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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 3, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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. breaking news in the east bay where a small plane has crashed in to the water. >> more cancellations. we will have the latest on southwest's efforts to get its planes back in the air. >> and you showdown over federal spending. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2news at five. >> good evening. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. investigators right now are at
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scene of a small plane crash near the airport. the plane crashed nose first into the water shortly after takeoff. deborah has the latest on this breaking news. >> reporter: look behind us. you can see the wreck of the plane. the tail out of the water. the pilot's body is in the cockpit and buried in deep mud. crews rushed to the scene but apparently there was nothing they could do to save the pilot as far as anyone can tell he was the only one on board. >> you can so air force military markings on the plane. witnesses said they heard the engine stall and saw is nose dive and they ran to try to help. >> what i wanted to do was get his head at least out of the mud, clean his face so he could breathe and get him out, from the shoulders and pull him out.
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that was my plan but the mud was to dense. >> reporter: they were covered in mud and did the best they could but they count get the pilot out. he appears to be at the controls of this small air force trainer. we don't know where it was based, if it was headed in or out of oakland airport we are right across the water from the -- this plane remains stuck be in the mud we are waiting now for the coroner to arrive. witnesses say there may have been heroics on the part of the pilot because people and families were on that embankment and he appeared to be trying to stay level and when he saw people to apparently try to not hurt anybody he put the nose down into the water.
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we will talk to more witnesses here and be back with more. this happened about 3:30. >> a couple notes here. we did see the name of the pilot pinted on the side of the cockpit. we are with hold that information until we find more about if that was the person inside the plane. also we have learned that by running the tail number that plane was registered in san mateo so it's possible that the plane was based in half moon bay over over there. getting back to the issue at hand trying to get the pilot out of the mud, the body out and the plane out, any word on when those efforts will get started? >> we haven't seen any concert efforts at this point. in the beginning there were many emergency people here,
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fire, police, county, sheriff, and there was obviously urgency when they thought it was a rescue and a survivable crash. now we are still have emergency people here but we have -- actually not managed to get a briefing from anybody because they are still really deep in figuring this out for themselves. we will try to get more information about the timetable and what's next as soon as i get away from you. >> you haven't heard any confirmations, this is an force plane, this is a vintage plane and a lot will paint them to reflect their era s so this is an old plane. >> reporter: yes, maybe an old trainer, not active duty, not an active duty military plane. it would be the sense that maybe it may be a private
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pilot, maybe retired military and that would maybe explain the fact that the plane has the military markings on it. >> we will let you get back to work and update in just a little while. a new clue in that dramatic incident on a southwest flight to sacramento. investigators have found wide cracking on the skin of that plane. patty lee is there where the passengers are coping the problems. >> reporter: cancellations and testify lays all day. we have oakland's flight schedule and have counted 58 canceled flights. talk to passengers and they will say you can have this latest information and it's still subject to change. at oakland international attendants rushed to find flights. >> there is a big screwup the flights, a lot of
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cancellations. >> reporter: while waiting in line many said their flight status change from the time they last checked. >> about an hour ago. before we left the hotel to come. >> reporter: to the time they checked in. inconvenience. >> it ruined our day. >> reporter: passengers say they realize there are reasons for the delays. >> have clear evidence that the skin separated at the lower rivet line. >> reporter: this morning the ntsb announced it found major cracking on the 737 that ripped open in flight on friday. it was found where the skin of the plane comes together. the ntsb said the cracking could have been detected it was taken part for major maintenance last march . >> was it well maintained should it have been maintained better? that's why we are here to look at why this problem happened. >> reporter: while officials searched for answers every day
