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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  May 4, 2011 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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that's the car involved in a routine traffic stop that turned into a gun battle and man hunt. the dramatic way police made their arrest and authorities are not done with the investigation this morning. the debate over pictures of a dead osama bin laden continues. the top government leader who says they will be released. and the search for some dangerous men accused of attacking an elderly woman in her own home. it's all ahead here on the ktvu
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morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us on this wednesday may 4th. i'm pam cook. let's go to steve paulson for a look at what sounds like a warm forecast. it will be, pamela. no doubt about it. skies are clear right now. the breeze will pick up more so towards the east bay, east bay hills but it all spells warmer weather. right now wind is northwest especially towards fairfield, vacaville and the valley where it's really starting to pick up. 70s, mid-70s and a lot of low and mid and upper 80s as we head inland temperatures warming up today. here's sal. good morning. highway 4 traffic off to a very nice start here. as you can see traffic is moving along very nicely on the way to the willow pass grade. also this morning we're looking at interstate 80 westbound looks good all the way to the macarthur maze. at 4:31 let's go back to pam. opening fire on a veteran east bay police officer. a parolee is now in jail following last night's
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shooting. ktvu's jade hernandez is in pittsburg where investigators are still on the scene. jade. >> reporter: that's right. that's the car that was involved in a routine traffic stop which turned into a gun battle and man hunt with a pittsburg police officer. crime tape is still up this morning and there are several squad cars still out here. this shows you the significance of the shootout yesterday evening. news chopper 2 shows you the scene here last night shortly after 5:30 when a pittsburg police officer noticed a car drive through a stop sign. the officer tried to pull the driver over, and the suspect sped off. the short chase ended behind a wells fargo bank. the driver got out and began shooting at the pittsburg police officer. the officer a 13 year veteran of the police force fired back. that's when the suspect ran. he made it past west boulevard and mad lin street where police lost sight of him. police say the suspect, 27-year- old jones took off toward a fourplex, the home of an acquaintance. >> he was able to climb into
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the attic. he did have a cellular phone he had access to. our canine track did lead us to this location. we were able to make cellular contact. >> reporter: authorities took jones in to custody around 10:30 last night. he suffer add gunshot wound to his leg. no word on if the acquaintance will be charged. with the help of the contra costa sheriff's department, canine units and air support from several agencies they were able to arrest mr. jones. pittsburg police say the officer involved in the initial shootout suffered only minor injuries. amazing when you note eight shots hit his windshield and one bullet rested right by his headrest. what made the difference and kept that officer safe we'll have more on that in just a half hour. reporting live from pittsburg, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. police in oakland are looking for a man responsible for an overnight shooting inside a residential hotel. the gunfire forced the evacuation of the building on
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harrison street. police say the gunman opened fire inside a hallway following a heated argument with the building manager. the bullets came dangerously close to the manager and another man, but no one was hurt. now the gunman then hid inside one of the rooms. police ordered everyone out of the building as they conducted a door to door search. >> the security safety doing that we recovered the firearm in the grass outside. >> we spoke to oakland police just a short timing a and they tell us that that gunman is still on the loose. the white house is providing new details about the attack on osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. it's also correcting some information previously released. a white house spokesman now says osama bin laden was not armed when he was killed. members of a navy seals team burst in on bin laden on an upper floor after a gun battle downstairs. the spokesman says bin laden's wife rushed at the americans
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and was shot in the leg but not killed. the seals then shot and killed bin laden. now debate continues within the obama administration on whether or not to release a photo of osama bin laden's body. cia director says he thinks a photograph eventually will be released. now a fake picture made its way into some overseas newspapers and online before it was determined to be a hoax. the white house is torn between a desire to prove bin laden is dead and the risk of provoking anti-u.s. sentiment. former president george w. bush will not accompany president obama on his visit to ground zero tomorrow. he turned down the invitation saying he appreciates the offer, but wants to avoid the spotlight now that he's out of office. president obama plans to meet with families of 9/11 victims in the wake of the killing of osama bin laden. now some members of congress are calling for a faster pace of withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan
