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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  February 15, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PST

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good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, february 15th. this morning could really be the calm before the storm. let's check in with steve for the specifics on the forecast. >> that's correct. good morning. cloudy, windy, light rain, mainly the peninsula, south bay. we had one band go through. a lot of cloudy skies. the winds picked up along the coast. it's in the 50s. so-- but the wind might make it feel cooler. we're on the mild side. light morning rain. winter weather advisories are posted for the mountains.
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here's sal. the commute tonight is not gonna be great. ap oakland building will be watched closely -- an oakland building will be watched closely today because it's in -- if you look at this crack here, that's where the bend, that's where people are concerned about the
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sturdiness. last night, fourth street and a couple of others -- fourth street 10:00 p.m. this morning, it's not clear what, if anything, this city did to make the building sturdy. >> one of the residents from the -- noticed the wall and they notified the authorities and they came out and made a decision right there. >> the man said he believes the rain led to the leaning of the wall. this build something vacant and has been since 2006. you are looking at a fire that ripped through this building back then. musicians and others used the building as storage until that fire. it gutted the building but the real damage was done next door to the paint store which not only ruined or destroyed the
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warehouse there but also destroyed a lot of the product inside the warehouse. want to show you that warehouse briefly. you can see nothing was done with this building until very recently. according to the person i talked to upstairs, the new owners of this building took off that roof and if you look down here, you can see that garage door compared to the rest of the building? you can tell that garage door is relatively new. somebody was trying to do something with this building. the question is what did the city do to make this building safer so they could reopen the road here, i'm gonna make some calls. back to you. home depot said they need to hire 60,000 new workers by
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next month. that's right. they are mostly seasonal jobs. the jobs need to be filled by the spring. home depot said some of the jobs are permanent part time and full-time jobs but the company didn't say how many. well, this morning's retail report for january sales is mixed. the commerce department reports u.s. stores took in slightly higher revenue last month. but the 3/10 of an increase is only half of what the economists expected. the biggest increases came from gas stations, from auto redayers and from online and catalogue stores -- retailers and from online and catalogue stores. spending in restaurants and bars, well, that was down. chevron plans to appeal the $9.5 billion fine imposed by a judge in ecuador. it's the largest damage award from any environmental lawsuit. the judge says that will cover
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clean-up costs and restitution from oil drilling contamination that happened near the head waters of the amazon river. the company stays it never believed it could get a fair trial in ecuador. well, the federal government just gave b.a.r.t. a big boost in its 50-year plan to go south. but there's another possible roadblock in this plan. tara moriarty has the details. she's iii in fremont. >> reporter: well, for 50 years people have been lobbying to connect b.a.r.t. to the south bay. if you take a look behind me, the building. the federal transit administration has just recommend that b.a.r.t. receive $131 million in federal funds. this assures that the ten-mile
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b.a.r.t. line will happen with crews possibly breaking down on the project this year. where will b.a.r.t. get the money? it could be anywhere from five to ten years, depending upon politics. b.a.r.t. is hoping the line will be open in 2018. mayor chuck reed says this is terrific news, not only for san jose but for all of the bay area. back to you. >> thank you, tara. 7:07. well, four new b.a.r.t. police chaplains will be sworn in today. b.a.r.t. says the chaplains will be available to offer counseling to police personnel and their families. they will also offer support to crime victims. these chap lanes are all volunteers. they will wear b.a.r.t.une forms but they will -- uniforms
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but they will have an insignia and you will be able to tell them apart. we want to check in with sal now. >> bay bridge, about a 10 to 15- minute delay getting onto the span. also, the morning commute is okay in san francisco along northbound 101. let's take a look at san jose, 280 northbound. that traffic is moving well but around the corner you will see some slowing there. 101 is slowing getting into sunnyvale. let's go to steve. good morning. cloudy, light rain, it's this evening and tonight when the front moves through. the pattern is changed. we had almost two weeks of sunshine and warm weather. remember? remember? well, yesterday was a windy day. today will be rain but not
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again. it will be later. it's already up around fort bragg and mendocino county. it's getting close. tomorrow, the cold air moves in in a very showery pattern. the rest of the week looks very unsettled, cold, rain, showers but the seven to ten-day outlook could be just as active. so a cold, rainy pattern is in place. today, cloudy, breezy, evening rain and overnight rain taking us into tomorrow. lower snow levels as well. already 8 inches of snow. winter weather advisories are in effect. they kick in at noon. it's already developing there. the front is here. that's the cold air behind my head. right now the system is getting closer towards ukiah.
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this is a cold system. now, in the last 4 hours, considering this was the first rain of the -- 24 hours, considering this was the first rain of the month, concord, san carlos, .07, oakland, san jose .15. not much. the temperatures are in the 50s, low to mid. mostly cloudy. you can see our system right there is the front and this is the cold low that has to drop in and it looks like it will go all the way down to southern california into wednesday and thursday. light morning rain. mainly cloudy and rainy. moderate to heavy rain comes in tonight. 48 to 54, cloudy, mild. 54 to 60 but for the south bay you may have to wait until 6:00 and this will be moderate and a cold rain, too. 50s to 60s because of the south
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wind and cloudy skies. there will be mild conditions. the next system, a little tough it pinpoint. we'll go with cloudy rain. tori and dave? >> thank you. this morning there's rain and snow in the ier is -- in the sierra and that's good news for the long coming holiday weekend. this is up in kingsdale? >> no [ laughter ] >> okay. this is snow coming down. i believe that's interstate 80. there's cars going by. the cars going across mountains are cleared. but drivers are being barned to -- being warned to carry chains. operators are happy to have this storm. >> i know they are gonna rush up there for presidents day. : well, new rules are
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supposed to re-- well, new rules are supposed to dictate how long a plane can sit inthe tarmac. we'll hear from a bay area woman. the pledge that hillary clinton makes today to those trying to promote democracy. and the woodside home owned by steve jobs is being demolished by some of the neighbors who have worked very hard to keep that billing in -- building intact.
