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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 3, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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san francisco could cost you more especially if you're parking illegally in one of these spots. it's all ahead on the ktvu morning news. well, good morning to you. welcome to tuesday. it's may 3rd. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook. let's start with weather and traffic. steve paulson is here. how's the weather, steve? pam, dave, good morning. we have patchy fog on the coast. not too much is making a push inland. just a little bit around the bay and temperatures will start to warm up now. low 80s inland. we'll see this westerly breeze turn more northerly later on and the fog will get wiped out. 60s, upper 60s to low 70s around the bay and upper 70s and low 80s inland. here's sal. good morning. westbound interstate 80 traffic is moving along pretty well. but there is a crash little bit farther up west 80 at solano avenue. it's also causing a little slow down eastbound 80. this is in the san pablo richmond area. commute looks good at the bay
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bridge toll plaza. it's 5:00. let's go back to the desk. we're learning more details this morning about the raid on that compound in pakistan where osama bin laden was killed. it was one of bin laden's personal couriers who unknowingly led the c.i.a. to bin laden's hiding place. u.s. officials say president obama made the decision to launch a surgical attack on the compound with helicopters rather than a massive bombing raid. president obama and his advisers were able to watch the whole 40 minute mission in realtime. they watched c.i.a. director on a video screen narrating from agency headquarters in virginia what was happening far away in pakistan. these photos from the white house situation room they're waiting to hear a single word, geronimo, the code that bin laden was either captured or dead. >> the minutes passed like days. the president was very
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concerned about the security of our personnel. >> navy seals found bin laden in this bedroom and shot him once in the head and once in the chest. new amateur video shows bin laden's terrorist compound after the raid. you can see the wreckage of the u.s. helicopter lost during the operation. despite that loss, u.s. officials say navy seals were able to seize valuable information inside that compound. the c.i.a. is now busy analyzes hard drives, dvds and other documents. the agency hopes to find clues leading to bin laden's right hand man. time now 5:02. the white house is saying it's weighing the pros and cons of releasing photographs of osama bin laden's body. reportedly bin laden was shot right above the left eye. so any photographs could be gruesome. there are also worries that releasing the photographs could insight bin laden's followers.
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however some skeptics are questioning whether bin laden was really killed. they say the burial at sea is adding to their doubt since there's no way to verify that claim. we're also hearing this morning that al qaeda has hidden a nuclear bomb somewhere in europe that they claimed they would set off if osama bin laden were ever captured or killed. reportedly that's what the master mind of the september 11th attacks told his interrogators at guantanamo bay. this is according to documents released by wikileaks. however officials say many of humid's statements have proven to be unfounded. news of bin laden's death generated reaction from coast to coast including here in the bay area. the sound of drivers sounding their support while going under the highway 24 overpass in lafayette yesterday. flags now fly that read never forget 9/11. about a dozen people gathered on the overpass.
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among them a retired new york city firefighter who was at ground zero. >> this morning i got up for the first time and i said to myself today i can start living again. because it's finally happened. we've caught him. >> even though bin laden is dead, the government warns the threat of terrorism still exists. now the discovery that osama bin laden had been living in a mansion in pakistan has made some people question the pakistan government's commitment to fight against terrorism. at 5:15 we'll have a live report from washington d.c. with what they're saying on capitol hill about u.s. and pakistan relations. we have much more coverage on the death of osama bin laden on our website there's a special section that includes illustrations of bin laden's compound as well as more reaction from the families of 9/11 victims. just look for the osama bin laden tab right on our home page. time is now 5:04.
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pg&e may start pipeline pressure testing this week in two bay area communities. mountain view is one of those communities. ktvu's jade hernandez is live with what the utility company is doing today before it starts testing pipelines. jade. >> reporter: that's right. gas line 132a joins a major line right here at middlefield road and shoreline boulevard. pg&e's testing that smaller feeder line gas line 132a later today. now if gas line 132 sounds familiar, it should. it's the same line that goes up the peninsula and exploded in san bruno. a few weeks ago ktvu attended along with concerned residents a meeting pg&e held at middle school. pg&e alerted neighbors they would be testing the pipeline. today is the scheduled day to begin venting the pipeline. where afterwards the utility will fill the pipeline with water under high pressure to see if it's safe. you're looking at video provided by pg&e of high pressure water testing.
