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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  February 16, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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narcotics enforcement team to alleged criminal. >> he's looking at several felony counts. >> reporter: the state justice department says welsh conspired to sell the drugs with this man. 49-year-old chris butler. a private investigator, and owner of a pi firm. authorities served search warrants and his home. >> he has been a stellar police officer throughout his entire career. >> reporter: welsh's attorney says his client is very upset. >> we will meet these charges head on, and deal with them appropriately. >> reporter: they find themselves on the other end of the law. >> one bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch. it's unfortunate, but it's not
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reflective of our agency as a whole, or our personnel. >> reporter: welsh has been with the state narcotics bureau. the big question tonight is how will his arrest impact all of those cases he has worked on. heather holmes, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> we asked about the potential fallout. he told us, it could be enormous, and welsh's credibility is coming under fire. >> in cases that are literally, five, six, seven years old. >> ten years ago, michael came to the defensive an oakland police officer, accused of being a rogue cop. none of the officers was found
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guilty, but still, hundreds of cases involving them were thrown out because of concerns about their credibility. 8:55 tonight in the 100 block of hunter street in east oakland. we learned three people were wounded. one of the victims is a woman. we heard reports she was shot in the back. all three were taken to highland hospital for treatment. we've also learned police are looking for four or five people who got away in a vehicle. possibly, a buick regal, and investigators do have a license plate number to work with. we are back on storm watch tonight. in the last hour, we've had reports of hail in redwood city, pacifica, and richmond. more rain is on the way. it's expected to arrive just in time for your morning commute. take a look at these pictures from earlier today. a ktvu camera was rolling when this hail storm blew through
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oakland. it lasted for just about a minute or so. overnight winds got the better of this large pine tree in the oakland hills. that tree came crashing down, taking down power lines and damaging a car. the car's owner says he heard a loud crash around 3:00 a.m. this morning. when he looked outside, he saw the downed wire sparking, and a flame lit up the neighborhood. thankfully, no one was hurt. problems persist tonight. there are still people without power in the bay area. ktvu's ken lane is live in a walnut creek neighborhood, where a family describes what they heard an saw just before it went dark. >> reporter: behind me, you can see one of the dozens of homes that still are dark tonight, because they don't have power. over here on buena vista drive, pg and e crews are working to restore power. a tree came down on a power
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line, knocking out power around 4:00 this afternoon. the green family is doing some urban camping. no tv, no computer. battery powered lamps are lighting their home. >> we just heard a boom. cannelled like a gunshot -- sounded like a gunshot. then we ran out there, and one of the power poles and the tree was on fire. >> reporter: the weather phenomenon that had just about everyone talking was the hail. icy pellets cover the ktvu parking lot in oakland, as well as this now cleared ace hardware lot in alamo. >> the second one was a lot bigger than the first one. it blanketed the whole parking lot. we were joking about getting out a couple of hockey sticks and a puck and doing a pickup hockey game. >> reporter: as fast as the hail came, it was gone. it seems mother nature couldn't make up her mind. at the lafayette reservoir,
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people bundled up on the water. >> you thought you would come out to california, where it's sunny and warm. >> expect for now. >> right, didn't work out that way. >> reporter: did we mention the hail? >> we were just playing around in the hail for a little bit. >> kind of fun? >> yeah. >> reporter: back again live, there were six poles on this street that are affected by this power outage. they hope tho have the power restored sometime around 11:00, or midnight tonight. live in walnut creek, ken wayne. ktvu channel 2 news. >> that walnut creek outage is one of the remaining power spots. they're expected to get their power back by 11:15 tonight. the stormy weather and the pox of the moon are helping create some large waves along the coast. tides pushed the waves higher
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as the moon moves toward its closest approach to earth. that phenomenon will last for the next two days. in the sierra, heavy snow made for tough travel all day today. we will have a live report with the conditions upcoming in about 10 minutes. we've got some periodic hail throughout the bay area. we go to live stormtracker 2. nothing like last night, but widely scattered showers. pacifica, we've had reports of hail there already, but it looks like we're seeing more hail around the point. we go over here to this. i want to put a track on this. this system is the one that draws hail in redwood city. it's beginning to fall apart, but let's put a track on this, as if moves towards the north and towards the east.
