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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  May 10, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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within the last hour, a terminal at san francisco airport has been evacuated. newschopper2 is on the way. we'll tell you what's happening now. >> reporter: you're gonna hear from the a passenger -- from a passenger about what happened when the man stormed up front and banged on the cockpit. and maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger have separated. >> reporter: eight months after the pipeline explosion, some homeowners are taking different steps. that's still ahead. "mornings on 2" starts right now. pch well, good morning to you. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm dave clark. >> yi rm tori campbell. it's tuesday -- good morning. i'm tori campbell. it's tuesday, may 10th. right now, an san francisco
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at terminal 2. sal castanedo joins us now to tell us what's happening and terminal 2 is the one that just opened? >> the new one, yes. we first found out about it on twitter. we started to see tweets from people about what's going on? people were being asked to evacuate. it turns out the fire alarm in the building was going off. now, some people have been allowed back in. and then later we heard some of the same passengers tweeting that the people at the gate were essentially ignoring the instructions coming over the intercom to evacuate the building. so some people went out, eventually everyone went back in, but the fire department and the alarm -- around the police are still -- and the police are still on the scene trying to figure out what's going on. it could be because of the build something new and they haven't worked out their alarm issues yet. we don't know. we're gonna find out more. it does look like the people
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are being allowed back in. the other terminals were not affected. we strongly urge you to check on your carrier. some of the airlines may be delayed. we'll find out more -- we'll find out more. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. we're following another story tied to sfo, the man accused of trying to storm the cockpit of a san francisco- bound jet is due in court in just a few hours. kraig debro says we're hearing from some of the passengers on board that flight. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, tori. this court proceeding is called an arraignment and it will take place at this phillip burton federal building. the flight took off from chicago and then about 30 minutes before landing, the pilot announced the plane was on final approach. the passenger told us what happened next. he qd us that we -- he
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requested that we don't know reveal his identity. >> and then the gentleman walked up front, he kind of walked briskly. i wouldn't say ran, but had a purpose. went straight up there. i had headphones on at the time and all of the sudden i saw people get up and move and the flight attendant yelled for help. >> reporter: a cia agent and san francisco retired police officer helped. they restrained rageh almurisi. the plane landed. then police took rageh almurisi into custody. >> everything was in kind of a state of shock. you could definitely see toward the end there was a few people who did seem to be visibly kind of upset. >> reporter: police arrested him on suspicion of interfering with a flight. but because he has a passport from yemen and he was yelling in arabic as he stormed the
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floor, there was suspicion that he might have been trying to storm the flight. there's no evidence that he's tied to an -- tied to an organization of terrorism. that's what his family says. you will hear from them in about an hour. back to you. >> thank you, kraig. 7:03. the investigation continues into the overnight shooting on delta deanza trail in pittsburg that left a man wounded. police are out there searching for suspects. >> so hopefully the people that came out here to collect evidence will gather something to give us some leads. >> now, it happened last night around 11:30 near crestview avenue and leland. the victim told police there were four suspects. one of them fired shots at him. he was hit in the shoulder. he needed surgery. park police say this may be
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gang-related. somebody is sending out bogus e-mails that tell the recipients to send money to the department of homeland security or risk being arrested. an fbi spokesman says the e- mails have an official-looking fbi seal but it's a phony. it's a fake. the fbi has set up a website to track reports about this fishing scam. 7:04. the woman who claims she was gang-rained by a group of deanza baseball players four years ago may still get millions of dollars from insurance companies. the plaintiff lost her case in court. she was seeking $7.5 million in damages but the jury found no liability on the part of the defendants. now court documents show the woman retained the right to sue their insurance companies for a total of about $4.5 million. later today, a san bruno family will break ground on their new home after last
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september's pipeline explosion. allie rasmus is live in san bruno. this is the first of several homes that are gonna be rebuilt, right, allie? >> that's right. the groundbreaking is scheduled for later today. it will mark the start of construction for the first home in the crest moore neighborhood. it's in this lot, the owners have put up or they've left up their easter decorations and one thing we noticed just below the easter decoration, there are a few bottles of empty champagne because the owners, we're told did have a little bit of a celebration when they finally made the decision and found out that they were gonna be able to rebuild here. now, you talked to the homeowners when they were set on rebuilding. what did did they them you? >> i did. i talked to the man and he passed a note to me saying, i want to be the very first
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rebuild and i put my hand on his shoulder, i want to be there to cut the ribbon. it will happen at 2:00 today. we're really looking forward to it. >> reporter: we found out that five property owners have decided to rebuild. how many of those are the original homeowners? how many have left the home? how many have decided to rebuild? >> i know we have applications anded inquiries for half of the neighborhood to rebuild. some people who lost family members decided not to come back. pg&e has a program that's internal between them and the residents to buy out some the hots. hot -- lots. we'll find out more about that. residents have expressed interest to come back. and the pellegrini family have
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issued a permit. and they will be here as well. they have a program that's internal between them and the homeowners. we're not privy to a lot of that. we'll find out later. >> reporter: what about plan force a memorial for eight people who lost their live >> some people have said we want a memorial. some people said they don't want a permanent memorial. we're gonna work this out with the clab rakes of the neighborhood -- collaboration of this neighborhood. >> reporter: thank you. the groundbreaking starts at 2:00 for the first home to be rebuilt after the pipeline disaster. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. former california governor, arnold schwarzenegger, and his wife, maria shriver, are keeping a low profile this morning after announcing their separation. they made the announcement last night. it comes four mounts after arnold schwarzenegger left office. neither are talking publicly about the split.
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but in january, shriver hinted about the big changes about to come in her life. >> i'm gonna let go. i'm gonna let go of my need to jump into action, my need to have the perfect plan, my need for certainty. when you step out into uncertainty, it's not a disaster. it's not the end of your life. >> shriver has reportedly moved out of the couple's southern california home and has been seen without a wedding ring. the couple marked their 25th wedding anniversary a few weeks ago. they have four children ranging in age from 14 to 21. the couple said "after a great deal of thought, reflection and discussion and prayer, we came to this decision. at this time we're living apart while we work on the future of our relationship." we'll have a live report from santa monica on this coming up. an emergency alert text system will be in place by the end of the year.
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today, the fcc will announce what will be called the personal localized alerting network or p.l.a.n. they are gonna use it during hurricane, tornadoes and disasters. emergencies will be able to be sent to specific gee jask areas. air -- geographic areas. and there's senator al franken right there. a hear something starting right now washington, d.c. investigating privacy concerns with smartphones. now, coming up at 7:15, we'll bring you a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom about tough questioning executives of google and apple will be facing today. potential small business owners who want to serve some meals on wheels are facing delays. in march, people camped outside the san francisco -- department of public works to apply for a new permit to operate a mobile
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food truck. about 70 applications were received but now the bay citizen reports only three food truck applications have been approved. the director for public works hopes more trucks will be on the streets in about six months. all right. let's go back to sal. you're still following the alarms at sfo. what happened? >> well, right now, it looks like the situation has been brought up to normal. terminal 2, that's the bun -- that's the brand-new terminal. it looks like the fire crews have finally got back in and things are normal. but a lot of passenger were frightened -- i wouldn't say frightened. i would say saturdayled when all of a sudden the very loud emergency alarm starting going off. some people did go outside. you can see a couple of merrills planes that he --
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american airlines planes there. it doesn't look like there's been any significant delays to american airlines. we did see activity at the terminal and things are getting back to normal. let's go out to the toll plaza, you can see traffic is heading well up into san francisco. by the way, newschopper2 is heading up to the peninsula. there's a new -- there's a new crash reported near sierra point parkway. that's south of candlestick. that's where we're sending the chopper next. 237 westbound you can see traffic is moving okay. if you are driving on 237, some stop-and-go traffic there as you approach zanker, which is typical. let's go to steve. shallow fog. other wise, we have clear skies, sunshine, warmer weather. not much wind. high pressure is our fair- weather friend today and probably most of tomorrow except right by the coast.
