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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 4, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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morning news. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's wednesday may 4th. i'm pam cook. and good morning. i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. here's steve. >> pam and dave, thank you very much. skies are clear. the coast is clear. temperatures 40s, 50s and 60s. we're starting to see now a little bit of a component of that easterly breeze. there's one in napa and also in oakland. north-northwest for other locations that means 70s for a few and 80s and a lot of 80s to upper 80s as temperatures warm up with the northerly wind. now an update on traffic with sal. right now traffic is moving well if you're on 680 south to the south bay southbound 680 they're clearing an accident with a car and deer. also this morning's commute is going to be okay on interstate 80 westbound. it's 5:00. let's go back to dave and pam. thank you, sal. topping our news right now investigators are still at the scene of a frightening incident that happened in the east bay. a parolee is now in jail accused of opening fire on a
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veteran police officer. ktvu's jade hernandez is out there. she's live in pittsburg. jade. >> reporter: this shooting took place nearly 12 hours ago and yet the suspect's car right here still in the parking lot where the suspect driving ended up after a short chase involving a pittsburg police officer. this investigation as you can tell is not over yet despite a dramatic arrest. a pittsburg police officer noticed a car roll through a stop sign last night. the officer tried to pull the driver over and the suspect sped off. the short chase ended behind a wells fargo bank near the atlantic plaza shopping center here in pittsburg. what happened next authorities say pushed a 13 year veteran of the police force to open fire after the driver got out of his car and opened fire on the officer. the suspect then ran past west boulevard and mad lin street where police lost sight of him. until hours later a 27-year-old took off toward a fourplex, the home of an acquaintance. police finally coaxed him out of an attic where they found
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him suffering from a gunshot wound to the leg. the officer involved in the initial shootout walked away with minor cuts from a smarted windshield. eight bullets pierced the glass and one bullet lodged in the cage near the headrest. >> you hope an officer will go through his entire career without facing a situation like this. our officer did face the situation and through his tenacity, through his training, through his experience he was able to come through it. >> reporter: news chopper 2 shows you that scene here last night shortly after 5:30. no word on if the acquaintance will be charged yet. we know that jones, the 27-year- old arrested, has an extensive criminal history and served at least four years in state prison. he now faces charges which include attempted murder and possession of a firearm. the daylight shootout left bystanders shaken. their reaction coming upment reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. police in oakland are looking for a man responsible for an overnight shooting inside a residential hotel.
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the gunfire forced the evacuation of the building on harrison street. now police say the gunman opened fire inside a hallway following a heated argument with the building manager. the bullets came dangerously close to the manager and another man but no one was hit. the gunman then hid inside one of the rooms. police ordered everyone out of the building as they conducted a door to door search. >> security sweep for everyone's safety inside the apartment building. while we were doing that we recovered the firearm in the grass outside. >> we spoke to oakland police just a short timing a and they tell us that gunman is still on the loose. time now 5:03. well, the white house now correcting earlier statements about the deadly attack on osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. a white house spokesman now says osama bin laden did not have a gun at the time he was killed. members of the navy seals team burst in on bin laden on the upper floor of his compound following a gun battle
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downstairs. the white house says bin laden's wife rushed at the navy seals. they shot her in the leg but did not kill her. the navy seals then shot and killed bin laden. debate continues within the obama administration on whether or not to release photographs of osama bin laden's body. ktvu channel 2 reporter claudine wong is in san francisco this morning with the arguments for and against releasing those photos. claudine. >> reporter: well, pam, we expect a decision probably pretty soon from the white house on whether or not they should release these photos. the debate does continue though this morning because at this point it's still not really clear if this would help or hurt the situation. certainly the people who think it's some kind of conspiracy and that osama bin laden is not really dead are saying that they should release these photos to provide photographic evidence. but there's word that the white house is obviously concerned there will be some kind of backlash if the white house releases this from people who are upset about his death. now there are reportedly three sets of photographs taken of
