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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 17, 2011 10:00pm-10:45pm PDT

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a spirited hockey game tonight in san jose but it's not the sharks. it's in sport of a critically injured giant's fan. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. players got together to raise money for a giant's fan who was
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injured. patti lee has the story. >> reporter: officers and firefighters got together to raise money. whether they won -- or lost tonight. >> it's a charity game. let's go have some fun. keep it clean. >> reporter: didn't matter to this team. hockey players but also paramedics and emts who work with bryan stow at american response. >> these group of players have never played together before. they are all here to show their support for bryan today. >> reporter: today's match up was the brain child of san jose firefighters. >> when the call went out for helping bryan, the firefighters stepped up and said, let's organize this charity hockey game. >> reporter: featuring items donated by sharks players.
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>> they have pretty big stuff. >> reporter: most in attendance and volunteers hasn't met stow but that didn't matter either. >> my father is playing in the tournament. my brother is a paramedic with bryan. >> reporter: stow's girlfriend also a paramedic dropped the puck tonight. >> she would be amazed right now. >> reporter: she says she's shocked by the outstanding support for stow. >> this reminds me that there's still good people in this world. it gives me a really good feeling and gives me hope. >> reporter: in the past half hour, i received new information about bryan stow's condition. there were plans to move him to a hospital closer to the bay area next week, but because he suffered seizures yesterday morning, those plans have been changed. we have continuing coverage on bryan stow online, go to ktvu online and click on the
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fan attack tab near the top of the page. an oakland man is in critical condition tonight after being shot after a dispute over a woman. authorities say the gunman was upset that the 22-year-old victim was with his ex- girlfriend who fled with the gunman. police later arrested a suspect 32-year-old tray von moore where they also arrested the woman. oakland police are looking for the woman who crashed his truck into a san francisco restaurant on international boulevard at about 1:00 this morning. the driver was driving southbound at a high rate of speed when the truck hit a curb then slam into the restaurant on the oh side -- the other side of the street. the driver fled the scene. a gunman is on the run after he opened fire at a house
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party this morning killing one man and wounding four other people. the shooting started after the man was told to leave the party because he was too drunk. the man got irate and too long took out a gun and started firing. >> to have so many victims in one incident is very unusual. >> reporter: police have not identified the suspect or the man who was killed. police say they have answered to a number of disturbances in the same house during the past year. and early thursday morning, dawn wilson was in kotaldi park with her dog shadow when she says two dogs appeared from nowhere and started attacking her dog. wilson was also bitten in the hands and face. wilson described the two dogs who attacked her and her dog as
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a tan pit bull and another larger black dog similar to a pit bull. protesters are camping out in vallejo in an effort to force the city to abandon plans on what they consider sacred grounds. native american activists say the glen cove site contains native american sacred grounds that should not be disturbed. tomorrow marks the 105th anniversary of the 1906 earthquake in san francisco. an ideal time to act how ready are you. ktvu's debra villalon is live. >> reporter: here at market and kernie this fountain was a meeting spot for quake survivers back in 1906 and it's
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where people will observe a moment of silence monday at 12:04 a.m. 3,000 people killed, a quarter million homeless. even now 1906 never peals. >> those vulnerable areas are still as vulnerable. >> reporter: the same quake today would tremble older buildings and would make damage worse. probability of such a quake 63%. but as forecasting has become more cutting edge, so has our denial. >> it drops in our priority, what would you go without feeling anything. >> reporter: awareness rose with the 100 year anniversary of 06. thousands of people swarmed downtown to mark the city's ruin and recovery. and they heard from a dozen
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survivors, centenarians, tomorrow there will be only one. >> all the others are now gone. >> reporter: bill delmonte is 105. >> i can't believe it, i'm still here. >> reporter: always here, the risks so tragically brought home after japan. the scenes we are seeing are not as plentiful or powerful than other years, they are just in places we notice. >> there are seven earthquakes that have hit populated areas. >> reporter: tomorrow 1906 survivor bill delmonte just a baby that day will ride with the mayor, police and fire chief to the mountains, lay a wreath then proceed to dolores park. two others are still living but they will not make their way to the ceremony, the women are 108 and 109 years old. debra villalon. the powerful storm system that has caused so much
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destruction in the south has moved out to the atlantic ocean tonight. it spawned the worse outbreak of tornadoes in decades. at least 43 people have died with 21 deaths in north carolina alone. survivors are trying to cope with the overwhelming destruction. rick writmooth explains. >> reporter: tornadoes bringing death and destruction. nearly 14 tornadoes came through. >> it's still ain't real. it hasn't hit me that all our stuff is gone. >> reporter: in stanford, lowe's officials moved customers into the more fortified part of the building. the destruction would have been larger if it weren't for their
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quick action. >> we started moving people to the back of the store. >> to me that's more than anything. >> reporter: north carolina governor beth perdue holding a news conference after surveying the damage. >> i did talk to president obama earlier today and he sends to north carolina, both he and the first lady prayers and support. he pledged to me to do legally all that can be done. >> reporter: neighboring virginia is also devastated by the storm. the storms created tornadoes and flash flooding. before hitting virginia and north carolina, the same system tore through mississippi, alabama and georgia killing more than a dozen people. there are unconfirmed results of over 280 tornadoes over the next few days, rescue crews are
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still searching for survivors. in sanford, north carolina. and the changes come after five reports of controllers sleeping on the job, the latest just yesterday in miami. ray lahood today announced the faa is putting new rules in place. they include giving air traffic controllers at least nine hours off between shifts, instead of the current eight. controllers can no longer swap shifts to get a long weekend and more managers will be on duty during the early morning hours and at night. the danger of sleeping on the job isn't limited to just air traffic controllers, studies show that 30 to 50% of night shift workers admit falling asleep at least once a week while at work. and those workers include truck and bus drivers. airline pilots, nurses and doctors. sleep experts say napping should be allowed as a way to handle night shift work.