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patchy fog mainly near san francisco. high temperatures around 60 to 76. for those of you suffer -- suffering from allergies, the grass is in the medium kam immediate medium category. -- in the medium category. rain, snow, up in the foothills and for us, a couple showers, sprinkles. that's gone. high pressure has built in. today, 40s, or right at 50. 50 for hayward, concord. the wind picked up the at concord, 43 in napa. they were down to 37. and then 41. fremont, 64 at noon, and then 70 for a high today. it will be sunny across the board. one low moves out. the next system is getting closer. that's going to cool us down starting tomorrow. today we will have high
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pressure. a little breezy, not that bad. low 60s, mid-60s, coast and bay and then upper 60s. you work your way inland to mid- 70s, hant selena -- selena, castro valley, 70. berkeley, 66. 72 in san jose to 76 in gilroy. cupertino, 72. fremont, 70. woodside, portola valley, very low 70s. upper 60s, millbrae, burlingame but low and mid-60s coast and in the city. sunny and warmer and then more fog on wednesday. here comes the big cooldown. it starts with more fog on thursday and then a strong low moves in. very breezy, cool and a possibility of rain. 7:14. a new demand this morning from house speaker, john boehner, what he wants in order to
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support raising the debt sealing. and how much did the judge know in the jaycee dugard case? the late princess diana is back in the news. why a foe photo of her is causing such rage at the cannes film festival.
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we do have newschopper2 over a crash. it looks like southbound 101 just past sierra point parkway. it looks like a pretty serious accident here blocking at least one of the lanes. newschopper2 is showing us traffic leaving san francisco, is backing up past candlestick. it looks like we're coming in and out of that signal here. we'll let you know more coming up. 7:17. about a half-hour from now, expectatives from google --
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executives from google -- again, we're peeking in. this is senator al franken. now, as as lil soy been burns reports, whether -- alison burns reports, they are investigating whether they are secretly tracking users' locations. >> reporter: let's get back to the hearing room. this hear something chaired by democratic senator al franken. the tech company executives are gonna be on the third panel. first up are representatives from the justice department and the federal trade commission. they are gonna be facing some tough questions about how far privacy laws go. the committee is investigating whether google and apple are investigating personal information through their androids and their iphones. it was revealed that users'
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information could be tracked. >> our cell phones are becoming spy phones that are collecting information about everything we do, every purchase we make, every place we go in our lives. when that information is added to, our privacy is at risk. >> reporter: and we're gonna keep watching the hearing this morning and have more for you here on the morning news. for now we're live. back to you. >> thank you. 7:18. some people are outraged that a graphic photo of a dying princess diana will appear in a tock meanttry -- in a documentary the at the cannes film. the film is supported by muhammed fayed, whose son died with diana. there's speculation that this was no accident where they died. but a death plot to prevent him from marrying diana. it will be shown around the world but not in the united
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kingdom. the judge in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case is facing a critical decision. it involves the public's right to know. next month, the judge has sentenced phillip and nancy garrido for kidnapping and rain. the judge then has to decide whether to release the grand jury transcripts which include graphic testimony from dugard herself. the release of dugard's book may complicate this legal controversy. the book is called "a stolen life." it will be released in july. her publisher says her book will tell the full story of jaycee dugard's 18 years in captivity. however, a spokesperson says dugard was required to give far more explicit details on a witness stand. 7:20. arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver have long called southern california home, even during his seven-year tenure as governor. gina silva is live in santa monica now with how the southland is reacting to the
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couple's stunning split. good morning, gina. >> reporter: good morning, tori. good morning, everyone. it's sad news for a lot of folks to hear this after 25 years they are splitting up. now, perhaps the very first sign of trouble. their anniversary was in april. 25 years of being married. neither one of them, not marina, not arnold, ever mentioned a thing on facebook or twitter. now, maria and arnold, they've been married since 1996. it was a beautiful union from opposites, maria coming from a strong democratic background and arnold schwarzenegger, the movie industry. for 5 years, the couple -- 25 years the couple has been together, even infidelity on arnold's part. he was also accused of groping women during his run for governor. maria never wanted her husband to pursue a political career. in their joint statement the couple wrote, "this has been a
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great time of personal and professional transition for each of us. we are continuing to parent our four children together. they are the light and sent esche of both our lives -- center of both our lives." now, a month ago, maria posted a video and talked about transitions. she never let everybody know she was talking about her marriage coming to an end. maria shriver is 55. they are four kids together between the ages of 14 and 21. it's said that maria has moved out of the mansion and for many years she's been unhappy in her marriage. since she's very religious, she didn't feel like it was something they could do. at this point she's decided to separate from arnold. back to you. >> thank you. 7:22. house speaker joan boehner says he will only support raising the nation's debt ceiling if congress comes up with trillions of dollars in
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spending cuts. boehner says everything is on the table except tax increases. timothy geithner has said he can use extraordinary measures to keep the u.s. out of default until august 7th. a smash-and-grab burglary in danville. what thieves were targeting inside a costco store outside of hours. newschopper showing a very serious crash here on 101. now we have a couple of crashes that happened here on southbound 101 heading down peninsula and this look like it could be here for a while. we're still trying to unravel exactly what happened. this is not goingny where. we'll let you know -- going anywhere. we'll let you know -- straight ahead.
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we want to go right back to sal about this accident. sal? >> it looks bad.
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let's go live to newschopper2 who is live over this scene. there is a gas leak. in fact, the chp has foregid bidden their officers from -- forbidden their officers from lighting flare. we advise you to use 208 instead. in case you are trying to get to sfo or the peninsula, 101 is just not your best option. newschopper2, can you pan to the right real quick? i just want to take a look at what's it's like leaving san francisco here. this is right near candlestick park here. the other rather unfortunate news, we have major injuries in this crash. there will be an investigation that's gonna take some time. look at 101, it's backed up well into san francisco's alamany maze. use 280. i think 280 will back up
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because of this huge traffic jam. we'll let you know more. we have a crew on the way. 7:6. let's go back to the desk -- 7:26. let's go back to the desk. we'll go to weather real quick. it will be sunny and warmer. temperatures in the upper 60s and low to mid-70s. no clouds today, although the fog is working its way up the coast. 40s or right about 50. we're starting to rebound off these morning lows. sunshine, warmer weather, a little breeze in there. 60s, low mid, upper 60s and some mid-70s inland. but this could be the warmest day of the week as we see the fog increasing by tonight and really starting to move in and in vadians of a very strong cold system which will be here for the weekend. it sure looks like rain moves in as well. police in danville searching for two stheefs. they stheef -- thieves.