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bin laden's body at a hanger in afghanistan. they're described as images of his face with massive open head wound across both eyes. they are described as gruesome but still experts are mixed on this. >> they don't believe someone saying yes he's dead and we have a dna test. they still want to see the picture. >> reporter: so at this point what we're doing is monitoring the situation out of washington to see if a decision does come down from the white house. we're also going to be getting reaction from folks out here on whether or not they think they'd like to see these photos, if they think they should be released. we'll keep you updated on the morning news. live claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. the government of pakistan calls the death of osama bin laden an important milestone in the fight against terrorism. but it's not happy about how the u.s. carried out that mission. the pakistani government released a statement making clear it had no advanced knowledge of the u.s. assault on bin laden's compound. the statement says the government has "deep concerns" because the u.s. carried out
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the operation without prior authorizization from the government of pakistan. >> reporter: time now 5:05. former president george w. bush will not join president obama when he goes to new york's ground zero tomorrow. the former president declined the invitation. he said he appreciates the offer, but wants to avoid the spotlight. president obama will meet with families of 9/11 victims during his new york visit. well, the killing of osama bin laden has led to fears of a retaliatory attack on mass transit systems here in the u.s. coming up for you at 5:15 we'll bring you a live report from washington d.c. about a hearing this morning investigating whether the response plans are in place in case of an attack. pleasant hill police say a man decked out in san jose sharks gear robbed a bank. it happened at the pacific service credit union on contra costa boulevard shortly after 2:00 yesterday afternoon. police say the man walked in, demanded cash and threatened
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the teller. the teller handed over cash and then the man took off. now police say he was wearing a black jersey number 19, sharks jersey, and a black sharks hat. he's described in his 40s or 50s, african-american about 5'10" with a slim build. the city of oakland will pay almost $1 million to settle two police misconduct lawsuits. the first case involves a shooting from 2007. that's when police shot a 15- year-old in the back. officers say he had a gun and drugs on him. his lawyer says at one point the teenager had a gun but not at the time of the shooting. his family will receive $550,000 from the city of oakland. in the second case the city agreed to pay $350,000 to settle accusations of an unlawful search of a home where police say marijuana was growing. san francisco's budget crisis is expected to get a whole lot worse in the years
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ahead. mayor red lee's office has just completed an in depth study looking at the city's financial future over the next five years. it concludes that spending will continue to far out pace revenue causing the city's soaring budget deficit to triple by the year 2016. that same report says the city must drastically reduce costs and raise a lot of money mostly through new taxes. san francisco police may soon feel the pain of the city's budget crisis. officers are due nearly $15 million in raises starting july 1st. but today's chronicle says mayor lee is asking police to take a pay cut this summer and in the years ahead. the mayor says that's the only way the city can avoid having fewer officers on the streets. the police union is expected to fight that pay cut plan. all right. time now 5:08. it's early on a wednesday morning. but, sal, knows what's happening in our commute. good morning, dave and pam. that's right. i've been watching the commute and it's beginning to get a
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little slower in some areas. but for now it looks good here on interstate 80 heading out to the macarthur maze with no major issues all the way to the bay bridge toll plaza. also the morning commute looks good. and westbound bay bridge traffic moving along very nicely getting into san francisco. and if you're driving in san jose, that traffic is off to a good start. we thought we had started to see a little bit of a slow down but then it quickly dissipated. for now we're off to a nice start. 5:08. go to steve. looking very dap for today, sal. >> thank you, sir. yesterday had to flirt with a little fog. that hung around for a little bit. that was gone and now a north- northeast wind. so sunny, sunny, sunny. sunshine, north wind and a little easterly breeze and temperatures in the 70s, 80s to near 90. everyone's good to go here. we're starting with clear skies. you can see how the low clouds go offshore courtesy of a north- northeast wind. doesn't look like it's going to last very long. by tomorrow might even start transitioning back to the coast with a little bit more of a
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westerly breeze but not today. 40s, 50s and 60s. santa rosa 45. napa 54. that's at the airport. and then fairfield 67. a lot of 50s in between including mountain view and san jose. livermore target forecast here this morning starting off clear 50. we'll go sunny and 76. then a high today sunny with 87 degrees. south-southeast at napa, calm at santa rosa east-northeast at oakland. up in the oakland hills right above the scald cot i've seen about 30-mile an hour gusts. it's up there and then mt. diablo about 50 miles an hour out of the north. at the surface it's not that bad. north wind at vacaville and west-northwest at fairfield. calm at sfo. calm towards san jose. there's the high pressure building in. it's on its way, the peak of it. it will visit portland but also right over us. everything gazelle up and over to the north. today warmer, thursday warmer again.
