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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 8, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. we are with police tonight as officers arrest johns in a prostitution crackdown. >> on the streets of oakland tonight we've got an exclusive inside look at an undercover operation that uses female decoys to catch men soliciting prostitutes. only on 2 we ride with police to see how the string works. amber lee is live in oakland after talking to some of the men being arrested. amber? >> reporter: two dozen police
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officers were involved in tonight's undercover operation. they just told me they put 20 johns behind bars. >> we stopped. >> reporter: we rode with officers as they began the sting operation in east oakland about 5:00 this evening. >> do you have id with you? >> reporter: if in the first half hour officers -- in the first half hour officers arrested this man who they say was soliciting an undercover officer who told me he was not buying sex. you were buying a part for your car? >> yeah. >> reporter: didn't you talk to a girl on the streets? >> reporter: business was brisk as three undercover officers posed as prostitutes along international boulevard. when a deal is struck, the men are told to go around the corner to wait for the prostitute only to be met by officers moving in for the arrest. >> a good looking lady on the street and i asked her a price and that's all and she said that i was only curious.
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>> reporter: police say they've been conducting these stings weekly for the past two months after numerous neighbor complaints. >> i'm coming home, i don't like to see that. we need to clean up. >> reporter: police say they're now seeing what's called guerilla pitching where they grab young girls and women -- pitching where they grab young girls and women -- pimping off the streets. >> they'll force 12 and 14-year- olds into their business. >> reporter: police say a pimp tried to grab a female undercover officer tonight. he, too was arrested. the operation was wrapped up
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within the hour. amber lee, ktvu channel two news. developing news tonight from the nation's capital where lawmakers struck a last minute deal to keep the government from shutting town. working right down to the wire republicans -- down. working right down to the wire republicans and democrats reached an agreement to cut $38 million of spending. the deal was truly 11th hour coming just before the eastern midnight deadline president obama calling it the biggest spending cut in history and he made his point with the washington monument in the background. >> tomorrow i'm pleased to announce that the washington monument as well as the entire federal government will be open for business. >> in the past hour the house and senate passed an interim measure to keep the government funded for the next few days until a formal agreement can be voted on. tonight's deal means federal works are in the bay area should be able to sleep easier after a stressful day. we learned today they're not the only ones who are stressed out. >> reporter: in sunny san francisco it was a nail biter and we aren't talking about the giants game. throughout the bay area thousands of federal employees were in limbo. a government shutdown would have put so-called nonessential federal workers on unpaid furlough scrambling for money to pay bills and mortgages and the stress didn't stop there. >> if the government shuts down, then these are just not
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going to be good for tomorrow. >> reporter: tourists found their vacation plans disrupted. questions over whether alcatraz would be closed this weekend. >> he said if you have tickets, go now because you don't know what's in store for tomorrow. >> reporter: tour guides also worried about losing money in the long run. tom martell makes his living giving tours of the woods and has a tour group scheduled tomorrow. >> not only is it the park, but it's the people who run the gift shops and collect the money to get into the park, the restaurants in area, the people who sell gas. >> reporter: for tax prepares the shutdown threat came -- preparers the shutdown threat came at the worst time making an already busy time even busier. >> i didn't even have time for lunch. so it has been a really stressful day for me. >> reporter: now with that shutdown averted people can just enjoy their weekend. here in the bay area they can go back monday with business as
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usual. continuing coverage this hour of the deal to avoid a government shutdown. at 10:30 how even the threat of a shutdown caused some vacationers to change their plans and why maps for a nationwide passport -- plans for a nationwide passport day scheduled for tomorrow also had to change, those stories at 10:30. new at 10:00 uc berkeley police investigating attacks on two female students. one woman was robbed and sexually assaulted near havoline grove just after midnight about an hour earlier a man trying to grab a woman near the valley life sciences building. police aren't saying if the assaults are connected, but in both instances the attacker is described as an unshaven white man in his 20s about 5' 6 or 5' 7. police are also investigating a report of a woman grabbed last sunday night also on the west side of campus. in redwood city a mistrial was declared tonight in the sanity phase of a teenager convicted of attempted murder
