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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 19, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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oakland police meeting behind closed doors and an officer involved shoot that left two men dead. hear what the family says, coming up. >> one of the defendants in a law enforcement involved drug scandal had his bail changed to allow him to move around the state. >> president obama talked about a vision for the middle east and north africa, some of the remarks angered a longtime ally. the story ahead on ktvu channel 2 news at noon.
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good afternoon. we begin with developing news from san jose. the u.s. coast guard and state wildlife officials are investigating a barge that is threatening to leak oil into the marina. you're looking at live pictures from newschopper 2 right now over the scene. a kayaker called the fire department to report a sheen on the water. the department tells us it appears to be an old navy boat that flipped over when the tide went out. the california department of fish and game says the barge is not leaking fuel yet, but it's concerned that it will when the tide comes in. of course, we'll stay on top of this developing news and bring you any updates as we get them from san jose. also we're learning new information on a deadly officer- involved shooting in oakland that killed two people. the shootings happened last
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night on kern avenue near i- 580. tara has learned the police chief met with the officers in the last hour and she's also got new information from neighbors. tara. >> reporter: we have learned the identity of one of the suspects, one of the men shot and killed by police here last night. family members say he is 30- year-old antoine jackson, killed here in a car that was parked where you can see the shattered glass. and you can see also the cancelled. and flowers that one of his cousins has laid here. we'll look at video that our crew shot last night. ktvu was the first to arrive on scene and we were the only ones to look at just minutes after the shooting happened. at 9:00, officers had received some inside information that violence was about to erupt. they got a tip on a target vehicle, a light blue van, tailed by a victim's car, a red lexus. within an hour and a half they spotted the cars and moved in. gunfire started, two suspects were shot and later died at highland hospital.
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a third suspect took off. jackson's family tells us the killings were senseless. >> , why did you slaughter them like doggone animals? come on now! there's something not right with this. but the people was supposed to protect us is killing us more than the other folks is! >> a neighbor heard the commotion last night and this morning showed up the bullet hole in her fence. >> i didn't hear -- stop, freeze! i didn't hear the car skid out, which that's a little odd to me because i should have heard that. i didn't hear anything. all i heard, pop, pop, pop. >> police tracked down the third suspect in a nearby yard, two hours later by using helicopter infrared devices. he was not hurt. we're told that undercover federal investigators were here last night and that is highly unusual for them to be working with oakland police. officers recovered several weapons, two of them found on a nearby rooftop. coming up at 5:00 news, sal
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will have an update for you regarding this situation. >> thank you, tara. we're learning more about the conspiracy probe involving several officers in the east bay which has attracted the attention of the fbi and a judge. and two officers who are part of that probe were in court this morning. kraig debro was in the court and joins us live now from walnut creek. >> reporter: one of defendants had a motion to adjust his bail today, these charges involve officers, drugs, guns, and one of allegations made that hasn't even been made into a charge yet is whether or not one of the co-defendants ran a brothel. this may not be the ends of the charges, this may not be the end of the defendants. the judge pushed back the arraignment date for four people charged in the scandal.
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prosecutors said the date changed to give the growing list of accused time to presidential. >> just the ad amendment of the complaint affects the other defendants. they're given an opportunity to deal with the motion to amend. >> today's arraignment was scheduled for 38-year-old louis lombardi, the cop on leave from his job to defend himself against five felonies. alleged co-conspirator norman welsh is also in court today, he is allowed to travel outside the county during the case. >> we're very, very happy with that, that the court saw fit to allow him to move freely throughout the state of california. >> welsh, lombardi, christopher butler and steven tanbi will be arraigned next month. butler is accused of stealing and selling drugs and conspiring to set up men to be arrested for drunk driving. welsh is accused of drug crimes as the head of a state-run drug task force. and now the fbi is involved in the case.
