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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  April 6, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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off with cash. >> smash and grab. >> reporter: you wonder who did it. >> i haven't the slightest idea. >> reporter: there is a good chance it's the same one who tried to break-in next door and this nonprofit bookstore on the same night. >> one of those bricks had come through so this was all broken here. >> reporter: the manager said the robbers only got a few dollars bus its money that would have been donated to the libby. >> just taking programs and books and that's sad. >> reporter: police confirm burglars with the same mo have hit five businesses since march 26 including this downtown car wash. many say it's not something they are used to and the seemingly random targets have some wonder figure they are young or just desperate. >> glass in here is i safety glass like you see in cars. >> reporter: the doctor said he only lost about $80 but that is
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not counting 9 cost of new precautions. >> we just put in a security system and cameras. somebody else comes in the future we will be able to the least identity them. >> reporter: police say they aren't dealing experienced criminals but have stepped up patrols in the area and say they are working with other city that have experienced similar problems. >> oakland police investigating a wild broad daylight shooting in an east oakland neighborhood. . police say two male victims were shot, their conditions are unknown. investigators found 46 shell casings at the scene. so far no arrests have been made and there is no word on the motive for the shooting. residents of antioch say they are fed up with violence. about a dozen held up signs today pleading for the violence
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to end. one read how long do we let them rule with fear? shootings on monday left a 19- year-old paralyzed and stray bullets hitting a child's bedroom. we will hear from one family who is planning to move out. >> the navy investigating what caused a hornet fighter jet to crash. the plane went down shortly after noon. the officer and the pilot were both killed killed. the crew was on a routine training flight. >> san francisco law enforcement warning of an up tick in hate crimes allegedly done by white supremacists. nuke tails in the case against a white man who slashed a homeless black man in the face last july. prosecutors say the knife he used has a nazi blade. it happened in the western edition and was followed by assaults in the marina and
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tender loin. the attackers yelled white power. >> each case is surprising. we haven't seen this type of violence in the city. >> the da said the fbi is monitoring all cases. at five we showed you the lines of people gathering at a fundraiser for brian stowe the giants fan attacked at a dodgers game. we are live where people are still lining up. >> reporter: that's right. this party is not going to end soon. as you can see volunteers have been cooking up about 300 pounds of chicken, 200 pounds of try tip, ballpark food to raise money for the family. the guests are coming from everywhere. cal star rescue workers didn't want to miss the tailgate party. they joined hundreds of friends, supporter and others at the fundraising barbecue being held at stowe's
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workplace. stowe's girl friend couldn't believe the turn out. >> i'm overwhelmed with the gratitude and i'm so thankful on behalf of brian's family, my family, all of his co workers, everything, we are so grateful and amazed to see that humanity is just so wonderful. >> donations, thank you. thank you. >> reporter: donations have raised the reward fund to $100,000 and generated thousands more for the family. it's hard for friends to celebrate. >> everybody is still feeling sad. i think we are all still in disbelief that something like this happened. >> it makes dealing the situation very difficult but this in types of organizes things like this helps in healing and dealthem the outlet and ability to help. >> reporter: his girlfriend said brian will join the party soon. >> i know him so well and his word wills be i'm a rock star and he will just bask in the glory. he would love every moment of this, absolutely. >> reporter: and there will be more moments like this.
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today's event will go on until at least 8:00 p.m. and several other bay area businesses said they are also planning fundraisers. live in san jose. >> a fountain of water this afternoon in downtown berkeley after an ac transit bus hit a hydrant. a viewer brought this web video to attention. nobody was hurt. crew was able to shut off the water and things are getting back to normal. more than a hundred people in san francisco are homeless after a fire damaged a residential hotel this video was shot by a neighbor and shows flames coming the roof of the building last night. that roof partly collapsed. about 20 people were hurt. investigators say the fire was caused by a trash compacter that caught fire. >> a possible government shut down is looming closer. a meeting from leaders of both parties ended with the president saying not enough progress had been made on a
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spending plan for the remaining six months of the fiscal year. >> every time we agree to meet in the middle they move the middle. they said no when we met them halfway, now they say it's our way or the highway. >> lib era ls in the senate would rather play political games and force a government shut down instead of accepting a modest down payment on fiscal discipline and reform, i say shut it down. >> republicans are trying to push through a one week stop gap bill that cuts another $12 billion. mike is live in san francisco now with the impact that we may see here in the bay area. >> reporter: and a partial shut down would cause a number of things including locking down alcatraz, keeping tourists and locals out, also it enyou are looking for a refund don't bank on it any time soon and at least one isn't happy about it. >> it's a joke.