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in a high school bombing plot. jurors were deadlocked on whether alexander ushock was sane or not when he exploded pipe bombs at hillsdale high school two years ago. the defense says he suffers from schizophrenia. a new jury must be selected. at this hour oakland police are looking for the person who shot and killed the politically connected restaurant owner and former president of the friedville merchants ocean. the owner of otella's restaurant was gunned down outside his business just after 5:00 this morning. >> reporter: jesus campos was shot in the neighborhood where he lived and worked tirelessly to make streets safer. >> he was an icon for us. he was somebody that dedicated himself to building and developing this into a reputable business area. >> reporter: campos' death has spark unspeakable grief. >> everybody is in shock. everybody expected to see him
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this morning. >> reporter: and angry frustration. >> i used to say to the mayor and the people working hard at d.c. croc, please help. >> reporter: oakland -- at d.c., please help. >> reporter: oakland police have upped foot patrols and are frustrated as well. >> we have two suspects that entered into the business. it looks like a botched robbery. >> reporter: fingerprints and surveillance video may help identify the killers, but city leaders, some who call campos a personal friend, say this should not have been done. >> we cannot have a person in this city taken away without any consequence. so for those individuals we are coming. >> reporter: late this afternoon we obtained a description of the get-away car, a 2000 gray buick regal or four door pontiac very clean with 20-inch tires. patty lee, channel 2 news.
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we have more information about what caused four people to get sick at a popular brewery and restaurant in concord this afternoon. police tell ktvu news it was marijuana brownies. a man with a marijuana card brought the brownies to his job at b.j.'s restaurant at the sun valley mall. medics took two workers to a hospital. the other two went home. no arrests were made and the restaurant will handle the situation internally. opponents today said state regulators should have leveled tougher fines against pg&e. the company was fined $3 million after failing to meet a march deadline to turn over safety records. the request was in response to the deadly san bruno pipeline explosion. san francisco city attorney dennis herrera submitted papers today saying the fine wasn't sufficient. the consumer group, the utility reform network, says the fine should be more like $30 million. the cpuc is scheduled to discuss penalty at a hearing monday. plans to ex tanned bart to the silicon valley hit --
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extend bart to the silicon valley hit a roadblock. a developer of the milpitas industrial park filed a suit to block the project claiming the environmental plans were violated. the 10-mile project is scheduled for completion in 2018. it took just seconds, today's implosion of the old oak moore naval hospital and we had every angle covered. a picture perfect sunset over san francisco. what about the weekend? tomorrow's forecast is just 10 minutes away. the first full day of deliberations in barry bonds case and the jury already has two big questions for the judge.
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it was quite a sight, oakland's oakmoor naval hospital reduced to rubble in 20 seconds flat, decades of military history gone in a flash. as ktvu's ken pritchard reports spectators were in position at exactly 12:10 this afternoon when demolition experts hit the switch. >> reporter: first came the thump. explosions, 800 pounds of -- thump of explosions. 800 pounds of dynamite blasting apart supports of the hospital, then the collapse and with that came cheers from the spectators, but this implosion also bred some sadness. >> it was the first navy facility i ever saw and just to
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watch it, you know, disappear is so final. it's so final. >> reporter: captain joanne fritch worked at the hospital which she says played a vital role for our nation. >> vietnam really brought it into play. this was the navy's prosthetic research lab. >> reporter: veterans who lost limbs in war were served here, but the hospital which opened in 1968 shut down in 1996 and many say it became an eyesore and hazard since. it took years of planning to immode it. >> a lot of people say -- implode it. >> a lot of people say it's as much science to take it down as to build it. >> reporter: it took four days to rig more than 1,000 support columns with dynamite. >> there were three to six sticks of dynamite inserted in each of those columns. >> reporter: the demolition company sun cal said the explosion happened as expected and of what sad for some was clearly a spectacle and delight for others. >> it was awesome! >> reporter: this demolition will make way for a mixed use
