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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  May 17, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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rain beginning to move back in and will be more coming in this afternoon. this one may have more although i heard from ron he had an inch and a half of rain. are you kidding me? generally about a quarter inch to tenth of an inch. next system already light rain moving in towards santa cruz mountains and stretching towards the santa clara valley. more in a few minutes. here's sal. steve, traffic is moving okay on westbound 80. eastbound 80 there's a crash in fairfield at eighth street. also this morning we're looking at the commute on interstate 880 and that's okay for now. 5:00 let's go back to the desk. thank you, sal. new this morning, the sex scandal behind the break up of arnold schwarzenegger and his wife, maria shriver, ktvu joins us with the stunning admission by the former governor. >> reporter: it was a bomb shell. a lot of people just learning about this as they're grabbing coffee here this morning. we now know former governor arnold schwarzenegger fathered a child with a member of his household staff and his wife, maria shriver, moved out after
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schwarzenegger admitted the child was his earlier this year. this morning the l.a. times is reporting this child was born more than a decade ago well before schwarzenegger first ran for governor. the household staff member apparently worked for the family at their brentwood mansion for 20 years before retiring. she says voluntarily in january. certainly all adds new context to the sudden separation schwarzenegger and shriver announced last week after 25 years of marriage, one couple heading home to southern california today in oakland told us they weren't entirely surprised by the news. >> there's been so many that's supposed to be shocking news come out on different people and stuff. they're human people they do their mistakes and stuff too you know. >> reporter: in a statement just released by arnold schwarzenegger he said "there are no excuses. i take full responsibility for the hurt i have caused. i have apologized to maria, my
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children and my wife. ". so far maria shriver has declined to comment about this. the couple has four children of their own between the ages of 13 and 21. we're continuing to gather more reaction to this huge news this morning and more throughout the morning. live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:01. we're in storm watch. it is late spring but believe it or not there's a winter storm warning in the sierra this morning. the warning stays in effect through tomorrow morning. look at these pictures. snowfall is expected down to the 4500-foot elevation. higher elevations have received about a foot and a half of new snow just since yesterday. they could see another foot of snow by wednesday. in mill valley the ramp from northbound highway 101 to highway 1 is reopened again this morning. chp shut it down for about two hours overnight. they actually had to rescue a woman in that car. it became stuck in the water
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that had flooded the roadway. well, the owners of six homes on a sliding hillside in san pablo, they're worried about the actions the city council is taking. ktvu's allie rasmus joining us live to explain why city officials say the landslide is no longer an emergency. allie. >> reporter: well, san pablo city leaders say the ground in that landslide area appears tour stable, so they are thinking about stripping the emergency declaration they gave this neighborhood just two months ago. and the homeowners effected by it are very upset. you can see part of the landslide here behind us. you can see a pile of mud and dirt that's slid downhill. there are broken tree branches and uprooted tree trunks in the mix of all of it. it's putting pressure on the fence and the home next to where this landslide is happening. there's also a pile of mud -- the landslide spilling into the backyards of three homes at the bottom of the hill. at the top of the hill the ground is slipping away from the homes' foundations. it's stripping away the
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emergency declaration means the landslide area would not be eligible for federal and state emergency funding. city leaders say it's not likely that the homeowners would be getting any of that emergency funding anyway because the area effected is mostly on private property. now the city council was supposed to make a decision on whether or not to strip that emergency declaration after city council meeting last night. they've delayed the issue until next month. and in the meantime the homeowners say they are still very upset and they don't know what's going to happen to the future of their properties. live in san pablo, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:04. this morning waters of the mighty mississippi river keep rising. residents are doing whatever they can to protect their homes from some fierce flooding. coming up for you at 5:15, what they're saying as the flood waters destroy their homes and their way of life. the oakland city council may decide tonight to end the city's controversial gang injunctions. city leaders have been sharply divided on the crackdown. mayor jean quan says imposing
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severe restrictions on suspected gang members in north oakland has raised several serious legal questions. supporters say the injunction has been tremendously effective in reducing gang violence. they even want to expand the crack down to the city's fruit vale neighborhood. well, we're now learning that the f.b.i. has questioned a san ramon police officer accused in the corruption investigation. over the weekend the f.b.i. interviewed 38-year-old louse lombardi arrested earlier this month on charges that he sold drugs to confidential informants and stole cash, drugs and guns from police seizures. right now lombardi is on administrative leave from the san ramon police department. still not exactly clear why the f.b.i. wanted to question him. this morning los angeles police will update the search for the two men who brutally beat giants fan bryan stow. the l.a.p.d. has been following up on hundreds of leads since that attack outside dodgers stadium six weeks ago. and those tips increase
