in san francisco where she discovered another reason valentine's day fell on a monday, amber? >> reporter: we're at lulu's restaurant south of market. despite the cold and wet weather, we found plenty of couples celebrating. the manager told us business has been good this weekend leading up to valentine's day. at 8:00 tonight, it was a full house. fred and mary lou have been married for almost 35 years. >> it's still great. i mean, we are more in love. it's a different kind of love. >> reporter: this couple is
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expecting their first child in two months. >> we just feel it's our last valentine's day before the baby comes so we wanted to go out. >> reporter: at the san francisco flower mart, workers tell us valentine's day falling on a monday has brought in more business. they say it's been hectic since friday. >> lots of people just come like the week before and they order the roses and they ask us to keep them in the cooler so they can get them today. >> reporter: this florist is selling two dozen roses for $30, a good deal, but they normally sell for about $22- $25. what's your budget? >> $100. so flowers, get some canneddy, then dinner. -- candy, then dinner. >> i have a little, you know, gift -- a massage gift.
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i thought i'd present it with a little bit of chocolate. >> reporter: everyone we spoke with tonight said valentine's day is too commercial, but it is a good reminder to appreciate your loved one. reporting live in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu channel 2. a massive pillow fight in san francisco tonight, but what's fun for some isn't quite as much fun for others. plus, shark spin soup, why the delicacy is putting local lawmakers against each other. this system is bringing us heavy rain for your tomorrow commute. i'll tell you when it's the heaviest and when it gets here.
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boy, feathers flying tonight during the big pillow fight. now, as ktvu channel 2 reports, comes the big clean up at tax payer expense. >> reporter: once the clock struck 6, the pillow pummeling began. >> insane, i got hit from every which way, don't know where it's coming from, very insane. there i got hit again. >> reporter: more than 1200 signed up for the 6th annual pillow fight. the pillows and people took a beating and feathers began to fly like snow flakes. >> it's tiring. i got hit in the head hard, but it's fun.
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it's fun. we got a workout. >> i was here to get aggression out for valentine's day. it's just that time of the year. >> reporter: this might be a lot of fun and games for some, what the city is worried about most is the mess. last year it cost them more than $35,000 to pick up all the pillows and feathers from the plaza. >> we had pillows up in trees, feathers all over the grass, feathers in the fountains. >> reporter: public works director says this year, the department is down 100 workers due to budget cuts and has only six street cleaners on duty tonight. >> you're running up a tab and i don't think it's a good use of tax payer money. >> reporter: one problem is there's no one to charge for the clean up because no one applied for the required permit. it could take days and thousands of tax payer dollars. ktvu channel 2.
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and we have another ktvu camera right in the middle of that pillow fight. find that at in egypt, hosni mubarak may be gone from power, but people still have plenty of grievances, and they are making them heard. police officers demonstrated for higher wages outside the interior ministry in cairo today. others worry the military won't follow through on promise reform and protest organizers issue new demands, the dissolution of the political party and creation of a new cabinet. egyptians in the tourism industry had a message for the world today. they stood in front of the pyramids to tell the world it is safe and would be welcomed with open arms. the protests sent many travelers away. the few who did stay say they have had a great time and have been treated well.
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a judge ordered shevron to pay millions in a case for contamination of the amazon river. the award is said to be the biggest ever in an environmental lawsuit. shevron said it was illegitimate and unenforceable. shark spin soup is putting politicians against one another. one is saying it's legal to sell shark fins. they say the desire is damaging the shark population, with 30% of all shark species on the endangered list. fisherman use a device called finning, then tossing the creature back in the water where they'll die. >> we need to protect our sharks, they are the top of the food chain.
