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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  April 4, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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will not affect operations because the aircraft in question have already been inspected by the airline. and on this third day after the roof ripped open on a southwest jet, the situation is improving for travelers. at oakland airport officials tell me there were four inland and -- inbound and four outbound flights cancelled today. indeed most passengers here seem to be free of any major problems. >> in fact we got early that very surprising, we arrived early on both going and coming which was rare. i've never been early. >> reporter: but there were some annoyed people. >> it makes it frustrating but you just -- you have to deal with it. >> reporter: all this couple wanted to do was return home but after their flight to texas was cancelled they felt like they got the runaround. >> we couldn't get through on the web so we ended up getting on the phone and waiting online for about an mower and we final -- about an hour and finally got through and she booked up today for 5:00 arriving at 3:00 in the morning in houston.
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>> reporter: although oakland airport officials are touting the shrinking number of flights, they acknowledge that travelers who have a multiple leg journey could see cancellations along the way. >> flights that may go into one market, may continue onto another and certainly that could affect two flights. >> reporter: but southwest says operations should be back to normal tomorrow. coming up at 6:00, friday's incident was just a first in a string of in-flight emergencies. the question is are those situations creating more anxiety for travelers? live in oakland, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. >> as john mentioned, there were four cancellations today of flights heading into and out of oakland and four more headed to oakland, excuse me, two outbound flights were also cancelled at san jose airport and at san francisco international three inbowed cancel -- inbound cancellations and four outbound cancellations today. >> what may have caused the hole to open up. cabin air pressure stresses the
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airliner with every takeoff and landing. our john fowler explains more. john. >> reporter: well, an airliner is really a tube under pressure like this balloon, at altitude higher pressure inside helps passengers breathe and make the airplane stronger. but like a balloon, inflate and deflate too many times, engineers say the rip in the roof happened right where they inspected it on what's called a lap joint between sheets of aluminum. >> they are a point where you typically have higher stresses because the sheets are not perfectly aligned so there's a little bit of bending here. >> reporter: i spoke with aviation accident expert roland hewitt. on each climb to high altitude, air pressure, 2 tons per square foot pushes out from inside the cabin, then relaxes on descent. that's one. records show the jet had an unusually high number of cycles, 39,000.
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that's one for about every hour, 10 minutes of flight time. experts say 737s are favorites of short haul airlines and so are more prone to this problem. >> their airplanes have more of short hops and therefore they accumulate more cycles. >> reporter: two decades ago, the roof ripped off a stress fatigued alaw hoe airline 737, a flight attendant was sucked to her death, 65 other people injured. a china air 737 crashed nine years ago killing 225. the faa fined southwest three years ago for failing to inspect for fuselage cracks. despite new cracks found on some other southwest planes, hewitt says failures are rare. >> they will happen, they don't have catastrophe consequences. >> reporter: hewitt says he fully expects the faa will soon require more thorough and more frequent inspections on all high cycle airliners. reporting live health and science editor, john fowler,
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ktvu channel 2 news. a southwest flight from oakland to san diego made a safe emergency landing last night in los angeles after reports of an electrical burning smell in the plane's cabin. 142 people were on board. no one was hurt. the plane was also a 737, but its emergency landing is said to be unrelated to the cracks that forced friday's landing in arizona. a united airlines flight from new orleans to san francisco had to return to the airport this morning shortly after takeoff because the plane lost electrical power and had smoke in the cockpit. the pilot reported that all of his instruments were out and the air traffic controllers on hand had to help guide united flight 497 to the ground. and the emergency landing was a rough one. the nose of the place of business ended up off the -- the nose of the plane ended up off the tarmac. passengers and crew members all evacuated the plane using emergency chutes. >> they had smoke coming from the nose area. when he touched down, there was even more smoke and kind of a screeching sound and then he just ran off the runway.