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you know have a little more than 24 hours to file your taxes. some people took advantage of the extra weekend to work on their taxes this year because of a federal holiday in washington, d.c. as allie rasmus reports, you will pay less this year than last. >> i tried to file an extension on friday. then i realized there's more time to breathe. >> reporter: she was pleasantly surprised to learn she had three extra days to file her taxes. >> i had a difficult return because i moved from new york to california and i didn't want to deal with it. >> reporter: she's not the only one procrastinating. >> we have been much busier than we expected this time of year. people kind of waited. >> reporter: in many cases they waited for a reward. according to data from the irs most taxpayers are paying less than they did 20 years ago. the average federal income tax rate for all taxpayers dropped from 9.5% of income in 1982, to 9.3 in 2007 the latest year
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data was available. for the wealthiest income earners, they're average tax was 26% in 1992. >> they seem to be happier walking out, because they have a little extra money in there. >> reporter: to get your taxes in it'll cost a little more if you're not filing electronically. this year, tax weekend falls on the same weekend that stamps are going up. >> if you have more sheets of -- more than four pieces of paper it'll cost an extra 20- cents for each additional ounce as of today. >> reporter: you have until midnight tomorrow to get it done. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. to find the tax forms you may need or a tax office that's going to be open late tomorrow
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night, you can go to and scroll down to the right now section. more video of the damaged nuclear power plant in japan. how a new program set to launch in san francisco could change driver's habits. and the new program set to launch in san francisco, next.
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san francisco's 44th annual cherry blossom festival wrapped up today. christien kafton was at this year's grand parade where this year's disaster in japan led to a larger than normal crowd. >> reporter: the drums lent a sense of urgency. the crowd today said this was a parade with a purpose. >> you know i came last weekend and i really liked the diversity of people and kind of like you said the unified feeling this year that everyone is doing something for a reason. >> reporter: even before the parade started today, board members of the cultural center say they've raised $1.6 million for the relief effort. last year more than 200,000 people celebrated the two
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weekend festival. organizers say this year they will beat those attendance numbers. >> i think people are coming in droves this year only because they want to help. >> reporter: big fellows along the parade raised money and gave away t-shirts. >> all of that is life in death. >> reporter: the shirts and hoodies are a bonus. helping out after a disaster is the right thing to do. >> it wouldn't be right not to care. just put myself in my shoes and i would want somebody to help out too, that's how i feel. >> reporter: organizers told us they are thankful for all the denations so far. and they are saying if people could not make it here to give, they are hoping people will find other charitable
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organizations to send aid to japan. christien kafton, ktvu news. it could be nine months since radiation could be completely sealed off. video taken this weekend shows the tremendous damage done to the complex. the company that runs the plants announced that it plans to put a new containment dome over the reactors by the end of the year. however they say it'll be up to the japanese government to decide if and when the people who lived near the plant could go back to their homes. the damage to the nuclear plant has some people calling for the shut down of the nuclear plant in california too. hundreds of protesters gathered near the diablo plant. both diablo canyon and the plant in san diego county , say
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protesters are not safe. >> we always have the safety of the plants at our highest priority. travelers headed to hong kong were delayed several hours after a fuel spill. the incident happened around 1:30 this morning shortly before a cafe pacific jet was set to take off. the plane started leaking fuel as crews were refueling the plane. passengers were asked to get off of the plane while crews responded to the tarmac to clean up the fuel spill. that plane finally took off for hong kong about three hours later. officials are about to reveal a dramatic new way to
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pay for parking. it'll use cell phones to charge you for demand. >> reporter: a dime for four minutes, a quarter for 10. curb side parking in san francisco hard to find and once you do expensive to park. this week you're parking habits may be changing. >> we're really excited about this new project. sf park will be launching. >> reporter: the idea use demand based pricing to influence where and when people park. the goal to reduce traffic on the street. >> by steering you as quickly as possible to either on street parking that's available or off street parking in our municipal garages. so by clearing up the traffic, automobile traffic we reduce traffic, and more importantly we speed up nummi. >> reporter: six districting, 6,000 parking units and municipal parking will be part
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of the system. sensors will track at realtime where parking is and will not be available. the data is up loaded to signs around the city and cell phone applications. >> the nta feels that our baby, we're the one city in this country. and i believe internationally that is doing this type of pilot. we've attracted attention around the world to see how this technology could be used in urban environments. >> reporter: nta officials anticipate the prices to fluctuate from 25-cents to $3 an hour. the price of oil could rise this week on word that saudi arabia has slashed oil output. that news is expected to drive up the price of gasoline which h-z been -- which has been on the rise now for 26 days.
