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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 5, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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here's sal. steve, right now traffic is moving well if you are on 80 westbound. not a big deal. as a matter of fact traffic is moving along very nicely. also the morning commute is going to be okay if you're driving on interstate 880 in both directions. now let's go back to the desk. well, this morning investigators are looking for the cause of a big fire in san francisco. it started last night at a residential hotel in the city's south of market area. ktvu's jade hernandez tells us who is coming to the aid of these people who have been forced from their homes. jade. >> reporter: well, we have a new development. within the past 20 minutes firefighters found a chihuahua inside of that building. that building was destroyed and ravaged by flames last night. we've been told the fire department has called the spca. the dog didn't have a name tag, but firefighters tell me they are certain they'll find the owner. the small dog shaking from its ordeal seemed to be all right. we spoke to the firefighter who found him. you're going to hear from him in just a second. but we can tell you right now that firefighters are still on fire watch. and that's one of the reasons
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why the firefighter was able to go into one of the apartment buildings and find that dog because they were looking for hot spots this morning. about an hour ago firefighters switched out crews here. the damage is apparent from the front of the park hotel where the fire started. what isn't clear this morning is what caused the flames. there are a couple residents walking around this morning when we arrived a couple hours ago. but they did not want to go on camera to talk about their losses. we did speak to firefighters who explained this morning they use thermal imaging to check on hot spots. the fire raged through a three story apartment building last night around 5:30 here in san francisco. burning timbers fell from the front of the hotel causing the fire chief to have all of the firefighters evacuated. flames spread to two adjacent structures. one commercial, the other a six unit apartment building. a handful of people were treated for smoke inhalation. no one was seriously hurt. and then this morning
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miraculously a dog was found amid the rubble. >> the room was just packed full of stuff. you couldn't really see anything. we weren't -- we couldn't even really get in and we get in and climbed up and just searching around and he was just kind of huddled in the corner. >> reporter: firefighters have contacted the spca or they plan to. they say they have hope they will find the dog's owner this morning. at least 75 people requested aid from the american red cross. the red cross set up a temporary shelter around the corner at the gene friend recreational center and hope to bring in health care providers and crisis counselors for those involved. firefighters are still on fire watch this morning and we'll continue to update you about new developments here at the scene. reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. a deadly stabbing overnight in san jose and new -- now police are searching for the attacker. the victim who'd been stabbed several times was found on
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flint crest drive about 11:30 last night. he later died at the hospital. we don't know the victim's name or a possible motive yet for that attack. time is now 5:02. san jose's official cinco de mayo has been canceled. however, the police are still getting ready for big crowds tonight. ktvu's maureen naylor live to tell us how they plan to enforce the rules there. maureen. >> reporter: good morning, dave. it may be quiet here in downtown san jose right now. that's expected to change tonight with expected big crowds. sounds like police do have fewer officers this year because of budget cuts, but they say the public should not notice a difference. they have put up these no parking signs. in anticipation of the expected crowds. they say either people don't see these signs or ignore them and get towed. they temporarily restrict parking because they say in the past cars have been vandalized and also keeping room for emergency vehicles and bigger issue keeping people away from congregating around their cars. with cinco de mayo falling on a
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thursday night, the crowd could swell. >> it is in the thousands. could be in the tens of thousands. we understand that by and large most of the that go downtown and east san jose celebrate the holiday are good family people there to have a good time, they're law-abiding citizens. just very small percentage of people we have to deal with every year that come down to cause problems. >> reporter: these are pictures from last year's cinco de mayo. while police have not seen the violence they've seen in years passed they are still preparing for crowds and drunk driving. the sheriff's office is also encouraging people to have a designated driver because they're warning they will be out this evening patrolling. now yesterday we told you about some issues with breathalyzers for san jose police. coming up we'll tell you about what that is going to mean for cinco de mayo enforcement. reporting live in downtown san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. all right. triple a is offering a free ride home to anyone who drinks too much during tonight's cinco de mayo celebrations. a free tow home up to ten miles is open to everyone even if
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you're not a triple a member. the free rides will be offered between 6:00 p.m. tonight until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. you can call 800-222-4357 or triple a help. tell the operator you need a tipsy tow. this morning president obama travels to new york city to take part in a wreath laying ceremony at ground zero. his visit comes just days after the killing of osama bin laden. now the president will meet privately with families of those who died in the september 11 attacks. >> i just want to thank him. hug him and thank him. shake his hand and say thanks from father to father thank you for doing this for me. taking care of the man that's out there bragging and saying he's proud that he killed my son. >> coming up at 5:15 we're going to have a live report from our washington d.c. newsroom with the special visit that the president will also make today to a fire station that lost 15 first responders