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now that bin laden is dead. more than 100,000 u.s. troops are currently in afghanistan. in a hearing on capitol hill yesterday some senators argue that it's time for american forces to come home. but the white house says the u.s. troop withdrawal will proceed as scheduled beginning in july. here in the bay area at travis air force base increasing its security follow the killing of osama bin laden. the most noticeable change will be at the front gate. guards are doing a more thorough check of people entering the base. they're also increasing random vehicle searches. now some of bin laden's death has triggered concern across the country. coming up at 4:45 the types of calls police say have increased since that killing was announced. this morning san mateo police are looking for three dangerous men posing as construction or utility workers. investigators say they are
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responsible for a violent home invasion right near the hillsdale shopping center monday afternoon. police say they forced their way into an older woman's home, beat her up then ran off with her jewelry. now take a look at this. police have released these sketches of two men who took part in that crime. both are described as willty no. one wearing a yellow hard hat. preliminary results of a special election are in. and it appears that some bay area school districts will get help from property owners. in santa clara county voters approved parcel tax measures for four school districts. two measures in alameda county failed to get the two-thirds of the vote needed, but in contra costa county one of two parcel tax proposals passed. san mateo county voters approved two of three measures. now san mateo union high school board member dave pine beat out five other candidates to win a seat on the county
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board of supervisors. he received 27% of the vote. it's the first time voters in san mateo county filled the board of supervisor's position through an all mail-in election. and san mateo county estimates it saved nearly half a million dollars on the vote by mail-in election. no need to set up polling stations or hire thousands of poll workers. ballots mailed out last month to registered voters. and voter turnout in san mateo county was 24%. right now it's 4:38. go back to sal to check in on traffic. good morning, sal. good morning, pam. we're doing pretty well by the way. so far we don't have a lot going on. which is just the way we like it on this early wednesday morning. interstate 80 looks good driving out to the maze. and the weather is clear. i think steve's going to be a superstar today when you hear the forecast. let's go out and take a look at the westbound bay bridge. that traffic is moving along nicely into san francisco. and in the south bay northbound 280 traffic looks good getting
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up to highway 17. steve. you mentioned my name, sal. >> yeah. i think people are going to like today's forecast. >> you know, sal, it's been my experience sometimes people don't like anything over 75. but there are others, yes, who will love today's forecast. that means sunny and warmer. not you know -- i mean it's not going to be like bakersfield hot or anything. but it will be warmer today. temperatures with a north wind i was looking mt. diablo strongest gusts out of the north at 58 miles per hour. up around 3,000 feet a little breezy in some of the hills, probably east bay, east bay hills taking it. and also out towards fairfield and vacaville look at that. 49 napa. 49 san raphael. santa rosa 45. but with a north wind fairfield is a balmy 68 degrees. 56 san jose and mountain view. then low 50s to mid-50s. so temperatures warming up there as the northwest ten that's at fairfield northwest 12 out towards vacaville and a north wind in the valley. but so far only a little puff in the northwest at santa rosa
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and then it's calm. san francisco and san jose. high pressure moving in rapidly behind that low which came in yesterday. you can see the ridge right there. that's right. get on my toes. that's going to give us a high pressure system not only aloft but also on the surface. it looks like by tomorrow this moves through. and then by friday we start to see a cooler pattern. then a much cooler pattern by the weekend. temperatures will take off. they'll be out of the gate fast. they'll be a front runner to warm temperatures in fact by noon we'll have 80 starting to really work their way in. and then only right by the coast will we see some 70s and then 80s inland. i don't think we'll see any 9 0z. if we do it will be close but very low. sunny and warmer widespread 80s. coast will be really nice. windy in the hills and also in the valley. the big valley. 85 napa. 88 fairfield. 88 antioch. same for morgan hill. 75 san francisco. pacifica 70 and mid to upper 80s on the peninsula. warmer today. much cooler pamela into the weekend. all right. thank you, steve.
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a big step in the rebuilding process for san bruno. the city reportedly issued its first permit this week to rebuild a home that was destroyed in the pipeline explosion in september. the blast destroyed a total of 38 homes and the owners of 21 of those homes also plan to rebuild and move back. construction on the first home is expected to start next month. pg&e is accusing state regulators of making it difficult for the utility to track spending related to the san bruno pipeline explosion and planned upgrades. tracking expenses is something pg&e would be required to do if it is eventually allowed to pass along some of the costs to customers. the california public utility commission may vote on that issue tomorrow. a violin worth thousands of dollars goes missing. now we're getting a look at the muni surveillance video that may help police catch the thief. and the unusual crime these two senior citizens are accused of that's even surprising
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police investigators. good morning. westbound upper deck traffic looks good. but others traffic is getting busier believe it or not. we'll tell you more.