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dramatically because of these, the billboards that an advertising agency put up hundreds of them on l.a. freeways. they show the sketches of the two men who are wanted along with the amount of the reward money. now stow meantime is back in the bay area this morning. a private jet flew him from los angeles to the san francisco airport yesterday afternoon. news chopper 2 was overhead as a convoy of ambulances then drove him from sfo to san francisco general hospital. stow's ex-wife says she now plans to bring their two children to see their father for the first time since that attack. >> i've always stayed positive and been very honest with the kids so they do know the severity of it. but they're excited. they want to see dad. >> doctors say at sf general they will be keeping an especially close eye on stow today. they point out that patients with critical brain injuries are very frail and they want to
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make sure that the move from los angeles to san francisco did not cause any complications. time now 5:06. vallejo police have now identified the city's latest homicide victim 26-year-old louis renteria of st. helena was shot and killed early sunday morning near louisiana and cool vera streets. several witnesses spotted renteria's killer speeding away from the scene in a white pickup truck. so far no arrests have been made. that shooting was vallejo's fourth killing in the past week. a rohnert park teenager faces misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter charges in connection with a crash that killed a 2-year-old girl. prosecutors say 18-year-old dun iowa was texting while driving through a crosswalk on snyder lane last december. her car hit and killed 2-year- old murray and seriously injured her mother who is still recovering physically and emotionally. >> when we go out to the store
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i can't see the mother holding the daughter or kids. i just want to hide. >> the murrays say they are now working with state lawmakers to make distracted driving a felony which would carry a tougher sentence. dunaway's due in court on thursday. if convicted she faces a maximum sentence of one year in jail. time now 5:08. more intense scrutiny this morning for san francisco's emergency communication system. the examiner reports san francisco mayor ed lee wants a review of the system after it broke down for several hours last thursday and friday. dispatchers were forced to use paper and pencils to send messages. and first responders out in the field they were forced to use radios instead of their on board computers. no word yet on the cause of that communication system breakdown. the golden gate ferry service has a new high speed catamaran for passengers
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commuting between san francisco and lark spur. the gate went into service in the bay area for the first time yesterday. that ferry isn't brand new though. it actually came down from washington state after voters there cut funding for ferries. the catamaran received millions in upgrades before being put into service here. all right. time now 5:08. sal is in service already. he's already up ready to get you to where you need to go even with wet roads. the wed roads have been causing trouble out there. we had an accident cleared from the caldecott tunnel but the traffic is still going to be effected by some of that slowing there. let's go outside and take a look at the east shore freeway. traffic is going to be busy this morning as you drive out to most of the commute there are no major problems reported on the east shore freeway right now. eastbound 80 west of eighth street there is a crash. it is involving injuries now on the right hand shoulder. westbound 24 as i mentioned the accident up there at the caldecott is still blocking the
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left lane. also at the bay bridge toll plaza it is light coming into san francisco. there are no major problems there. if you're driving into -- if you're driving into san jose area traffic is moving along well. just got late word that the tube now open to all traffic. it was closed during the night for repairs. but apparently the crews have just reopened it. so if you're leaving alameda or going to alameda because webster tube work together you should have no trouble either way. at 5:10, let's go to steve. all right, sal, thank you. one system came by last night into early this morning. left about a quarter to a third of an inch although there are areas toward the knot russian river picked up an inch and a half of rain. did have a little bit for a few but not for all. there were some only picked up a tenth of an inch. around mountain view my buddy dan said it never rained. just a little bit. for some it was a decent little rain and there's more on the way as one system starts to move closer. today's system could actually have a little more moisture.
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it's coming down out of the northwest. tenth of an inch to half inch of rain although there's always a few outliers there that might pick up more than that. already san jose showing gusts to 23 miles an hour out of the southeast and another cool day. 56 to 64. now this is close to the radar site. so this might be a little enhanced. mountain view, fremont, and on 101 heading towards morgan hill and gill roy some very light rain. 40s upper to 50s not much of a difference here. 51, 52, 53. the next system you can see how it's driving down to the northwest. it continues to develop. i think it will enhance a little and see the rain pick up later on. cloudy mostly cloudy day more rain on the way. breezy at times. cool temps 50s and 60s. berkeley 58. vallejo 59. fairfield only 60. antioch 63. novato 69. san francisco 58. same for half-moon bay. 62 morgan hill to gill roy.