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residents from shoreline golf links to the middle school will be effected. pg&e says they still aren't sure who will be the one paying for the testing which is expected to cost as much as half a million dollars. pg&e indicated that the gas inside 132a will be quickly released into the atmosphere and should dissipate without harm to the environment. mountain view and antioch are the first cities to have their gas lines pressure tested in a round of testing following the san bruno disaster. 150 miles of pipeline in the bay area will be tested. those with concerns of gas odor should call pg&e at the number on your screen. we don't have that number on the screen for you, but that number, again is 1-800-743- 5000. reporting live; jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. there's word of an important closed door meeting at oakland city hall today. the chronicle reports the city council will discuss possible legal sanctions against mayor
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jean quan's personal lawyer and advisor. a private attorney with no official ties to city hall but critics charge that he's been overstepping his authority in dealing with important issues effecting oakland police department. time now 5:06. testimony resumes today in the chauncey bailey murder trial in oakland. yusuf bey iii and macaque on trial for the shooting death of journalist bailey and two other men in 2007. yesterday liquor store employee took the witness stand. he worked at a store that was vandalized by bey. but he refused to answer questions. 50 times he said i don't remember. the prosecution says he fears for his life. san francisco's transportation agency meets today to discuss several new ways to raise money. ktvu's allie rasmus tells us why drivers may have to pay more to park. allie. >> reporter: well, pam, one of the things drivers could be
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paying more for is the price of one of these stickers. this is a san francisco residential parking permit. and the city transportation agency is meeting to discuss increasing the price of this thing to $100. that's only a few dollars more than what drivers already pay but it would be the first time that that parking permit hits the $100 mark. now this is part of a package of fee increases that mta is going to be considering. they have a meeting about it at 1:00 later this afternoon. the steepest hike for drivers would be for any driver who parks illegally in a disabled driver parking spot. right now the fine for that is $335. but under the package it would go up to $935. other fees on the table would increase the price of parking tickets and other types of parking permits. now if mta approves the package, the money from the fee increases would go towards muni. and mta officials say that's part of the goal. they want more people to get out of their cars in san francisco and rely on public transit. one of the proposed fee
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increases also has cab drivers upset. it would change the fee structure that cab passengers pay when they use a credit card. so some of those cab drivers here in the city have been circulating these fliers. and they're calling for supporters and other cab drivers to meet for a protest in front of city hall about half an hour before the mta meeting is set to begin. live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. time now 5:08. let's see what's happening on the roads. hey, sal, is it busy yet? it is getting a little busier. but right now i think you still have a little bit of a window to get out there before it gets super busy. let's go out and take a look at 80. that earlier crash we had at solano avenue has been cleared. which is nice. did a good job. roadway is clear and lanes doing well. also the morning commute looks good if you're on westbound 80 at the bay bridge toll plaza. also this morning's commute looks good if you're on 280 northbound in san jose. we're off to a pretty good start. 5:09, let's go to steve. thank you, sal. little patchy fog.
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once that gives way to a north wind we'll see sunshine and warmer weather. clear, breezy inland. 40s, some lower 40s, mid-40s near 50 around the bay. and then 52 closer to the coast. by noon that fog should be out of here. sunny and breezy turning more northwesterly as we see 60s by the coast, upper 60s around the bay and some low 70s inland. and by 4:00 we'll have 60s by the coast, mid-70s around the bay and upper 70s and low 80s inland. should be sunny for all as that fog gets chewed up by a northerly breeze. you can start to see it right there starting to head down the coast. there's still some patchy fog though. 43 santa rosa. 44 napa. and upper 40s fairfield, livermore and also san francisco. low 50s elsewhere. the sea breeze starting to slacken up slightly. it's down for oakland in the last hour. also down for fairfield. but still a westerly breeze or a component of that. fairfield, oakland, san francisco, sfo and also napa. so we haven't had them turn northwest yet but it will. you can see the high building in. that will be your tomorrow and that looks to be a good warm
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up. today we'll start to turn that and we'll see sunshine for everybody later on. fog, sun, clearing warmer upper 80s to near 90 and thursday warm again as the wind turns north and northeast. 42 to 52 on the lows. fog, clear, breezy. that's a westerly breeze. 58 to 72 by noon. sunny, breezy but then turning more northerly and then sunny, 62 to 84 degrees. again, summer pattern now. 60s closer to some of the coastal locations. and then upper 6 0z mid-70s around the bay. and then low 80s inland. we'll continue that as well for parts of half-moon bay, santa cruz and over to san jose, livermore, pleasanton, morgan hill to gill roy low to mid-8 0z. very warm for wednesday into thursday and then a little cooler friday. much cooler saturday and then clouds roll in for a big cool down on sunday. all right. thank you, steve. fire on coo that leona island. can firefighters put it out? why this is a wake up call for us here in the bay area. also the giants fan brutally beaten outside dodgers
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stadium may finally be leaving los angeles. good morning. if you're driving across bay area bridges so far so good. but we'll keep an eye on those and have another update for you straight ahead.
