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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  February 22, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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look at this. after shock still rocking new zealand today. rescuers struggling to reach quake victims who may be trapped underneath the rubble. it's a cold one out there. this may feel like a warming trend as we head toward the end of the week. we'll explain. a warning for grocery shoppers in oakland. what is effecting shop everies as they leave the -- what is effecting shoppers as they leave the store. good morning, thank you for waking up with us on this tuesday, february 22nd i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you very much. we have clear skies. patchy fog may be showing up around 280 and highway 92. i don't think it will last very long. what is there it will be sunshine. temperatures in the 30s. we will end up with mid 50s and
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upper 50s. it is breezy especially in the higher elevations. now an update on the traffic. traffic moving well getting up to highway 17. we are looking at the commute on 680 south it looks good. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. we are still following developing news coming to you from new zealand. a big earthquake hit that country killing at least 63 people and trapping many more in the rubble. it was a magnitude 6.3 quake. it hit at 1:00 in the afternoon. several after shocks have shaken this area. the biggest one measuring 5.6. take a look at this video. this is after one of the after shocks. people ran into the streets trying to avoid collapsing debris. 65 people are confirmed to be dead. that number is expected to go
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up. this is a second strong earthquake to hit christ church in five months. one talked about the violent shaking he felt during that volt. >> absolutely frightening. it was the roughest ride we've ever had. >> now overnight we learned as many as 100 people. look at this picture of a guy lowering himself. as many as 100 people may still be trapped inside of buildings. you can see in a high-rise building like this people are trapped as high as the 17th floor because the stairs collapsed. some able to climb down through the window as you just saw. fire officials say they may not be able to get everyone out until some time tomorrow. here in the bay area an oakland man has been able to contact family living in new zone land. >> they were all shocked. >> lester mckey grew up outside christchurch. he tells us he has been able to
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connect with his sister, brother, cousin, aunts and uncles through text messaging. be sure to stay with us at ktvu and our channel 2 website for the very latest news from new zealand. we will bring you any more new developments as soon as we get them. here at home a police in oakland have a warning for shoppers. most of the victims have one interesting thing in common. ali. >> reporter: pam, all of the victims have been robbed one to two hours after they go grocery shops. right now we're in downtown oakland. we are waiting for the commander in charge of investigating this trend to gets in a little about an hour from now. we spoke to two police lieutenants who said it's happening at grocery stores. that is the safeway off of redwood hill. place say it apierce one or two
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robbery suspects hang out in the parking lot of the store and the robbers look for a specific type of victim then follow that shopper home. now once they are home the suspect perceives to rob the shoppers. the suspects have robbed the victims in their driveways, on the streets, and in some cases in the garages of their own home. in the past month there have been seven robberies like this. in most cases the shoppers have been coming from that redwood road safeway. there may be other locations the shoppers have come from when they do get robbed. the other similarity in the other victims they have all been women. we expect to get a little more information when that commander investigating this trend gets in. for now we are live in oakland. police in pleasanton want your help in identifying a man's body. officers found the body around 7:20 yesterday morning near the train tracks on valley avenue east of case avenue. investigators say it is a suspicious death.