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>> normally, that task force is topic of investigation, is usually why that -- the federal bureau is involved. >> i assume their corruption unit is involved with this, to see what's going on. >> didn't hear back from the fbi bring news too. but lombardi and welsh are now involved in a federal civil rights case. the judge there will revisit this case again because lombardi and welsh are connected to it. reporting live, kraig death row, ktvu channel 2 news. this morning the defense in the murder trial argued the leader of the bakery is the victim of guilt by association. in his closing argument, the attorney said it was no secret the bakery was headed for bankruptcy. so bay had no motive for killing journalist chauncey bailey. bailey was wrighting an expose
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on the bakery's financial problems. it is expected to go to the jury early next week. our channel 2 website has an extensive section on the trial and. killing the journalist chauncey bailey. just look for the tab on the homepage. the teen driver charged with running down and killing a toddler while texting delayed entering a plea today. 18-year-old caitlin dunaway has been charged with misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. police say she was texting and speeding when she killed two- year-old callie murray and severely injured the toddler's mother. in court today, her attorney said his client wants to take responsibility but he said he needs more time to review reports about the incident. the judge granted that request, and set a new plea hearing for june 16th. the mothers of two uc berkeley graduates imprisoned in iran are going on a hunger strike. the mothers of shane bauer and
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josh fattal say they're doing it in solidarity with their sons, who they believe are fasting while a whiting trial on spying charges. shane bauer's fiance will also join the hunger strike. she was released from iran on a humanitarian grounds last september. president obama is emphasizing basic human rights in a new coordinated approach to unrest in the middle east and north africa. in his first comprehensive speech on demands for democracy, in libya, yemen, syria and elsewhere, he welcomed the extraordinary change taking place. he said the u.s. will support a transition to democracy in those countries. he announced the effort will begin with tunisia and egypt, with two billion dollars in debt relief, investments and loan guarantees. mr. obama says u.s. response will be based on a simple principle. >> that all men are created
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equal. those words must guide our sponges to the change that is transforming the middle east and north africa. words which tell us that repression will fail, tyrants will fall, that every man and woman is endowed with certain inalienable rights. >> president obama also offered -- also pushed forward with the debate between israel and the palestinians in a comment that is sure to be controversial. he endorsed palestinian demands for a border that pre-dates the israeli occupation of east jerusalem, the west bank, and gaza. and the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has responded to the president's remarks, saying that a return to those borders would be a disaster for the jewish state. the difference of opinion can make for a very tense meeting between the prime minister and president obama at the white house tomorrow.
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social networking company linked-in is linking up with investors today in a big way. the mountainview company began trading on the stock exchange for the first time this morning, and early demand drove the opening price to $45. it surged then to more than double the price. at one time it hit $122 a share. analysts feel the ipo's are fine if optimism and then investors will be watching when linked-in goes from here. >> i think there's a lot of focus on how linked-in will perform. it's been going up and the private market the last several months, and so coming out at a nice level here, i think there will be a lot of focus on how a trade prost is offering here. >> linked-in is the biggest ipo since google began trading publicly in 2004, but analysts say that does not mean it will
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reach the same level. it's checking now, trading at over $100. students attend, uc schools may see another rounds of fee hikes next year. uc leaders warn that tuition could rise as much as 32%, if governor brown's tax extensions are not approved. the tuition hike would come on top of an 8% fee increase already set to go into effect next fall. it would bring the cost of attending a uc school to almost $15,000 a year. ahead, why federal authorities are taking a new look at the unabomber case. also, more information is coming out about the ex- governor's secret child and the woman at the center of the affair. the weather is getting warmer, but for how long? mark tamayo will tell us. also -- >> no ordinary people. >> and caltrans crews reach a high point in the new bay bridge construction project.
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the fresh tasting california sour cream your other food loves.
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few hours ago, supporters of solar energy rallied at san francisco city hall, protesting budget cuts that threaten the
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go solar sf rebate program. the public utilities commission wants to slash $2 million from the program's 5 million-dollar mother. today environmentalists, city supervisors, and solar power companies took part in a demonstration. we are now learning what may is led arnold schwarzenegger to disclose that he had fatherrered a child with his housekeeper. the media is swarming around the bakersfield home of 50-year- old mildred baena who threatened to go public with the affair a few weeks later, schwarzenegger fired her and told his wife maria. his neighbors have nothing but praise for the 14-year-old boy. >> this young man is just at the top end of being polite and being very cordial and somebody you want to be around. >> according to the new york times, schwarzenegger paid for her $250,000 home. a woman who proclaimed a national television that she
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had given her 8-year-old girl botox for beauty contestants is now recanting her story. according to tmz, sheena upton who went by carrie campbell has signed a sworn declaration she never injected her daughter with botox. tmz also reports it was verified by tests at the ucla medical center. san francisco child welfare officials had taken her daughter away from her, and have since returned the daughter. the woman claims a tabloid approached her about the story and she agreed to do it for money. she was reportedly paid tens of thousands of dollars for all of her interviews. we are now hearing about a potential new criminal investigation involving the unabomber. ted kaczynski is serving a life sentence for setting explosions that killed three people. now he says he is also being investigated for the tylenol poisonings in 1982, that killed seven people. so kaczynski has filed a letter