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10:15, west san liandro, your rain is really going to kick up. accused of skimming credit card information from customers for at least three years. she allegedly got the information, while working at the ticket counter at san jose international airport, then used it to buy gift cards. investigators say she may have had an accomplice, but her husband, who was a highway patrol officer is is not suspected. another twist tonight in the legal battle over california's proposition 8. the voter approved ban on same-sex marriage. now the california supreme court is getting involved. they will rule on whether the group protect has a legal standing to defend prop 8. a federal appeal's court had asked california's high court to review the issue. discovering this latest twist
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delays a decision on prop 8 for about a year. >> reporter: julie, the california supreme court decision was unanimous. the court issues this one page order saying it will hear arguments later this year. this latest development further delay as final ruling on whether same-sex marriages should be legal in california. the state supreme court will not address the validity of proposition 8. >> we're very, very happy, and feel very confident that they've taken this on, and they're going to resolve this question. >> reporter: protect marriage says it stepped in, because then arnold schwartzenegger and jerry brown at the time refused to defend prop 8. >> this is a year long detour.
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>> reporter: a professor with uc hasting's school of law. he expects them to make its decision by october. little predicts the california supreme court will rule in favor of protect marriage in this fight. >> there's enough of a financial stake in people who work hard and pay a lot of money to get a proposition enacted. if that proposition is later invalidated, they have standing to challenge it. >> it's important to resolve this decision, when they refuse to defend the will of the voters. >> reporter: both sides agree that the same-sex marriage fight will ultimately end up in the u.s. supreme court. little predicts the question of same-sex marriage in california won't be resolved for two to three years. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. a republican senator from orange county is proposing a new law. tom harman introduced a bill to require the state attorney general to defend all voter
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approved laws against legal challenges. or authorize the measure sponsors to do so. in hawaii, the legislature approved a bill today to allow civil unions for same sex couples. gay rights supporters stood and cheered. governor lindhle, a republican vetoed it. the current governor, is a democrat who says he plans to sign that bill. right now, same-sex marriages are legal in five states. massachusetts, connecticut, vermont, iowa, and new hampshire. civil unions are permitted in district of columbia and new jersey, with hawaii now only a signature away. more wet weather is on the way. in about eight minutes, the exact timing and how it will affect the morning commute. you're looking at several inches of fresh snow that have fallen in the sierra tonight. now the winds are picking up, making for difficult driving on interstate 80. they're in high traffic
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areas, prime spots for shoppers, but not enough to keep borders books in business.
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the borders bookstore chain filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection today. borders says it's been losing about $2 million a day at those stores. 11 bay area stores are on the list.
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two are in san francisco. including the high profile store at union square. there are also stores in alameda, fremont, pleasanton. two more in san jose, including the borders bookstore at san mateo road. borders filing for bankruptcy had been rumored for some time, but cloudy skiing the stores still came as a shock to employees who will be out of work now. they're going to soon need a tenant for an empty storefront. >> reporter: that's right, we're here at the oak ridge mall at the borders store, there's to sign on the door, telling customers it will be shutting down soon. tonight, customers are shocked about all the closures in the south bay. this borders is located in the
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prime location. smack dab in the middle of santana row. >> i was pretty surprised. you think santana row, it's usually pretty crowded when i come in, and you see a lot of regular customers here. >> i'm pretty sad, i like coming to borders, i come here a lot. >> reporter: customers weren't the only ones disappointed. borders employees will soon be out of jobs. >> i heard it straight from facebook. kind of dispointing to get my news from facebook. >> reporter: mall management says it is aggressively searching for a new tenant. analysts figure, online shopping and e-readers have played a part in borders
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demise. y it's the -- >> it's the closest bookstore to my house, so i'm kind of bummed. >> i'm disappointed that i do have to start looking for something else. but i'm not too worried about it, because i've always taken care of myself. >> borders anticipates the closures will happen by the end of april. the three south bay stores that are remaining open are palo alto, sunny value, and mulpitas locations. strong gains on wall street today. strong earnings, and news of corporate deals push the dow jones hire. the nasdaq was up 21 today. president obama is expected to visit the bay area tomorrow evening, and meet privately with silicon valley executives, including facebook founder mark zuckerberg. the white house says they will
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focus on promoting american invasion, and clean energy. >> rally the troops, get people behind him, so he can get his programs through. >> on monday, the president released his budget proposal for the next year. in it featured an array of job creation strategy. some $180 billion in research funding. near the sierra, it has been snowing much of the day. tonight, it is still coming down. live in the sierra, where conditions right now are making things miserable for drivers. including some, who were caught completely offguard. >> reporter: that's true. you can see the snow coming down. especially coming down sideways, because the wind has really picked up in the past hour. at 6:00, we dropped our snow shovel here on the ground, just to give you an idea of how much snow would accumulate over a few hours here. it looks like it's about an inch, an inch and a half of
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snow, just in that one spot. if we take a look over here at interstate 80, very little traffic up there now. chain controls are in effect. on essentially every driver here, from morning through night on interstate 80 had to go through the chain controls. >> i can't get him out, he's stuck. >> reporter: helpful drivers, spinning tires, stuck cars, and that was all at the chain controls. >> did you expect this? >> not as bad as this, no. >> reporter: whether thompson is heading back to salt lake city. he has new chains, and a new dry manual as a guide. >> unless they practice a lot, we're going to be a lot better at it. >> reporter: this dodge charger has too little traction, and too much horsepower. $30 to put on chains. laura was short on cash, and the right clothing.
