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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  May 26, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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that ridge. the accident happened the roll over accident happened on the other side of that ridge. at about 11:20 this morning. we can show you video of the accident scene, it's an extremely remote area accessible by air. police arrived there and found seven people at the scene. five of whom were injured, two of whom were killed. we talked to the district and they confirmed that it was people out spraying. the point that the truck rolled over is 200 to 600 feet from the point where the truck ended up. it's to remote out there that a couple of vehicles got stuck trying to pull the truck out. all those injured were taken to the medical center. two of which were taken by
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helicopter with major injuries. the identity of the deceased has not been released pending notification of his family. i'm john sasaki, ktvu news. now let's go to janine de la vega to find out what's happening to the victims and more on this difficult rescue process. >> reporter: the three victims that were involved in that accident, they are here at stanford. they arrived by air on that helicopter, the helepad that you see behind me. the chp says the accident happened in such a remote area that you heard john mention. it took over an hour and a half before the helicopter took off from the scene. two others suffered minor injuries were transported by ambulance. they were all employees of a contractor company that did work for the state peninsula district. >> we are all concerned about
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this, and we're working very cooperatively the chp to find out what happened and also like i say our thoughts are with the families in this situation. the chp does not want to release the name of the contracted company until they notify the families. the chp has told us that they do know of at least one person out of the seven involved in the accident did not receive any injuries at all. reporting live from palo alto, janine de la vega. now to a story that everybody is talking about today. the play that may have sidelined posey for time. >> it knocked the ball out of his hand. i think that's part of the game. >> buster posey's injury everybody was talking about. tonight that injury is raising a serious question, is what happened to him just part of baseball?
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or should there be a change in the rules? mike mibach live at the ballpark and tells us the strong reaction today from buster posey's agent. >> reporter: posey's agent was out there saying, maybe it is time to eliminate the collisions. the chatter was all about the hit. >> here comes the throw. and posey getted clobbered at home plate. >> reporter: i think it was a good hit. >> and posey getting clobbered. >> it was a dirty hit. >> dirty hit. >> it was a clean hit. >> reporter: posey fractured his right ankle. >> it's a season ending deal. when you see a catcher at the plate and hurt. >> reporter: baseball was not designed to be a collision sport. but many say baseball is an
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exciting game that sometimes ends in unexpected decisions. barry called on major league baseball to look at the play. if you go head to head in the nfl it's a fine. but if it happened in baseball, nothing happens. >> i don't see changing the rules for one accident. >> i think it's part of the game. the catchers are supposed to have tough. that's why you get on for a reason. >> reporter: bruce bochy disagrees. >> we might need to consider something to protect these guys. because they are getting bigger, faster. and hitting these guys, when they're not really prepared to get hit. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, more player reaction, more
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specifics on posey's injr. reus and high -- posey's injury and more reaction from the fans. and a news conference today chief charlie beck said he would not reveal the results of a line upheld last night. the line up included giovanni ramirez who was arrested this week. his attorney says ramirez has an alibi, but police stand behind their arrest. >> we continue down that road in our preparation of presenting a case to the district attorney. >> reporter: chief beck said the case will not go to the d.a. until there's quote an abundance of evidence that rams did attack bryan stow. tonight ramirez remains jailed on a parol violation. you saw the pictures live last night on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. those rare tornadoes touching down near chico. we have team coverage tonight.
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our chief meteorologist bill martin tells us how big they were. first to ken pritchett who has up close pictures of what happened from the ground. he is in butte county tonight, ken. >> reporter: i am told this is a 200 year old tree and as others it was leveled. you see the stretch that the tornado took. this is aerial video from three tornadoes that touched down. >> the closer we got, the more we were saying, oh my gosh that's our orchard. >> reporter: the tornado cut a path through her orchard. she watched it all happen. sue took these pictures as the tornado touched down. they were .25 of a mile away
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from the tornado. >> i didn't know we were tornado chasers but here we are. i was waiting to see a cow or something. >> reporter: a few miles to the east, a homeowner lost a garage. some homes had minor damage. one grower said damage to mature almond trees could be in the hundreds to thousands of dollars. but sue says it could have been worse. >> we're pretty fortunate because if you go north a half a mile of here that's the town of durham. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, we have a picture shot by a grower you just have to see. it's a picture of one of these big almond trees flying in midair over the top of one of these power poles. in butte county, ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. and from ken let's go straight to ktvu's chief meteorologist bill martin who was tracking this storm.