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if they collapse, the ocean can as well. >> leyland yee and restaurant owners spoke out against the proposal saying the importing of fins is already regulated by the state. they suggest higher fines for violators. on wall street today, stocks traded in a narrow range. the dow lost 5 points, pulled down by walmart after lowering the outlook. the nasdaq was up 7. general motors announced bonuses for 45,000 workers. each employee will be getting at least $4,000 the the payment should go out by the end of march. it is the largest profit sharing bonus gm has ever given its hourly workers. last week, gm announced bonuses for salary workers. good news about the financial health of the city of san jose. up to 1100 jobs may be eliminated. that's one of every five city
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employees. as maureen nailer reports, the mayor says jobs will be cut even if unions make concessions. >> reporter: simone williams oversees 15 employees at the martin luther king library downtown. this widow worries she might be part of the next round of layoffs. >> i don't know if i'll be able to keep my house and pay all my bills. i'm barely making it now. >> reporter: shelfing books is a part-time -- shelving books is a part time for david. >> my wife and i have both been looking else where. >> reporter: san jose's mayor says while looking everywhere, it's clear retirement costs are out of control, a projected $61 million. he's calling for 10% pay cuts to save 335 positions. >> i think we'll have layoffs even if we get 10% concessions just because the numbers are so big. >> reporter: it may mean
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reducing staffing on fire engines, restricting overtime, and reducing benefits for future police officers. >> we're going to talk about a two-tier. no doubt there will be a different tier for new hires. >> reporter: workers wore stickers this valentine's day saying city workers love san jose, they don't love the outlook. >> i don't know why he's attacking us. i think the higher-ups are the ones to look up. >> reporter: such as rob davis who took home $327,000 in sick leave and vacation alone when he retired last october. in san jose, maureen nailer, ktvu channel 2. looking for showers out there right now, you have showers on the richmond bridge, light showers, but the big hit is coming. big rain in the forecast for you tomorrow, especially on the afternoon commute. these are cold storms, they'll be rain and wind. all starting at 2 or 3 in the
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afternoon. extended forecast stays wet. overnight lows under scattered showers in the 40s and low 50s. out in the pacific, here comes this next system, it's t-ed up right now. there will be showers in the morning but light. morning commute, light sprinkles. the afternoon commute, most likely heavy rain. heaviest in the earlier evening with rain showers up to an inch to two inches in the north bay. this is a big one. specifics on timing with the latest computer model back here in just a minute. tonight is a happy one for the family of a partially- blind, somewhat elderly dog. the pug, an unintended victim of a theft today. the 13 year old pug often spends mornings sleeping in her owner's truck. this morning, as he worked out, someone stole the truck with jessica inside. the dog was found this afternoon about 2 miles from where the theft happened. the truck is still missing. jessica's owners say they don't think she'll be heading to the gym tomorrow because she'll
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need some rest. might call it a fight over food. why a pilot program to bring more food choices to a north bay city isn't sitting well with everyone. first, a street blocked off and emergency crews on the scene right now. why one wall of a building may be in danger of collapsing.
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nearby the park street bridge is shut down because one wall of a building is in danger of collapsing. the building is along ford street between 23rd street and 29th street where the streets form a triangle. the wall began bulging out. the building was damaged in a fire and set for demolition already. equipment is now being brought in to stabilize the wall for now. new competition is upsetting restaurant owners during one downtown street.
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food trucks are rolling in and parking free of charge with the city's permission. it's a pilot program and as patty lee reports, the restaurants say it couldn't come at a worse time. >> reporter: in this parking lot in downtown santa rosa. gourmet truck vendors cater to the lunch crowd. >> we endorse a lot downtown. it's kind of a nice change of pace to eat outside and kind of i fun. >> reporter: an 8-week program. >> it's been very well-received by people who want this kind of food. >> reporter: but over the past five weeks as the popularity grew, so did the discontent. >> their basic concern is competition, pulling from their sit-down customers. >> reporter: but rendezvous bistro says this isn't just about fighting over scraps.