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good morning to you. welcome back. time is now 5:14. top government officials in pakistan are insisting today they knew nothing about osama bin laden's secret compound. but as ktvu's allison burns reports from our washington
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d.c. newsroom, many on capitol hill are extremely skeptical. allison. >> reporter: here at the capitol some members of congress are demanding an immediate review of the billions of dollars in aid that the united states provides to pakistan. few here seem to believe that this pakistan security forces did not know about this huge compound that was sheltering osama bin laden in a military town. pakistan's president has written an ad in the washington post emphasizing his stand against terrorism. but on capitol hill congressional leaders want more answers. >> i hope that he will follow through, the president of pakistan, will follow through and ask some very tough questions of his own military and his own intelligence. they have a lot of explaning to do. >> reporter: a closer look at how much of your tax money goes to pakistan and why during my next update in about an hour. for now live in washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. in southern california firefighters worked through the
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night to control a brush fire on catalina island. that fire started yesterday afternoon near the catalina yacht club. it's burned about 40 acres so far. but no word on when firefighters expect to have that fire fully contained. no one was hurt, but the fire -- and the fire has not damaged any buildings. but several fires broke out across southern california yesterday as temperatures hit the 90s. governor jerry brown has declared this week wild fire awareness week. cal fire is urging homeowners to prepare for wild fire season. brush and grass will dry out as temperatures warm up and that will create potentially hazardous fire conditions. cal fire says homeowners should remember to clear 100 feet of defensible space around their homes and have an evacuation plan. time now 5:16. well, san francisco's new police chief is making big changes less than a week after becoming the top cop. chief gregg secure says three
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assistant chiefs are now deputy chiefs. that means a $35,000 pay cut for all three. this is the latest cost saving move by the chief. shortly after his appointment the new chief refused to accept a $20,000 cost of living increase. more signs of progress for bryan stow. doctors say the injured giants fan may be moved soon out of a los angeles hospital to a hospital closer to his home in santa cruz. stow is still in a coma. more than a month after being brutally beaten outside of dodgers stadium, but he's listed as stable. and he's snoring now. doctors say that's a good sign. uc berkeley's men gymnastics program is saved. $2.6million has been raised. that's short of the $4 million goal but the school says it will make up the difference by reducing operating costs and offering fewer scholarships. men's gymnastics was one of several sports that the school planned to eliminate because of a shrinking budget. time now 5:17.
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sal says relatively quiet right now but you're watching the bridges anyway. that's right. we're watching the golden gate bridge and some of the others. well, we're watching all of them really right now on the golden gate traffic looks good heading south to the toll plaza. traffic moving along very nicely. no major problems. also the morning commute looks good if you're in the east bay on highway 4. we still don't have a lot of slow traffic to report here which is nice coming up toward concord. and the morning drive on the san mateo bridge looks good all the way over to highway 101. at 5:18 here's steve. sal, thank you, sir. we have some patchy fog still out there. out there being on the coast. mainly marin coast, western san francisco, little bit around the bay and san mateo. it will go north to south. sunny and breezy. mild to warm today as the fog will get chewed up. tomorrow warm for everybody. even the coast will warm up as we get more of a northerly breeze northeast carry that right into thursday. some upper 80s. well inland. vacaville, stockton maybe gill
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roy possibility maybe upper 80s to 90s. that would be on thursday. today we have to do a little bit of fog which is still kind of holding on along with a westerly breeze. everything will start to go north to south. we are waiting for that northwest wind to kick in. right now it's west. so a lot of 40s or upper 40s or low 50s. oakland 50, san francisco 49. so is livermore. mountain view and san jose bookends at 51. still a breeze out of the west- southwest. haven't lost that yet. west 17 at sfo. west at napa, west at oakland. southwest fairfield. calm santa rosa. little northwest at livermore and calm san jose. but other than that high pressure's on its way. you can see the ridge of high pressure which is building offshore. that will start to move in later on. sunny, breezy, patchy morning fog. it will still be warm inland. 60s, 70s and 80s though today. some low 60s closer to the coast or in that fog. we should see the city warm up as that fog gets chewed up. upper 6 0z, 70s around the bay and upper 70s and low 80s
