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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  February 16, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PST

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person, fortunately they injured only a hand, that was not significant. the chains are in effect from three miles east of the gold run exit, stretching all the way over the summit to the negative nevada county line. ken pritchett, channel 2 news. and we're tracking the front that delivered pockets of rain and hail and sun today. bill how was it today? >> well, the way it stood last night, the rain really came down, messy, wet, things are trying out. there is another system out there that will be here in time for the morning commute. we'll get to that. showers in the area, napa, north towards santa rosa, scattered showers, listen it is not a lot of rain, what we see are light showers in vallejo out towards fairfield and concord and clayton as well. these showers don't amount to much southeast of danville.
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i have to tell you tracking it tomorrow morning it will be a significant hamper to the morning commute. it willing will be wet, hail at times, gusty winds, a crazy weather day and it will be an issue for the morning commute. i'll be back with the latest computer models. and we have been watching the coast where the windy weather has whipped up big waves and unusual high tides. john fowler has more from marin county. >> reporter: it is clearing here in skies, but brutally cold. and big waves making the ocean difficult right now. just moments ago, our camera caught a lone fisherman braving the cold. now the big waves and high tides hit the coast all day today. >> it is pretty high, and what i noticed right away, how close
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to the highway it is getting. >> reporter: waves so powerful along the highway, in fact flooding closed one lane of it earlier today. now the tides were extra high, partly because of a rare lunar double, nearly full moon. and the moon is actually nearing its -- closest approach to earth. and that pushes the -- the tides a little bit higher than they would be, winds pushing them even higher yet. now as bill has told us, the conditions are expected to condition the next couple of days. high tides and winds could make the coast spectacular, but very risky, especially tomorrow around 11:00 in the morning when the tides will be highest again. reporting live, rodeo beach. and you saw the wind out there where john was around the beach. that wind is also causing some problems around the bay area, including bringing down trees
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on power lines. ktvu's jim vargas has more from oakland where some are still waiting for the power to come back on. jim? >> reporter: well, frank it is not windy up here on sky line boulevard right now. but pg&e crews now say they won't have electricity restored in this area until about 7:00 tonight. a big double trunk pine gave way early this morning on skyline boulevard near pine heels road. dozens of customers lost electricity, one man almost lost his car. >> well, i woke up at 3:00 in the morning to a very loud crash. and i saw some flashes of light out of my window. >> reporter: trees and power lines fell in other parts of the bay area as well. three sonoma county roads were closed as well. pg&e says all told, about 3000 customers lost electricity in this storm about one time or another. all by 15 have power back, and pg&e crews are on stand-by.
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live, channel 2 action news, jim vargas. >> and ktvu viewers are on watch. we got this picture of the snow in reno this morning just before dawn. and we want to see your pictures. if you have good pictures of rain, hail or snow just e-mail them to photos at ktvu. we may share them on the air. and the california supreme court is stepping back in the legal debate over same sex marriage. today they are looking at a federal measure in front of appeals panel, where prop 8 is being argued. typically, state officials would approve the measure. but last summer, the attorney general and jerry brown both declined to appeal a judge's decision overturning the ban on same sex marriage. and the head of a contra costa county tax force is in jail tonight, accused of dealing drugs. the state department of justice
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accused norman weilsch, who works for the bureau. he was arrested with chris butler. we have a reporter working the story now and will have more details on the 10:00 news. and an employee from a market in san francisco pleaded not guilty to charges that he shot a customer. sam kassau faces attempted charges, he allegedly shot a man in the haight-ashbury neighborhood. police say the shooting was prompted by an argument over the victim's dog. the victim sustained life- threatening injuries but did survive. and a three year change, the cold case unit is back. today, they announced the assignment of a prosecutor and investigator to that unit. rosen tells us they will review the unsolved murder and sex assault cases with law
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enforcement agencies in the county. the unit was disbanded in 2008 because of budget cuts. and entering a courtroom today, the alameda judge heard arguments for and against the temporary gang injunction targeting 39 people who are allegedly members of the nortano gang. one of the 39 people told us he was not a member of the gang. outside the courtroom, a defense attorney said the city has not proven the need for this injunction. so it is our belief that he should have to prove that there is imminent harm for each defendant. and so far they has not met that burden. >> the attorney general's office says they are looking into the terrorism in the neighborhood. testimony will resume next wednesday. and oakland police reaching out to help a family whose one- year-old daughter was struck and killed last month. ktvu says that officers raised $3500 and gave it to the family of perez yesterday. the young girl was killed
