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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  February 22, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PST

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the developing news coming from new zealand following a powerful earthquake. killing several people. many more are still trapped in the rubble. look at the pictures we are showing you. kraig debro is live in oakland with a bay area to this connection to the devastation. >> reporter: good morning, dave east 22nd street seems a weird place to do a story about an earthquake in new zealand. this is the scene in new zealand earlier today our time. early in the morning. it's now wednesday in new zealand. devastating. buildings collapsed as rescue workers are trying to get in and save those that are trapped in the rubble. christchurch is that countries
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second largest city. it was around lunchtime. it was devastating. officials are still warning the death toll is likely to rise. that as people are still missing and fear trapped. lester mckey grew up in christchurch. he grew up there but he's been in the united states for awhile. he told me this is the country's second quake since about three or four months. they had a quake in september, september 4th. he told me he received e-mails just before the quake who said they just had their homes officially condemned from that last quake so they can go and rebuild their homes and get the insurance. he says there is a lot of friends he has over there that he hasn't heard from he's been trying to reach. he's trying to get ahold of them. he told me that most of his
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people in his immediate family and cousins are basically okay. he told me that his mom who never gets worried or never loses her cool just was devastated by what happened. >> all right we want to make sure you stay right here with ktvu channel 2 and our channel 2 website to get the very latest on this developing news about the earthquake in new zealand. we'll bring you any new developments here on mornings on 2 and at 7:00 a.m.. we have an important warning for shoppers. allie rasmus joins us to tell us most of the victims have one thing in common. allie. >> reporter: pam, all of the victims have been robbed one to two hours after going grocery shopping. some have happened at the grocery store here in redwood.
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he says in the past month there have been at least seven robberies targeting shoppers at grocery stores throughout oakland. he explained the robberies haven't happened inside the stores or in the parking lots but the suspects appear to be looking for victims going grocery shopping and the suspects follow the shoppers home and proceed to rob them of their purses and money and in some cases in the garages of their own home. police say the suspects appear to be targeting similar victims. >> we notice that first of all most of the victims were females. we noticed that the lost items tended to be purses. >> reporter: now as we mentioned, some of the robberies have happened at this safeway. this is not the only store. some of the robberies have happened after shoppers leave all types of grocery stores in
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the north oakland area in rockland neighborhoods. now later on this morning we are hoping to speak to one of the lead investigators in this case to ask him a little bit more about this trend. one other thing the lieutenant told me about the possible suspects. in two of the robberies, the victims reported they were driving in a white sufficient. they don't have a clear description of those suspects. it was only in two robberies people reported suspects driving that vehicle. we hope to get a little more clarification later this morning. reporting live in oakland allie rasmus. it's now 5:04. police in pleasanton want your help this morning. they are trying to identify a man's body. they found the body right near the train tracks. investigators say this is a suspicious death. the victim a white man in his late 40s or early 50s he was
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six feet tall weighing about 250 pounds. east bay police are searching far gunman where 17 shots were fired into a pittsburgh home. this happened on calistoga drive. the family that lived there was knot hurt. a teenage realtive that recently lived in that home may been responsible. racial profiling is reportedly being redesigned by -- redefined by the san jose police department. it will now be considered a violation for a san jose police officer to show bias at any time during an encounter with the public. it used to be considered a -- the change comes less than a month after police chief chris moore took over the police department which in the past has been accused of using excessive force and racial profiling. just hours ago bay area
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temperatures plunged to near freezing. for the homeless it was an especially tough night. the redwood gospel mission shelter has been packed in the last two weeks. last night people had to be turned away. on top of that, the mission desperately needs donations. >> we are out of blankets. we are out of sleeping bags. we can use the help of the community to help out. people come when they don't have a place to sleep and they need something to keep them warm. we usually provide that for them. beds are also filling up in the south bay. the center in san jose says numbers have been down this winter but expect more people this week as it gets colder. you can track the latest weather conditions any time on our channel 2 website. just go to and click on the weather on the front page. >> we also listen to steve. it's cold outside. let's check in to see with sal. do we have a commute? not right now.