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63 pleasanton. redwood city and mountain view only low 60s. rain today and hold onto a few showers wednesday morning and then kick it out. it will be a little warmer drier thursday into friday. but then saturday partly sunny. another system might clip us for another cool down as we head towards sunday. all right. thank you, steve. the imf chief accused of sexually assaulting a hotel maid is now confined to a jail cell. why the judge refused to grant bail. also the good timing for oakland police and secret service agents after busting an id theft ring inside of an east bay apartment. good morning. right now traffic is moving along pretty well on the upper deck of the bay bridge. but we already have trouble this morning on parts of the morning commute. we'll let you know. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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pressure is mounting on the head of the international monetary fund to resign this morning as he sits in a new york jail on sexual assault charges. ktvu's allison burns joins us from our washington d.c. bureau with more on that and the angry reaction from many people in france. allison. >> reporter: pam, austria's finance minister says dominique strauss-kahn should step down immediately. others expressing more support. many in france are concerned at how the imf chief is being treated in the united states. they are upset that he was pulled off a paris-bound flight
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humiliatingly walked in front of cameras and yesterday appeared in a televised courtroom. the head of the imf is accused of attacking a maid in his luxury hotel suite, but he's denying the charges. here's what we heard from strauss-kahn's lawyer as he argued for him to be let out on bail. >> significant issues that we have already found simply with preliminary investigation. >> reporter: fox news reports investigators discovered blood on the sheets and other potential evidence in the hotel where he was staying and that a rape kit found dna evidence on the woman making the assault claims against him. a judge has denied bail for strauss-kahn. he'll be back in court on friday. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:16. the operator of japan's nuclear power plant now admits there
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was a meltdown in one of the reactors only 16 hours after that earthquake on march 11. the reactor's cooling system worked properly right after the magnitude 9.0 earthquake, but then it malfunctioned when tsunami waves hit that nuclear reactor. it's only recently been able to get detailed information on the temperature and the pressure in the reactor. flood waters from the mississippi river are expected to reach near record levels in greenville, mississippi, today. people in parts of low lying louisiana are installing stilts to help protect their homes. they live downstream from the morganza spillway which is the army corps of engineers opened up this past weekend. while diverting water will spare heavily populated areas, it does come at the expense of thousands of home, businesses and farms. >> hurts but it's a crop and we can plant a crop over. but it's the people further south with homes and properties
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that's going to be destroyed. >> now there's a small ray of hope the army corps of engineers says opening the morganza spillway has lowered crest projects in some parts of the projections that is in some parts of the state. time now 5:17. yosemite national park is reporting its first fatal accident of the year and one involved a man from berkeley. 35-year-old james dunbar of berkeley was found last friday near the upper yosemite fall trail. rangers say it appears he tripped and hit he has head on a rock. park rangers say that same day a professor from austin, texas, apparently drowned after slipping on the mist trail and fell into the river. oakland police and secret service agents are trying to find out if more people are connected to an id theft ring that was busted in an east bay apartment. it happened last week in hayward. that's where oakland police and secret service agents found equipment to make phony checks, id cards and credit cards.
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investigators say a 40-year-old woman is responsible for the operation. the bust came before most of the personal information stolen could be used. all right. time now 5:18. if you're anywhere near the caldecott tunnel there's been a crash. sal, what happened? still blocking the fast lane, dave and pam. westbound 24 right before the caldecott tunnel it is there. it's near fish ranch road. it's taken a while because one of the cars cannot be moved without a tow truck and they're having trouble getting one up there. westbound 24 before the tunnel. now they have four lanes up there at the time and it is in fact our very own tori campbell who drives through there. i'm going to get a reconnaissance report from her. i think she just arrived. we'll ask her. but we also have people who have been sending e-mails. the traffic is not heavy because it's so early. let's go out and take a look at westbound san mateo bridge. that traffic is moving along okay. and this morning's commute is okay on the northbound 280. i say okay a lot. let's come up with another word
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shall we? tweet me another acceptable term. northbound 280 looks good getting up into the valley. it's a little rainy. at 5:19, here's a guy who's okay. hello, steve. okay. thank you, sal. >> you're welcome. >> i know the feeling, sal. i do. is it may? yes, it is. santa rosa two-thirds. been mond also. davenport .23. not bad. napa picked up about a third of an inch. oakland .24. a record rainfall for the date in san francisco's .22 tied a record rainfall for the date. so it's getting very late in the season. but we had some and there's going to be more coming in from another system dropping down out of the west-northwest and it's already spreading clouds and some light rain in especially towards santa cruz mountains highway 17 san jose fremont, back towards santa clara valley, morgan hill, 40s and low 50s. temperatures will stay very cool for this time of year.
