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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  April 28, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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shooting. the officer is in the hospital. the suspect is dead. we'll tell you what police say happened. >> reporter: why fire investigators believe the cause of an overnight fire in oakland might have been the result of foul play. more than 100 people dead across the south after a devastating storm. what the president is doing to help in the recovery efforts. also keeping kids safe during a major quake. how a local lawmaker is making it easier for schools to get ready for the big one. that's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us on this thursday april 28th. i'm pam cook. and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here's steve. thank you very much, pam and dave. we have a little change today. that's in the form of cooler weather and also partly sunny, partly cloudy skies, rather strong # strong system moving into the north is going to crank up the old wind machine. upper 50s and low 60s closer to the coast and around the water
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and bay. a few upper 60s. i did go a couple low 70s but i think they'll only be there for a couple hours and then cool it down. here's sal. steve, right now traffic on the san mateo bridge looks good heading to the high-rise with no major issues. also the morning commute looks good if you're driving in san francisco approaching the 80 split. now back to the desk. thank you, sal. we're following developing news coming from dublin. one man is dead after a violent confrontation with a female police officer. this all happened about 1:30 this morning near dublin boulevard in dublin. ktvu's claudine wong is talking with police. she has more now on the condition of the officer involved. so how is she doing, claudine? >> reporter: dave, she sustained what is being described as a very serious head injury, but she is expected to be okay. she is in the hospital and investigators are right now on scene trying to piece all this together. let's give you a look at the scene right now. i want to show you where all of this happened. take a look at the two white police cars over here in this parking lot. there's an unmarked car right
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there. that is the car that belongs to the sergeant who was injured. the other car right behind him actually responded to the radio calls for help. this sergeant parked in that lot about 1:30 this morning after seeing a suspicious person. but the confrontation actually took place across the way at that dodge dealership you're looking at right now. investigators are still trying to figure out what happened. but here's what we know. about 1:30 the sergeant called in to report seeing a suspicious person in the area. she then called in to ask for help and other deputies started to respond. and then moments later she called in to report shots fired. officers arrived on scene to find her suffering from a very serious head wound. and the suspect was dead. that suspect is apparently someone police are familiar with. >> he is a well-known transient in dublin. he's been arrested numerous times. >> reporter: for various? >> various different things.
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he's got some fighting background. so he's got some violence in his background. >> reporter: the injury to the sergeant is described as serious but she is expected to be okay. in fact, she was talking as she left the scene. hopefully she's able to provide more information to investigators about what happened. whatever happened happened very quickly. the entire confrontation from the time she first called in until the time she called to report shots fired was only three minutes. the officers described as a veteran with close to 20 years of experience. she is expected to be okay. we come back out here live to the dodge dealership you're looking at the body of the suspect remains in the lot at this hour. right near really the front corner of that dodge dealership lot. police say they're going to be out here for a while. crime scene techs just got on scene. they are out -- they were just looking at the deputies car now they're out over at the dodge dealership. until they're done the coroner won't be called s. this area remains blocked off. again, this is 680 dublin
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boulevard onramp southbound and the offramp shut down as well. live in dublin, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. the death toll continues to rise after severe storms raged across the south. this is video from a news camera in tuscaloosa, alabama. take a look. we are speeding up that video to show you the tornado forming and then approaching the city. at least 128 people have been killed and president obama has now issued a state of emergency for alabama. now further north in the state they're cleaning up after tornado ripped through a mobile home park. so far no deaths have been reported in that city, but president obama's emergency declaration will release federal funds and emergency help to alabama. well, four people are out of their home following an early morning house fire in oakland. ktvu's kraig debro is live with how firefighters think this fire started. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: yeah, pam,
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firefighters appear to be wrapping up their overhaul. one putting one of the hoses back in the engine. to the left coming out of the home here making sure everything is out. there wasn't anybody home at the time but those who came back after the fire was out came over and took out some of their stuff here. now firefighters fear foul play in the beginning but now they have settled on a less sinister cause. fire units were dispatched to the neighborhood around 2:20 in the morning. crews say they were met with heavy smoke coming from the kitchen and attic. call went out for a box alarm. that means three engines, ladder truck and battalion chief. captain on scene says the fire was put out relatively quickly. investigators believe it started in the kitchen. >> the fire investigator's investigating that as far as the exact circumstances regarding the wiring and the use of the stove that's still unknown but it appears to be some sort of a wiring issue. >> reporter: now when crews first arrived they found the front door unlocked and that
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typically is a clue someone might have entered the home and caused the fire on purpose. but one of the people living here returned and told the investigators he doesn't have a key to the house and left the door unlocked so he could get back in. coming up at 6:00 i'm going to have more on why it has taken firefighters almost three this fire. reporting live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:05. well, baseball commissioner bud zelig is promising a full investigation into an ugly incident at at&t park. braves pitching coach is apologizing for his behavior before the game on saturday. giants fan says he watched mcdowel spew homophobic comments and make crude sexual gestures with his bat at some fellow giants fans. quinn was in the stands with his twin daughters at the time. and he says the coach went berserk when he told him to watch his language around children. >> people at this point were highly upset. not just myself.
