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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  February 24, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PST

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good morning. investigators trying to solve a mystery involves a body found buried in a backyard. why the police are calling a missing man's wife a person of interest. well, a long anticipated system is finally beginning to arrive. already some rain is popping up. we'll talk about that and all the weather advisories for snow coming up. an early morning fire at a home in vallejo. why victims say their first desperate calls for help went unanswered. the morning news continues. good morning. thank you for waking up with
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us. it's thursday february 24th. i'm pam cook. good morning. i'm dave clark. let's checkwetter and traffic. here's steve. thank you very much pam and dave. cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. some light rain already from oakland over to the peninsula. that system is beginning to develop. you can see the heavier cloud covers to the north of us but it's all driving southward. we'll be in line for today very light rain right now towards mountain view, half-moon bay and maybe over fremont. but temperatures today low 50s. and then the winter weather advisories start for the north bay hills at 4:00 today. here's sal. right now traffic is moving along okay if you are driving on northbound 280 getting up to the 880 interchange. that traffic looks good. also this morning's commute is looking good on the grade heading south. 6:01, let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. this morning the marin county coroner will remove a body still buried in the backyard of a house in novato. police and f.b.i. found the body last night. it was buried underneath a patio at a home on rebecca way.
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kraig debro just talked with a neighbor out there. >> reporter: good morning, dave. just talked to a neighbor. just talked to a police officer who told me the body is still back there. it was about four or five feet deep. the idea is yet to be determined that's going to be up to the coroner. first they're going to exhume that body from the back of this home on rebecca way beginning today. a team of local and federal investigators in white biohazard suits working under a blue tarp spent 12 hours in the backyard of the smith home before discovering that body. the search started on tuesday and included cadaver dogs. i.j. says the missing man's wife and her attorney gave consent for the property search on the condition her attorney was present. the backyard excavation began yesterday. two weeks ago neighbor reported 74-year-old dale smith missing from his home. but neighbors tell us this morning nobody's actually seen him around here since last september. neighbors told us this morning what the wife told them last
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september about dale's whereabouts. >> she said he's on a trip. so we just kind of discounted it thinking he probably is. but we never saw him come back or anything. so that's kind of what we've been wondering. >> reporter: now one thing to keep in mind, there's no id been made on the body in the backyard. so it's a little premature to say that it is dale smith. of course he's been missing. now why is the f.b.i. here? i asked the officer on the scene. he said obviously they had to make a decision -- the police had to make a decision about whether or not to bring in the f.b.i. he suggests it was an agreement they have they need the f.b.i. or their resources they could bring them in. the other important question they brought in cadaver dogs, why did they believe there was a body in the backyard? he said he couldn't talk about that but obviously they had some evidence to indicate that. i've got a call to smith's attorney this morning to find out more about what she knows about smith's disappearance. so far all they're saying is
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that dale smith had serious health problems. reporting live in novato, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. vallejo firefighters are still on the scene of an early morning house fire. it happened at about 2:45 on sheridan street. now firefighters say that two teenagers were home at the time but escaped when smoke detectors woke them up. the 14-year-old and 15-year-old boys say they tried to get neighbors to help them but no one would answer their door. after running for about four blocks, they found their mom. she was walking home after her car broke down and was able to call 911. fire officials say the neighborhood could be to blame for neighbors refusing to come to their aid. >> it's a sad situation that nobody would answer their door for these young men in this neighborhood. i guess probably because of the crime rate. >> firefighters say most of the damage was confined to the front bedroom. and they say a curling iron that was left on was most likely the cause of that fire.
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no one else was home at the time and no injuries have been reported. time now 6:04. overnight a head on collision involving a wrong way driver happened about 10:00 last night on interstate 880 near the fifth street exit in oakland. chp says a wrong way driver crashed head on into another car. look at these pictures. that driver described as an elderly woman suffered injuries to both of her legs. the other driver complained of having pain in his ribs and his legs. chp is investigating whether alcohol was involved. vallejo police are searching for a convicted sex offender who they say has failed to register. now he is 28-year-old michael mays. convicted sex offenders are required by state law to register. his original offense involved a child under the age of 14. some good samaritans in
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oaring da are heros this morning after saving a woman from a burning car. that woman crash into a tree on highway 24 near the offramp. she was trapped when the car burst into flames. four drivers who stopped to help used fire extinguishers from their cars to put out the fire. time now 6:05. the san francisco police department gets the green light now to look into using tasers. about 11:30 last night the san francisco police commission voted 6 to 1 to allow the police department to study the use of tasers. this comes after a year of voting down a similar proposal from the former police chief. the new police chief is happy with the decision by the commission. >> i want the officers to have another tool in their tool box. another tool they can use at their disposal instead of having to use their firearm in certain situations. >> now during last night's meeting, police demonstrated incidents where a taser would have helped take dangerous suspects into custody.
