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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  April 29, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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see him ascend directly to the throne right behind his grandmother bypassing prince charles altogether. >> you know, i do think there's a general feeling in britain that people would like to see her abdicate the throne. she must abdicate through charles and then charles would have to abdicate on through william. that's just the way succession goes. and this was set up centuries ago in a land so they would always have an orderly succession and have people come in and civil war. so there was a very good reason why this was all set up. but i think if you took a poll today in britain there would probably be a sense that they would want to it bipass charles because of what went on with diana and the feeling of not wanting camilla to become the queen, which i don't believe that she can actually. >> but the queen which just
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celebrated her 85th birthday, looking very spry. she comes from long life stock. her mother died at 101. >> prince william could be in his 70's easily if it goes according to how it has happened in the past. if it goes according to tradition. it's interesting that charles and camilla came back in the same carriage with the middletons. what would happen if diana would have been alive today in she would have been 59 years old. do you think she would be invited to all parts of this event? >> i don't think there would be any way they could not have invited her. remember when they took away her h.r.h. her royal highness, william said don't worry mummy, when i am king, i will
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give you have been watching the royal wedding live. our morning news starts now. from commoner to princess. they are now married. the royal wedding watched around the world this morning. >> we just watched the exchanging of vows. prince william and kathryn middleton. now the royal party right here in the bay area. >> the local victim among the nine people killed. it's all ahead on the morning news. well good morning, i'm claudine wong. pam cook is off today.
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we want to start you off with a welcome at your weather and traffic. it felt a bit chilly. when is that warmup? >> it will be this weekend. no doubt about it even though skies are clear, there is a pretty good little breeze out there. it's cool. i saw a 36 out at fairfield. a lot of low to mid 40s. we have 50s, 60s, and a couple low 70s today. we will have warmer weather into the weekend. here is sal. we are-off to a good start here on interstate 880. it's looking good out to the mccarthur maze. and on interstatal 80 where -- and or interstate 880. and we start thousands morning with the continuing coverage of the royal wedding. we will take you out live. you can see the crowd out there watching all of it happen. we brought it to you live right here on ktvu. the two are just arriving at birmingham palace behind them
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were members of the royal family we just saw walk in in an hour we are expecting william and his wife kate and the rest of the royal family to appear on the balcony to greet the huge crowd. they are expected to have their first kiss as well. that is expected to take place at 5:25 our time. >> the wedding started just after 3:00 a.m. our time. here you can see william and kate being seen for the first time. kate made the walk down the aisle with her father. this marked the beginning of the ceremony. the royal couple exchanged their vows a short time later. >> for as much as william and kathryn have consented together in holy wedlock and witnessed the same before god and the country and have declared the same by giving and receiving of
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a ring and by joining of hands i pronounce they be man and wife together in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the holy ghost amen. >> william and kate did not kiss following the announcement from the archbishop. that is going to take place on the balcony at birmingham palace. the couple are known as the duke and duchess of cambridge. back at home we had plenty of royal watchers up very early. ktvu channel 2 reporter gynogen is live at a viewing party. we are so glad to experience royalty. >> reporter: good morning, we are live. we just finished watching the exchanging of vows. thousand avenue thousands of have gathered to watch. >> i william phillip arthur. >> reporter: those who wanted
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to gather to watch the royal wedding wanted to share this day. that's why many of them decided to come down to the local british pub. one british woman i spoke to said her mother is in england and continued to update her instructing her to watch at certain times. a traditional breakfast is served here. many here have traditional happen hats on. the proper head attire. the wedding began at 3:00 a.m. our time. and now the brides carriage will head to birmingham palace. it's expected the queen william and kate together with their family will appear on the balcony and wave. joining us is susan from san jose. thank you so much. you have a traditional mat hat on this morning. can you tell me what this wedding means for the british monarchy.