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it happened at the costco at about 3:00 a.m. police say the thieves stole an east bay m.u.d. truck that smashed right through the door's rollup doors. investigators tell "the contra costa times" they hauled away the items with a stolen vehicle. police reportedly have several leads. live coverage from the mississippi, where the river crested just hours ago. >> reporter: and microsoft paid a plenty penny for a little company called skype. we're live in san francisco where details will be held to discuss the details. and the celebration for willie mays's oth birthday -- 80th birthday. the keepsake stole right outside of at&t park.
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welcome back. all eyes are on the mississippi river. just a couple of hours ago, the river crest in memphis, tennessee. our reporter is live in memphis now, where they are hoping the levees hold. elizabeth? >> reporter: good morning, dave. that's right. we spoke with an army corps engineer who said it appears the leveees are gonna -- levees are gonna hold. we know that hundreds of people woke up in shelters this morning and people who are not
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in shelters are coming down to see this historic rise and power of the river. as the mississippi washes across memphis, this curiosity- seeker can't help but get his feet wet. >> it's kind of cold. >> reporter: he did what city officials are telling people not to do. >> it's the mighty mississippi. it can be destructive. it's not water for drinking or swimming. i wouldn't want anyone to go wading in it. >> if they get in there, they had be asked to get out. we'll help them get out. >> reporter: hundreds are in shelters waiting to go back to their homes to see what's left. it will be weeks before the water is gone and cleanup is finished. >> we have a lot of displaced people. and it will be a while before they are either able to return to their homes or find alternate housing, and so we
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have a long time to go with this. >> reporter: army corps of engineers is confident the levees will pro-- row tecket the landmarks, including beale street. >> the only thing i'm scared about, what happens here, what happened in new orleans, the lev es break. >> reporter: the army corps of engineers say they are gonna keep an eye on this. they are opening up flood gates in louisiana. the state is evacuating hundred -- hundreds of prisoners all in anticipation of those floodwaters they expect to keep rising. >> you mentioned the landmarks are safe. i would assume that's graceland, not close to the mississippi river? >> reporter: graceland is safe. although the bottom of beale street is under water. all of the clubs and restaurants you would rather your favorite blues music. that's all safe. the city rests on the bluff that's about 70 feet higher than the mississippi river.
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>> elizabeth, before you go, are you safe? we know when there's floodwaters, there's snakes and other things in the water. you are right there. are you safe? >> reporter: yes, we've been safe. i will say we've been hear since last week. it's a good thing i'm in the in water. about 30 minutes before i saw you, there was a snake that went right across here, right across the sidewalk. that's the first snake i've seen since last week, and i will tell you, it's a little disgusting. [ laughter ] >> thank you. 7:34. it is the biggest deal in the history of microsoft and it was announced just a short time ago. jade hernandez explains how microsoft plans to make a bigger splash on the internet. jade? >> reporter: that's right. in less than a half-hour there will be a press conference at the four seasons in san francisco to discuss microsoft
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taking over skype. now, microsoft bought skype for more than $8 billion. 8.5 to be exact. it came down to a bidding war between microsoft and google, known rivals. experts are weighing in. we spoke to our tech expert about ten minutes ago and he told me the amount of money is a little bit surprising to him. it's clear that google did not want microsoft buying skype. it appears it's changing as we speak. skype has been competing with apple and some of microsoft's own properties overlap with skype. now, microsoft's ceo steve palmer and skype's ceo is expected to be here. there is a planned question-and-
7:36 am
answer session and remarks are expected by the key players in this acquisition. we're heading up to the fifth floor. we'll be in that press conference and bring you more later on during "mornings on 2." reporting live from san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, jade. 7:35. well, police in pleasant hill say there's no sign of foul play in the death of a 57-year- old man. emergency crews found him inside of a mcdonald's restaurant yesterday afternoon. investigators later learned had is death was the dult -- learned -- learned his death was the result of serious problems. a man was robbed outside of a giants' -- of the giants' ballpark. he took willie mays's miniature
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statue. the victim was held at knifepoint, while the man took the statue. police say lee giang wu had an argument with his girlfriend on sunday morning at his home. she was driving away when wu grabbed onto the car's side mirror and was pulled under the car. police say the woman initially left the scene but eventually came back. she was interviewed by police and released. wu later died at the hospital. police are forwarding the case to the district attorney. the city of san jose is considering cutbacks at some fire stations to help close a $115 million budget gap. right now there are five fire stations that have an engine and a truck company. but under a proposal, those stations may -- hey have to get by for one -- with just one
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truck. the rotating brownouts are expected to cut back on overtime but response times would be affected as well. >> when you have less firefighters and less equipment it's going to affect response times. unfortunately we need more firefighters not less. >> the san jose city council votes on budget next month. if fire station brownouts are approved, they would start on july 1st. 7:37. painful budget cuts are coming to the mount diablo district and tonight, the school may finalize layoff notices for 180 teachers and school employees. the board president said it's gut wrenching to have to take more from the students because of budget cuts. he -- cuts. he says the school board may have to make more cuts depending on the governor's cuts. right now, parents can apply to el men -- to elementary middle and high
7:39 am
schools. but school district officials are working on creating predictability in the school path. those who don't like the idea say the plan will eliminate diversity and a chance for the kids to attend a better school in the district. a final decision is expected in june. we want to check in with sal who is telling us about a fatal crash. rnlths that's right. southbound 101, just past point parkway, just past candlestick. this accident happened around 45 minutes ago. there is a minor crash in the center divider. as you can see, the coroner -- the coroner has been called. southbound 101, apparently there was a crash that -- i'm not sure if the person inside the vehicle was thrown or if there was a pedestrian on the road. we're still trying to find out that -- to find that out. but southbound 101 traffic is backing up as we tilt up a
7:40 am
little bit. you can see the traffic is very, very slow, leaving san francisco coming out of the almanny maze. if i were you, i would not use 101 at all. use 280 to he go out of san francisco. today it's a 80 morning, not a 101 meeting at all unless you can somehow get yourself on the freeway after briz bane. if you are getting on after that, you are fine. anywhere before that, you are not. the metering lights are on. and this morning we're looking at traffic on 280. that's also slow getting up to highway 17. let's go to steve. good morning. i'm standing in the light here. we do have sunshine. it will be warmer today but if you need to get out and enjoy the sunshine, today is day to do it. the fog will be back and then a big change by the weekend. in fact, i said this about an hour and a half ago, you might want to have plan b for the
7:41 am
weekend if you have a son or daughter, because it looks really cool as we head towards the weekend and the possibility of some rain saturday night into sunday. today, some patchy coastal fog. low clouds start to fill in tomorrow. maybe even tonight, we'll still have sunshine but it won't be as warm tomorrow as it is today. really vigorous low. yesterday, the wrap dts -- the wraparound give us some sprinkles. high pressure moves in. but the fog is there. it's going to get helped along by a system already showing itself. 40s to low 50s. temperatures are starting to bounce off the morning lows. west-northwest sfo, northwest santa rosa, east-southeast san jose and south-southeast fairfield. so nothing too strong but there is a little puff of a breeze there. there is a cold front slicing down. that had start to move in tomorrow, at least for the fog. it will be a weak system but
7:42 am
it's there. the big news is the strong low which moves in on saturday giving us a mostly cloudy and very cool pattern. possible rain by saturday evening. the wind picks up on sunday it will be a mostly cloudy day. i mean, really cool, with possibility of showers, if everything continues to march in as advertised. they are all they are all advertised. we will continue that out to livermore, pleasanton. ing los gatos, 74. i went 70 santa cruz. i'm a little nervous by that. but a lot of low 60s on the san mateo coast. coastal fog, sunshine, big cooldown starts on friday and then takes us into a very unsettled weekend, toeshry. thank you, steve. 7:42. happening right now, a live update on the war in afghanistan. this is army major general john
7:43 am
campbell speaking to the media from afghanistan. campbell is the u.s. commander in the eastern part of the country. we're also hearing the special troop training is happening in afghanistan after an -- as afghan commandos prepare to take over security and operational facilities as the u.s. troops start the pull out from afghanistan this summer. and new details on the raid on osama bin laden's compound in pakistan. coming up at 7:45, the reason extra teams were on stand by and what the u.s. hopes to gain with talking with bin laden's widows. an alarming discovery in the home of an accused serial killer. the thousands of items found inside joseph naso's home as he awaits trial in marin county. an incredible story of survival. a car smashes through a wall and then plunges down an elevator shaft.