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those against the plan say tasers cause very serious injuries, even death and are often used excessively. now the chief will research all the dangers and the use of tasers and then hand in his findings to the police commission. vallejo city hall is responding to growing concerns about the city's growing prostitution problem. the mayor has scheduled a special meeting of the city council next month promising a city wide crack down. that meeting follows angry complaints that police are not doing enough to fight the city's prostitution problem. some members of the community have even formed citizen patrols. they call 911 when they spot a suspected prostitute walking the streets of vallejo. we have some breaking news to report. it's just coming into the newsroom. toyota is announcing that it is recalling another 2.17 million vehicles that's here in the u.s. to address potential gas
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pedal entrapment problems. we've been covering a number of recalls from toyota and the gas pedal in particular. so, again, just being announced right now toyota recalling at 2.17 million cars. we will have the specific details as soon as we get them. all right. time now 6:07. the biggest airport in the south bay could be getting a longer name as a way to get more global recognition. ktvu's jade hernandez is live at the san jose international airport. jade, this new name idea doesn't exactly roll off your tongue, does it? >> reporter: no, it doesn't. it's pretty long. city officials want passengers outside the bay area to make the connection between silicon valley and san jose's international airport. so one of the ways that they've discussed doing that is putting silicon valley in a place right here at the airport where everyone can see that connection. that place would be in the airport's name. the discussion is to turn the san jose international airport into the -- here it is, norman
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y. no metazoan jose silicon valley international airport. what do passengers think? at this point in our unofficial polling it's mixed. >> i'm from st. louis, missouri, and people i take around the country even around the world know the term silicon valley and respect that. they assume it's a high-tech industry and i think it would be good for your area. >> it's way too long. too complicated. too difficult to remember. too difficult to type in the computer. so many reasons. >> reporter: mayor chuck reed set up a special committee to help the struggling airport which recently completed a $1.3 billion upgrade last summer. the name change is one of the ways the airport could spur business. since 2008 they've lost a quarter of passengers and third of scheduled flights. remaining flights could be pricey. there's talk about police and fire protection and also this name change. there's a committee meeting at 1:00 this afternoon right here at this airport to discuss that change. we'll have more from the airport in just about 30
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minutes. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic right now. how does it look, sal? it looks all right. we have some problems now developing. first of all go out and see what we can do about getting you into san francisco if you're driving to the bay bridge it does look good. and you know one of the things you may start to consider as the weather changes how to make commute plans for the next day. steve will talk about what the weather's going to be like in just a moment. this is a look at san francisco northbound 101 traffic looks good. if we go to the maps here, 101 down the peninsula looks good. and getting into sannen francisco looks okay. in front of stones town at 19th avenue and winston there's word of an injury accident southbound 19th avenue at winston. this is right in front of the stones town shopping mall. there are reported delays in that area especially if you're trying to get to san francisco state, you might want to give yourself extra time or go the
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back way. also delayed 28th line that runs on 19th avenue. 6:10. let's go to steve. sal, thank you very much. we've already had light rain but the main focus of this system is just to the north of us. the cold air will plunge in here tomorrow. the leading edge is beginning to move in especially up towards eureka and crescent city and some of the clouds from the west are being entrained into that. so we're getting a lot of cloud cover in advance and also some light rain stretching from over to mountain view. also from half-moon bay along skyline and 101 and 280. some light rain there heading towards santa cruz mountains. just the leading edge of this. the real story gets kicked in later on today as that cold air begins to arrive. winter weather advisories are up for the north bay hills. starts at 4:00 today. and then for the bay area hills on friday as the colder air comes in. that will start to go from the north bay to the east bay and down in the south bay and monterey peninsula. time line today shows the system is moving in today. so the rain begins today. snow level around 1500 feet.