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now the victim is described as a white man in his late 40s or early 50s. he was about six feet tall weighing about 250 pounds he was wearing gray shorts and a blue sweatshirt. time now 6:06. racial profiling is being redefined by the san jose police department. the san jose mercury news reports it will be a violation for a san jose police officer to show bias at any time during an encounter with the public. it used to be considered a violation only if the officer first initiated contact. the change comes less than a month after police chief chris moore took over the police department which in the past has been accused of using excess i have force and -- excessive force and racial profiling. it looks like not everyone is obeying the off leash dog rules. and tonight they will take on the issue. jade hernandez joins us from one dog park where this is a
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hot topic. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. tonight there is already an announcement posted for that public session that is scheduled to take place at 6:30 tonight. it's the amendment of a dog limit rule. it's an amendment that will change the way foster city deals with its dog park. the owners that have had the most trouble with dog walkers that make more money. the dogs come to the park and have so many dogs. it's hard to pick up after them. in december a parks and reck committee approved making an amendment to the three dog off leash rules. police could also site offenders with a civil demeanor. the rule would apply to several parks from 5:00-8:00 on weekdays and from 5:00 a.m. toth a.m. in the designated areas. that is in foster city. now it's up to the foster city
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council tonight to arizona prove the amendment to their three-dog limit ordnance. i want you to come back out live this morning. we are live at bo park. it's hard to to tell at this area this is a good sized fence enclosed dog park. they hoped dog owners and workers could enforce themselves. that hasn't turned out to be the safe. reporting live jade hernandez back to you. let's see what is happening on the roads. you watching the toll plaza? >> we are. right now traffic is doing welcoming up to the pay gates here. this tuesday that may seem like a monday for all of you it's seeming monday like here. people are showing up. they will turn the metering lights on. we will have a little bit of a crowd. there are no crashes on the way. this morning's commute has been okay on northbound 101. that traffic goods good in
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peninsula. if you are -- there is a crash there. also looking at the other side and hayward city fremont that traffic is looking okay. a little bit of small traffic on 880 northbound opinion let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have clear skies. it will be a beautiful day. it's cold out there right now. so a cold morning and sunny and breezy. mainly in the higher elevations. it's a northerly breeze. tonight and tomorrow more of the same. mostly sunny. those clouds could develop late in the day. thursday, friday, and saturday very cold. very cold air mass will settle in. we'll have off and on rain. they could get way down there. there will be a lot of powder. lake port is 224 de-- lake port is 24 degrees this morning.
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santa cruz mountains 32. menlo park at 35. 34 concord. 33 fairfield. and 30s and 40s. 42 oakland. we are losing that breeze. temperatures have been coming down. 36 redwood city. san rafael starting off at 34 detoday. 508 at noon and -- 50 at noon and 65 at a high today. there goes that other system right down the coast. with that in mind we're on the northern edge of it. we get the cold air. any breeze keeps temperatures up slightly. it will be breezy at times but it will be sunny as that system goes to the south. the next system coming down to the gulf of alaska will give us a very interesting weather pattern. today will be sunny. it will be gorgeous. it's cold out there. 50s to end up with. nevada 58. everyone is close here. 59 redwood city.
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we will go 58 in los gatos. more the same wednesday. it will be all right. thursday we start to cloud it up. here comes the cold air. really starts to move in unafraid. friday night into saturday. we'll have low snow levels there. >> once again. thank you, steve. pressure is growing for libyan leader moammar gadhafi to step down. also a new feature on facebook. the reason why some say stalkers will like it.
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we are breaking news to report. sad news according to the u.s. defense department the four americans on board that hijacked yacht off the coast of simial yeah have -- of somalia have been killed. mckay's mother lives here in san francisco. she told us she was worried about her daughter's safety. they have been sailing around the world on their yacht since 2004 distributing bibles. we are hearing from a u.s. official the four americans have been killed. time now is 6:15. pressure also mounting on libyan leader moammar gadhafi to step down. as alison burns reports a u.n. security council is holding an
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emergency meeting to respond to his brutal crack down on protestors. >> reporter: dave, moammar gadhafi's government seems to be falling apart. top officials have turned against him accusing his regime as genocide. and u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton has issued the strongest statement yet from the united states. she says the world is watching the situation in libya with alarm. now is the time to stop this unacceptable blood shed. gadhafi is still in tripoli. he made a brief appearance outside of his home to show he has not fled after many have speculated he has. they try -- the international federation of human rights estimates 300 to 400 people have been killed. the u.n. security council meets in emergency session today to
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decide how to respond. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns. meantime the king of bahrain has ordered the release of political prisoners. this is a way to calm a week- long uprising. they called the prisoner release a good step and positive gesture. another massive demonstration is scheduled today in bahrain as they wait for the much anticipated return of an opposition leader that has been out of that country for years. today united nations secretary general is in hollywood to convince the movie industry to include the dangers of global warming in their story lines. they say speaking to presidents and prime ministers about climate change can only go so far. movie producers, directors, and actors have a world-wide reach. we have new details about the guest list at last week's exclusive silicon valley dinner that president obama attended.