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these are live pictures of the san jose airports where you can see it's rather cloudy skies. we're not hearing of any delays at the moment at least for san jose airport. it's a rather balmy 49 degrees. more flight delays at sfo are possible because of the
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incoming storm. we'll continue to cover the storm and our website,, has the latest on the winter storms moving into northern california. 7:15. right now as we speak in washington, d.c., a passenger rights group led by a bay area woman is releasing a report about whether new rules to prevent those long waits on the tarmac is working. alison burns has more. >> reporter: dave, remember, the big storm in new york over christmas? even though the airports were
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crippled, passengers were given food and water and allowed to get off the plane if it had been stuck for more than three hours. in fact, ever since the department of transportation set a fine of $27,000 last year for every passenger stuck more than three hours, just a handful of u.s. carriers have broken the rules. but the airlines don't like the fines and have been canceling a lot more flights. house republicans want to reverse them. northern california passenger rights advocate kate hahny and congressman mike thompson, want these tarmac rules written into law and they want more protections for international flights. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. some amazing video out of iran today. it shows members of iran's parliament chanting calling for the execution of opposition leaders.
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[chanting] >> this protest happened on the streets of tehran yesterday. tens of thousands of people defied a warning from the government not to demonstrate. and a major policy address today, secretary of state hillary clinton will warn repressive governments around the world that restricting the internet will not hold back demands for democratic reform. secretary clinton will restrict those trying to use the internet for democracy. hillary clinton says regimes that restrict internet usage may be able to withhold calls for change in the short-term but not ferever. the new republican-led house of representatives has passed an extension of the patriots act. the bill was designed to promote terrorism. it made it easier to do things like listen in on people's phone calls. the senate must act on the
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bill's extension before it expeers on the next few weeks. in san jose, hundreds of city jobs could be lost, even if union concessions are made. sanjose has a 110 -- $110 million budget deficit. mayor chuck read wants 10% pay cuts from 11 unions in order to save jobs but he also warns that even if they get the concessions there could still be layoffs. here's what some san jose city employees had to say. >> i'll weather it if it happens. one day at a time. >> i don't know if i'll be able to keep my house and pay all my bills. i'm barely making it now. >> mayor reed says unemployment costs is to blame. san jose's budget troubles
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may prevent keeping downtown clean. strained finances could force the city to cut its contribution and some say that's a mistake since the money is actually -- actually an investment to keep downtown safe and beautiful. the san jose city council votes whether to move forward with an energy saving plan 45 would dim some streets -- some street lights. the idea is to convert all 65,000 street lights to l.e.d. lights that could be dimmed. it's estimated that could cut the street light energy bill by more than half. but some people are concerned about just how much darker their streets would be. 7:19. a san mateo county home owned by steve jobs is being torn down. demolition started yesterday in woodside. steve jobs wanted to there down this home and build another
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one. but his plans were blocked. they wanted the home to be relocated and then restored. all right. it is 7:19. a manhunt is underway for a soldier accused of rape. how he escaped from police custody. why he may be on his way to california. also, you might remember -- you might remember him from the sweet 16 run last year. where he's leaded -- headed now. good morning. so far it's a good commute but we'll tell you why you may consider not taking one area.
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a u.s. army private that escaped from custody may be on his way to california. he escaped from army personnel friday in georgia as he was being returned to jail after a
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doctor's appointment. he's awaiting extradition to los angeles county for a rape charge of a girl who lives in palmdale. officials say he may be try fog return to the area -- trying to return to the area. oakland street gangs will be the topic of a hearing tomorrow. a judge will listen to testimony about posing roo -- about imposing restrictions on gang members. now, the city attorney says a program has had great success after the judge forbid gang members to hang out together. he was the face of march madness in the bay area last year. do you remember him?
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omar san hanhan. he's now heading to -- omar sanhan. he's now reading to play for the national team. he hopes to help the country make the olympics. what's happening in the commute, sal? >> it's pretty good out there considering it's been raining overnight. this afternoon, if you are gonna be driving, it won't be good. traffic is pretty good. sanfrancisco a little bit windy here as you drive across the city and no major problems at the bay bridge toll plaza. this morning in san jose, it has been okay. so you are looking at these pictures. it's not that bad i will take
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the car. b.a.r.t., caltrain and muni. so far so good. here's steve. if you have 3-d tv, that sunrise is in your face. wow! we have a little break. sierra nevada winter storm warnings kick in around noon. there's the front. there's been some decent rain, two-thirds to over three inches. not bad for our first rain of the month. st.helena, 1.50, ben lomond, 1.25.
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after that, it was about .10. oakland picked up .15. 50s, south wind, cloud cover, mostly cloudy. windy at times. temperatures 50s and mid-60s because of the cloud cover and the south wind in advance. get read yes. tomorrow the cold air comes in and then it will be a cold showery. more bad news for those applying to jam-packed colleges. tonight the berkeley city council is about to take up another issue, but this time it's about guantanamo bay.
