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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 20, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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those guns had mechanical defects. and we had one officer saying on our police radio that he was having problems with his side arm. a few hours later, we heard a call for all police officers to return their firearms. the defective guns did not put anyone's safety at risk. >> this is a pretty fluid organization, you have to be able to adjust to change. make sure your officers are safe. and that the public is safe and we feel we've accomplished that in this case. >> reporter: the defective guns are under warranty. officers will be using their old guns until the new ones are repaired or replaced. rob roth, ktvu news. ktvu has just learned about an arrest in the killing of the man known as the church man.
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they arrested 24-year-old j era m misela. 62-year-old tavara was found bleeding from the head on lafayette street not far from him home. tavara got his nickname because he was known to carry a bible and talk to strangers about religion. a san leandro officer is accused of providing over a pound of marijuana to a confidential informant who he allegedly had a personal relationship with. investigators say the drug was intended for sale. it's not clear yet where the marijuana came from but authorities are checking lockers. fredrickson was assigned to the vice narcotics unit at the time. >> we're trying to determine the origin of the marijuana. but at this time we're working with the district attorney to see how the marijuana was obtained. >> reporter: both fredrickson and his wife who's the
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dispatcher with the department are on paid administrative leave . we're working to get ahold of fredrickson's attorney to get a statement. we've reported on it many times, but for the first time in decades ktvu went inside. john sasaki joins us now. he's in napa with what he saw today, john. >> reporter: julie until today, napa state hospital was off limits to our cameras. but after repeated requests from ktvu we finally got behind the curtain. someone was clearly having a bad day as we entered their living space at napa state hospital. but this tour comes because patients and staff feel they are constantly having bad days because they are in so much danger. >> every couple of weeks we get another report of a patient or staff member who have severely
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been injured. and that tells you, it's still not safe and it's not acceptable. >> reporter: we stopped near the spot where if he technician donna gross was killed. >> we have an alarm system inside the buildings right now, but we've requested for a wireless system on the 138 acres of this campus. >> these incidents just keep happening and there doesn't seem to be an end to them. >> reporter: parent john web says that his son was assaulted for the third time in napa just this morning. >> you will see that this is now going into a third decade of the same problems, repetitively. the institution either needs to be closed, or totally revamped.
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>> reporter: hospital officials are also looking at ways to segregate the more dangerous patients. i want to point out just about two minutes ago we watched a woman pull up and put down those flowers. those flowers are of course for donna gross. john sasaki. a large riot broke out today, two prisoners were stabbed and the prison is now in lock down. we'll take a look at what happened there coming up in 10 minutes. she tried to fight foreclosure on a home her family has owned for 24 years. now she is taking bold action to try and get her home back and she says she has no regrets about what she's doing. ktvu's allie rasmus live in oakland with the woman's story. >> reporter: frank, that homeowner bold action meant busting open the lock on her front door. you can see where it was and breaking into her home that had been foreclosed on by the bank. >> this is the living room. >> reporter: the furniture is
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temporary. the windows are bare. but ton kwra dennis says this was, is and -- but tonya dennis says this was, is, and always will be her home. >> i did not break into my home, i just repossessed my home, that sounds more gentler. >> reporter: dennis fell behind on her payments. dennis says her granddaughter gave her an idea. >> one day sky said, the bank has our house. we need to fight the banks. and i said now this is a 2-year- old that gets it. now what am i going to do? am i going to do something against this illegal activity or am i going to let them take my house and walk quietly into the fore closure night. >> so dennis moved back? >> and i broke in. >> she's been sited for transpassing. >> reporter: the banks says
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they tried to work with dennis. but the bank says she did not qualify. >> reporter: her case is now in appeals. in the meantime dennis hopes other struggling homeowners follow her example. >> just imagine if everybody refused to move. what can they do? they can't throw us all in jail. they can't throw us all in the streets. >> reporter: the bank gave dennis another eviction notice, but she say s if she gets kicked out she will just break in again. in the meanwhile, there are groups that can help people avoid foreclosure. there's a group called the home defender league that dennis is working with. you can go to our website ktv for their website. california's jobless rate has dipped below 12% for the first time in three years. the unemployment rate dropped to 11.9%. this is the fourth month in a
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row the jobless rate has declined. the california still has the second highest unemployment rate in the nation behind nevada. here's a look now at the april unemployment numbers until the bay area. solano county had the highest jobless rate at 11.6%. marin county had the lowest at 7.6. so what do job seekers think about the down tick in california's unemployment? ktvu's tom vacar went to a job fair today to find out. >> reporter: those people used to work in some of these empty buildings here. but the question really becomes this, the good news about jobs that have blossomed this spring, will they continue to hire? at today's college job fair we found real employers offers real jobs. >> that woman i met encouraged