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>> the flight was originally due to arrive in san francisco just after 9:30 this morning. the passengers were all booked onto other flights. the pentagon today said a u.s. marine from santa clara was killed supporting combat operations in afghanistan. officials have identified the marine at 21-year-old lance corporal harry lou who was based in hawaii. he was killed yesterday in helmand province, the incident is under investigation. he was assigned to the second battalion, third marine regiment, third marine division. after a string of deadly pipeline explosions including the san bruno tragedy, federal officials today announced a new push for pipeline safety. >> this is a powerful experience and it's not one that i'm going to soon forget. >> today transportation secretary ray lahood visited the victims of february's pipeline disaster in allentown, pennsylvania. that explosion killed five people and flattened homes and businesses. here in the bay area the city
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of san bruno was still recovering from september's gas pipeline disaster which called eight people. today secretary lahood urged congress to raise penalties for pipeline violations, close regulatory loopholes and add more safety inspectors. >> people shouldn't have to worry when they flip a light switch in their kitchen that it could cause an explosion in the front yard. people should have absolute confidence that they can turn on the heat, the stove or a computer without endangering their families and neighbors. >> secretary lahood also called on utilities to identify and replace high risk oil and gas pipeline. ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar live in san francisco where we are asking if these federal proposals will make any difference. >> reporter: some folks say this sets up a loophole large enough to run a major pipeline through. the proposed fines while significant are not major economic threats to large
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pipeline operators that transport billions of dollars in gas and fuels daily. one reason, over the past two decades overall pipeline safety has actually improved. >> the chances of a pipeline failing in any one spot is still really, really small, but as we saw in allentown and in philadelphia and san bruno, if it happens in a populated area, the consequences can be huge. >> the -- >> reporter: this consumer editor says utility accountants will often make fines even less of a threat. >> the problem is that however much you increase the fines, you utilities are going to find a way to collect that back from rate payers. >> reporter: one pipeline expert who warned congress of pipeline dangers two months before san bruno says some pipeline operators see regulations as rules to be circumvented. >> there appears to be some gaps in various regulatory efforts regarding pipelines, where some very creative people have gone out of their way to use loopholes not to meet the intent of the regulations in terms of safety.
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>> reporter: and so consumer advocate tony says a complete overhaul of the rules is in order. >> we need to completely rewrite the book on how inspections are done and how regulation is done and what really needs to happen is a total relook at regulations that commit rules that were written by the industry. >> and make no mistake about it. the public utilities commission of california is up to its neck in allegations that it poorly regulated pg&e. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. residents from san bruno will get a chance to tell the public utilities commission what they think should be done to improve the safety of natural gas pipelines. the puc will hold a five hour public hearing tomorrow night in san bruno. the commission is considering several proposals, they include automatic shutoff valves, better inspection techniques, replacing aging pipes and improving record keeping. the pipeline explosion in san bruno last september killed
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eight people and destroyed 38 homes. of course we will bring you the latest from that meeting tomorrow but you can also find more information on the san bruno pipeline case on our website,, just click on the pipeline tab on the home page. there were new reports tonight that the man charged with kidnapping and raping jaycee dugard will plead guilty this week. phillip and nancy grito were charged with snatch -- garrido were charged with snatching jaycee dugard and holding her fore 18 years. he will plead guilty to rape and other charges. nancy dugard will stand trial unless she also reaches a plea deal. a sick juror in the barry bonds perjury trial made a break in testimony today but there was still what could be a very important development in the case. a key witness says he has justified found -- just found a cassette tape, he did so yesterday of a secretly recorded conversation with barry bonds' doctor. prosecutors want to include the new material in the trial but
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defense attorneys are determined to keep it under wraps. ktvu's rita williams was at the courthouse today and explain the significance of this tape coming up in just about 20 minutes. today the nation is remembering dr. martin luther king, jr. who was assassinated 43 years ago today. >> black men and white men, profit stant -- protestants and cats licks -- catholics free at last, free at last, thank god all mighty were free at last. >> dr. king was in memphis to support striking sanitation workers when he was shot. across the country today churches and human rights activists staged peaceful demonstrations and prayer services in honor of his leg gans -- legacy. >> one honoring labor rights is happening in san francisco. want to show you pictures. a very large crowd is on hand in the financial district where hundreds of workers, labor