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we are starting off pretty early right now. so we are still doing pretty well if you are driving somewhere. you should be in pretty good shape. let's take a look at the commute. the traffic is moving along very nicely an interstate 80 as you drive out to the mccarthur maze. and this morning we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's nice and light. there are no major problems coming into san francisco. if you are driving on 280 traffic is moving well. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. >> you're welcome, steve. >> skies are clear. there could be a patch or two of fog. it's cold out there. there is a little bit of a breeze. a lot of locations say calm. it's cold and any breeze means a windchill. sunny and breezy. it will be a great visibility. tonight and tomorrow cold lows. we will lose that breeze. mostly sunny. mostly sunny.
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thursday through sat it will be cloudy and very cold. there will be some rain and very low snow levels. i'm sure you have heard by now. we are reenforcing the message. there goes yesterday's system. that little guy went on down the coast. thank goodness if he had decides to exit stage right we would have had more clouds than rain. drier air has punched in. a lot of 30s. 31 santa rosa. 35 fairfield. concord is in there as well. 35 redwood city. there is only a little hint of a breeze for oakland and san francisco. mountain view is at 43. you can see there goes our system. and that is really dry air coming in. that means sunshine today. santa rosa down to 31 degrees. their wind has decreased. temperatures coming down.
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cold lows. mostly clear. it will billion sunny today. one system goes down we start drawing our attention off of vancouver. that will be a cold system and that is going to play into our thursday, friday, and saturday forecast. sunny and breezy today. cold morning. it will be slightly warmer today. just a wee bit. mid 50s to a few upper 50s. everyone will be close. sun and clouds tomorrow. cold morning. mostly sunny. we cloud it up thursday. thursday night and friday. that's when the real show begins. we will carry that into friday night and saturday. possibility of very low snow levels. more court testimony about oakland's controversy to crack down on street gangs. a 10:00 p.m. curfew would be imposed. oakland city thorns it has
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greatly reduced the gang violence in north oakland. critics say that plan leads to racial profiling. ten laid off oakland police officers have been rehired. they are back on the job this morning. there are 663 officers in oakland's police department force. just six below. those rehired police officers must first under go retraining before they can hit the streets. east palo alto crime rate is dropping. the city's police chief will hold a community meeting tonight to talk about the reasons why and discuss a new program that will bring gang members face to face with police. the fist gang call in is march 1st. they will be offered the choice to stop the violence and get help or become the primary target of law enforcement. tonight's meeting is at 6:00. time now 5:11. the pressure is growing for
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libyan leader moammar gadhafi to step down. the message world leaders are sending his way. a new feature on facebook. the reason some say it may be a tool for stockers. good morning, westbound 92 san mateo bridge that traffic is moving along pretty well heading out to the high-rise. we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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welcome back to the morning news. protestors in libya are
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fighting for control of the capitol city of tripoli. alison burns is in our washington, d.c. news room this morning with an morning meeting of the u.n. security council. >> reporter: the brutality of libya's response to the protestors has prompted the security council meeting. the secretary general is demanding an immediate end to the violence. meanwhile libyan leader moammar gadhafi is still in tripoli. he made a brief appearance outside of his home. >> i want to show them i'm tripoli not in venezuela. >> reporter: he is facing mass defections from his government. these are two libya fighter jets after their pilots chose to defect rather than carry out orders to bomb demonstrators.
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new this morning turkey is spending three ships to libya's coast to evacuate its citizens. ly have more on u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton's -- i will have more on u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton's decision. bahrain's king has ordered the release of political prisoners in an effort to calm a week long uprising there. they called the prisoner release a good step and positive gesture. another massive demonstration is planned today in bahrain as protestors await the much anticipated return of an opposition leader that has been out of the country for years. united nations secretary general is in hollywood. trying to convince the movie industry to include the dangers of global warming in their story lines. speaking to presidents and prime ministers about climate change only goes so far.