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it is 7:29. the bay area is on -- is on
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storm watch. the skies are dry right now but more rain is on the way later today. quite a bit of rain actually. steve paulson will have our complete forecast coming up in just a few minutes. now, the highway patrol says the incoming storm will mean more accidents on bay area roads. so it wants to be ready. the chp says it plans on moving resources around today. some officers who normally work inside will instead hit the streets for traffic enforcement. the shift comes after officers in sonoma county responded to close to 40 different accidents just yesterday. the highway patrol is also trying to figure out if a three- car accident on interstate 880 is dui-related. it happened last night in hayward near hesperian boulevard when a van, suv and car collided. five people, including a child, were injured. all of this em had to be taken to the hospital -- all of them had to be taken to the hospital. and a black lab also had to be rushed to emergency care. right now an investigation from the veterans investigation
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is at the scene of a fire in east palo alto. this started late yesterday, not far from willow. the investigators say someone was cooking when that fire began in the kitchen. those flames then raced through the whole house there. several people actually found themselves trapped inside. >> one guy was stuck on the second floor and i looked up and i saw the fire was really coming from the back forward. he's hovering on the edge and covering his mouth with a wet cloth. >> some of the residents actually had to jump out windows to get away from the flames. dozens of firefighters immediately raced to the scene. the house safely, we're happy to tell you, but home itself is a total loss. now more than a dozen veterans are homeless. 7:31. tonight, the berkeley city council dives into controversy. allie rasmus is in berkeley now
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with the invitation that may be extended to guantanamo bay detainees. >> reporter: it's a resolution that asks the city of berkeley to invite one or two guantanamo bay detainees to come live in berkeley the resolution lists two men that would be possible candidates. one is a former bal law rena from russia -- ballerina, the other, a chef from algeria. the men have never been charged with a crime. they expect the men to be released in the next year. now, joining us is cynthia. you with with the group "no more guantanamos." tell us about the group. >> the resolution, first of all, does not mention the names
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any detainees. we give those two who have been cleared, just to put a humane faces are in guantanamo who are -- human faces are in guantanamo who are to be released. >> reporter: you said you would be willing to open your home to one of the detainees? >> yes. i'm so sure the detainees who would come to berkeley after process of elimination to make sure they are peaceful and safe and they want to come here that i would invite one to live in my home. i do want to emphasize the city of berkeley is not being asked to spend any money whatsoever. i believe they will be safe and i think whoever we choose will be a good fit in our community. >> thank you. cynthia with the group "no more
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guantanamos." the resolution is expected to coming up at the city council tonight. one possible hurdle, there is a federal ban allowing those who have spent same time in guantanamo to be released. but they say part of this is to open up a discussion on this topic and possibly have some people -- have them discuss this issue and maybe prompt congress to change some of those laws. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:34. also tonight, the berkeley city council will consider a watered- down version of a bill that caused national controversy. there was a any resolution to call this man a hero. the council was criticizing for honoring a man some consider
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not a hero. an autopsy is scheduled today for a man shot and killed by vallejo police. the 45-year-old man was killed on friday after a slow-speed car chase. police will release the man's name after that autopsy is completed. police and the driver refused efforts by the police to pull him over in the country club neighborhood friday afternoon. after he was stopped, police say he got out of the car, holding a large gun and pointed 2 at police. that's-- pointed it at police. that's when the man was shot. it's 7:35. an apartment build something upgrading heaters after they were -- building is upgrading heaters after they were poisoned with carbon monoxide. a man and woman are in critical condition. firefighters found them unconscious when they broke into their watsonville friday night after responding to a gas leak. 18 others had already evacuated the building. they say the heaters were not
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vented, according to current code standards. smokers in one east bay community could soon find it difficult to find a place to live if they want to light up. font, the dublin -- tonight, the dublin city council will debate the ban on smoking at apartment complexes. right now, all facilities with 16 or morants must make half of the units nonsmoking. right now, 69% of apartments in the city -- in the city are already nonspoking -- smoking. san francisco is taking a step to encourage safe sex, being the first in the city to promote condoms for both women and gay men. the female condoms are being made available for free at clinics across san francisco. 7:36. some new concerns this morning
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about the priority admissions at schools for local qualified applicants. now, many applicants -- for many applicants, the space is limited. cdsu's president says relaxing the local guarantee means the school -- the school can focus on those likely to graduate. we talked to some students at san jose state. >> i think it might be good. there's more qualified students coming to campus. that means when i graduate, the degree -- quality of the degree will go up. >> san jose state continues to
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give local -- accept local applications. it took six hours to clean up after the valentine's day pillow fight. officials say it cost $8,000 to leave up the -- to clean up the feathers left behind in justin herman plaza. officials say fewer people showed up. so the cleanup was -- so the cleanup was easier. sal, it's not raining all over the place but i know you have the commute under control. >> i'm trying to, dave. you might want to leave your pillow behind early this morning and get on the road because it's a little wet out there. just keep in mind, the commute is not gonna be all that great either.
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make that a plan, you know, you might want to -- steve said something earlier. i will talk about that in a moment. northbound 101, marin county drivers, attention, north of the golden gate bridge, if you drive from san francisco, let's say, into marin, there is a crash going down to sausalito. southbound 101 may be affected as people tend to slow down and look at these things. let's take a look at live pictures. this is the bay bridge westbound. that traffic is moving along okay. if you are driving in san jose, all of a sudden, we have very heavy traffic. earlier it said -- it said you might want to leave your workplace a little earlier this afternoon because a big storm is coming -- coming in. let's talk to steve right now. for some, sal. the north bay. the south bay may have to wait. it may come in even later tonight. cloudy, mostly cloudy. there are a few breaks. but if you -- but if you need
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to take care of some things, the morning is the better time to do it. everything has changed dramatically since the first 13 days of the month. it's going to stay this way for a while. the extended outlook, seven to ten days very cold, very unsettled. today, cloudy, breezy, evening rain, afternoon for some. evening rain for es others. overnight in to tomorrow. that's when the cold air starts to move in. a cold, rainy pattern. they reload this west coast trough as we call it. very good -- very good rain. kirk up in willits had 2 plus inches of rain. fortbragg's already had 2/3. the really cold air, that is what is coming in tomorrow. that will give us a showery pattern. it's inching closer and starting to get close to lake county. we have a ways to -- ways to go
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before it gets to us. napa, .60. petaluma, .52. >> this is a forecast projection on clouds and rain. 7:00 a.m. it's almost on time here. by 10:00 it starts to move in sonoma county and then by this afternoon, it's into marin county and then by tonight, 6 :00, there it is, starting to move in from san francisco to sacramento. then it sweeps through. it will be pretty good snow up
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in the sierra. rape, cloudy, mostly cloudy. this is a cold system. that cold air will then start to move in tomorrow. 50s and 60s on the highs. i mean, most of the day won't be too bad. early afternoon. some mid-60s with the south wind 234 advance of the system. get ready. cold air wednesday and then very unsettled through the rest of the week. this morning we're getting a first look at pictures taken by a nasa spacecraft after it came in contact with a comet. the stardust zipped past the tempel 1 comet last night. this is one of the pictures
7:42 am
beaming back to nasa. the white stop in the center of your screen is the could com-- is the comet. the first round of man verse -- first round of man versus machine on jeopardy. who came out on top?