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a gallon now goes for $4.25. in oakland it's also up 23- cents to $4.20. and in san jose gas averages 4.21. the walls of moffet field will come down this week. over the next few days work crews will remove panels containing pcb's from the iconic grounds. nasa has put out bids to replace the old panels with metal sheathing. it is expected to begin revuing possible contractors on tuesday. a land problem caused a plane to make an emergency landing today at the colorado springs airport. the crew members aboard the c130 military plane were on a routine mission practicing landings. they were not able to fully deploy the plane's landing gear. they circled the airplane for an hour and a half before
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landing safely. the five crew members were not injured. a national guard spokesperson says the only damage was to the plane's main right landing gear. the faa is investigating an emergency landing by a small lane in a busy louisiana street. the single engine suffered trouble yesterday shortly after take off. the plane was losing power and the pilot has no choice but to land it in the street. the pilot hurt his arm but there were no other injuries. minute by minute, beat by beat. coming up in a special report see how a local university is using new technology to make sports safer for its athletes. looks like rat poison we're using in our homes are getting into some animal's food chainsful we'll tell you how and why coming up. a storm is currently moving into north california.
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coming up, i'll let you know where showers could begin in the bay area.
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rats aren't usually welcomed guests in anyone's homes but getting rid of them can be a problem. as jim vargas reports, the rules for using rat poison are about to change because rats aren't the only animals dying. >> reporter: the active ingredients in products like these cause internal bleeding when a mouse or rat eats them. but more and more the rat's prey is dying. birds such as owls and hawks are being affected as well as household animals like cats and dogs. uc berkeley wildlife management professor says victims are being found not just in urban
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areas but in places like yosemite too. >> this was just very surprising to me that here we are studying animals out in wilderness area and they are dying of rat poison. that's not good. >> reporter: jenny papka who is founder of dog connection says she protecting her animals in a very natural way. >> we invite people to let these animals into their backyard. >> reporter: the federal government is banning the most toxic poisons from hardware stores. although farmers will still have access to the stronger doses. in oakland, jim vargas, ktvu channel 2 news. in news of the world tonight in the libyan city of mozorata, rebels are swarmed against gadhafi forces.
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the french defense minister says the nato air strike mission is hampered. rebels have been in command of much of the country since mid- february but have been unable to make their way into tripoli. jonathan appears to have handedly won the presidency this weekend. this weekend's election was reported to have gone smoothly even after violence in the run up to the vote left many people dead. and today hundreds of people gathered at the vatican. after the mass, people started singing happy birthday to the hope who turned 86 yesterday.
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scripture has it that people threw palm branches on the road to welcome him. a remote control digging machine is now being used to find a miner who is missing. the miner was trapped a mile underground. no one has been able to make contact with the 53-year-old man. rescued teams have been working around the clock to try to clear an estimated 75 feet of debris. athletics made smarter and safer with new technology. i'll show you how it works still ahead. and hand to hand, the message people try to send today by simply joining hands.