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>> after seeing the debris and damage that kenney was showing us, the weather service is going to continue investigating. here's how it looked yesterday. here we are at 5:00, those two bright areas, there were tornadoes at that time. here is the actual event south of durham. a couple of tornadoes touching down. again look at the damage. we go up to the air, these pictures given to us today. that's an almond orchard. the trees have been defoliated. that's a lot of damage. that's more than i would expect from an ef1. the national weather service is on-site and will determine if it was an ef1, maybe an ef2. but very rare and tornadoes. coming up we'll have the bay area holiday weekend weather
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coming up. and the danger of avalanches, yosemite national park will be opened but it could be closed at any time if there is more snowfall. tayaga pass will remain closed and probably won't open until mid-june. and then pay to take the shuttle bus into the park. pretrial discussions took place for dozens of lawsuits. more than 60 lawsuits were filed against pg & e over the incident that killed eight people and destroyed homes. pg & e reps tell us they'll be meeting in court again on june 30th. and pg & e got an approval for a rate change. pg & e says the move will help people who live in hot climates
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and see their summer bills soar because of air-conditioning use. people in the air income assistance program who use a lot of electricity will see their rates go up by about 3- cents per kilowatt hour. the commerce department today blamed high emergency prices during the first quarter. its analysts say the jump in gasoline prices grew. most economists believe the economy is doing only slightly better during this current quarter. however the highest jewelry retailer tiffany says it's first quarter earnings jumped 25%. it says sales of gold and silver jewelry were particularly strong. and it sales in japan recovered quickly after the earthquake and tsunami. about 1/4 of tiffany stores are
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there in japan. and stocks soared. the weak growth numbers were offset. the nasdaq ended the day at 2,282. and b.a.r.t. says it will close one of the tunnels this weekend for repairs. what that means for commuters over the weekend, coming up next.
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a judge today denied a bid to stop the dedication of a controversial memorial in oakland. the memorial at the evergreen cemetery lists the name of over 900 victims of suicide. listing jones name is offensive because he ordered his followers to take their lives. today's ruling gives the go ahead for a formal unveiling of the memorial this sunday. a warning for anyone planning to travel on car,
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train or b.a.r.t. work on the bay bridge is expected to slow things down. tom vacar is here on specifics. >> reporter: this is the main focal point for transfers over the weekend. the important thing is, if you're crossing the bay, plan early, leave early. this weekend b.a.r.t. says it needs to make major power cable repairs that still haven't been completely fixed since a tube fire more than six months ago. >> if we don't get this done, we may find ourselves in a situation that we're stranding hundreds of thousands of riders every single day. >> reporter: but many riders wonder, with both train tubes closed, what happens to most for the entire holiday weekend. >> you see workers working on the highway at night, but then again with all the budget cuts and stuff who knows why they
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are doing it this way. >> they tell me this is a safety issue. not simply something they want to do for their own concern. i can't be upset about it. >> reporter: this is an emergency repair. b.a.r.t. says it had to await it's on bureaucracy. >> we had to get a contract in place. >> reporter: expect delays of 20 do -- 20 to 30 minutes. on saturday, service goes from 6:00 a.m. to 7:30 a.m. the following weekend the same hours. now warnings, if you're taking b.a.r.t. to oakland or san francisco airports, give yourself an extra hour transit time. all transfers are going to take place here at oakland's confusing two tiered station. that could cause delay,
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reporting live consumer editor tom vacar, ktvu news. b.a.r.t. board of directors approved buying t asers to equip all b.a.r.t. officers. some board members say they still have reservations about tasers before were persuaded by increased training for officers. >> if you ask my colleagues around the state and around the country they would be envious on the amount of training they've ordered. hundreds of rescue workers search for survivors today after that deadly tornado outbreak across the northwest. more than 230 people are still listed as missing in joplin, missouri which was hit hardest by the tornadoes. emergency crews believe some may be buried in all the