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on september 11th. time now 5:05. president obama has decided not to release the photos of osama bin laden's body because he's concerned they'd be used as a propaganda tool by al qaeda. the white house says it won't release anymore details about the operation to get bin laden. that's after almost daily clarifications about what exactly happened. there is some mystery about the wreckage of that u.s. helicopter that was left behind. aviation experts think it has signs of being a top secret stealth version of a black hawk helicopter. some lawmakers were apparently duped by fake photos supposedly showing osama bin laden's body. senator scott brown first said he had seen the government photos of bin laden's body and that he thought they should not be released. then senator brown had to backtrack saying he'd apparently seen fake photographs. at least two other senators say they were fooled as well. a fake picture made its way into some overseas newspapers and online before it was
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figured out it was a hoax. not everyone agrees with president obama's decision to withhold release of that bin laden photo. 56% of americans surveyed by cnn said it should be released. 39% said they don't want to see the photo. accused serial killer joseph naso due back in a marin county courtroom at 9:00 this morning. the judge will consider naso's request to act as his own attorney in his upcoming murder trial. the 77-year-old photographer from reno is accused of killing four northern california women in crimes dating back to the 1970s. investigators fear he may be responsible for other unsolved murders in other parts another country. today we may find out if pg&e will be allowed to change its way the it charges customers for the power they use. if they get permission, pg&e customer who is use a lot of energy may see their bills go down as much as 20%. but customers who actually
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conserve energy may see their bills go up. the reason, pg&e says customers who use small amounts of power are charged less than it costs to deliver it to them. and high usage customers are subsidizing that. a mountain view couple is hoping to get a $1400 refund from pg&e because of a glitch with a smart meter. it reportedly activated a motion sensor that turned on a flood light causing their utility bills to skyrocket. one month their bill was $570. well, the couple took their case to administrative law judge with the california public utilities commission and he ruled in their favor. the full utilities commission still has to approve that refund. two chp officers suffered minor injuries in an overnight crash on highway 880 in hayward. now investigators say a van crashed into their parked patrol car near whipple road shortly before 1:00 a.m. the officers were helping redistrict traffic during a cal
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trans road work project. it's not clear if the van driver was injured. and it's still not clear what caused the crash. that accident shut down three northbound lanes for more than two hours. time now 5:08. we have to get you to where you need to go. sal, what are you seeing out there? things are okay. we did have an accident on southbound 680 earlier that has been cleared. right now traffic is doing well. let's go outside and take a look at what we have with interstate 80. that traffic looks good heading out to the macarthur maze. no major problems on the way to the bay bridge toll plaza. the accident by the way southbound 680 at king is on the shoulder. not causing any traffic in san jose. westbound bay bridge traffic is light at the toll plaza. and as we go to san jose we look at 280 that traffic is also light. at 5:09 let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. well, skies are clear but there are some hints of a sea breeze. i'll get to that in just a second here. warm inland though. that sea breeze won't make its presence felt until tomorrow for many. around the coast and bay i think a little sea breeze will start to take shape here.
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sunny, cooler by the coast. no fog yet. it's north and south. fog returns tomorrow. sunny but cooler and the weekend will be much cooler as clouds roll in here. in fact a big drop in temps by sunday. just a tiny little system up there around the oregon border but that's going to increase the fog in the westerly breeze. 47 santa rosa. 46 napa. now fairfield's 48. they were 20 degrees warmer at this time yesterday. why? well, the wind has gone northerly to westerly. santa rosa first our target forecast here today santa rosa starting off 46. we'll go 70 and a high of 85. but i always get a little nervous because when that west wind starts to show itself, sfo west at 7 and fairfield west at 8. so the sea breeze delta breeze is trying. it's trying little engine that could. it will later on. because of that system coming in that's all it takes and that's going to move in. still warmer away from the coast. lots of sunshine. cooler coast and bay. so temperatures could go anywhere from the mid to upper 60s to near 90 degrees today. but then by tomorrow we'll take
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that slide right on down and it will move right into the weekend with some upper 60s. yes. sunny and warm today. but cooler by the coast. upper 80s to near 90s inland. an afternoon breeze and that breeze will be westerly. 60s, 7 0z, low mid-80s few upper 80s. i think close yesterday if you're over the coastal hills close to yesterday's highs but if not we're going to come down about five or ten degrees. fog returns on friday and then it will really pour in on saturday. much cooler on sunday. windy on monday. well, a surprise in california's budget crisis. the unexpected windfall that could complicate the governor's recovery plan. also the owners of some popular restaurants are turning to the public to help pay off some of their debts. good morning. northbound 101 san francisco traffic looks good getting up to the 80 split. no major problems. tell you more straight ahead.