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travelers are paying the price. according to airport websites at least 20 flight was canceled in and out of sfo and three in san jose. >> i feel like with any type of air transportation things are going to happen and it could be southwest, another airline. >> reporter: as of 2:00 this afternoon 19 southwest planes passed inspection and returned to service. this could help with delays and cancellations tomorrow but with 60 planes currently on the sidelines two under repairs for similar cracks the airline isn't making promises. reporting live in oakland. ktv channel 2news. >> san francisco police are looking for two suspects in connection with the shooting of a man and a woman in the city's polk gulch neighborhood. it happened just after three. the man's condition is not yet known but police say the woman's injury is not life
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threatening. so far police don't know the motive for the shooting or suspects of the identity -- identities of the suspects. >> there is new information on a shooting in oakland that left a man dead. we first told you about it on harriette avenue. police found the body around 5:30. he had been shot with a rifle. today police identitied the suspect as douglas yim. they say he was last seen driving a silver 2009 honda civic with this license plate, it's on the screen. 68wu861. anyone who sees the suspect or that vehicle should call police. >> los angeles police are still look for two men who attacked a santa cruz man last week during a baseball game between the giants and dodgers. a 42-year-old is in the hospital with a fractured skull and swelling of the brain. today san francisco mayor along
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with los angeles mayor and police chiefs from both cities issued a statement saying in attack will not be tolerated in either ballpark or in either city. once caught the attackers will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. in washington the federal government faces a shut down this week as democrats and republicans clash over billions of dollars in proposed spending cuts. so far they have agreed to ten billion dollars in cuts in temporary spending measure that have kept the government running. republican controlled house passed a bill in february calling for $61 billion in cuts while democrats call that to much. the president phoned both house speakers and senate majority leader this weekend urging them to reach a compromise. >> a budget proposal to be revealed calls for savoring money out raising taxes. democrats though are already questioning that plan and
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similar bills, because the legislation could affect everything from defense spending to medicare. >> i don't know how you get there without taking a meat axe to those programs that protect the most at risk. we are trying to reduce spending the democratic friends are holding onto old ideas that every time you try to reduce spending you are being mean. >> the government could shut down if an agreement isn't reached by friday. new federal figures show a disturbing number of those live on the streets served in the military. homeless figures across the nation for a single night found 16% are veterans. right now vets make up 10% of the general population and that number is expected to grow there. are programs in place for homeless vets but it's not clear if condition will continue funding it. >> without that funding many homeless veterans say their situations will be made worse. jim vargas is in the city where
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he talked to some vets about what they are going through. >> reporter: they say that roughly 20,000 or a quarter of the nation's homeless vets live here in california, many with ptsd. as word spread of the cuts to the homeless program vets at the swords to plow shares apartments were shocked. each say without a program like this they would be out on the streets or worse. >> without the benefits being here for me you know i don't know where i would be. i would be in prison or dead. >> they pick us up off the streets, ptsd and they give us a home,. >> reporter: besides housing they provide counseling, medical services and job training for vet, many trying to overcome ptsd. troops are adding to demand. >> ptsd but it's a whole new
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thing now. they need to know how to handle that. >> resend daughters and son over and tough and they come home and we forget about them. >> reporter: children from working families in line to loose services too. officials were rushing to finish a grant application for federal money. the application is due tomorrow. liz said 160 children are about to loose child care services and 20 employee also be laid off. >> they will go back to having to be with a neighbor, with a friend or sitting in the car while their parents parent is working. >> reporter: back here they are talking about starting a campaign to influence the estate services but first may have to influence voters. live, jim vargas. >> you saw the sun shining there and san francisco just a stunning day across the bay area. mark joins us now at what is the cooler temperatures in.