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>> i can't say too much for the monarchy it just means for the next generation i think the fact that william and kate met at university and were friends first it just means that the next generation of the royal family should much more the rest of us commoners can identify with. >> and when you were talking about identify earlier. you said there is a lot of love that you see. a lot more of a relationship between the two. that is what has really attracted so many people. >> yeah absolutely. even today you watched it. there is a lot of pomp and circumstance. they have to be very proper and can't show a lot of affection. the fact they were holding hands occasionally and looking over at each other and talking on the carriage ride back and things like that you can just tell they were very happy and taking it all in. and enjoying each other. and enjoying the day they were celebrating. >> reporter: that is wonderful. susan from san jose joining us this morning. we are live in san jose. this watch party is going on
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for quite a few hours and it's been amazing to see. you can see how many people are here. expect about 100 people here that have made reservations to come out here and watch the royal wedding and as you can see, they are still very, very excited and glued to each of the televisions that are up this morning. reporting live from san jose jade hernandez. time now 4:38. turning other news investigators in san francisco are trying to cause -- trying to determine the cause of an overnight fire. firefighters were on scene in minutes. the flames only caused minor damage. that is due in pot to the pot clubs elaborate sprinkler system. >> the sprinkler system did control it and keep it in one room. >> dozens of people live in lofts above the pot club but no
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was was hurt. >> 55-year-old james mclaughlin had served in iraq before retiring. for the past three years he had been working as a civilian contractor in afghan tan training afghan pilots. >> he thought he could make a difference by encouraging these people to do something by themselves. >> he was hat a meeting when an afghan pilot opened fire killing him and eight u.s. troop. he is survived by his wife of 28 years a daughter and two sons. kidnapping victim jc dugard will have to endure a trial after all. they all spend the rest of their lives in prison. they pleaded guilty to the kidnapping and rape of jc
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dugard. >> i think they really did it fjc. i have think they loved her. i know nancy. she would say i never saw any abuse or anything like that. hollering at the kids they were out in the yard. >> attorneys have been preparing for a jury trial. it was expected to generate international media coverage. jc did release a statement. she says i am relieved that they have renounced their guilty. this morning search teams have continued to look for survivors of the worst tornado outbreak in 40 years. nearly 300 people are confirmed dead with most of the victims found in alabama. meteorologists say the winds were much more severe. with a half hour warning people
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could not get out of the paths of the storms. the worst part is not recognizing the place she has called home her entire life. >> it is unreal. it looks like a third world country. our place that has been strategically hit by war. >> this morning president obama will tour some of the most heavily damaged neighborhoods near the university of alabama in tuscaloosa. time now is 4:40 let's head to sal castaneda. >> they are doing something other than driving. good morning, to you right now. traffic is moving well as you head out to the mccarthur maze with no major problems. the morning commute looks good as you are driving on to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's a nice looking drive. this mornings commute also looks good if you are in san jose. this is northbound 280 getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve.
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thank you. good morning. first things first it's a chilly morning. we have a little breeze going. it will be a sunny day as the system digs in toward the sierra nevada. it will also be windy at times. the good news is it will warm up over the weekend. look at napa 35. livermore is down to 41. concord 42. fairfield was 36. now they are 40. that is cold. it's cold any time of the year. our system is now digging off toward the east and as it does the wind will ramp up. high pressure doesn't like low pressure so it fills it with wind. as the low moves east and the high builds in that will allow everything to go up and over. we won't see much of it today. we will on saturday. we will take that into sunday and monday. sunny and windy today. it's brisk. there is a bite to the morning air. highs will be in the 50s, 60s or very low 70s.
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i mean if they didn't have that north wind they would be much colder. lots of sunshine. >> time now 4:42. scammers taking advantage of a tragic situation. the phony charities they are setting up. but first another moment from the royal wedding. here is video of prince william arriving at west minister abbye. he arrived in a stretch limb moe.