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he says movie producers and directors and actors they have a world-wide reach. we now have new details about the guest list at last weeks exclusive silicon valley dinner that president obama atepidded last week. according to the center of responsive politics. ten of the 11 companies contributed financially to mr. obama's 2008 presidential campaign. for example google donated $803,000 to the president's campaign. yahoo $164,000. facebook $34,000. and twitter which was the least generous of the group $750. in israel they are trying to figure out a way to allow google street view to photo photograph street videos. yesterday a team of israeli cabinet members constructed experts to work with google to
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find a safe way to implement the feature. there is new graffiti threatening president obama and jerry brown. one said quote governor brown will die soon. another says why does obama lie? police say racist slogans were painted nearby. similar threats showed up nearby less than a mile away. the secret service and california highway patrol are investigating. time now 5:17. let's check in with sal. it has been quiet in the commute. >> it has been. today is the day a lot of people are back. if you are looking about getting back into the community traffic four on highway westbound is looking good. all right and traffic is moving along realtively well on 80 westbound as you drive out to the teleplay have -- as you
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drive out to the toll plaza. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. very good morning. it's very cold morning. i have lows to show you here in a second. there is upper 20s. cold morning and then sunny. everybody in on this today. the system dives all the way down to southern california. we are on the northern edge of it. that is good. cold lows again tomorrow. and mostly sunny. everything gets interesting. thursday, friday, and saturday it will be cloudy, it will be cold. there will be rain and very low snow levels as we head toward mainly friday night and saturday. lake port is 24-degrees. st. helena is 29. fairfax at 31 degrees. menlo park at 35. concord is in there. livermore at 36. 31 at santa rosa.
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29 in forestville. 37 redwood city which is much colder than moffett 43. there goes the low. right down the coast. it's gone. out of the picture 37 we don't have to worry about that. we focus our attention to the north. it won't be today it will be starting in about 36 hours. it's a cold beginning as you saw. a lot of upper 20s especially toward the north. that will give way to sunshine today and slightly warmer weather especially to the north breeze. cold lows this morning. one system out of the picture but then right up near vancouver. that is really cold air getting its act together. today though sunshine and breezy. cold. a little warmer. it's will be in the mid 50s to upper 50s for a few. days are getting slightly warmer. we will be warming up a little bit. thursday we start to cloud it
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up. be scattered showers around. it will be turning colder and really cold on friday into saturday. global markets are being battered today as investigators focus on the violence in libya. japan lost nearly 2% overnight as they announced it's putting japan's credit rating on watch for possible downgrade. new zealand currency fell almost 1% after that deadly earthquake. turmoil in the middle east is effecting the price of crude oil. price for crude sore to $93 on the singapore market. that is up more than $7 in 24 hours. checking in on our numbers. the future is also dropping in the last hour to a much slower opening this morning. couple of good reports though to keep an eye on.
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home depot reports a very good third quarter. the dow, nasdaq, and s & p posted earnings. there is a new app for facebook so you don't have to keep checking the relationship status of someone you want to know better. the app is called breakup notifier. you want an alert when someone changes their status. this helps to make you the first to know when someone is out of a relationship which may sound like stalking to some people. despite that more than 100,000 people have signed up for it. it's a few weeks early for an april fools day prank. athletes at a spring training camp after a gorilla escaped its cage.
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the obstacles family members faced as they rushed to this scene. the traffic looks pretty good approaching the 580 interchange. another update straight ahead.
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good morning, it's cold out there. temperatures a few upper 20s. it will be sunny and a little breezy. enjoy today and tomorrow because then it gets really cold starting thursday.