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stocks heading lower today after the government reported surprisingly weak retail sales numbers. they were up .3% last month, about half of what economists predicted. one analyst said higher prices for raw material such as gas are being passed along to the
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consumer and that's hurting retail sales and consumer spending. right now, the dow is currently down 65, i believe it was down a moment ago. the nasdaq is down 14. the s&p 500 down 5. president obama will be in the bay area thursday evening to meet with high-tech business leaders. so far the white house has only said the president will talk with business leaders in a session that will stress jobs, innovation and green technology and education. no specific information has been released on where the meeting will be held. the president is expected to stay overnight in the bay area before heading to oregon on friday. the economic recovery is alive and well. but the crisis is not over for the public sector. pam cook joins us from the newsroom with the newest silicon valley index report. good morning. this new report shows a pretty healthy prebound for -- which added 12,000 jobs in the
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silicon valley. it also showed the region is struggling from government jobs and social programs. the jobs are driven to technology. facebook is growing so fast as we've been reporting, it plans to increase its work force by 50% a year. and they are moving its headquarters to a bigger facility in menlo park to accommodate the bigger facility needed for more workers. public sector report says jobs are still struggling, mostly in education and city government and even more layoffs and staff redictions are predicted for government jobs in particular. now, highlights from this new
7:47 am
report, a crisis in -- a looming crisis in local government, we talked about the uptick in jobs for the silicon valley. also on the upside, an increase in venture capitalist interests and public offerings. fewer commercial real estate vacancies and a slight increase in population growth. overall, the index is showing a regional economic recovery. foreclosures and a weak job market keep much of california's economy depressed. i'm pam cook. back to tori. the san francisco-based company that's behind some addictive on-line games is now valued at $8 million. the company behind farmville and cityville is looking for investors. apparently both fidelity and t.
7:48 am
row -- t. rowe price are willing to help. last night angry caltrain riders went to a hearing in san jose. as part of -- it's part of caltrain's plan to wipe out a record deficit. transit doesn't make money, transit doesn't even break even. >> now, there will be another public hearing in san francisco. that's tomorrow night. then two more in san carlos and gilroy thursday night. 7:49. hand an machine are tied after the first -- man and man are tied after the first round of jeopardy. >> you can't confuse it or
7:49 am
trick it. it will make mistakes because it doesn't seem to understand the questions well. watson is competing against jennings. jennings has $2,000 to watson's $5,000. the other human, brad, rutter, is tied with watson and the ewraps up tomorrow. dr. conrad murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in connection with michael jackson's death. now, his towers are also -- lawyers are also expected to present a list of witnesses that could be called to testify. the trial is expected to begin on march 24th. the brother of the -- the date princess diana is getting married. charles spencer announced his engagement to karen gordon. he's best known for the moving eulogy he delivered to his
7:50 am
sister during her 1997 funeral. this will be the third marriage for charles spencer. the wed hing is set for -- wedding is set for june 18th. >> i remember his words. >> yes, i do, too. this morning a safety alert for thousands of parents of young children. this one involves a massive recall. it's a book about life underground. surprising new details are revealed about 33 trapped chilean miners and how they spent their time.
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still no word on the cause of educate of a pass -- death of a passenger on board caltrain. a man was found by a crew member yesterday afternoon when the train stopped at the hillsdale station. that investigation continues this morning. well, the nephew of the dalai lama was killed in florida while taking part in a 300-mile walk for tibet.
7:53 am
he was hit by an suv on the side of a state highway about 7:30 last night. he was 45 years old and the son of the dalai lama's late brother. he was walking for support for the independence from china. the chilean miners are denying claims in a book that they considered cannibalizing to survive -- to survive. 7:54. former san francisco supervisor chris daly doesn't seem to be avoiding confrontation even now that he's out of politics. he owns a bar down the street from the plumber's union headquarters and that's led the head of the union who battled with chris daly when he was a supervisor to call for a
7:54 am
boycott of daly's bar. daly says it sure hasn't hit his business. doe rel juvenile group is recalling 800,000 child safety seats. the recall covers infants, convertible and booster child restraint systems sold individually -- individually or part of the -- or as part of the stoler -- stroller. they say the lock and position doesn't always work. you can go to where we have a link to the recall website. let's go to sal. sal, whenever you say sig- alert, i get nervous. >> dave, sig-alert, as you know, is not a good term for us to use at traffic reporters. northbound 101 at rodeo. we have a map of this for you. we have a crash that is still clearing lanes three and four. that would mean the two right
7:55 am
lane the are blocked -- lanes are are blocked. 20 minute -- another 20 minutes, the two right lanes that means if you are leaving s an francisco, that traffic will start to back up. southbound 101 slow because of people looking at the crash. northbound 101 north of rodeo. it's north of the tunnel. let's take a look at san francisco. that a traffic is okay. a little windy in advance of the storm. westbound bay bridge backed up for about a 15-minute wait. cloudy to mostly cloudy, breezy to windy. we get somewhat of a break here this morning, but the wind out of the south and temperatures on the mild side. we're in the 50s. by tonight, this cold air will be driving southward. there's the system it's already producing snow. you can see the green turning
7:56 am
to white. 1 to 2 inches of -- inches of rain already. we're waiting for system to get here. it will get here this afternoon. it still has a ways to go. in the south bay, it may even take until tonight. look at the lows. current temperatures in the 50s. so even 10 degrees warmer we'll see a few low 60s. winter weather advisories all start for the sierra around moon time. this has a lot of cold air. it's nothing we haven't dealt with before. cloudy to mostly cloudy in the morning. we do get some very light rain and then windy at times. that wind will crank up and the wind will give way to a pretty good rain. to two inches across the board. tomorrow, cold and showery. the next system is -- is kind of flirting with us a little bit. it may stall offshore. i will go with it for now and then after that, still kind of
7:57 am
cold, breezy and unsettled occasionally. at any moment, president obama will take questions from reporters, the topic that will dominate the news conference. the wall of the building considered unsafe in danger of toppling over. what the owner of the building next door says has not been done.