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still a lot of cold air trapped. a very cold air moves in on friday into friday night with low snow levels. but tomorrow will be more of a cold rain and then friday night into saturday morning that's when the coldest air arrives. if there's any available moisture left, then there will be some very low snow levels and the freeze watch starts as well as the cold air comes in we get the clearing behind it. saturday night, sunday morning will look really cold. plants, might want to cover plants. not yet but the weekend. 42 concord, 47 santa rosa. that's the coldest we could find. mid-40s as the rain came in. temperatures went up a bit. a lot of low clouds in advance. the clouds are coming in from the west being drawn in from the low right there. and i'm standing right in front you can see that moisture north of the hawaiian islands being drawn in. this is not a whopper of a rain system. but any time you take that cold and the warm and moist and funnel in with a good jet stream, you'll get decent rain in the next 24 hours. sierra winter storm warning starts at 1:00 today and goes through 4:00 a.m. saturday. that's a long stretch.
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snow totals two to four feet and probably super light. snow level might go up initially but then will come back down friday to about 1,000 feet. national weather service sacramento talking about possible snow in orrville and vacaville maybe by saturday morning. how about that with flurries in sacramento. cloudy, rain begins. cooling continues. rain in the north bay. we'll start to sweep over for everybody even though there's light rain right now. low 50s for many, couple mid- 50s at best but temperature trend has been going down the last couple days. we'll hold onto that especially into tomorrow. upper 40s for highs and then the really cold war friday night and saturday. we clear it out saturday night and sunday morning's going to be brutally cold but it will be brisk and breezy but sunny and gorgeous around here and mostly sunny and warmer monday. after years of debate to save them, there is now talk and a new study that says let the delta smelt die off. the reasons why up next. also what senator feinstein plans to do now that the president says he will stop
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defending the federal ban on same sex marriage.
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welcome back to the morning news. a massive rescue operation continues in new zealand following that devastating earthquake. rescuers cheered as one survivor emerged from the rubble. but we hear 226 people are still missing. and the number of dead has gone up to 98. police say many victims may still be trapped underneath the
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collapsed canter bury television building. many other buildings still need to be searched. one man says he doesn't know what to say to his daughter about her missing mom. >> got up this morning and said where's mom. said she's still at work. >> the city is now working to repair badly damaged infrastructure caused by that magnitude 6.3 earthquake. water tanks have been set up so people can fill buckets and bottles until water service can be restored. right now gadafi is about to speak on libya state television. and at the same time, ktvu reporter allison burns has information that almost 600 americans who are trying to get out of libya are stuck on a ferry. allison. >> reporter: dave, it sounds like a very difficult and scary situation. americans who are trying to get out of tripoli have been stuck on this ferry for about 24 hours now. the state department insists
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they are protected, they're safe, they have enough food and other supplies. they're trying to go from tripoli to the island of malta. but high seas have delayed their departure for more than 24 hours and they're not leaving any time soon. meanwhile, there are more reports today of libya army units cracking down on anti- government protesters. the italian foreign ministry reports more than 1,000 people have been killed in the last week. but earlier today the son of libya leader gadafi insisted the reports of chaos and killings are all wrong. >> people should open their shops. people should go to their workplaces. you can see businesses are open. life is very normal. >> reporter: now president obama is sending secretary of state hillary clinton to geneva to coordinate a response. considering a range of punishments for libya including a no-fly zone over the country. we will have the very latest on what gadafi is saying this
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morning during my next update in about an hour. for now we're live in washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. senator feinstein plans to introduce a bill to repeal the defensive marriage act once and for all. the move follows an announcement by attorney general eric holder to stop defending the acts which defines marriage as only between a man and woman. same sex marriage advocates in the bay area are praising the decision. >> we're hoping soon that our marriages will be recognized in all 50 states from sea to shining sea that equality will be the law of land. >> legally married same sex couples could soon share federal social security benefits as well as health insurance and inheritance rights. house speaker john boehner criticizes the move saying the white house should instead focus onagriuating jobs and cutting spending. time now 6:19. you know california has water challenges. some say allowing a certain fish to just die off may help