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the nfl combine kicks off tomorrow. the annual event isn't all serious. find out what happened when college prospects outside of orlando were told allegory rim laos -- a gorilla escaped from animal kingdom. that is a man in a gorilla suit he gave quite a few to some of the nfl rookies. they were busy practicing drills. mountain view could become the only city in santa clara county to specifically allow medical marijuana dispensaries. they will consider the proposal at today's meeting but the scheduled vote could be delayed so there is more time to work out the details. dispensaries would be required to work out as a nonprofit and be a certain distance from place where is children gather. they discovered one of the city's largest growing
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operations by accident. officers were responding to a report of a break in early sunday morning. but instead of burglars they found a stash of marijuana worth more than $400,000 and more than 1500 pot plants. police say no official medical marijuana documents were found in the home and they arrested the man who lives there. >> time now 5:26. one person has died. almost two dozen have been hurt after a bus collided with another vehicle and slid off a mountain highway in southern california. the bus was carrying teenage members of a korean church. the chp says the driver lost control on a curve. that driver was pronounced dead at the scene. the victim's family members say they were not given very much information at all about this crash. they just rushed to the hospital. >> they tried to calm our fears a bit but until we actually see
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caleb and talk to him, i'm not going to take anything for granted. >> the chp says the mountain road was wet but not icy. continuing coverage of the deadly earthquake in new zealand. we are hearing from a new zealand -- a person from new zealand living here in the bay area. what he has learned about his family living there in the earthquake zone. good morning, i'm jade hernandez. we are live in foster city this morning where foster city already has an off leash limit of three dogs but its enforcement of the law city officials are worried about. and students will return to class today for the first time since two of their classmates drowned in a rafting trip. what investigators are now confirming after carefully reviewing the evidence. good morning, if you are driving across bay area bridges so far so good.
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we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning, to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's already tuesday february 22nd and i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve. >> thank you. we do have clear skies. temperatures are cold. upper 20s. a little breeze. we will end up with sunshine
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for all. temperatures mid to a few upper 50s. big changes toward the end of the week. now an update on the traffic with sal. traffic is moving well on 680 southbound. no problem there is. also this morning we are looking at northbound 280 getting up to the 880 interchange that traffic is moving along very nicely. let's go back to the desk. our top story this morning the devastation in new zealand after a powerful earthquake. this video shows the wide spread damage across christchurch. 65 people are confirmed dead but 100 others are still missing in collapsed billings. kraig debro is in oakland with more on the devastation and the local connection. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. we are talking to lester mckey. he's an expatriot new zealander. he spent last night trying to find out about family and
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friends. he got ahold of his family. they are all okay that includes aunts and uncles and family members. now this quake was devastating because it was a 6.3 magnitude quake not only because it killed 65 people but according to mckey there is likely to be more dead and injured found in all the rebel there. rescue workers and people that were walking by buildings that were crumbling. trying to save people from the wreckage there. some successful, some jury still out on. but for the next few days that will be the case. mckey said they just had anet quake on september 4th. they just heard from friends of his yesterday morning hours before the earthquake. they had just had their homes condemned and they can rebuild their lives. it's a double whammy that happened to them.
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the recovery will be awhile. >> they are all shocked. it takes a lot for my mom to be upset. she was devastated on the phone last night. >> reporter: they are all okay? >> they are. about midnight i had text messages from my sister, brother, my cousins and aunts and uncles. pretty much everybody is accounted for now. >> reporter: again this is the second earthquake to hit there in just a few months. lester mckey says help is on the way from nearby australia. there is also military presence in christchurch. it's not a huge base but it serves one of the nearby larger bases in the region. so equipment from that u.s. base will likely be used in the recovery efforts and cleanup efforts. sadly he expects them to be finding more people who did not surviveth earth -- survive the earthquake in the coming days.