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>> you're, i guess not prepared. >> for freezing weather, of course. >> how are the feet doing? >> they're a little chilly. they're a little chilly. >> reporter: in sunglasses and flip flops, she put on her chains. >> do you know how tight they have to be? >> reporter: the driving was slow going, and some did not make it much farther. mario, driving a double trailer ups truck was stuck. >> they wouldn't let us through. i maxed out on chains, and i got two trailers, and they won't let doubles, because everybody keeps spinning out up there, i guess. >> reporter: the chp says there were many minor spinouts on interstate 80 today. as for chain controls, they're in effect from placer county to baxter all the way over the summit to the nevada state line. ktvu, channel 2 news. many ktvu viewers have been on storm watch and we have the photos to prove it. john fox sent us this picture
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of the snow in kelseyville in lake county. the picture was taken about 5:15 this evening. the elevation is above 1800 feet. take a look at this double rainbow in the southern part of napa county. tony jackson took this picture after the rain stopped, and he decided to share it with us. we wanted to see your photos. if you have good weather pictures, just email them to ♪ [ music ] picking out a line of pretty strong rain. we had hail from this system here. and this one heading out towards danville. tomorrow morning, here we go. we'll actually about 1:00 a.m., more heavy showers across that line. here we go to 3:00 a.m. and you see more heavy showers. getting ready for your morning commute. 4:00a.m., and you see all the activity. tomorrow morning's commute is looking to be a wet one. there's a possibility there will be snow on bay area peaks. we saw those pictures from
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kelseyville up above 3,000 feet on mount diablo, you're going to see snow tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be a crazy day. i'm going to show you what tomorrow looks like, and it will be wet for the morning, and even the afternoon commute. all the specifics on your wet weather forecast and the five- day forecast back here. you can expect to see plenty of floats featuring rabbits at the chinese new years parade this saturday night. it's the year of the rabbit. tonight, our cameras got a sneak peek inside pier 27, where those floats are being belt. some crews have had to compression 63 days of work into 20 days. as always, you can watch saturday's parade live here on ktvu channel 2. our coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. he was known as the american taliban. 10 years after 9/11, a campaign to improve his son's image. ♪ [ music ] in a ktvu special report, dance that is inspired by true life. sometimes tragedy. what we found on bay area
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the young man who became known as the american taliban is now 30 years old, still behind bars, and working on a college degree. he served almost half of a 20 year sentence. as rita williams reports, his father is on a campaign now to change john lindh's image. >> reporter: these images, some two months after the 9/11 attacks were shocking. u.s. officials call this marin county man arrested in afghanistan a terrorist, a traitor. >> he's 20 years old. he really did think that he was doing the right thing. >> reporter: that's part of how john walker lindh's father defended his son today. to a room full of law students at the university of san francisco. most barely teenagers in 2001. >> everything that is so obvious to us now, after 9/11
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was not obvious then. >> reporter: if he feels any guilt as a divorced parent, allowing his son to go to yemen, he doesn't say it today. he blames hysteria and the media for turning the country against his son. >> it was impossible to get a fail trial. >> reporter: lindh accepted a plea bargain. said he was an armed taliban soldier. reaction from law students was mixed. >> when he saw bin laden at the camp, there should have been some sort of light bulb that went off. >> i would like to believe it. but also, i haven't looked at the documents. >> reporter: president bush denied an appeal to let him out of prison early. lindh's dad say they may ask
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president obama, but know it's a long shot. we have an update on a story we first brought you last night after we went oft the air. the berkely city council rejected a decision to allow two guantanamo detainees back into the bay area. the pentagon denies that manning has been mistreated. move to move by their own experiences in a ktvu special report, story through turf dancing and how it's gone viral. later, a view of a hose fire like you have never seen -- a house fire like you've never seen it. why this technology is more
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than just a window of what goes on inside a burning building.
