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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  April 27, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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. complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news. giants fans speak out tonight after a big league coach is accused of inappropriate remarks. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> and i'm ken wayne. frank somerville is off tonight. another black eye for america's pastime. this time a coach is apologizing after he berates fans at at&t park with homophobic and threatening remarks. ktvu's amber lee is live where fans tell her people need to clean up their act. amber? >> reporter: ken, we are at american bull sports fan where giants fans had strong reactions to what happened over
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the weekend. on this wednesday night there were plenty of fans watching the giants on the road. but they also enjoy being at the ballpark and spending time with family. >> we are there to enjoy the game and have, like, a really fun atmosphere. are. >> reporter: but on saturday at at&t park the fans pitching coach roger mcdowel responded to heckling with homophobic remarks and a crude gesture. he told the 50-year-old mcdowel to watch his language around the children. >> he proceeded to turn and say what you have been told which is kids don't belong fing out at the ballpark. at that point, he turned completely towards me and grabbed his bat and picked it up and asked me how much my teeth were worth to me. >> reporter: the braves coach said in a written statement today.
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>> coach, teaching how to react and how not to react and how not to reek. >> reporter: the price family of daly city often attend giants games at at&t park and now they are having second thoughts. it is bad enough to see drunken fans behave badly. but for a coach to behave this way is unacceptable. >> is it worth even going? because, you know, my daughter, i want to make sure that she, you know, is in a safe environment. and sometimes i'm not feeling that. >> reporter: gloria allred the attorney representing the quinn family is demanding a fine and suspension and that the coach under goes sensitivity training. reporting live here amber leon ktvu, channel 2 news. >> the braves team also issued a statement late this afternoon saying in part. a family feud turned violent after a funeral today
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this east oakland. members of the extended family began fighting following the service at a funeral home at 55th and foothills. police quickly arrived on the scene. the pastor said there was a lot of an moss city and anger during the funeral. one woman told us the relatives in one car went after her family in another car. and attacked them with a shovel and bat. >> i couldn't believe they were doing this. my husband was saying, baby, i am going to protect you. i am going to protect you. baby, there are too many of them. >> two people were injured and taken to the hospital. one was apparently hit by a car. police took several people in custody. in newwark police say they arrested a man today with blood on his hands and clothes outside a home on cherry street. inside the home, police say they found a 25-year-old woman dead with what appeared to be stab wounds. police identify the suspect as 33-year-old jason otis munro being held on suspicion of
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homicide. the victim's name has not yet been released. >> oakland police say there is new information about a vehicle involved in a shooting near jack london square. monday night's shooting outside jimmy's bar left two men dead and two others seriously wounded. police originally said witnesses described seeing a white dodge flee the scene but that's no longer the case. police now say they think the shooters were many a car like this one, a four door white newer model toyota camera. ktvu news spoke to oakland mayor jean kwan today about that fatal shooting. the mayor says she and the police chief are looking at ways to curb what she calls bar related violence. >> over the years we've done things like in the bars that haven't been able to control their crowds. we've asked them to get security and in some cases there is off-duty officers who work some of the events. >> the mayor called the jack london square shooting a rare occurrence. oakland police acknowledge a 70% increase in the number of homicides so far this year. >> federal prosecutors are
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involved in the investigation of the pg&e pipeline disaster in sanbruno. eight people died and 38 homes were destroyed last september. the associated press filed a public records request and learned the u.s. attorney in san francisco is seeking thousands of documents. they include mass reports and emergency plans. a man whose mother died told them somebody should pay. questions about pipeline safety drew about 100 people to a town hall meeting in sanbruno tonight. ktvu's lloyd lacuesta is live to tell us if pg&e's customers will be footing the bill for safety testing. lloyd? >> reporter: julie, this is the fifth time since the pipeline explosion that sanbruno residents have come to this senior center seeking answers. they got some answers tonight, but not the one that is still on everyone's mind. >> one big question is i want to make sure how they are going to prove this won't happen to this again. i don't want anybody to have to go what we went through ever.