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debris. today one elderly woman who was reported missing was found sitting on a chair outside of her home holding her cat. she had actually been staying at a friend's home. tornadoes and high winds also destroyed four communities in indiana. many lost power when trees crashed down into power lines. crews worked overnight to clear those trees and restore power. another tornado touched down in ohio. the storm damaged several homes and flipped over cars as well. coming up at 5:45 we'll have a live report from joplin, missouri where one family has just learned that they have suffered a double tragedy. things are getting back to springtime normal in the sierra after yesterday's unusual may snowstorm. let's give you a live look now
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at i50 on south meyers. traffic is moving smoothly, i see some sun peaking through. what a change from yesterday. this is the way things looked like yesterday afternoon on donnar summit. even the guys who make their money putting on snow chains say they are ready for this year's snow to come to an end. let's go over to our chief meteorologist bill martin. a lot of people are doing some early get away work today and it is a big weekend ahead. >> it is a big weekend. i just got reports that squal valley are going to be open on the fourth of july. sugar bowl is going to be open for the fourth of july. that is just crazy. it is the weather now. the jet stream is in this area. as it moves on that's where the rain is. but it's close enough to us that as we get into tomorrow morning we have a chance for
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some drizzle. and a few residual clouds. a beautiful day, some cumulous clouds showing up today. fair weather clouds or fair weather cumulous they are often called. your friday already looks good. plenty of sunshine. clouds in the morning, maybe some drizzle. daytime highs tomorrow. more clouds for your bay area weekend. i mentioned before, that when you have weather systems tweaking through here they move across the great basin. then they get the potential for severe weather. the potential, it's going that way. and then that latches on to the moisture and the gulf then the dry air and the cool dry air in the north. so we're active, they are active. more clouds in the bay area forecast, and temperatures tomorrow that are mainly going
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to be in the 60s and low 70s. upper 60s, low 70s. i don't even see any 80s. i'm going to roll the computer model through. we don't even see any drizzle. a will the of clouds and maybe a sprinkle or two. i'll have the details coming up. we're learning more about a midair scare. a 70-year-old pilot had trouble breathing on may 17th. that's when his wife took over controls of the plane. ground controllers and a pilot in another plane then talked her through how to fly it. hopefully her husband recovered on time to land the plane safely in new mexico. companies are going green. members of the aviation sector met with congress members in washington for sustainable aviation bio fuels. the idea is not about replacing
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the traditional fuel but supplementing it. >> we view this in a way to hopefully level and reduce those prices. >> leaders are hoping the use of bio fuels will extend to the country's military air fleet. remember the grandmother who police say kidnapped her son's baby and then took a cab down to her home in south california. the bail she is facing tonight. and it's the g8 summit. so what are mark zuckerberg and eric smith doing there? >> and the prices that some items are fetching on an online option. four murders in eight days. the bay area city dealing with this problem and the video that could help solve one of the crimes. plus, immigrant rights. see the local efforts to make it easier to become a citizen. and avoid a federal plan to deport undocumented immigrants. then these guns were stolen
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when a california man was tortured in his own home. why it was easier to find the suspects than to find the weapons. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. ♪ let's go out to the dmv ♪ it's ok that we're number four hundred and three ♪ ♪ we'll find ourselves a comfy seat ♪ ♪ and watch some shows and stuff ♪ ♪
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california and the internet industry had a front row seat at the g8 summit. facebook founder mark zuckerberg took part of a panel discussion on the web. both executives asked world leaders attending the summit to help boost global access to the internet. this was the opening day for the g8 summit and leaders poured into a coastal town in france to tackle everything from global security to the global economy. with fanfare and smiles all around, france rolled out the carpet for the world leaders.