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taking a live look at the big board on wall street, stocks are crime -- are climbing this morning after news that microsoft has agreed to buy skype for $8.5 billion in cash and that's microsoft's biggest deal in its history. it's interesting, though, microsoft's stock is down on news. the dow is up 59. nasdaq is up 14. s&p is up 7. oil speculators have had a real roller coaster ride as crude oil prices spiked and dipped in the last two weeks. oil right now, i want to let you know is at, $102.
7:47 am
the oil prices dropped last week. yesterday it pushed up more than $5 to top $100 a barrel again. benchmark crude was just below $100 in sing singapore trading and there could be more wild swings as the institute announces its industry numbers later today. anticipation is high for software owners. 7:47. well, new information this morning about what the president was preparing for as navy s.e.a.l.s stormed osama bin laden's compound and how the pakistani government feels about all of that.
7:48 am
pam cook's in our newsroom now with all of this. pam? >> well, this morning, the former president of pakistan says he never struck an agreement with the united states to let american special foergses kill or capture osama bin laden -- forces kill or kapture osama bin laden inside his compound. he says the president always requested and we're learning more about the raid on osama bin laden's compound. according to senior administrators, president obama insisted that the assault force heading -- heading into pakistan looking for bin laden be large enough to fight its way out of pakistan if confronted by hostile local police officers. we've also learned that there whether two teams standing -- there were two teams standing by, depending upon whether osama bin laden was killed or captured. one team was ready to bury bin laden if killed. the second team made up of lawyers, translators, in case
7:49 am
he was captured alive. that team was set to meet aboard a navy ship in the north arabian sea. now, taken into custody, three of osama bin laden's lives and pakistan will allow u.s. officials to question them. security analysts are speculating about what we could learn from the women. now, they've reported already already given some details about the atmosphere at the compound. one of the women is actually said to have lived with bin laden in the time shortly after 9/11. how far, as far as their knowledge of the inner workings of al qaeda, it's highly unlikely because of their culture, which prohibits them meeting with men. i'm pam cook, back to dave and tori. >> all right, pam. and we have continuing coverage on the death of osama bin laden on air and online. go to our channel 2 website, click on the "osama bin laden" tab. well, this morning, president obama is try dash is
7:50 am
flying to el paso, texas to rue knew the call for reforming the immigration laws. critics are saying the president is just trying to get the latino vote. it's 7:49. investigators make an alarming discovery in the home of an accused serial killer awaiting trial in marin county. investigators find more than 4,000 photographs of women with little or no clothing in the nevada home of joseph naso. some were posed to look lifeless. investigators have identified half of the women and say most of them are alive. naso is accused of killing four northern california women in the 1970s and 1990s. he's not yet entered a plea but he's been allowed to represent himself. a seattle woman is lucky to
7:51 am
be alive escaping minor injuries after plunging her car into a wall and plunging down an elevator shaft. it happened in the third floor of a parking garage. a witness said the woman's car accelerated in the wrong direction. the firefighters pull her from the wreckage. overnight, at least four nato air strikes target -- targeted the libyan city of tripoli. it was some of the heaviest nato bombings in weeks. foreigners who have survived a chaotic boat escape from libya say that libyan authorities are actually forcing people onto overcrowded boats. now, this comes after a boat with more than 600 people capsized near libya last friday. the italian coast guard he help to rescue hundreds of people,
7:52 am
but there are reports that missing -- that the missing and dead are hundreds. nine minutes before 8:00. paying more foregarbage. two bay area -- paying more for garbage. the new battle over same- sex marriage. the navy is on the side of some federal lawmakers. they are on the other.
7:53 am
7:54 am
welcome back. the u.s. navy issued a memo authorizing its chap laynes to perform same-sex -- chap laynes to perform same-sex marriages once the law is lifted.
7:55 am
residents in san bruno and millbrae, you may soon have to pay more for garbage pickup. city councils in both of those towns will consider rate hikes at meetings tonight. rates in san bruno could go up 34 cent for people with the bins. we want to check back with sal for more on the very serious accident on 101. sal? >> that's right. southbound 101, it happened this morning about an hour and a half ago. southbound 101 here at the candle -- near the candlestick exit. a car -- actually, we're not actually sure how person died but one person's dead as a result of a crash. there's also a gas spill, southbound 101 near candlestick. the two right lanes are closed. traffic is really slow. these are live pictures from newschopper2 showing the crash
7:56 am
and also showing the huge backup now building coming out of san francisco and heading down peninsula. we advise you to use interstate 280 instead unless you can somehow get your way onto 101 after brisbane. if you can get on in south san francisco, that's okay. but not before. as you can see, traffic is backed up all the way out to the almanny maze. found a problem on the san mateo bridge as well. westbound 92, there's something going on there. for a while, traffic was at a standstill. it's moving again. but it's pretty slow heading west. this morning if you are driving on the nimitz freeway, stop-and- go traffic from about "a" street to the thornton avenue exits. let's go to steve. we have sunshine for most although it's very foggy on the santa cruz coastline. it's not taken the turn toward the city or toward the -- well, there is a tiny bit near point
7:57 am
reyes. it's really close. it's going to start to move in later. we'll have sunshine today. temperatures already in the mid- 50s for some. that would be hayward and concord. but 40s for ears. i -- for others. i don't think all of those have updated. one system moves out. high pressure moves in and a system sweeps in, coming down from the gulf of alaska setting the sage for a really cold weekend. fog on coast, mainly south of about pacifica 60s there. upper 60s, mid-70s inland. the fog will not be a factor inland. it will be a factor by wednesday and thursday. and then here comes a very strong cold system. on the weekend, i was just reminded the am again bike tour starts -- amgen pike tour starts in squaw valley. it won't be warm. we may be talking about rain and below-average temperatures. >> wow. you don't expect that -- >> not for this time of year. we'll have more on this
7:58 am
hour's breaking news. a deadly crash that's creating a huge traffic jam near candlestick park. why determining the motives of a man who is accused of disrupting a flight from chicago to san francisco will be key to just how much time he could face in prison. >> reporter: eight months after the san bruno pipe -- pipeline disaster and construction is well underway. we're receiving -- seeing evidence of this morning. we'll tell you about the big steps homeowners are taking this morning.