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development project commercial and 960 housing units. all the concrete and steel you see here will be recycled for that project. it's not every day you get to see a building reduced to rubble here in the bay area. later this hour more angles and views through the eyes of one of our news editors, that story right after 10:45. there's never been a san francisco giants home opener like today's. out of the clubhouse onto the field to the cheers of loyal and sometimes long suffering fans. once the gates opened they rushed in. veteran giants fans came from new jersey saying they wouldn't miss this day. >> i had world series tickets, but they didn't get to 67, so that was okay. i told my wife we're coming to opening day. >> before the game got started fans watched highlights shown
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on the big tv. fans won't be short changed. they get to see the players receive their world series rings. giants did win in extra innings. we'll have highlights later on in sports. security has been on the mines of many fans since a vicious -- minds of many fans since a vicious attack last week at dodgers stadium. today san francisco police officers were on patrol at the ballpark as they do of game. an officer at southern station tell -- every game. an officer at southern station tells us she doesn't recall anyone being arrested at today's game. across from at&t park they're doing their part to help bryan stow in his family. stow has been in a medically induced coma since being jumped at dodgers stadium. the cafe is donating 10% of their proceeds from today to his medical fund. efforts statewide have raised almost $300,000 so far. in about eight minutes
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another act of violence among sports fans, only on 2, a laker fan explains what happened to him here in the bay area and why security didn't intervene. no verdict yet in the barry bonds perjury trial. the jury spent this day deliberating and made two requests. ktvu's rita williams was in court today and tells i what they asked for. >> reporter: the jury deliberated the fate of home run king barry bonds as the former team was playing its home opener a few miles away. that wasn't lost on folks watching the game at nobles sports bar in the shadow of the federal building. if reaction there is any indication, jurors also could be divided. >> i think the funny part is that no one really cares about bay bonds anymore. the world champions never went with barry. >> i think giants fans are looking for two victories today, against the cardinals and an acquittal for barry. >> reporter: the irony wasn't
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lost on our legal analyst on his way to the ballpark. >> i've seen barry bonds hit a lot of home runs as a season ticket holder. here he is trying to hit another home run in a sense. >> reporter: a lot happened since i started covering barry bonds when he arrived as a san francisco giant almost two decades ago. back then a youngster asked about his earring and bonds said his grandfather gave it to him before he died. >> i used to wear it across my chest. i have it right here. that's where i wear any earring. >> reporter: today -- my earring. >> reporter: today bonds is word about becoming a convicted felon. jurors asked to rehear testimony twice. >> it was a 2 1/2 week trial. you wouldn't expect the jury to finish this really fast. >> reporter: jurors will return here monday morning to try again. in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. more details on the bonds case, while jurors debated the home run king's fate, his trainer greg anderson was released today from federal
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prison. anderson refused to testify and was jailed last month for contempt of court. spent over a year in prison for refusing to testify before the grand jury that indicted bonds. bay area assemblywoman fiona marr wrote a new bill that targets underage drinking at city hall today. a vehicle involved in a drunk driving crash was also on display. the legislation would prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages at self-service checkout lines. moss said some minors know how to beat a safeguard built into that system. >> we need this bill to make sure that anyone who wants to buy alcohol at a grocery store is going to go through a sales clerk and not be able to divert the system by going through an automatic self-checkout. >> moss said a ucla study showed 20% of minors can override self-service check-out protections. the santa cruz county sheriff's office today released
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video footage and a sketch in connection with a sexual assault last month in aptos. the alleged assault happened march 27th near mission street and highway 1 bypass. a woman accepted a ride when four men resembling this sketch assaulted her. we have a still image from a surveillance camera. the man is described as black, about 30 years old, 5 search inches tall. children's hospital has reached a -- 5' 7 inches tall. children's hospital has reached an agreement with the nurses today. the contract expires march 31st, 2013. the union represents 2,700 nurses. a washington state family is home from the hospital tonight after surviving an avalanche. it happened wednesday as randall and roxanne that parker and their two -- roxanne parker and their two young daughters