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time now 5:13. a very emotional morning in new york city 689 president obama will meet with dozens of family members whose loved ones were killed in the 9/11 attacks. ktvu's allison burns live in our washington d.c. newsroom with more on what the president will be doing and also saying about osama bin laden. allison. >> reporter: dave, first let's get to some video of ground zero this morning. you can see the huge footprints where the twin towers once stood. president obama will be here in
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a few hours to lay a wreath in memorial. the president has not been to ground zero since right before he was elected in 2008. he will not make any speeches, but he will meet with about 50 families and visit firefighters. many of them say they want to thank the president for getting bin laden. >> he followed through on what he was supposed to do. he had the backbone to do it. >> reporter: the 9/11 memorial foundation worked with the white house to decide what families would get to meet with president obama today. but a lot of them were left out and are expressing frustration they don't get to thank the president personally. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. today pakistan's army chief meets with his top commanders. he'll talk about the u.s. raid that i would osama bin laden. now both pakistan and the united states have said the pakistani military was not involved in that raid. so far the pakistani army hasn't explained why it didn't take any action when unknown
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helicopters entered pakistan's air space from afghanistan. some surprising news could complicate california's already complex budget crisis. the state is reporting an unexpected $2 billion surge in tax receipts. now that will help lawmakers close the remaining $15 billion budget deficit and even more tax money could be coming. but the windfall could complicate the governor's push for tax increases which he says are needed for california's long-term financial health. the city of oakland is considering three budget scenarios to close a $58 million gap there. the first is an all cuts budget that assumes no new revenue. it would effect city and police staff levels, fire stations, libraries and senior centers could also be closed. the second scenario assumes major cuts in all city departments and more employee contributions. and the third option takes into account a proposed five year parcel tax. now that would maintain staffing levels and services, but still includes major
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reorganizations and cuts. time now 5:16. lawmakers on the peninsula are proposing a change to the high speed rail plan that could save billions of dollars. they say instead of building four new tracks between san francisco and san jose the two existing cal train tracks should be electrified. that would allow the new high speed rail trains to use the same tracks which would save more than $4 billion. however, critics say that plan would make it impossible for the bullet trains to meet travel schedules that were part of the plan approved by voters in 2008. right now it's 17 minutes after 5:00. let's check back in with sal. what are you keeping an eye on, sal? just looking at all the major roads coming into the bay area for people who drive long distances out from the valley for example and coming into the main part of san francisco it looks pretty good. if you're on 101 or 80 san francisco itself you can see that traffic is nice getting into the downtown area. also the morning commute if you're driving to the bay bridge any time soon i think in
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the next hour or so you should be fine barring an accident getting into san francisco. also this morning's commute looks good on the peninsula 101 and 280 and passing by the airport. 5:17. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. we have clear skies but there are signs of a westerly breeze. cooler by the coast today. but some of the lows 40s and 50s. 44 to 54. sunny, warm inland. little cooler by the coast but temperatures a pretty good spread here today. sunny and breezy and later today as well. upper 80s to near 90 if you're out yonder and closer to the coast 60s. even though it will be clear. now fog is to the north. there's a weak little system right there. right there. the fog will come down from the north and also up -- down from southern california but over us right now it's clear. so 40s and 50s. some of these temperatures mid to upper 50s. oakland 556789 but 40s for santa rosa, napa and fairfield. that's the biggest drop right there is fairfield because they've gone from 68 at this time yesterday to 48 because their wind went from north to