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leaders and politicians are holding a march. organizers say this demonstration is a show of solidarity for straight workers in wisconsin where a controversial new law has restricted collective bargaining rights for public employees. now, these protesters have gathered at the bank of america building on california street. what they will be doing is marching down california to the federal reserve building to hold a rally at 6:00. the federal reserve bank is located very close to market and california. obviously this could have potential traffic implications. that is a very busy area, especially during the evening commute. we do have a reporter on the scene. he will have late details for us coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. in libya tonight, a pitch battle is underway between moammar gadhafi's forces and rebel troops. today both sides fought a tug- of-war over the strategic towns of al bega and ms. rate --
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misrata. tonight the united states is scheduled to hand over its role in the strike to other nato allies. meanwhile, humanitarian aid continues to flow into libya as opposition leaders plead for help. >> we are one country, one people. we -- what we are asking for is just to live free like the other human beings, we are human beings also. >> some nato nations have rejected a libyan proposal to let one of gadhafi's sons rule in his place. u.s. officials would not comment on the plan. there's been a computer security breach. you may be getting e-mails from any number of companies you do business with, what you need to know coming up. we are sailing along with summerlike temperatures at this hour. who is looking at breaking records for today and we will talk about the big tumble in our temperatures expected by tomorrow.
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new information tonight about a major security breach
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at epsilon which does direct marketing for a lot of well known companies including best buy and citibank. someone hacked into epsilon's file and they tell us what information they may have gotten about thousands of customers and what that could mean for you. >> reporter: while only names and e-mail addresses were accessed by the hackers, there is still real danger here according to one prominent computer security consultant we spoke with. the hacker gained access to at least some of epsilon interactive's 2500 clients' customers including walgreen's, u.s. and jpmorgan chase banks, best buy and marriott. epsilon isn't saying how many people could be affected. the companies hire epsilon to send out marketing e-mails for them. kevin midnick who was a hacker say sham and -- spam and fishing will be the next step. >> they are going to sell it to an organization that does spam or try to trick you into going to a website so they can try to exploit you and get access to
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your computer. >> reporter: epsilon issued a statement saying a rigorous asettlement determined that no other personal identifiable information was at risk. some of epsilon's clients such as u.s. bank e-mailed customers warning the bank will never request information such a personal i.d., password or account number by e-mail. the college board which runs the s.a.t. test assured people much the same. >> for example, best buy and other banks may not have extra security. so there's a danger. >> reporter: katrina killion who we spokes with outside the walgreen's today says she is already taking precautions. >> i personally have an e-mail address that's specific for just my junk mail so separate from my personal e-mail address. >> reporter: not everyone has two e-mail addresses, of course, and the best advice from kevin mittnick is what we have heard before, be reticent to give out any identifying
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information about yourself on the internet. jim vargas, ktvu channel 2 news. quick thinking averted tragedy for five early this morning. about 2:00 a.m. a fire broke out at the harbor village mobile home park. the mother woke up and saw flames which blocked her from reaching the children. she screamed waking up her 17- year-old son who then helped the other children escape. a neighbor talked with us about the frantic escape. >> woke up a little after 2:00 this morning, looked out the window and flames were shooting out the side of the house over here. got the girlfriend and the baby up, ran outside and the whole family had come out the back windows. they were screaming call 911. >> tonight the mother and her four children are staying with relatives. the other child is a friend of the family. firefighters say that it appears the fire started behind a drier in the home and was accidental. caltrans has reopened a stretch of highway 101 that had been closed since last wednesday because of a mudslide. crews have cleared tons of rock
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and mud that blocked the roadway about 5 miles north of gahr betterville. the road was open to one way controlled traffic earlier today. a chief meteorologist bill martin has a day off. let's go over to rosemary orozco. >> great weather. we feel like summer out there, don't we? even breaking records in some cases. still waiting on the final tally but areas like santa rosa, napa, concord and hayward looking at breaking records. that in a little while
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so honoring dr. luther king's birthday and in support of labor rights we will keep a close eye on this, there's enough marchers that they could be blocking traffic. that area is busy because of rush hour. as we get more information and when they start to march we will bring that to you. president obama made it official, announcing he will seek a second term in the white house, the president took his message to the internet. >> i do not agree with obama on everything but i respect him and trust him. >> there's so many things that are still on the table that need to be addressed and we want them to be addressed by president bomb. >> he got a head start on the presidential campaign sending an email to supporters and posting a web ad asking voters to let him finish the job.