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quite a few people including parenting and kids, including my own kids who were able to see what was happening already. and at that point he turned completely towards me, grabbed his bat and picked it up and asked me how much my teeth were worth to me. >> now famed attorney is now representing the quinn family. she says the coach's apology doesn't go far enough. she's demanding a hefty fine and a long suspension. doctors are keeping a close eye on injured giants fan bryan stow as they once again try to get him out of a medically induced coma. bryan stow suffered a skull fracture after being beaten outside of dodgers stadium last month. his family says doctors have tried to take him off and remove him from a coma four or five times before, but each time stow suffered seizures. his family says it could take up to three more days to find out if there's any change in stow's condition. oakland police are questioning a man who they say was firing shots from the roof of a home. police arrested the man after
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receiving several calls last night from people near 27th and telegraph. now when officers arrived, they found the suspect inside a home. had a target range in the backyard. investigators say they also found a pellet gun and a real gun with a holster and ammunition. time now 5:07. today the request of the obama administration is making to food companies and restaurants that they stop advertising unhealthy food to children. coming up at 5:15 for you we'll bring you a live report from washington d.c. about the new guidelines that would eliminate much of the advertising we see today. well, a bill to make raves safer moves forward after undergoing major revisions. the original version sought an all out ban on rave parties held on public property. it was introduced after drug- related overdoses at the cow palace. the new bill calls for setting up safety guidelines for raves. it won approval from assembly committee yesterday. state agencies could require
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promoters to prove their events will be properly staffed with enough law enforcement and medical staffing. time now 5:08. well, a bay area state lawmaker is leading california's latest earthquake safety campaign. democrat ellen is holding demonstrations making sure children are safe at school during a major quake. this is in response to complaints from teachers and parents that thousands of california's schools could crumble in a big quake. state regulators have already agreed to make it easier for schools to get millions of dollars of seismic repair money. residents in marin are saying no to proposed water hikes. last night water district officials said a 4% increase is needed to help balance the budget. this would raise water rates about $4 for every two month billing period. however, residents say the district needs to look at some other options including pay cuts before asking the public to pay more. a second hearing about the rate increase will be held on may
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23rd. today the bart board of directors will consider late night train service. right now bart service ends around midnight. under the proposed pilot program bart would extend service an extra hour on friday nights. saturday service would then begin later at 7:00 a.m. that's one hour later than it does now. if approved, the trial period would start in september and run for about six months. bart officials say it would cost about $1.2 million. all right. time now 5:10. let's check in with sal. >> all right. >> he already knows everything about the commute. almost everything. almost everything. [ laughter ] good morning everybody. traffic doing well. just to give me a little bit of an out just in case i don't know something right now. let's go out and see on 80 westbound what we're seeing westbound 80 traffic looks good heading to the macarthur maze. traffic also good at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound. we keep monitoring the conditions all over the bay
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area. we don't have a lot going on when it comes to stalled vehicles or collisions out there. traffic is okay on the south bay commute northbound 280 traffic is moving well. and the traffic is looking good. there is a closure on the onramp leading to dublin boulevard. that exit is also shut down because of police activity. and going to continue to hear more about that throughout the morning. at 5:10 let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. we have a change today. it will be cooler and breezy. take that right into tomorrow. yesterday a warm up. plenty of low 70s. back off on that. there might be a couple of them today. more mid-60s and very windy at times especially higher elevations, coast and into friday as well. if you're watching us points north and also up in the sierra there's a possibility of maybe some precipitation. not here. end result will be cooler and windy. the good news the weekend sunshine warmer, 70s. maybe by sunday pushing upper 7 0z. early next week looks sunny and warm as well with more sunshine. one forecast model is very oh