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good morning. the coast is clear. in fact, there's no fog or anything. we have clear skies. temperatures all over the place. 40s, 50s and eastbound 60s. subny and warmer with a north wind. upper 80s to near 90 inland.
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sunny and beautiful by the coast. >> sounds good. the army corp of engineers plans to blow up another levee on the mississippi river today. two other sections were destroyed earlier this week to lower river levels at cairo, illinois. that sent water flooding into farm lands in missouri which then sparked a lawsuit. today's blast is designed to give the water a way to get back into the river. that fire on catalina island is now 85% contained. crews are using helicopters to put out some slow burning hot spots. the fire started on monday and burned nearly 120 acres. no structures burned though and no one's injured. the cause is still under investigation. today's forecast high temperatures are a reminder that it could be a dangerous fire season this year. some east bay homeowners associations are already telling people to clear that area around their homes. dry grass can provide the perfect place for a wild fi to start. combine that with steep hills,
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strong winds and high temperatures and fire crews warn it adds up to high fire danger. >> our hill is pretty sparse. and the reason it's sparse is the fire department doesn't want any fuel for the fire. so they've limited the number of trees. >> now local firefighters say only about one-third of all property owners are now prepared for fire season. they do hope that the number will increase as temperatures rise and humidity declines. since the death of osama bin laden there has been a jump in reports of suspicious packages. one area where people have been especially skiddish is new york city. now on monday alone there were 62 reports of suspicious packages in the city including one in times square. it all turned out to be false alarms. but terrorist specialists have been warning that al qaeda may try to carry out attacks in retaliation of the killing of bin laden. bay area based trying to cash in on death of osama bin
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laden. the company is selling t- shirts, mugs, buttons and other items relating to the death. the director of marketing says he knew listening to president obama sunday night that demand for such items would be high. well, two senior citizens are being held in the san mateo county jail accused of running a marijuana growing operation. 72-year-old aleen and 65-year- old virginia arrested on friday. officers say they found a pot growing operation in their home on valley wood drive. the two women pleaded not guilty to drug charges. the district attorney says he's never heard of women that age running a grow house. well, san francisco police are asking for help to track down a $23,000 violin. san francisco conservatory of music grad student emily cox says the red french made violin seen here was bought using her
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grandmother's estate. last tuesday the violin was taken from a rehearsal room. police suspect the red haired man wearing the leather jacket there seen in this muni surveillance video. >> he looks like he's a music student. some of the kids made note of the fact that he smelled alcohol was emanating from his person. he's a smoker. >> police say another music student saw the suspect carrying the violin case and followed him to the muni t line. emily says her violin is easily identified by a gold shield on its tail piece. the violin is insured but emily says she's still hoping to get it back. well, later this morning defense attorneys will begin calling their witnesses in the chauncey bailey murder trial. the prosecution rested their case against yusuf bey and mickeyed. the two men are charged with murdering bailey and two other men. closing arguments could begin as soon as next week.
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an i incident involving a first grader and loaded gun is under investigation in oakland this morning. the oakland unified school district says the child brought the gun to school yesterday morning. a teacher discovered it as the child was removing items from his backpack. the district says the child denied knowing about the gun. it's unclear how the gun ended up there or who it belongs to. tonight a berkeley woman will hold a vigil to mark the second anniversary of her son's killing. this is video from last year's vigil. she says her 18-year-old son maurice was shot right in front of their home two years ago today. he died in the arms of his then 16-year-old brother. the killer remains at large, but police say they are looking for a person of interest. last night a family in hayward marked the first anniversary of the death of a 17-year-old samuel nava. police say he was shot and killed as he sat in the backseat of a car making a u
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turn on mission boulevard. the shooter apparently gotten into a fight with someone else in the car. now samuels mother wants her son's killer to contact her. >> i want the shooter to come to me and apologize and say i'm sorry it wasn't sammy. he was a great person. i didn't know him. it wasn't an intentional shot. >> investigators are still pursuing leads but are still looking for that person responsible. they say there are witnesses who so far have refused to come forward. there's a $10,000 reward for information in that case. housekeeping is going to cost more in the coming months. the local company says it has to increase prices. and the glitch in the south bay that may get hundreds of suspected dui offenders off the hook.
