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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 11, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: i'm jade hernandez. san jose police are investigating a murder-suicide. we're moments away from a press conference with university officials. an unexpected twist concerning the trial of uc berkeley graduates. good afternoon. we begin with the investigation into a shooting that left three
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people dead in san jose. it happened inside a parking garage at san jose university last night. ktvu's jade hernandez joins us live from san jose state where a news conference is about to get underway. good afternoon, jade. >> reporter: good afternoon, torpry. we're moments away from that press conference with university officials. you can see everyone here gathered. the sound of gunfire last night turned heads but no one really knew what happened on the fifth floor. >> i heard a couple of quick pops, pop, pop and then little pops after that. and i didn't think anything of it until i got in my car. >> my buddy was here and he used facebook to tell everybody about the incident. he was here last night and the police asked him questions and everything. >> reporter: there were three victims last night and students this afternoon have speculated on how the three victims knew each other. a possible love triangle. but police have not identified
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the victims in what they are call a murder-suicide from last night's shooting around 8:30 on the san jose campus. two victims died on scene. a third believed to be the shooter was taken to the hospital where he did not survive. the shooting took place on the fifth floor of a garage near 10th and university on san vernanbo. we're told the three knew each other. the extent of the relationship has not been explained yet but we do know a gun was taken from the scene. >> i was really concerned about the student, of course. i didn't know if it was a student situation. >> reporter: the 10th-story garage is a parking structure. the garage also has a student services. some students whose cars were parked in the garage were left without any explanation as to why they couldn't enter the garage to get them. san jose state university officials stay students were alerted twice within the first half-hour by their p.a. systems which blasts in
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classrooms and offices and then second airily a -- secondarily a followup. >> we're very concerned about our students. we are offering counseling services. >> reporter: police are investigating this as a murder- suicide. now, the city of san jose has already surpassed last year's total of number of homicides for the year. it's only may. quite a problem for a city which has prided itself on being the safest city. you're back out live here, this is in front of the garage where the shootings took place. again, there will be a press conference momentarily. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> ku, jade. the -- thank you, jade.
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the solano police department is trying to figure out who shot two last night in an unincorporated area of vallejo. witnesses say they heard seven or eight shots in two separate shots of gunfire. >> pow! p.o.w. almost! pow! pow! >> reporter: and then you heard another set? >> yes. >> they canvassed the neighborhood looking for witnesses. and about two-thirds down the way they located a second shooting victim in a driveway. >> one person was taken away on drug charges. the leader of yemen al qaeda is promising revenge on osama bin laden's death. agents say there's so much
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information seized from bin laden's compound, it could fill a small college library. one official said they also confiscated a hand-written journal. it's reportedly filled with bin laden's thoughts and plans for terrorist operations. in the meantime, the cia has invited a select number of congress to see the bin laden death photos. members of the senate arms services and intelligence committees are being told today that they can come to cia headquarters to see the pictures but they must make an appointment first. dianne feinstein said she will sign up to see them. president obama decided they should not be released to the general public. we're following some developing news from europe where a deadly earthquake has rocked spain. the magnitude 5.3 quake hit the small town of lorka. os that's about 2 15 miles
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southeast madrid. there are reports of seven deaths due to fallen debris and cave-ins. the temblor struck at 2:00 a.m., spain time. it followed a smaller 4.4 quake about -- 4.4 quake about two hours earlier. u.s. is hoping that the trial delay for josh fattal and shane bauer is a positive thing. the trial was supposed to begin at 10:00 a.m. in tehran. but they were never brought to court. sarah shourd was released last year for health reasons. she will not be returning to iran for the time. about an hour ago, she told ktvu news that she's sick with worry. >> they weren't brought to court. that's the only information we have. we don't know why they weren't
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brought to court. we don't know when the next trial will be. we have no idea. we're in limbo. we have no idea what -- no idea what to expect. >> family released a statement saying the boys' lawyer being absent as well is extremely worrisome. the city of napa says it hopes to have repairs finished by this afternoon on a broken water main. in the meantime, water is still flowing to city residents and the city says the water is safe. but as ktvu's claudine wong reports, some people say they still won't drink it. >> reporter: employees at the walsh vineyard management company thought everything was fine until they started filling up their coolers for the day. >> you didn't realize it was gonna look like that? >> no. >> reporter: that's because the water looked like this. city officials say it's safe to
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drink. the vineyard's president said he tried it. you drank it? >> yes. this morning, it taste fine. >> reporter: the problem the started when the water main ruptured. the repairs are underway and the water has been restored but the city says there may be pressure issues and brown water. the city says it will take some time for the water to get back to normal. so we watched it. this is 5:30, 6:00, 6:30, 6:45 and 8:30. it did get a little better. if you put it in a glass, it actually doesn't look that bad. >> we didn't actually find anyone who wanted to drink it. >> are you gonna drink that? >> no, i'm not. >> reporter: in this case, the boss says he unders. he told unders -- he understands. he told his ploys to get the
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water from wells. >> it's dirty. it's harder to drink. >> reporter: the city says things should be back to normal within hours. but he says this has happened before and wouldn't be surprised if it took a week. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. it's not a good day on wall street. stocks were posted and the effects were had from the disney park in china. and the fact that americans are driving less due to oil prices. taking a live look at the big board, again, the dow down 154. the nasdaq is down 32. s&p down 17. oil has dropped almost 5% down below $9 a a -- $99 a barrel.