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solve the problem. one of several new ideas in a newly released report on the health of the sacramento-san joaquin delta. scientists say it's going to be hard to reverse the decline of endangered species like the delta smelt. they said focus should shift from protecting a certain species to creating better conditions for all. right now it's 6:00 is the. go back to sal. >> we're checking a couple different thing, pam and day. traffic is getting busier. this is the time to see more people on the road. it is getting crowded heading to the bay bridge toll plaza. right now they are just about to turn the metering lights on. going to see a bigger crowd here. there's a new crash in fremont northbound 680 i want to update you san francisco 19th and winston an accident. if you happen to be there drop me an e-mail or send me a tweet and let me know what the situation is. this is somewhere between stone
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and san francisco state on 19th avenue heading south. 6:20. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. if you have any weather information like rain, report for rain in san carlos about half an hour ago. very simple. cloudy skies, mostly cloudy skies, system's already beginning to take shape and roll in here. we will have a cloudy cooler day and rain. and heavier rain moves in later on. speaking of from the peninsula most rain developed right there. little in oakland starting to develop as well down over to san mateo dumbarton bridge and towards santa cruz mountains and south bay. south bay had a cloudy looking at the web camera there mostly cloudy kind of a foggy pattern. looked like the rain was getting close. winter weather advisories start at 4:00 today and for all the bay area hills on friday. but today at 4:00's when we hoist the winter weather advisory north bay hills above 1,000 feet. 30s and 40s on your temps. the low's right off seattle. here it comes drawing in moisture from the west. combination of the two along with a cold air mass and very
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strong jet stream means we will have rain moving in. so cooling continues. rain in the north bay and then for everybody i know there's already rain on the peninsula. low 50s and five day get ready. cold air on its way friday and that will take us into friday and saturday morning. could make it very low saturday morning and clearing and cold saturday into sunday morning with freeze advisories out. pam and dave. oh, boy. well, in the last half hour the labor department released the latest weekly unemployment numbers. and they are better than expected. 391,000 people filed for first time unemployment benefits last week. that's down 22,000 from the week before. continuing claims are also down. shareholders who want to know what apple will do when co- founder steve jobs is no longer with the company will have to try again. they want the company to disclose plans for who will lead apple after jobs. but the idea was voted down at the annual meeting yesterday.
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the issue came up because jobs is currently on his third medical leave of absence since 2004. well, a student left a class, came back with a gun. his instructor's dead now and police say what happened earlier led to that violence. a spot in the bay area looks like an earthquake zone. how first responders are using it to prepare for the big one. a good night's sleep. d kim: which means a little heat to keep us warm. and a good dose of support for my back. some over the top comfort couldn't hurt. and our perfect dream factory's been built. i'm feeling sleepy already. nighty night.
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good morning. right now traffic is doing okay. but as they turn the metering lights on you see the back up now building at the toll plaza westbound. not a huge one but definitely more cars waiting there. 6:25. let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. wild story. a student with dreams of becoming a security guard is in a los angeles jail this morning. he's accused of killing his instructor after a heated argument. police say the 22-year-old man stormed out of the class, came back with a gun and then shot and killed his teacher yesterday afternoon. it all happened at avocational school for future security guards. today new zealand rescue teams will continue to look for survivors of tuesday's earthquake. they are using training they received right here in the bay area.
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>> locked and repel. >> new zealand firefighters joined teams from the bay area to learn how to read the rubble after a major earthquake. they were also taught about repelling, rope work and lifting large pieces of concrete. >> we hope that we never have to use this on a big incident. god for forbid a large earthquake comes through and we have to use this, point is we need to know we can use it. >> fire officials say they make training as dark, difficult and as real as possible. they also say one of the most important things they learn is how to dig victims out by starting from the top of the rubble and working their way to the bottom. firefighters say it's not a matter of if but when these skills will be required here. time now 6:27. a body found buried in the backyard of a marin county home. big questions surrounding the couple at the center of this mystery. >> reporter: an early morning fire in vallejo sends two teenage boys running for safety and running for help.
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why they say those calls weren't answered. also the opening bell's about to ring on wall street. will the tensions in libya effect wall street and your drive to work? pam will bring you all of the early numbers.