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>> reporter: the bandages on his arms tell what he and his wife wept through. severe burns as they fled their home, a home they lost with all of their possessions. as we first reported on monday night, pg&e is preparing to test integrity of 200 miles of gas pipelines in the bay area. >> we are in the process of pressure testing many pipelines throughout the service territory that have not been previously pressure tested. [ applause ] >> reporter: san mateo congresswoman jackie spear immediately questioned who will pay for this testing? >> i want the money spent on making it safe for every person who lives along a transmission line on pg&e's system. >> reporter: she got an immediate answer from the executive director of the california public utilities commission. >> this money that's being spent now, the testing that's being done now, you will not pay for that. pg&e shareholder also pay for it. >> reporter: and in a recovery update, sanbruno city officials reported that of the 38 homes destroyed, four owners have applied for rebuilding permits
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and 21 roars are in stages -- others are in stages of new designs. but not everyone plans to return. >> no. no way. yeah. it's too much, too much all at once. >> reporter: tonight the executive director of the cpuc told me that next month a special independent commission will release its findings into what caused a pipeline to rupture. live in sanbruno, lloyd lacuesta, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> police in san jose say an argument possibly over a video game may have led to a homicide at a board and care facility. police arrested 28-year-old alex nakayama for the death of wong. he strong willed wong inside the capri home in san jose last night. both men lived at the home. it serves people with mental and physical challenges. police say the two had argued yesterday. >> we suspect that there might have been something that occurred earlier in the day that led to the second
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confrontation resulting in the victim's death. >> the homicide last night is the 15th of the year in san jose. >> accused serial killer nasa has asked the judge if he can represent himself at his murder trial. adds mike mibach reports, nasa doesn't want anyone else to see the evidence. >> this is marin county courtroom's day. inside judge andrew sweet denied our request to bring inside a camera. but the scene was similar to his first court appearance two weeks ago. the big difference nasa spoke on record for the first time saying. the 77-year-old photographer accused of killing four northern california women says he has given the case a lot of thought while being by himself in jail for the last three weeks. district attorney said he was not surprised by the request. he has a constitutional
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right to represent himself. >> reporter: do you have anything against that? >> not at all. it's a decision that he has to make and the law permits him to do that. are. >> reporter: the judge interjected letting him know the ramifications of the decision saying you are charged with several offences and the penalty could include death. can you represent yourself better than a lawyer? naso answered. the judge asked him naso if fill out a seven page form filled with questions. the hearing regarding his reputation continues on may 5th. mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. a federal judge in san francisco is fast-tracking a motion asking to throw out california's landmark decision
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on same-sex marriage. the current judge succeeded judge vaughn walker seen in this video. it was walker who rules proposition 8 is unconstitutional. but walker retired recently and revealed he is in a long-term same sex relationship. supporters of the marriage ban have now filed a motion saying walker should have recused himself from the case. the fast-tracked hearing is set for june 13th. [ music ] buildings across a wide portion of the south tonight, the powerful storm system that has left dozens dead. sunshine is back but some breezy conditions tomorrow. let you know what cities will have the most wind. and president obama proves once and for all he was born in the u.s. who is taking credit? [ music ]
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. people in alabama looked out their windows today and this is what they saw, a huge tornado bearing down on the city. television news cameras tracked its path. that was just one of several tornadoes and severe storms that swept across the south today killing at least 64 people. the mayor said the tornado cut thru the heart of his city killing at least 15 people there. after the storm passed, the damage was clear. but the university of alabama was spared. alabama's governor declared a state of emergency. >> and it's not just tornadoes. heavy rains caused severe flooding in the south.