7:59 am
8:00 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'm tori dam tori campbell. >> i'm dave clark. happening now, a deadly crash near candlestick park. sal's here to tell us more about the huge accident and the traffic jam. >> southbound 101, the two right lanes are closed in brisbane, right near candlestick park. these pictures were taken just a few moments ago by newschopper2. that's one of the vehicles involved. there's another vehicle much more seriously damaged. southbound 101 at brisbane. you can see southbound 101 traffic is very slow coming past the scene here just at candlestick park. we do not recommend using 101
8:01 am
out of the city right now. if you are us heading south, use 280 instead. investigators are cleaning up a gasoline spill. so the chp was instructed not to light flares. 101101 southbound, just after candlestick. we'll have more coming up. 8:00. back to the desk. the investigation continues into the overnight shooting on the delta deanza trail in purg that left a -- in pittsburg that left a man wounded. police are searching for suspects. >> so hopefully the people who came out here to gather evidence will gather something to give us lom leads. >> it happened last night around 11:30 near crestview and leland. the victim said there were four suspects. one of them fired shots at he them -- at them. police say the shooting may be
8:02 am
gang-related. the fbi is warning about an yon scam that tells re-- online scam that tells recipients to send money or face arrest. the fbi says the seal is official-looking but it's fake. the woman who claimed she was gang-raped by a group of deanza players a few years ago, may still get millions from an insurance company. she lost -- she lost her case in court. she was seeking $7 million in damages. the jury found no wrongdoing on the part of the defendants. but now it's known that the woman retained the right to ensure their insurance companies for about $4.5 million. the man accused of trying to storm the cockpit of a san francisco-bound jet is due in court. kraig debro is live with what
8:03 am
some of the passengers on the flight were saying. >> reporter: yeah, what the passengers -- what they are saying is different from what the man is saying. this is the phillip bur to be federal court hours day -- phillip burton federal courthouse. >> he's not a terrorist. >> i don't really care what his problem is. either way, i don't know what his motives are once he could get through the door. >> reporter: that man didn't want to be identified but said he was on flight 1561 from chicago to san francisco sunday night. about 30 minutes before the flight landed, passengers say yousuf raza gilani seemed to -- passengers say rageh almurisi ran to the cockpit. flight attendants and two law enforcement officials subdued
8:04 am
him. ail muriscy -- rageh almurisi sat in first class the rest of the flight. >> he was fidge fidgety. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: rageh almurisi lived in vallejo and taught school there as well, according to a cousin. it's not clear if he has an attorney just yet but court proceedings are set -- are set to begin at 9:30. what's determined about his motives could determine what he's charged with. right now, it's just disrupting a flight. but if it's learned that he has connections or any connections with terrorist groups, his charges will be a lot worse.
8:05 am
kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:04 well, the first groundbreaking takes place in the san bruno neighborhood that was destroyed by last year's pipeline explosion. allie rasmus has been in san bruno all morning and is back with more on what the playor is saying about this milestone. >> reporter: well, dave, just in the last half-hour, we started hearing hammering and drilling noises. it's coming from where we are standing, off in the did distance. it's the con construction crew adding a roof. off to the right we see another crew out here doing the same thing with one of the homes, adding a new roof. now, in addition to the repair work going on, there's also plans to completely rebuild some new homes from the ground up. this home right here, this lot right here is where that first home is gonna go up. it's on 1110 fairmont drive. a neighbor came you ut -- came out and said the owners worked
8:06 am
out here. even though their home was destroyed, eight months ago, the owners insisted on maintaining the tradition of decorating. you can see in the grass, they have champagne bottles bau we're told they also celebrated this groundbreaking for the new hoe, when it was announce. this groundbreaking will take place around 2:00 this afternoon. 38 homes were completely destroyed when the ex-proex happened -- explosion happened back in december. but the mayor of san bruno said the owners of half of those property are planning to rebuild and are in the permit process of doing so. he says this is a milestone. >> it's a huge step. it's a huge step. it's a sign of how many people love this community and want to come back here, despite what happened, which is a very big psychological shock. >> reporter: eight people were killed in the pipeline explosion in september of last year. some of the residents in this neighborhood have said they would like to see a memorial go up on one of these now empty
8:07 am
lots to honor the people who died. how far, other neighbors disagree, they don't think it's the right approach. the mayor said a memorial is something that eventually the whole neighborhood will have to decide on as a whole. there are a lot of differing opinions about what to do with it. the focus is on the groundbreaking for the first time home to be rebuilt is gonna happen later on this afternoon. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, allie. 8:07. former governor, arnold schwarzenegger and his wife, maria shriver, are sep brating -- separating after 25 years of marriage. today, they are asking for pri sh -- privacy. we are not sure what led to the split. in january,ms maria shriver hinted about -- in january, maria shriver hinted about big changes in her life. >> i'm gonna get go for my need
8:08 am
to jump into action, my need to have the certain plan, when up step outof uncertainty, it's not a disaster. it's not the end of your life. >> maria shriver has reportedly moved out of the couple's southern california home and she's been seen without a wedding ring. their 25th wedding anniversary was just two weeks ago. they have four children. now in their statement, the couple said after a great deal of thought, reflection, discussion and prayer, we came to this decision toth. at this time we're living apart while we work on the future of our relationship. 8:08. potential small business owners who want to serve meals on wheels, hitting a few speed bumps. back in march, people camped outside of the department of public works to apply for a new permit to apply for a new food truck. the bay citizen reports only
8:09 am
three food truck applications have been approve. the director hopes more trucks will be on san francisco streets within six months. let's go back to sal. some major, major traffic problems. >> all right. the crashes keep on coming in. it's been very busy this morning. we have more information on that crash southbound 101 brace bane. it started off as a -- off as a two-car correct an -- wreck and then somebody was hit by a vehicle inspecting the damage. southbound 101 leaving the -- the swx air -- leaving the spwax area -- san bernardino area do not leave 101. the two right lanes are closed. the traffic is very slow. let's move along to look at the bay bridge toll plaza, it's moderately heavy on toll plaza.