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there it is. the opening bell live in new york this morning right on time. unfortunately, doesn't look like a very good day. the unrest in libya having concerns -- spreading concerns about oil. oil prices went across $100 a barrel. it has come back a little bit this morning. but, again, further concerns about unrest there and possibly spreading to other parts of the middle east could send oil up even higher. that would effect gas prices here. we'll keep watching. >> gas prices and other products that use oil. >> absolutely. we'll smile and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us here
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on the ktvu morning news thursday february 24th. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook. time now is 6:30. a vallejo family is without a home this morning after an early morning fire sent family members running for safety. it happened just about 2:30 this morning on sheridan street. ktvu channel 2 reporter claudine wong is the only reporter there at the scene. she's been talking to the victims, firefighters and even neighbors about why help was so hard to find. claudine. >> reporter: well, good morning, pam. the two teenage boys who were home -- at home in this home the time this fire actually stayed in the back of this home. we want to take you around the front because this is where the fire started in the bedroom. this is their mother's bedroom. she wasn't home at the time the fire inside of her room pretty much gone. we can actually show you what it looks like inside because we were able to go in around 4:00 this morning while firefighters were still working on getting this fire knocked down. you can see the damage pretty significant to that room.
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now the two teenage boys sleeping in another part of the house are ages 14 and 15. they told me a smoke detector woke them up. something firefighters say likely saved their lives. but it's what happened after they got out of the house that is causing so much concern. they told me that calls for help to neighbors went unanswered. and their mother says by the time she found them when she was walking home they were three blocks away at the fire station searching for help. >> and as i got home my boys were coming. i saw them coming from the fire department. >> reporter: they ran there for help? >> they were knocking on all the neighbors doors. nobody would open them. >> reporter: she called 911. what she didn't know is a neighbor had actually done the same thing a couple minutes earlier. still firefighters say when they got to the scene flames were shooting out of the front windows and they say the delay in those boys getting help may have caused this fire to get two to three times bigger. >> it's a sad situation that nobody would answer their door for these young men in this
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neighborhood. i guess probably because of the crime rate. >> reporter: back live out here on sheridan in vallejo you can see the damage to the top part of the roof line. again, they said the flames were coming out of this front window when they got here. the fire investigator has already been on scene and he says a curling iron left on a bed is the likely cause for this fire. there is a family dog, a chihuahua, that has not been seen since this fire started. and in the meantime we have been talking to neighbors about this whole problem of not getting help. we did talk to a man whose father heard the knocks on his door. and we'll tell you why he did not answer coming up on mornings on 2. live in vallejo, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. we've got breaking news. this just coming into our newsroom within the past half hour toyota just announced it's recalling more than two million vehicles here in the united states. they say the recall is to
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address a problem with accelerator pedals becoming trapped in the floor mats or jammed in the driver side carpeting. again, that announcement from toyota yet another recall. just came in about a half hour ago. we'll have more details on this coming up in our newscast. also this morning the marin county coroner will remove a body that is still buried in the backyard of a house in novato. police and the f.b.i. found the body last night. it was underneath a patio at a home on rebecca way. ktvu's kraig debro back now to tell us the investigation is focused now on a missing man and his wife. kraig. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, dave. we've been learning more about the story this morning. it appears when neighbors asked smith why they hadn't seen their husband lately, she said he was on a trip. that was last september. two weeks ago a neighbor filed a missing person report about dale smith. and last night f.b.i. and police found human remains in the backyard of the smith
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home on rebecca way. >> oh my god. this is really close by. you just never think your neighbor is you know something like that's going on next door. >> reporter: neighbors are reacting very, very shocked this morning. also this morning the grim task of excavating a mere skeleton from underneath about four feet of dirt will begin. investigators say they found the body buried underneath a recently constructed outdoor patio in the back of the home. this morning an officer on the scene said novato police began the search for a body on tuesday with cadaver dogs. crews returned yesterday expecting to find the body exactly where they thought it would be underneath the patio. >> at this point from a missing person investigation to a criminal investigation. and our investigation obviously will be focused on following up with additional interviews and family members and the resident who lived here with mr. smith. >> reporter: you heard police say a criminal investigation. they did not specifically say homicide investigation but