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me to fill out an application. >> reporter: but that's hard for someone trying to come out of retirement. >> it's tough because all the jobs, they require that you apply online. and i have no access to computer. >> reporter: others face more common obstacles such as age or qualifications. >> people my age can't even find a job. and if they do find a job it's not what they would really, really want. >> it's kind of hard due to the fact that i don't have a high school diploma or ged. >> reporter: one young man wishes he had better clothes. >> the first impression is everything. so you know, when you have a suit on and we don't. nine times out of ten you will get hired before we do. michael berneck says the 9,000 new jobs last year is not a big deal. >> what is a big deal is this. that since january of this year over the four month period we've gained a net of nearly 100,000 new jobs here in california. and though the bay area is doing much better than the
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state over all -- >> but even here it remains for each job opening highly competitive. you're getting tens if not hundreds of applicants. >> the economy is really terrible. but the only thing that people can do is pray on it. >> and consider this, out of the 400 million jobs lost during the recession, we still have 1.3 million to go. reporting live consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. a man is dead tonight after he was shot while gardening in a front yard. it happened at about 1:00 this afternoon on 34th street in oakland. police say the victim a 43-year- old man was doing yard work in front of a home when he was shot during an attempted robbery. he died at the hospital. so far no suspects and no one has been arrested. an up daytime to a story -- an update to a story we first brought you last night on the 10:00 news. police say they have arrested a
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man. news chopper 2 shot these pictures. we're told the man that was taken into custody was trying to sell high powered assault weapons. breaking news now. in an update on a story we brought you at 5:00. crews have located the body of a pilot and his plane after a two day search. a family attorney says 78-year- old robert brown left the minden-tahoe airport in nevada and was headed to tracy. this is video over head in the past ten minutes. officials say they found brown's body and the wreckage in amador county this afternoon where their radar last showed a single engine plane making a rapid decent near tahoe. brown owned the winery and was the founder of the manteca water slide. international powow is held in a different city every year.
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this year the masconi center will be the hub of all the activity from tomorrow till next wednesday. the event is expected to generate $250,000 of new business over the next three years. yesterday, we told you about a san francisco school that changed its name. today we talked to its san jose school with the same name. what the school is doing differently. the end is near, or is it? how the religious and the nonreligious are preparing for tomorrow's doomsday prediction. and your bay area weekend is here. temperatures definitely going to cool off and some areas, we'll show you which cities will have the biggest drop.
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it happened this morning at fulsome state prison near sacramento. guards fired a warning shot and used pepper spray to break up the fight. no guards were hurt. the condition of the injured inmates haven't been released. officials are releasing surveillance video to find out what caused the riot. and cameras were rolling as a suspect was arrested. it all started at a forestville gas station. police were told the men were using a fake $100 bill. officers say they spotted the suspects in the stolen truck and began to chase them. the men then got out of the truck and ran but were arrested a short time later. police say they found what appears to be stolen goods in the suspect's vehicle. we told you yesterday about a school in san francisco that dropped its name because students didn't feel the historical person was worthy of that honor. today we found out a middle
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school in the unified school district named after burnett did something similar. but they did it quietly and without fanfare. they dropped peter because they say burnett was a racist and they say that didn't fit with the diverse school. >> we didn't think it was right to name our school after a racist man if everyone here is different. >> we've had lots and lots of families go through here, i have parents all the time telling me they've promoted from here. and so we fell that the community would like to keep the name at least part of the name so that we keep with the tradition of the school. >> the burnett students dropped the name after getting the approval of the board. tomorrow could be the end of the world. that's if you believe a christian radio host who's family radio network is based in oakland. his prediction has been posted on giant billboards around the world. but he's been wrong before. ktvu's paul chamber joins us now. he's been talking to bay area
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residents to get their take on the doomsday prediction. >> reporter: julie i've been trying to contact harold all day long. we went by his radio station, it's closed. we went by his house, he's not there. but he is on the radio where we're listening to him talk about doomsday. the signs have been up for months saying that tomorrow is doomsday. >> you never know. it cub the end of the world. i feel the -- it could be the end of the world. i feel the sky is going to be crashing down on us. >> my baby is only one -month-old, i would hope it's not the end of the world. >> it's tomorrow some where and the world is still here. >> he looked so sad and down. because i guess he was thinking, i've figured it wrong. >> reporter: the family are kampos neighbors. they've known each other for 50 years thaw say he's a nice man