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were driving home. they were on interstate 290 on snoqualmie pass when a wall of snow fell and crashed into the windshield of their car. the parents suffered cuts on their hands, face and neck, the two girls were unharmed. marin county officials say a storm two weeks ago caused more than $2 million in damage bringing high winds and heavy rain. damage includes a sliding road in mirror woods and scores of fallen trees. the storm hit northern and central california particularly hard knocking out power causing mud shieds and shutting down roads -- mudslides and shutting down roads. the recent unsettled weather is heading out of the bay area. in fact, the rain showers have been on the decrease. you can see a few pop-up cells across parts of the bay area, but the bulk of the action is now focused in central california and especially down towards southern california from los angeles and san diego. with the clearing skies overnight temperatures are
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dropping off. here's a look at projected numbers for first thing tomorrow morning. santa rosa in the lower 30s, livermore 35 degrees, san francisco 45 and san jose around 40. just issued from the national weather service to the south of the bay area frost advisory, this in place until 8:00 tomorrow morning for san benito county and interior monterey county. overnight lows will drop from the mid-20s to the mid-30s. keep the plants and animals warm in this areas especially from hollister to king city. coming up i'll have more on the noticeable change in temperatures tomorrow and the one part of your weekend a few extra clouds could roll into the bay area. new information tonight about that explosion near a santa monica synagogue yesterday. the blast that sent a pipe through the roof of the house next-door was labeled an industrial accident. now police say it was intentional and a homemade explosion caused. police are searching for a transient named ron lynch who
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is known to spend time -- ron hirsch who is known to spend time at synagogues and is known to be extremely dangerous. get behind the wheel in this town and better put the cell phone away. i'm live to show you where police are catching the most distracted drivers.
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two people are dead tonight and two more missing after a storage facility containing fireworks exploded in hawaii. it happened in a honolulu suburb at a former military bunker. explosions continued for hours after the initial one preventing firefighters from entering the bunker. two men were injured, one critically with burned. the small business facility consists of 130 storage bunkers converted into mini warehouses. only on 2 tonight another case of fan violence, this time in the bay area.
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a laker fan says a warrior fan broke his jaw after this week's game at the coliseum. >> don't remember getting hit. all i remember was stumbling a little bit and then getting up and the guy was running away. >> reporter: shawn cass said wednesday night's sucker punch left him with a broken jaw and he has the x-rays to prove it. >> a fracture of almost all the way through my jaw bone. >> reporter: shawn, his father barry and a family friend went to the game to celebrate shawn's 25th birthday. barry and shawn were decked out in their lakers gear. they say three warriors fans a few rows ahead of them didn't like it and started taunting and threatening them. the lakers fans say after the game the trio ambushed them outside. >> we were about to fight and then his buddy came out of nowhere and cracked me right in my jaw. >> reporter: shawn's says arena security did nothing to intervene. >> my friend was with a security guard and he said i'm not going to get into this.
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>> reporter: the lakers fans say the assailants followed them through the parking lot before they were able to drive away and tonight shawn cass says he won't stop going to basketball games or rooting for rival teams. >> i'm definitely going to any game. i'm not afraid. >> reporter: late this afternoon we heard from the golden state warriors. the team says this is the first they've heard of the incident and say since no report was filed they can't comment, but a spokesman said spectator safety is the team's no. 1 priority and they stress they do have security at all events. ktvu channel 2 news. people struggled today to recover from the 7.1 aftershock that hit japan yesterday. wide areas of the country are without power affecting about a half million customers. this was damage and some deaths from the latest quake. some stores went back to rationing food sales. one man said he felt helpless. he had just started to resume a
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somewhat normal life. officials release some of the restrictions on the food from the damaged fukushima nuclear plant saying this are just traces of radiation and will lift the ban on shipping products. still other countries aren't reassured and want certificates to prove the products are safe. two massive planes are on their way to japan this weekend, the special cargo inside destined for fukushima's nuclear reactors, that story in a few minutes. what we've learned about this week's driving distractions on bay area roads and the bay area city you're most likely to get cited. but up first the developing news out of washington and the deal to avert a governmentdown. closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by mancini's sleep world's tax free mattress sale.