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>> for tonight. the coolest locations dropping down in to the 30s but it was a very nice afternoon. santa rosa right now 68 degrees, they topped out in the lower 70s. san francisco 59 and livermore 67 degrees. here is the forecast. 6:00, clear and breezy, temperatures 58 to 63 degrees. by 8:00 mostly clear and then by the 10:00 hour cool with the readings dropping back to the upper 40s to lower 50s. overnight lows first thing monday you can see the coolest locations, nap, 38 degrees, san francisco 48, san jose 46 and livermore 41 degrees. that is for the morning after. coming up more on the noticeable temperature change for the afternoon showers and the timing of our next chance of a few showers. >> there is much more to come on the news at five would be homebuyers looking for foreclosure bargins. >> and people in oakland celebrate the life and legacy
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of a working class hero who helped change the course of california activism. >> the prosecution is ready to rest in the bond's perjury trial. there is word not all the witnesses helped. >> in rebels win some are asking about the next government, will it be better or worse?
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. we are used to sea seeing big grow crowds for foreclosed homes but that may be ending. buyers wonder figure the days of bargin prices at auctions are over. >> reporter: a fast talking auctioneer and whistle blowers, homebuyers searched through the listings, circled selections and hoped to not be out bid. some got lucky, others didn't. >> i was looking for a -- to move from oakland to pleasant
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vail but just went -- to much. >> reporter: a real estate inaceves for has been to dozens of auctions but has noticed changes. >> two years ago i came and it was huge, it was just three times as big, just had more properties for sale. >> reporter: and he said there were much better deals. he thinks the days of auctions like this could be number bud not everybody agrees. >> even though the crowd is smaller and the bids are higher there is still a lot of foreclosures that need to go through the pipeline though this auction has just 70 homes listed by some accounts there are as many as two million nationwide that the banks own and haven't listed yet. it's what economists call shadow inventory, properties they own but are waiting to sell. tom said more for close you'res in the pipeline isn't a bad thing. >> it's an opportunity i saw a lot of people doing really well. i'm sure young people getting a
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home for very affordable. >> reporter: though he wasn't successful in his bid this morning he plans to try againn. oakland, ktvu channel 2news. >> b residents will weigh in on how the gas pipeline rules change. the commission will hold a public maring on tuesday to get comments. the hearing is part of the effort to prevent tragedy like the september explosion that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. >> state officials have upped their no.s of the damage caused by the tsunami. they say as of this weekend the statewide damage rose four million dollars to $48 million. these are pictures of santa cruz harbor. the state is trying to get the president to give a disaster declaration to free up $25 million in federal aid. harbors were hard hit by the
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waves and surges that were caused by the quake. >> the governor is expected to take his budget to the people next week looking for support. this as republicans also try to drum up interest for their fiscal plan. brown ended negotiations after republicans gave him a seven page list of demands. the governor issued his proposal two months ago and said the wish list shows they are not interested in compromise. republicans though say the same thing about democrats, pointing to brown's ending budget talks. >> community celebration in oakland remembering the life and legacy of ceasar chavez. the day health celebration was held at healthy hearts youth market garden. it included a lot of music, dancing, mural and face painting, healthy cooking demonstrations and fruit tree
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planting. >> it's just a dream come true -- the mural and garden. we have planted 20 because we want an orchard. >> last thursday would have been chavez auberges day. >> the obama administration pushing back against legal challenges to the health care reform law. the department filed a brief with the court of appeals on friday arguing that the mandate is constitution. under the law people not covered by insurance at work or through government programs like medicare will have to buy health insurance by 2014 or face a tax penalty. 26 states have challenged them as not being constitution. a nurse's strike appears to have been averted at stanford. 2700 nurses threatened to strike when they tried to put in a new contract after they rejected an offer in september.