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but question his predictions. >> i'm not changing my plans. i'm not exactly maxing out my credit cards or anything. >> how can you tell us that it's the end of the world. how do they figure that? >> that's the same question i asked to family radio. but looking at this online bible on matthew says no one knows about the day or hour, not even the angels in even, nor the sun or the son, only the father. >> the date of may 21st that's engraved in the bible. that's in stone. >> reporter: garcia says things should start happening in a matter of hours. in other parts of the world right now. he says we will be hit by naturaldisaster's like we've never seen before. an update on a story we've
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been following all day. a man who's been stranded in his boat is being recovered right now. the plan changed to a helicopter rescue that we just learned is now under way. >> some good news for drivers heading to lake tahoe this weekend. highway60 is tentatively set after 10 days of road work. we were there when crews started rebuilding a roadside barrier. this past week we showed you how all that recent snow slowed the work there but crews still tell us the work is scheduled to open three days ahead of schedule. more now on the beautiful weather. seems like just as soon as it warms it starts to cool back down. >> it is going to cool down a little. but not so much that your weekend is going to be ruined. certainly not like last weekend. remember it rained saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday. beautiful weather out there today. today the warmest day we're
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going to see over the next few days. all the way to the pescadero, that's coastal fog not valley fog. highway one if you're traveling that way into bodega bay tomorrow, you're going to have fog. afternoon clearing, santa cruz afternoon clearing. but the morning hours there'll be fog. stanford forecast, more spring weather as we go into next week. looks like the rain is done. clouds get in here, those clouds will trend temperatures down a little more on sunday. sunday is going to be the coolest day on the weekend but still temperatures in the 60s and maybe a low 70. tomorrow fog, a degree cooler than today. on sunday as we mentioned that weather system drops down. it's not a rain event. but it's a cool weather system. it drops down, it increases cloud cover, maybe a little drizzle. in temperatures instead of being in the mid-70s are in the
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upper 60s, mid-60s. tomorrow morning when you wake up look at all that fog. there's fog in most bay area communities tomorrow. everyone in san jose. tomorrow afternoon it's back to the coast. repeat that for sunday. your forecast highs tomorrow 74 in brentwood. 74 out toward antioch. warmer cities inland. very warm, not very warm but almost about as warm as today. a little cooler. sunday you will notice a big of a drop off in temperatures as well. a nice weekend. certainly compared to last weekend when the weather was rainy. >> i remember that. it was cold. cold. >> this is going to be a much nicer weekend. >> thanks, bill. dozens of san francisco students came together today to call for peace. >> ♪ >> student leaders from leadership high school marched to city hall.
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officials say schools and city leaders must work together. some bay area teachers are celebrating a new solar prong. the east side union high school district in san jose was praised today for investing in the largest solar energy project of any k-12 school any where in the united states. they say the project has already saved $3 million which may save up to 30 teaching positions in the next school year. a surprise move, just before game time for the sharks, find out why one of their players isn't on the ice right now. and a huge name in the prowrestling world died today. the circumstances that triggered his fatal crash.
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former wwe star macho man randy savage has died in a car crash in florida. the former wrestler was driving in tampa when he veered across the median and hit a tree. his brother told tmz that savage had a heart attack behind the wheel. his wife was also in the car, she only suffered minor injuries. pressure pack game is on the way right now at the shark
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tank. >> you don't want to say do or die. but if the sharks don't win this one you can just about forget about it. the good news is for shark fans they are up to a 1-0 start. fred inglis is at the tank right now and has word of a particular shark player who won't be participanting participating tonight, along with other news. >> reporter: they are all inside the tank, and i saw more canuck mans today than i saw shark fans in vancouver. sharks defenseman eager was not suspended for his performance in game two but he was a
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healthy scratch for tonight's game. >> you know 5-2 with five minutes left, who really cares. hack away. that's my feeling. >> we know we're going to play game four and we want to play it with a record of 2-1 versus 0-3. but we can't look ahead. we have to deal with today. we always need a better game than we had in games one and two and we're looking for that today. >> it's going to be really loud. we're going to get started early and keep ourselves in check. get back in and play our game. now patrick marlow again giving a 1-0 lead. they also know only 14% of the teams who start off an nhl play off come back to win that series. sharks say they have not played up to their full potential. so far so good though in game
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three and i know mark you have highlights tonight at 10:00. >> thank you, fred. and there's a couple of people behind you that want to get together with you there. going to the game. meantime the warriors make a move today that actually makes a whole lot of sense. they have acquired in a way, they've signed one of the great minds in nba history jerry west in a capacity to help advise. great mind and jerry west joining the warriors. >> mark, thank you. ktvu is always working to bring you the latest news online. right now on our facebook page we want to know on your take on the doomsday prediction seriously. good night.
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