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friday cooler and then the weekend looks much cooler. so we're going up and then right back downment north wind little north-northeast. widespread 80s, few upper 80s to near 90. the coast will be fabulous. windy in the hills and also out to the valley. sunshine and warmer weather. st. helena, clear lake, sonoma 86. kentfield 85. 80 berkeley and alameda. 84 downtown oakland. go with 90 there in gill roy. you good folks in gill roy. if you're heading to the outlet malls to do some shopping it will be warm. fremont at 84. 84 san mateo. now it's always a little tricky on the coast but we'll go a lot of 70s there with 75 san bruno and 88 woodside. more sunshine, warm weather thursday. cooler by the coast friday and then much cooler for everybody saturday and big cool down by sunday. all right. thank you, steve. 5:11 is the time right now. another roadblock in the fight over executions in california. the change at san quentin that will cause further delays. and cutting the budget by
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cutting the school year. controversial idea the govern is considering. good morning. northbound 101 san francisco traffic looks good on the way to downtown. more traffic and weather straight ahead.
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new fears this morning about retaliation attacks after the death of osama bin laden. ktvu's allison burns is live in our washington d.c. newsroom with the congressional hearing
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that gets underway in just a few hours. allison. >> reporter: in the bay area and across the country security has been increased this week at train stations, bus lots and airports, bomb sniffing dogs and extra police are on alert for any signs of retaliatory attacks. this morning the house homeland security committee examines the state of mass transit security. after 9/11 new equipment was deployed across the country and ideas floated to scan passengers for weapons and bombs. but ultimately little has changed in terms of passenger screening on trains and buses. this morning the top witnesses are the heads of the federal emergency management agency and the transportation security administration. they are going to be pressed on how passengers are protected, threats detected and whether good response plans are in place in case of an attack. now the head of bart security will also be testifying. we'll have it all for you later this morning on the morning news. for now live in washington
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d.c., alson burns, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:15. executions here in california are on hold at least until next year. and the l.a. times reports the warden at san quentin has decided to replace the prison's execution team. a new team is being put together. and they have to be trained. now correction officials haven't said why they're making the changes, but those changes are expected to delay a hearing for revised lethal injection procedures until at least january. camera harris taking action on the state's same sex marriage ban. she filed a brief with the court this week and in it she argues that supporters of the ban do not have legal standing to defend proposition 8 in court. supporters of the ban stepped in after public officials refused to do it. now if the court says they don't have standing, a federal judge's ruling that overturned proposition 8 will stand. the coast guard is searching the waters off san
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diego in northern mexico for a woman who may have fallen off a cruise ship. the 65-year-old woman turned up missing when the celebrity millennium docked in san diego around 1:00 yesterday afternoon. the coast guard says the woman was seen on board the ship after it left coo bo san lucas mexico. san jose police often show a complete lack of objectivity when they investigate citizen complaints. that's the bottom line of the department's latest independent [ audio problems ] it. it found that the internal affairs unit routinely goes out of its way to make excuses for police officers. that same report also says that the department looks the other way when it comes to investigating excessive force or racial profiling cases. the city council will review that report next week. the school year in california could get shorter as governor jerry brown considers solutions to solve the state budget crisis. governor brown is warning that schools could lose 20 instructional days.
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that would save an estimated $1 billion. now without tax extensions, the governor says shortening the school year by a month could be a real possibility. teachers unions and lawmakers would have to give approval though. all right. time now 5:17. let's get you moving out the door. sal is watching interstate 80. what's happening there? well, you know, it's getting bids # busier, dave and pam. westbound 80 traffic gets busy typically in vallejo and right there in fairfield. and then it starts heading west as a lot of people make that long drive down the east shore freeway eventually getting to the bay bridge toll plaza which so far is light. we're also looking at contra costa county where highway 4 already is getting busy in antioch. here bay point though it looks okay on the way over to concord. and if you're in the livermore valley, so far the road sensors still showing nice green color which means traffic is pretty much wide open for you on the way from livermore, dublin and into castro valley. and hayward union city traffic looks good. in case you're wondering about