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west. there's a sign of a delta breeze west at 8. also sfo west at 7. i know it's not much. most locations say calm. but that's a different pattern than we had yesterday. all courtesy of that weak little system. this little guy. that's it. and the fog's down in southern california. but for us sunny and warm if you're away from the coast. it's still sunny at the coast today. it will be nice in the morning. notice more of a westerly breeze and the cooling will start slightly today and really start to show itself as we get towards the weekend and a system digs into the north of us. so sunny and warm. in fact temperatures very close to yesterday's highs inland. cooler coast. that afternoon breeze though will be out of the west. so 60s, 70s coast and bay. some upper 70s or low 80s and then mid up toker 80s far enough inland. antioch 89. santa rosa 85 and low 80s on the peninsula including 82. fog will take us right into the weekend. european markets are down this morning following losses
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overnight in asia. most benchmarks seem to be responding to signs that the u.s. economy continues to struggle. ageists also blame worries over inflation in asia. markets in japan and south korea are closed today for holidays. how's this for some good news though? just momentsing a general motors in with its quarterly earnings it made $3.2 billion in the first quarter. that's more than triple what it earned this time last year. much better than analysts expected. so that could certainly help things out today as you can see the three main indexes here in the u.s. were down yesterday. dow jones starts at 12,723 today. the parent company of dunkin donuts and baskin robins plans to go public. the company filed regulatory papers saying it will raise more than $400 million with most money going to pay debt. right now the company has 16,000 donut and ice cream shops around the world. time now 5:20of
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the 1930s has died. actor director jackie cooper passed away in santa monica. as a child he appeared in eight of the our gang comedies. you remember them. he also received an oscar nomination at the age of 9 years old. later on as an adult actor he played perry white in the superman movies and also appeared in several tv shows. much of his career was spent behind the scenes as a studio executive and as a director. jackie cooper dead at the age of 88. mother's day is this sunday. and if you're looking for a unique gift, you can send a personalized e card from an "american idol" finalist. >> happy mother's day. you're the best mom. >> how about that? >> oh, thank you, james. >> the first live e card videos featured the top five "american idol" finalists. each card costs about $2.99. if you want to create your own, go to our channel 2 website at, click on the "american idol" tab. that's great.
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i love that. well, a major marijuana bust in the south bay. how deputies say they stumbled upon a hidden grow operation. an overtime thriller. the sharks one win away from moving on to the next round of the nhl playoffs. and even though the sharks don't make it easy, i'm making it easy for you right now in san jose. 280 northbound getting up to highway 17 that's easy. we'll have more.
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good morning. skies are clear. coast is clear too. but there are some signs of more of a little westerly breeze. sunny but cooler coast and bay. still though over the coastal hills inland areas in the upper 80s some near 90. time now is 5:24. nasa once again postpones that final launch of the space shuttle endevour. now it may not happen until next tuesday may 10th. repair crews replaced a faulty power distribution box. now they have to test the entire electrical system. now when the shuttle does liftoff it will be endevour's 25th and final trip into space. multimillion dollar marijuana bust in morgan hill and sheriff deputies call the discovery sheer luck. they showed us these pictures. now deputies say they found 28 marijuana plants and 80 pounds of processed pot inside a
5:26 am
greenhouse. deputies were in the morgan hill area actually on tuesday looking for suspects in a completely separate case. but that's when they saw a man running away from what turned out to be the marijuana grow house. neighbors as you can imagine are surprised. >> shocked. i mean i don't know what's going on around here. all of a sudden i came home and heard about it. >> deputies estimate street value of the marijuana at $8 million. the marijuana was confiscate and had destroyed. in the east bay an international drug trafficking ring. san pablo police and f.b.i. agents seized 135 pounds of methamphetamine worth $7 million. also confiscated assault weapons, handguns and bullet proof vests. 16 people were arrested throughout contra costa county including a gang leader that police have wanted for years. authorities say the suspects have ties to homicides and a number of shootings.