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take a look at that. that's the dash cam video. it has now cleared the wisconsin police for shooting and killing a 28-year-old man. released yesterday, the video shows the suspect getting out of his car and shooting at police during a routine traffic stop. they returned fire. that man climbed back into his car. he was shot and killed. police say he had a long criminal record connecting him to at least ten other shootings in wisconsin and illinois. an explosion has trapped 14 workers in a mine in mexico. that happened yesterday morning just outside the heart of mexico's mining district. the city's mayor says the explosion trapped the men in a mine shaft and right now they are not sure if those 14 men are dead or alive. another worker was seriously injured in the explosion. he was taken to a local hospital where both of his arms
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were amputated. well, expect to pay more for some of your favorite household products in the coming weeks. oakland based clorox is raising many of the its prices. not saying how much or which products will cost more but executives realize this could squeeze some customers but the company is now paying more than expected for raw materials and needs to pass along some of the increase. hundreds of drunk driving cases may be dropped in the south bay because of a glitch with a police breathalyzer. the problem is with the device shown here. san jose police say they stopped using it on friday because the tests may not be reliable. the santa clara district attorney's office says the model has a manufacture's defect. the mercury news reports almost 900 dui cases are now under review. it's coming up on 5:00. want to check back in with sal for a look at traffic. how's it going, sal?
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pam, it's looking well. on chp's list we don't have a lot going on. this morning's drive will be okay so far at the bay bridge toll plaza getting into san francisco. again it has been pretty good here as you approach san francisco. now, we do have a brand new accident popped up in the south bay. i'll tell you about that in just a moment. we're looking at the richmond bridge. that traffic looks good both in and out of marin county. and this morning in the south bay on 280 not too far from here southbound 680 looks like there's a car that ran into a deer and now the police are on the way to see if anyone's injured. 4:55. back to steve. sal, thank you, sir. high pressure will be our fair weather and warmer friend today. i mean it will be above average on temps, but i don't think we'll set any records or anything. sunshine for all. you, me, pam, everybody here. northerly breeze. warm to hot. 70 to 90 degrees. but a lot of upper 80s as the
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high moves in today. but it's moving. and that means by friday we'll start to see a cooling trend. everything is moving off the coast right now. the coast is clear. fog free. so everybody's looking good today. 40z, 50s and 60s. that 68 at fairfield is courtesy of a north-northwest breeze. same can be said for vacaville which i think was 70 last hour. so we just updated napa the wind picked up. went from 40s to 50s. there you go. wind showing now northwest to north-northwest. and it's going to continue to be a northerly breeze. i think it will even turn a little north-northeast. you can see right there that's a pretty good signature on the high building in. so it's aloft and at the surface combination of the two equals sunshine and warmer weather. now today will be warmer. thursday will be warm again and then a little cooler friday but then newschannel cooler as we go into the weekend. sunday could be a drop of 20 degrees compared to today. sunshine, warmer weather north wind widespread 80s. the coast will be really nice. it will be windy in the hills and also out there in the
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valley. so some 70s to mid-70s. then a lot of low to mid-80s. then a few areas pushing upper 80s and close to 90. looks like the wind will relax and temperatures even though they'll be warm thursday they will not be as warm as today. friday cooler and much cooler into the weekend. all right. thank you, steve. it's not a matter of if but when. the issue up for debate at the white house over photos of osama bin laden's body. san francisco's budget crisis is expected to get a lot worse in the years ahead. the cuts that the city is now likely to make.
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good morning. a correction issued on the details of osama bin laden's death. what the white house says he was not doing when he was killed. >> reporter: and the debate continues over whether or not the white house should release pictures of osama bin laden's body. the latest on what they're now saying. >> reporter: and the officer sitting inside of this squad car survived a very dramatic shootout with a suspect. we have a live report for you straight ahead. an oakland residential hotel evacuated after a gunman opens fire. the close call one employee experienced during that shooting. it's all ahead here on


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