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>> not everybody can afford to sit and have a three-course meal. >> reporter: he says this is about fair play. a perk not afforded to restaurant owners. >> i don't see it that way. i don't think we're taking business away from the restaurants. >> reporter: this truck vendor says she believes the feud is less of a turf war than a battle between old and new ways of doing business and everyone needs to adapt to survive. >> i do understand where the other restaurants say that's not fair, but, you know, competition breeds ambition. >> reporter: change is already underway. right now restaurants here are in the process of forming an association so they can better participate should this monday lunch experiment become more permanent. in santa rosa, ktvu channel 2. it appears the carnival splendor will spend more time in san francisco. we spoke to the coast guard and are told the ship is ready to
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set sail on wednesday morning. it's now out of dry dock. the ship made headlines in november when an engine fire crippled the ship at sea, stranding 45 people off the coast of san diego. the splendor is scheduled for a mexico cruise next week. encouraging news about gabrielle giffords. today her husband said her recovery is on a "lightening- fast trajectory." she can walk while holding on to a cart and is able to mouth the words to simple songs like happy birthday to you. giffords was shot in the head on january 8th during a political event. six others were killed. winter returns with a vengeance. why it's so welcome in the sierra. plus, how much snow could accumulate this week. later, they wanted a marriage license this valentine's day. how this protest led to arrests instead.
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a live look from the caltran web camera from the junctions of 50 and 89. rain here in the bay area has turned into snow tonight and in the sierra, currently no chain requirements for the drivers heading to the mountains. all that snow is great news for ski resorts, but as mike tasell found out, the weather conditions were a little too much for some resorts. >> reporter: high winds, new snow, had some complaining. >> wind is very, very windy. >> reporter: after all, listen to how strong sierra wind gusts were early today. >> on the top of tier one, up to 100 miles an hour. >> reporter: those winds forced
10:29 pm
them to close early today. other resorts like sugar bowl had to close certain lifts because of the weather. yet regardless of the negative, listen. >> this is great, we came for snow. >> reporter: january saw so little snow, crowds dwindled. >> we were skiing on ice. it was bad. >> reporter: in january, things were so slow one resort acknowledged offcamera they struggled to sell 200 tickets on certain days. with winter return, the sierra economy is looking for a return of crowds in time to cash in on the traditionally lucrative president day weekend. >> people are thinking let's get back out there. >> reporter: so far, we're talking 1-4 inches of snow that's fallen today, but with what is expected to fall here through the rest of the week, several feet of snow, they are hoping that is enough to
10:30 pm
rejuvenate the snow pack up here and last all the way through springtime. in soda springs, mike tasell, ktvu channel 2. and there's the system, went through today, it's lingering in the mountains, winter storm warning in effect for lake tahoe tomorrow through wednesday. snow levels town about 3500 feet. catch this, 3-5 feet of snowfall over that period. tomorrow night when this gets up there, it's going to go off. chaining up on 50 and 80. there will be blizzard conditions in the mountains as you go into tomorrow night and into wednesday. low snow levels, lots of accumulation. back in a few minutes with the forecast. rainfall forecast for your neighborhood. and you can always find weather information any time at as well as ski conditions. just look for the weather menu on the home page. upcoming federal purr yary
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trial. each side hopes the judge to explode damaging evidence. >> reporter: federal prosecutors and defense attorneys for barry bonds filed competing motions today, five weeks before the trial is scheduled to finally begin. >> he would be very quick to draw his hand back as if to hit me just to see me flinch. >> reporter: both sides focus on ex-mistress. prosecutors want her to testify about bond's alleged roid rage and don't want them to tell jurors she posed nude in playboy. some say she's not allowed to testify about such as shrunken testicles. >> based on what he told me. >> reporter: prosecutors want the judge to allow and defense
10:32 pm
attorneys don't think relevant that bonds tested positive for amphetamines in 2006. prosecutors also don't want the defense to argue bonds was unfairly singled out. he's charged with lying to a grand jury more than eight years ago when he said he never knowingly used performance- enhancing drugs. this is just the latest in the legal battle that will come to a head with the month-long trial march 21st. rita williams, ktvu channel 2. a big boost to extend bart to san jose. the transit administration recommended the project at $130 million in federal funds. it means construction on the 10- mile, $2.3 billion extension could begin next year. the line is expected to open in
10:33 pm
2018. president obama gave congress his budget today totaling more than $3.7 trillion with a deficit of $1.1 trillion. speaking in maryland, president obama said the budget is all about tough choices and sacrifices, although the budget does not take on medicare, medicaid, or social security. the president is proposing increased spending by the commerce department to push invasion. education goes up more than 38% as an investment in the country's future. the defense department's budget shrinks almost 6% and labor is down 27% assuming the labor department won't need to pay out as much in employment benefits. one brought people out in protests about housing. they say cuts have hurt the less fortunate. >> right now, the way things are going, poor people are losing, and we're losing bad. which is why we're in the streets in 19 cities, which is why we have to get ourselves
10:34 pm
together and be the change we voted for. >> the marchers complain public housing has been lost in the past decade while 800,000 jail cells have been built nationwide. president obama is coming to the bay area on thursday. the white house is not releasing many details, but he's expected to meet in private with silicone valley business leaders. he's expected to stay overnight somewhere in the bay area, then head to oregon on friday. comings up, what we -- coming up, what we know about the crash in central america. one minute it was there, next it was gone. the mystery over a rare whale that disappeared off the northern california coast.