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this happened during the worst time of day. during the workday on a tuesday. we will be hearing more from lester mckey. reporting live in oakland kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:34. in a couple of hours from now grief councils will be -- brief counsels will be on campus. the memorial for miller and powell is scheduled for 6:00 p.m. wednesday at shell ridge open space in walnut creek where the teenagers often hiked. yesterday the coroner finished the autopsies on the two teens. test results confirmed the two person inflatable raft was danger. they drowned during saturday's powerful rainstorm. friends say tomorrow night's vigil will help a community
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that is mourning. >> it will help a little. some people need that and some people have to deal with it alone. >> family members say they still have no idea why the two teenagers decided to go rafting during a big rainstorm. investigators say both teams were wearing helmets but they were not wearing life vests. a vallejo man is recovering from a gunshot injury after police say he became the wrong target in a drive-by shooting. it happened sunday afternoon. vallejo police say three people in a small green car opened fire on a 22-year-old man hitting him in the leg. officers now say that man is an innocent victim and not the ebbed together. police are looking for the three men and their car possibly an accra. we have good news to report on a story we first told you about yesterday. rescue crews located missing
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southern california hiker brian kariko yesterday alive and well. he was found in a snow cave after he got lost in a snowstorm on saturday. he had drawn three x's in the snow as a sign of distress and that is how rescuers found him. time now 5:36. in foster city it appears not everyone is obeying the city's off lease dog rules. they were supposed to be policing themselves. ktvu jade hernandez has more on what the city plans to do to enforce these rules. >> reporter: good morning. the rule is simple. a three-dog limit inside of this dog park. you can see it's a pretty good size fenced in dog park. there were a few rules they had to keep in mind. bring in more than three dogs without a leash could be too much. so don't. foster city wanted users to
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police themselves. now they are turning back to the police department because there are a few dog owners and walkers who refuse to comply. the director of foster city parks and recreation wanted violators to face a civil fine up to 100. they also wanted police to site offenders with a civil demeanor only if the officer personally witnessed the offense. the rules apply to several parks here in foster city from 5:00-8:00 on weekdays. now that ordnance passed but now enforcement is a problem. one dog owner we talked to 15 minutes ago said too many dogs in the park causes too many problem. >> they cannot see the dog has a mess on the ground. five of them is too many of them. three is a max. >> reporter: all of the above
5:38 am
enforcement measures we mentioned were approved back in december but it was an amendment. tonight we'll hear whether the city council will push police to step up their patrols. we will bring you out live here. this is an announcement of that amendment of the three dog rule. of course public comment is welcome tonight at 6:30. we'll have more on that coming up. reporting live jade hernandez. >> time now 5:38. later today a san francisco man will formerly be charged for beating a priest he claims molested him when he was a boy. today's arraignment comes two weeks after judge ordered william lynch to go on trial for felony assault. it car is are -- it carries a four year prison sentence. daly city police have not said if charges will be filed against a couple that triggered an intense six-hour standoff.
5:39 am
we followed this story live. police responded to reports of shots being fired at a home at 5:00 yesterday morning. they were confronted a woman at the front door. when they approached her the boyfriend pulled her in. shortly after 11:00 a.m. yesterday morning the couple came out of the home and peacefully surrounderred. luckily no one was hurt. today the santa clara city council will take steps to get funds to rebuild a 49ers stadium. governor brown has declared getting rid of it and putting the money toward education. people living in san francisco's tenderloin district are making a plea for more public restroom. they complain the homeless are using their streets and
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sidewalks as a public toilet. one local community group opened a public bathroom themselves. sal is in charge of getting you where you need to go. he's watching interstate 80 right now. >> that is right. we will look at interstate 80 coming in from vallejo and richmond and berkeley. it is nice but it is getting heavy. a lot more people on the road today. coming down to the toll plaza and getting into san francisco. san francisco traffic looks pretty good along northbound 101. northbound 101 traffic looks good approaching the 80 split. and if you are driving on this is a look at the map system from hayward to union city it looks pretty good. if you are still coming in on 580, that also is doing well from livermore to castro valley. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal.
