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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 3, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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resist. a navy seal did shoot one of osama bin laden's wives when he charged them. this new visit corrode shot inside the compound shows the kitchen stripped bare and debris strewn about outside. navy seals say they found 23 children and nine women inside that compound. they used plastic zip ties to detain them. the women and children were then turnedded over to pakistani authorities. and late this afternoon, cia director leon pineta says that he believes a picture of osama bin laden's dead body will be released. the white house received three sets of photographs from the raid. they include a picture of osama bin laden's head with a big gash between his eyes. there's also pictures of his burial at sea. some people are questioning if osama bin laden is really
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dead or if it's a huge white house hoax. experts say conspiracy theories are like gossip. but there are some people who say they are not conspiracy theorists but also don't believe osama bin laden is dead. >> if they blew up his building any way why would he have bullet holes in his head. it makes no sense to me really. >> people with less education are more conspiracy theorists because they've learned more about how the details work. >> reporter: goldman school of public privacy says that people who don't believe the government look for holes in the theory and fill in the holes. pg & e today here is
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investigating the pipeline area. pipeline number 132a feeds the san bruno line which exploded last year killing eight people. the utility will fill the pipe with water to see if it leaks. 1,600 meters miscalculated meter use after it reheated. pg & e has installed 800 of those meters. pg & e says that it will refund customers. taxi cab drivers circled san francisco city hall today horning blaring over a new fee. the cost these drivers say they just cannot carry. sal castaneda has the story. >> reporter: that noisy protest lasted for more than three hours this afternoon. dozens of taxi cab drivers
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circled city hall, horns blaring. the protest was called to coinside with the nca board meeting. cab drivers say they are upset about new surcharges for drivers. many wonder what all the comotion was about. >> it's disruptive. that's what's effective about it. >> 250, they have never seen such a big protest. >> reporter: inside more cabbies packed the nca board meeting. along with repealing the credit card fees, cab drivers say they don't want new york style taxi tvs running adds on ads on the back of every cab. >> this is not the san francisco solution to go to the weakest, the least paid people and take money from them. >> reporter: brad newsham says he's been driving for 32 years and work conditions could lead to a strike. >> i think it would be good to get a strike not only to get this story out but to get cab
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drivers organized. because we've been a powerless, unorganized group. >> reporter: some cab drivers are hardened by the fact that on may 16, they will hold a hearing to see if car fares will go up. some are still upset and as you heard have been threatening to strike. sal castaneda, ktvu channel two channel 2 news. san francisco also imposed a hefty fine for parking in a disabled parking space of $500. >> there's definitely people parking in disabled parking spaces so we want to make sure that fee goes up and instead of going down. reed says he doesn't want to take anything away from the
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retired workers but needs to in his words stretch out benefit that is people have owned or accrued. san jose city management calls for eliminating 195 police officers, 64 firefighters, eight code enforcement positions and cutting library hours to three days a week. the city council as received an offer by the police department. the city officials tell ktvu there is a special stumbling block. the police want the 10% cut to last only one year. the city wants it to last until further notice. there is no word how long it'll take for the council to make a decision on the matter. planned parenthood supporters held a rally for support on the steps of the state capital today. a counter rally across the street emphasized planned
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parenthood's role in making abortions available. but a spokesperson for the group say that's not all they do. >> 25% of what planned parenthood has to do with stds, family plans. 97% that's profound. planned parenthood officials say their services are much needed right now. and a memorial is being held for a 16-year-old teen who was killed two years ago. >> reporter: today marks a sad anniversary for family of friends of samuel nava. you can see them gathered near where sammy was shot to death one year ago this evening. now these folks hope by being out here perhaps a witness will come forward and help police catch the person responsible
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for killing sammy nava. nikola wears a picture with her brother sammy, she says it helps keep him close. >> reporter: the gunman who apparently got into a verbal exchange with someone else in the car fired while standing on the median strip. investigators are canvassed the area, surveyed the area but still have not come up with clues. >> we know there's witnesses, we know people saw what happened and can provide information that will help us close this case out. but we haven't located those folks just yet. >> reporter: one year later those who loved the popular and athletic hayward senior say they mourn for him still today.