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welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. here's another live picture from london where the crowds are still packing the streets there. the weather cooperated for most part. the forecasted high today in london is 66-degrees with partly cloudy skies. scattered showers were also forecasted but we have yet to see that rain. huge crowds as you saw turned out in the london streets to catch a glimpse of the bride and groom. we are learning officers arrested three people for a conspiracy related to the wedding. two men and a woman were taken into custody last night in south london. they are not saying specificically why they
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arrested those people. right foul the shuttle -- right now the shuttle is sitting on the launch pad. in eight hours it is scheduled to carry mark kelly and his crew into space. mark kelly's wife is at the launch but will be in a private area. you can see an expanded coverage and our coverage begins at noon. richmond police are searching for a man that is attempting to kidnap a 12-year- old girl. he is latino in his 30s with spiked brown hair and a bald spot. the man pointed a gun at her when she was walking to school but she managed to get away. this is the picture of a man's vehicle. it's a small light blue pickup truck with a light blue panel. a 15-year-old oakland girl is back home this morning and her
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suspected kidnapper is behind bars. the chp issued an amber alert last night when they received information that a girl had been kidnapped from her home. the suspected kidnapper contacted authorities an hour later. officers found the teenager who was physically unharmed. investigators say they will release more information later today. san bruno city officials are urging state officials to reject pg&e's effects. they sent a letter to the california public utilities commission saying that pg&e's assumptions are partly to blame. they want to avoid more high pressure water testing partly because of costs. it asked the regulators to make the safety assumptions. today the atlanta braves are expected to announce their decision involving the fate of roger mcdowel. the pitching coach used antigay
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slurs during an argument. threatened him when he asked him to watch his language around his children. mcdowel has apologized. the family of injured giants fan bryan stow is -- stow was attacked outside of dodgers stadium in march. the stow family says there is only one sanked website. but they are seeing fake ones popping up. >> it's located in australia. we don't have any contact information. they never contacted me or anyone in our family. >> for the second time doctors are trying to bring stow out of a medically induced coma. stow's seizure prevented them from doing that. it could take a couple more days to see if there is any
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change in their contribution. the actor is performing night at san francisco's knob hill and will donate all merchandise to the bryan stow fund. $150,000 reward is being the arrest of stow's attack evers. she was attacked by a mob while covering protests overseas. now reporter laura logan is speaking out about that ordeal for the first time. but first we want to show you another look for the royal wedding. these celebrities were invited. soccer star david beckham. here is a photo of the celebrities. and you can see singer elton john and his partner.
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well welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news. prince william and kate middleton are officially married. the couple are at birmingham palace as other members of the royal family continue to arrive. now we are waiting for the couple and the queen and the royal family to appear on the balcony at birmingham palace. that is expected to take place in 35 minutes about 5:25 this morning. that is kate middleton as she arrived at west minister abbey at 3:00 this morning after leaving the hotel with her father. certainly a lot of anticipation over her wedding dress which was long sleeve with lots of race. the two made the short commute in a rolls royce. for the first time foreign correspondent laura logan is sharing her story about being
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attacked. thousands had gathered to sell late bathe the resignation of hosni move baric. in an interview logan says she thought she was going to die but despite the brutal aattacks she says she is going to continue to cover conflicts. surveillance cameras captured the train rear ending another train inside the west portal tunnel. the driver put the train in manual mode which is against protocol. he then blacked out from a medical condition. the accident will cost muni $6 million once it's paid. all right time 4:54 let's go out to sal castaneda. >> i will see what i can do for you. so far so good. first of all let's go to the
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bay bridge toll plaza which is definitely friday light. westbound coming up to the pay gates. this morning we have a crash in antioch. westbound highway 4 at port chicago highway. no injuries but it's there. it could be causing a slow down. i also want to tell you about a demolition project that may disrupt project in the south of market area. at 9:00 tonight crews will begin taking down a transbay bus terminal ramp. if you have been down to that area you can see most of it is going. this will close down harrison street from 1st to second. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. it's cold out there this morning. we have 30s believe it or not. it will be subny today. as we get into the weekend it looks really nice. it will be very cold on saturday morning. and then after that sunshine and warmer weather. next week looking warm as well especially as we head into monday and tuesday. you can almost see the offshore
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breeze taking place. there lies the sign of a northerly wind. not before now. napa is down to 34 degrees. livermore at 39. santa rosa at 39. only because of the breeze. concord is 42. our system is digging in east of us but that is going to really ramp up the wind already gusts to 40 at the point rays lighthouse. i think you will see sunshine today but a very windy pattern. and the good news though is once we get past today we will see temperatures warming up. not so much today friday but no doubt about it today on saturday. it's a brisk one out there with the northerly breeze. it will be sunny today and windy at times. 50s 60s and a few low 70s. we will go 70 in antioch. sunshine and warmer weather into the weekend and early next week. claudine. the barty is -- the party is just getting started after the wedding of the century. in 15 minutes we will go live to london for reaction.
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moving closer to recovery. the big step being taken by the city of san pablo to provide relief by homeowners effected by landslides.
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i pronounce they be man and wife together in the name of the father, son, and holy
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ghost. >> they are now man and wife. prince william and kate middleton begin a new life together as a royal couple. the royal wedding may have been across the pond but that doesn't mean there is not any interest here in the bay area. we're live at a royal watch party. >> the city of san pablo has a plan to fix a sliding home. well good morning, to you. welcome to friday it is april 29th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong in for pam cook this morning. let's check your weather and traffic. >> good morning. happy friday everybody. skies are clear but oh baby is it cold outside. we have temperatures in the 30s for a few. it will be sunny that is the good news but not very warm. there will be a couple of those 70s but a lot of mid


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