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clearly there is criminal intent here at least they think there is. this home was searched with the consent of mrs. smith and her attorney on the condition that the attorney was there and present at the time. he was. we expect to talk to the attorney about what led up to this search. clearly the f.b.i. and police had reason to believe there was something back there. we're trying to find out what that reason was. reporting live in novato, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. a san bruno man accused in a deadly hit-and-run accident returned to the scene on the advice of his insurance company. now that's according to prosecutors investigating the accident at sharp park road and skyline in pacifica early sunday. officers arrested 57-year-old leo for drunk driving after he returned to the scene. now on tuesday he pled not guilty to felony dui charges in the death of 25-year-old scott. meantime pacifica police are still looking for a second
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car believed to have been involved in that tragic accident. they say the car is a white 2000 or 2006c or sl class. several suspected criminals back in jail this morning after oakland police launched an extensive parolee sweep. now we followed the police officers during mornings on 2 yesterday as they performed the raids called operation sunrise. all together 10 people were arrested. now this operation targeted an area known for crime and drug dealing. in the past six months police say there's been more than 200 robberies and two dozen shootings in that area. an alameda county judge is holding off on making a ruling on a controversial gang injunction in oakland. the injunction would prohibit 40 suspected gang members from gathering in oakland in the area of the fruit vale neighborhood. critics claim this could lead to racial profiling. there will be two more court hearings on the issue set for
6:38 am
next week. after three poaching violations in three weeks, a san francisco man has been arrested by california fish and game. the 31-year-old man was arrested saturday in van dam state park along the coast. fish and game wardens say they watched him collect the abaa loanny and he returned with his diving equipment. the season ended on december 1st and doesn't open again until april. a teenage burglary suspect is in intensive care this morning after police say he fell through a roof during a burglary attempt. it happened tuesday night at a closed gas station on railroad avenue in pittsburgh. police reportedly found the teenage suspect unconscious in a collapsed air duct that he apparently tried to climb through. now he suffered a fractured skull but is expected to survive. time now 6:38. this morning the san jose sharks are number one in their division for the first time since the start of the season.
6:39 am
that's how they did it. san jose reclaimed the top spot. a dramatic 3-2 overtime win over the pittsburgh penguins last night. the sharks are going to try to keep the hot streak going. they'll take on the flames in calgary tomorrow night. all right. good luck to them. 6:38 is the time. crash in san francisco. let's check in with sal. yeah, that's right. we do have a crash in san francisco along 19th avenue. it's right in front of stones town. southbound 19th avenue close tore san francisco state southbound 19th avenue is a good area to avoid. now, it is relatively light at this hour. so if you're driving on 19th avenue just get over and you can get down that way. in fact, you probably know that way around or you can go on sunset and stay on sunset and take you around to the lake there and then get on brotherhood way to get back to the freeway. let's move along and take a look at the commute westbound
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bay bridge. getting busy now coming into san francisco at the toll plaza. and this morning's commute on the san mateo bridge looks okay. little bit of wet weather out there. you can see roads are wet. it's one of those days driving in fact i feel that today and maybe tomorrow not going to be great driving weather. factor that into your plans, right, steve? sal, very much so. yes. no doubt about it. we're already starting to see rain develop. show you that on live storm tracker 2. that's an angry sky. it's only going to get colder. i mean really cold. i just tweeted the best opportunity for rain at very low levels will probably be very early saturday morning. that looks to be prime time if you will. very early saturday morning. we're starting to cloud up. this is also a slam dunk for parts of the sierra nevada since the direction of the jet stream will be perpendicular to the sierra. already snowing up at shasta. 29 there and that system is getting closer. we've already had rain develop there oakland, berkeley back to
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san francisco and along the peninsula there along the san mateo santa cruz coastline heading into the santa cruz mountains. going down 20 and 101. nothing too heavy. a sign of things to come as everything gets closer and closer. winter weather advisories for the north bay hills snow at 1,000 feet maybe below. start today at 4:00. for everyone else bay area hills, mt. diablo down to hamilton on friday time line here the rain begins today. snowfall # snow level 1500 feet. the very cold air arrives friday night and saturday morning. tomorrow will be a cold rain. still some low snow levels. also the wind's going to pick up which could be a little tricky there. the freeze watch then kicks in saturday night into sunday morning. i mean saturday morning's going to be really cold. and if any precipitation is left it will probably be in the form of snow. there you go. 30s and 40s. now starting to see more 40s due to cloud cover coming in. mid-40s for some. concord our target forecast cloudy, cooler with rain. go for a high of only 52.