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with the court in an attempt to stop an auction that is going on right now, selling some of his belongings. he says some of the items being sold could be evidence to prove his whereabouts in 1982. at this point, though, the auction is still going forward. in fact, we checked on how the auction is going on the government's website. the most sought after item is a handwritten men fastso. right now the highest bid on that is $12,000. also for sale, kaczynski's hoodie and sunglasses, the highest bid for that now $5,000. proceeds from the auction will benefits the families of his victims. over the next seven hours, a team of caltrans workers will be installing a key piece of the new suspension span tower called a cable saddle. the crews began work at 5 this morning. they are placing a 450-ton piece of steel on top of the tower of the self-anchored suspension span. this cable saddle will carry all the cables for the new
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span. caltrans says this is a significant milestone for the project because crews are reaching the technical top of the bridge. >> this is really the high point of the bridge where the cable actually sits on top. and then later this year, you're going to see us begin the cable works for our suspension bridge and really see the geometry of the bridge take place. >> crews expect to place the saddle on the tower by 7 tonight. the new eastern span of the bay bridge is set to open in 2013. and you can go to to take another look at the animation showing how the cable saddle will work. just click on the ktvu now tab. this is also a milestone day for another big project on the bay. it may not look like much but this massive steel piling is a critical part of the future home of the exploratorium. the museum is under construction on pier 15. today a number of steel pilings
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arrived by barge from mare island. each 140-foot long section is driven into the bay at the foot of pier 15, as part of a seismic upgrade project. it is set toe open in early 2013. a new tool unveiled today gives geologists a better way to determine if a landslide could happen where you live. the new map identifies the coastal mountains between san francisco and los angeles as the largest area of highland slide potential. the coastal range north of san francisco are also hot spots, including northern sonoma county. the survey determined landslides vulnerability. according to previous landslide data, along with rock strength, slope and possible rainfall. ironically, this highly detailed map still only covers 10% of the state. >> what we're trying to do is build a system that we can estimate the amount of damage and cause. for the whole state. for a scenario of disaster like
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a major rainstorm. >> the agency was required to release the map following the disaster storms that battered california in the early 80s. rain clouds have moved out of the bay area, we do have hazy sunshine right now. looking towards san francisco bay, some fog here this morning but the clouds already clearing back to near the shoreline. and most areas today will be warmer than yesterday. we still have stubborn fog near parts of shoreline from point rays closer to ocean beach, and half moon bay, and i suspect partly cloudy conditions as we do head into the afternoon hours. so here's a look at the overall weather story for today, for thursday. most areas warming up, still patchy coastal fog. tomorrow increasing fog, primarily coastedside. but temperatures inland could be inching closer to the 80- degree mark, and then this weekend we go the other direction. we bring in a few extra clouds, especially sunday, and temperatures will be cooling
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off. current numbers updated, santa rosa already in the lower 70s. concord now 73 degrees. and san jose right around 69. it's already warmer at 12:00 hour than all day yesterday. so the warming forecast is pretty much moving in right on schedule. yesterday's system the system from a couple days ago continues to move out of the weather picture and high pressure remains in place. but still whenever you get that stable air mass, you get a sinking air mass that's a good environment for the fog to form. so with that the beaches only the upper 50s to maybe right around 60 degrees. we'll warm things up and primarily for friday with readings back up into the mid to upper 70s. and then we have a system moving in. this will not bring us any rainfall but will generate a few clouds and temperatures cooling off as we do head into what your weekend. here's our forecast model showing you increase once again in the fog first thing tomorrow morning at 7:00. and then for the most part, partly to mostly sunny skies, increase in the high clouds by late tomorrow afternoon, into tomorrow evening. for today, at 4:00, 58 to
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around 75 degrees. mostly sunny skies. still haze on the coast. by 7:00, partly cloudy, dropping back down and increase the fog once again by the 10:00 hour. and temperatures at 10:00 in the mid to upper 50s. after a nice afternoon, upper 60s throughout around 70. here's a look ahead. your 5-day forecast into friday. we'll start with the same pattern and temperatures tomorrow just a touch warmer. we'll be cooling things off and thicken up the clouds with the mostly cloudy clouds on sunday. tori in the next week fairly nice weather pattern and temperatures warming up. so enjoy the warm-up, a bump in the numbers today. >> thank you, mark. golden gate bridge officials are considering imposing a speed him on bicyclists. but some a pose the plan. >> i think it's important -- for the cyclist to control that and watch that. and it's a shame that's not
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happening, that someone has to step in and do something about it. >> the proposal would impose a 10-mile-per-hour speed limit. violators could face fines up to $100. the first of two meetings allowing people to share their opinions wrapped up earlier today but there's another meeting at 3 p.m. at the administration building. still ahead, another bay area city is taking aim at certain plastic food containers.
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taking a live look at the big board on wall street. mixed news on the economy, sales of previously owned homes fell, but increased disappointment about the housing recovery. but applications of unemployment was also down, linked-in stock down to $never. the dow at 36. nasdaq at 6. and s&p is up 1. six mortgage rates hit new lows this year. rates for 30-year loans fell to 4.6%, and for 15-year mortgages, 3.8%. real estate analysts say that's not enough to jump-start the weak housing market, but has increased the number of people trying to refinance their loans. burlingame leaders approved an ordinance banning try to foam take-out containers. it will go into effect in 2012. similar bans are in place in millbrae, south san francisco and san mateo county.
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styrofoam products often become litter, and they're listed as the possible carcinogen. tonight at 5, the bay bridge project. you'll see the process of putting a cable saddle on the new eastern span bridge, live on our air tonight. plus the growing movement to draft ed lee to take a job he doesn't want. he's trying to keep him as mayor. that and more in at 5. thank you for watching. have a great day!
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