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we are following some developing news right now.
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late word that the nephew of the dalai lama has been killed in florida this evening. he was taking part in a 300- mile walk when hit by an suv on the side of a state highway about 7:30 this evening. he was 45 years old and a son of the dalai lama's late brother. he was walking to raise awareness for the tibetan fight for independence from china. a baby is back with his mother this evening after investigators say the child was kidnapped by his father. deputies say the boy was in good condition when found in kearn county last night. investigators say 19 year old edgar rodriguez ramos kidnapped his son on saturday night. ramos is facing kidnapping charges. three americans were among the dead, their names have not
10:38 pm
yet been released. two hon duran officials also died. the airport is considered dangerous. . in iran, people took pictures of what they claimed were anti-government demonstrations. at least one person was shot and killed. whether it was by a protestor or police is being disputed. this was the first major show of strength in more than a year. organizers say it was meant to show solidarity with the revolution in egypt. in afghanistan, a suicide bomber blew himself up today at the entrance to kabul's first western-style shopping mall. two security guards were also killed. this is the second attack there in less than a month. militants claim responsibility. that shopping mall is popular with westerners and rich afghans and business and government leaders often hold meetings at the mall's hotel.
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considering the legality of a law removing domestic partner benefits. they say it discriminates themmer from qualifying for benefits. they say the law was intended to save the state money by using legitimate distinctions. the gay rights group says more than 600 opposite same-sex partners lost their benefits if an injunction is lifted. also in arizona today, republican lawmakers are proposing that hospitals check to see if patients are in the country illegally and then notify immigration if they are. they argue that hospitals lose millions of dollars treating illegal immigrants. people in the medical field say they don't want to be immigration agents and worry immigrants with contagious diseases may not get treatment. a team of san francisco city workers plans to hit the
10:40 pm
streets tomorrow in an effort to cut down on illegal dumping. this is video from last month when crews cleaned up some of the garbage strewn on sidewalks in the neighborhood. the program is seeking to teach merchants and residents about the problems that illegal dumping can cause. in the east bay, toughening a ban on smoking in apartment complexes. tomorrow night, the city council is expected to review a report on the city's current law which requires complexes with 16 units or more to make at least half non-smoking. the council is expected to decide whether to expand the ban to 70% of the units. city halls were swarmed with couples wanting marriage licenses. why some were arrested in san francisco. and we're tracking rain tonight in the bay area, and it is just the beginning. how the next round will impact your day coming up in the complete forecast after the break.