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we do have clear skies. that is the good news. it's cold out there. temperatures will rebound. mid 250s to up -- mid 50s to upper 50s. so a little breezy it will be sunny today. tomorrow another cold morning. and then mostly sunny. cold lows again. thursday, friday, and saturday very, very cold. one of the coldest air mass in a long time if everything keeps coming in as advertised. low snow levels here. if you are heading to the sierra, prime time would be friday night. possibility of very powdery snow. get up there early or wait until sunday. it could be tough friday into saturday. lake port is 24 degrees. kentwood is 29. fairfax and clayton both 32. menlo park at 35. so is concord and fairfield. so there is cold readings. 35 san rafael.
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i did see a 33 not too far away from that official reading there. 36 livermore and 37 redwood city. 38 sunnyvale is what i saw. this system from yesterday did exactly what we thought. this is gone. we get the clear behind it. the drier air in there. again with that cold morning temperatures will start off upper 20s. 30s for some. some 40s. it will be sunny today for everybody. slightly breezy at times. now we focus our attention to the north as that cold system gets closer and closer. sunny and breezy. sunny and breezy. a cold morning. today looks like a beautiful day. just not very warm until later on. santa rosa 58. 56 berkeley. 56 antioch and 56 in san francisco with 50s to near 60s.
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redwood city 59. sunny today. clear beautiful morning. mostly sunny wednesday afternoon. here comes that colder air. the real cold air comes in friday, afternoon evening. time now 5:43. a special treat for you giant fans. the giants training will be streamed live. the first season game is friday. pitcher brian wilson confirms he left spring training camp in arizona on friday to spend the evening with trouble hollywood star charlie sheen. brian wilson denies those reports he went to -- he was asked to meet with charlie sheen to talk about a fourth installment of the major league film series.
5:44 am
the census bureau releases its dying counting list and there are plenty from california. he won the super bowl in nascar on sunday. the racing star will be right here in the bay area. good morning, traffic accident is moving well in the south bay. northbound traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. we'll tell you more straight ahead.
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good morning, skies are clear. it's cold. a lot of 30s and few upper 20s. we'll have sunshine today. highs maid to mid to upper -- mid to upper 50s. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a looks at the top stories we are following for you right now. new zealand's second largest city is in ruins after a big
5:47 am
earthquake. about 13 hours ago the 6.3 quake hit outside christchurch new zealand. we know of 65 people are dead. more than 100 may be trapped in collapsed buildings ings. the search for them continues. many libyan government officials have resigned already. they are protesting the killing of demonstrators by libyan government troops. racial profiling is being redefined by the san jose police department. they will be considered a violation for a san jose police officer to show bias at any time during an encounter with the public. among them a proposal by bay area lawmaker to create standard pay, overtime, and
5:48 am
vacation for housekeepers nannies, and care givers. another would charge a tax per penny an ounce on sweetened beverages. one bill will allow landlords to ban smoking in rental units. a carr mole low family man -- a caramel family man to protect sea otters. in 2010 more than $250,000 was raised through the protection fund. the option is set to expire this year. the new census estimate shows one-fourth of u.s. counties are losing population. it's a phenomenon called natural decrease when a county experiences more deaths than births. in california those counties include almador, mariposa,
5:49 am
modoc. it happens in mostly rural counties when young people cannot find jobs and move to big cities. st. peters burg, florida is out searching for a man that shot and killed a police officer. it's the third police officer to be killed in the line of duty in st. petersburg. >> this city has been through hell. it took 30 years to lose an officer in the line of duty. and within 30 days it has happened again. >> police say their officers were called to the city's downtown area around 10:30 last night looking for a suspicious person when the officer approached the man there was gunfire exchanged. a 25-year police veteran was shot several times. it's not known if that suspect was hit. he did escape from the area. last month two st. petersburg police officers were killed when they helped serve a
5:50 am