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the bay shore freeway redwood city that traffic is moving well. at 5:18 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. very good morning. skies are clear. no fog to deal with it. yesterday we had to deal with some and it was rather stubborn for a while. eventually breeze took care of it and everything's good for sunshine and warmer weather. i know there's some of you who don't like the warmer weather. others do. today is for you if you like the warmer weather. the cooler weather back by the weekend. so hang in there. by 6:00 a.m. in what 40 minutes clear skies, cooler. i had to pencil in 44 to 48 because temperatures up santa rosa up 45 yet fairfield 68. inland it's all over the map. coast is cooler because the fog is gone. and around the bay we're seeing some 50s. by noon everyone will be in on this sunshine, warm and breezy. 70s by the coast. mid-70s around the bay. upper 70s inland. and then we'll top out upper 80s to near 90s away from the coast. mid-80s around the bay. mid-70s. should be a beautiful day over by the coast if you want to get
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that maybe wednesday flu head to the beach. looks like just a spectacular day. the north-northeast wind has taken shape. taken hold. and it's there for today. look at fairfield 67. napa 54. santa rosa 45. 49 san raphael. 55 mountain view and san jose. redwood city, oakland, concord and livermore all checking in at 51. livermore start off i went 50 for a low. i think the breeze won't allow it much cooler than that. 76 by noon. and then 87 for a high today. west-northwest out of fairfield north at fairfield. a little south-southeast at napa. they were east and then turned south-southeast. that is not a warm wind. an east wind or north wind is. south wind for the north bay this time of year is cooler breeze. oakland downtown east- northeast. right above the tunnel we're seeing gusts about 30 miles an hour and that is out of the northeast. doesn't get much more pronounced than that. that's high pressure building in. but it's moving. so it's not going to hang around here. sunny and warmer. a north wind or north-
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northeast. widespread 80s. low, mid, upper. the coast nice. windy in the hills and also out to the valley. so 70s and 80s to near 90 degrees. take your pick. we'll 87 pittsburg. same for concord, walnut creek. danville. 80 alameda and berkeley. 86 san jose. 86 santa cruz. 90 gill roy. 84 fremont. 84 san mateo. 72daly city. and redwood city 84. warm again on thursday and cooler friday. much cooler saturday and then a big cool down on sunday. all right. thank you, steve. in the economy this morning european markets starting down. they're all downright now following the trend overnight across asia. the hang sang dropped nearly 1.5%. and the shanghai composite fell
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2.3%. that's the biggest decline in more than two months. those markets follow the bleed lead of u.s. markets which ended a two week rally on the series of weaker than expected earnings reports. checking in on the numbers this morning, something that could help today though just in u.s. planned layoffs ease in april. we'll see what happens as we get closer to the opening bell in a little more than an hour. all right. time now 5:21. you won't believe what just happened to a san francisco music student now missing an important piece of her equipment. we're going to show you the new muni surveillance video that may help catch a violin thief. another top honor for san francisco. why it's now being called the land of opportunity. good morning. traffic is moving along pretty nicely on northbound 280 getting up to highway 17.
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good morning. sunny and warmer today. coast is clear. so 70s there. some upper 70s low to mid-80s and inland find upper 80s to near 90. breezy and windy at times especially in the hills. all right. thank you, steve. a 22-year-old man was shot while escaping an attempted carjacking. it happened at about 9:00 last night on sterling street in vallejo. the man apparently pulled over to make a phone call when two men appeared with a gun and demanded his car. as he pulled away the two men fired shots. the driver was hit in the chest and eventually stopped at the
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corner ofs a cot and redwood parkways. a passer by spotted him crawling out of his car and called 911. he was taken to the hospital in walnut creek. time now 5:25. a search is on for a stolen violin worth more than $20,000. san francisco conservatory grad student says the last time she saw that violin was last tuesday. she says she left it in the conservatory rehearsal room and ten minutes later it was gone. the red french made violin dates back to the early 20th century. it was purchased using her grandmother's estate. emily says the violin is worth a lot more than money. >> it's insured and everything but the fact is this instrument was really a part of me. >> now police are looking at this muni surveillance video. they say the red haired man you see right there in the leather jacket holding a violin case is the main suspect. emily says her violin is easily identified by a golden shield on the tail piece. if you have any information
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about that stolen violin or the suspect, contact san francisco police. san francisco has been named the third most opportunity rich city in the world. according to the study the city plays a major role as one of the most innovative u.s. economies. it also ranks high in categories such as live- ability, transportation, safety and security. san francisco came in just behind new york and toronto. some members of congress say now that osama bin laden is dead, it's time for u.s. troops to leave afghanistan. what the white house is saying about u.s. troop withdrawal. >> reporter: how three men entered a home in san mateo and terrorized. and the request by pg&e following the san bruno disaster that could effect your utility bill one day. good morning. if you're driving any time soon on interstate 880 it is getting more crowded but still looks
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good on the way to the oakland airport exit.