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good morning. look at the skies above the bay area. they are clear now. but it's the stall before the storm. and the big announcement from home depot that could provide a big boost to the economy. the second hour of "mornings on 2" starts now.
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a little rain this morning but the main event. >> good morning. we have mostly cloudy skies. the system is on its way. we see a break in the morning. all of the advisory force the northern mountains have started. sierra nevada will be at noon. kenwood, oakmont, 1 inch. petaluma, .50. mill valley, 4/10. other than that, it's not much. it will get here tonight. here's sal. >> that's okay. actually, steve. we're gonna take you to the white house. the president is holding the press conference in the briefing woman. let's listen in. >> cutting annual domestic
8:01 am
spending aileen won't be enough to meet long-term fiscal challenges. that's what the bipartisan fiscal commission concluded. and that's what i concluded. some of the spending we've begun to tackle in this budget, like the $78 billion that secretary gates identified in the cuts. >> president obama is speaking there at the white house.
8:02 am
he's basically pushing his's jen dah. it's-- pushing his agenda. medgy cade and medi-cal is a huge part of the -- medicate and medi-cal is a huge part of the budget. >> a live report from washington, d.c. in about half an hour. back here at home. the wall of a building right near the oakland, alameda border may collapse and topple over. it's-- kraig debro is live with more. >> reporter: last night the
8:03 am
city shut down fourth street. take a look. about two-thirds. way up that building there. you can see the crease in the wall. last night the city -- >> the fire was in 2006 and nothing has been done on this building to improve. >> the workers say two weeks ago, the city of oakland granted permits for the usage permit. during that time, workers attached ropes to the wall to keep it from falling. two people i spoke with plan to
8:04 am
use the building to stage. the cause of the fire was a transformer failed. the rain is -- the could also cause potentially hazardous for drivers. this morning, home depot announced it needs to hire 63,000 new jobs. home depot says this morning that some of the jobs are permanent part time and full- time positions. but the company did not say how many. >> this morning's report on january retail sales has mixed news. the commerce department reports u.s. stores took in slightly
8:05 am
higher revenue. the biggest increases came from gas stations, auto retailers and catalogue stores. spending at restaurant and bars is down. well, the federal government is given a big boost to the 50-year plan to bring b.a.r.t. to san jose. the budget battle in washington, d.c. could stop the project right in its tracks. tara morty artie live in -- tara moriarty is live in fremont with the details. >> reporter: good morning. if you would like to get to san jose from here well, you will have to catch a bus because there's no b.a.r.t. service. that may change. the federal transit administration recommend that b.a.r.t. receive $131 million in funds to extend the line here to san jose. now, the funds ensure this will happen with crews possibly breaking ground on this this
8:06 am
year. >> i think it would give people the opportunity that live in the bay area to have more job opportunities down in san jose area. >> any extension of b.a.r.t. is a wonderful idea. it's great for the economy and great for the environment. it will save people money. 880 is horrible. every time you get stuck there. an extra half hour. it's a good thing. >> about 15 minutes ago we spoke to a b.a.r.t. official who has been working on making this project a reality for six years. >> it has a run on investment of $4 to $10 for every dollar in this -- put in this project. that's a huge return on investment. >> reporter: but all of this must clear congressional republicans who are promising to cut billions out of obama's transportation budget. so the real question is when
8:07 am
will b.a.r.t. get the money? it could be anywhere from five to ten years depending upon politics, b.a.r.t. officials are hoping this will be up and running, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. speaking of b.a.r.t., four new b.a.r.t. police chaplains will be sworn in today. part says the chaplains will -- b.a.r.t. says the chaplains will offer counseling to victims and their families and they are all volunteers and they will bear b.a.r.t. uniforms. but you will notice they will have a chaplain insignia. they will stand out. we want to check in with sal. >> the crash is still on the shoulder. they are moving them off the
8:08 am
freeway. if you drive into marin. let's take a look at the golden gate bridge. southbound 101 traffic is moving along okay here coming down to the toll plaza. i want to mention that the bay bridge toll plaza is not bad either coming up to the toll gates. it's getting better with no major problems with -- we don't have any -- too many major crashes to report. 8:09. let's go to steve. very good morning. yesterday was a strange day because some locations had really good rain. others had hardly anything but it was windy for everybody. we're still breezy, blustery, mostly cloudy. the big news, the pattern has changed big time. remember, we sat here with high pressure for almost five out of six weeks. hardly had any rain. all-time record slows -- record lows. well, things have changed -- we get it now and the cold air is
8:09 am
beginning to move in and there are signs of extremely cold air. we'll see how that takes shape. big changes started yesterday with wind and rand. the rain is on the way. this is a cold system. already starting the northern part of the state, tomorrow will be colder. tomorrow will be colder, i mean, much colder. i mean, the last two weeks could be unsettled. evening/afternoon rain. there's gonna be snow down to the grapevine and down to southern california as we get towards thursday and friday. this will be a big snow pro dicer -- producer for the
8:10 am
mountains. 1 to 2 inches of rain has already fallen. kenwood and oakmont, our observer joe, over 1 inch. sebastopol, .88. mill valleys, 4/10. after that concord, livermore san jose. there are some decent totals. st.helena, 1.50. sanfrancisco .29. oakland .15. we'll be adding to these totals in a big way by tonight. there's our system. fortbraggs had over two-thirds. getting closer to ukiah. 55 mountain view. that's because of the south wind. that will do it every time. all signs are pointing towards
8:11 am
the pattern. everything driving down governor gulf of alas dah. we have -- driving down from the gulf of alaska. by this afternoon or evening, the rain gets clover -- closer and it will be a cold tonight and the temperatures will plunge tomorrow as will the snow level. the snow level is around 5,000 feet today but it will be much lower than that. i think mt. shasta has had 2/3. friday, saturday, cold, breezy with off-and-on showers. you heard steve, the coming storm is good news for skiers and snowboarders heading to sierra. let's take a peek live. this is interstate 80 at sota springs. not too many cars on the road. the roads are relatively clear.