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lit up on the peninsula right now. reports of hail near redwood city, now this opening up near burlingame. in the 680 corridor, heavy rain as well. don't be surprised to hear some hail hitting these rooftops in the next 15 minutes. i'll be back with an update on your latest forecast. you might call it the newest dance craze, born here in the bay area. it's called turf dance. why what they were doing,
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suddenly went viral. >> reporter: there is no music. no stage. just a street corner in east oakland, in a neighborhood accustomed to violence. >> gunshots. gangs. a lots of violence. >> reporter: these two men have watched, as violence have taken the lives of their friends. >> i just have to be strong, and keep doing it. keep dancing for them. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: it's called turf dancing. and these videos give us just a glimpse of a dance inspired by loss. a dance meant to remember. each dance tells a story. >> that's what turfing really means is to tell a story. >> reporter: these dancers also have a story to tell. 22-year-old denzel worthington tells his story through his hands. he was nicknamed chunky when he was a chubby preteen. both of his parents are deaf. >> because i can do sign language.
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i know how to do everything with my hands. they're my babies. >> reporter: dance, he says saved him. >> i met a dancer in jail. he was a crunker. he was just like, this ain't the life. >> reporter: dancing is what led him to eric davis. >> he came from chunky, and gave him a nickname, it was because i dance like a ninja. >> reporter: when you watch e ninja dance, you can't tell one foot was longer than another. he was born with a club foot, and his mother told him, he would never walk. >> that's all i'm good at. >> reporter: as teens, these two dancers were competitors. now they're a team. and consider each other family. turf dancing started on the streets of oakland. it started as a way for dancers like e ninja, and chunky to express themselves, but turf
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dancing is now much, much more, because turf dancing has gone viral. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: it happened when yak films started making r.i.p. videos. dance videos for the dead. the first was made for chunky's mentor. >> i think we're the only ones in the world to have brought those two skills together to this level. ♪ [ music ] dance, and redefining what the moves are about, is a way to communicate boundaries that have been set by society. >> reporter: there could be much more ahead. two weeks ago, yak films shoot
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a video for adidas. >> making me feel like i'm somebody, i'm doing something. showing oakland is not just violence. >> reporter: no matter where it goes, this is where it was born, on a street corner, in a tough neighborhood. a glimpse in a the hearts of young men who through their dance, challenge those who watch to look deeper. in oakland, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> you can learn more about turf dancing on our website, just look for the story on the special reports tab. a documentary directed by gavin newsom's wife is set to air on the oprah winfrey network. a look at how women are judged more strongly on their beauty, and sexual assault than their ability as leaders. among those interviewed in the
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film are condoleezza rice, and katie couric. shooting will begin in october. a movie about the late santa cruz surfer jay mariarti. he died in 2001. curtis hanson, who's films include 8-mile is set to direct. florida's governor today scrapped plans for high speed rail there, which could be a good thing for california. some experts say that decision could bring a windfall to california and boost this state's plan for a bullet train. florida's system was supposed to connect tampa, and orlando. >> the truth is this project would be far too costly to taxpayers, and i believes the risks far outway the benefits. >> reporter: florida's decision leaves $2.2 billion in federal
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rail money up for grabs. we have progress to report tonight that will be welcome news for commuters who use the caldecot tunnel. digging has been going on for about a year. the project is expected to cost $400 million, and be completed by late 2013. the carnival cruise ship splendor sailed from san francisco shortly before 6:00 tonight. it had undergone repairs. the city has the only dry dock on the west coast big enough for the huge ship. back in november, an engine room fire damaged the ship while at sea. it is now heading to long beach, where it will pick up its first passengers since the fire. in strain, it was all about a long tradition in beer brewing. the company is the maker of anchor steam beer. marking the milestone, the
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brewery unveiled a new beer. breakles brown, named after gotlieb breakle. the beer will be available in limited release. the reward now being offered for an arrest. also, live stormtracker 2 shores strong showers and storms moving across the bay area right now. the complete forecast coming up at 10:45. you may remember him from seinfeld. sad news about a hollywood actor with a long list of credits.