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president obama met privately with russian president discussing missile defense. >> we committed to working together so that we can find an approach and configuration that is consistent with the security needs of both countries. the u.s. has long planned to build a missile defense field in central and eastern europe. the g8 leaders will wrap up their meetings tomorrow. in stockholm today the swedish born minister could not reach his counter part in bahrain by twitter and he reached him. the prime minister told the associated press, in the modern
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world, you can seek communication in a modern way, and yes the prime minister did answer his twitt. the u.s. marshal service is selling the items under a george's order. - - oakland police say the young man about to graduate gunned down in broad daylight was targeted. and the boy's grandfather has a message for the killer. it's more than just exercise and diet. new information now on how women can cut risk of diabetes for themselves and their children. a new study and you will only see here on 2 still ahead.
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he was 17 years old, about to graduate high school. now his family is planning his funeral. we learned today the teen killed on his way back home from school in east oakland was not a random victim of street violence. rita williams brought us this story as breaking news yesterday here at 5:00, she's now live in oakland with a warning from the victim's family. >> reporter: that's right gasia. okay oakland police are telling me tonight that they now believe the young man with no police record killed yesterday was targeted for death. >> however the reason for that and the motive is still under investigation. >> reporter: police say 17-year- old detained franklin ortain did not fire a weapon, did not have one with him he was just
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riding his bicycle home from school. in broad daylight, a gunman fired a barrage of bullets at the teenager. police sources tell me a week ago and a block away, officers responded to a call of gunfire and roslin sped away from the area. and the question now is, if someone tried to kill franklin then. can question is who and why. >> if you don't share with us that somebody was trying to take away franklin's life, who was a good student. then who's going to be next. >> reporter: his family told us he had a scholarship for college. those who knew him cannot figure out why someone would want to kill him. >> just a sweet kid. never any discipline problems. you can tell from his picture, look at that smile.
5:31 pm
the kids called him dimples. >> he was not a gang banger, we would not allow him to run the streets. he had a 9:00 curfew. >> reporter: the victim's grandfather, a correctional officer has this message for the killer. >> you are so hot right now, somebody is going to get you. and the steps that top oakland pd leaders say they are now taking to try to halt the violent trend. turning now to a breaking news story we just learned that more criminal cases will be dropped in san francisco. prosecutors are expected to dismiss 26 felony cases tomorrow morning. all these cases involve mission
5:32 pm
station police officers currently under investigation following accusations of illegal searches, excessive force and perjury. we will certainly be in court tomorrow and bring you the latest developments from san francisco as they happen. meanwhile a judge has upped the bail for a woman accused of kidnapping her 4 -month-old grand daughter from her son's contra costa home. gallego was arrested sunday accused of kidnapping her granddaughter from her son's home then taking a cab all the way back to her home in los angeles county. she's also been charged with residential burglary. a man is back in jail after he was found browsing facebook in an apple store.