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well, good morning to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. the middle of the week now. wednesday it's may 4th. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook. time now 5:30. let's check in with steve. it's going to be pretty warm, right? that is correct, pam. good morning dave, everyone. we have a clear sky. temperatures today will warm up. it will be just gorgeous over by the beaches. 70s maybe even near 80 for some
5:31 am
especially down towards santa cruz. mid-80s for many close to 90 with an east wind for some and northerly breeze for others. highway 4 traffic looks good up to the willow pass grade it's getting busier on westbound highway 4 in antioch. also the morning commute looks good if you're on westbound 80 heading out to the macarthur maze. now let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. this morning san mateo police are looking for three dangerous men posing as construction or utility workers. ktvu's kraig debro is in the neighborhood where police say they carried out a violent home invasion. kraig. >> reporter: yeah, pam. two days ago two men entered a home here in the 400 block, beat a woman and burglarized her home. police say it happened on the 400 block of poor to will and us bell will. monday around 4:30 two men knocked on the door of the home. no one answered so at least two of the men went around to the back of the house and got in
5:32 am
through a sliding back door. police say the woman confronted the suspects but they quickly overpowered her and forced her to sit down. the men then stole jewelry and drove off in a light green suv. police checked the area and even got assistance from the san mateo county sheriff's office but found no suspects. they did however get a description of two of those suspects. they developed composite sketches of two of the three men. two men who entered the home described as hispanic men in their 30s. i've already spoken to some neighbors here this morning. everybody is well aware of what happened around here. and at least talking amongst themselves about it. i'm going to continue to try to find out where exactly the home is and speak to more neighbors. reporting live in san mateo, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:32. a parolee is accused of opening fire on a veteran east bay police officer and that gunman is now in jail following last night's shooting. ktvu's jade hernandez is in pittsburg where investigators are still on the scene.
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jade. >> reporter: that's right. a routine traffic stop, a dramatic shootout, a man hunt and arrest. for some who were just shopping at the atlantic plaza shopping center it was all just too much. >> when i got off the bus i just seen two brothers run across the street. that's all i know. >> reporter: news chopper 2 shows us the scene after shots rang out around 35:30 yesterday evening. a pittsburg police officer on patrol noticed a car roll through a stop sign. instead of pulling over the suspect sped off forcing the officer into a short chase. but the suspect driving wasn't about to give up there. he got out, pulled out a gun and opened fire on the officer still sitting in his patrol car. the officer, a 13 year veteran of the pittsburg police force, returned fire. but the suspect managed to get past west boulevard and maudlin street until hours later where 27-year-old jones was tracked to a fourplex, the home of an acquaintance. police arrested jones who was
5:34 am
shot in the leg. the officer involved in the shootout walked away with minor cuts from a shattered windshield. eight bullets pierced the glass. one bullet came dangerously close to his head. jones, the 27-year-old arrested, has an extensive criminal history and has served at least four years in state prison. he now faces charges which include attempted murder and possession of a firearm. i want to bring you back out live because as dave mentioned this crime scene is still out here. in fact that's the car involved in this shootout earlier last night. and of course coming up pittsburg police describe the dramatic shooting and what the officer did to protect himself. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. police in oakland are looking for a man responsible for an overnight shooting inside a residential hotel. the gunfire forced the evacuation of the building on harrison street. police say the gunman opened fire inside a hallway following a heated argument with the building manager. now the bullets came dangerously close to the manager and another man, but no
5:35 am
one was hit. the gunman then hid inside one of the rooms. police ordered everyone out of the building as they conducted a door to door search. there was no sign of that gunman. time now 5:34. and the white house is giving us new details this morning about the deadly attack on osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. it's also correcting earlier statements about the raid on bin laden. a white house spokesman now says osama bin laden did not have a gun with him when he was killed. members of a navy seals team burst in on bin laden on an upper floor of his compound following a gun battle downstairs. the white house spokesman says bin laden's wife rushed at the navy seals and she was shot in the leg but she was not killed. the navy seals then shot and killed bin laden. former president george w. bush will not be joining president obama when the president visits ground zero in new york tomorrow. mr. bush declined an invitation
5:36 am