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a bridge over a small river in greyson county, kentucky was ruined. the roadway looked like a rollercoaster. the extent of the damage isn't known yet because it is sow widespread. san francisco has a new police chief tonight. greg sir was quickly sworn in during a city hall ceremony. as ktvu's rob roth reports he is a department insider having worn the uniform for 30 years. [ applause ] >> reporter: applauses rang through a packed city hall this morning. greg sir navigated passed dignitaries and police officers as interim mayor ed lee swore him in. >> congratulations. [ applause ] >> reporter: he was so emotional he could barely speak. >> this is the biggest honor. it's unbelievable. so thank you. >> reporter: less than an hour later we sat down with sir who first plans to go to the stations and meet with officers. he doesn't anticipate making major changes. >> i don't think that i have anything in mind that will
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shock anybody's conscious. but i'm about prime -- crime suppression and community policing. >> reporter: sir begins his job with the backing of the police officers. he is one of them. >> he will back us up. he will also do his job. i think ill do a really good job. >> a local guy in the department for a long time and most of the rank and file respect him. >> reporter: he is a san francisco police insider. yet when his red -- predecessor became chief they said they needed an outsider. but that was then. this is now. >> i say without hesitation the best chief here is being appointed today. >> reporter: he survived an indictment for obstructing justice in the fajita gate scandal. he was later cleared. he has been demoted, reassigned and passed over. but in the bay view under his watch homicides have been cut almost in half since 2009. >> he put a lot of cops and things on the street here. and they did a lot of walking in the area. and they come in and ask me is everything okay? and i appreciate that.
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>> reporter: greg sir's term could be short. san francisco elects a new mayor in november and it's the mayor who selects the police chief. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu, channel 2 news. one of the police department's most vocal critics is public defender jeff adochi who says the new chief understands the department needs to improve its image. >> greg sir is somebody who understands that it pays to play by the bock and that -- book and that if there are problems it reflects on the good police officers. >> he has been at odds with the police department in recent months over incidents such as this where narcotics officers were caught on video allegedly conducting illegal searches and violating suspect's rights. the public defender plans to meet with the new chief and discuss what steps he will take to protect the rights of suspects. the head of the northern california chapter of aclu says chief sir has an opportunity now to turn the page on how the city deals with crime. he says one place to start would be to re-think how the
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police force views drug offences. >> we need to think differently about people who are caught with a small amount of drugs, who are there only to use it for their personal consumption. instead of sending those people to state prison, we need to send them to drug treatment. let's focus on that. >> they say new strategies of minor drug offences would go a long way towards building trust between police officers and certain communities. president obama says he wants to end the side show. so today he released his long form birth certificate. as samantha hayes reports, the president hopes it will prove, once and for all, he was born in the usa. here. >> reporter: here it is in black and white barack obama hussain. they released his original long form birth certificate in hopes of putting the so-called birther debate to bed.
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>> we have had every official in hawaii, democrat and republican, every news outlet that has investigated this confirm that yes, in fact, i was born in hawaii. >> reporter: president obama had previously released his short form certificate of live birth. the legal document used by the state of hawaii. but it did not satisfy critics like donald trump who questioned whether the president was a natural born citizen and constitutionally qualified to hold office. >> i am really honored, frankly, to have played such a big role in hopefully, hopefully getting rid of this issue. >> the administration appealed to the hawaiian government to make an exception to policy and release the original birth certificate in order to move beyond what the president called a national distraction. >> we are not going to be able to solve our problems if we get distracted by sideshows and carnival barkers. >> reporter: a recent cnn opinion poll shows a majority
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of americans, 75%, believe the president was either definitely or probably born in the u.s. in washington, i'm samantha hayes, ktvu, channel 2 news. one family in hawaii says it was honored to see president obama's birth certificate. that's the family of the man who delivered him. the late dr. david sinclair. they said they didn't know he delivered a future president and were "blown away." dr. sinclair has a bay area connection. he went to medical school at uc san francisco. and we have posted a copy of president obama's birth certificate at ktvu, you will find it by scrolling down to the right now section. president obama is scheduled to announce a major shakeup in his national security staff tomorrow. cia director a former congressman will be named secretary of defense. he will replace roberts gates who is retiring this summer. gates recommended him for the job six months ago.
