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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  April 19, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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a busy night for oakland police including a deadly shooting near a playground. why police are questioning the people who dropped her off at the hospital. a dog suddenly dies after a visit to a san jose dog park. the reason a vet says it could have been poisoned. a new threat to the state still reeling from a path of deadly tornadoes. it's all ahead here on the ktvu morning news. good morning. thank you for waking up with us on this tuesday april 19th. i'm pam cook. let's start with weather and
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traffic. rosemary's in for steve paulson. good morning. good morning to you. a drier afternoon. notice how i said drier. we actually have a little bit of drizzle this morning. the moisture in the air still very thick. so low clouds, drizzle to start our morning. afternoon going to be dry, going to be to be warmer and partly cloudy skies. clouds will return to the area tonight and we have another system to talk about. but more on today coming up in just a few moments. right now traffic on 24 westbound looks pretty good getting up to the tunnel. no major problems if you are in the east bay. it is a little wet out there as rosemary mentioned. traffic is moving along okay on interstate 880. at 4:31 let's go back to the desk. topping our news this morning oakland police are investigating the deadly shooting of a young woman. ktvu's tara moriarty joins us now from our newsroom. she tells us that the killing was just one of two overnight shootings in oakland. good morning, tara. >> reporter: good morning, pam. police are trying to piece
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together how a woman was shot and killed on a playground. two people dropped the victim off. she was bleeding from two gunshot wounds. medics performed cpr but unable to save her. when police questioned the people who brought her to the hospital it led them to an area near poplar park. late last night officers scoured the streets with flashlights looking for clues near 30th and union. witnesses say they heard more than a dozen shots just before 10:00. now inspectors are still unclear as to whether the victim knew the people who dropped her off at the emergency room or not. then early this morning just after 1:00 police responded to yet another shooting on 45th and international boulevard. one male was shot. he is expected to survive. and police say they do have a suspect in custody. we will continue to monitor these shootings and let you know about any new developments. live from the newsroom, i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. this is new video we received of an overnight accident in sonoma county. that happened just before 10:00
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p.m. on highway 116 near petaluma. a pickup truck swerved off the highway and crashed into a parked fully loaded water truck. the 45-year-old male driver was pinned by the dash and steering wheel of his pickup truck for about 20 minutes. he was transported to the hospital. so far we do not have any word on his condition. a san jose dog park remains closed this morning after a pet's sudden death. butcher dog park is on camden avenue just south of hillsdale avenue. on saturday jennifer visited the park with her 3-year-old dog collin. suddenly collin vomited and collapsed. she tried rushing the dog to the vet but he died in her car. the vet later told her that her dog showed signs of eating something toxic. >> we decided to get collin. he was the first pet we've ever had. i don't know we just really got attached to him in the short
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six weeks and we -- yeah. we miss him a lot. >> two months ago someone left rat poison and scrawled the worlds all dogs must die. tests are being done now to determine if collin was poisoned. those results should be out later today. the bay area isn't the only place in bay area dealing with a dog death mystery. coming up in about 12 minutes the investigation now underway after ten dogs were found dead at the same mobile home park in san diego. why it's believed the deaths could be an inside job. native american protesters have spent their fifth night at vallejo's glen cove. they consider it to be a sacred site where thousands of native americans are buried and want to prevent a park from being built there. the group reached an agreement with the vallejo recreation district yesterday to allow them to continue to stay the
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night. protesters say they have no intention of leaving until the recreation district drops plans to build public bathrooms and a paveed parking lot. the department of justice has been called in to mediate the disputes. mother nature had its own way of marking the 105th anniversary of the great earthquake of 1906. an earthquake jolted the pacifica area just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon. there have been several mild aftershocks since then. yesterday's quake measured 3.7. it did not cause any major damage, but it was strong enough to knock out power to about 10,000 homes and businesses. mostly in pacifica's linda mar area. >> we were just kind of working on putting stuff up on the shelves and all of a sudden a really quick jolt. >> the lights came back on after about 90 minutes. pg&e is now trying to determine how a relatively small quake caused such a large power outage. well, people in the southeast are starting to clean