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but one not so dry. one goes really warm the other just warm. system digging into the pacific northwest is there. racing in mainly north of us. and the allergy content and scale continues to be off the chart for the trees and also grasses and weeds which are very high. if you're suffering, there you go. mainly grasses and trees and probably not going to change. 20, 25 maybe 30 miles per hour today. focus on coastal areas and higher elevations. 40s and 50s on the temps. livermore 48, fairfield 49. fairfield a gust to about 20 miles an hour out of the west- southwest. 58 at noon and high today of 65. cooler than yesterday. very strong low off seattle and portland. that's going to dig in and that's going to allow the wind to pick up. partly sunny today. breezy. now as that system moves in that will give us a windy day on friday. but then high pressure's hot on its heels or warmer on its heels for the weekend and that means sunshine and temperatures coming up. 50s for some today closer to the coast 60s and just a few
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very low 70s. cooler, breezy, sun and clouds. the wind again will start to pick up much more than we had yesterday. more of the same on friday then we go sunshine and warmer weather as we head into the weekend. all right. thank you, steve. well, today the government is asking food companies and restaurants to change their advertising. the specific kinds of food the new guidelines are targeting. also apple's newest version of the iphone goes on sale this morning. what it's expected to look like. good morning. westbound bay bridge traffic looks good on the upper deck of the bay bridge. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and have a look at the forecast straight ahead.
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welcome back to the morning news. the federal government's fight against childhood obesity is now targeting some of the kids' favorite cereals. ktvu's allison burns is in our washington d.c. newsroom why you might still see less of lucky the leprechaun. >> reporter: we know the lines about having a breakfast that's magically delicious, but the feds say the marketing goes too far. the associated press reports the f.d.a. will urge to obviously market to kids age 2 to 17 if they're lower in fats,
5:17 am
sodiums and contain specific healthy ingredients. standards would eliminate much of the advertising we now see on tv, online and in magazines. and some of these colorful characters could be out of a job. a 2009 yale university study found some of the most sugarally cereals are advertising for kids. top five cinnamon toast crunch, honey nut cheer owes, lucky charms, cocoa puffs and trick. more on how the companies are reacting to these new standards during my next update in about an hour. for now live in washington d.c., ktvu channel 2 news. some california prison inmates filed a class action lawsuit accusing the state of racial discrimination. the lawsuit claims whenever there's an outbreak at a prison, all inmates that have the same ethnicity of the troublemakers are put in lockdown. they're confined to their cells for an average of two months and they're denied any visitation.
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the state department of corrections says it is not the department's policy to base lockdowns solely on race or ethnicity. this morning san francisco's new police chief begins his first full day on the job. >> this is the biggest honor. it's unbelievable. so thank you. >> he was overcome with emotion during his swearing in ceremony at city hall yesterday. the new chief plans to get right down to work meeting with officers in every police station in the city. he's a 30 year veteran of the force. he had tremendous success reducing homicides while serving as police captain in the city's bayview district. all right. time now 5:18. let's check in with sal now to see what's happening on the roads. all right, dave and pam, good morning once again. we're doing well around the bay area. right now traffic is doing well on the san mateo bridge. hopefully this pattern will continue just like weather patterns, there are traffic patterns too. traffic is moving along okay if
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you're on the dumbarton bridge. look at 880 traffic in both directions is moving well past the coliseum. and if you are driving on interstate 80 westbound the traffic is looking okay between pin ole and richmond. at 5:18, hello, steve. hello, sal. >> how are you? >> i'm great. thank you. i think you're good. we have change today. cooler weather as a system moves into the north of us rather strong for the end of april. higher clouds, partly sunny, breezy to windy at times and cooler. actually today into tomorrow a system moves in it's going to pick up pretty good wind. any precipitation north and ea of us. the weekend though sunshine and warmer weather. in fact, maybe even much warmer as we head towards sunday. what's moving into the north it's weak but again it packs plenty punch to give us a cool down today along with some clouds and keeps stirring up the old pollen index which is very, very high for trees, mulberry, elm.