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general david patreas is to become the head of the cia. he is currently the top commander in afghanistan. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is in florida tonight to watch the shuttle launch commanded by her husband. a camera some distance away took these pictures today t.v. gabrielle giffords slowly climbing the stairs of a small plane in houston. she is still recovering from that gunshot wound to her head in january. but her doctors gave her the clearance to travel for the launch. endeavor is scheduled to lift- off friday afternoon. [ music ] and some sunshine today. a few clouds. right now in livermore 52 degrees. some cloud cover south and east of town. downtown livermore. here we are in dublin and pleasantton. a few clouds there. clouds in the forecast tonight, but partly cloudy. breezy as we go into tomorrow. a little bit cooler as well. not cold, but instead of upper 60s mostly mid machine 60s, 66, 67 degrees. the weekend looks really nice. mostly sunny and temperatures will increase. overnight lows on the cool side.
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when you get going to work tomorrow morning you will notice it sending the kids to school 39 in napa is cold. 42 in livermore. so when you get the kids off to school and get yourself off to work be prepared for some cooler temperatures, especially north of the oakland area in north and east bay. so the computer model shows clouds leaving the area. we go into tomorrow clear skies at lunch. clear skies right into the afternoon. what you can't see here is the win. breezy conditions along the coast. when i come back we will talk about a warmup that will take temperatures into the 80s. show you when that will happen and what cities could be the warmest. >> police announced today they arrested two men for allegedly operating an illegal marijuana farm. they arrested tran and his nephew last friday. the pair is accused of growing marijuana in a home near evans road. police say they found 249 marijuana plants with an estimated street value of $1.1 million. a cell phone app lands a peninsula man in jail.
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also coming up. >> 15 burglaries in just eight minutes. and now the police have photos of the suspects. how you can help coming up. >> detectives say two men got so good at stealing one part from under the trucks they could do it in 30 sec. i am live with how they finally got caught. >> ktvu, channel 2 news in the morning weekdays starting at 4:30 a.m. [ music ]
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. a tight squeeze turned out to be a little too tight in oakland this evening. police say an ac transit bus was trying to get around a double parked patrol car when the bus clipped the police car. it happened at 6:35 at third avenue and east 18th street. there are no injuries but there undoubtedly will be reports to fill out. police are asking for your help in identifying two people linked to a string of home burglaries. ktvu's janna katsuyama shows us photos of the suspects taken when they tried to use a stolen
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atm card. the police chief says each time they have made off with tens of dollars of valuables and going up to house inside broad daylight from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. >> we have one case of suspects going up to a house asking if they are selling off of ebay. >> reporter: after six weeks the police say they got a break on the case. two suspects showed up trying to use a stolen credit card in richmond. a man showed up at an atm in hat and sun-glasses. and then this woman in a white hat tried to withdraw. [ inaudible ]
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>> my wife's mom's jewelry, yes. she was really mostly upset about that. >> across the street another victim who didn't want her face on camera said the burglars took a music box an heirloom. >> they took a lovely beaded purse that belonged to my grandmother. and my grandmother passed away when i was 10. >> reporter: if you know these suspects you are asked to call the police. this is chan chan. chan chan. [ inaudible ] . doctors said today they are trying to remove bryan stow from his medically induced coma for the second time. these are pictures of stow.