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inland. more of the same pleasanton, livermore, still some 60s and 70s on the coast for another day. then tomorrow looks warm to very warm. upper 80s continue into thursday. little cooler friday as the fog returns. then it really comes pouring back in saturday. a lot of clouds and possibility especially in the north bay of maybe some light rain on sunday. another hack attack at so, ny. personal information was taken from nearly 25 million users on sony's online entertainment network. sony says financial records from an old data base are part of the information stolen. the records are all from people who live outside the u.s. sony already said it's increasing security and moving its play station network to another server after personal information was stolen last month. all right. let's check in on wall street. here's where we start the day. pretty quiet if you look at the numbers. there was quite a lot of activity yesterday as investors around the world sifted through
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what might happen since osama bin laden has been killed. world stocks down this morning as traders now focus on interest rates. so we'll keep an eye on those numbers and also car sales -- u.s. car sales for april come in this morning. that could certainly effect the markets as well. google says it will cooperate with police who raided the offices of google korea earlier today. south korean police were looking for evidence showing the company collected private information on the location of smart phone users without permission. google has already been accused of collecting personal information from unsecured wi- fi networks while taking photos for its mapping service. time is now 5:21. boy, dramatic scene caught by a camera. look at this. damage a tornado left behind as it tore through parts of new zealand. plus a brand new look. the reason one man says he's finally cut off his beard after more than ten years. good morning.
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traffic is moving well on interstate 880 right here in front of the coliseum. we'll tell you more about the morning commute and the bay weather.
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good morning. patchy fog on the coast. that should get chewed up here by about noon. and then s westerly breeze but 60s coast and bay. then upper 70s. a few low 80s inland. all right, steve.
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time now 5:24. look at this tornado. this roared through new zealand and killed at least one person. you can actually see it touching down. cars and debris just flying through the air. at least 20 injuries have been reported so far. tornadoes are not uncommon in new zealand but they're usually smaller than the ones we've seen in the united states. well, the death of osama bin laden made history for a san francisco tech company. twitter says it recorded its highest volume of tweets ever after the announcement of osama bin laden's death sunday night. even during president obama's late night speech, users were sending more than 5,000 tweets per second. that's more tweets than the royal wedding and even the super bowl. well, a washington state man has shaved his beard for the first time since the september 11 terrorist attacks. this is a before and after picture of gary. you can see him holding what used to be his beard there on the right.
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now almost ten years ago he vowed not to shave until bin laden was captured or proven dead. he figured it would just be a month or two. >> had not anticipated ten years. i should have given up watermelon. >> he went 3,454 days without shaving. he's a teacher and says at the start of every school year he'd have to explain the long beard to his students. he says after learning about bin laden's death he could not get that beard off fast enough. time is now 5:26. san francisco is a two time winner in a new rating of vacation destinations san francisco earned the top honors for the best summer vacation and the best u.s. vacation until the first ranking by u.s. news and world reports. san francisco also ranked fourth for the world's best places to visit. and number 8 on the list of best families summer vacations spots. the rating compared nearly 100 cities around the world for
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their weather, attractions, costs and also accessibility from the perspective of travelers and travel agents. time now 5:26. it is a first for pg&e. it involves the utility's controversial smart meters and hundreds of customers all across california. >> reporter: one city's police department is reeling from proposed cuts in the department and in their pay. also the breakthrough that led the c.i.a. to osama bin laden's secret compound in pakistan. good morning. right now traffic on interstate 280 looks pretty good as you drive up to highway 17. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. tuesday may 3rd. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook. time now just about 5:30. let's check in with steve paulson for a look at the weather. thank you, pam and dave. we do have a little bit of fog on the coast. it's not widespread. looks like it's going to go from north to south and get chewed up. temperatures sunny and breezy. still a west wind. we're waiting for the northerly breeze to kick in and it should later on. 60s coast side to upper 60s low 70s around the bay and upper 70s and low 80s inland. now here's sal. steve, right now on interstate 80 the traffic looks good. we have completely recovered from an earlier crash on the east shore near solano near that exit. that's gone now. also this morning we're looking at traffic that's moving well at the toll plaza. it's 5:30. let's go back to dave and pam.