5:20 am
and then for grasses as well as weeds. so things are just off the chart right now if you're suffering west at 16 at sfo. west at 12 towards napa as well. fairfield and vacaville. not only a coastal breeze we have a delta breeze that means everything will be cooling down today. 40s to low 50s for some. partly cloudy skies. 43 though santa rosa. if it wasn't for any breeze i think they'd be colder than that. that's the low right there as it digs in towards oregon and northern nevada that will start to crank up the wind. for today more 6 0z. we had a lot of low 70s yesterday. only one going with your antioch and upper 50s pacifica, san francisco been a cool couple days. 59 oakland only 61. santa rosa 68. san jose 67. more mid-60s on the peninsula or upper 60s. sun and clouds windy at the coast. it will be cooler. temperatures settled in on friday as well. jump things up on the weekend. much warmer into sunday and maybe monday as well.
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microsoft reports third quarter earnings after the market closes today. the company is expected to report $16.2 billion in sales over the last three months. that's up from the same time last year but microsoft stock may not respond to the good news. concerned about tablets such as apple's i pad that it will continue to threaten pc sales which is the main driver of microsoft windows. let's check in on the numbers. right now the markets possibly headed for a lower opening after some gains yesterday it sort of mixed. we'll get a better indication as we get closer to the opening bell. the u.s. economy cooling, gasoline prices climbing, that's likely to effect things. we have some earnings coming in. some of those mixed as well. well, if you have been holding out for a white iphone, your wait is finally over. the device goes on sale today after a ten month delay because of production problems.
5:22 am
the price for the phone will range between $200 and $300 depending upon the model. it will be sold at apple, at&t and verizon stores. we'll check to see if there are any lines outside those stores. >> very good. time now 5:21. wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords is not in a houston treatment center this morning. the reason she was allowed to leave and where she is right now. also the 49ers are looking towards the future in more ways than one. good morning. if you're driving in the south bay so far so good on northbound interstate 280 coming out of downtown and getting into the valley.
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good morning. we have a cooler day today. partly sunny, partly cloudy. breezy to windy at times. 50s and a lot of mid-60s. wounded congresswoman gabrielle giffords is waking up in florida this morning, one day before her husband is set to launch into space. want to show you video of giffords slowly climbing the stairs of a small plane in houston. she's still in treatment but doctors gave her permission to travel for the launch. giffords' husband, commander mark kelly, is scheduled to travel on the final mission of the space shuttle endeavor tomorrow afternoon. time now 5:25. a u.s. soldier who went missing during the vietnam war is finally coming home. the recent discovery of james mooreland's remains has been a long time coming for kathy from walnut creek. she's been wearing a metal
5:26 am
bracelet with his name on it since 1972. the bracelets were sold in the 70s. each of them engraved with the name of a missing soldier from the vietnam war. she says his remains are now being flown back to the u.s. for burial. >> i just always thought he'd be coming home alive and i'm very grateful he's coming home. but you know it's sad to know that i never got the opportunity to meet him and to get to know him. >> she says she'll take off that bracelet at his funeral next month in alabama. the bracelet will be buried with him. the 49ers are looking for a big company with some deep pockets. it's ready to play the name game. it has to be a company willing to pay big money for the rights to have its name adorn their new $900 million stadium in santa clara. the 9ers have hired c.a.a. sports to lead the naming rights search. the company from southern california has scored huge contracts for such star athletes such as lebron james, derek jeter and peyton manning.
5:27 am
today the 49ers and raiders will hold a draft day party in this very uncertain year for pro football. the 49ers party will be held at the santa clara convention center that begins at 4:00 p.m. the raiders draft day party also begins at 4:00. it will be held at the ever jones restaurant on jack london square. this year's draft is taking place during abettedder nfl labor dispute. that could create chaos in the annual selection of the top college players. a violent confrontation with police leaves one man dead. what led up to the shooting that left a female officer seriously injured as well. >> reporter: years after native american remains are found they are still not buried. the mystery live from danville coming up. good morning. if you're driving on interstate 680, traffic is good but there is one place where you will not be able to get on to the freeway.