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we asked for voters thoughts on the announce.ment. >> i supported him. >> if there's a problem it's because he inherited 99% of it. and i'm impressed with the way he has gone about taking care of things that is close to what he promised as possible. >> he filed papers today to allow him to begin raising campaign money. so far no republicans have announced plans to challenge the president. >> the white house said that president bomb has invited obama -- the white house said that president obama has invited the congress to talk about the budget, without a deal they could run out of
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money friday forcing a shut down. the white house is close to reaching the debt limit. they will reach the limit by may 16th at the latest. but there are options to delay a government default on the debt but he can only buy an extra eight weeks. when we with live at the barry bonds trial, court was not in session, surprises. plus. radioactive kelp has been found off the coast. we will tell you what it all means.
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complete bay area news coverage continues. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. there was no testimony today in the barry bonds perjury trial but even so there are major new developments tonight. a key witness for the prosecution says he has found what could prove to be important evidence against barry bonds and that's not all. rita williams is here now to tell us what else happened today. rita. >> reporter: that's right, frank. a lot happened here today and all of it was unexpected. just moments ago the judge announced that a juror who called in sick early this morning will return to court tomorrow. the 60-year-old engineer from antioch has a kidney stone and did not expect to return, leading to speculation one of the two women alternates would replace him but for now at least that will not happen. next, new evidence that if admitted could be a big blow
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for the defense. bonds' former business manager steve hoskins gave prosecutors a tape of a secretly recorded conversation hoskins says he just found yesterday when hoskins testified here two weeks ago, he told jurors about the recording but said he couldn't locate it. prosecutors say that it's a recording of hoskins talking with dr. arthur ting, bonds' orthopedic surgeon. the doctor testified last week that he had never talked with hoskins about bonds' possible steroid use, depending on what's on the tape, it could prove otherwise. the time of the conversation is especially interesting. hoskins testified he and ting talked days after the raid on valco in september 2003. >> surprise that a tape found apparently by mr. hoskins that has been unfound for six or seven years. if the government is anxious to play it, then the implication
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is that it will be good for the government for the prosecution because it will support mr. hoskins' story. >> reporter: now, just an hour ago the judge said that transcript of the 15 minute conversation she has read so far leads her to believe quote it's mostly inadmissible or irrelevant or does not add anything to the case. she said as of now, she has not decided whether to admit it as evidence in this case. reporting live in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a female jogger. this is based on the description of the attacker who police say grabbed the victim from behind. she was attacked on friday at 4:30 p.m. the victim may have scratched the attacker's right forearm. the attacker is described as a black man in his early 20s, 6 feet tall with a thin athletic build, short black hair, brown eyes, oval face and a medium
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complexion. he was last seen wearing white and red with black and red jordon sneakers. police in gilbert arrested a man on indecent exposure. a witness followed that car when it drove away, then called police. officers stopped loza on the 700 block of 1st street. operators of japan's damaged nuclear power plant are faced with nothing but bad choices tonight. they had to deliberately dump 10,000 tons of tainted water into the ocean. they did that to make room in the storage unit for water that is even higher in radioactivity. even so, the water dumped into the ocean has a level of radioactivity about 500 times above the legal limit. today workers are also using a dye to trace the path of radioactive water seeping from the plant. the disaster in japan is going to have a direct impact on u.s. auto workers. toyota says it's all but