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up after deadly tornadoes. and we are starting to hear more of the horror stories. from thursday through sunday twisters hit 12 states killing at least 45 people and crushing homes and buildings. the worst of the devastation came during a four hour period in north carolina on saturday. one couple ran for shelter into a lowe's department store which was then destroyed by a tornado. >> think we'll be safe up there. unfortunately the tornado followed us. >> the white house is on alert and has already pledged its support to the area. fema is also monitoring the situation and is ready to step in wherever assistance is needed. but the worst may not be over. a new weather system tonight is threatening to bring tornadoes, high winds and hail to parts of missouri, arkansas, illinois, indiana and kentucky. well, today the operator of the crippled nuclear power plant in japan is taking a key
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step in stabilizing that building. highly radioactive water from the basement of one of the plant's buildings is now being pumped into a storage area. this will help workers restore the cooling systems that were knocked out during the march 11 earthquake and tsunami. crews estimate it will take about nine months to bring down core temperatures and reach a cold shut down of that plant. bryan stow remains under a coma this morning. the dodger fan suffered seizures over the weekend when doctors tried to wean him off the drugs. his sister posted an update on the family website saying doctors removed his neck brace for the first time. the family says doctors may know more about his condition on friday. no arrests have been made in that attack. dodgers team store is being accused of showing poor judgment with one of its signs. the sign at the woodland hills store reads no discounts to
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giants fans. some shoppers say they find it tasteless especially in the wake of the brie onstow attack. >> you should take it down. it's just incredibly insensitive and has no place right now. and what we got were just like blank stares like we were a couple of aliens from outer space. >> the store has since taken the sign down. later today president obama will hold a major meeting on immigration reform. current and former public officials from across the political spectrum have been invited to take part in that meeting. former governor arnold schwarzenegger will be one of the people in attendance. they'll be talking about ways to fix the nation's immigration system. president obama will be in the bay area tomorrow. he's going to visit facebook for a live online town hall meeting. he's issued an open invitation for people to join him and talk about the economy at 1:45 tomorrow afternoon. after the facebook event, president obama will attend at least two fundraisers in san francisco. he will then leave the bay area
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on thursday. the president has declared a disaster here in california to help people recover from financial losses following last month's tsunami from japan. the damage estimate is at $48 million mostly in the santa cruz and crescent city harbors. a federal disaster declaration allows state and local officials to ask for federal funds to help with the repairs. california emergency management says it will also save the state about $25 million. all right. 4:39 is the time right now. let's get our first look at complete look at traffic. good morning, sal. good morning, pam. traffic is doing well around the bay area for the most part. now we've had a couple of glitches out there for the early morning commute. let's go outside and take a look at 80 freeway westbound. that looks pretty good getting to the macarthur maze with no major problems right now. the traffic continues to look good all the way out to the bay bridge toll plaza. and this morning's commute at the toll plaza is nice.
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no major problems getting across the bridge into san francisco. it has been a nice drive. still a little bit wet out there which might actually just make it a little bit slower. northbound 280 traffic moves well. we had an earlier accident in livermore. it was there for a while but in case you heard about it that accident has been cleared. and the lanes are open. 580 westbound through livermore. 4:39. let's go to rosemary. okay. the storm has passed, but the residual moisture still with us. we could even pick up some of this on the radar along east portions of the bay area. we will be with localized drizzle throughout today. at least the morning hours. you can see off the coast here this ridge attempting to build in. it will slide over california in the next 24 hours or so. and that will help to dry us out. we'll be warmer but this morning we're dealing with plenty of low cloud cover as well as fog out there along the coastline. 55 right now in oakland with all these low clouds. take a look at mountain view, 59. it's going to feel muggy. relative humidity is up at this time from 24 hours ago.
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san raphael looking at mid-50s getting outside. so today we are dealing with that through the morning hours. partly cloudy, warmer for the afternoon. by tomorrow though more clouds in the forecast. we're going to be cooler in the afternoon. and we are expecting evening showers as the next system very similar to yesterday rolls in by tomorrow night. warmer afternoon in store for today if we do get plenty of clearing for the afternoon. even low 70s for the inland area. 71 santa rosa. 71 expected in vallejo as well as concord. upper 60s san mateo, san francisco. the extended forecast here so today we're mainly dry. by tomorrow though the next system bringing us another chance for some rain. wednesday lingering into thursday. temperatures sitting in the low 6 0z. into the weekend we rebound for a bit for the first half of the weekend models are a little wish she waribashi but borderline with a possibility of few sprinkles saturday and sunday. all right. thank you, rosemary. another air traffic controller suspended. this time it's not for dozing off. what the man was doing when he was supposed to be working.