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more now on tonight's developing news, a tentative deal to keep the federal
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government in operation. the house met past midnight to vote on deal, so technically the government was unfunded but just for a short period of time. the senate also passed it. the bill only provides funding through next thursday, so sometime in the next week the house and senate have to vote on the actual budget compromise to fund the government through september. if the government had shut down, america's military men and women probably wouldn't have gotten their paychecks. some 2 millionive duty members and reservists would have been affected. ktvu went to travis air force base and found servicemen and women were under orders not to talk, but one soldier's mother did. >> that is atrocious. my son's in the military. he's getting ready to go to afghanistan and i just think it's horrible that these men are fighting for us, for our freedom and we're not going to pay them to do this? >> the families of servicemen and women and other government workers sometimes live paycheck to paycheck. so any delay would have really
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hurt. the budget deal reached tonight means national parks won't be closing this weekend. earlier today with the shutdown looming ktvu's robert honda went to yosemite national park to see how it would affect. he found most people upset with the politicians and some changing their vacation plans including one family from michigan. >> it was great, but with the impending shutdown of the park we decided to check out a day early and make it out of the park, so here we are. >> the deal was especially important to the surrounding communities whose economies depend on yosemite tourists. a long term deal is needed to make sure all the spring and summer vacationers will still be spending their time and money at yosemite. the possibility about of a government shutdown led the state department to cancel an annual passport event which was scheduled for tomorrow. usually passport acceptance facilities across country would be open and no appointment would be needed. now it's canceled. house republicans took a
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stand today against net neutrality rules. the republican led house passed a bill that would undue fcc regulations proceeding internet providers from favoring access from certain sites over others. republicans say those regulations would stifle investment in broadband systems. it is unlikely the democratic controlled senate will take up the bill. police all over the bay area are getting ready for another crackdown on distracted drivers next week and now we know exactly where you're most likely to get caught. we have the story live from petaluma where officers wrote the most tickets. >> reporter: in two days petaluma pd handed out more than 120 citations just for drivers on cell phones. they say it takes about a second and a half to react to a hazard in front of you, but if you're distracted police insist that extra second or two could be deadly. we joined the friday evening commute in the east bay and found plenty of people on their
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phones looking down, others trying to hide a conversation that was not hands free. have you ever been driving with that thing up to your ear? >> yes, i definitely have. it's probably a bad idea, though. >> reporter: out of their cars some had no problem admitting to the behave that's leading to more tickets than ever. >> you stand an excellent chance of getting caught. >> reporter: during a two-day enforcement campaign this week chp issued over 500 cell phone citations across the bay area. a closer look at the numbers revealed the top five places to get caught were petaluma, san jose, campbell, oakland and redwood city and they say talking and texting aren't the only things that would get you pulled over. >> this includes reading while driving, putting on makeup, tying your tie, shaving, eating cereal. >> reporter: drivers might be tempted by technology on some phones that lets you talk to text, but police say if it's in your happened, you're breaking the law. officers will be back version
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hand, you're breaking the law. officer -- hand. officers will be back out two more times next week. chp said the cost of a distracted driving ticket can run you 150 or $200. the next special enforcement is coming thursday. erik rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >> you can find out how likely you are to get pulled over where you live by going to we posted cell phone citation statistics for 47 different bay area jurisdictions. look for the right now section. the scandal involving some law enforcement officers in contra costa county is growing. former sheriff's department steven canobi has been added to the complaint of former drug task force commander norman welsh and private investigator christopher butler and a scheme to sell confiscated drugs. the welsh butler case led to the dismissal of several