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according to the center for politics ten of the 11 companies contributed to president obama's 2008 campaign. google donated $108,000. facebook $34,000. twitter the least generous of the bunch $750. in israel they are trying to figure out a way to allow google street view to photograph israeli cities despite it could be used by terrorist attacks. they instructed the experts to work with georgiaen to find a -- google to find a safe way top use that feature. there is new graffiti threatening both president obama and jerry brown. one said i'm quoting governor brown will die soon. another says why does obama
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lie? police say racist slogans were painted nearby. similar threats showed up next month. the secret service and the chp are investigating. 6:18 is the time right now. let's go back over to sal who is watching traffic this morning. how is the commute? >> it's okay. as a matter of fact, the traffic is doing pretty well around the bay area. i encourage you to join the conversation if you want to contact me some way. there at or twitter and let me know how you public transportation commute is going. we want to hear from you if you are taking bart or muni. this is 880 oakland traffic is moving along very well here and the oakland corridor. the morning commute is going to be okay if you are driving in san francisco along northbound 101. getting out to the lower deck of the bay bridge. most people coming in from oakland and san francisco that is okay. they have not switched on the metering lights or they will
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shortly. if you are taking public transportation, especially vta and you are using that new clipper card drop me a tweet to let me know how it's going. overall it's clear and cold out there. temperatures today almost start to rebound. a little breeze out there. santa rosa northwest 6. oakland at five. there is a puff out there. our system from yesterday could not have been drawn up better. it went right down the coast. 30s for almost everybody. oakland is down to 42. hayward 41. get a good look at it. just spinning. parallel to the coast. now we will start to focus our attention to the north as an extremely cold low gets ready to drop in here thursday, friday, and saturday. today sunshine. cold in the morning.
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bundle up layers. if you are in the sun 2:00 or 3:00 might not be bad. so we'll have more of the same on wednesday. and then here it comes. we get the cold air and showering in nature. then it will be a cold rain on friday with lowering snow levels friday night into saturday. extremely low snow levels are possible with a lot of powder. some of that colorado utah snow up there in the mountains. >> that would be nice. thank you, steve. early this morning walmart reported another drop in quarterly sales at its u.s. stores. it's the seventh quart never a row the largest retailer has seen a decline. despite that walmart still earned $5 billion-quarterly. that is more than this time last year. walmart has been losing many of its customers to dollar stores. it was a different story from the home depot that
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reported better profits. income rose to $587 million. net profits serged 72%. sales topped $15 billion which is $300 million more than predicted. home depot credits consumers doing more small remodelings and home repair projects. there is a new app for facebook so you don't have to keep checking the relationship status of someone you want to know better. the app is called breakup notifier. now it promises to help make you the first to know when somebody you're interested in is out of a relationship. it may sound like stalking to some people. despite that more than 100,000 people have already signed up for it. it's a few weeks early for an april fools day prank but athletes at a spring training day camp was set up for a good one. also a terrifying crash.
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this one sent a bus crashing off a snowy mountain road. the obstacle the victim's family members faced as they rushed to the scene.