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last night they hammered out a new deal that will be voted on by members on thursday. the three year contract includes pay races and better defined discipline rule as long with new training options. >> the perjury trial of bonds is scheduled to resume tomorrow morning. the prosecution's case against him is almost finished. their last witness is expected to finish testifying. then a transcript of the grand jury testimony will be read. he said he never knowingly used performance enhancing drug. after that the defense starts its case. for up to the minute news on the trial click on bonds trial tab. you will find a special section link. >> coming up, protesters march against nuclear power in japan. it's a movement that's gained momentum since the disaster. >> and more deadly protests in
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afghanistan targeting the united states. the connection to a florida pastor's actions. >> bp says it wants to start drilling again for oil in the gulf of mexico almost a year after the disasterrous oil spill. ñsxóxgñ
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. lead he is of the forces in libya say once gadhafi is out they want a democracy. there is been concern
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extremists may try to hijack the movement. we have more on the findings. >> reporter: heavy fighting continued around a key city n is an area that's seen heavily fighting for the last four or five-days as gadhafi forces are trying to control this city to launch attacks into other parts. rebels are still fighting back, there have been fighting around the town. we got to ten or so miles outside and saw rebels firing in to the town trying to push gadhafi's forces back. now there are reports that the rebels are more organized today than they have been in recent days. we are hearing leaders that there is an entire brigade of former loyalists, trained military men now leading the fight and they have pushed some of the rag tag rebels out in hopes of having more organized
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and trained fighters on the frontlines. this is something that is important to success for the rebels. is there been a rag tag bunch, ill equipped and trained. the only way they will progress and if there is more organization into what we are hearing that is beginning to happen on the part of the rebels. connor powell. >> the new york times reporting an unnamed official says one of gadhafi's son social security proposing a resolution. in it he would give up power for a transition to a constitutional democracy under the son's direction. the official said that nobody is ready for that deal. >> the government of japan said it'll take months before it can stop the radiation leaking the power plant. this as the anti nuclear
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movement is growing larger. about 200 people march to the headquarters of the electric company. they said they are angry at the company and the government's response to the quake and tsunami. in the past such protests have been small in japan but the nuclear disaster has changed that. at the nuclear plant the bodies of two workers missing since the tsunami were finally recovered today from a basement. they had apparently run there to check equipment after the quake and then the wave hit. operators said a new tactic to try to stop contaminated water from going to the ocean hasn't worked. they are putting in sawdust, shredded newspaper into a pit. >> for the third day in a row deadly anti american protests in afghanistan. in reaction to the burning of a quaran by a florida pastor.
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they shouted death to america, burned an american flag and an effigy of the president. they demand that united states troops leave the country. the head of coalition forces denounced the burning. >> that action was hateful, it was intolerant, and it was extremely disrespectful and again we condemn it in the strongest manner possible. >> the bodies of the seven united nations workers killed in the first protest on friday why taken to kabul to be returned to their home countries. at least 24 have been killed. >> in other news of the world tonight in thailand the death toll from a week of heavy rain and flooding rose to 40 today in ten southern provinces. a mudslide buried a village and thousands of people had to leave their homes for higher
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ground. military helicopters carrying out rescues and other helicopters bringing much needed food and supplies to villages cut off after landslides and flooding took out bridges and roads. off the coast of brazil little of the air france jet that crashed in 2009 has been recovered but today came word that under water search teams have located parts of the plane on the ocean floor. they haven't said what was found but recovering the flight recorders could provide clues to the cause of the crash. the jet carried 228 people on a flight to paris. everybody on board died. >> there is word that bp oil has asked for permission to start drilling again in the gulf. the request almost a year after the deadly explosion of the rig that killed 11 people and spilled 5 million-barrels of oil into the gulf. a ban on criminal drilling was lifted in october. the new york times said unnamed
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bp officials say they want permission to continue drilling at ten existing wells. >> coming up going back live to where we are following developing news. we will have the latest on the plane that crashed. >> talking texting while driving. we talk to drivers who say they know they shouldn't but they do it any way. how law enforcement plans to crack down and why that will cost you even more. . >> and we will soon be -- will it be easy tore find parking in san francisco? it might. its going to cost you though. >> and girls from low income families getting a chance to go to the prom in style.