8:10 am
traffic is moving okay. if you want to use the san mateo bridge, our newschopper2 is over westbound 92 approach, the bridge, it's backed up only about to hesperian. earlier, we had a crash on the san mateo bridge and that's -- but that was gone. >> let's go to steve. sunshine out there, don't want you to -- don't want to blind you. nms you are on the san mateo, santa cruz coastline, there is a lot of fog, especially down towards santa cruz and monterey. some that is moving us way up to the coast. it does not look likeis taken turn yet. we'll be good for sunshine today and warmer weather but a really strong system. i mean, for this time of year. looking impressive, coming in for the weekend. today, though, we're already out of the gate and temperatures warming up. 59 fairfield. winds picked up a little bit. 55 mountain view. san jose is close. hayward is close. napa and then santa rosa,
8:11 am
there's the fog on the san mateo santa cruz coastline. it's moving up the coast and starting to work its way inland a little bit. but it's shallow, it's not going to impact too many unless you are right near that fog bank and then it will be really cool. 50s and 60s. the reason why the fog is increasing, look at that system there, the leading edge of the system is moving down to this picture here. it won't impact inland areas today. we'll still be sunny and a almost bit warmer. the business knew, if you have any plans for weekend, stay tuned. ba -- stay tuned because it will change dramatically. possible rain by saturday evening into sunday morning. sunday, the wind will pick up, it will be really cool. again, if everything continues to march in as advertised. we could see 15 to 20 degrees on the temperatures. 60s or upper 50s.
8:12 am
if be -- it will be really nice. parts. coast will be socked in. marin coast and sonoma mostly fog-free. 7 o low,ed, mid, 76 gilroy. fog will be marching in on wednesday. here comes that big, old low for a below normal weekend. happening right now, the smartphone privacy battle moves to capitol hill. these are live pictures of the hearing. ect ect -- ective tiferns -- executives are on the hot seat.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
good morning. clear skies unless you're on the san mateo, santa cruz kest line, it's rather foggy -- coastline, otherwise it will be fog cold. a senate committee is about to grill executives from google and apple about whether their smartphones are secretly keeping track of users' locations. this is a live picture of the hearing on capitol hill. the panel with the google and apple executives was just seated about five minutes ago.
8:16 am
alison burns is koving the -- cover egg the hearing. >> reporter: tori, al franken insist es loves google and apple and uses their prowcket. he says the companies are -- product. he says the companies are brilliant. here is the director of public policy for google. this is the first ever hearing for the senate's new privacy and technology subcommittee. senators are investigating the amount of personal information. google and apple collect through android phones and their aps. researchers revealed that the mobile devices could track users' locations and franken says people need to know about it. >> i believe that consumers have a fundamental right to know what data is being collected about them.
8:17 am
i also believe they have a right to decide whether they want to share that information and with whom they want to share it and when. >> reporter: franken says the tracking on smartphones and through smartphone atmospheres, makes stalking and domestic violence victims more vulnerable. google executives are expected to testify they are not tracking individual users but they certainly have a lot of explaining to do. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 8:17. some people are curious today that a graphic photograph of princess diana as she's dying will appear in the new documentary at the cannes cannes film festival. the documentary is produced by dodi fayed, his son died with diana. he says that the cash crash was
8:18 am
a plot to keep fayed from marrying princess diana. the film will be shown around most of the world but not in the united kingdom. a judge in the jaycee dugard case is facing a critical sentence about the public's right to know. she is expected to sentence the two defendants next week. she must then deep side whether to release the grand jury transcripts. jaycee dugard is among those fighting to keep the transcripts sealed. the release of dugard's book could complicate this. "a stolen life" will be published in july. dugard's spokeswoman says she was required to provide far more explicit details on the witness stand. a bizarre story. a new york woman is not expected to face charges after getting naked in the middle of
8:19 am
her delta airplanes flight. this happened saturday on a flight from chicago to new york. passengers on board say the woman began to take off her clothes, forcing flight attendants to kofn esche her up with a blanket. police took the woman into custody once the flight landed. well, rodent pellets will soon be used on the island to get rid of mice. the mice are eating too many eggs and baby birds and that's leading to a population decline. activists are against the plan and are afraid that the other ceetures will -- creatures will eat the pellets. if this goes into effect, it won't be until next fall. a san francisco teenager is facing hate crime charges following a violent incident in san francisco. prosecutors say 18-year-old venon mass used a gay slur while attacking a fellow
8:20 am
student each week. police say mass choked the victim who was not seriously hurt. mass pleaded not guilty to the hate charges yesterday. a new revelation on the bodies along the beaches in staten island, new york. police believe there may be more than one kill earl. police have found ten sets of remains since december. many of the victims were prostitute the. the district attorney in suffolk county says new evidence suggests that others have dumped bodies. police have yet to identify any suspects. the mississippi river crested in memphis tennessee this morning at levels they haven't seen since the 1930s and now the officials are warning everybody watch out for poisonous snakes and aim gate irs. they can powp up in -- snakes and alligators. they can pop up in the flooding water, they may be in trees or in people anticipate houses.
8:21 am
residents also reported dozens of alligators sunning themselves on the levees. and residents in memphis are hoping the lev ewill be able to -- levee will be able to hold all of that water. >> amazing how high it is out there. a close call in sacramento county. the incredible story involving a homeless man and a dumpster. also overnight news about britain's royal couple. theirs word they are far a -- there is word they are far away from england.
8:22 am
8:23 am
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welcome back. 8. three los angeles jewelry sellers are going to prison for selling fake designer jewelry that had dangerous amounts of lead. authorities seized $25,000 in counterfeit jewelry from elegance fashion mart. some of the jewelry had 20 times the amount of lead that's considered safe for children. the co-owners of the store and the store manager have been sentenced for up to two and a half years in police ?oon we learned -- half years in prison. we learned overnight that prince william and his new bride left for their honeymoon. no word where they've gone.
8:25 am
but according to a few reports, they are honeymooning near the indian ocean and islands. a homeless man sleeping in a dumpster was merely killed after he ended up in a garbage truck as it was crushing trash. police in sacramento county say trash collectors emptied the zum ster -- emptied the dumpster yesterday morning. the truck comtacted the trash at least three times when the driver -- compacted the trash at least three times when the driver -- >> he had a back brace, neck brace. i didn't see any more. he got in the ambulance. he was pretty beaten up. it was pretty natural gnarly -- pretty gnarly. any improvements on that traffic mess in san
8:26 am
francisco,el sal? >> well, there is a little improvement just because people have been hearing about it. i want to go right to 101 and show you how bad it is. in fact -- well, it's backed up to the u.p.s. building. so i would say, no, it has not improved. people are using 280 instead to get out of san francisco. 101 is not your call. southbound 101 at candlestick, the two right lanes are still blocked with a fatal crash. it takes them a while to getted i -- to get rid of those unfortunately. it will be a while. let's get out and take a look at the westbound bay bridge. it's backed up for about a 15- minute delay. no major problems getting into san francisco. 880 north and southbound is busy heading south all the way to the south bay. northbound 280 is slow at 17. 101 is slow approaching 880 and 85. let's go to steve. sal, sunny for most. fog on the coast, mainly from
8:27 am
pacifica south. it's really solid down the santa cruz coastline. we have sunshine here. sunshine started off in the 40s. we'll end up with 60s and 70s. the computer system shows the system is moving out but already the leading edge of the system end of the week system is getting closer. 50s now, upper 50s for some. there's the fog on the coast mainly south of san francisco but it's really close and that system will move out. the next one will move in. that means temperatures warm up today but then they will start to cool down by tomorrow. so 70s inland. we'll start to see a cooldown cooldown by the coast for everyone as we head into wednesday and thursday. big news continues to be the end of the back and towards the weekend when a strong system drops in. 8:27. new video from the east bay. cost core's store in danville becomes the -- costco's store in danville becomes the scene of a very bold crime wha.