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well, this morning we're finding out more about how the c.i.a. finally found osama bin laden's hiding place. a u.s. official says one of bin laden's personal couriers unknowingly led c.i.a. agents to the walled compound in pakistan. u.s. navy seals found bin laden in a bedroom and then shot him. reportedly there are photos of bin laden with a kill shot right above his left eye. president obama and his advisers were able to actually watch the whole 40 minute mission in realtime. they watched c.i.a. director on a video screen narrating from c.i.a. headquarters what was happening far away in pakistan. these photos you're seeing now from the white house situation room, they're waiting to hear one word, geronimo. that was the code word that osama bin laden was either captured or killed. >> i want to again recognize the heros who carried out this
5:32 am
incredibly dangerous mission as well as military and counterterrorism professionals who made the mission possible. >> now president obama was given a standing ovation at this dinner for congressional leaders last night. both democrats and republicans gave him the ovation. the president says he hopes the lawmakers can harness their current spirit of unity to confront the many challenges still ahead. now we're getting a better look this morning at osama bin laden easter rest compound. take a look around at this. this is daylight amateur video showing the outside of the area. inside that compound navy seals were able to confiscate hard drives as well as dvds. now the cia is hoping to find out some clues that could lead them to bin laden's right hand man. despite that possible gain the united states did however lose one of its helicopters during that mission. you can see the wreckage out there in this video. well, the world could soon hear from osama bin laden one
5:33 am
last time despite his death. u.s. intelligence believes bin laden made a propaganda tape right before sunday's raid. it's not clear yet if the tape is audio or video. but government leaders say the timing of the tape is coincidental and it is not an indication that the terrorist leader knew about the secret raid. there are fears though that a new bin laden tape could be a call to action for other al qaeda members. bin laden's death is leading president obama to make a trip to ground zero. on thursday the president will visit the site of the deadly terrorist attack to meet with 9/11 families. the visit comes after huge crowds gathered at ground zero on sunday to celebrate bin laden's death. this will be president obama's first visit to the area since his 2008 presidential campaign. now stay with us here on ktvu channel 2 morning news. coming up at 5:45 we're going to go live to ground zero for more on how new york city is responding to bin laden's
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death. we also have more on our website has much more on the death of osama bin laden including a special section with more illustrations of that compound in pakistan. just look for the osama bin laden tab on our home page. time now 5:33. back here at home a man who was wanted in connection with an oakland homicide has been arrested. police officers spotted the man arrest tenth and willow streets about 5:15 last night. you see the officers with their guns drawn. they were able to quartenned off several blocks then they went house to house searching for that man. here you see them have him under arrest. they found him nearly two hours later. police haven't told us which killing they believe he is connected to. two church employees and a volunteer are accused of ohm bestling more than half a million dollars from their own church. the thefts at the church in danville had apparently been going on for years. officer manager is accused of
5:35 am
forging $220,000 in checks. police say she worked with facilities manager and church volunteer to steal an additional $360,000. we talked with parishoners. >> we are not on the radar so much. if you've been here 20 or 30 years given a lot of time to the church, i think people don't think that somebody that close would do something like that. >> police say the three used the money for luxury items including her two story home with a pool in black hawk which is now for sale. all three were arrested yesterday. time now 5:35. now we're getting the final details of a budget being proposed by san jose's city manager to deal with that city's $115 million deficit. ktvu's kraig debro joining us live in san jose with the grim numbers. kraig. >> reporter: dave, i've already gotten some reaction from police officers here. san jose is always near the top of the list of u.s. cities biggest safest u.s. cities, but this morning the proposed cuts
5:36 am
by the city manager is angering the rank and file here. now according to the latest proposal police will be among the unions that will be hardest hit if the mayor and city council accept proposals. the next six weeks will be a flurry of counterproposals. the city manager recommends eleven public employee unions accept a 10% reduction in pay for the foreseeable future. even if that happens the city would still not be able to cover a projected $115 million budget deficit and up to 388 positions could still be eliminated. now here are the proposed cuts. 195 police officers laid off or not replaced, 64 firefighter positions laid off or outsourced. and get this, branch library services cut to just three days a week. i asked the san jose police officer if they'd looked at any of the tactics oakland police officers used last summer. 80 officers there were laid off last july because of budget cuts in oakland. the officer told me that i have always been willing to
5:37 am