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breaking news. we are getting new details
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about this breaking news of the four americans on board a hijacked yacht off the coast of somalia. we found out ten minutes ago they were killed by their captors. u.s. forces were trying to negotiate with the prior toes. during the negotiations gunshots were heard on the yacht. u.s. forces boarded the yacht. they found the four americans dead. there were more than a dozen pirates on board there as well. some of them are dead. others were captured. bob wriggle. were traveling with gene adams. the adams have been sailing around the world on their yacht since 2004. they have been distributing bibles. the time is 6:26. the national football league combine kicks off tomorrow. but that annual event is not all serious. we want to show you what happened when some of the
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college prospects outside of orlando were told a gorilla had escaped from disney's animal kingdom. but that is really a man in that gorilla suit giving a big scare to the future nfl rookies. they were practicing drills ahead of tomorrow's events. one person is dead and nearly two dozen hurt after a bus collided with another vehicle and slid off a mountain highway in southern california. the bus was carrying teenage members of a korean church. the driver lost control on a curve in san bernardino county he was pronounced dead at the scene. victim's family members say they were not given much information on the crash they just rushed to the hospital. >> they tried to calm our fears a bit but until we see caleb and talk to him and make sure he's okay, i'm not going to
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take anything for granted. >> the highway patrol says the mountain road was wet but not icy. investigators say there were until seat belts on that bus. shoppers being followed home and robbed. it's a warning coming from police in one bay area community. who the officers say is being targeted. and an oakland man from new zealand tells us the story of his family. how he was able to get ahold of him and make sure he was okay.
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welcome back. right on time there is the opening bell. live in new york this morning. could be pretty busy. overnight global markets took a big drop. mostly because of the unrest the situation in libya, the new zealand earthquake did not help things. we do have good numbers to
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report. home depot beat the streets estimates. that stock looks like it's already starting to trade up about 2% on the opening. but you can take a live look at the new york stock exchange. the dow jones is down about 40 points. we'll see what happened. >> we'll go ahead and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news i'm dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook. time now is 6:30. our top story this morning the developing news from new zealand powerful earthquake creating devastation in the city of christchurch. that magnitude 6.3 quake hit at 1:00 in the afternoon new zealand time. right now the death toll sits at 5: -- sits at 65. many people still trapped inside those collapsed buildings. kraig debro is in oakland with the bay area connection to this
6:31 am
devastation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. that is exactly the word you we are getting from the man we have heard from. it's about 3:30 in the morning right now in christchurch. here at 6:30 in the morning a man that grew up in the country's second largest city lester mckey is glued to his laptop looking for word from missing friends. he says his family is okay. he found out about the quake from his sister that sent him a text message. he raced here to the high land hospital area home. hard wire and cell phone tires are knocked out limiting communications. but mckey says he's heeding advice from authorities. leave the phone lines open for emergency crews. dozens of deaths are reported. the number of deaths will likely rise. the timing of the quake may have magnified death and injury. it struck during lunchtime on
6:32 am
tuesday. still making it dangerous to even try to pull trapped people from the wreckage. lester mckey's families are okay. >> i haven't heard from joe, richard, i haven't heard from definitely those two people. >> reporter: lester's extended family members are accounted for and healthy. we are hoping to show you pictures that family members are senning him from the quake zone. some quake zones you will not see anywhere else. we will monitor that situation. reporting live in oakland kraig debro ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. be sure to stay with us here at ktvu and our channel 2 website for the very latest news and updates from new zealand. we will bring you any new updates as soon as they come
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available. this morning grief counselors will be on the campus. the memorial for matthew miller and gave powell is scheduled -- and gavin powell is scheduled for 6:00 wednesday at shell ridge open space where the boys often hike. the yesterday the coroner completed autopsies on the two teenagers. those test results confirm the two person inflatable raft was no match for the danger fast moving waters and the boys drowned. their grieving families still have no idea why the boys decided to go rafting during saturday's powerful rainstorm. >> gavin was a wonderful kid. and to do such inexplicable stunt is beyond the comprehension of anybody in the family. >> investigators say both teenagers were wearing helmets but they were not wearing life