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toyotas profits fell. toyota says it expects to be back in full production by november. that's a month earlier than previous estimates. google is under investigation by the justice department. that information comes in a security and exchange commission filing. it only says the investigation involves how google's automated system treats on-line advertisers. ahead -- a big advertising push to find the people who attacked a giants' fan at dodgers' stadium. a big weekend in lake tahoe is coming up. ahead -- why it may be tough for visitors to get up there. a lot of gray clouds around the bay area. mark toe ma yo will have -- mark that tomayo will have the details -- next.
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bree: sis, help me create my oasis. marcy: ok, romantic garden? bree: oh, is there a castle nearby? marcy: no, but there's a charming farmhouse. bree: right next to my posh castle! i'm sensing a theme here.
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well, i am the queen, dear sister. a fire burned through an abandoned building in concord last night. this was the scene on willow pass road. firefighters say flames were intense and winds were strong. they were forced to fight the fire outside and brought it under control in about an hour
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and a half. the building was a former bar and lounge that was called the mal tas club. there are no reports of injuries. more than 300 billboards relating to the beating of a giants' fan will soon be going up on los angeles freeways. they show sketches of the two suspects on the brutal attack on brian stow outside dodger stadium six weeks ago. lamar advertising of los angeles is paying for the billboards. stow is still recovering at a los angeles hospital. doctors say he has not had a seizure for the past two weeks. however, stow's mother recently said her son will never be the same. teachers in the city of alameda have been handing out fryers about their state of emergency campaign. it's meant to draw attention to state budget cuts for education. you are looking at video we gout this morning from alameda high school. one teacher here is a finalist for teacher of the year. she's been laid off and rehired three years in a row. she says the hardest part is
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telling her students. >> can it's too much of an emotional roller coaster ride for students to tell them. i would probably tell them toward the end of the school year. she's hoping to get hired by the end of the summer. >> she's hoping the money comes through at the last minute and hopes to have a job next year. high school students in union city are rallying in support of a parcel tax measure day to help save afterschool activities. >> we need to save our future! >> hundreds of students showed up at district offices this morning right next to james logan high school. the district is planning budget cuts that would cut sports, music and drama programs. rally organizer, rolanzo says the cuts would be drastic. >> they are cutting potential fors us -- for us as well.
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if our coach wasn't here, i could be dead. >> measure b would generate about $00 a year for four years. students are also planning a fund-raising drive raced to safe. it's an event that takes place to raise $500,000 to save the students. aimee cooper is still missing. her father said she's been recently treated for depression. aimee is described as 5'5" with blue eyes and died red hair. anyone who has seen her should calm alameda police -- call alameda police. pulling the plug on
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b.a.r.t.'s program would be too much money spent. that would be money down the drain, they are reporting, if it was cancelled. the best strategy is to contain the costs going forward. b.a.r.t. has a new plan to install 75 tv screens in its stations. the screens would show information about train schedules and the weather. b.a.r.t. could also receive millions of dollars from an advertising company if they displayed commercials on the tv. the board is set to discuss the idea at their meeting tomorrow. a vigil will be held today for a man killed in eight -- killed in a fatal hit-and-run accident last week. the 61-year-old man was hit at masonic and turk by a 23-year- old suspected drunk driver. after today's vigil there will be a discussion on how to improve safety in the area. some of the ideas include
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installing a red light camera. city transportation officials will hold the meeting on the issue on friday. cycling fans have to drive quite a few extra miles to lake tahoe to catch the start of the amgen race. caltrans is closing highway 50 at echo point for two weeks for construction work on aging rock walls. drivers will be sent on what caltrans is calling a scenic 35- mile detour through gold country. the detour will begin in sacramento or placerville and bring the drivers to route 88 which connects to lake tahoe. many tahoe business owners are upset about the timing of the closure because of the race. caltrans says the highway will be open in time for the memorial day weekend. along mississippi river, crews are hard at work shoring up levees against floodwaters, threatening to swamp even more of the mississippi delta. the crest of the flood continues to roll south toward the gulf of mexico, putting parts of cities such as
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memphis, tennessee and tunica, mississippi under water. yesterday, in memphis, the water came just inches short of the record set set -- of the record set in 1937. these are live pictures of memphis. many have been forced to evacuate along the river and casinos closed by flooding are losing millions of dollars. the bay area weather pattern for today almost looks like summer with more sunshine inland but still left some haze out there and also patchy, dense fog showing up. here we go on the satellite showing you low clouds concentrated up in parts of the north bay, sonoma county, closer to san francisco. most of the shoreline here. we have this big patch moving across the bay even affecting oakland and also right around hayward has well. for your wednesday, coastal an bay fog warmest locations around 70 degrees.