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i tore both my rotator cuffs. first i injured this shoulder, then this one, then this one two more times. playing with my kids was not an option. when a lot of doctors could have gone in and just said, "no, can't fix it." but he didn't give up. today i can throw my kids around in the pool. i can still coach rugby and share my love of the game. announcer: at sutter health, our story is you. for more stories, visit
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. i would like to get a marriage license, please. >> on this valentine's day, same-sex couples gathered around the area. the couples say they wanted to underscore all citizens should have the freedom to marry the one they love. clerks are prohibited to issue licenses to same-sex couples while the legality is being determined in california. it was a day to tie the knot at san francisco city hall, but some who wanted to couldn't. as ktvu channel 2's rob roth reports, that led to people being arrested. >> reporter: dozens of heterosexual couples were getting married today, some same-sex couples were asking for marriage licenses, even though they knew the answer. >> in california right now,
10:44 pm
it's not legal. >> reporter: they sat down in the middle of the clerk's office. sheriff's deputies gave warnings. >> if you do not disperse, you're subject to arrest. >> reporter: they were arrested. couples tied together not in ma try., but in custody. they received citations and were released. >> when you're handcuffed and led to a building for a detaining room just for asking to be married, it's not right. it's very emotional. >> reporter: moments later, this couple got married. >> it should be fair. >> reporter: it was seven years ago today former mayor allowed same-sex marriage. that let off a chain of lawsuits leading to proppation 8 which defies marriage as between a man and woman. recently the california supreme court was asked to examine whether proponents have legal standing to defend it.
10:45 pm
that leaves these couples waiting. >> we have to keep letting people know it really is about love. >> reporter: a final ruling could still be years away. in san francisco, ktvu channel 2. some economists are offering those who enjoy shopping a reason to stock up on new clothes now of the according to research, consumers should brace for a 10% jump in clothing prices this year. the economists say a surge in material and labor cost is behind the pritchard ticketed increase. they say the biggest will come in the second half of this year. and california's insurance commissioner says parents who enroll their children in an insurance plan in the next few weeks will raise money. premiums are scheduled to go up on march first. there are currently one and a half million uninsured children in california and about half of them are eligible for insurance under medi cal. researchers trying to find out what happened to a rare
10:46 pm
gray whale tracked from russian waters to the california coast. researchers tagged the whale known as "flex" in october. his last known location was 5300 miles from russia. they lost track of him february 4th as he was nearing the montaray bay. >> maybe he's coming over here -- it would be nice if he could talk a couple of females to going back to the other side of the pacific with him. >> flex may have lost his tag or it may have stopped working. if he finished south he could have reached the coast yesterday. it's thought only about 130 gray whales exist in the world. there's encouraging news about the monarch butterfly. a federation says the number of monarchs is this year is double
10:47 pm
of last year. the annual migration fell to historic lows last year, about a 75% drop from the previous year. storms were blamed for that dramatic decrease. and we go outside the live storm tracker 2. it's raining out there. it's a heavy drizzle or mist, but it's coming down. we've had nearly an inch in the north bay, quarter and a half inch everywhere else. it's adding up. sanrafael, you have showers. we are in for another wet day tomorrow. starts off like today, dizzily. that's the system that went through today. springs thes in the morning -- sprinkles in the morning, then in the afternoon, boom, wet. cold air moving down from the polar regions. today was our first rainy day with wind. tomorrow afternoon that's a
10:48 pm
real rainstorm, maybe 7 and a half or 8 on the scale of ten. it will move through quickly. wednesday, probably see snow on bay area peaks. showing you two computer models, this one i want you to see the aerial distribution of rainfall and snow. by tomorrow night at midnight, we're looking at a winter storm warning in the mountains, 80 and 50 chaining up guaranteed, and i wouldn't be surprised if 80 and 50 could run the risk of being shut down. now, we come in close to the bay area, tuesday at 5:00, that's your afternoon commute. you see the line coming in. i have more specific with the computer model. get to tuesday at 7:00 p.m., getting home or close to home, it's raining. significant rain showing up in the north bay, central bay, and into the peninsula. 8:00, everybody 1 hitting it. that's the window, main event between about 5 and 8:00 at night and then it moves out of here and up in the mountains where i showed they are going
10:49 pm
to have a big event with winter storm warnings. that's the next system. there's more behind it. let's focus on that one. afternoon commute tomorrow, messy. daytime highs tomorrow in the 50s. 5-day forecast is a wet one, what you would expect. rainfall accumulations, okay today. tomorrow is going to be the wettest day. right now i have scattered showers all the other days with snow flurries on the hills, but there's an event occurring that could make the friday/saturday storm more powerful. things are changing. but tomorrow, the commute we'll be talking about in the afternoon. >> cold and windy too. >> what a difference from last week. thanks. there was a final farewell for a north bay man who survived pearl harbor and one of a shrinking number of veterans who made sacrifices and contributions to conserve democracy as we know it. >> someone with ammo, started running across. some of the guys running with
10:50 pm
them didn't make it. >> lloyd labree was among 3,000 pearl harbor survivors nationwide. his family says the attack defined the way he lived for the rest of his life. 90 year old labree was buried today with full military honors. things back to normal tonight following a gas leak in the outer mission district. a back hoe hit a 2-inch gasline. a shelter and place order was issued for schools nearby while pg&e capped the leak. . giants win it all. that's not enough for some fans who are working on a plan to drive the point home.