6:34 am
vests. vallejo police are searching for three men that shot an innocent man in a drive- by shooting. vallejo police say three men in a small green car opened fire on a 22-year-old man hitting him in the leg. officers say that man was an innocent victim was not the intended target. police are searching for those men and their car. it was possibly a green accra. now we do have good news to tell you about this morning. a story we first told you about yesterday. rescue crews found a missing southern california hiker. brian karico yesterday. he's alive and well. he was found in a snow cave that he built after he got lost in a snowstorm saturday. he had drawn three x's in the snow as a sign of distress. that is how the rescuers found
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him. later today a san francisco man will be formerly charged for beating a priest that he claims molested him when he was a boy. today's arraignment comes two weeks after the judge ordered lynch to go on trial for felony assault. that charge carries a maximum four year prison sentence. lynch has more vocal supporters saying the priest not lynch should be going on trial. police in oakland have an important warning for shoppers and ktvu allie rasmus just talked to police this morning and tells us now what they are saying. allie. >> reporter: all of the victims in this crime trend are getting robbed one to two hours after they go to the grocery store. we are hoping to speak one of the lead investigators of this crime trend. they are expected to get in a half hour to 45 minutes from now. we had a chance to speak over the phone to two police lieutenants. they explained the trend is happening at grocery stores like the one you are looking at
6:36 am
in this video. this is the safeway grocery store. it appears one or two robbery suspects hang out in the parking lot there. they spot someone finishing up their grocery shopping and follow that shopper home. once they are home police say the suspects rob the shoppers of their purses and belongings. they have taken place in the driveway, in the street, or the garages of the victim's homes. in the past month there have been at least seven robberies like this. many originating from the safeway on redwood road. one of the acting lieutenants we spoke to early this morning say there will may be a few instances when shoppers left and are robbed. all of the victims have been women. coming up in the next hour or so we will hear from one of the investigators on the case to ask them about this trend and more information about the suspects. reporting live in oakland allie rasmus ktvu channel 2 news. thank you. time now is 6:37.
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let's get the latest on traffic and the toll plaza. >> it's hard to get a little bit of a crowd there dave and pam traffic will be busy if you are driving to the toll plaza here. the metering lights have been switched on. we are getting a little bit of a crowd. nothing too bad of course. but it is certainly deeper than it was yesterday when we had the holiday. traffic on the upper deck looks good. this is a look at interstate 880 in oakland. you can see the commute is beginning to wake up. if you drive from hayward to fremont there is a little bit of slow traffic heading down that way. this morning if you are driving in the south bay that traffic is moving along very well. let's go to steve. all right, sal, thank you. clear skies. patchy fog around the peninsula but that is about it. it's cold out. a lot of low 30s for many. it will be sunny today. tomorrow will look pretty good. big changes start on thursday. really though it's friday and saturday look to be the prime
6:38 am
time. especially up in the mountains and around here. cold morning. sunny and breezy. not too bad. there is a little breeze. you can get about 25-30 miles an hour. surface not too bad. cold lows again tomorrow. mostly sunny thursday, friday, and saturday. no doubt about it. rain and snow levels could get down there pretty far. first lake port is 24. san helena 29. felton 32. menlo park at 35 degrees. there goes yesterday's system went right on down exactly like we thought it would. that didn't happen. we had just the clouds. 30s for temperatures or 40s. even 44 in san francisco. but 32 santa rosa. 32 napa. 34 concord. starting off clear. cold morning. we'll have sunshine today. 50 at noon. 56 for a high today. temperatures slightly below average.
6:39 am
a little northwest at santa rosa. southwest at 5. san francisco southeast five. there is a little hint of a breeze. one system moves out and the really cold one will start to work its way in. usually when they come down that far north they don't have a lot of moisture. any moisture means very low snow levels. today we start off with 30s and upper 20s. it will be sunny today and breezy at times. high pressure is our fair weather friend for two days. sunny and breezy a little warmer. highs in the 50s to mid 50s. we can get a north wind. slightly warmer. it will be in the mid to upper 50s. north bay, east bay. it won't matter. tomorrow about the same. we cloud it up thursday. more showery in nature. cold morning on friday. a really cold rain and possibility of low snow level. >> all right. he won the super bowl of nascar on sunday. this evening that young racing star will be here in the bay area. foster city already has an
6:40 am
off leash law of three dog limit per park. but it's the law enforcement part that city officials and parks and reck officials are worried about. that story and more we'll be right back.