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>> reporter: even if the budget is late your tax deadline remains the same and taxpayer who file paper returns your refunds would stop as long as congress can't figure out how to fund the government. >> we paying all these taxes for them to as well and as well as we voted you in but i don't see the job you doing. you gets the check for nothing. >> reporter: no budget in place means employees at this social security office would be furloughed along with about 800,000 others and today outside the office a few employees protested the government. >> i will not get paid if the government is not funded. >> reporter: what do you do? >> we will stay home and wait until we are told to go back to work. >> these are people they are dealing with, every day people that are trying to dot best we can. working is part of our every day being, we have to work. >> if you want to paralyze the
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recovery this is a good first step. if you have a small business loan pending that gets put on hold. if you are waiting for something to be processed that gets put on hold. if you have a mortgage pending that involves the federal government that gets on hold. >> reporter: and so do those tours of alcatraz. a spokeswoman said regarding the possible shut done visitor center also be closed hack social security to park choirs denied including the statue of liberty, the washington monument and alcatraz. reporting live. ktvu channel 2news. >> recap of some of the other consequences if an agreement isn't reached by midnight on friday. military people would not get paid. some national parks would be closed, federal tax return checks wouldn't be written, the epa would stop issuing permits,
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the small business association would stop making loans and federal home loan guarantees would be put on hold. our website has a list of the impacts you can expect from a government shut down. just click on the united states news tab. >> the lieutenant governor and a republican led group of state lawmakers will go to texas next week to try to find why jobs are leaving california. during the trip they will hear from businesses that have left california and will look at what can be done to attract and retain business investment here in california. >> we know why california has lost over a million jobs between january 2008 and december 2010. the second highest tax business tax burden in the country. >> texas has added 16 5,000 jobs during the last three years while california has lost 1.2 million. >> texas computer maker del will be hiring in the bay area. they say they expect to employ about 700 people when it opens
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a new research and development center in santa clara by the end of the year. they will fire up to 1500 workers. shares of cisco jumped 5%. the ceo promised bold steps to improve the san jose based company. analysts took that to mean it could sell some of its businesses. other companies pushed the major indexes higher. the dow finished up 33 points, nasdaq finished nine points higher. >> a critical question, a richmond police officer's response when we specifically asked him when he had armed teens. >> but for a few small finishing touches, the new sfo terminal is ready for passengers. when you can see it still ahead. . >> a winter like storm approaching the bay area. coming up the -- highlight when the rain chances start.
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the possible impact of the morning and when the wind could be on the increase.
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. the governor said the cost to appear tend a uc campus could double to $25,000. he warned budgets for police, fire and schools would see dramatic and painful cuts. he isn't giving up hope a compromise could let california vote on whether to extend tax increases to help fill the 15 billion-dollar deficit. >> republican and tell them you love them. build up their self-esteem. >> republicans are seeking a spending cap, opinion reform and
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. who much lue pay to help fix the deficit. today a bill was introduced to add a volunteer contribution line. instead of more taxes he wants to give each taxpayer a choice. >> closing arguments in barry bonds trial will start tomorrow following surprising court developments today. the defense rested its case without calling a single witness. you will recall yesterday his attorney said they were considering calling six witnesses throughing possibly barry bonds himself. >> the minute you start putting witnesses on you have risk. i think it would bring more attention to the fact that bonds didn't testify. >> the judge also said due to lack of evidence she dismissing one of the charges but denied motions to dismiss testimony from other players and bond's former mistress. one of the police officers
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accused of giving guns to two underaged security guard whose worked for his private business is denying that he broke the lue. this afternoon the officer said he couldn't comment but when specifically asked about the guns he said nothing illegal was done. it is against state law for anyone under 21 to buy firearms. thomas and danny harris are on leave. a bill to give teens sentences to life without parole a chance at freedom is moving forward. law would give courts the ability to review sentences after ten years and lower a sentence to 25 years. it still needs to clear the legislature. >> the public will get a look inside the 400 million-dollar terminal two in just three days but tonight tom is live at sfo with the critical security
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testing. >> reporter: it's all important. this facility is ready to go. they will test it and test it right up to the minute it actually opens, eight days from now. early this morning we couldn't help but notice the new terminal a wash in piles of suitcases and other bags, thousands of them marked test. the tsa wants to ensure this, the latest, greatest security portal finds any and every hidden weapon or explosive no matter how busy. >> they want to run an extra stress test on it, almost try to break the system to see if it's possible just to make sure there aren't any heck problems. >> reporter: the former international terminal is now a domestic one. >> it was delivered on time and under budget. >> reporter: next week it