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certain it will have to shut down its north american factories because of a shortage of parts in japan. the length of the shutdown unknown but likely take place later this month. the company says it will affect about 25,000 workers but that no layoffs are expected. toyota has more than a dozen factories in north america. closers to home, radioactive kelp has been found off the coast near vancouver, british columbia. they are wondering if radioactivity will affect the kelp on the other coast lines. janine de la vega is live. >> reporter: this kelp right here is from the waters from monterey bay. most people don't eat kelp. the number 1 use for it in california is for aqua farming. it's used to feed abalone, which is a delicacy. >> i often say it tastes like a cross between calamari and scallop. >> reporter: you can find abalone in high end restaurants along the coast. they are expensive to raise and
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buy. >> go through and measure them. that one is perfect size. >> reporter: the monterey abalone company has been forming them for 19 years. the snails are fed kelp in their cages below the water. >> the last thing we want is to have a product tainted in any way. we need to find out what's happening. >> reporter: a nuclear scientist recently found that the radioactive iodine 131 released by the japan reactors absorbed into seaweed in vancouver. >> this is essentially the type of stuff you would expect to be washing up the beach right now in vancouver. >> reporter: this doctor with the moss landing marine lab says it's possible kelp here in california could be radioactive. he says it makes sense it would appear in kelp since the seaweed naturally absorbs iodine. >> i think the numbers are low right now and there's probably a very minimal risk. >> reporter: graham points out that iodine levels would most likely be low because every 8 1/2 days radioactive iodine naturally dilutes itself by a half. >> even though the kelp might
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have rate yack tiff iodine -- radioactive iodine doesn't mean the kelp will have it. >> it's an area never been studied. >> i wa not to find out, want to know if there is going to be any radioactive iodine in the waters of our state and we want to know what impact it could have on our business. >> reporter: abalone farmers are calling state health officials to see how they can help and see if there's any way to get this abalone that they have tested to see if it's radioactive. keep in mind it takes about three to four years to grow abalone before they sell it off to restaurants so that they wanted to reassure the public that nobody right now is eating abalone that could possibly be radioactive. reporting live from monterey bay, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. a few hours ago a wreckage of a small plane that went down over the weekend killing a bay area man arrived in sacramento. earlier today environmental crews checked for fuel leakage from crash debris.
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a contractor hired by the faa then moved the aircraft to a facility near sacramento for further investigation. the vintage 1947 plane went down in the bay near oakland international airport, actually in the effect ware -- etch wary -- he was wary -- estuary yesterday afternoon. >> he was flip flapping through the air and then he disappeared and then we heard him again and he came out and he flip flapped then nothing after that. >> it is 73-year-old richard manuel of redwood city, the only person on board. new information about a serious health risk tonight. what beer drinkers specifically need to know. why the time of day when you go into san francisco will determine how much you'll pay at parking meters.
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drivers from san francisco could soon notice a change at the parking meter. the city is launching demand based parking fees on april 21st under the sf park flex pricing program fees could range from 25 cents up to $6 an hour, depending on how many spaces are available on that block. special event pricing could jump to $18 an hour.