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out of gas. more and more drivers are pushing the limits. why triple a says this is not only dangerous but can cost you more money in the long run. good morning. westbound highway 4 traffic is moving along okay as you drive up to the willow pass grade. no major problems. we'll tell you more straight ahead.
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good morning to you. giving you a look at the
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satellite this morning. a ridge of high pressure building in for today. we'll be drier. we'll be warmer. this morning a low deck of clouds hanging overhead. several major wild fires continue to rage out of control in texas. the fires are fueled by low humidity, hot temperatures and high winds. those conditions are making it difficult for firefighters to contain the flames. hundreds of homes are still in danger which has forced some evacuations. federal resources are now being used to help fight those fires. well, today marks 16 years since the deadly oklahoma city bombing. 168 people were killed when a truck bomb ripped apart the federal building in 1995. empty chairs sit at a memorial today for each of the victims. they'll be honored beginning at 7:02 a.m. pacific time, the moment that bomb went off. timothy mcsay was convicted of carrying out that bombing. he was executed in 2001. the judge in the chauncey bailey murder trial is expected
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to decide today on whether the jury should see a secretly recorded police video. now the judge and lawyers saw that tape yesterday. it shows one of the defendants describing the killing then laughing about it. prosecutors and defense attorneys are arguing about how much of that tape should be shown. if the judge decides to allow it, the jury could see as much as 90 minutes of that tape tomorrow. a $75,000 reward now being offered for information about holly bobo. the 20-year-old nursing student from tennessee was last seen wednesday by her brother. he says he saw a large man wearing camouflage lead holly into the woods outside her house. so far local, state and federal authorities have all followed up on more than 250 leads. >> we're going to run every lead to the very end. if it pans out something credible, we'll go with that. if it's not, we'll obviously dismiss it. >> the only evidence so far is a small amount of blood found
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near holly's home and her lunchbox that was found in the woods. more than 1100 volunteer haves searched the woods and nearby state parks. now authorities will search local lakes for clues. so far no person of interest has been named in holly's disappearance. an animal cruelty investigation is now underway in southern california after ten dogs were found poisoned to death. it happened at the el ray mobile home park in san diego. five dogs were found dead at the park on saturday. three more turned up sunday morning. and yesterday two other dead dogs were found. dog owners and local humane society believes someone who lives inside the park is responsible. >> people from the humane society we asked them if it was maybe like a virus or something you know and just i know someone is obviously doing it on purpose. >> it's definitely a cruel and inhumane way for an animal to die. i would definitely recommend obviously numerous felony charges against the individual. >> investigators say the person
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responsible might be annoyed with dog owners not following park rules. pg&e's denying poor recordkeeping played a role in last year's pipeline explosion and fire in san bruno. the utility is also dismissing suggestions that the disaster could have been prevented if the company better understood the type of pipeline that exploded. state regulators are still considering penalizing pg&e for shotty recordkeeping in general and on its san bruno line in particular. an air traffic controller is now suspended after watching a movie when he was supposed to be handling traffic. the f.a.a. says the problem was discovered when more than three minutes of a movie sound track was transmitted over his microphone. a military pilot contacted the controller to tell him what was being heard on the frequency used to direct high altitude air traffic near cleveland. the controller's manager is also being suspended. well, the lawsuit questioning the contents of taco bell's beef is being
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dropped. the suit claimed that taco bell calls its seasoned beef does not meet the federal standards for beef because of fillers and extenders. the fast food chain denied the charge and says it has not changed its recipe. the law firm filing the suit says it's dropping legal action because taco bell made changes to marketing and product disclosure. the high cost of gasoline has more people running out of gas as they wait longer between fill ups. triple a says more than 15,000 drivers called for fuel service between january and march of last year in northern california. and that number has jumped to more than 19,000 this year. that's a 26% increase in the number of drivers running out of gas. drivers admit they're often waiting to see the low fuel light and then hoping for the best. >> reporter: does it ever make you nervous? >> yeah. yeah. it makes me nervous. but, you know, what can you do? >> i see the light went on but you know i thought i could make
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it home. >> the auto club recommends people fill up their tanks when the fuel gauge shows a quarter of a tank is left. analysts say that's not only safer for drivers, it also extends the life of the car's engine and fuel tanks. well, a northern california woman will show off her new transplanted hand today. 26-year-old lost her right hand in a car crash five years ago. she received the donor limb in a 14.5 hour surgery last month in los angeles. she's the first person in california and the 13th in the u.s. to get a hand transplant. well, there might be a flaw in some of the bay area's red light cameras. where 1,000 drivers could be entitled to a refund if they've been ticketed. plus, a woman hangs onto a tree branch after getting stuck in a fast moving river. how she was finally spotted and rescued.