8:28 am
could lead to an arrest -- crime. what could lead to an arrest. and what a man on an airplane says he saw just before the flight attendant called for help.
8:29 am
8:30 am
in just 60 minutes from now, the man accused of trying to storm the cockpit of a san francisco-bound jet is due in court. ktvu's kraig debro tells us we're finding out a lot more about the suspect's past. kraig? >> reporter: that court hear something san arraignment. it will take place at the phillip burton courthouse. in about an hour ago. it takes place a few yards from the san francisco city hall. this is about the flight from chicago to san francisco. flight 1561 took off from
8:31 am
chicago around 5:00 p.m. local time on sunday. about 30 minutes before landing, the pilot announced the flight was on the final approach. the passenger with whom we spoke requested we not reveal his identity. a identity. >> a minute or two after they announced that, the gentleman walked up front and find of walked briskly. i wouldn't say ran but had a purpose. i had headphones on >> we're going to need priority on hurt landing. we had a passenger conflict. >> reporter: that call alerted police who met the plane on the tarmac, a retired secret service agent and a retired police officer offering their
8:32 am
help. they restrained rageh almurisi. police arrested him on suspicion of interfering with a flight but because he has -- because he has a passport issued from yemen and he was yelling in arabic, it's thought that he might have been trying to terrorize the flight. there's no evidence now that hese connected to terrorist -- that he's connected to terrorism groups. back to you. >> thank you. dan ville police are looking for thieves who stole an east bay m.u.d. truck and went to the costco and stole an atm. take a look. police say the thieves stole the truck and smashed through costco's rollup doors. this happened sunday before 3:00. investigators say it appears the thieves hauled away the merchandise using another vehicle. that was caught on surveillance video and police reported --
8:33 am
reportedly have several leads. and organization that helps adults with developmental disability is having a tough time after stolen items they lost a wi-game console and a video projector and a screen, cell phones and other items from their computer lab. these items help the therapy. they can't afford to replace the items. they are on a very tight operating budget. police in pleasant hill say there's no sign of foul play in the death of a 57-year-old man. emergency crews found the man's body inside the mc donald's restaurant. investigators later learned his death was the result of serious medical problems. san francisco police are looking for a man who robbed a giants' fan at knifepoint outside of at&t park during a game. all he took was this miniature
8:34 am
statue. it's a replica of the large statue of willie mays that sits outside of at&t park at 3rd and king streets. the giants were celebrating mays's 80th birthday and gave away min into claur statue force the first 20,000 fans. police say the suspect pulled out a knife and held it against the victim's stomach taking his statue. the victim was not hurt. 8:33. san jose police have investigate -- are investigating whether a-year- old man was accidentally killed or was run over on purr moss. police say the man had an argument with his girlfriend at his home sunday morning. now, she was driving away when wu grabbed onto the car's side mirror and was pulled beneath the car. police say the woman left the scene but see vengsly came back. she was questioned by police and later released. wu died at the hospital later. police are sending this case to
8:35 am
the district attorney's office. the nurse's struck at oakland hospital is over now. the nurses went back this morning at 5:00 after a five- day strike. they pick keted over changes in their healthcare. they want their employer to contribute to their premiums. they've been working without a contract since july. the city's transit agency will hold the first of a series of meetings for cab drivers at 12:30 today. another meeting is set for 5:30 tonight. the drivers are angry about new credit card surcharges and possible televisions running ads in the back of each cab. other town hall meetings will be held tomorrow and next monday. 8:35. hours ago, the mississippi river crested in memphis tennessee, just inches away from an all-time record. holly ferfer is live in memphis is explain what's next for the
8:36 am
people who are hoping the levees hold back the water. >> reporter: good morning. the army corps of engineerses say the levees are holding. they day -- engineers say the leve es are holding. that's good news. if all stays this way, the number should only read 14 feet above flood stage. the mississippi began cresting in memphis tuesday morning. the river is expected to reach 48 feet, the highest level since 1937. >> eve never -- never, ever seen the quarter this high. probably never will again. >> reporter: president obama signed a declaration disaster, making federal aid available to the areas aferbllthed. floodwaters have already swamped some neighborhoods. >> it -- i have been playing every day about this. i've got three kids. i'm not ready to move out of my house. >> reporter: further south, the
8:37 am
army corps. ing neergs hoped up a center in further hopes to avoid destruction. the river is not commented to crest in louisiana until next attack. governor bobby gin dal is already advising residents in his state to prepare. >> it's not too soon for people to look at those maps and if you live within those areas, now is the time to go out there, secure your property, make evacuation plans, think about where you might want to go. >> reporter: the flood is caused by rain that brow more spwrings than usual. hot, unusually dry weather, is expected for next week, good news for the home of the blues. ♪ >> reporter: tori, just to give you an idea of how high the water is, i'm standing on a stairway that should not be essentially in the mississippi river but the water is so high, it's covered not only the stairs but the parkway that's smoesed to be next to me where the parks -- where cars did
8:38 am
drive -- can drive. another thing we have noticed. we've been having a little visitor. it's been happening quite a -- it's been happening. a snake. officials say that's not unusual. that's why they are warning residents when you are able to go back to your homes that have been flooded, be careful what you may find because they are seeking drier ground just like this guy is doing here. these waters are not going away any time soon. forecasters are telling us it could be june before the floodwaters completely recede. >> holly, you are stand right next to the snake. i hear there could be some in the trees. they could be everywhere -- everywhere. thank you. 8:38. well, back here at home, fines for people who speed near schools may skyrocket soon. the state assembly approved a bill that would allow local governments to double the fines in school zones. right now, fines are between
8:39 am
$35 and $100. if you are caught going over 25 miles an hour in a school zone, but added fees on top of that make the actual cost around $400. the scoo zone bill now goes to the state senate. >> pretty steep fine there. >> let's check in with sal, keeping a close eye on the commute. everything okay now? >> still slow leaving san francisco, southbound 101. if you want to get down to the peninsula, i would say use 280. but 280 is also heavy. northbound 280 is backed up in the i-- in the city. people are avoiding it even coming in. this accident in brisbane, it's really thrown a lot of these commutes in san francisco off. it's gonna be a while before they recover. let's take a look at highway 24, westbound. that's also slow. it's going to be backed up coming into the -- into the caldecott tunnel. bay bridge toll plaza is recovering, it's backed up for
8:40 am
only a five to seven-minute key lay -- delay if you are driving on 880, it's slow heading up north. let's go to steve. for most it will be sunny, nice, mild, warm. but on the coast, especially south of san francisco, that fog has really nilled in. it's gonna thicken up. it's moving up the coast. continuing to move up the sonoma coast. so coastal fog, sunny, inland, warmer, there will be more fog tomorrow. it will still be sunny inland, but not as warm as today. the weekend, if things continue to come in as advertised. it will be very cool and breezy. possibility of rain saturday night into sunday. the finer details to be ironed out as we get closer but our long-range forecast models are incredibly in sync for this. we just had one and they were spot on for that one. that moved out yesterday. it had some wraparound clouds and a few sprinkles. but the fog is really increase
8:41 am