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good morning to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news thursday march 28th. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook. sounds like the weather is slowly getting nicer. how does it look, steve? not too bad. by the weekend all systems go for sunshine and warmer weather. but the wind will be a factor today and also tomorrow as a stronger system moves into the north. upper 50s to low 60s near the water and mid-60s inland and a
5:31 am
few upper. temperatures will cool off. now update on traffic. traffic good on 680 if you're driving to the south bay out of the pleasanton. you won't be able to get on to the freeway at dublin boulevard because of police activity we'll tell you about more in just a moment. also the morning commute is looking good on 880 north and south right near the coliseum. now at 5:30 let's go back to the desk. all right. crime scene technicians are now on the scene of a fatal officer- involved shooting that left a suspect dead and a veteran police officer in the hospital. it happened on am ma tour plaza and dublin boulevard. claudine wong has been talking with investigators. she joins us now with what police are saying. >> reporter: good morning, pam. talked about the crime scene technicians they are on the scene going through this piece by piece step by step. show you they do have the command center set up here. they have the crime scene van set up here as they try to figure out the minute by minute details of this violent confrontation that left the
5:32 am
suspect dead and the officer with a serious head injury. for the last 30 minutes they have been collecting evidence. want to show you they first focused on this vehicle over here in this lot. if you can see these two police cars the unmarked car closest to us that actually belonged to the sergeant involved in all of this. the confrontation however took place across the way in front of that dodge dealership over there. that is where the suspect's body is still located at this hour. now here's what police say happened. >> this morning about 1:30 sergeant on patrol here in dublin was on patrol. she noticed a suspicious person. she went off on the radio. very shortly after that contacted the suspect the confrontation became violent. she was struck in the head with what we don't know. she sustained a pretty serious
5:33 am
injury. and at some point she drew her service weapon and fired at the suspect and he is dead at the scene. >> reporter: police say the suspect is a well-known transient with a criminal record and history of fighting. the sergeant is a veteran officer. she has about 20 years of experience on the job. despite her head injury, she's expected to be okay and was talking as she left the scene. as far as the plan out here this morning crime scene techs are here. this area remains shut down. looks like it will stay this way for quite a while. if you usually get off on the dublin boulevard exit or use this onramp to southbound 680, you will have to go around. no word yet on when it could all reopen. we'll stay here and keep you updated. live in dublin, ktvu, channel 2 news. this morning the death toll in alabama has jumped to 128 after severe storms ripped through the state. now president obama has issued a state of emergency for the area. this will provide federal money
5:34 am
and search and rescue crews. coming up in just about 15 minutes we're going to take you live to alabama for a look at the damage and the clean up efforts that are now underway. time now 5:33. santa cruz man is in jail this morning after police discovered he'd been living with a dead body. this is 63-year-old john bruce cluer. on tuesday night neighbors called police about a strong odor coming from his apartment. when police arrived they found the body of a woman covered by blankets. police say it appears she'd been dead for at least a week. he's now being held without bail while police investigate the death of the woman. accused serial killer joseph naso wants to represent himself at his murder trial. the 77-year-old photographer from reno made that request in the marin county courtroom yesterday. he told the judge he's been given his case a lot of thought over the past few weeks. and naso says he's certain it will be best for everyone if he acted as his own attorney.