negotiate with san jose, but now feel like they are being portrayed as unyielding and officers don't think it's fair. four other unions have already agreed to the 10% pay cut and a fifth is a maybe. going to be trying to get more officer reaction this morning. live in san jose, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. well, pg&e is doing damage control in response to a new problem with the controversial device. the utility says it will replace 1600 smart meters. that's due to a rare defect that causes the meters to run too fast and inflate customers electric bills. the first time pg&e has publicly acknowledged experiencing any kind of technical problems with the smart meters. critics complain they are inaccurate and can even cause health problems. san francisco's transportation agency meets today to discuss several new ways to raise money. ktvu's allie rasmus tells us about a new package of proposed fees effecting drivers. allie. >> reporter: well, it would effect all types of drivers,
5:38 am
pam, including the people who drive taxis here in san francisco. san francisco's municipal transportation agency is considering increasing fees cab drivers pay when passengers use credit cards. so cab drivers here in san francisco say it's going to negatively effect them. they are angry about it and circulating these fliers calling for a protest of the mta meeting around 12:30 today in front of city hall. depending on how many cabbies participate in that protest, if you're looking for a cab around noon today you might have a difficult time. sfmta is considering a package of fee increases. the steepest hike would be for drivers who park illegally in a disabled driver's parking spot. right now the fine is $335. but under the package it would go up nearly triple to $935. other fees on the table would increase the price of parking tickets and other types of parking permits. and if sfmta approves the package the money from all the increases would go to support
5:39 am
muni. mta officials say that's the point. they're overall goal is to get more people out of their cars in san francisco and have them rely more on public transit. another thing drivers here in the city could be paying more for back out here live i want to show you is the cost of this sticker. this is a residential parking permit for san francisco. and at this meeting today sfmta will consider raising the price of that permit to $100. reporting live in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. 5:39 is the time. want to go back over to sal. sal, what are you keeping an eye on right now? well, after that story i'm going to keep an eye on my twitter feed as people start complaining about paying more for parking. >> you know that's coming. >> you can always contact us at or go to my twitter page. let me know how you feel. i think i already know how you feel. look at westbound 80 heading to the macarthur maze. looks pretty good. and to answer the question a little more seriously we don't have a lot going on right now when it comes to the early morning commute. we're in nice and quiet.
5:40 am
hopefully it will stay this way but it's early right now. traffic is moving well to the toll plaza. you can see westbound traffic moves welcoming into san francisco and on the bridge itself. and this morning's commute is going to be okay on interstate 80 westbound as you drive out to the macarthur maze from vallejo and pin ole through richmond not a bad commute. looks nice. little slowing eastbound approaching the toll plaza there but that's rather typical. at 5:40 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. good morning. yesterday was one of those days where we're finding almost a summertime pattern. 50s and 60s by the waters edge. low 80s inland and temperatures today will be very similar. we had the fog yesterday. and it kind of hung around there a little bit. today it will get chewed up by a northerly breeze. this morning patchy morning fog. again, not too much around the bay. clear and breezy although that wind starting to decrease a little chill in the morning air. by noon sunny and breezy turning more northwest. 60s by the coast. upper 60s around the bay and inland low 70s. and then by this afternoon
5:41 am
sunny and breezy but warm inland. some low 80s. there around the bay mid-70s. along the coast 60s. tomorrow though everyone gets in on the warmer weather. today we have to get rid of that fog first. may take a little bit but it will go down the coast. you can see it right there beginning to take shape so to speak. as the northerly breeze moves in the wind is already decreasing. pretty good a couple hours ago. now it's more of a puff than anything else. some low 40s. mid-40s to upper 40s. san raphael at 46. livermore upper 40s. city at 49 degrees. san jose right at 50. same for oakland. now we had a west wind about 17 or 20 miles an hour at sfo now down to 5. west at 5:00 okay land west at 5 fairfield southwest 13 north at 3. it's starting to turn and decrease. then it will turn more northerly. you can see why. the ridge right there. that's what's bidding in now. again we're on the eastern edge of it. it will take another day before it really comes in here. it will start to show itself later today as it takes care of
5:42 am
the fog and temperatures will warm up with a north-northeast wind tomorrow. upper 8 0z again the same on thursday. it's possible somebody could eke out a 90-degree temperature. that would be tomorrow. not today. 42 to 52 fog and breezy. sunny turning more northerly on that wind. 58 to 72 by this afternoon 60s, 70s and some low 80s. it will be sunny. clear lake 80. same for sonoma, napa, fairfield. novato 79. 82 brentwood. san leandro 74. 80 san jose. 84 at gill roy. 79 couper tee no. 78 woodside. 78 pacifica. san bruno 66. just slightly warmer. in the city 68 after yesterday's cool 61. tomorrow looks warm. so does thursday. friday will be still warm inland but cooler by the coast as the fog works its way back and a big cool down into the weekend. all right, steve. time now 5:42. another landslide on highway 1.