-- increasing because the system is inching closer. that's gonna get our fog going. inland areas are warming up. but there's the fog. it's been hanging out on the santa cruz and san mateo coastline and tarting -- and starting to work its way up the coast. inland, it's just -- there's too much high pressure. it's too shallow. we don't have enough of a rip- roaring sea breeze. today at least we have mostly sunny skies if you are away from the he coast. some patchy fog starting to thicken up. a little breezy later on. 70s inland. 50s and 60s if you are stuck in the soup. mid- to upper 60s around the bay. mid-70s far enough inland. it could top out around 76, 77. it looks like tomorrow will back off or lease up on those temperatures. then friday that system inches in and will give us some clouds
8:42 am
and maybe some rain. we're talking about it. a world-famous couple breaks up. [ cheers ] brush >> it was -- [ cheers ] >> this was telling moments before that. maria shriver and arnold schwarzenegger is separated. it's the biggest deal in microsoft. a live report is next.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
thrn -- this morning san bruno's mayor told allie rasmus, the groundbreaking and others to come for the rebuilding after the san bruno explosion tells how many people
8:46 am
love that community. investigators say a man pulled over to check out a problem with his pickup truck, when another driver crashed right into him. southbound lanes are gonna be closed for several more hours. 8:45. it is the biggest deal in the history of microsoft. ktvu's jade hernandez explains how the company plans to make an even bigger splash on the internet. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning, tori. we just came down from the fifth floor of the four seasons along market. this is where the press conference was held this morning, where microsoft announced to the world officially skype is theirs. microsoft bought skype for $8.5 billion. the deal was inc.ked last night. it came down to a bidding war between microsoft and google, known rivals. experts are weag in. we spoke to our tech expert. what my cre soft shelled out was a bit surprising for him but it was clear, he says,
8:47 am
microsoft didn't want want google getting -- getting their hands on skype. skype has been completing with apple's emerging times, integrating skype capability into a windows phone would be somewhat some are calling a game changer. let's listen to the scoes from -- to ceos from. >> it's exciting to be used in the context when people say can i skype you? we're also part of a very exclusive club. i like to thing of it as the 100/100 user. we have 100 users every month. >> communication is perhaps the most fundamental area in which technology can be
8:48 am
transformative. communications is changing rapidly, there are plenty of opportunities ahead. we will move beyond e-mail and text to rich experiences in the future. talking to friends and colleagues around the world will be as seamless as talking to them across a kitchen table or a conference room. >> reporter: microsoft wants to connect to other communities. microsoft's ceo and skype's ceo are taking questions about the announcement announcement right here at the four seasons along market. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> more on your website and also today at noon. it's 8:48. speculation is surrounding former governor arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver this morning after the couple announced their separation. gina silver is live in santa monica with what we know so far about the the split.
8:49 am
good morning, gina. >> reporter: good morning. we have learned that maria shriver has left their home and they've both issued a statement saying they are officially separating. perhaps one of the big signs there was trouble in the marriage, was back in april, their 25th wedding anniversary, neither made any statement at all, anything at all, on facebook and twitter even though they were posting quite a bit. they've been married since 1986. was a union of two opposites, maria coming from a political dynasty, arnold, action star figure and republican. for 5 years, the couple has been together for years even -- 25 years, the couple has been together. arnold schwarzenegger, accused of groping women during his political run. their separation comes after -- comes two years later, after
8:50 am
arnold schwarzenegger's being in office. maria shriver never wanted her husband to be in politics. now, maria is 55. arnold schwarzenegger, is 63. they have four kids together between the ages of 14 and 21. maria used to be a journalist. she does not plan to return to television news. arnold is busy promoting green energy around the world. now, everyone is asking is the divorce next? well, that's something we still don't know. they just issued a statement they are separating and living separate lives. in fact, a lot of sources are coming out saying they've been living separate lives for quite some time. and that ma maria had been unhappy with this marriage for years but because of her religious background, she
8:51 am
decided to stick it out for a lot longer. i'm gina silva, back to you. >> any reason for the timing? >> reporter: no. the statement just came out that they agreed to a separation. they are not giving any details. they are staying very quiet. months before her wedding anniversary, she posted a video on youtube talking about transitions in her life. and she asked people how do you feel with transitions in your life but she never said it has to do with my 25 years of marriage coming to an end. >> all right. thank you. gina silva live from los angeles. well, this morning, the former president of pakistan said he never struck an agreement with the united states to allow american special forces to kill or capture bin laden inside pakistan. his spokesman said the president always rejected it's requests to launch raids within pakistan. meantime, we're learning more about the raid on bin laden's compound. aid cording to -- according to
8:52 am
senior administrators, president obama insinced that the assault force headed into pakistan looking for bin laden be big enough to fight its way out of pakistan if they were confronted by hostile, local police officers. we also found out there were two teams standing by during the raid. one team ready to bury bin laden if he was killed and a second team made up the lawyers, interrogators, just in case he was captured alive. taken into custody, three of osama bin laden's wives in pakistan. pakistan will allow them to question them. they want to know what they can find out about him and his organization. they reportedly have already given some nfg -- given some information about the compound. one of the women lived with osama bin laden shortly after -- or during 9/11. we have much more information at click on the "osama bin laden"
8:53 am
tab. it is 8:52. sewn nip's playstation network is still -- sony's playstation net work is still offline. how long it could be, how much longer.
8:54 am
8:55 am
welcome back. 8:55. once again, sony is pushing back the date is expects to
8:56 am
have the playstation network up and -- up and running again. it hoped to have the system running yesterday connecting millions of gamers around the world. but now they are targeting the end of this month. sony has apologized. they are promising better security whenever the network resumes. the san francisco municipal transportation agency is defending itself against allegations involving its light rail system. in february, the california public utilities commission announced it was considering fines for problems that have not been fixed in a timely miner -- manner. "the examiner" reports the mta's allegations are without merit. the problem is deteriorating tracks and the church and dubois street interchak -- interchange. state regulators could decide whether a fine will be imposed or not.
8:57 am
detroit try to tie the series with the sharks at 3 games apiece. the game starts at 5:00. today's ticket 2s-day winner will be heading to the infineon raceway. one lucky winner will get two passes and two gridlock passes this week. for you to enter, go to before midnight tonight, scroll down to the ktvu "right now" tab and put in the secret word "tracks." good luck. >> all right. 8:57. one more time, let's check in with sal for an update on the commute. >> all right. southbound 101 is still the big story, leaving san francisco, southbound 101 pretty slow because of a fatal crash. it will be there until 11:00. the two right lanes near candlestick, very slow on 280. but i would still recommend 280 at this point in -- at this point instead of 101. let's go to steve. it will be sunny today and
8:58 am
milder. and then tomorrow, will be about the same, and then we head to a cool down on thursday. and then the amgen race, and then the beta breakers. >> that will do it for us. thanks for watching, everything. >> bye now. p bleaus
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