5:35 am
>> we have not had a death penalty case where that's happened in our county. it has happened in this state. >> now the judge is expected to rule on the request next month. naso is accused of killing four northern california women in crimes that date back to the 1970s. investigators say he may be connected to several other homicides in other parts of the country. students from oakland's peralta elementary school will hold a vigil this afternoon. the shooting outside sweet jimmies restaurant and bar left two men dead and two others seriously injured. one of the men killed was 22- year-old adam williams who worked at peralta's after school program. police have released new information about a car that may have been involved this that shooting. they say the shooters were in a car like this one. a four door white newer model toyota camry. now originally investigators were looking for a white dodge. our time is now 5:35. well, it's a new battle over
5:36 am
indian burial grounds here in the bay area. ktvu's jade hernandez telling us it involves a discovery at a bay area high school campus a couple of years ago. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. it's unclear why the human remains which were found when this gym was built a couple of years ago weren't buried, but it is clear to the most likely descendent that it's time to do something. the human remains unearthed in 2009 have still not been properly buried. crews found the remains when they began building the new gymnasium. the remains are likely those of the tribe in the sack lin village once located in central contra costa county. no one knew the remains were still currently stored in 88 archives boxes. they date back 250 to 2,000 years ago. the district was responsible for paying the removal cost set around $25,000. this issue will most likely be
5:37 am
addressed at the next district board meeting. it's still unclear where the boxes holding the remains are being kept. live from danville this morning, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. pg&e is hoping to avoid widespread water pressure tests on pipelines with missing safety records. the chronicle reports the utility has asked the california public utilities commission if it would accept assumptions about pipes that have no documents. state regulators have yet to decide, but one regulator says water pressure testing is the only acceptable way to verify pipeline safety. pg&e will conduct tests in mountain view and antioch next month. state regulators also say pg&e shareholders will pay for the safety testing. that announcement made at a town hall meeting last night in san bruno led by san mateo congresswoman spear. >> i want the money spent on making it safe for every person who lives along a transmission
5:38 am
line on pg&e's system. >> the executive director of the cpuc also tells us here at ktvu that next month a special independent commission will release its findings into the cause of the san bruno pipeline explosion. as far as recovery, city officials say four homeowners have applied for rebuilding permits, 21 other haves in the design stage. time now 5:37. tomorrow oakland mayor jean quan expected to unveil her first detailed plan for dealing with the city's $58 million budget deficit. in a preliminary budget plan she released last month mayor quan called for all city departments to cut spending by 15%. other possible cuts include the closing of a branch library and layoffs in the police and fire departments. the oakland city council has to come up with a final budget plan by june 30th. right now it's 5:38. i hear sal's keeping an eye on the san mateo bridge.
5:39 am
pam, you have good sources. we are looking at the san mateo bridge. good morning to you. traffic looking good here on the bridge. it's not so windy, but we monitor it a lot because steve said it has been breezy and could get a little bit tough driving on the bridge. and our camera's shaking a little bit. just take it easy out there. make sure if you drive a small car that you are attention of which lane you're in, pay attention to which lane you're in. move along and look at westbound bay bridge. that traffic is okay. so far no wind advisory for any of these bridges by the way. it hasn't reached that critical level of windiness just yet. we're watching it for you anyway. this morning on the nimitz freeway looks good up to the oakland coliseum. now back to steve. all right, sal, thank you, sir. allergy sufferers we have a lot going on here with trees way up there. mulberry, elk, grasses are high and weeds are medium to medium- high as well. it does not look like it's going to get maybe a little better over the next day or two
5:40 am
but a lot of wind around. by the weekend i expect that to go right back up. our forecast today does have a little different pattern. why? because we have a system moving isn't that right of us. so high clouds, breezy, cooler. take that right into tomorrow, windy. possible precipitation if you're watching us points north and also up towards sierra. not for us. it will be a windier day tomorrow. but then by the weekend sunshine, warmer weather, we bring in high pressure. it wants to stick around for a little bit. system moving into the north giving us a lot of clouds not much else. it is dragging across a lot of clouds and picking up the winds. so along the coast some of the higher elevations around the bay 20, 25 miles per hour maybe up to 30 plus later on. not too bad yesterday but sfo west at 16, fairfield west- southwest at 8 with a lot of westerly breezes in between or southwest. your sea breeze, delta breeze, is right there. 40s for many. low 50s. due to some of the cloud cover temperatures held up maybe a little with the wind. 48 fremont. 58 at noon and go for a high
5:41 am
today of 65. so temperatures coming down as that low off seattle and portland really starts to drop south. that means a change in our weather today. partly sunny, breezy conditions. not a lot to the front except it is a cooler air mass. once that moves by on friday then we all look towards high pressure to build in for a warmer pattern by the weekend. today though 50s for many near the coast. windy at times. low to mid-60s around the bay and upper 60s. i did go a couple low 70s pittsburgh, antioch, down to gill roy. that's about it. sun and clouds windy at the coast. cooler breezy for many. take that into friday. then here we go. turn things around saturday. sunday looks warmer and maybe even warmer still as we head to monday. all right, steve. time now 5:41. boy, the death toll now close to 200 this morning from unbelievable storms hitting the southern u.s. we're showing you the damage and taking you live to one of the states hit the hardest. paris hilton and her boyfriend attacked outside a
5:42 am
courthouse. and it's all caught on tape. good morning. traffic is moving along very well if you are driving on 237 getting into the valley. but some areas are getting busy now. we'll tell you more about the morning commute.