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the giants fan from santa cruz beaten outside dodger's stadium last month. for the first time that doctors tried to bring him out of a coma he suffered seizures. doctors said today it will take up to three days before there is any change in his condition. also today, the restaurant chain chiles did its part to help him. they hosted an all day fundraiser to help stow and his family cover their medical expenses today. customers who wanted to help had 15% of their bill go towards the fund. bart reconsiders late night train service. but up first new video into the ktvu newsroom. an arrest a short time ago after concerned neighbors called police about a gunman. >> leaders in one bay area say it will not only bring jobs to this community but it will also help fight crime. >> closed captioning for the 10:00 news is brought to you by
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. new video tonight. oakland police arrested a man because he was firing a pellet gun or a real gun from the roof of a home in north oakland. they received numerous calls at 7:30 this evening from people near 27th and telegraph. officers responded and cordoned off the area. a short time later they found the gunman inside a home that had a target range in the backyard. investigators say they also found a pellet gun and a real gun with a holster and ammunition. investigators in the north bay say they have arrested two men linked to a string of crimes involving the theft of catalytic converters. eric rasmussen told us and he is live to explain what led to the two arrests. eric? >> reporter: detectives say they actually witnessed one of these guys slide right under a truck and steal. now they have connected them to
10:30 pm
at least four other cases and they think there could be many more. investigators say michael helm and larry hernandez could be the two men responsible for a string of crimes in the north bay that initially left police with few leads and left truck owners like nick furious. >> you are sitting in your house and you get up the next morning and your car sounds like a bomb went off. >> reporter: we first spoke to him earlier this month when the thieves stoled the catalytic converters in one night. they caught them doing the same thing in sonoma county. >> there is many more. we just scratched the surface with these two guys. >> reporter: detectives finally got their big break when started doing surveillance on these guys and followed them all the way to this park and ride in nevada where they caught them red-handed stealing another one. >> they grabbed a saw and rolled under the truck. and within 30 seconds he had it cut off of a toyota pick-up truck. >> reporter: detectives say
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another catalytic converter matched a stolen pick-up from this wal-mart. he hopes the men are held responsible for his case, too. >> the fact that they are able to track them down and that these guys maybe aren't as smart as they think they are. >> reporter: detectives say the thieves can make $40 to $80 at recycling yards from the metal in these. but it can cost the victims hundreds even more to replace them. live here eric rasmussen, ktvu, channel 2 news. the bart board of directors is set to reconsider late night train service at a meeting tomorrow. bart service currently ends around midnight under a pilot program, bart would extend service an extra hour on friday night. saturday's service would begin an hour later at 7:00 a.m. the program could start in september and last for six months. the husband of a german tourist who was killed last summer in san francisco is back in the city tonight where he met with investigators. he is with his two sons. he and his wife were
10:32 pm
celebrating their wedding anniversary in the city when she was killed by a stray bullet during a shoot-out between rival gangs near union square. he says he is thankful for the outpouring of support his family has received during their current trip. >> i've met with an extraordinary amount of kindness and sympathy from very many san franciscoans. >> they attended a private memorial service for his wife this afternoon. he also said he met with the district attorney and the police officials who told him that they hope to make an arrest in this case in the near future. a much anticipated sports complex is taking shape in east oakland. as ktvu's paul chambers reports, the new building brings new hope to one of the bay area's underserved communities. residents of east oakland say they need more alternativess to keep young people out of trouble and off the streets. >> you go through all of the commuting and there is nothing for our children to do. we have to leave oakland to go
10:33 pm
to surrounding municipalities. >> reporter: now youth uprising is one place in east oakland for young adults to hang out. [ music ] >> reporter: but by the end of june it won't be the only option. on eades avenue this $27 million sports complex will open to the public. >> it's needed because it gives kids something to do. >> reporter: inside there is a dance studio, a fitness center, three multipurpose rooms and this indoor pool with a water slide. council member larry reid says this complex has been a dream of this community for more than 20 years. he says having it here will provide a safe place for young people and also give a boost to the local economy. >> it's the job opportunities that's going to exist, not just, you know, the rec creeks al cone recreational component that will make a difference in young people's lives. >> it gives us who want to participate as grandparents and retired people something to bring our kids to. >> reporter: once the center opens it will offer daily, monthly and annual passes.