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time now 5:26. well, the san jose sharks are now just one win away from going to the next round of the nhl playoffs. >> he shoots. he scores. >> you get the idea. the sharks beat the red wings 4- 3 in overtime. they took a 3-0 series lead now. san jose goes for the series sweep tomorrow night in detroit. time is now 5:26. just about two hours from right now president obama is scheduled to arrive in new york city. the way the president will honor the victims of the september 11 attacks. also hundreds of nurses in oakland are hours away from going on strike. how this will effect some patients. and an update from los angeles on the injured giants fan. what has doctors now so concerned. good morning. traffic on highway 4 is moving along pretty well. tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. now it's thursday may 5th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. time now 5:30. steve paulson. >> pam. >> what's the weather like today? >> sunny. no fog yet. but it's a little cooler over by the coast today and also inland because we've lost the northerly breeze and now we're starting to see more of a westerly. still mid-80s, upper 80s for some well away from the coast but closer to it even without the fog there's a west wind at
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sfo and a west wind at fairfield. that's a sign cooler 60s, 70s and low 80s closer to the water. update on traffic with sal. steve, right now on the east shore freeway traffic is moverring along pretty well heading to the macarthur maze. it's getting busier but it's not stop and go. also if you're on the bridges traffic looks good. live look at the golden gate and we're doing very well. 5:30. let's go back to the desk. cinco de mayo celebrations are expected to draw large crowds to downtown san jose tonight. despite that the fact that the official festivities have been canceled. maureen naylor is in san jose to show us how police are preparing. >> reporter: good morning, pam. i'm at santa clara and market streets. this landscape will be changing in the next few hours. san jose police are expecting thousands here. in anticipation they put up no parking signs warping people from 8:00 tonight to 2:00 in the morning parking here will be restricted. this morning they want to warn people the cars could be towed. we have pictures from last
5:32 am
year's event. while the last two cinco de mayo celebrations have been relatively peaceful, there are still concerns of seeing violence from years passed which included fighting and stabbing issues. this year budget cuts will also remain meaning officers will have to remain vigilant with less of them. >> staffing levels are different. we've experienced a little bit of contraction within the department because of the staffing and budget issues that the department is facing. we have made up for those staffing shortages by implementing additional patrol officers. >> reporter: also the department has half the amount of breathalyzers it normally would because they had to send 60 of the devices back to the manufacturer to get a glitch fixed because it could cause false readings. so tonight they'll be using the older breathalyzer models in the field. but they only have half as many about 30 of them. police say they will strategically distribute them to officers and say the field test device is just one of several tools they use to catch drunk drivers. reporting live this morning in
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downtown san jose, maureen naylor, ktvu channel 2 news. if you do head out this evening to celebrate triple a is offering free rides to people who drink. a free tow to your home up to ten miles is open to everyone even if you're not a triple a member. now the free rides will be offered from 6:00 p.m. tonight until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. you can call that number on your screen. it's 1-800-222-4357. or 800-aaa-help. you can tell the operator you need a tipsy tow. a strike by hundreds of nurses at children's hospital in oakland begins today. ktvu's kraig debro joining us live to tell us how long this is going to last, picket line. and how the hospital will be effected. kraig. >> reporter: dave, it's a five day strike. we're going to talk to a nurse in just a second to find out why only five days. i recall the hospital spokesperson try to find out what they're going to do. one of the things they've done or couple things they've done out here at the hospital, see
5:34 am
this fence over here? this chain link fence? this was not here as early as yesterday according to california nurse's association the nurses at childrens. they put this up here for the strike. the other thing they've got going on is you see that cross over there between the two buildings. they've shaded that. that used to be just clear windows. they've shaded it. and according to wendy bloom a nurse here at children's hospital they did that for what reason? >> i missed the first part of your question. >> reporter: they put the fence up over there and then they shaded -- >> oh, yeah. well, we were on strike in october and we set up across the street with tables and chairs and our picket signs so that we could be somewhat protected from the elements from the sun. so the hospital put up a barrier and so that we can't have a comfortable area to put our tables. >> reporter: you're striking for five days. one of the main issues you face we all face is health care
5:35 am
benefits. 15% of cobrament as to about $4,000 a year for the nurses. why only five days? >> you know nurses really care about their patients. when we leave the bedside and go out on strike, it's a big struggle. and it's difficult emotionally for us to do. we do believe in the issues, but we want to get back to our patients. so we make the point in five days and then we can return to work. >> reporter: but the contribution to your health care benefits that's something we all have to do. how can the hospital continue to afford to pay increasing amounts? >> well, i don't think that's something we all have to do. i think actually workers need to say no that health care is not something that we should have to pay for that we all deserve health care and nurses in particular feel that way. >> reporter: wendy bloom a nurse here at children's hospital for 24 years. in fact she celebrated her anniversary yesterday. i called erin gold smith with the hospital expecting to hear back from her for my next report. live in oakland, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. time is now 5:35. this morning president obama goes to new york city. he'll be there for a wreath