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i never wear the same thing twice. not together, anyway. i'm in t.j.maxx every week. i get this season's designer clothes and i still get to eat. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. good morning. we have partly cloudy skies today. breezy to windy at times. that all equals cooler. if you're far enough inland maybe low 70s. everyone else looking for mid-6 0z. upper 50s by the coast. welcome back. good morning to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you at 5:44. a female police officer recovering right now after a violent confrontation in dublin. it was a deadly one. police say one man was shot and
5:45 am
killed after hitting that officer in the head. that officer is expected to make a full recovery. an early morning fire in oakland leaves five people without a home now. this happened on 68th avenue about 2:20 this morning. investigators believe a wiring problem in the kitchen may be to blame. no one was home when the fire began. and today the obama administration will ask restaurants and food companies to change how they advertise food to children. the new guidelines urge those companies who advertise only foods low in fats, sugar and sodium and have healthy ingredients. changes would be voluntary. more than 170 people are dead after severe storms swept across the southern part of the country yesterday. we're in alabama where a state of emergency has now been declared by the president. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, pam. i'm in one of the hardest hit neighborhoods in tuscaloosa, alabama.
5:46 am
you can see behind me what used to be single family homes is now rubble. fierce storms plowed against the southeast late wednesday into thursday morning. alabama bore the brunt of it. dozens confirmed dead. at least 15 killed in tuscaloosa alone when this mile wide tornado touched down. >> my heart was racing because you see things like that in movies and everything but you never see anything like that you know in real life. >> reporter: in birmingham the mayor described the situation as total devastation. a sentiment echoed around the state. president obama signed a disaster order paving the way for alabama to receive federal manpower and money for the clean up. as darkness fell across the border in georgia, residents were not taking any chances. >> we heard the sirens going off and we were watching tv said seek shelter so we came up here to find the closest strong building. >> reporter: they were right to run. buildings and homes destroyed and number of casualties is
5:47 am
climbing. in mississippi and tennessee thursday will be a day to assess the damage and begin the recovery. across the region despite the destruction and tremendous tragedy, there is hope. >> really coverer will be seen in the relentless spirit of our citizens demonstrating that our strength and our faith will overcome all even in this darkest hour. >> reporter: and throughout the night into the morning search and rescue teams have been combing through this area trying to see if the people that lived in this neighborhood made it out alive, pam. thank you. time now 5:47. getting new details this morning that it may have been an argument over a video game that triggered a homicide at a san jose care facility. as we reported yesterday morning, police arrested a 28- year-old man in connection with this case. he's accused of strangling a 24- year-old man following an argument. both of them lived at that home. a man is now in custody
5:48 am
after lunging at paris hilton and her boyfriend outside a los angeles courtroom. >> oh my gosh. >> a man rushed towards the socialite and grabbed her boyfriend by the neck yesterday. one of hilton's bodyguards subdued the man. he's the same suspect arrested last october following an altercation involving hilton's bodyguard. ironically hilton was in court to testify against another man accused of trying to break into her home. >> wild story. time now 5:48. sal's going to help you get to where you need to go this morning. >> that's right. right now traffic is moving along very nicely around the bay area. if you look at some of these live pictures i'm going to show you, you can tell it's getting more crowded but chp doesn't have a lot on their list. this is a good time to be out there as traffic is moderate and even getting to the bay bridge toll plaza. in fact i was still dare say call it light a lot more people are beginning to show up. contra costa county, antioch,
5:49 am
concord, walnut creek, road sensors beginning to show some red stop and go heading west to concord. 680 from the benicia bridge looks good. if you are on the nimitz freeway, hayward, union city and fremont that commute looks very nice. 5:48. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have cooler weather today. partly cloudy skies. system moving in going to give us not only cooler weather but a round of wind today and tomorrow. what's the good news? well, the weekend it will be gone and warmer weather. maybe upper 70s by sunday and could be warmer early next week. not a consensus. all the forecast models say yes warmer but one is up here and other two down here. they are dry. and they do bring in more sunshine. we'll see how it pans out. next couple of days we have to look for a little cool down. all associated with the system moving in to the north of us. some rain near the oregon border. mainly also northern mountains and possibility for the sierra late tonight into tomorrow. the wind is in place out of the west or the southwest. that means sea breeze it was not strong or pronounced yesterday. that means a little change in
5:50 am
our weather pattern today. 40s for many. if it wasn't for the breeze it would be even cooler some of the cloud cover 40s and low 50s. for this time of year end of april strong low move in. oregon, idaho, nevada. as it does the old wind kicks up its heels. today partly cloudy, partly sunny skies. breezy to windy especially coast and higher elevations. but sunshine omenty takes over for the weekend and temperatures begin to warm up. today upper 50s low to mid-60s. then a few upper 60s. just a smattering couple of low 70s. i think you'll notice cooler weather and also breeze. cooler and breezy. sun and clouds windy at the coast. also some up in the hills as well. not much change for friday. then we turn things around and warm it up especially sunday into monday. pam and dave. thank you, steve. the labor department has some mixed news this morning. the unemployment rate is down in 317 cities across the country. that's the largest amount of cities to report a decline since 2009.