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criminal cases, a total of 15 pending cases tossed out and prosecutors declined to file charges in five others. they involve drug and prostitution indications. welsh and butler immediated not guilty to the allegations. -- pleaded not guilty to the allegations. some bay area residents got a crash course today with a focus on veterans. >> we have workshops available on topics like networking, communications, resumes, linked in. we also have a workshop for the mature workers and strategies. >> 29 employers including facebook, microsoft, virgin america and southwest airlines were on hand. thousands of people will have the chance to get free medical service beginning tomorrow in oakland. volunteers were setting up this afternoon at the oakland coliseum. remote area medical is offering the free clinic beginning tomorrow morning through tuesday. organizers say the lines will begin forming overnight as folks wait to get a number at
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3:30 tomorrow morning. door then open at 5:30 tomorrow morning with the hopes of seeing 1,000 patients. the goal is to see 1,000 patients each day. the clinic offers dental, vision and medical care. wall street had its eye on washington today as investors weighed the possible government shutdown. the dow dropped 29 points finishing this week flat. nasdaq slipped five. federal regulators are allowing google to purchase ita software. the $700 million was under scrutiny because many travel sites use the fare searching software. a federal judge will have to approve the agreement. he was helping a stranded vehicle. up next a chp officer injured on the job and the warning that department is now issuing to all of us. >> our cold storm is moving out of town. coming up at 10:48 i'll highlight the shower chances for tomorrow across parts of
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the bay area. that's the trophy from the last time cal won the national championship in 1957. now the team has a chance to do it again.
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the chp tells us one of its officers is recovering from a broken leg he suffered when he
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was struck while tending to a disabled vehicle in san jose. it happened about 2 a.m. northbound 880 near bascom avenue. it was raining and there was hail on the road. the officer was helping a driver on the side of the road when another driver hit him. >> it's a combination. you have a wet roadway, speeds not good for the roadway conditions as well as some form of intoxication as well as a disabled vehicle. >> the driver who hit the officer was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving. the highway patrol says the no. 1 killer of its officers is traffic accidents. contra costa county prosecutors filed criminal charges today against a woman who allegedly hit four cars while being pursued by police. 39-year-old java taylor from richmond faces 11 felonies including hit and run and possession of a stolen vehicle. the chase started wednesday afternoon in hercules and ended in pinole when the police car was hit. five people were injured. in libya rebels battled
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forces loyal to moammar gadhafi today in the western city of misrata, the only city in the west held by rebels and has been under siege now for weeks. the european nation is ready to launch a humanitarian program there. a british sailor on a nuclear powered submarine shot and killed a fellow crew member and seriously wounded another today. the sub was on a goodwill visit to southampton with visitors on board. as a rule sub mariners are not on but the sub was a century and allowed to carry a weapon. in australia the government announced plans for what it calls the world's toughest anti- smoking laws. cigarette packages would have to feature graphic images of the health problems smoking tobacco can cause. the government hopes to begin this the start of next year and several other countries are considering similar tactics. tobacco companies needless to
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say oppose the plan. two massive pumps are headed to japan to help cool those fukushima nuclear reactors. a huge russian cargo plane, the world's largest, picked up one of the pumps in los angeles, another in atlanta. the pumps have been retrofitted to pour water into hard to reach places and can be operated from remote control 2 miles away. if necessary, they can encase the damaged reactors in concrete. tow announced it with -- toyota announced it would be suspending production at its north american plant planning a series of one-day shutdowns because of the shortage of parts from japan. none of the 25,000 employees will be laid off. many will review training procedures during their time off. yesterday toyota said it will resume production at plants in japan. a big announcement today on the cal campus, the huge effort that will allow cal's baseball
10:42 pm
to go on. >> we're going to hear the forecast for the weekend ahead in about five minutes.