5:36 am
laying ceremony at ground zero. the president also meets privately with family members of those who died in the september 11 attacks. all of this comes just days after the killing of osama bin laden. coming up for you at 5:45 we'll bring you live report from ground zero with the other special people the president will be meeting with today. well, president obama has ordered the grizzly photographs of osama bin laden's body sealed from the public view. in deciding not to release the photos, the president says "that's not who we are." now the president expressed concern that any release of the photos could become a propaganda tool for bin laden's followers. not everyone agrees with the president's decision to withhold releasing of the bin laden death photo. 56% of americans surveyed by cnn say that it should be released. 39% say they do not need to see the photos. in the meantime the cia is going through the stash of computers and other information
5:37 am
brought back by the u.s. navy seals from osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. the agents are combing through files on five computers, 100 storage devices like flash drives and ten hard drives. intelligence officials say it is the most significant collection of information in the history of the war on terror. testimony has now wrapped up in the chauncey bailey murder trial. attorneys for yusuf bey and macaque rested their case yesterday after only calling a few witnesses. the trial will continue with closing arguments on may 17th. one of the reasons the judge ordered the nearly two week break is to give police time to arrest a witness who failed to show up to testify. time now 5:37. seven suspected gang members are due in court this morning. they'll be facing felony charges in the death of a german tourist in san francisco. last summer's fatal shooting of the 50-year-old sparked outrage
5:38 am
around the world. this case attracted a lot of attention. she was celebrating her 25th wedding anniversary with her husband when they decided to go for an evening walk near union square. investigators say she was then caught in the cross fire of a gang shootout. san francisco police announced long awaited break in the case late yesterday hours after raids in three bay area cities. >> one warrant served in fremont, california, with the help of the fremont police department. one warrant was served in oakland. five warrants were served here in san francisco. there is still one suspect outstanding. >> now four of the seven suspects are facing murder charges. the others are charged with accessory to murder. two of those suspects are teenagers. doctors in los angeles have some new information. it's about the giants fan who was attacked outside dodgers stadium. they say bryan stow is not recovering at the rate they would like. and the next couple of days could be critical. on friday doctors took stow out
5:39 am
of a medically induced coma. they're closely watching his condition to make sure his brain can handle being off heavy sedation. family members also report some good news, bryan stow has not suffered any major seizures. well, bart is adding a new book lending machine to its mill brae station today. similar kiosks are already available at some east bay stations including this one. the machine will hold 800 books. and all you need to rent one is a library card from the peninsula. all right. time is now 5:39. let's check back with sal. how are we doing out there? we're doing okay. it's nice and early. today's commute so far looks fine. we don't have anything major yet. no collisions on highway 4 for example or on highway 680 in contra costa county. it is a nice looking drive for the most part all the way out to where you're going. this morning's commute is going to be okay if you are driving at the bay bridge toll plaza.
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the commute continues to look very nice. and the morning drive is moving well on the peninsula. the traffic is looking good on 101 and on 280. 5:39. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. very good morning. thankfully i don't suffer from allergies but there are those of you, pam as well, who do. if you do then you can blame any number of the three here. trees, grasses, weeds. weeds continue to just -- they're blowing up as we say. they're very high. so last week it was trees and today -- this week so far, it's weeds. very high on all counts. temperatures today will be warm inland but cooler by the coast even though there's no fog there. why? because we're seeing more of a westerly breeze. the north-northeast has collapsed. cooling continues tomorrow as the fog returns in a big way and weekend much cooler. drop 20 degrees even inland temperatures as a rather strong low for may movers right into us and slides into the sierra nevada. showing itself that's it.
5:41 am
yeah, that's it. but that's going to increase the westerly breeze. we're already starting to see that. fairfield yesterday was 68 at this time. they're 48 today. you lose that north wind and get a west wind. a lot of low 50s, mid-50s around. 40s napa and santa rosa. santa rosa at 47. santa rosa our target forecast today. cool morning and sunny today. not as warm as yesterday. i went 85. little nervous by that. 46, 70 and then 85 today. west wind at fairfield. west at 7 at sfo. and that's it. everyone else is calm. even san jose a little southeast at 3 but we're looking for that west wind and it's starting to appear. it's going to take a couple more hours and then it will start to move in. the fog is still to the north and south. if you're away from the coast it really won't matter today. it will still be warm. it will still be sunny. even sunny at the coast. but the first stages of a cooling trend start today coast and bay and fly in here by the weekend. went pretty quick. i had upper 80s up there. i forgot to put the pause point in. 78 santa cruz.