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officials say the program will make it easier to find parking by discouraging those drivers who don't want to pay more to park. gas prices are on the rise again. in the past week gas prices across the country have gone up an average of 8 cents a gallon. according to the aaa fuel gauge report, the national average for regular gasoline today is $3.66 a gallon. in california it is $4.06 a gallon and in the bay area, gas prices jumped about 4 cents a gallon in the past week so gas now $4.07 a gallon in oakland, $4.08 in san jose and $4.12 in san francisco. the company blind the deep water horizon explosion and oil spill will not be drilling again in the gulf of mexico as has been reported. media reports in the past few days indicated that bp was close to a deal with u.s. officials to start drilling at the wells it already had under development before the disaster. but late today u.s. interior secretary ken salazar flatly denied any such deal and said
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bp would need to undergo the same process as any other firm to resume drilling. google has bid $900 million for nortel networks' portfolio of patents. it is auctioning off the patents as part of bankruptcy proceedings. the company has selected google as the stocking horse bidder, meaning google will be the starting point against which others will bit. it has 6000 patent and patent applications covering computer science, wireless, internet search and online social networking. the ceo of dreamworks has joined the board of directors of zinga. jeffrey catsenburg will join linked in and the ceo on the six member board. zinga has created online games. zinga's ownership privately held. drinking beer could increase the risk of stomach cancer for some people, that's the word from researchers who found a 75% increase in the risk of gastric cancer in heavy beer drinkers who also carry a
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g mutation that affects the metabolism of alcohol. they also found that either factor on its own also raised stomach cancer risk although less dramatically. drinking wine and hard liquor did not appear to have the same effect. yoga may help patients with a heart condition in a small study people with eight tal fib -- atrial fibrillation who did yoga three times a week had the number of episodes in which their heart rates went to high levels. researchers say that while it appears yoga can help patients regulate their heartbeat, it is not a replacement for standard medical treatment. katie couric is signing off the cbs evening news. a network executive told the associated press couric plans to leave the anchor desk when her contract is up june 4th, less than five years after she signed on. according to some reports, couric plans to start her own syndicated show next year. the ap says russ mitchell, scott pelle and harry smith are in the running to take over on
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the anchor desk but cbs news will likely look outside the division as well. almost 10 years after the september 11th attacks, the self-described mastermind has yet to go on trial. the major development today and the what the mayor of new york city has to say about it. record warmth hanging over the bay area this afternoon, but at this hour we are already seeing some big changes. who is expected to see a 10- degree drop in temperatures by tomorrow and when we will need that umbrella once again. all that coming up.
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news chopper 2 live over a march happening right now in san francisco's financial district. we are looking at politicians, labor leaders and others. marching down california street essentially to california and market. this picture has changed considerably since about 20 minutes ago when we last saw them. they are now on the move and it appears there are no problems and it looks like they are not impacting traffic at all. that could change, though. our ktvu's david stevenson is at the scene here. he will bring us a live report coming up on this march at the beginning of the ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. michael bloomberg says he agrees with the decision to tried a vowed 9/11 mastermind in a military tribunal. previously the obama administration's plan was to try mohammed in a civilian court near ground zero but that plan met with widespread opposition and congress passed legislation that prohibits bringing any guantanamo bay detainees to the united states. >> i happen to think that it's
5:48 pm
probably more appropriate to do it in a secure area with a military tribunal and what i've read about military tribunals and they are not an automatic kind of thing. they are a different form of a legal system, but something that this country can implement and not be ashamed of. >> the trial will be held at guantanamo bay. attorney general eric holder says the government cannot delay bringing the five men to justice any longer. the city of pleasnaton is preparing to honor a hometown hero. the remains of army specialist james -- will return to pleasnaton tomorrow morning. flags in the city will be flown at half staff for three days. linska was killed last tuesday when his unit came under attack. the 23-year-old was serving as a medic. a confessed killer recounts a high profile killing on the streets of oakland. the motive behind the third fatal shot fired at journalist
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chauncey bailey. southwest plays catchup after hundreds of flight cancellations. why passengers tonight are on edge even though things are getting better. also only on 2, a $40,000 spending spree at union square's stores. the only problem here, the money wasn't theirs. who became suspicious and called police. these stories and more coming up on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. an annual study ranking the nation's airlines on their quality of service lists airtran as number 1. for the 21st year researchers at perdue and wichita state universities analyzed things on customer complaints and other things. hawaiian airlines second, followed by jetblue, alaska airlines and southwest. american eagle came in last among the airlines ranked. nasa today announced it's delaying the launch this month of the space shuttle endeavour. endeavour's scheduled launch has been changed from april 19th to april 29th. that's because a russian cargo