saying he appreciates the offer but wants to stay out of the spotlight. president obama will be meeting with family members of 9/11 victims during his visit to new york. and coming up at 5:45 this morning we'll bring you a live report from right there ground zero in new york with some new details about the secret operation that led to osama bin laden's death. well, some members of congress are calling for a faster pace of withdrawal of u.s. troops from afghanistan now that osama bin laden is dead. more than 100,000 u.s. troops are currently in afghanistan. and in a hearing on capitol hill yesterday some senators argued that it's time for american forces to come home. but the white house says the u.s. troop withdrawal will proceed as scheduled beginning in july. back here in the bay area fairfield's travis air force base is increasing security following the death of osama bin laden. the most noticeable change will be at the front gate. guards are doing a more
5:37 am
thorough check of people entering the base. they're also increasing random vehicle searches. time now 5:36. well, preliminary results of a special election are in now. and it appears some bay area school districts will get help from property owners. in santa clara county voters approved parcel tax measures for four school districts. two measures in alameda county failed to get two-thirds of the vote needed. in contra costa county one of two parcel tax proposals passed. san mateo county voters approved two of three measures. san mateo union high school board member dave pine beat out five other candidates and won a seat on the county board of supervisors. he received 27% of the vote. this is the first time voters in san mateo county filled a board of supervisors position through an all mail-in election. and san mateo county estimates it saved half a million dollars on the vote by mail election. there's no need to set up neighborhood polling stations or hire thousands of poll
5:38 am
workers. the ballots were mailed out last month to registered voters. the voter turnout in san mateo county was 24%. a big step in the rebuilding of san bruno. the city reportedly issued under all the circumstances first permit this week to rebuild a home that was destroyed in the pipeline explosion in december. the blast destroyed a total of 38 homes. and the owners of 21 of those homes also plan to rebuild and move back. construction on the first home is expected to start next month. all right. time now 5:38. sal, you're waking up to folks at the toll plaza? we are. and we told them to wake up and get up and at them. right now traffic -- or rise and grind if you will. whatever expression you use get out there and get up there before the crowd gets there. westbound traffic moves along okay getting up into san francisco. no major problems on san francisco commute northbound 101 traffic looks good approaching the 80 split. and this morning's drive on
5:39 am
northbound 280 looks nice getting up to highway 17. 5:38. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. we have clear skies. temperatures i was just tweeting they're all over the place from 40s, 50s to 60s. sp weather by the way if you have a weather question or you want some information. clear skies at 6:00 a.m. cool to warm. 50s, 50s and anywhere from the mid-40s to mid-50s to upper 60s and near 70 especially out towards fairfield and vacaville because of a north wind. now by noon sunny across the board. coast, bay, inland. won't matter. temperatures 70s and maybe even warmer than that for some inland areas. by 4:00 upper 80s to near 90. sunny and breezy, warm to hot. 70s and 80s to a lot of mid and upper 80s for many today. but it looks like today's the warmest day. high pressure on the surface moves over us. i'm kind of undercutting many of the other forecasts. our forecast models really aren't that screaming hot. they're warm but sunny no doubt about that. a north wind is there for many.
5:40 am
northwest for some. little east-southeast for others. but warm to hot temperatures in the 70s, 80s to close to 90. you can see everything's going offshore so it will be a spectacular day over by the coast. you can head over there. there is a 45 in santa rosa. 54 napa and fairfield 67 a lot of low to mid-50s for elsewhere. san raphael in there, redwood city, mid-50s san jose. low 50s concord and also livermore. speaking of livermore and the livermore valley it will be sunny today. start at 50, 76 at noon and a high today of 87 degrees as temperatures helped along by some especially out in the valley and higher elevations of an offshore breeze but it's west-northwest fairfield. it is easterly northeasterly in oakland and in the hills. south-southeast at napa. northerly in valley and so far the wind isn't a huge factor at the surface. that's high pressure. and all it's glory it's moving over us. the key is it's moving. it's not going to hang around except for about a day and a half and out of here by friday. warmer today, warm again on
5:41 am
thursday and cooler friday. a big significant cool down into the weekend. sunny and warmer though today. that's a north breeze for many. widespread 80s. coast will be gorgeous. beautiful. 70s and 80s to upper 80s. clear lake 88. same for antioch, oakly, pleasanton, berkeley and alameda 80. san leandro 84. 87 santa clara to 90 gill roy. santa cruz 86. 88 woodside. 84 san mateo. 78 in the city. 72 pacifica and daly city. warm again thursday. cooler by the coast. friday cooler for all. saturday cooler well inland even by sunday. all right. sounds good. backlash as the army corp of engineers tries to save an illinois town from flooding. the government is now being sued by people who say they will never recover from what was done. plus the frightening discovery in the backpack of a first grader. why the police swarmed an east bay elementary school. upper deck of the bay bridge traffic looks good as we're getting a little bit of a
5:42 am
back up at the toll plaza. more traffic and weather straight ahead.