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. we want to update developing news in oakland. deborah is live in oakland near the airport where a small plane crashed a couple hours ago. what is the latest? >> reporter: we did manage to dash away in the last half here and get new details about this crash which sadly was not survivable for the pilot. looking out across you can see the tail of the plane sticking out, the nose is buried with it the pilot who is deceased. we are waiting for the ntsb to arrive. after that the coroner will come and they will go about the tack of pulling out the plane and victim. now my sources say the plane had taken off from oakland airport and made a disstress call, had let air traffic control know it was
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experiencing engine problems many the coast guard was sent out, minutes away but by the time the plane got here it had already crashed. witnesses say this the engine cut out, stalled and that they saw the plane go down and it appeared to them the pilot seeing people on the bank, seeing people riding bikes and of course this is a park area, seemed to be making any effort to avoid injuring anybody. the pilot is deceased. this will be a many hours investigation as we wait for investigators to get here. the fire department did pronounce the victim dead here at the scene. we will have the latest details for you of course tonight at ten. reporting live in oakland. ktvu channel 2news. >> no doubt have you seen other drivers do it and maybe you have though it's illegal. we are talking about talking or
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texting on the phone. a new crack down that starts tomorrow. >> reporter: question had no trouble finding people who do it. >> it's a habit. >> reporter: talking or texting? >> i don't text. i talk. >> reporter: yes they know they shouldn't. you try to hide it? you look around? >> i put it under my hair. >> i think a lot of people have learned their work around, they use the speaker on the phone. >> reporter: tomorrow a crack down gets underway. the highway patrol and 225 other law enforcement actions will be making sure drivers aren't distracted. . >> this type of driving behavior has to change because it's dangerous. >> reporter: the man who wrote the hands free law said a lot of good drivers obey the law but there are to many who don't so he wants the law tougher. he said four out of ten still text and refuse to talk hands
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free. right now a first offense costs $20. he wants to make that 50. a second offense runs $50, his bill would make it 100. if the bill passes it would mean a second offense to put a point on the license. >> maybe if a got two or three. i don't think the first one would do it. >> i would stop, yes. >> reporter: you just need to be caught. >> i do i guess. i prefer not to be but yes. >> reporter: the police scoffers will issue tickets but will be issuing reminders that this is not about money, it's about savoring lives. in emoryville. ktvu. >> in just a few hours caltrans is set to close two lanes of interstate 580 along with two busy on-ramps. they plan to close the two right lanes of westbound 580 until 5:00 tomorrow morning between park boulevard and lake shower drive. the westbound on-ramps at park boulevard will also be shut down. they are planned for each night
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subpoena morning through next sunday to try to fix a problem with the pavement. >> san francisco is getting ready to launch a new program that may have some drivers paying up to -- $18 an hour to park. the program is called es park and it is set to launch on april 2 sergeant. it'll have meter prices based on demand and events. prices could range from 25- cents to $18 an hour. officials say the program will make it easier to find parking by discouraging driver who don't want to pay more. san francisco driver who received a parking ticket now have a new place to vent. the new website is called dpt drivers can log on and post all the details including its time, location, officer involved fines. the site's creator said it lets them watch out for possible parking ticket trends. >> last weekend's oakland running festival brought in more than three million dollars
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into city businesses. that's according to the studies at townsend in maryland. the figure is based on money spent by the 7300 runners and their friends and families. the report takes in to account the 19% of the runner who came if enfrom outside of oakland. they likely spent money on hotels, transportation, food and entertainment. organizers paid for the report. >> it was a fairy tail like feeling for some girls in search of a perfect prom dress. a yearly give away took place at the lilac dress boutique in alameda. dozens of teens came into select dresses and accessories to match all free of charge. they were donated by the boutique, it's vendors and local community. >> i'm hoping that the girl who come in and are given a free dress will then in five or ten years remember what happened to them and try to do something else for the community themselves. >> the owner said girl who
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couldn't make it in today can still visit the store this week to pick a dress. >> millions of people could save themselves from type two diabetes and save billions of dollars in medical costs. the institute said 3.8 million have type 2 diabetes with another 9.7 million considered prediabetes. they say many who are precould avoid the disease by exercising more and eating better. if they don't 6.6 million are expected to have it by 2025. costing $60 billion in medical care. >> yoga may reduce irregular heartbeat which is one of the leading causes of stroke. a small study by the university of kansas found that patient who took up yoga found it fall by half. researchers say a larger study is fled to determine if it can be used to treat other heart
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conditions. >> it was a perfect day to hit the water and these folks went sail for free. where larry ellison first learned to handle a boat. >> speaking of perfect weather, warm weather still in the forecast but not going to stick around. mark has your workweek forecast.