5:50 pm
vehicle is slated to dock at the international space station on april 27th and nasa did not want its shuttle in the area where the russian docking took place. this will be endeavour's final flight and the next to last mission for the shuttle program. >> what a day here in the bay area. our chief meteorologist bill martin is off. rosemary orozco is filling in for him tonight. doesn't get much better than this. >> just a gorgeous day on the warm side for this time of year. in fact, we have been talking about it this afternoon, breaking records in some locations. let's take a look at what we have outside your door at this hour. still holding onto the 70s. santa rosa, napa, hayward and concord reporting new records for today. take a look at some of the old. we have beat them out by five, even 10 degrees. 80 degrees this afternoon in santa rosa, 6 degrees over the old record set back in 2007. hayward, 78 is what we saw this afternoon. 67 is what we saw back in 2007. so a warm one out there. ridge of high pressure in place and we have got that offshore
5:51 pm
breeze that will be blowing in the afternoon and now we are starting to see a change. southwesterly wind in and around napa, 5 miles per hour, westerly breeze, santa rosa reporting 9 miles per hour and in some areas we are seeing that wind really pick up along the san francisco coastline, 15 miles per hour at this time. so earlier we had the offshore breeze, now we are starting to see the onshore breeze and that is going to make a big difference. talk about why. well, it's this system here you see to the north of us. it's beginning to break down the ridge of high pressure and as it does, pushes off to the east, weakens and brings us cloudier cooler weather in time for our tuesday. we aren't going to see any rain, we are going to be with partly cloudy skies even mostly cloudy at times. cooler than what we have seen over the last day or so. this second system is going to follow. this next system will drop our temperatures anywhere from 10 to 20 degrees from what we are seeing today and it is going to bring us the possibility of scattered showers. so for your tuesday, partly cloudy, cooler but you know not too bad. we are going to be sitting in
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the 60s perhaps even low 70s out there so going to be mild. partly cloudy and breezy on wednesday as that onshore breeze, the sea breeze continues to strengthen and then by thursday the second system rolling in, scattered showers expected through the morning hours and we will be on and off throughout the day. cooler, a lot cooler, we are talking 50s in the forecast and low snow levels are going to be lowering down to about 2500 feet in some cases, which means some of our local mountains may catch a dusting. so for tonight, partly cloudy skies, low clouds in the forecast, not as cool as what we have seen. we are talking 40s, even low 50s in our afternoon highs into the upper 60s, low 70s instead of 70s, low 80s. 70 for hayward. for tomorrow, widespread upper 60s in areas like san jose, low 70s for morgan hill and then onto the extended forecast for you here. we are going to be cooling it back, not going to be too bad tomorrow, a little breezy on wednesday, really the possibility of cooling, getting scattered showers on thursday and then the weekend looking good, partly cloudy skies, temperatures seasonal for this time of year.
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>> see you at 6:00. thanks. it's not getting better. find out what immuneee plans to -- muni plans to do about its on time record. and the chp says a certain type of drivers causing more accidents. who they are going to be cracking down on.
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san francisco transit officials plan to meet tomorrow to talk about the recent drop in muni's on-time performance.
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new figures showed that muni buses were on schedule 71% of the time in the last three months of 2010. that's down one percentage point from the previous quarter. both numbers are way below the 85% san francisco voters mandated 12 years ago. muni has never reached that mark. this month is distracted drivers awareness month and you better watch out because the highway patrol and other agencies will be looking for distracted drivers. >> my wife called me, so, you know, i have to pick up when my wife calls. >> if you like to use your cell phone, put on your mascara or text your friends while driving, watch out, the chp today launched a statewide crackdown to get drivers to pay attention to the road. >> we have seen an increase in numbers involving crashes where dis distracted driving was an associated factor so we want people to get back to basics of driving and not being distracted with anything else. >> this is the first distracted driving enforcement campaign involving several different law
5:57 pm
enforcement agencies and the first time offense will end up costing you $159. ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 is next.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
hundreds fill the streets in downtown san francisco for workers rights. the call to action they say they share with dr. martin luther king, jr. safety concerns spread tonight. the new inspection order that will affect more than just southwest passengers. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. good evening. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm frank somerville. julie haener has the night off. right now hundreds of union workers and their supporters are protesting in san francisco. news chopper 2 has been overhead. the crowd as it marched through the financial district and is now gathering outside the federal reserve to give you some idea of where this is. it is very close to the highiate regency -- hyatt resense on embarcadero and where california and market street comes together. because of the size of the crowd it is impacting traffic and obviously right now is the commute, so keep that in mind if you are


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