5:43 am
which part of the highway that's blocked right now by this mess. and trouble in two san francisco neighborhoods. what could help put an end to a surprising crime wave. good morning. traffic on westbound san mateo bridge traffic looking pretty good as you head out to the high-rise. some areas are getting busier. we'll tell you where.
5:44 am
5:45 am
good morning. some patchy fog on the coast and a little bit around the bay. that will get wiped out and then we'll have 60s, upper 6 0z low 70s there and inland upper 70s and a few low 80s. welcome back. good morning to you. quick look at top stories we're following right now at 5:45. starting today pg&e will start
5:46 am
preparing for pipeline testing to prevent another san bruno- type disaster. pg&e will be venting gas in mountain view. the venting has to be done first before pg&e can start water pressure tests. those tests should alert pg&e to any problems in the pipelines. cal osha investigators will be at the granite rock asphalt plant in redwood city today. they're investigating an explosion and fire. a tank filled with liquid asphalt exploded. that led to a shelter in place order. luckily no injuries were reported. and the san francisco chronicle reports the oakland city council will discuss possible legal sanctions against mayor quan's personal lawyer and adviser. critics are claiming he's been overstepping his authority in dealing with some very important issues effecting the oakland police department. new details are merging this morning about the military operation on the compound in pakistan where osama bin laden
5:47 am
was killed. sandra endo is live at new york city's ground zero with the bittersweet reaction of family members of september 11 victims. good morning, sandra. >> reporter: well, good morning, pam. i can show you the scene and a very bustling lower manhattan where people are getting to work, walking past the world trade center site where there are fresh flowers along that bench there. pictures, candles, also the backdrop is the construction site where the freedom tower comes up. there will be a memorial built for all the lives lost on 9/11. and of course we know that u.s. intelligence officials are now combing through a cachet of information they retrieved from the raid at the pakistan compound where osama bin laden was killed. but here in new york and across the country they are still savers this moment of
5:48 am
redemption.. >> reporter: ground zero, shanksville, pennsylvania, and the pentagon. once where so many went to grieve now many are flocking to rejoice and reflect. >> it's good to see an evil person receive justice, but it's very bitter to realize that so many good people met a brutal and needless death. >> reporter: this is amateur video of the pakistani compound where osama bin laden was killed. newly released images of the white house situation room show president obama and top officials waiting to hear a single world, geronimo. code that the world's most notorious and most wanted terrorist was either captured or dead. >> the minutes passed like days. and the president was very concerned about the security of our personnel. >> reporter: the military team took out not only bin laden, they also took computer equipment in the raid. u.s. intelligence personnel are now analyzing the material to
5:49 am
learn more about bin laden's network. monday night president obama received a standing ovation at a dinner attended by the congressional leadership. >> we are reminded again that there's a pride in what this nation stands for. >> reporter: now the rebuilding of this site is still underway. president obama will get to see the progress firsthand when he comes here to visit with 9/11 victims families on thursday. live at ground zero, pam, back to you. san francisco police report a growing crime wave in a surprising place, the city's marina and dow hollow neighborhoods. there's been a series of armed robberies and breakins during the past month. many of those crimes have taken place during broad daylight. police are now taking a close look at surveillance tape from several stores but so far there have been no arrests. your time now 5:49. well, part of highway 1 and the
5:50 am
big secure area will be closed for another month. the crews are trying to clear a big landslide. now the slide is at alder creek about 38 miles south of big sur. it's one of several lands slides blocked parts of highway 1 this year. a contractor will be out there. they'll start removing debris next week. 5:49 is the time right now. back over to sal to check in on traffic. sal. all right. actually, right now we're doing okay. we're starting off the morning with not a lot of crashes or stalled vehicles to report. let me show you some pictures we have for you if you're driving to let's say approaching the bay bridge toll plaza should be pretty good. this is a look at 80 approaching the macarthur maze. looks nice. no major problems there. the traffic is moving along pretty well. also the morning drive is going to be okay if you are driving to the bay bridge or coming from san francisco to the lower deck. and this morning's commute on the east shore freeway looks good driving westbound. eastbound a little bit of slow traffic although that's