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. with the america eyecup races coming to the bay area in two years crowds came to the marina for a chance to try sailing. the sailing club hosted it's first open house of the season. the club is a nonprofit. members save about $25 a month for sailing wind surfing legislation for the all volunteering organization. >> couple places in the world where you have this consistent of a win, this wonderful of a
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climate and great of an area, people fly from around the world and -- it's in your backyard. we are hoping to introduce it to people. >> they like to remember that larry ellison learned to sail at the cal sailing club. >> what a great day to be on the bay, lots of smiling faces, mark the weather was just about perfect. >> that's right. temperatures warmed up in to the 60s, even the lower 70's and just one more day of warm temperatures and enjoy it because which have a big change showing up with the long range weather map. right now on the storm tracker we have the clear skies offer a good portion of the state and over the bay area. coming a bit tighter here and wind's have been picking up, here say look, you will notice -- the wind gusting to around 18-milance hour. a look outside. right now we can show you this, looking over san francisco bay, currently in the upper 50s, so big temperatures swings in san francisco over the past week or
5:44 pm
so, tomorrow it'll be beautiful -- those readings into the lower 70s. clear and cool, monday, sunny and warm, extend tended forecast, big headline -- shower chances return to the forecast the least for tomorrow as high pressure strengthens it'll be warm, tomorrow the warmest day of the week. look what happens later by tuesday and wednesday. by thursday, this cooler air mass moves in. you can see what happens with the temperature trend. we cool it off beginning tuesday. not so bad wednesday, by thursday that will be the coolest day of the week and that's what we bring in the chance of a few showers and it'll be cold enough that we could have snow possibly in the bay area hills around 2500 to 3,000 feet. a light dusting but still something to watch. idea of how much it'll cool off over the next few days. here is the forecast model for this evening. mostly clear skies, into monday as well at 1:00 still mostly
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sunny. by tuesday a few high clouds from the north especially by tuesday afternoon. more clouds expected into wednesday. tomorrow morning at 7:00 will be clear and cool, those temperatures mainly in the 40s, 58 to 63 and beautiful by 3:00. the event you'll temperature range. upper 60s to mid-70s. santa rosa around 76 degrees. san francisco just great at 72, hayward 74 and san jose in the mid-70s. morgan hill around 76. here is a look ahead and basically the key headline is enjoy tomorrow. tuesday we start the cooling trend. thicken up the clouds on wednesday and a chance a few showers for thursday, a chance on friday. possibly at least a bit of a dusting of snow in the bay area hills, planning for next weekend already looks dry with the partly cloudy skies and temperatures. warm tomorrow but keep the
5:46 pm
winter wardrobe nearby especially by thursday. >> all right. good to know. >> yep. >> charlie sheen's first my violent torpedo of defeat wasn't winning, a word he has adopted for his motto. those are unhappy fans. he opened in detroit last night the first of a 20 city tour. he did some of the rant that made him a sensation but many didn't find him funny. the show fell flat and a lot of people left in the middle of the show. sheen jokes that he already had their money. he is scheduled to preform in san francisco on april 30th if the tour last that long. >> it was a wild day in baseball. we will show you highlights. >> and the a's hope to avoid a sweep as they finish against
5:47 pm
the mariners. sports wrap is next.