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a $10,000 reward is being offered tonight as oakland police search for a man wanted with the kidnapping, and brutal beating of a 25-year-old woman. police are looking for jerry williams. also known as gary williams of oakland. as we first reported last wednesday, another oakland man, larry wilson was arrested in connection with the kidnapping. the two men grabbed a woman on february 5. she escaped the next day when her captors fell asleep. police say the two men may be responsible for other similar crimes. in san francisco, the man arrested for shooting another man inside a market in the haight-ashbury district pleaded not guilty today. police say a 43-year-old got into an argument about a dog
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and shot a customer in the back last wednesday. the victim michael stafford had previous problems in the neighborhood. stafford suffered severe injuries. it was one year ago tomorrow that a small plane crashed into an east palo alto neighborhood, killing three men on board, all of whom worked for tesla. one house was badly damaged, and it still hasn't been completely repair. those scars are a reminder of what happened today. for the people who live in the 1200 block of beach street. irene said the moment of the crash is seared in here memory. ingly saw the belly, and the neighborhood is all foggy. that's the only image i have of that day. >> one woman said when she hears one nearby, she always looks up. in iraq, some 2,000 people attacked government offices in the southern province today, to
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protest shoddy public services. government offices were set on fire, and security forces opened fire on the crowd. at least 55 people were injured. there is growing anger in iraq about the government at all levels. in practice zill, federal police rounded up -- brazil, federal officials rounded up 19 fellow officers. some innocent women and children may have also been killed. investigators say the officers often staged shootouts to cover up executions. in north korea, synchronized swimming was staged today to celebrate the birthday of kim jung il. showcasing the younger kim, who
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is likely to be north korea's next leader. lesser was best known as uncle leo, but appeared in some 500 other shows. his family says he died of pneumonia, related to cancer. imagine running into a burning building. coming up next, the technology giving us a peak at exactly what firefighters do. and reports of hail throughout the bay area. heavy rainfall in the peninsula right now.
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atst fwa.ean ougog t bk. wi cseuidesi yr arho, u stnaa cte,hise a de. ougog t bk. wi cke sp rwd yr arho,
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tiny cameras melded on on
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helmets are being put to the test. what it was like as they went into is that burning building. >> reporter: seth johnson had had his helm cam rolling as they pulled up to a house fire. they looked for victims and stopped the destruction. what hits you right away is firefighters are immediately plunged into darkness. caused by thick smoke. they move cautiously, guided only by fuzzy spots of light. at one point, they actually put out a hot spot in the dark. captain johnson says the helmet cam video helps show them what they should do next time. >> certain tactical decisions. asking for ventilation sooner. the good thing about this, it's not just visual, we got a lot of audio out of it. >> you get to see how it is
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absolutely not at all like is -- it is in the movies. >> reporter: they'd like to see a camera with thermal imaging that conducts heat. >> a thermal imaging camera can scan a room in a matter of seconds. >> reporter: firefighters will continue to evaluate a helm cam with more real life tests to come. ktvu, channel 2 news. an update now on a story we first brought you yesterday afternoon. no dangerous substances have been discovered on a letter mailed in pailo alloto. yesterday morning, a clerk started vomiting after opening the letter. employees from the first floor of the va's office were evacuated as a precaution. the va says the employee who left ill returned to work today
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in good health. copper thieves mae out with 15 to $20,000 of wiring in a mountain house neighborhood in san joaquin county. it happened this past weekend in northwest of tracy. the justice department is reviewing googles plan to enter the online travel market. a decision on whether google can buy the ita software. it could happen soon according to the associated press. google is offering $700 million for that company. apples ipad is helping the company become the world's leader in portable computer sales. rankings released today by display search show that between october and december, apple had about 17% of the worldwide market for mobile computer sales. apple sold more than 10 million
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notebook and tablet computers. hp was second with about 15.5%. the wet weather keeps coming. right now, it's widely scattered showers. if you got under one of these hail events or downpours, you got pretty wet. heavy rain beginning to fall. this is what's left of that cell that began to fall through the bay area and pacifica. it's losing a bit of energy. as we go into tonight, it's going to regroup. a disturbance is going to move through the bay areas. do not be surprised if you wake up to hail on your roof at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 am for your commute. here's the main system, and here's the instability behind it. this area in here is going to slide through. it's not well organized, but it's organized enough that it's going to pretty much unload in