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next month they will start using the dance studio. council member reid says there is still work to do. he plans to take this outdoor space and transform it to a roller skating rink, swimming pools and soccer fields. in oakland, paul chambers, ktvu, channel 2 news. the oakland zoo wants to spread its wings. tonight the oakland planning commission heard from the public about the zoo's expansion plans. the zoo wants to expand into the neighbouring noland park. a new exhibit on native species and a gondola to take visitors up the hill. some oakland residents say the plan has been reviewed, studied and discussed for years and it is time to move forward. others want open space preserved and say the expansion would ruin it forever. this is it. cut it up and like humty dumpty it can't be put together again no matter how much money you throw at it. >> the time decision is up to
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the oakland council. iphone controversy is being talked to by apple they are not tracking their customers but trying to improve service. last week researchers discovered that iphone's log and store location data about a user's location. that has raised privacy and prompted a congressional hearing set for next month. meantime the wait is almost over. the long delayed white iphone goes on sale tomorrow. the price for the phone will range between $199 or $299 depending upon the model. apple, at&t and verizon outlets will be selling the phones. the white iphone was set to be released last july but was delayed because of production problems. it has been a part of her for almost 40 years. new at 10 the east bay woman who finally got word about the mia she has wondered about for decades. >> and i am back here in less than ten minutes we will talk about the pollen counts.
10:36 pm
the tree pollen count are high. which trees might be bothering you. and burglars caught in the act. what the men were allegedly after as our cameras rolled and the police looked on. [ music ]
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. new at 10 tonight, we have the conclusion to a story that
10:39 pm
has its origins 38 years ago during the vietnam war. since christmas day 1972, kathy strong of walnut creek has been wearing an mia, pow bracelet. she got the bracelet in honor of scott moorland who was missing in action. a few weeks ago she learned moorland's remains were found and flown back to the u.s. for burial. >> i just always thought he would be coming home alive. i am very grateful he is coming home. but you know it is sad to know that i never got the opportunity to meet him and to know him. >> she will take off the bracelet at his funeral next month in alabama and it will be buried with him. strong says she has thought about him every day and won't stop thinking about him. >> newses of the world tonight in afghan a military pilot shot eight american troops and an american civilian contractor today. it happened at a meeting at a base at kabul airport. the afghan officer was killed in an exchange of fire. the man was reportedly upset
10:40 pm
over his personal finances. this is the deadliest attack on americans in afghanistan in nearly six years. in the middle east, rival palestinian factions announced today they will form a unity government. for the past four years hamas has controlled the gaza strip and fatah has controlled the west bank. not clear if splinter groups will go along. the president has rejected any palestinian government that includes hamas. >> and in he can the record the eruption -- in equador the volcano is spewing ash for the last few days and now lava. four towns were evacuated. some residents complained they had trouble breathing. this volcano has a history of violent indeedsly eruptions. its name means "throat of fire." >> wall street rallied again today after the u.s. chairman announced he plans to keep interest rates at record low
10:41 pm
levels. the nasdaq gains 22 and now in its highest level in ten years. >> federal authorities are giving the green light to a merger between southwest and air tran. southwest airlines says the department of justice has approved the deal with no conditions. the airline hopes to close the $1 billion deal by the end of next week. starbucks is getting a boost from its customers. the company that brings espresso and lattes to corners across the nation is now the third largest chain restaurant in the country. only mcdonalds and subway rank higher in sales than starbucks. it is a sleepy town on the delta with just 800 residents. how a pot deal has landed the town's leadership before a jury. and the full bay area forecast with bill martin in just about five minutes.