5:42 am
88 morgan hill, gill roy. same as yesterday. fremont 82. 81 redwood city. 68 half-moon bay. warm today but cooler coast. then here comes the fog friday. then it will start to fly over the coastal hills. we'll actually have partly mostly cloudy skies and cooler as we head towards sunday. well, another officer arrested as an east bay drug scandal continues to grow. also the washout from two weeks of heavy rains in the midwest continues today. now more of that region is under a state of emergency. good morning. southbound 680 traffic looks pretty good heading south. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
5:43 am
5:44 am
good morning. we have clear skies. even over at the coast. but there's a puff of a westerly breeze. it will be cooler coast and
5:45 am
bay. 6 0z, 70s but still as you move in on low 80s closer to the water and over the hills and far enough inland upper 80s as temperatures continue to warm inland. cooler weather for some today. well, the president has declared a state of emergency now in parts of tennessee, mississippi and kentucky because of those flood conditions along the mississippi river. heavy rains across the midwest have led to water flooding into the mississippi river from 31 states. now all that water is concentrating on the lower end of the river. safety workers in louisiana expect they will be the next to need federal help. good morning to you. here's a quick look at some of the other top stories we're following for you right now at 5:45. this morning close to 100 people are turning to the red cross for help after being chased into the streets by this four alarm fire in san francisco. it started yesterday evening at a residential hotel in the city's south of market area. no serious injuries have been reported and investigators are still looking for the cause of
5:46 am
the fire. accused serial killer joseph naso is due back in a marin county courtroom at 9:00 a.m. a judge will consider his request to act as his own lawyer in his upcoming murder trial. today pg&e will find out if it can change how it charges customers for the power they use. if their proposal is approved, people who conserve energy could be charged more while customers who use a lot of power could pay lower rates. two hours from now president obama is scheduled to arrive in new york city. sandra endo is live at ground zero this morning where the president will take part in a wreath laying ceremony to honor the victims of the september 11 attacks. it looks like already a lot going on there, sandra. >> reporter: oh, absolutely. they're definitely preparing for his arrival here, pam. and this is president obama's first trip to ground zero since taking office. and he's marking the victory in the war on terror with those hardest hit, the family members
5:47 am
of 9/11 victims and first responders. the last time barack obama visited ground zero was back on 9/11 when he was a candidate in 2008. now this presidential visit isn't marking a day of tragedy but one of triumph. no speeches or public statements are planned, just a wreath laying ceremony to remember the thousands of lives lost nearly ten years ago. but in an effort not to stoke the flips of extremist anger the president explained why he decided not to release pictures showing the dead bin laden. >> it is important for us to make sure that very graphic photos of somebody who was shot in the head are not floating around as an incitement to additional violence as a propaganda tool. that's not who we are. >> reporter: while respecting the president's decision, some
5:48 am
lawmakers say the photos should be released in order to quiet skeptics. >> it would be better to release the photographs so everybody know that they did get this man. and more importantly it's important for all these terrorists to realize we're going to hunt them down. >> reporter: as a clearer picture emerges of what happened in the raid, the bottom line for many americans is pretty simple. >> there had to be justice. and the only way to achieve that justice is a life for a life in this case. >> reporter: now back here at ground zero the security is very tight in anticipation for the president's visit. he's scheduled to go to engine company 54 which lost 15 firefighters on 9/11. and then the wreath laying ceremony later this afternoon. reporting live from ground zero in new york, i'm sandra endo, back to you. all right. sandra, thank you. our time is now 5:48. a san ramon police officer is in jail this morning in connection with a growing scandal at the contra costa county narcotics team.