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good morning. skies are clear. it will be a beautiful day. sunny and warmer. i don't know if it will be hot hot but it will be warm as temperatures are in mid-80s near the bay and 70s to near 80 on the coast. time now 5:44. missouri officials are suing the army corp of engineers for intentionally flooding nearly 200 square miles of farmland. two sections of a levee were blown up in order to keep water from upstream from further flooding cairo, illinois. but missouri farmers say it's going to take ten years or more to recover from all of the water damage to their
5:45 am
properties. now a third explosion is scheduled today. so the water will have a way to flow back into the mississippi river bed. here's a quick look at other top stories we're following for you right now at 5:44. the white house still making up its mind on whether to release photos of osama bin laden's body. c.i.a. director says he thinks the photos will eventually be released but that it's president obama's call. this morning there's a hearing on capitol hill investigating whether the nation's mass transit systems are prepared in case of a terrorist attack. there are concerns of a retaliatory attack by al qaeda after the killing of osama bin laden. and san francisco's budget crisis is expected to get a lot worse in the years ahead. san francisco mayor ed lee's office just finished an in depth study looking at the city's financial future over the next five years. it found that the city's budget deficit could triple by the year 2016. the white house is now
5:46 am
clarifying some of the details of the u.s. attack on osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. sandra endo is at ground zero again this morning in new york city with the corrected version of the events. sandra. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, pam. that's exactly right. more details are becoming apparent as to what exactly happened in the raid. as the waiting game continues into whether or not the white house will release photographic evidence of osama bin laden's dead body. this exclusive video obtained by cnn shows the inside of osama bin laden's million dollar compound. soon after the bloody 40 minute fire fight which took his life. u.s. officials believed the al qaeda leader may have lived there for more than five years. >> i think one clear message has gone out to the world. there's no place to hide.
5:47 am
no place you can hide. >> reporter: c.i.a. director says he thinks a photo showing bin laden's lifeless bodily will likely be released a at some point. but concerns remain surrounding the graphic nature of the pictures and the backlash they could spark. questions remain as to whether pakistani officials knew bin laden was living in that compound and was providing him a safe haven. while some administration officials say pakistan has been a good partner with the u.s., the call to end financial aid to pakistan is growing louder. >> at a cross roads and you can't be coming to congress and asking for $3 billion after what happened and expect to get it without serious, serious questions being asked are the in the u.s. law enforcement officials are on heightened alert for any possible retaliation threats. despite the stepped up visible security, officials say there are currently no specific threats against america. president obama's scheduled to visit here at ground zero tomorrow and meet with family members of 9/11 victims.
5:48 am
former president george w. bush declined an invitation to join president obama here at the site. live at ground zero in new york city i'm sandra endo, back to you, pam. well, more than a dozen suspected gang members are behind bars in southern california this morning. federal and local agents arrested them yesterday as part of a crack down on drug dealing street gangs. agents made those arrests in both santa barbara and san lost abyss pro. most of the suspects have ties to big time drug dealers south of the border in mexico. time now 5:48. later this morning defense attorneys will begin calling their witnesses in the chauncey bailey murder trial. the prosecution rested its case yesterday against yusuf bey iv and an won. they're charged with killing bailey and two other men. closing arguments may begin as soon as next week. well, students at an oakland elementary school are returning back to school this morning one day after a
5:49 am
frightening incident on campus. police were called to prescott yesterday morning after a first grader brought a loaded gun to school. the school district says a teacher made the discovery as the child was removing items from his backpack. the child denied knowing about the gun. still unclear how the gun ended up there or who it belongs to. time now 5:48. let's see what sal's seeing in your commute now. it is getting busier although i would say right now is a good time to go because it's not too busy. sure you're going to see some crowded conditions, but you're going to see stop and go traffic only right now in anterock but it widens by the time you reach pittsburg and bay point and time by the time you go to concord. 680 also looks good south of the benicia bridge. this morning's commute is nice on 237 crossing 880 and continuing to highway 101. and 101 on the peninsula looks good redwood city, san mateo trying to catch a flight at the airport the traffic is moving
5:50 am
nicely. it's 5:49. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. very good morning. no fog to deal with. we're good there. not that windy. mt. diablo 50 miles an hour but at the surface i can't find too much. there's a little bit of a breeze especially out towards -- excuse me fairfield and vacaville. it's clear out there. no fog to worry about. clear skies. the lows though inland are anywhere from no wind in the 40s to a little puff of a wind in the 50s to very windy at times and upper 60s. but mainly low to mid-50s. by noon everyone will be in on the sunshine and warmer weather. we'll have 70s for almost everybody. maybe upper 70s inland to near 80. 88 inland. 84 around the bay and 74 near the coast. i mean i'm doing this for a long time. there's a few things in place to give us no doubt about it warmer weather. i don't think we're in record setting territory here. high pressure's here. sunshine for everybody. northerly breeze warm to hot. some of you think anything over 75 is too hot. i understand that.