6:42 am
tomorrow about 48 for a high. temperatures have been coming down. the low responsible for all this is entraining moisture from the west. see how everything's taking aim? that has to drop south. that's what's happening today into tomorrow. by friday night then it's all eyes on the low. and that cold dynamic system drops in. looks like the low will end up somewhere around sacramento saturday morning. so the rain begins today and then tomorrow is that cold, cold rain with very low snow levels that system moves in. for the sierra they're not messing around because a winter storm warning starts at 1:00 and goes to 4:00 a.m. saturday. two to four feet. should be super light due to the nature of this cold front coming in as we head towards friday and saturday. cooling continues. rain will start dropping south. 50s low pretty much for everybody. and a few mid possible. tomorrow all 40s. sunday morning will be really cold. really cold. but it will be sunny, brisk and
6:43 am
breezy and mostly sunny and warm on monday. thank you. time now 6:42. memorial services in walnut creek will be held this weekend. it will be for the two teenagers who drowned in the rafting accident saturday. hundreds gathered last night at a candle light vigil remembering matt miller and gavin powell. the bodies of the high school students were recovered from a creek last weekend. incredible accusations this morning. why rolling stone magazine says the army tried to manipulate u.s. senators visiting afghanistan. >> reporter: and last in a name? can it spur business at a struggling airport. we're live in san jose. the morning news will continue in just a moment.
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good morning to you. welcome back. quick look at top stories we're following for you right now at 6:46 that search for survivors in new zealand it is still going on after that devastating earthquake. at least 226 people are still missing. the death toll this morning has reached 98. in libya anti-government protesters have reportedly seized control of the second and third largest cities in libya. however, army units attacked the protesters at a mosque near the capitol. in the meantime hundreds of americans trying to get out of libya right now they're
6:47 am
stranded on a ferry because of rough seas. and the san francisco police department has given the green light now to -- has been given the green light by the police commission to study the use of tasers and other less lethal weapons. the chief is now working on a plan where weapons could be -- which weapons could be the best for officers to use. the plan to change the name of a local airport. ktvu channel 2 reporter jade hernandez is at the airport currently known as my know that san jose with what it soon could be call and had why. >> reporter: that's right. there's a meeting today to discuss putting the name silicon valley had the name of the airport as it currently stands right now. the discussion is to put silicon valley in the connection where the area is vague between san jose and silicon valley. that's to turn the san jose international airport into the san jose silicon valley international airport. it's a long name.
6:48 am
mayor chuck reed set up a special committee to help the struggling airport which recently completed a $1.3 billion upgrade last summer. the name change is one of the suggested ways the airport can spur business. the meeting is today. since 2008 san jose's airport has lost a quarter of its passengers and a third of it's scheduled flights. plus remaining flights could be pricey. problems have persisted so much. there's even talk of outsourcing police and fire protection. so what do passengers think? can a name generate business? offer as a gateway to silicon valley. in our unofficial polling, reaction is mixed. >> it's way too long. it's too complicated. too difficult to remember. too difficult to type in in the computer. so many reasons. >> i'm from st. louis, missouri, and people i take around the country even around the world know the term silicon valley and respect that and they assume it's a high-tech industry and i think it would be good for your area. yes. >> reporter: this is a sign
6:49 am
which greets passengers and visitors to the airport currently to give you background on the airport's name the name was changed back in the summer of 2001. it was the newly named transportation secretary at the time. he was san jose's mayor during the 70s and represented the area in congress for 20 years. there's a committee meeting at 1:00 this afternoon right here at the airport to discuss the name change. we've contacted airport media spokesperson but have not heard back from anyone. as soon as we do we'll bring that to you during mornings on 2. live jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. did the u.s. army illegally order a team of specially trained u.s. soldiers to manipulate american senators visiting afghanistan? that is the claim in an investigative report in rolling stone magazine. the story says the so-called psychological operation took place last year and targeted senators john mccain, joe lieberman and others. the army's goal was to use the
6:50 am
senators to get more money and funding for the war. time now 6:49. sal, you still have that crash in san francisco? >> we do. we'll update you on that in just a moment. also showing a crowd getting into san francisco dave and pam. westbound now there's a little bit of wet weather out there. nothing major. but you can tell that the wet weather is moving through. it's not heavy rain. just kind of mist which would make it slippery on the roads. moving along and taking a look at 880 the traffic there looks okay as you head north on the right and south on the left. and update that crash 19th avenue it's an overturned pickup truck. so 19th avenue is closed at winston. only about a one block delay heading south. so you can just go around the block and shouldn't delay you too much. but just be aware it's there. northbound is uneffected except for rubber necker. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. here we go. everything we've been talking about now starting to show itself. we get clouds and light rain has moved in. cloudy skies and temperatures they'll stay cool today.