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january 26th when she darted behind a truck being driven by her uncle. and happening at a shocking rate. thieves going after bikes in one of the bay area's biggest cities. in a story you will see only on 2, ktvu's david stevenson is talking about the scrap metal left behind. >> reporter: julia, this is becoming the nation's most bike- friendly city. but even as it adds more lanes and racks it is still dealing with a lot of thefts. and the corpses like this one left behind. >> you see a lot of blocks, a lot of sad and lonely wheels. >> reporter: this man says it is affecting the customers. at some point or another, somebody is likely to get the best of their bikes. >> you come in, the bike is missing, the wheels, a customer had a pedal stolen the other day. >> reporter: police indicate one bike a day is reported stolen in san francisco. what is often left behind are
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hunks of metal, locks, chains, frames and helmets. the eyesores hitting city streets. this was left at the san francisco's hall of justice. san francisco's public works department is responsible for clearing away the abandoned bikes and bike parts. >> yeah, that is something we ran into a lot. those we actually cut and will put it in the bin for metal. >> this would be a great source for another bike. the good news, according to the recycling experts is that fewer parts are getting into the waste stream. many of those parts are being used to work on the bikes such as this one, for a bay area charity. the bikes come to us from all sources. but we are seeing fewer bikes than we had in the past. and maybe because people are making the extra effort to come together and fix them themselves. >> reporter: the city's public works department says it is doing a better job of cleaning up left-over locks and frames such as this one. the department officials say
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residents can call 311 tv left- over parts picked up such as this one. david stevenson, ktvu. and san francisco state university may cut some of the colleges to save money. the idea is to reduce the number from eight to six of . it could save the school about 8 million a year. under the department, the social services would be eliminated. the state university system is expected to cut the budget by 32 million. and democratic party leaders are getting behind governor brown's plan to stop hiring new state workers. >> we are recognizing that in these times we have to tighten our belts. >> the california republican party has yet to issue a response to brown's plan. yesterday, governor brown issued an executive order in hopes to save 363 million in operational costs for the next fiscal year. the state is facing a $25 billion deficit.
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there are a few exceptions to the freeze. positions deemed critical to public safety and revenue collection can still be filled . the battle over funding california's adult day health care program is coming to your tv. a coalition of senior groups today launched an ad campaign discussing the program. governor brown's budget would cut it to save more than 175 million. the program gives low income seniors with medical problems a place to go during the day. and a legal effort to ground google's attempt to go into travel before it even takes off. also ahead? ipad seeing big trouble, regarding retailers. the story still ahead. and it seems as if everybody around you is getting sick. you're probably right. the flu season is hitting
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california hard
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. a concord woman is facing 66 criminal charges for allegedly skimming credit card numbers while working for american airlines. 49-year-old johnson was a customer service agent for the airline at san jose international airport. prosecutors say she used customers' credit card numbers to buy close to half a million worth of items at safeway stores in three states. and borders filing bankruptcy, saying their debt is greater than their assets. they will have to close 600 stores across the country with 12 closing in the bay area, including stores in alameda, fremont and pleasantton. two will close in san francisco, while two others
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will close in san jose. it has been a huge story, four book stores, borders and others move into neighborhoods. local stores struggle to survive. but now that some of the big stores are failing, ktvu consumer editor has more from alameda with how the local book stores are doing. >> and we're one of the locals for borders books stores. the fact that independents like this and ipads trump even size and price. >> reporter: borders book store is more than a mile from this chain. they're celebrating their 160th anniversary. customers are sad but not surprised that borders will soon be gone. >> borders is kind of a place where people go and sit and read a book without buying it. >> you can sit in the coffee shop, study, i'm back in school now. i use it for that aspect. a lot of people buying books
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off amazon, they just drink coffee and study. >> reporter: and the owner and president of the book seller's organization says the ending is no surprise. >> it is hard to fill a store with just books. >> reporter: the cause? the drive of the cd's and dvd business, and the fast success of on line book stores such as so how did they survive? >> customer service became the issue, and having people that were book sellers in the stores. and also doing many events. >> reporter: plus, off-site events at schools and libraries' hosting hundreds of book clubs, looking at new authors, overnight delivery of special orders and their own on- line book store. >> it will be disappointing not to have borders there with the larger stock. but a smaller store like books inc. is always able to get stuff on
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special order. >> reporter: but again, borders still retains many stores here and nationwide. they may be down but not out. reporting live, ktvu channel 2 action news. state health officials say full say flu activity is on the rise, many reported the first week of february, up from 47 # cases the week before. while cases are picking up, they say this year's flu season appears to be average. even so they recommend anybody six months or old get the vaccine. and assembly woman introducing a bill to require companies to offer employees paid sick leave. under the bill, small businesses would have to offer full-time workers five days of sick leave. larger companies would have to offer nine days.