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
the ktvu channel 2 sports report brought to you by american express.
10:53 pm
the giants are world champions. >> okay, this next story is funny. for some giant fans, winning the world series just isn't enough. they need to flaunt it in the face of the dodgers fans. a group of giants fans are raising money to hire a plane to fly a banner during the season opener at dodger stadium. the banner will read "giants, 2010 champs, beat l.a." dodger fans seem amused.
10:54 pm
>> giant fans don't need to do that. >> yeah, they are already winners. >> mark is here now. with the cold weather, doesn't seem time for spring training. it's that time. >> what would the start of baseball be without a little money talk to distract from the issue at hand, that would be bats and balls. arguably, the best hitter in all of baseball, albert pujols is in the last year of his contract paying him $16 million this season. he's giving them a tuesday deadline before he terminates talks and making him a free agent. they agreed to extend things another 14 24 hours. meanwhile, his agent was asked if he offered his mega star any money advice. >> i don't give albert advice about, you know, unnecessary. albert is very smart, very compassionate in everything,
10:55 pm
whether his profession or personal life. so he knows how to handle himself. >> certainly with a bat in his hands too. you know the old saying never spit where you putt. tiger ignored that saying this weekend in dubai. now he'll have to give up a little pocket change. they are fining him for spitting on the 12th hole after missing a putt. it's an unspecified amount but reportedly between $400 and $1600. either way, no problem for tiger. skepticism just seemed to go hand in hand with talk of a warrior breakthrough into the land of consistent winner, but several signs hard to ignore. talent level better and as hard as it is to believe, seems to be a real commitment to playing defense on a nightly basis. with it, coming good results. granted, they have played 15 of the last 18 at home, but the long stretch in oakland brought
10:56 pm
with it multiple benefits. >> i think all of our guys are really good guys. they love to work and be in the gym. even when you tell them to get out of the gym, they still want to stay in the gym. our fans have done well with the home stand as well. >> we don't want to be known as needing to outscore opponents to win games. now we get stops and get "w"s because we emphasize in defense so much now. >> no question the man knows what he speaks of when it comes to winning and the game of football. rod woodson added as a new defensive backs coach next year. super bowl winner himself and hall of famer played 17 years in the nfl, the last two with the silver and black, and that is the sporting life for a mobbed night. -- monday night. we'll have baseball news from camp tomorrow. mark, thank you. for the latest on the stormy weather, tune to the ktvu
10:57 pm
morning news beginning at 4:30. >> as always, our coverage continues online at have a good evening, everyone. >> good night.
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
should we duck down behind the seat so they don't see us watching them? to me tennis is basically just ping-pong, and the players are standing on the table. that's all it is. and that goofy scoring. you win one point, all of a sudden you're up by 15. two points, 30-love. 30-love. sounds like and english call girl. "that'll be 30, love... "and could you be a little quieter next time, please?" shh." ♪ we'll forget about the snow and rain ♪


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