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cal's baseball team lost tonight in arizona. bears had a lead but ended up losing 5-4. however, earlier today the team scored perhaps its biggest victory in a long time and it wasn't on the field. in baseball terms there were two outs in the bottom of the 9th and two strikes against the team, but ktvu's tim sakahara tells us donors pulled through and today it was announced cal's baseball program is not going to be eliminated. >> this is the home of california golden bears baseball and today uc berkeley announced it will remain the team's home for years to come because baseball has been saved. >> thanks to the passion and the commitment and the generosity of our community. >> reporter: to save the team
10:45 pm
supporters had to raise $10 million. so far they've collected 9 million. >> what's happened here is unprecedented. >> reporter: this afternoon the grounds crew did some work around home plate, but there won't be any baseball here at evans diamond this week because cal is in tucson taking on the university of arizona. head coach dave esker toll his players the good news -- told his players the good news this morning. last fall the school announced it would be cutting five sports including baseball and gymnastics. the other sports except for men's gymnastics have been saved. cal baseball is currently ranked 13th in the nation. >> i think our team has said hey, let's make the most of being together this year and a lot of kid put off decisions going other places until they absolutely had to. >> reporter: stu gordon led the fundraising drive. >> it didn't really hit me until all of a sudden i realized we've really saved cal baseball, which is fantastic. >> reporter: these are the
10:46 pm
trophies for cal's two national champion teams back in 1947 and '57. the bears can now try for many more. i'm tim sakahara in berkeley, ktvu channel 2 news. small insects can cause big problems. tonight a beatle is the target of a lawsuit here in california. the pacific legal foundation wants the u.s. fish and wildlife service to remove the valley elder berry longhorn beatle from the endangered species list. the foundation says the unnecessary inclusion of the beetle has resulted in a lengthy permitting process for central valley businesses looking to expand and flood control districts looking to repair levees. >> we have been dealing with this cold unsettled weather pattern the past couple days. it is finally moving south and that will set the stage for a fairly nice weekend across most of the bay area. right now the focus of our showers down to our south around los angeles and san diego. coming closer to the bay area, not a lot of activity.
10:47 pm
this is a slight chance of a sprinkle over the next two to four hours, primarily the south bay, probably just clouds showing up outside of morgan hill. for the most part the showers are phasing out and we're drying out for your weekend. here we go with the weather story for this evening. fair skies and chilly, this weekend, cold start tomorrow morning but dry. the umbrellas get a break this weekend. the extended forecast, partly cloudy skies, mild temperatures. there's one exception. we'll get to that in a bit. here's the satellite and radar. you can see the main system heading down to our south and as a result the shower coverage has decreased over the past six hours. here's the storm responsible for yesterday's weather and today's. this area of low pressure down towards southern san luis obispo county. this will move out and has already started with the showers decreasing. saturday and sunday we'll be dry, but by sunday there's a fairly weak cold front that will move. we'll increase a few high clouds across parts of the bay area, probably that filtered
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sunshine effect for the second half of weekend. here's our forecast model, pretty much right now 10:00 showing you the focus of showers to the east and south. we'll take this into your saturday and we are dry with for the most part mostly sunny skies and then a few high clouds could move in sunday morning into the afternoon hours, a lot to keep an eye on this rain to our north. this could spread south and some of the forecast models suggest a few light showers or sprinkles heading into early monday morning, not a big deal. the system will fall apart over the bay area by monday. 7:00 tomorrow morning cold, mid- 30s to mid-40s, by 12:00 55 to 60 degrees, partly cloudy skies. wind speeds do crank up out of the west around 15 to 20 miles an hours and you will notice a change in the temperatures, about 5 to 10 degrees higher than today's highs, warmest locations approaching the upper 60s. san jose will go with 63