8:12 am
these cars are moving through pretty good,er to re. >> yes. >> if you are driving you near, make sure you take some chains. more snow is on the way, up to two feet of snee could be on the ground -- of snow could be on the ground. >> that's great -- they great news for the holiday weekend. the bay area woman behind the push for airline passenger rights in is -- rights is in washington, d.c. the report card she's giving the airline. how one suv that one there has cost california taxpayers more than $400,000.
8:13 am
8:14 am
atst fwa.ean ougog t bk. wi cseuidesi yr arho, u stnaa cte,hise a de. ougog t bk. wi cke sp rwd yr arho,
8:15 am
a group of pushers for airline passenger rights is releasing an annual report card on how the airlines are doing. nicole collins joins us with more. >> reporter: good morning,er tory. this report card came about because of the infamous valentine's day ice storm back if 2007, where thousands of -- hundreds of passengers sat in airplanes on the tarmac for hours, without food, water and in some cases without medical necessities. so this clear, a group called flyers' right is going to release their report. it's due out any moment. i spoke to an individual of
8:16 am
that a group who said there the "treat people like dirt" went to delta. but delta has improved. four airplanes got an a-plus because they didn't have any delays on the tarmac. the current rule is really the department of transportation rule and it says airlines cannot keep on the tarmac -- keep the passengers on the tarmac for three hours. mike thompson is on capitol hill with hannan to introduce another bill. passenger advocates like the three-hour rule because it
8:17 am
provides better access to food, water and better medicine and it includes international flights which the department of transportation rule does not. you may remember around christmastime, the snowstorm, jfk had dozens of planes stranded because the transportation rule does not apply to them. those flights were international. >> what will happen if the bill is passed without containing that rule? >> reporter: well, if something comes out and president signs it will trump anything the department of transportation says. so whether or not the department of transportation -- it doesn't matter if the bill is passed. lawmakers went in to change this and said what airlines would have to do is provide a
8:18 am
contingency plan. we'll keep an eye on it. 8:18. there's word this week that a state-owned suv driven by two different state senators has cost taxpayers more than $400,000. now, it's a toyota highlander. it's been driven by former state senator carole migden. remember during that wild ride in marin? also driven by state senator leland yee. now, migden sideswiped a guardrail and leer ended a -- rearpedded a -- rear ended a honda. and then the suv was given to leland yee and his wife got into a $,000 fender-bender -- $23,000 fender-bender driving to the airport. mayor chuck reed wants 10% pay cuts from 11 unions in
8:19 am
order to save jobs. he's barning even if they get concessions there could still be layoffs. here's what some san jose city employees had to say. >> a pay cut? i'll weather it if it happens. >> i wonder if i will be able to keep my health and pay all of my jobs. i'm barely making it now. -- san jose's budget troubles could mean less money to keep the downtown clean. right now the city helps pay for ground works which pays for trash pickup, graffiti removal and cleaner sidewalks. strained finances could force the city to cut its contribution. some say that's a mistake since the money is an indevelopment to keep downtown safe and beautiful. the san jose city council votes whether to move forward with an
8:20 am
energy saving plan that would dim some street lights. the idea is to convert all 62,000 street lights that can be dimmed. it's estimated that could cut san jose's $4 million annual street light energy bill by more than half. some people are concerned about how much darker the streets would be. a san mateo county mansion owned by steve jobs is being torn down. demolition started in woodside. steve jobs wanted to tear down the 14-bedroom home and build a smaller one for years. but a group blocked his plan. they wanted this 86-year-old home built for a copper barron to be relocated and restored. an unbelievable scene out of the iranian parliament today. [chanting] >> who the lawmakers are calling to be coax ut -- to be executed. you may remember this young
8:21 am
man from st. mary's college run to the sweet 16 last year, you will find out why he's going to egypt. if you are driving through the bay area, so far it's dry.
8:22 am
8:23 am
this is iran. this happened today. you are looking at members of iran's parliament.
8:24 am
they are chanting. they-- they are calling for the execution of government opposition leaders. all this follows a protest in the treats of tehran yesterday. thousands of people defied a warning from the government not to demonstrate. well, in a major policy address today, secretary of state, hillary clinton, will be warning governments all over the world. regimes have restrict -- restricting the internet will not be able to call cause for change.