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>> here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are
6:43 am
following for you. 30 minutes ago we found out four americans that were being held hostage have been killed. apparently by their captors. now the pentagon is reporting u.s. forces tried to negotiate the release of those americans when they heard gunfire on the yacht. when the u.s. forces boarded the yacht, they found the four americans dead. a search continues right now in new zealand second largest city after a big powerful earthquake. it was a 6.3 quake. more than 100 may be trapped in collapsed buildings. already confirmed 65 are today. libya's ambassador to the u.s. are calling for moammar gadhafi to step down. you are looking at a live picture of what is happening there. the you see the crowds, you see them holding pictures of gadhafi. now many libyan government
6:44 am
officials have already resigned just to protest the killing of demonstrators. we are hearing gadhafi is about to address his country on state tv. in foster city it appears not everyone is obeying the city's leash laws. ktvu jade hernandez is at a dog park this morning in the area to talk about an important meeting tonight. jade. >> reporter: good morning, we are live at bo park right here in foster city. i just spoke to a dog owner any one time in the afternoon there could be up to 40 dogs inside of this park. there is a three-dog limit once you get inside these gates. the problem is enforcement. some dog owners and dog walkers are not abiding by that limit. and the parks and recreation department along with city officials had hoped the dog owners and walkers could enforce themselves. they approved making an amendment to the three-dog
6:45 am
rule. violators would face a civil fine up to $100. the rule would apply to several parks including cad ma ran. , religion water, and only on sunday from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. in the designated area. now it's up to the foster city council to approve their limit to the three-dog limit. changes one dog owner told me should be made. >> they cannot see the dogs has a mess on the ground. five of them. five of them are too many of them. three is a max. >> reporter: if changes are made by the city council. police issued citation would be forwarded to the city attorney who would make an independent attorney. that could meet a letter to active or pursue a civil fine. i want to come back out live
6:46 am
here. this is an announcement made of the amendment of the dog rule here in foster city. there will be a city council meeting tonight for public comment. that public comment is at 6:30. reporting live jade hernandez. the new star of nascar race willing be in the bay area this evening. on sunday trevor bayne became the first youngest -- the youngest winner to become a winner. bayne will be at a nascar event. that is at 900 north point street at san francisco's fisherman's war -- wharf. california's rising traffic penalties are being called a tax by another name. red light camera violations cost $470 compared to $371 three years ago.
6:47 am
if you are caught running a stop sign you have to pay $236. that is up from $161. and fees that are tact on to pay for traffic school, they double to $49 over three years. lawmakers say that revenue has helped to prevent even deeper cuts. all right let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. >> we are watching the toll plaza at this time of the morning just because it starts getting busier in this half hour it kind of ramps up. it's busier than we last saw it. it's backed up for a 15 minute. it's more between 10-15 here before you make it on the bridge. also if you are using the san mateo or dumbarton bridge it looks good. there have been fog advisories on the hill. 280 in the burling game area. slow traffic getting up to highway 17. northbound 17 traffic getting
6:48 am
up to highway 680 this is northbound 280 traffic that is moving well getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve. clear skies. any patchy fog will get wiped out pretty fast. players if you -- layers if you are heading out there. a cold morning. sunny and breezy. not too bad. tomorrow mostly sunny. it will be clear in the morning and afternoon will get a few clouds. thursday we start to get a few clouds in here. lake port is 24. st. helena 28. menlo park 35. there is a lot of 30s out there take your pick or very low 40s. one system just skirts right down the coast. that's what that one did. behind that one the northern edge of it the drier air has moved in. right up there. right off of vancouver that is
6:49 am
the really cold system. today sunny and breezy. a little warmer. not a lot. temperatures yesterday were in the low 50s to mid 50s. today mid to upper 50s. nevada 58. napa 57. 59 san jose. 56 half-moon bay. so not too bad. better than yesterday. about the same tomorrow. then we cloud it up thursday. cold rain friday. friday night into saturday. that's when we can get very low snow levels. >> thank you, steve. a few minutes ago we got the latest reports on home prices. it shows prices for homes sold were down 1%. prices in 11 of the markets including seattle, phoenix, new york, las vegas, and detroit hit their lowest level since the housing bust began in 2006. let's check in on the numbers on wall street this morning. i pulled them up. dow jones, nasdaq, s & p down
6:50 am
this morning. the dow down 73 points. i love that because of what happened overnight. the situation in libya is weighing on the global stock market. later today there is a live look at the big board. dow jones down 66 points to 12, 324. kraft is introducing its first new product in 50 years. the product called mio or mine in italian is a line of liquid flavorings. it is expected to be in stores next month. we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back. ougog t bk.