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one system spins in moves out. next one drops in. there will be a break as we see right -- this is the last system in the pipeline. hold onto some showers into tomorrow morning. but more likely later this afternoon into tonight. today's highlights probably not as much rain but i think a few areas might get more like the peninsula which kind of missed out on the party in this one. there's about a tenth of an inch for some. heavier rain in the santa cruz mountains and also towards the north bay and russian river area. this one will give another tenth of an inch to half inch by this evening. little breezy. 15 to 30 miles an hour and those highs stay well below average. cloudy to mostly cloudy. more widespread by this afternoon. upper 50s low 60s and temperatures continue to just struggle to get into the mid- 60s at best. we'll start to see a rebound on thursday and friday. but really not much. just some low 70s. another cool down as we head into the weekend. renewed concerns over european debt and the drop in oil prices is taking european
5:22 am
stocks lower right now. overnight in asia, japan's neck opened up. hang sang also finished the day off fractionally. checking on our numbers here in the u.s. keep an eye on hewlett packward stockful we'll tell you why in just a moment. dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 all dropping yesterday over the concerns in europe as well. hewlett packward announced it's cutting its full year outlook because of soft if, c sales and the exes of the earthquake in japan. earnings for the last quarter are actually up $100 million from last year and better than analysts expected. but that announcement was also expected. it comes one day early after a memo from the ceo was leaked warning fellow executives of another tough quarter. hewlett stock looks like it's going to open down about 5% today.
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wow. time now 5:22. tracking down a suspected killer. the new surveillance video from san francisco police and bay area investigators think they know where he lives. governor brown releases his revised state budget. why the governor says even with $6 billion in unexpected revenue, he still needs tax extensions. good morning. right now westbound 24 traffic is looking pretty good if you're driving over to oaring da. after that it's all bets off. we'll tell you what's going on that will slow down your commute to oakland.
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good morning. cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. light rain stretching down to santa cruz mountains santa clara valley to pick up later on. rain in the forecast highs upper 50s and low 60s. all right. time now 5:25. some new developments in the beating death of a ucsf medical student at a san francisco nightclub. police released this surveillance video from the temple nightclub on january 9th. investigators say it shows the suspect described as an asian man with a sleeve tattoo on his right arm. police say he probably lives in the south bay maybe even in san jose. the victim, 30-year-old joe hernandez, was beaten to death. a 22-year-old san jose woman is also facing charging in this case. governor brown says despite california's improving economy he's still calling for tax
5:27 am
extensions to balance the budget. in releasing his revised may budget, the governor says an unexpected $6.6 billion in new tax revenue may help the state's economic picture. but the governor says it still leaves the state with a nearly $10 billion deficit down from $15 billion. so he says he's still looking for the four republican votes he needs to get the tax extension proposal on the ballot. >> i'm talking to anybody i think that is a plausible vote and that's more than four and less than ten. >> most republicans continue to insist on spending cuts, not taxes, to balance the budget. the deadline for the legislature to pass a budget is june 15th. but that is a deadline they rarely meet. now we have complete coverage of the governor's budget revision on our website you can find out what's in and what's out. that's on our right now section of our home page.
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time now 5:27. the stunning news that broke overnight. we now know the sex scandal behind the break up of arnold schwarzenegger and maria shriver. and why the chp has issued a warning for a couple of bridges this morning. you want to know why for your morning commute. westbound 24 traffic is slow as you approach oakland here in lafayette it looks good but there's an ugly surprise waiting for you as you drive west.