5:51 am
nationwide the unemployment rate has dipped to a two year low of 8.8%. but california's rate is the second highest in the country at 12.3%. and this morning the new weekly numbers more people filed for unemployment claims. the supreme court ruled in favor of at&t saying that consumers may not ban together in class action arbitration to pursue complaints. the specific case involves cell phones and the contract that requires customers to press claims through arbitration rather than through lawsuit. time now 5:51. returning here to the bay area despite an unforgettable tragedy, how strangers gave a different welcome to a tourist whose wife was killed while celebrating their wedding anniversary. plus a new court date scheduled about gay marriage in california and whether the judge's private life means his ruling should be thrown out.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
welcome back to the morning news. the husband of a german tourist killed last summer in san francisco says he's thankful for the outpouring of support his family received during their recent trip. he returned to san francisco this week with his two sons. last august he and his wife were celebrating their wedding anniversary in the city when she was killed by a stray bullet during a shootout between rival gangs right near
5:55 am
union square. >> the month after her death it became clear to me that -- and to our sons, that we would have to come back to san francisco in order to better understand what has happened. >> he met with the district attorney and police investigators yesterday who told him they hope to make an arrest in the near future. a private memorial service was held for the murdered tourist yesterday afternoon. time now 5:55. a federal judge has scheduled a june 13th hearing in the debate over california's same sex marriage ban. we'll show you video of the current judge who succeeded judge vaughan walker. now last year judge walker ruled the ban on same sex marriage to be unconstitutional however, some are questioning that decision because judge walker himself is gay. supporters of the marriage ban say judge walker should have removed himself from the case. well, the royal wedding of prince william and kate middleton is tomorrow.
5:56 am
and we are learning some groups plan to protest. a rehearsal for the big event marched on yesterday. during the rehearsals people from all over the world are gathering outside buckingham palace, britain's infamous anarchist organizations have vowed to place members in the crowd. they may attempt to disrupt the procession and spark some riots. police plan to have plain clothes officers in the crowd to prevent any trouble. you can watch the royal wedding right here on ktvu channel 2. our coverage starts very early 2:00 a.m. tomorrow april 29th. all right. we're ready. time now 5:56. we're ready for sal because he's going to help you get to where you need to go. sal. all right. dave and pam, traffic is moving well around the bay area as you can see with these live pictures. nothing much to worry about. and chp page has been pretty quiet which is nice looking at the sun roll grade traffic moving nicely heading down the hill and continuing to san
5:57 am
jose. and there is a new crash eastbound 92 -- actually never mind that's an old accident. i won't tell you about it. westbound bay bridge that traffic is moving well. 5:56. go back to the desk. all right. thank you, sal. the very latest from dublin where there has been a deadly officer-involved shooting. one person dead, an officer in the hospital. we're going to bring you a live report on this continuing investigation. plus incredible pictures you have to see this. the rising death toll this morning from all of those tornadoes devastating parts of the southern u.s. good morning. we have some clouds over us. that means cooler weather today. how much cooler? we'll have the forecasted highs in two minutes.
5:58 am
5:59 am
officers still on the scene in dublin after an attack on a police officer turned deadly. we just learned new information about how it all started. why firefighters took nearly three hours to put out a single family residence fire. a battle over an ancient burial ground. what created the entire controversy. a major league baseball


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