warrant. borders bookstores are attracting big crowds. but despite the deals they are not happy. >> it's kind of sad. i really like come into the bookstore. it's a feeling you don't get from going online and buying books. >> now as we have been telling you 11 bay area border stores are being closed as the bankruptcy. officially boarer says the stores will shut down in april but ktvu has been told once a store shelves are cleared, the doors will close for good. the new star of nascar racing will be right here in the bay area this evening. on sunday, trevor bayne became the youngest racer ever to win the daytona 500. his big victory came one day after his 20th birthday. at 5:30 this afternoon bayne will be at a nascar promotional event at the gave dellly --
5:51 am
ghirardelli ice cream shop. meantime nascar is honoring twin brothers from tracy. nascar will name a race after marine sergeant hanson and his brother daniel. he was killed in a roadside bomb attack in san francisco in 2009. a 400-mile car race in virginia will now be called the hanson brother's 400. time now 5:51. let's check in with sal. >> all right dave and pam traffic is moving along realtively well if you are driving around the bay area it should be a nice start for you. there is one problem southbound 101 near whipple avenue. the traffic is light. it's not causing a huge delay. this is a look at westbound bay bridge the traffic has not reached critical mass just yet. it usually gets that way around 6:15 when they turn the
5:52 am
metering lights on. the morning commute on westbound 92 the san mateo bridge looks pretty good. let's go to steve. >> all right, sal, we are expecting a beautiful day but not until we have cold numbers out there. lake port 21 degrees. felton 32. menlo park 35. a lot of 30s around and 40s. san rafael starting off 35 degrees. so it's a cold beginning. sunny and 50 at noon. so temperatures even though they will be sunshine they will struggle to warm up as the one system moves on down the coast. that one is long gone. everyone will be okay tomorrow. then we will draw our attention to a cold system which will be moving in thursday, friday, and saturday. it's a cold beginning especially through parts of the north bay. we'll have a clear day today and then temperatures sunshine
5:53 am
breezy. cold morning. gives way to slightly warmer afternoon highs. temperatures 50s to a few upper 50s. if we get enough of a breeze we might get a 60 but probably upper 50s should do it. 57 vallejo. downtown oakland at 57. fremont at 57. 56 half-moon bay. san jose 59. temperatures will be about the same tomorrow. thursday here comes that cold air mass. there will be off and on showers. cold rain and snow levels arrive friday night. it has been one year since new credit card regulations went into effect and card holders are paying less for fees on their accounts opinion the consumer protection bureau reports card holders paid $427 million in late fees last year but that is less than half the penalties paid in 2009. one reason for the drop is the new $25 cap on late fees. the bureau also says six of the
5:54 am
nine largest card issuers no longer charge when account holders go over their limit. block buster which is under bankruptcy has put up for a sale. the video rental chain owes nearly $1 billion in debt so it is asking the bankruptcy court to allow an auction it says would take place before the end of april. and the best buy electronics chain is expanding the number of stores it has in china. it has over 150 stores. now it plans to add at least 40 more before the end of next year. time now 5:55. still waiting for that big wave. why the surfers and the fans of the maverick surf contest say both nature and the calendar are making them very nervous. she will do something for the oakland a's that no other woman has done for the team before.
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welcome back to the morning news. the maverick contest window is closing in less than a week. there is no big waves on the horizon. that is the word from forecasters that say maverick's big wave invitational is likely a no go this year. the right combination of swell, wind, and weather will probably not happen. it's not a huge surprise for surfers they say because it's
5:58 am
alanin yeah year it's not good for producing consistent big waves. the oakland a's will make history for the first time a woman will pitch batting practice for the team. yesterday justeen seagal became the first woman to pitch batting practice. seagal said she has had a lot of controversy. >> a lot of people said no. i sat the bench a lot. >> she grew up pitching for the cleveland indians. she brought her 13-year-old daughter to spring training with her hopes o ever inspiring her to never give up on her dreams. >> nice. 17 bullets ripped through an east bay home and police think they know who is responsible. a very important warning going out to grocery shoppers
5:59 am
in one bay area city this morning. good morning, clear, cold out there. highs today will warm up.


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