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well, good morning to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news tuesday may 17th. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook. time now is 5:30. want to check in with steve paulson because we're still getting some rain hearth though it's may. that is correct, pamela. and dave, good morning. we have cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. very light rain. it will pick up here later this afternoon. looks like it will be another day of about a tenth of an inch to maybe half inch of rain. over an inch for some north bay locations amazingly. upper 50s and low 60s. and, yes, these are really cool for this time of year. here's an update on traffic with sal. highway 24 looks pretty good if you're driving here in lafayette. but driving up to the tunnel is different. you're going to see some slow traffic as you approach the tunnel because of an accident still clearing near fish ranch road. also this morning we're looking at westbound interstate 80. it is getting a little bit busier on the way to the macarthur maze. 5:31. back to the desk. sal, thank you. new this morning a paternity shocker. an out of wedlock baby may have
5:32 am
caused the break up of former governor arnold schwarzenegger and his wife, maria shriver. today's l.a. times reports the couple separated after schwarzenegger admitted he fathered a child with a long time member of their household staff. the child was born more than ten years ago before schwarzenegger's first run for office. the former governor issued this statement late last night. nowheres what it says. there are no excuses. i take full responsibility for the hurt i've caused. i've apologized to maria, my children and my family. i'm truly sorry. the couple announced their separation last week after 25 years of marriage. ktvu's eric rases plus will have much more reaction on this in our next half hour. well, believe it or not we are in storm watch. the spring storm hitting northern california could make it more difficult for morning commuters this morning. ktvu channel 2 reporter kraig debro is at the bay bridge toll plaza where there's a wind
5:33 am
advisory in place. kind of surprising, kraig. >> reporter: pam, i barely believe it. i can't believe it's this far into may and, yeah, we had rain and of course winds yesterday. we are east of the bay bridge toll plaza this morning. if you look behind me you can see about 5:32ish traffic isn't that bad. relatively light this morning. but a possible problem are the high winds that have forced chp to issue high wind advisories for several bridges. take a look at that sign. it tells the story down there. the high wind on bridge. four words says it all. behind me one of those signs. warnings are good for the bay bridge, benicia, martinez and hayward and san mateo bridges. i just spoke with chp. they say there have been no accidents on any of these bridges overnight attributable to high winds. we just drove to treasure island and back and didn't feel any significant gusts or sustained winds. the winds blew in with the small but surprising may rainfall we've been getting. this is the park and ride in mill valley near richardson bay. the lot is no stranger to
5:34 am
flooding especially during rainfall and high tide. yesterday it got a little serious out there. chp shut down the northbound highway 101 ramp to highway 1 for about two hours. and a woman got stuck in her car when the water came in a little quicker and then higher than expected. chp was able to get that woman down from her car. she is fine now. but, again, unexpected rain yesterday accompanied with the high winds catching some people off guard. and right now that is still the case on three bridges in the bay area. going to call chp again and get a little update on whether or not we've had any incidents this morning so far. reporting live in the bay bridge toll plaza, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. grape growers in the wine country are also keeping an eye on the forecast. hoping for some warmer weather soon. growers tell us that the cold and wet weather seen so far won't hurt the crops. they actually expect rain during this time of year. however, if the wet weather continues into the beginning of june, that could be devastating
5:35 am
to this year's crop. >> so rain can make this what we call the little top of the berry here is the cap. rain can make the cap stick which would then not allow the flower to open up. so any rain during the bloom period which is a two week period usually around june 1st would not be good for us. >> yeah. that is the worst time -- that's one of the worst times. the actual worst time to get rain is in the fall and that's because the water can rot the fruit before it's ready to be picked. time now 535:67:89 the owners of six homes on a sliding hillside in san pablo are worried about the action city council is taking. ktvu's allie rasmus joining us live to explain why city officials say the landslide is no longer an emergency. allie. >> reporter: well, dave, as you mentioned there are six homes effected by this landslide. three at the top of the hill, three at the bottom. right now we're standing at the bottom of the hill where you can see evidence of this landslide and part of it right here behind us. there's a pile of dirt that's slid to the foot of the hill. if we focus in on some of those
5:36 am