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tomorrow another batch of fog out there. a little bit of a bump in the numbers but get ready for a significant change this weekend. major cooling. we're talking about some sunday showers here we go. santa rosa, 61 degrees. oakland, 57. san jose, 6, and livermore, in the upper 50s right around 59 degrees. there is a weak weather system up to the north, strong enough to send in a few high clouds and showers right around cape mendocino closer to eureka. this is the closeup. with that some low clouds, we'll keep it cool coast side. temperatures coming down from yesterday's reading. here is a look at the weather change. a cool weather system moves in. as a result, tomorrow, not much change. temperatures cascading by friday and into the weekend. sunday easily the coolest day of the overall next few days. we will be talking about some rain showers and possibly some thunderstorms to wrap up the
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weekend. here we go with our cloud forecast model showing some lingering fog out there. even by 7:00, the low clouds will be on increase surging back in the bay as we take this into early thursday morning. forecast for today, 4:00. partly cloudy, 58 to right around 70. by 7:00, a bit of a breeze out there, by 10:00, areas of fog those temperatures back down to the low to mid-50s. you won't find too much in the way of 70s. the warmest locations in the upper 60s to maybe right around 70. san jose, 66. half moon bay 58. here is a look ahead to your five-day forecast. a little bit warmer. we'll start out with low clouds and fog in the morning. we begin to cool things down. look at those changes for the weekend. a couple of weeks ago, i almost said the storm door was shut but i would have been wrong. possibly some snow in the bay area hills. >> what! >> it's gonna be that cold across the region. it's gonna feel like winter.
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>> any record lows? >> we could be talking about record -- record low highs, stuff like that. >> yeah, being so cold for day. okay. thank you, mark. a recent decision by grammys has hit a sour note with a group of bay area jazz musicians. they went to a recording academy meeting last night to oppose the decision to drop numerous categories, including latin jazz. carlos santana, a grammy winner, stressed the important of latin jazz. >> also, our national artform jazz is being assaulted and contemporary jazz has been cut out, traditional blues, traditional r&b, american-made music, hawaiian music, it's been a sweep. >> the president of the academy told ktvu the cuts were made to categories that did not get as many entries as others and he says artists can still submit
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their music under alternative categories. a mountain lion roaming in el paso, texas caused quite a scare. the mountain lion was spotted near train tracks. neighbors cornered it in a car wash. several buildings were evacuated, evening -- including a school. this all happened hours before president obama's visit to el paso to talk about immigration. the lion was shot and killed. o?oowq
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taking another look at the big board on wall street, a drop in the euro is putting a drop on the numbers. santa clara county is cracking down on owners of dangerous dogs following a series of attacks. just last month in san jose, a pair of dogs attacked dawn wilson and her siberian husky in kataldi park. her dog had to be euthanized. santa clara supervisors gave tentative approval for new ordinances under the policy that it would be easier to declare a dog dangerous and the amount of liability insurance that the owners must carry could double to $100,000. a meltdown on the ice has
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forced a game 7. the san jose sharks are just one loss away from being hee limb nateed in the playoffs -- eliminated in the playoffs. >> back and scores! >> the detroit red wings beat the sharks 3-1 last night. the red wings have rallied with three straight victories after losing the first few games. the next game is tomorrow night. that will did to for us. have a great day.
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