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. good evening everybody. welcome to sport wrap. little bit of everything but most important for the a's was their first win of the 2011 baseball season. 6a thousand dollars raised for the quake relief effort. with that, matsui picked up his first hit in the oakland uniform. he had a blooper down the left hand line. he goes into second with the
5:50 pm
double. freeway japan heritage. first kurt, fielded by ichiro who throws to third where figgins puts the tag on matsui. a's trailed inned third before crisp got them even. crisp finds the gap in right center. kevin scores from second, crisp into third with a triple and it's 1-1. >> the a's took the lead with the run in the 4th and then padded it here in the 6th. ellis with a two out ground ball through the left side. willingham running hard from second. he scores to make it 3-1. gonzalez kept the mariners off balance for seven innings, figgins can't time a breaking ball by gonzalez, one of four strike out victims, the a's made it more comfortable -- matsui picked up his second hit with another blooper, this one
5:51 pm
scores crisp. the a's get that first win of the year, 7-1 the final. they have the off day before playing tuesday tomorrow. matsui talked about the timing of his first big opening. >> i prepared for the game likely always do and got in to the game likely always do but then on the other hand there were a lot of japanes, fans who came to watch and support us. i felt like naturally it was that adrenaline rush that came as game time approached. >> i think it's the yellow jerseys. put the sign up there. >> been event all first couple innings with a three run first up -- the giant was a -- it's 3- 1 dodgers in the third. the royals in the first four games, matt trainer -- no doubt
5:52 pm
about this one it's a three run shot that sends them all home, make it three straight walk off runs for the royavs, 12-9. they are off to a 3-1 start. the white sox have runners at first and second with nobody out. ramirez popping the ball up. santana making the diving catch. that's a double play. cabrera prompted to throw it to second. get a triple play, white sox put it in motion making as easy as you will see. the indians won in dominant fashion. there can be quite a contrast from week to week on the nascar cur sit. this week a perfect example. the race looked like a demolition derby. throttle sticks on the car of martin, he goes hard in to the wall, taking casey with him. we will see it from a couple
5:53 pm
angles. both drivers walked away. last week harvick passed jimmie johnson on the final lap for the win. today he passed dale with four laps to go and then held on for the win making two in a row for harvick who moves in to 5th place. the leader is kyle busch who was third behind earn hart. new rivalries brewing in the world of tennis. we will tell you about that and how one of golf's biggest names did in a tune up before next week's masters.
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. we are about to go on one of the biggest events in golf, the masters, last year's champion has a nice bump to take into the first major of the year. that player isn't job but he had the shot of the day. on the parr3, 7th hole. he couldn't be more straight
5:56 pm
and online. it rolls in for a hole in one. he shot a 68 that put him in the tie for 8th place. mickelson started with tied for the lead. the chip, it rolls in for the unlikely -- he battled another veteran. verplank drains a birdie on the 6th hole. he was in front by two but mickelson kicked it in down the stretch. he birdied nine, ten, 11, 12 and 16 in route to a round of 65. that made the 1 just a formality he wins for the 39th time in his career. now it's onto augusta national. in 2004 stayy lewis had pins put in her spines. today she was winning her first lpga. on the 17th hole with a twisting birdie putt to put her
5:57 pm
in front of singh. she wins the championship. and we have heard a lot about the nadal, federer rivalry, how about this one? that was the pairing today -- two out of three sets nadal for his 4th straight tournament win. now number two in the world in front of federer and behind nadal. the stanford women trying to get into the game. the cardinal and final four against texas a and m and stanford leading about six minutes left in the game. we will have that tonight at ten the giants and the left of posts in sports wrap. see you then. >> let's hope we can hold onto that lead. >> tonight at ten, new details on the developing news in oakland. a small plane crashed near the airport that killed the pilot. we are live on the scene gathering new information and
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we will have more tonight at ten. >> that is our report. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. thank you for joining us. we hope to see you back tonight at ten.
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