5:51 am
recovered on the way up to the bridge. now at 5:50 let's go to steve. all right, sal. thank you. very good morning. yesterday 60s to 80s. today about the same. tomorrow though everybody gets in on the warmer weather. we still have a little bit of fog out there. not a lot. there's some. patchy morning fog and breezy. winds turning more northwesterly. tomorrow a north breeze or knot- northeast. upper 8 0z possibilities of our first 90s of the season inland would be tomorrow into thursday. but the weekend much, much cooler. clouds and maybe one of our forecast models is very bullish on rain. the others are like we'll get cooler and clouds but not the rain. spice to say it's going to be warm and then cool over the next three to five days. warm is on the way. it's in the old pipeline. and you can see how clouds are going down the coast. watch in the last few frames you get a good idea right there of that northerly breeze and a little northeast as low clouds off eureka and crescent city getting sent well off into the
5:52 am
pacific. any fog not going to last too long. 40s low again. low to mid. santa rosa, napa, san raphael at 46. upper 40s and low 50s. 52 at hayward. the westerly breeze, southwesterly was really showing itself kicking up its heels not too long ago. it's starting to decrease and northwesterly pretty soon as the ridge of high pressure getting ready to move over. it's transitory. it's offshore now. it will be over us tomorrow take us into thursday and then a rather strong system will dig down from the gulf of alaska for the weekend. but i'm getting ahead of myself. today fog then sun. clearing out of that fog and warmer. tomorrow's the big warm up. we'll carry that right into thursday as that wind goes northeasterly. temperature trend will go from 40s and 50s to 50s and 60s by 9:00. by noon couple of those upper 70s low 80s start to get closer. by this afternoon we'll start to see 80s inland. 60s near the city and on the coast. and then 70s around the bay. patchy fog. it will still be warm inland. highs today go anywhere from the 60s to the low 80s.
5:53 am
napa in there, fairfield, clear lake but 68 alameda. castro valley 76. same for fremont. 84 gill roy and 74 san mateo to 62 pacifica. half-moon bay 66. warmer wednesday, thursday. patchy fog friday. here comes your cool down for the weekend especially on sunday. all right sounds good. thank you, steve. for the first time in nearly three years all three detroit car makers are making money. chrysler earned $116 million in the first quarter. that's after emerging from bankruptcy almost two years ago. today we're going to see if that trend continues as a major automakers report monthly sales for april. jp morgan chase says it's done testing higher atm fees for people who aren't its customers. the bank tested $4 and $5 fees in texas and illinois. it seems that test was a failure. atm usage by people who are not chase customers dropped. chase now says it will go back to the $3 fees in those states and won't test higher fees in
5:54 am
others. time now 5:53. trying to prevent a disaster with an explosion. the drastic steps taken to keep the mississippi river from overflowing and flooding the river towns before it's too late. for sale soon. the story of the elite soldiers who killed osama bin laden.
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
look at that. that quick blast that's the sounds of the army core engineers blowing up a part of mississippi levee in missouri. they're trying to protect a nearby town from rising flood waters. that blast will divert up to four feet of water away from the river. now critics were fighting the plan because that levee blast will completely flood prime farmland. publishers are hoping osama bin laden's death will translate into big sales at bookstores and online. random house says it's working quickly to release a collection of essays on the terrorist leader. the free press is working on an electronic version of a book focused on the conflict between the u.s. and al qaeda. and st. martin's press says it's rushing a book about the navy seal unit that killed osama bin laden. all right. our time is now 5:57. there are new details coming out this morning about how osama bin laden was killed.
5:58 am
how president obama his advisors actually saw the secret operation and what the president may do now to prove to the world bin laden really is dead. plus testing pg&e pipelines. the plan for today, where it will happen and how people will be effected. good morning. there's some fog out there. will it stick around and keep us cool? or will it get wiped out and warm up? we'll have the answer in two minutes.
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