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atst fwa. wi cseuidesi yr arho, u stnaa cte, wi cseuidesi hise a de. yr arho,
6:53 am
ke sp rwdte, we are awaiting libya leader that is supposed to address his country live on libyan state tv. now this comes as increasing calls for him to step down. a number of libyan ambassadors have resigned to protest the deadly attacks. countries deputy u.n. ambassador has called for an urgent meeting of the security council. that will take place later today. our washington, d.c. bureau is covering part of that story.
6:54 am
we are looking live in libya where we are waiting to hear from moammar gadhafi. we do not know if they will be translating this morning. we will continue to watch this. >> a lot happening there. time now 6:54. back here at home the maverick surf contest window closes in less than awoke. there are no big waves ons horizon. that's what we are hearing for the forecasters that say maverick's big wave invitational will be a no go this year. the right combination of the swells, wind, and weather probably will not happen. it's not a big surprise for the suffers. they say this is a la nina year that is not making good producing consistent big waves out there. in san jose the grocery store workers that lost their jobs when a store chain closed are now suing. more than 50 men and women are suing the suvianda super market chain as well as its parent
6:55 am
company. they were out of a job hen that company -- when that company went bankrupt in june. also the city of san jose wants to recover half a million dollars in taxpayer money it had investigated in that chain in 2008. winter storm is moving east after leaving more than a foot of snow in the midwest. minneapolis has declared its eighth snow emergency. the most ever recorded in one season. as much as 19 inches of snow fell in some parts. this morning minneapolis, st. paul airport is working to return to normal. that is after hundreds of flights were canceled. more snow is expected today. tonight the mt. diablo school board considers whether to close another school. silver wood and west wood in concord are at risk.
6:56 am
meantime before tonight's meeting district employees plan to stage a rally. they are encouraged by the worker protest in wisconsin and hope to call attention to stalled contract negotiations. time now 6:56. sal, what do you see in our commute? >> i see more people showing up on the commute and interesting that someone e-mailed me saying that they might start thinking about transit because of the high gas prices. let's take a look at the livermore commute. traffic is moving along okay on 580. it's a little lighter than usual. this is a look at 880 in hayward city. that traffic is not quite as thick as it normally is just yet. the morning commute on 880 north and southbound looks good right here in front of the coliseum. no major problem there is. san francisco northbound 101 traffic looks good. let's go to steve. all right thank you very much sal. we do have clear skies. any patchy fog won't stand much of a chance. it will be sunny today. the bad news it's cold out
6:57 am
from. more of the same on wednesday wednesday. that will be a slow developing system system within looks like a cold rain friday. more snow levels are possible friday night into saturday. >> thank you, steve. coming up here on mornings on 2. more on this hour's developing news. tragic news involving the four americans hijacked off the somali coast. an important warn
6:58 am
6:59 am
the tragic news came within the last few hours involving the four americans hijacked by the somali pilots. and the growing crisis in lib we ya could affect the -- libya could affect wall street. "mornings on 2" starts now.


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