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. is a drivers were cited this morning or illegally crossing bay area railroad tracks. they ran a safety train between berkeley and richmond from 10 until noon. officers were looking for drivers and pedestrians crossing the tracks illegally. union pacific says one of the people cited was a ups delivery driver. our ktvu camera was onboard that train when something unexpected happened. as ktvu's tom vaca reports, we witnessed a crime that's part of a growing trend. record as amtrak demonstrated safety concerns to the media today they noticed suspicious activities on the side of the tracks. they numbered suspected thieves taking copper wire in broad daylight and made three arrests. >> obviously with the price of copper rising, the opportunity for individuals to make that theft and do what these individuals were doing, it's probably going to get worse. >> reporter: the school officials discovered the thieves had raided an electrical junction box overnight. >> some of the light poles for
10:45 pm
the ball fields had been tampered with. >> reporter: that theft will have cost some consequences. >> just like an invasion of a home situation. >> reporter: muni had an outage along a bus line. thieves there had removed 300 pounds of live copper power cable. worse copper thieves took copper from a fault last august that serves san francisco's mount zion hospital so they had to cancel some surgery are you; surgeries while they were on generator power. they are are usually methamphetamines looking for a huge fix. a real danger to their customers. >> last year we had 100 incidents of copper theft along the railroad tracks. >> reporter: at current prices, just 100 pounds of copper will get the thieves $422 in cash. i'm con summer editor tom vacar. ktvu, channel 2 news.
10:46 pm
an uproar over a pot farm brought officials from a small delta farm to the sacramento county courthouse today. isleton is located four miles from the capitol. at issue is a pot farm along highway 160. almost the entire leadership was called to testify before a grand jury. they approved the pot farm with the hope of raising thousands of dollars to bolster the city's bottom line. grand jury proceedings are secret so little is known about the exact nature of today's hearing. >> using this small city as, you know, a piniata, we find it offensive. >> some city leaders were reportedly given immunity to testify while others plan to take the fifth. the district attorney's office would not comment. the countdown to the royal wedding is on. in just about 28 hours britain's prince william is set to marry kate middleton. [ applause ] >> crowds outside westminster
10:47 pm
abbey cheered the couple when they left today after their rehearsal. hundreds of people are already lined up hoping to catch a glimpse of the prince and his bride. the british military also rehearsed. troops were out before dawn this morning practicing their ceremonial procession. they marched the route that william and kate will follow between bucking ham palace and westminster abby. security is said to be extremely tight. scotland yard says there hasn't been any terror threats but the agency does acknowledge considerable chatter on the web. and you can watch the royal wedding right here on ktvu. our coverage starts at 2 a.m. on friday morning. [ music ] >> they might see a few showers over there in england. we don't have any showers in our forecast. we do have cloud cover out there in santa rosa partly cloudy and 50. napa is clear. sonoma a few clouds. over the next few days temperatures will drop tomorrow and then come up as we head
10:48 pm
into friday, saturday and sunday. and even into next week when we can see the temperatures touching near 90 degrees. so things are starting to shape up around here. everything to the north of us still see rain up in the pacific northwest. classic procedure for this time of year. the jet stream starts to recede north. it was acting a lot more like late winter just last weekend. but things are changing around. partly cloudy and wind tomorrow. that's why temperatures are slightly cooler than they were today. a few clouds. this is not a big deal. but it will kind of keep the winds going. so west, northwest winds through tomorrow and into friday morning. and then they start to turn around as we head into the weekend. and get a slight northeast wind. and that warms things up. temperatures into the 70s. even some low 80s as we go into sunday. and really, really, really nice day area weekend for you. with that said, the winds along the coast tomorrow will gust up to maybe 25 and even 30 miles per hour late in the afternoon around 4:00. these are what you would expect
10:49 pm
this time of year the surfers love them. a big outgoing tide you will see them out there tomorrow. the pollen index checking the trees right now. they are trending high. the grasses aren't up there yet but the trees are some of the biggest offenders. you might have trees in your backyard because it is that time of year. if you are bothered right now trees, they are the main culprit. that's the trend. that trend will last really right into next week. the grass will come on as we get further on into the late spring and early summer. 63 in tomorrow. three degrees cooler than they were today. 61 in hayward. 66 in gillroy. 65 in santa cruz. the five day forecast is a dry one. and a warming one. the temperatures are coming up. a little bit of wind. tomorrow is the dip. friday comes up. saturday eye sunday it really pops up. the numbers get into the low 80s as we roll into the bay area late weekend and early next week. and next week i don't know
10:50 pm
about record heat but we could easily look at the temperatures maybe monday, tuesday wednesday that will be in the upper 80s, low 90s maybe. >> a nice change around. we haven't had warm weather like that for a while. >> really nice. >> thank you, bill. >> thanks, bill. >> three bay area counties have been given failing grades when it comes to clean air. this is the air above the south bay. santa clara county received an f on the lung association's air quality report card. air quality managers blame high traffic volume and industrial pollution. they say the county's doography can trap unhealthy area. one of three in the area to receive a failing grade. these are the other counties. but there is some good news to report. straight as along the coast for san francisco, marin and san mateo counties. find out how your neighborhood scored by visiting we have posted the complete air quality results in the right
10:51 pm
now section. a court hearing took a scary turn today for paris hilton. what happened to her and her boyfriend as they headed into an la courthouse.