tree trunks there you can see the tree trunks are slanted. that's because they've been uprooted as they've slid downhill. city leaders in san pablo say even though this looks unsettling, the ground on this hillside is relatively stable. now they're thinking about stripping away the emergency declaration they gave this area earlier this spring. that would mean that the homeowners effected by the landslide would no longer be eligible for state and federal emergency funding to fix the problem. now city leaders in response to that that the homeowners probably wouldn't have gotten any government funding to help them solve the problem anyway because most of the area effected is on private property. nonetheless these homeowners are very upset that the city council is considering this. some of their homes have been yellow and red tagged. one of the families had to basically abandon their home because it was deemed unsafe to live in. now the city could be sill was supposed to make a decision on whether or not to strip the emergency declaration after city council meeting last night. but they delayed that decision until they meet again next
5:37 am
month. reporting live in san pablo, allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:36. a bay area congresswoman says millions of dollars allocated for gas line improvements were spent somewhere else. congresswoman jackie spear says she got the information from the state public utilities commission. but she says she received a vague response when she asked for an explanation of how that money was spent. pg&e replaced some old pipelines but not the one that blew up in san bruno last september. congresswoman spear says pg&e needs to be monitored closer. closing arguments are set to begin today in the chauncey bailey murder trial. your former black muslim bakery leader and mack y accused of killing the journalist and two other men in the summer of 2007. prosecution has called nearly 70 witnesses including former bakery handy man brusard. brusard has testified that bey
5:38 am
ordered him to kill bailey. time now 5:37. this morning alameda police are investigating the death of a 13- year-old boy hit by a car as he road his bike. brandon sorenson was hit yesterday afternoon as he was riding his bike near santa clara avenue and everett streets. police say the young man was taken to oakland childrens hospital. that's where he was pronounced dead. alameda police haven't released any information on the driver or the possible cause of that crash. plans to remove an old oak tree nicknamed granny will reportedly move ahead next week. neighbors rally to save the 300 year old tree yesterday morning. some tried to obtain a restraining order but didn't get it. they plan to try again later this week. the san francisco public utilities commission says the tree removal is part of a seismic upgrade to the water delivery system. but it's a 300-year-old oak tree. people are pretty upset. >> they are.
5:39 am
time now 5:38. people may be upset about what's happening around the caldecott tunnel. what's the latest, sal? the latest is they're getting that car, dave and pam, up on to the tow truck and traffic has been light so far even though the left lane has been blocked now for at least 40 minutes. now they're moving it out and should be gone pretty soon. and the traffic has still been light so far i think we're going to have a decent commute westbound if that car is gone soon. anyway, let's move along and take a look at east shore freeway. westbound traffic is moving at the speed limit. it's coming out to the macarthur maze. it's also getting crowded though. so in the next few minutes you might start seeing some slow traffic. and if you're looking at 280 northbound, northbound 280 traffic is looking good all the way up to highway 17. at 5:39 let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. our observer ron one and a half inches of rain. santa rosa two-thirds. been lo mand two-thirds. oakland a quarter of an inch. that was a record by the way
5:40 am
rainfall for the date yesterday san francisco tie add rainfall of .22. doesn't seem like much but this time of year that's pretty impressive. one system moves out. the next one already racing in here. it's coming down out of the northwest and continues to develop. you can see the counterclockwise flow right there. we have a surface low and that continues to enhance things a little bit. only 48 there. lake port -- yesterday picked up an inch of rain. you combine that with any wind and it's cold. there's temperatures windchills upper 30s, 40s, i mean it's cool out right now. so far rain is very light. but it will start to increase later on as the day progresses we'll see this next system drop in. 40s and low 50s. and mostly cloudy to cloudy skies. there's some rain already towards santa cruz mountains, santa clara valley not a lot. this system is not well organized but the air mass is now kind of juiced up a bit. wouldn't take much. enhance that little cool air aloft. that will give us more rain. in fact some areas especially peninsula may pick up more rain
5:41 am
from this system coming in today than they had yesterday. system split a little bit. kind of missed the peninsula but made it to the santa cruz mountains and east bay and north bay. another tenth of an inch to half inch always seems to be a few area that is pick up more. 15 to 30 miles per hour wind. temperatures stay far below average for this time of year. breezy cool temps with more rain moving in. heavier this afternoon. 50s upper 50s to low 60s. when you're in mid-may in pacifica, san francisco only 63 and santa rosa only 58, napa 59, you know it's cool. 61 pleasanton, lost gate oso62. 58 half-moon bay. showers wind down on wednesday then improving conditions and see upper 60s and low 70s develop by thursday into friday. i hate to do this to you but it does look like a little cool down again as we head into the weekend. oh, boy. well, people in louisiana are now bracing for the mississippi river flood waters to come
5:42 am
their way. we're going to have a live report from the area expected to be hit to see how people are preparing. also there's been a shift in which companies make their cell phone customers the happiest. good morning. on the upper deck of the bay bridge the traffic looks good coming in to san francisco. but it's a little bit windy and the weather's not cooperating. we'll tell you more about the morning commute coming up.