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>> well, the six million workers can't take a day off if they're sick. there are many people risking their jobs if they stay home. >> two similar bills have failed in recent years. and we may be catching a break, more stormy weather is on the way. let's talk to bill. >> yes, we're getting a break out there, scattered showers, no big deal, not like last night or this morning. but the showers return. i'll show you that coming up. let's look at the tracker. bodega bay, the showers here, overnight in the north bay, the forecast tonight calls for light scattered showers, but then in the morning we get going again. rain returns just in time for the morning commute. overnight lows tonight in the 40s. maybe see some snow on bay area peaks. tomorrow morning it will be cold. but the subsequent to subsequent morning, friday, that will be a cold morning. here is what we have.
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the system sliding through, that is this instability stuff, air mass stuff, cold, hits a mountain, from underneath, you get the cell, the clouds like we had today. in the mountains it is still going on. the winter storm going on, next three thousand feet the couple of evenings, specifically the mountain, you can see snow there. hamilton as well. and maybe as we get into friday night we could see a bit of snow. in the mountains, winter storm warnings down, the severe thunderstorm watch, get used to it. messy up there, the mountain travel will require trains. or at least paying attention to the road conditions, thursday morning, 4:00, there it is. you get wet, if you're going early, we do start it at 4:30 here in the morning. and steve will be here talking about this. watch away happens when i -- what happens when i get up at 6:00. here you have the showers, showers right in the heart of
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the morning commute, that is a wet one. and tomorrow is a wild day, thundershowers, hail, strong storms, a wild weather day. you know what they're like. we always get them in february, and march. that is how it will go tomorrow. expect a little bit of everything. keep the umbrellas handy, appeal on the wet roads, urban flooding, high tide, could see water. we're watching, back tonight at 10:00 and we'll update you with the latest models. >> okay good, thank you bill. and the city voting against a one-year moratorium on the installation of pg&e's smart meters. the city council was split on the issue, narrowly rejecting it in a 3-2 vote. the authorities claim it has a health risk. pg&e says they are safe and continue in marin county. others have a ban against the smart meters. and a former bush administration lawyer looking
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to block google's move into on- line sales. they want to purchase the software for 700 million. the justice department would need to improve the sale. today, the former justice department attorney told market watch the deal could harm competition and consumers. and meeting with president obama, zuckerburg is scheduled to talk with the president. the white house says it is part of the out reach to the business community. coming up on bay area news, find out how the president's visit is tied to job creation and who else is on the guest list. and it is crunch time now for the chinese new year parade. how mother nature is impacting the preparations for the year of the rabbit celebration
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♪ atst fwa.ean ougog t bk. wi cseuidesi yr arho, u stnaa cte,hise a de. ougog t bk. wi cke sp rwd yr arho,
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eve. well builders are working extra hard in san francisco to get everything ready for saturday's chinese new year's eve parade. we got an extra look at pier 27. one worker says his schedule was changed down to 20 days.
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you can watch the parade live here on ktvu at 6:00. all beginning saturday night. and we'll stream it live at okay, mark is here now with sports, the raiders' big signing today. >> yes, it turned out to be a better trade. and it should have been. because they gave up this year's 2011 number one draft choice to get him. but richard seamore has certainly lived up to expectation. it is a two-year deal. we don't even have a labor deal settled with the nfl and the player's union. two years, 25 of that is guaranteed. and well worth the number one pick in the draft. he is really anchored, the defensive line for the raiders. he takes much of the responsibility for turning them around or getting them started. meanwhile, day two for the giants, pitchers and catchers starting to go at it. a little added emphasis on it,
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is bruce bochy. the wisdom of him and his staff taking care of things. matt cane, the unscored upon man in the post-season. there is another statistic as well, like how often teams can repeat as world champions. >> numbers will tell you, i don't think it has been repeated in many, many years. i think the yankees are the last team to do it. it is something that is very, very hard to do. but really you have to get yourself in a position, we just have to get ourselves in the end of the post season again and can take it from there. >> a tough chore, meanwhile, too tough to sign albert pujols, possibly the best player in all of baseball. but the deadline has come and gone the sign him. pujols is reportedly asking for a 10-year contract, 30 million a year. so they -- >> good grief. >> they want to look at that, so no more negotiations until the season ends. he will be a free agent. >> all right, thank you, and thank you for joining us tonight. good night. >> good night
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