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>> he had so much more charisma than anyone i have ever known. and i wondered what he was going to become with all that charisma. john than mathis has been charged with sex with a minor. police want to know if there are other victims out there. if you are asked to call hayward police. the assembly's safety commission passed legislation that creates a tiered system. offenders would register for 10 years, 20 years or life based on their crime. currently offenders have to register for life. >> i think it should be more effective. people would be more satisfied with the sentencing. and áeut would also be pretty
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cost effective -- and it would also be pretty cost e if he can effective. right now oakland police are searching for a man wanted after a chase ended in an injury accident. a crash happened on 81st avenue. police say they know who the man is and have issued a warrant for his arrest. according to the investigator, we just learned the chase lasted 30 minutes. the chase ended after the suspect crashed into another car with two children. the children were not hurt. a state assembly has -- a judge would have to issue the order when a person is first
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committed to the hospital. it's one of several bills now under consideration in the aftermath of the death of nurse donna gross at napa state hospital. there is word tonight that former napa state hospital patient jess massey will face charges in gross' death. we'll show you how the killing of osama bin laden is already being commemorated in pop culture. also ahead, we take a closer look at the black hawk helicopters used in the raid on osama bin laden's compound. the one thing helicopters have that may have kept those navy seals alive. and it was warmer today. the wednesday are switching around. it is going to be warmer tomorrow, perhaps even hot in your neighborhood. i will show you which areas will be the hottest.
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in august intelligence agents tracked him to the abbottabad complex. senator feinstein told reporters her intelligence committee was first briefed on it in september. she said pineta gave her a heads up during a cryptic phone call but it was not certain
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which operation it was referred to. senator feinstein says that she is considering stripping some aid to pakistan if it is found that they knew about osama bin laden's where abouts it. it was made aware of the raid only after it was over. the pakistani government released a statement today saying such actions could be a threat to international peace and security. the black hawk helicopters used could fly a wide range of missions. this black hawk is at mather airport part of the california army guard. now the ones used by the navy seals in pakistan are souped up versions with all glass cockpits. the one thing shared by both models is their cublar armour. >> this thing can take a beating. the saying is if you land it greasy side down you're going to survive a hard landing and i can attest to that.
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>> reporter: one of the helicopters used during the osama bin laden mission did crash but no one was hurt. and christien kafton is live in redwood city -- >> reporter: we'll show you the websites we're talking about. the company told me just this afternoon that the key for them is their ability to react to pop culture references and get shirts like these in your mailbox all within 24 hours. census origin says the t-shirt have become a thing about the wearing. whether it's what school they went to, what music they listen to or their hobbies. >> it's a good way to express yourself. >> reporter: t-shirts can also express what's going on culturally. pop cultural icons were turned into t-shirts.
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the shirts feature charlie sheen's break down, to help for tsunami victims. >> reporter: and it's the ultimate reflection of what's on the public's mind. >> in some sense we're a barometer for what is happening out there in the world. social barometer if you will. >> reporter: now the company says the osama shirts are without precedence and they break down into different categories. live in redwood city, christien kafton, channel 2 news. and our coverage continues on you will find a slide show of the compound where osama bin
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laden was killed and an animation showing the osama bin laden raid. the san francisco board of supervisors considered a request for a liquor license. among those opposed is supervisor john avalos who has been calling for a ban on drugstores from selling alcohol. the supervisors were also set to take up an ordnance that making illegal dumping in public property a nuisance. the city spends hundreds of thousands of dollars a year cleaning up debris left on properties. the cupertino based giant says that processes will make the new line of imax30% faster.