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good morning. we do have cloudy skies, most cloudy skies. mainly south of san jose towards santa cruz mountains. pick up for everyone later on. upper 50s and low 60s. all right. welcome back. good morning to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following
5:45 am
for you right now at 5:44. we're now learning about the sex scandal behind the break up of former governor arnold schwarzenegger and his wife, maria shriver. today's l.a. times reports they separated after schwarzenegger admitted he fathered a child with a long time member of their household staff. the oakland city council may decide tonight to end the city's controversial gang injunction program. city leaders have been sharply divided on the recent move to impose tough restrictions on suspected gang members. and this morning los angeles police will give us an update on the search for the two men who brutally beat giants fan bryan stow. the critically injured fan is now at san francisco hospital after being moved from los angeles yesterday. the flood waters of the mississippi river continue pushing south. evacuations are underway in louisiana after a spillway was opened to spare new orleans and baton rouge.
5:46 am
sandra endo is live in louisiana with how people there are coping. sandra. >> reporter: well, pam and dave, they are certainly coping day by day. some evacuating. some digging in their heels. you can see i'm standing on this road which is shut down because of the rising waters you see behind me and that water is coming up steadily and surely. and it is relentless. by air and by boat, evidence of the slow draining swollen mississippi is spreading across low lying areas. the overflow spilling into town in nine states in the mississippi river valley. the damage submerged or floating on by. >> this flood has put water in places that very few people alive have ever seen. >> reporter: president obama saw the destruction firsthand meeting privately with flooding victims in memphis, monday. after the river crested almost a week ago, waters there are still eleven feet above flood
5:47 am
stage. several gates of the morganza spillway opened for the first time in almost 40 years over the weekend hoping to spare baton rouge and new orleans from massive flooding. other towns along the river it's go time. >> you could very likely see water ten, fifteen, some people say twenty feet i don't know that. but it's going to be heavy unfortunately. >> reporter: sandbagging and packing. residents praying their homes won't be paying mother nature's price. >> we just live day-to-day. try to survive. and i don't know what we would do if the water would come and take it. i guess we'll cross that bridge when we get to it, you know? >> reporter: residents here evacuating and some are bracing for the worst. the national weather service says flood waters here and in mississippi state are expected to peak at record levels by this weekend. live in melville, louisiana,
5:48 am
sandra endo, back to you at the desk. time now 5:47. today pakistan will give back that broken tail of a u.s. helicopter damaged during the raid that killed osama bin laden. now after the helicopter crashed, u.s. navy seals tried to destroy it. but the tail section remained in tact. look at these photos. these came out and aviation experts say they've never seen anything like this helicopter. that led to speculation this was some kind of new stealth technology. senator john kerry negotiated the return. a marine killed in afghanistan. lieutenant benjamin palmer died last thursday. the department of defense says the 43-year-old was killed by small arms fire. palmer had served three tours of duty in iraq in his 20 years as a marine. he leaves behind a wife and three children. time now 5:48. an arrest has been made in the weekend double homicide in san
5:49 am
francisco's we are fell heights neighborhood. 20-year-old charged now with the murder of 21-year-old pacific some. some and another man killed friday night during a fight at a birthday party. police are still out there looking for the person who they believe killed the other victim. 5:48 is the time right now. back over to sal who's checking on a couple things. how does the commute look, sal? it looks good. so far we had a problem in the caldecott tunnel but that was cleared. it was blocking two lanes for a while. and it was so early that it didn't cause a major delay. there may be some minor ones on the way up to oakland. so far looks good from lafayette to here all the way to oakland. also this morning looking at the westbound bay bridge approach. and it's light there. there are no problems on the upper deck of the bay bridge coming into san francisco. if you're driving to the south bay you can jump ahead of the crowd driving across the 880 where it usually gets busy. 101 also is looking good heading north and south to san
5:50 am