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a bay area university is investing thousands of dollars
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on new technology to keep its athletes safe and playing smart. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler shows us tonight's how it works. >> reporter: the uss dawns had an unexpectedly good season. an inexperienced team not big or fast but they played smart and didn't get tired. >> fatigue makes us all. when you fatigue things, you don't see things clearly. >> reporter: true they had great coaching, but in games and in every practice usf players used a secret weapon. strap on wireless heart monitors. every player wore one. linked to this screen that a coach watched continuously. it warns of overexertion. >> does it give us an advantage? yes, because we know how hard we can push our guys. >> reporter: coach walter discovered they had been
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pushing too hard. university of washington researchers released an astonishing report, during or within an hour of play heart attacks kill one or two college players a year. by far the riskiest college sport. at this level men's division one, one of every 3,000 players dead. heart monitors may save lives. >> what we're doing is for their benefit, we're trying to prolong the longevity of their careers. our senior players took the longest to at that particular time to them. our youngest players didn't know better. >> reporter: those who overexerted, were given more time off. >> more fatigue we made bad decisions. you notion when you're really tired you also make bad
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decisions -- you notice when you're really tired. >> your recovery time and everything, it really helps you a lot. >> reporter: over 15 universities in the nation now use the computerized system. it's not cheap. with transmitters well over $10,000. >> if we save one life because every kid is wearing these heart rate monitors, isn't it worth it. i would like to see every team in america wearing these things to make sure that our young people are safe when they're on the field. >> reporter: and there's an idea worth cheering. health and science editor, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. people across california joined hands today to support community colleges. in san francisco's porters marched in front of city college before taking part of the joining hands ceremony. this group featured a lot of senior citizens who say they appreciate the computer and exercise classes they take at sf college. >> anybody who has ever been to
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community college and having been to two of them in my life, i know we can't do without them. it's a great opportunity. >> other hands event took place throughout california. over 10 million americans attend community college. an estimated 200,000 students may not be able to go to school next fall. a catholic congregation in southern california celebrated mass on this palm sunday despite the devastating loss of their church. an arsonist set the church on fire. the fire burned for more than three hours and cost $8 million in damage. a priest escaped the flames and was treated at the scene for minor injuries. today's mass was held at a hall in the same parish. president obama will return to the bay area on wednesday. this time he'll be visiting
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facebook headquarters in in palo alto. the president will raise money for his 2012 presidential campaign during a dinner at san francisco's masonic auditorium. no bunnies here but a lot of dogs. the unique easter event in san francisco and why it was held. and also we can see rain not once but twice this week. our meteorologist mark tamayo will tell us how much and when we can expect it.
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atst fwa.ean ougog t bk. wi cseuidesi yr arho, u stnaa cte,hise a de. ougog t bk. wi cke sp rwd yr arho,
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well the clouds have been marching into the bay area over
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the next few hours. bringing some rainfall to the north, especially toward eureka and crescent city. that will have a huge factor on our forcast as we head into monday. the expected track of this we are expecting at least the rain showers to drift to the south approaching the northwest counties as we head into your monday morning commute. so we'll be watching that at least over the next few hours. over all weather story is this, for tomorrow some very spotty showers. this system, where it is right now it's going to weaken quite a bit by the time it gets to the bay area. north bay showers, a chance elsewhere. a very weak system. for tuesday partly cloudy, will be dry. another stronger system moves into the region by midweek. we're going to bump up the shower chances. we have dense areas of fog, it's been a constant near the coast all weekend long. those patches pushing into the bay right now. we have the higher clouds
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pushing into the region. some spotty showers, also some cooler air. no more 70s, warmest locations approaching 62, 63 for tomorrow afternoon. right now no rainfall just yet. but just the mostly cloudy skies. reports of drizzle out there scattered around the bay. i'll go ahead and put this into motion. we'll take this into your monday morning. not a lot of coverage here but a few spotty showers and sprinkles. they are mainly targeting the bay. but we could see some showers into san francisco. at 12:00 still the possibility of a light shower. but then it basically phases out by late tomorrow afternoon into the evening hours. still lingering clouds, by this time tomorrow night, just mostly cloudy skies. that will set up for a break as we go into tuesday. 7:00 a spotty shower. 52 to 57 degrees by 12:00, a
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chance. 55 to right around 60, scattered chances by 3:00. this system scatters out after a few hours. here's a look ahead with your five day forecast. tuesday, partly cloudy skies. showers developing into wednesday. then a sun-cloud mix for thursday and friday. already thinking about the weekend with easter sunday. forecast models have backed up on the chances of rainfall for sunday. let's keep an eye on it at least for right now, just a few clouds. >> so the bunny is going to stay dry. >> could be. >> thanks, mark. next sunday many bay area children will be searching for those easter eggs, today it was sparky's turn: this afternoon almost 200 dogs and their human companions looked for easter eggs filled with doggy treats. besides the search for eggs, a
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raffle helped raise about $600 for the city's animal control department. we're getting word now of a hazmat hazardous materials incident in the east bay. we have a crew going to the scene, as soon as we get more information we will bring it to you. an nba tip off with a bunch of major upsets to tell you about. a photo finish in nascar you have to see to believe. next in sports.
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good evening everyone welcome to this late sunday night edition of sports wrap.
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the giants were close to a sweep in arizona. but instead we'll have a some what depleted bullpen in colorado. giant starter baumgartner has had better outings. kelly johnson and austin both come in to score. baumgartner allowed one more run and gave the giants a chance. barry in deep. homer number three of the year for posey. the diamondbacks changed pitchers and this is how carlos sandoval greeted vasquez. number four in the year for sandoval. it's 5-4. drew did the damage


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