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they will sell for just shy of $1,200. stocks dropped today. the dow gained less than a point, the nasdaq was down 20 points. >> and when it comes to the weather forecast and what to expect tomorrow, let's go to chief meteorologist bill martin. >> the temperatures will get warmer for your tomorrow. tomorrow as you move about, the hottest day of the week most likely. thursday will be slightly cooler. last time at this time the golden gate bridge has gusts at 20 miles per hour. right now they're gusting 17. they're going to be clocking into the north-northeast 12 hours from now. that's going to be the change,
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the mechanism that warms up up. the temperatures are going to go mid-80s for most of us. everyone at the coast you're going to find mid-70s and even upper 70s. 57 in concord, 57 in san jose, near 60 when you wake up in many places. the high pressure is firm. it's staying where it's supposed to be. the fog isn't forming and having trouble forming because the winds are going to scour it away offshore. we're looking for a warmer day. upper 80s, low 90s in the warmest spot. again it's relative, this time of year you can call the 80s hot. warm weather right through thursday into friday. and then clouds move in and we start to cool off toward the weekend. so not a major cool down. maybe some sprinkles in the north bay on sunday. we're going to watch that. we do have a cooldown for the weekend. these are forecast highs
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tomorrow. 87 in santa rosa. 87 in napa. the santa clara valley, you still have good air quality this time of year we saw strong enough winds even the offshore component. so you're not going to do a lot of ozone levels as we get into later summer. we're headed for a warm up. tomorrow is the warmest day. cooler as we head into thursday, friday, saturday and sunday. got clouds in there on sunday. of course julie that's mother's day. there's some of the models suggest a chance of showers i say no. >> good for you. >> i don't think it's going to happen. >> it's going to cool you down a little bit. you're going to notice that. instead of 80s you're in the 70s for mother's day. >> it's still pretty nice. a committee okayed the deal yesterday which includes housing for an estimated 18,000 people on that manmade island. supporters say it would give san francisco badly needed room to grow. opponents say it could create too much traffic on to bay
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bridge. a vote by the full board is expected on may 17th. san francisco has landed at the top of a new list of tourist destinations. u.s. news and world reports first ever best vacation list ranked the city as the best spot for a domestic trip and the best spot for summer travel. tourism is san francisco's biggest industry bringing in an estimated $8.3 billion last year. okay, it's the biggest prank ever paid to bring college sports to your television. the huge tale for the pac10 and the two networks that are involved. mhouse.
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bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here. well, i am the queen, dear sister.
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the pack 10 college sports conference is expected to announce a $3 billion broadcast deal tomorrow. fox and espn will air pack 10 football and basketball games for the next 12 years. at $215 million a year it is the richest conference deal in history. the pack 10 will actually become the pac-12 on july fourth. and giants in new york, hoping the change in venue will help. >> they've actually scored more
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runs tonight than they did in the entire series against washington this weekend. however they don't lead but they are tied. so it's not all good news. frustrated, throw your helmet. instant karma right there. when's the last time you can score four runs in an inning. mark fontano scoring one. back in front after the mets have tied it. nate shurholtz with a shot that leaves the yard. it was a short lead for the giants. and the mets tie things up, 6-6 in the 7th inning. derrick rose today of the chicago bulls was named the
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most valuable player in the league. why is that history? he's the youngest ever to do so just 22 years old and he kind of unsettles wes onsel. what they used to call the baltimore bullets was previously the youngest one to win the mvp award. for rose 25 points, seven assists a game and the bulls despite the fact they are down 1-9 against atlanta still have a shot of coming outs of the east. that's the sporting life for right now. we have a's highlights tonight. and the giants again tied at six in the seventh. just get a win. >> they've had a tough tide in the last few weeks. >> they're not scoring many runs at all. they had four in four games against the washington nationals that's not going to win you many games. forget talking about defending world champs, how about a
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victory or so. >> still early. >> that's it. very early. coming up on tv 36, live look outside. where bay area is really expected to heat up as soon as tomorrow. as fire season getting closer, firefighters are laying out their concerns. that includes how the recent rainy season and budget cuts could impact their effort. the story coming up in 30 minutes on tv 36. and that is our report for now. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. have a great night. >> good night.
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