jose. and 8 80 still at the speed limit. let's go to steve. thank you, sir. very good morning. mostly cloudy skies. another system drops in and i got it tell you there will be a little warm up for the end of the week weekend looks like another cool down. not strong but won't be very warm. signs there may be more rain next week. we'll see. they're very bullish for keeping us cool. i can tell you that as we look at the seven and ten day outlook. a rather decent system came clouding through last night and another one cool on its heels. i don't want to say hot on its heels. but cool on its heels. as deare picked up an inch and a half. i believe it. santa rosa two-thirds. what am i thinking of up there. not boulder creek. a similar amount close by. davenport picked up .43. oakland .23 as record rainfall. there's generally about a tenth of an inch to thwarter inch. san jose only .02. there's more rain on the way. this system might give the
5:51 am
peninsula a little more rain than yesterday. only about .50 fell. tenth to half inch is possible here. wind out of the south-southeast ready to pick up. 15 to 30. and the afternoon highs continue to be far below average. some rain beginning to show itself here. santa clara valley 101, morgan hill san mart into gill roy highway 17 santa cruz over to the beautiful monterey peninsula and heading up towards fremont light but it's there. 40s, upper 40s and low 50s. mountain view, san jose, 52. 51 oakland. 50 for napa, san raphael, napa. that is your soup. and livermore. everybody's right there. cloudy, more rain, breezy with cool, cool temps. highs upper 50s, low mid-60s. 58 santa rosa. 59 napa. fairfield only 60.
5:52 am
berkeley 58. 58 san rafael 59. half-moon bay 58 degrees. few showers will probably just kind of hang on and hang out until wednesday morning. then improving conditions. a little warmer thursday and friday. but i'm a little nervous by the weekend keeping it cool and a possibility of light rain on sunday. oh, boy. thank you, steve. how do you feel about your cell phone service? a new customer satisfaction survey is out and there are some changes. sprint next tell which has been last among the big four national carriers is the new number one. it's tied for first with verizon. both getting a ranking of 72 out of 100 from their customers. t mobile score dropped slightly from last year. at&t received its lowest score in five years. americans are reducing their mortgage debt at a record pace. they're spending some of it and investing the rest. low interest rates trimmed more than $100 billion off the nation's annual mortgage bill. economists say for the first time since 1998 households are saving more money than they are
5:53 am
spending on mortgage interest. all right. time now 5:52. the accident on the way to alcatraz. the bizarre incident that left two tourists injured. how did this happen? plus conflicting new reports on the safety of airport security scanners. the challenge to the manufacture's claims that you have nothing to fear. ♪ [ rock ]
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two people recovering after an accident at alcatraz. it happened about 1:30 yesterday afternoon. the 64-year-old mother and her 41-year-old son were on a motorized tram to the alcatraz cell house when the tram hit a pipe. that caused the roof of the tram to collapse and hit the mother and son sitting in the front. park rangers tell us here at ktvu that an investigation into the accident is now underway. time now 5:56. house speaker john boehner is starting his day here in the bay area this morning. our ktvu cameras caught boehner's motorcade leaving the ritz carlton in san francisco last night. that's where the ohio republican held a small fundraiser. another fundraiser is scheduled today at the men lo park home of hewlett executive michael lostton. hoping to raise $300,000 during his bay area visit. a group of scientists including five professors from ucsf wants to test a full bity
5:57 am
x-ray scanners being used at airports to check the level of radiation. the transportation security administration insists that its full body x-ray scanners are safe. the tsa says radiation from a scan is equivalent to what's received in about two minutes of flying. but the scientists say the evidence made public to support that claim is unreliable. they want the tsa to make the scanners available for independent testing by outside scientists. all right. time now 5:57. sal's watching the south bay and every place else. sal. that's right. and looks like the rain is moving through the entire bay area. you're not going to find anywhere that's dry. so leave the house accordingly early. give yourself a few more minutes as we look at 280 at 880 here. also the morning commute is going to be okay southbound 680 as you drive south to san jose. 5:57 let's go back to the desk. all right. thanks, sal. this morning former governor arnold schwarzenegger is
5:58 am
admitting he fathered a child out of wedlock. how long he knew that woman and how long he managed to keep that a secret. plus we had rain and it brings flooding to the bay area during the nightful we'll see how the conditions are looking right now. good morning. cloudy skies. threatening skies. more rain in the forecast. how much and how long will this last? that answer -- those answers i should say in two minutes.
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