5:49 am
now lombardi is an officer with the san ramon police department. he's now facing drug and weapons charges. and he's currently being held on $760,000 bail. investigators started looking at lombardi after the former commander of the drug team, norman welsh accused of stealing and selling drugs seized in raids was arrested. a private investigator and a danville police officer have also been arrested on related charges. men lo's park plan to revitalize the downtown area will cause traffic problems. that's according to a new report. the plan calls for adding new retail, commercial and residential units to the downtown area. the environmental reports suggests the city would need to add stoplights and turn lanes to avoid problems caused by increased traffic. they also suggest the downtown development would raise noise levels and greenhouse gases. time now 5:49. you're talking about traffic problems. sal, do you see any traffic problems right now? i don't see anything big. we are watching of course the
5:50 am
commute and making sure the traffic is still pretty light on this first hour of most people's commute. let's go out and take a look at 237. traffic is moving along okay. it's already getting crowded but not stop and go. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on 880 in oakland north and southbound. that traffic is looking good driving up to downtown. and this morning's drive is okay at the toll plaza. we already have a little bit of a back up here as you can see traffic is moving well once you get on to the bridge. 5:49. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. very good morning. if you enjoyed yesterday especially the coast for temperatures even downtown san francisco went to 82. still clear there but there are signs of a westerly breeze. it will be cooler. fog's not a factor yet. it's north and south of us. by tomorrow it will play into the forecast. what will play into the forecast today is a west wind. 44 to 54 mainly on the lows here in the morning. 60 to 76 by noon. sunny and breezy. that will be a westerly wind later on. we'll have 60s for some closer to the coast and upper 80s to near 90 if you're far enough
5:51 am
away from the coast. all courtesy of that west wind. this little system which is beginning to move into the north it's just a tenuous little rope but that's all it needs right there. the easterly breeze or northeasterly breeze has collapsed. and now in its place is a slight west wind from sfo to the delta. that system moving into the north will help usher in slightly cooler weather. sunny and warm inland as temperatures will be under the dome of high pressure. but a strong low for this time of year will start to move into the picture tomorrow and move right in on the weekend which will allow temperatures to really take a plunge. today 60s up toker 80s. antioch brentwood 89. 76 berkeley and san francisco and temperatures in the santa clara valley upper 80s. on the peninsula low 80s and 60s and some 70s on the coast but those 70s down towards santa cruz. fog and cooler weather and much cooler into the weekend. just a few minuting a labor department announced worse than
5:52 am
expected unemployment numbers. 474,000 people filed for first time jobless benefits last week. that's up 43,000 from the week before making it the biggest jump in nearly nine months. analysts thought those claims -- the claim number one fall. labor department expert says much of the increase is because of temporary layoffs in the auto sector. worries over the u.s. economy sent oil prices below $109 a barrel in trading this morning. crude oil was selling for more than $114 late last week. traders watched better than expected earnings reports coming in from u.s. companies. continued fighting between forces loyal to libyan leader moammar gadafi and rebels boosted the price. now analysts say that increase could fade and oil could be selling for less than $90 a barrel by the end of the year. well, chevrolet is recalling more than 154,000 of its popular cruz vehicles. the automaker wants to check the installation of the steering wheels.
5:53 am
now chevy says a quality control inspection of the ohio plant where all the cars were built led to the recall. there are no reports of injuries or accidents related to the recall. by the way, gm sold more than 25,000 last month alone. and gm in with great numbers this morning tripling from the first quarter from this time last year. we'll see how that effects wall street in just a bit. all right. time now 5:52. retesting the drunk driving tests. where bad drunk driving tests are boom ranging back on prosecutors forcing them to do the unexpected. ♪ [ music ] the top five will soon be the final four on "american idol." we'll show you the unique way a hometown fan is showing his support for james.
5:54 am
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free access to chase atm's wherever you are. that's a step forward. chase customers can avoid atm fees with over 16,000 nationwide. take a step forward and chase what matters.
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welcome back. reviewing cases because of faulty breathalyzer. same devices used by san jose police until last week. the police department pulled the devices after finding a glitch that can produce faulty readings. the santa clara county's d.a.'s office is now reviewing 800 dui cases. now the police emphasize that breathalyzers are not the primary tool to determine if someone is drunk. they're also used with other methods look field sobriety
5:57 am
tests. one more goes home tonight on "american idol." last night fans gathered to cheer on their hometown favorite. ♪ [ music ] >> the top five took on current and classic songs for the shows then and now theme. and santa cruz's james turbine wowed the judges again with his two performances. one man had his image painted on the back of his jacket in a unique show of support. >> creativity and singing, he just blows our mind every week. i'm a huge fan now. >> you can watch the "american idol" results show tonight right here on channel 2. starts at 8:00. tomorrow i'm going to talk live with whoever gets eliminated. that's tomorrow mornings on 2. and i'm doing my own little twitter poll of our viewers. >> they're getting back to you on this. >> they are. and most people like james. and, sal, p cook news if people want to weigh in on who they
5:58 am
think. jacob so far they think that's who's going to get cut. >> it is a great tool. and people are always asking me when is dave clark going to be on there? one day he will be. good morning everybody. steve and i are both on twitter as well. go out and take a look at northbound 280 getting up to 880. that traffic looks good. one more thing before we close out the hour, 680 traffic is looking good despite earlier troubles. it's at the speed limit. now back to the desk. all right. we'll see steve in a second. >> we'll grab steve in a second. where will they live now? fire forces close to a hundred people out of their homes in san francisco. what caused it and who's helping those victims now. and changing the way you pay for power. the new pg&e plan that could have power hogs paying less. skies are clear. so that means sunny and warm again for everybody right? right? well, we'll see coming up in about two minutes.
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