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becomes one of the permanent terminals of american. >> we are thrilled to be back here and i say that because we feel as though we are coming home. >> reporter: it's also the new home terminal of virgin america, one of the newest airlines that flew in the first commercial passenger spaceship. >> the best decision this company made was to locate here in san francisco and at this airport in particular. >> reporter: if you want to see this terminal on saturday, just go to the website and click on the right now section to get your free but absolutely necessary and required admission tickets. reporting live, ktvu channel 2news. >> the richmond city council has voted down a plan for a waterfront casino. we told you about the measure
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last night. the tribe wanted to build a $1.7 billion casino complex with hotels, restaurants and shops. last night councilmembers said there are to many undecided issues. on to the weather now because are things changing. it looks like temperatures in to the 30s. >> yeah. that's right. especially as we head into friday. the coldest locations around the freezing mark. we had cold showers. on the storm tracker we had rain showers to the north of the bay dare. area. wind speeds have been ranking up ail day. here is a look at sustained speeds, oakland around 28 miles and some -- we deploy those out toward point reyes. a wind gust to 39-milance hour. miles an hour. cold showers tomorrow, winds around 20 to 30 miles an hour. the weekend looks like just a
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sun cloud mix and temperatures recovering nicely into saturday and sunday. here is the satellite and radar the clouds, you can see the band just to the north of the bay area. the main storm center is up here. here is the trakas we take this into thursday. the main impact a drop off in temperatures, readings from the 50s and the showers into tomorrow morning. possibility of isolated thunderstorms, and it is cold enough, snow levels coming down to around 2500 to 3,000 feet. here we are 10:00. no rainfall just yet. we will put it in motion and you will notice not completely covered the rain but scattered, spotty showers and as the atmosphere destabilizes into the afternoon we could have sun, clouds, and also isolated thunderstorm that could produce hale out there. you will notice by four, five and six tomorrow just clearing skies, we could still have scattered showers even by this time tomorrow. tomorrow morning at 7:00 rain
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likely, 45 to around 50 degrees, by 12:00 low to mid50s, then no more 70s, month more 60s, warmest locations in the mid to upper 50s. san jose will go 57 and san mateo will be 56. here say look ahead. once the system passes there is a chance of a shower into friday but friday morning very chilly. the coldest location around its freezing mark. the possibility for frost. highlight the weekend. it'll be dry which is a sun cloud mix and temperatures recover nicely. if you make outdoor plans no worry about possible rain drops, just a slight chance in the north bay. >> thank you. >> a bill was introduced in sacramento to eliminate loopholes in the smoke free workplace law. >> this is really just finishing what we started. 1994 in the legislature when i was in local government in the early 90's we were passing
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regulation that have prove tone be very effective. >> right now smoking is allowed in businesses with five or fewer employees. owner operated bars, warehouses and areas of hotel and motel lobby. sorers say there is no safe level of exposure to secondhand smoke which increases the risk of lung cancer. >> the 49ers encouraging female athletes to think gold. the keys to success. they are teaching them.
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. the 49ers partnered with the women's 4th initiative to co host the third yearly think gold conference. it's focusing on maximizing the potential of young female athletes. high school girls were provide tips about training, health, nutrition and knowledge for success in athletics and life. >> it's about making those girls see their own potential and power and to find ways to tap into it. >> it's also part of the play 60 campaign that encourages
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kids to participate in healthy activity for act least an hour a day. >> and here is the sports director mark, this is more like it when it cups to the giants. >> they were going at it in san diego. a place where they have had a lot of problems wins, not today. they are about ready to close it out. early on they let it be known they were going to have their batting strokes together. aubrey huff with a shot in to the right field, scoring sanchez who tripled it just continues from there. posey, slow start for him in this young season, not today. gone, a two run jack. he has four rbis in this game. it's not quite over but tim probably the real story, seven ininnings of work, one run, look at him. 13 strike outs and the giants are an out away in the 9th inning from wrapping up the 8-1 win. the a's have it going on with matsui, a shot, extra
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bases himself to right field. going to score a pair. give them a quick 2-1 lead but it didn't last long as travis schneider unloads a shot and right now it's 5-3 j's in the latter stains of that ball game. the great s were out at the masters. shot of the day, the walrus first hole, 167 yards, doesn't get better than that. the kids were out, kind of a charity event. they will go at it for real, one round, get it going at the masters, augusta tomorrow. that's the sporting line up. >> that is -- that was priceless. >> thank you. >> coming up on the news at seven a new program launched has the possibility to save
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lives. how this free program aims to keep some of the south bay's most at risk residents safe. that and more coming up in just 30 minutes. no that's our report. for all of us. >> have a good evening. good night.
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