10:48 pm
the early to mid-morning hours. winds that will go on. this evening, the showers are occurring, tomorrow morning, this area slides through. it brings us a chance of a thunder shower. certainly, snow on bay area peaks. in the higher peaks. in the mountains, it's a winter storm watch, easily going to a winter storm warning by tomorrow afternoon. as i said last weekend, and last night, this whole week, if you're traveling the mountains, you've got to be checking road conditions. you're getting up there okay now. but i suggest by tomorrow morning, those are going to have an issue. here we go. tomorrow morning, you're driving around at 6:00 a.m., it's raining. the roads are already wet from tonight. here we go into about 7:00, and 8:00 a.m. for my money, that's sort of the heart of the commute. look what's going on here. steve paulson will be in here in mornings on 2. they'll get you going, but that's going to be some heavy rain that's going to cause you some problems for
10:49 pm
thursday. maybe you leave a little later, like around 9:00 in the north bay. 10:00as the system slides through. you see a lot of activity down in san jose, and livermore. that's 9:00 a.m. tomorrow afternoon's commute, i think will be very similar to this afternoon's commute. a little bit of shower activity, but not a lot. but some wet roadways. it's going to hit on the commute, and it's going to be wet. maybe a half inch of rain in some of the heavier locations. temperatures are down. when the sun comes out tomorrow, we have a good shot at thunder showers. it's going to be one of those wild weather days. you think it's over, then bam, we get a thunder shower, or hail, or strong winds. definitely an active weather pattern. right now, the weekend is looking better. >> the chinese new year parade, a lot of people happy about that. a new study out of paris finds that men who go bald in their 20s have twice the risk
10:50 pm
of developing prostate cancer. the male hormones involved in hair growth also play a role in prostate cancer. it was not found an increase in men who began to lose their hair in their 30s and 40s.
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new video into the newsroom of a vehicle accident involving a transit bus. the car got the worst of it. damage to the bus was minor. the accident happened just before 10:00, near 36th street and market in west oakland. an ambulance left the scene with one injured person. it's unclear if anyone on the transit bus was hurt. mark is here now with sports. what is up with the warriors? they're on a roll. >> when is the last time with a straight face you could say they're hot? gives us reason to care again. the warriors hit the all-star break on a tear. proving you don't have to be the biggest, to be the bestest. completely outplaying williams. he made the all-star team ahead of him. this is the shot ma made you think, hey -- that made you think, hey, maybe they'll get a win in utah. we're tied going into the 4th quarter, the warriors will take
10:54 pm
the ballgame again ellis keys it. he had 35 points. look at that. he draws a foul too. the guy is just doing it all. meantime, off the bench, reggie williams, this guy goes to his left better than keith olbermann. the shot. seth curry, foul trouble all night, but he would get a clutch shot here. protecting the ball with the basket. gets the reverse. warriors up 5. make it 7 wins in their last 10. on the college court, when you're ranked, everyone comes gunning for you. in this case san diego came gunning from the three-point stripe against st. mary's tonight. they hit 8 out of 12 threes. 6 of 7 in the 2nd half. north had 15 of those. matt door also doing it upright. he had 17 for the upsetting san diego team. as the gales go down, 74-66. they will storm the court.
10:55 pm
that's a show of respect. you beat st. mary's now, and they storm the court. good for them. hard to imagine the great albert pujols sporting any other uniform than that of the st. louis cardinals, but when it's all about money, as it is these days, the name on the front of the jersey, irrelevant it would seem. the day of the deadline has passed. both sides agree there will be no negotiation during the season. so pujols in essence will become a free agent before they speak again. reportedly, he wants a ten year deal worth $30 million a year. the giants, basically the same team in tact for this season. and one that won it all last year. matt cain, unscored upon in the postseason, and is well aware of another statistic. that of the odds against repeating as world champs. >> the numbers will tell you, i don't think it's been repeated in many, many years.
10:56 pm
i think the yankees are the last team to do it. it's something that's very, very hard to do. but really, you've got to get yourself in a position. i think we've just got to get ourselves into the postseason again, and we can take it from there. the raiders come to an agreement with richard seymore, a two year contract if they ever settle that labor contract. ktvu morning news begins at 4:30 tomorrow morning. they'll have the latest on the rainy weather, and traffic. and our coverage continues online at thanks for joining us everyone. good night. >> good night. ♪ [ music ]
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7? 2?
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