8:25 am
:25. there was a young man -- 8:25. there was a young man who was the face of the sweet 16. he helped st. mary's get to the sweet 16 round of the ncaa tournament. well, he's now headed for egypt. omar has been playing pro basketball in lithuania. he's helping egypt make the 2012 olympics. omar's father was born in egypt. >> interesting. interesting times to head to that country. let's check in with -- check in with sal to get an update on the commute. >> we've had a decent commute and you may have heard us talking about this, this afternoon. it's not gonna be all that great. we want to you consider using public transportation. not everyone can. let's go out to the bridges. right now, the traffic looks
8:26 am
okay on the san mateo, the golden gate, the richmond and the bay bridge. the only reason we mentioned public transportation, you might want to think about it this afternoon, the weather is not gonna be so so good -- not go that be so good. >> we do have cloudy skies, we had wind -- we've had wind. the pattern looks active. windy, cloudy, i just heard from ron in cazadero. he said serious wind and he's had over 2 inches of rain. so the system is getting closer. it continues to -- it continues to get closer to us. there will be a series of these over the next couple of days. today, cloudy, windy at times. afternoon/evening rain. it may come in later than that. santa clara valley, 50s and 60s
8:27 am
with the south wind a mild air mass. tomorrow that all changes as the colder air plunges in. the next system is tricky. it's kind of cold and kind of breezy -- and showers as we go into friday and saturday. i'm sure you were watching the start of president obama's news conference on the 2012 budget on "mornings on 2" a short time ago. up next, we'll take you live to washington, d.c. for more on what the president just said about the upcoming budget battle with republicans. coming up, we'll tell you about a proposal to bring former guantanamo bay detainees to berkeley.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
welcome back. tonight the berkeley city council had vote on a resolution that would invite two guantanamo bay detainees to come live in berkeley when they get out of prison. allie rasmus is live to tell us why they are doing this? >> : we have a doppy of the a -- we have a copy of the agenda this issue is i testimony number 18. the resolution asks the city of berkeley to ask some guantanamo bay detainees to come live here in berke will. that resolution gives examples of two possible candidates for this program should it go through. one mentions a russian ballet dancer. the other is a chef from algeria. both are currently being held
8:31 am
at guantanamo bay, although commission says the men have not been charged with a crime and they suspect the men will be released sometime during the next year. about an hour ago we spoke to a woman with -- with the group "no more guantanamos." she says she believes in this so much, that she would be willing to let one of the detainees live in their home. >> some have been tortured a treated inhumanely. >> the city council needs to be focusing on local issues a little bit more. a lot of times they think way too high. we have potholes to fill. >> reporter: now, as you just heard, some berkeley residents have some reservations about the resolution but the resolution says if the men were brought here, the city would help them find housing and job training through volunteers and
8:32 am
nonprofit organizations. but under current law, guantanamo bay detainees are not allowed to live in berkeley. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:32. also tonight, the berkeley city council will consider a watered down version of a bill that really caused national controversy. the council briefly wanted to call this man a hero, man accused of leaking wikileak documents. tonight, the city council will vote on a new resolution one that calls for him to be given humane treatment while he awaits his trial. right now an investigator from the veterans administration office is on the scene of a fire in east palo alto. it started late yesterday at a housing facility for homeless
8:33 am
veterans on bay road, not far from willow road. several people found themselves trapped inside the home. some residents were forced to jump to escape the flames. dozens of firefighters immediately raced to the scene. they were able to get everyone out of the home safely. now the veterans are looking for a new place to live. >> we're all veterans, too. we spend many years trying not to be homeless. now we're homeless. investigators say someone was cooking when the fire started and flames spread through the entire home. president obama is getting practice defending his new budget. the president is answering reporters' questions right now at the white house. ktvu's alison burns is live in d.c. with how the president is handling some of these tough questions. ailly-- alison? >> reporter: president obama seems to be acknowledging his budget does not go far enough to reduce the deficit. in the last 0 minutes, he said
8:34 am
he wants to -- 20 minutes he said he wants to work with republicans to inform certain programs like social security, medicare and medicaid and he issued the challenge to the republicans to bring their ideas to the table. >> this is gonna be a negotiation process. and -- the key thick that i think the american people want to see -- thing that i think the american people want to see is all sides are serious about it and all sides are willing to give a little bit. and that there is a general spirit of compromise as opposed to those interested in scoring political points. >> reporter: now, the president has been taking questions for just about 25 minute. he says he's confident a deal can be reached quickly on re- forming social security. that's the very latest live from washington, d.c., alison
8:35 am
burns, ktvu channel 2 news. p, >> okay. thank you. 8:35. back here at home, new concerns this morning about priority admission at csu schools for local qualified applicants. now, space is very limited because of the budget cutbacks. sanfrancisco officials became the first to turn away local qualified applicants. the president of the school says relaxing this, the school can focus more on those likely to graduate. we talked to students and here's what they had to say. >> i think it may be good. there's more qualified students coming to campus and that means when i graduate the value of the degree will go up. >> silicon valley is breeding wonderful students. we should definitely consider more local students. >> san jose state continues to give local students priority.
8:36 am
meantime, california's analyst office want to make sure the students have a spot at their local campus. smokers in one east bay community could soon find it difficult to find a place to live if they want to light up. right now, all facilities with 16 or more the apartments must make half of units nonsmoking. the council is expected to vote tonight on increasing that to 70%. now, that actually won't force a huge change, 69% of the apartments in the city are deemed nonsmoking. san francisco is taking a step to encourage safe sex, becoming the first in the country to promote female condoms. city health officials are encouraging the use of contraceptives for females and gay men. they are being made available
8:37 am
free at clinics across -- across subject. we talked to officials earlier this morning about the valentine's day pillow fight and the officials said it cost $8,000 to clean up all of the feathers left behind in justin herman plaza. last year, the price to clean up was 35,000. they said fewer people showed up. so the cleanup was easier. by the way the nonprofit group is lending a hand, pillows for puppies. but they collected 150 garbage bags full of trash and also picked up 300 pillows that will be donated to dogs at homeless shelters. >> that's kind of nice. >> 8:38 is the time. we want to check in with sal. i'm jumping ahead of myself. i do need to tell you about what the police in vallejo are doing. they be handing out more tickets for parked cars that
8:38 am
block street sweepers. city officials say the problem is growing and some residents are complaining about dirty streets. parking cry takes, $-- citations $40 to $60 depending upon where you get caught. let's go to sal and get an update on the committ. >> you know what a scary sound is? the street sweeper on your block when you've overslept. >> you can't get there in time. >> you have to run out there to avoid ticket. let's take a look a -- take a look -- take a look at the commute. it's backed up the toll plaza for about a five to ten-minute wait. remember, tonight is not going to be a very good commute coming home. that may factor in you're plans. if you want to use transit, b.a.r.t. and caltrains not reporting any
8:39 am
major delays. the traffic looks good here but you can tell it's windy in case you are not looking at the screen. we go to the peninsula. let's go to steve. cloudy skies, windy, now, was the first start of our pattern -- first start of our pattern change, maybe the next ten day -- next ten days or longer. rain, wind and it looks like even southern california is gonna get in on this as this cold pattern finally settles in. now, i know some areas had some decent rain. everybody had wind and there's still wind. but it will be a rain day later 0 this afternoon and the cold rain will be moving in for everyone. much colder air moves in tomorrow. after that we keep cool air in place. there are signs next week,
8:40 am
maybe even colder i don't want to get too far ahead of myself. cloudy, breezy, there will be rain before that. but the main front comes inner -- comes in early afternoon, late afternoon and then the cold air comes in tomorrow along with showers, possible -- possible thundershowers. the five and ten-day outlook keep it very active. the system yesterday left some good totals for some and not much for others but it's moving south and it's starting to get ever so closer. that will be winter weather advisories up in the mountains, shasta, i think they've had 10 inches of rain. cazadero has had 2 inches. i think this is a running total. st.helena, 1.50. ben lomond 1.25. sanfrancisco, .29. oakland, .156789 there will be a lot more coming in tonight. especially points north.