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. a dammed paper shredder is being remained -- blamed for a fire that damaged the uc berkeley house of business. the overheated motor set the paper on fire. it sent water to several floors from the sprinklers. the building was closed for a few hours while crews cleaned up the mess. >> paris hilton and her boyfriend were attacked today outside an la courtroom. >> what the heck. >> that was it, a man lunged at the socialite and waits grabbing waits by the neck. one of hilton's bodyguards sub dude the man. the man is james rainford who was already arrested last october following an altercation involving her bodyguards. hilton was in court by the with a i to testify against another man accused of trying to break into her home. >> bodyguard to the rescue. >> mark joins us now. a good day for the as. not so good for the giants. >> no, not right now.
10:55 pm
you can say it's official. the honeymoon period is over. sports talk radio went out on the blog and giants fans in full panic mode freaking u. the giants have dropped 5-6 and not hitting a lick. it is april and the weather tells you that. rain hat in pittsburgh. madison the best performance of the season but now 0-4. despite the good effort a little bloop here. chris schneider with an rbi single in the second. 1-0. and against the giants pen it's a base hit to right by jose tobata. shot slice the out there makes it 2-0. giants have scored only 14 runs in their last six games hitting 188. two on in the 9th. one out miguel tejada tail maid double play ball ends the game. 2-0 shut-out. they are on the wrong side of that. well, simply catching and throwing the ball a major issue
10:56 pm
with the as so far this season. 24 errors already, but benefitting from bad defense from the other team in this one. oakland salvages one of three down in disneyland. in the 9th the as are up 1-0. brian fuentes blows the safe as bobby abrayu with a shot down the line. send into extra innings. here is the play cliff pennington into fur field. the two outfielders for the most part vernon wells off his glove is the problem and to the wall. the as take it anyway they can get it. jackson didn't exactly sting the ball but his high chopper will score what was to be the game winning run. 2-1 oakland. now, this is kind of a rough time of year for warrior fans. best in the league they are. but they always have to watch from afar. the kick fans from all over the rest of the league get from watching their playoffs teams.
10:57 pm
another fairly cosmetic move made towards eventually getting them there some day. for an organization that needs to drastically change its culture in the front office. instead they fire the coach keith smart after one year, despite the fact that they won ten more games than last year. and stabilizing the locker-room around. well, the new ownership wants their own guy in there so smart what is what you might say up against it from the get-go. >> i wouldn't say it was impossible. but it was difficult. we all know that. but we did -- i think the evaluation we did, i have no problems with it all. we are solid in the decision that we made. but it was a difficult situation, we all know that. >> all right. it is oklahoma city, the heat and san antonia all winning in the nba playoffs tonight. some good finishes there. that's the sporting life for wednesday night. of course we have got the sharks playing friday night. >> all right. mark, thank you. >> the ktvu morning news begins at 4:30 tomorrow morning. we will be following the
10:58 pm
conditions of giants fan bryan stow as the doctors try to deliver him from his medically induced coma. >> thanks for watching us tonight. >> good night.
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