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a water rescue in maryland. police say a woman was kayaking on the potomac when she somehow lost control in the fast moving waters. she clung to that branch until a bird watcher actually spotted her through a lens and called 911. rescuers were able to pull her to safety. she's now recovering in a local hospital. a ticket fixing scandal is growing in new york city. 40 police officers are now facing possible charges for trying to get traffic tickets written by other officers torn up as favors for relatives and friends. a union official representing sergeants say that the new york police officials have turned a blind eye to the practice for years. he's calling the criminal case an overkill. a red light camera in napa may have wrongly ticketed 1,000
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drivers. now a napa county grand jury says those drivers are entitled to a refund. it happened from may through september of last year. more than 3200 drivers were issued citations for running the red light at the intersection of highway 29 and highway 121. so many people complained that the grand jury investigated and found that the light didn't remain yellow long enough. >> and as i made the turn, it changed to yellow. and i approach right over here it took my picture. >> the grand jury is recommending refunds for people who got tickets when the light was only yellow for 3.2 seconds. the time was later increased to 3.8 seconds. the city has until june to respond to that grand jury. coming up on 5:00. let's go back over to sal. any problems for the commute, sal? not too much right now. we're off to a nice start for this tuesday morning. let's go outside and take a look at the westbound bay bridge toll plaza. looks pretty good there. no major problems getting across the bridge. also if you are looking at
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interstate 880 it is a nice drive between oakland, san leandro and hayward in both directions. and finally westbound 580 has improved. that accident in livermore has been removed. westbound 580 at 680 looks like we have a minor accident there. watch for a brief slow down. at 4:54 let's go to rosemary. and in the wake of yesterday's weak system we have low clouds out there. we even have a little drizzle hitting the ground. 57 right now in concord. mid-50s oakland. 54 san francisco. santa rosa right about 50. 56 napa. and our winds on shore this morning. a westerly san francisco reporting 4, 8 in oakland and napa west-northwesterly 6 miles per hour. so we are going to be in between partly cloudy skies. mostly cloudy as we start the day but gradually clearing. bringing through tuesday we don't see any rain. but it will be back. by 4:00 this afternoon we are going to be with partly cloudy skies. could take a little while to clear this low cloud deck, but i want to focus on tomorrow because by the evening hours scattered showers back in the
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forecast. rolls in through the overnight hours and come thursday morning we're still dealing with a few lingering showers. this will be the next system. very similar to what we saw just yesterday. again, keeping us wet. the windshield wipers will be going. may need the umbrella. partly cloudy temperatures up over yesterday. 60s coastline, low 70s inland depending on clearing in the afternoon. in 50s 9:00 hour upper 50s for the coastline almost hitting mid-60s for inhasn't spots. there you have it for the afternoon. 53 expected right around pacifica who will get to 71 we're talking areas like santa rosa for the afternoon. your extended forecast dry today. wet again by tomorrow afternoon. thursday morning perhaps a few showers to remain. and then drying out thursday afternoon. friday looks dry. saturday and sunday also leaving off the rain at this point. but i will say we're looking at a 20% chance for sprinkles saturday and sunday with it being the big easter sunday i just want to let you know this we're right on the fence of
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whether or not we will see some rain. 70 expected on saturday. mid-60s come sunday. all right. well, tonight the san jose sharks look to take back the lead in the first round playoff series against the los angeles kings. the series is now tied 1-1. game three is tonight in los angeles. the team then heads back to san jose for game five on saturday night. tickets for that game go on sale in just a few hours at 10:00 this morning. well, two days, two mountain lion sightings. which bay area community is on high alert this morning? and as budgets get slashed, some city workers are actually getting a raise. which city's leaders are cashing in.
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good samaritans or murder suspects. what oakland police are saying about who men connected to a deadly overnight shooting. a popular dog park in san jose is now closed. why one dog owner suspect some poison may have been laid out for dogs. a compromise over sacred indian grounds. why the protesters say they aren't planning to leave any time soon. the storm gone but many of us this morning dealing with soggy weather. we'll explain in just a moment.


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