8:41 am
fortbragg, ukiah. there have been two plus inches of rain that has fallen. 50s because of the south wind out ahead of everything. once that front goes through, then the cold air will come in. that's the pocket of cold air. it's going to dive down. we have not only the front but the cold air, cloudy, light rain, cloudy, mostly cloudy. moderate to heavy rain comes in tonight. very windy especially along the coast and the higher elevations. this rain will sweep through tonight and then we'll see lowering snow levels around 5,000 feet. but below 2,000 feet. 50s and 60s. the colder showers, kind of a mostly cloudy, breezy, cool day. next system not really -- the timing on that is stuff. i think it will make it with rain. friday and saturday cool and
8:42 am
breezy with off and on showers. mixed news on hiring for the silicon valley. one area is seeing strong growth while another is getting slammed. a warning for you parents. the injuries this popular child may cause.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
let's bring you up to date on some of the top stories -- the wall of the building right near the oakland/alameda border started to bulge. equipment is being brought to hopefully stabilize it. the battle -- b.a.r.t. is recommended to get $131 in federal money but some on capitol hill may fight the project. did you hear about home depot. they want to hire 60,000 new workers. they need to be filled next
8:46 am
month. president obama discussed jobs, inknow investigation, green technology and education -- innovation, green continue and education, and he will be staying in the bay area before heading to oregon. pam cook joins us from the newsroom with the results of a new economic survey. >> this new report shows a healthy rebound for bay area companies which added 12,000 jobs in silicon valley last year. but foreclosures in a weak job market keep california's economy particularly in the central valley depressed. the 2011 silicon valley index just released shows the job creation is driven by
8:47 am
technology. google facebook and apple is growing. and facebook is growing so fast, it plans to increase its work force by 50% this year. the authors of in this report sold us -- told us that the public sector is getting socked. >> property assessment is down. sales tax is not performing because there's not a lot of consumer confidence. that includes police, fire, education and government jobs and that would the ongoing budget problems. the report says even more layoffs and staff reduction are predicted for the government jobs. some of the highlights from this new report, a looming crisis in government because of the budget shortfalls and more
8:48 am
people -- overall, this report shows a regional economic recovery is happening in the silicon valley. we are heading towards some steady growth. it's regional. and parts of california are suffering mostly because of the job market and foreclosures. the san francisco-based company that's behind some addictive online games is now valued at about $8 billion according to the wall street journal. zinga the company behind farmville and cityville is looking for investors apparently both fi telldy and t. rowe splice are willing to -- fidelity and t. rowe price are willing to put up money. we're finding out more about the salary scandal in the
8:49 am
california city of bell. several officials are accused of looting the treasury and that caused outrage in that little town in southern california and all over the country. now newly-released court documents -- and in one exchange the police chief says "i'm looking forward to seeing you and taking all of bell's money" that was written to another employee. share rob sherr -- shirley sherrod is suing andrew brightbart claiming his video damaged her reputation. ten minutes before 9:00, tv coverage plans for the trial of michael jackson's doctor will
8:50 am
be cubed. dr.conrad murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter charges. attorneys are also expected to present the list of witnesses who could be called to testify. the trial is expected to start march 24th. later this afternoon, president obama and the first lady will hand out the nation's highest civilian honor to 15 people among those in line for the presidential medal of freedom are former president bush. he's seen her visiting m r. obama. other recipients include angel merkel, investor warren buffett, and baseball hall of famer stan musia. >> stan the man. dorell juvenile group, the company is recalling almost 800,000 child safety seats maxy cozy, costco and safety first brand. the recall covers infant, convertible and booster child restraint systems sold
8:51 am
individually or as part of the volar -- stroller. officials say the lightning and release button does not always go to the locked position. now you can go to the channel 2 website, we've got a link to that recall website. it is nine minutes before 9:00. a lawsuit over a single word. find out about the dispute between subway restaurants offer its popular slogan. and some stunning new revelations about those trapped coal miners in chile.
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
remember those miners in chile who were trapped 69 days in that collapsed mine, well, they are denying reports that they considered cannibalism to survive. we're getting new details about their experience in a new book that's been published that they say comments about cannibalism and cannibalizing the first miner to collapse. those are examples of what they called chilean dark humor. the re-- the report reveals that those he men smoked pot and several men were sent pornographic magazines. former san francisco supervisor chris daly does not seem to be avoiding confrontation. even though he's out of politics. daly owns the buck tavern
8:55 am
located down the street from the -- from the competitor. subway's lawyer sent a letter to casey agentle store telling them to stop using subway's slogan. casey says everybody has the right to describe the word that describes a sandwich that measures one foot. that request has not been approved. a new study is out suggesting that -- suggesting that you be better off that you use whole-wheat toast. researchers for the national institutes of health and the aarp say they are participants
8:56 am
in a new study study say blood levels can be increased that can lead to diabetes. one lucky viewer is headed to disney on -- on ice. the show skates here this month. to enter go to, scroll down to the "right now" tab and put in the secret password "party." let's go quickly to sal. >> we do have a new crash on 237. westbound to 237 ramp to 880 southbound. there is a -- there is an accident there. northbound 880, some slow traffic as you can see. also at the toll plaza, it's improving, it is -- well, it's
8:57 am
not. it's backed up to 880. it had improved and then 101 san francisco, northbound 101 looks okay. let's go to steve. cloudy, windy, rain already moving in from the north. it will come in later today, tonight and be really cold. cold showery. it will be decent. another system thursday into friday. very tough call. it doesn't -- things are definitely changing. and there's updates on the website. thank you for joining us. >>
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