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degrees. the the giants play an evening game tomorrow, definitely want to bundle up, temperatures in the low to mid-50s by fur pitch. here's a look ahead, your -- first pitch. here's a look ahead, your five- day forecast. no rain clouds showing up on your weekend. you'll notice overnight lows pretty chilly first thing tomorrow morning. there's that chance of a light shower or sprinkle into monday. most of next weeks looks fairly quiet across the bay area, nice change with no significant storms in sight. >> i like quiet. more now on today's spectacular sight on the east bay hills, the implosion of the oakmoor naval hospital. we went through all the video of today and put together this story in which the pictures say everything. >> this area here brings a lot of memories. >> five, four, three, two, one, fire. [ implosion blasts ] [ cheering
10:50 pm
and applause ] [ implosion blasts ] >> man, that was loud. [ cheering and applause ] >> right on! >> awesome! >> they took well care of them here at this hospital. they took well care of him. >> as many times as we've shown it to you, you may want to see it again. go to and click on the bay area newscast. we have the video of the implosion all cued up. one of the best known players in major league baseballed today he's done. plus it's -- baseball said today he's done. plus one of the biggest music festivals in the bay
10:51 pm
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
the lineup for this year's outside music and arts festival is set to be announced monday. the three-day event will be held from august 12th to the 14th at san francisco's golden gate park. ticket information will be
10:54 pm
announced monday. it's the fourth year of the festival with acts such as radio head and dave matthews band have been headliners. mark is here with sports. i imagine today's home opener was one of the better ones. >> right up there, kind of like watching a rerun of a scary movie on tv. you know how it's going to come out, but still kind of makes your palms sweaty. last year at at&t giants win 5- 4 on opening day, same guy ended it, too. brian wilson-ed raise the championship flag. -- helped raise the championship flag. miguel tejada, his first swing as a giant, left the yard. pat burrell, four hits this year, three of them leaving the yard. that's the solo shot. top of the 9th brian wilson trying to nail it down, the first two guys out but ryan, there he is with a single that
10:55 pm
scores two and it is 4-3. in the bottom of the 9th the giants down to their last out, pablo sandoval with a shot to right, good game, three hits today. aaron rowand comes in, tied in the bottom of the 12th inning, bases loaded, two outs, aaron rowand, same guy who ended l year's opening day victory with a -- ended last year's opening day victory with a deep drive home, what was the game winning run, walk it off, 5-4 san francisco. when you're out on the road into the late innings with a narrow lead not the best time to have a shaky bullpen but that's the deal right now for the a's in the early going. in minnesota today brett anderson pitches a beautiful seven strong, went into the 8th leading 1-0 but because of the a's bullpen problems they leave him in there a little too long, gave up four hits, two rones, joe mature with the hit that -- joe mauer with the hit that put the twins up for good
10:56 pm
2-1. performance enhancing drugs may have some benefits but apparently not to the thaw process. again manny ramirez -- thought process. again manny ramirez busted for steroids. instead of accepting a suspension he abruptly retires from the game. when it comes to golf at augusta, you think of the masters of the game, the grand tradition, legends like jack and arnie, not some 21-year-old kid but then again tiger woods was 21 when he won it by 12 shot. so why not a young irishman? speak of tiger, 6-under 66, birdied seven of his last 11 holes, good putt at 18. three back tied for third. rory mcilroy setting up a bird with a beautiful approach at no. 9. he's got rounds yesterday of a 65, today 69, two up on jason day into the heed.
10:57 pm
having beat the coyotes eight -- lead. having beaten the coyotes eight straight times the sharks figured they'd turn it on any time against these guys. the coyotes rip off three straight goals. shane doan making it 4-1 off a power play situation. sharks try and come on late, can't quite cut it, but joe thornton a night to remember as he will bat one in. you'll see the replay, kind of like a baseball player, the 1,000th career point of his career, just the 78th player in nhl history to do it, but 4-3 the final, sharks on the short end in phoenix. they can clinch the second seed if the western conference with a win tomorrow night -- in the western conference with a win tomorrow night, same phoenix coyotes but this time down at the tank, last regular season game. that's the sporting life for a friday night and man, that opening day was a good one with the giants today. >> a long one, but a good one. >> a lot of ups and downs but in the end all right.
10:58 pm
>> that's our report for now. be sure to join ktvu beginning at 7 a.m. tomorrow following the averted shutdown of the federal government with update from washington. as always our coverage continues online at thanks for joining us. good night. go! go!
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