6:51 am
upper 40s and low 50s. you can see everything's taking aim at us. light rain has already started to fall. some right there marin county, san francisco, richmond, emeryville, berkeley back towards oakland as well. there's other areas picking up some rain especially towards men lo park and back over from the dumbarton bridge on the peninsula side just past woodside into the santa cruz mountains. and then heading even not too much but a little bit there bolder creek, davenport a little bit starting to show up there. so here we go we're getting ready. winter weather advisory start for the north bay hills at 4:00 today for snow around 1,000 feet and then for all the bay area hills tomorrow. really cold air arrives late friday and saturday. i mean really cold saturday morning. 37 santa rosa. that will probably go up with the cloud cover coming in. temperatures you can see are more than they have been due to the cloud cover. a lot of 40s or mid-40s. couple things to look at see the plunge of the cold air
6:52 am
right there where it "cbs early edition satellite that's it. that's what's plunging southward and entraining moisture from this system north of the hawaiian islands. look what happens. funnels right at us. that's to the north. that's what has to drop south that time will be our rain later today, tonight and into early friday. then all eyes are on the low and that cold system. so as that drops down that will give us the rain today and winter weather add rise res start today and go into tomorrow. very low snow levels. i think 4:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. saturday morning looks like the prime time or best time for very low snow levels. by that i mean sea level as that low will be near sacramento very early on saturday morning. sierra nevada if you need to get up there i would go right now. winter storm warning starts at 1:00 today and goes to 4:00 a.m. saturday. that's a long stretch there. snowfall usually two to four feet. should be super light. snow level around 1,000 to 3,000 feet. it will come down maybe even to sea level. flurries in sacramento possible on saturday morning as well. so cloudy, rain has begun, heavier rain will move in this
6:53 am
afternoon. what we have now is just light stuff. low 50s for many. few mid-50s possible. but it's going to be a cool, cloudy day with rain moving in. colder with rain and snow friday. then friday night, saturday possibility of very low snow levels and cold and windy the rest of saturday. sunday saturday morning will be very cold but brisk, sunny and breezy and warmer on monday. this morning general motors reports its first profitable year since 2004. the u.s. automaker made $510 million in its fiscal fourth quarter and $4.7 billion for the year. it is also gm's best performance since 1999 during the peak of the truck boom. checking on numbers gm stock getting a bit of a boost on that news. live look at the big board shows the broader market down just a little bit though. dow jones off about two points now about five points as we're looking live. time now 6:53. we'll take a quick break. we'll be right back.
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well, in london this morning the founder of wikileaks says he will appeal this morning's court ruling that says he can be extradited to sweden to face sex assault charges. swedish prosecutors want to question julian assange about claims that he sexually abused two women. assange denies it. his lawyers are also worrying though that sweden may turn assange over to the united states where as you know he's under investigation for leaking
6:57 am
classified information. starting today hbo is holding an open casting call for extras for a movie starring nicole kidman and clive owen. the casting call is in san francisco and it will run through sunday. it is being held on first street between the hours of 12:30 and 4:30 this afternoon. they are looking for 18 to 40- year-old spanish looking english speaking men. you must have a fair to medium complexion with dark hair and eyes. sounds like sal. yeah. i'm busy here. don't take any calls. good morning everybody. we have traffic things going on this morning. we do have 237 crowding getting into the valley. so is 101. so the commute is on there a little bit of wet weather moving through. at the toll plaza of the bay bridge we also do have some traffic lining up here. it's about a ten minute delay. of course 19th avenue at holloway we have a crash blocking one entire block in
6:58 am
front of san francisco state southbound 19th avenue. let's go back to the desk. all right, sal. a new york city couple trying to teach their daughter a lesson ended up getting a lesson themselves from police. they took their 6-year-old daughter to the police station wanting to scare her into being a good girl. when the mother threatened to leave her there and start today walk out, the police then arrested her and her husband who was in the car outside. they're charged with child endangerment. the little girl is back with her parents after temporary custody with her grandmother. coming up next here on mornings on 2, the coroner will soon remove a body found buried in the backyard of a marin county home. that investigation now centers on a missing man and his wife. also, why bart riders may see f.b.i. agents on your ride to work this morning. stay right here with us.
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