5:51 am
some of you think 88 is not warm enough. that's going to be about where we top out maybe near 90 towards gill roy maybe outside towards the valley as well but offshore breeze has taken over. not really widespread. 45 santa rosa. napa's mid-50s. same for hayward, mountain view, san jose. fairfield 67. i think i saw 70 at vacaville. livermore starting off at 50 this morning and then we'll go 76 at noon and a high today of 87 lots of sunshine in the beautiful livermore valley. west-northwest fairfield, south- southeast napa that's not going to do it but an easterly breeze or east-northeast. that's what oakland airport's showing. there's a pretty good breeze coming in north-northeast heading into downtown oakland. they'll be warmer today. you can see the high building in. there's another low to the far left of your screen. that's going to bump it out of here especially as we get towards friday and end of the weekend. today and tomorrow warm to warmer and then warm again but much cooler as we head into the weekend especially on sunday. sunny and warmer weather with that north-northeasterly
5:52 am
breeze. widespread 80s today. the coast will be beautiful. just really nice over there. 70s, 80s for many. upper 80s pushing for a few to near 90. but i think a lot of low and mid-80s closer to the coast and bay, danville 88. castro valley 85. 87 santa clara. there's the 90 in gill roy. same for redwood city 74 beautiful degrees half-moon bay 72daly city. warm again thursday. cooler by the coast friday and then there's your cool down for the weekend. all right. thank you, steve. a late easter pushed up spending on closing last month. but higher gas prices cut spending in other areas. this morning's report says clothing sales jumped 10% in april. but electronics and appliance sales fell almost 2%. online sales jumped 19% as people looked for ways to cut back on driving. the world's largest brewery's first quarter profits more than doubled in the last quarter. anheuser-busch inbev owns the brewery in fairfield says
5:53 am
profits hit $964 million in the first quarter. that's up from $475 million the year before. the company says it sold more beer in every part of the world except north america. >> wow. time is now 5:52. a deadly police shootout on camera. [ sounds of gunfire ] how traffic ended in a hail of bullets triggered an investigation into police use of deadly force. soon could have their names cleared. where the breathalyzer test is now on trial.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
[ sounds of gunfire ] this is incredible video. this is a dash cam that helped clear wisconsin police officers who shot and killed that man. the shooting happened last month, but yesterday police finally released this video. it shows a 28-year-old man getting out of his car and shooting at police during a routine traffic stop. police returned fire. the suspect was killed after he got back into his car. police say he had a long criminal record connecting him to at least ten other shootings in wisconsin and illinois. hundreds of drivers may be off the hook in the south bay
5:57 am
with the problem with a breathalyzer machine. the problem is with the device you see right here. san jose police say they've stopped using it because tests may not be reliable. the santa clara district attorney's office says the breathalyzer model has a manufacturer's defect. almost 900 dui cases are now being re-examined. all right. it's coming up on 6:00. check back in with sal because some people are getting ready to head out the door. how does traffic look, sal? pam and dave, this is the time we start seeing a spike in the number of people who are on the road. grab a cup of coffee to go and get on 280 northbound. looks pretty good. it's not quite busy yet but when that starts to change. also looking at the sun ole grade and more people heading south. at the bay bridge toll plaza about 6:15 is when they turn the metering lights on. then we'll see a back up. if you can get there early rather than later i think you'll do well. 5:57. back to you. all right, sal. why one bay area police
5:58 am
officer's very lucky to be alive this morning. the gunfire and a police officer's very close call with bullets as an investigation continues now in pittsburg. even more details this morning about how osama bin laden was killed and what he was not doing when navy seals stormed his hideout in pakistan. good morning. there you go. turn around and check out the screen. no fog. how will temperatures be at the coast and inland? we'll have those in two minutes.
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