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deputies found mcguire on facebook, and he had been banned from being on the internet. police recognized him from a previous child pornography case. routine tests cannot predict years in advance which women will develop dangerous diabetes. >> we have a chance to stop this epidemic. >> reporter: about one in every 12 pregnant women gets gestational diabetes that's twice the rate 20 years ago. it almost ensures she will later develop type two diabetes, and raises risks of
5:34 pm
birth diabetes in their child. scientists followed some 600 women for more than a decade and revealed significant risks unless mothers were a healthy weight before conceiving and between pregnancies. >> lose weight after they deliver their babies in the early period after they've delivered. >> reporter: during early pregnancy especially avoid gaining more than about four pounds in three month. >> that thought of eating for two can be very dangerous. >> reporter: get your cholesterol tested and under control first. and starbucks says it will increase the cost of their packed coffee. it's also raising the cost of
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some of their more labor intense coffees. >> people have to have their coffee in the morning. and you know regardless of the price. the starbucks ceo blames financial market specklators for increases prices. the u.s. supreme court ruled today in favor of a law that penalized business that hire illegal immigrants in arizona. justices ruled that arizona law does fall within the jurisdiction of state authority. under the law, arizona can suspend business licenses if an employee is found to be knowingly hiring illegal immigrants. a second offense could put the company out of business. opponents say a law can cause more discrimination for law seekers with accents. and with the lines in san francisco international airport are saying about the travel rush this holiday weekend. and san francisco is first,
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the bold move it's making that no other city in the united states has ever done. dad, i was wondering if you've --
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ago. in oakland it's $4.06. interstate 80 certainly packed and some people already heading out of town for the memorial day holiday weekend. the san francisco airport was busy today with long lines of travelers. some people told us they were surprised that it was so crowded. >> i didn't realize how travel was like on memorial day weekend. it's awful. >>aaa says almost 3 million americans will be traveling this week end. another 21 million people will be traveling this weekend despite travel prices. san francisco is now the first u.s. city to limit the distribution of the yellow and white pages. ed lee quietly signed a law that bans the delivery of phone books unless they specifically request it. it is designed to kill down on
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paper waist and save money. the yellow pages industry says the law is illegal and is threatening to sue. berkeley has been named -- >> berkeley has been named as the number three most well read city in the country. looked at cities with populations of 100,000 or more. the online retailer found -- health news now, scientists already know that a compound in red wine may help your heart. now researchers are studying the compound to see if it may help produce a short and long term effects of concussions. university of the texas research here uses pills not wine, to hope if the compound will reduce brain damage. a set back in efforts to use a person's good cholesterol to help fight heart disease. the national institute for health has stopped a major study on a drug that used
5:41 pm
niesin. the drug raises a person's good cholesterol but it does not go on to prevent heart attacks. researchers will now try other experimental research. >> and coming up, we're going to bring you the latest from the scene of devastation. i'll be back here in just a few minute, i have your forecast for the holiday week end. -- i've got your forecast for the holiday weekend. coming up, four murders in five days. the video that could help solve one of the crimes. plus immigrant rights, see the local efforts to make it easier to become a citizen and avoid a federal plan to deport undocumented immigrants. then these guns were stolen when a california man was tortured in his own home. why it was easier to find the suspects than to find the weapons. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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don't freak out when you see this.
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>> don't freak out. >> there's a tornado. >> the tornadoes that swept across the northeast were caught on tape. the visit video we're showing you came from a homeowner in texas. frank and gasia, we can tell you about that number 232, we know some parts of that list are notperfect. we know some people who are on it that were alive and others who's names were repeated. an ending no one wanted following the violent string of tornadoes in oklahoma. the participants of ryan hammel
5:45 pm
learned the boy was found dead thursday in an area lake. ryan's 1-year-old brother also died in the storm. >> i lost both of my boys. i was hoping we would find one. ? joplin, missouri the target of a tornado the hopes of another family also dashed. for days, mike called his son's cell phone after being snapped from his car by the tornado. sunday he got the news that his son did not make it. 232 people have been reported missing. the state's governor responded after criticism from families who say they are not getting answers quick enough. >> we have no reason, no motivation to keep anything from anyone. we're just going to be accurate. these are life and death notifications.
5:46 pm
these are terrible tragedies. >> reporter: but there are some signs of relief when sunday's twister flattened the home this couple lived in. they feared that their dog had been crushed too. then sunday came a miracle. >> we heard him cry, and we and we were so glad to find him alive. our julie haener is in the newsroom with a look at some of the other stories we're working on. >> gasia, at 6:00 police hope this video helps catch a group of killers. why police worry the trend could continue through the summer. hopefuls train for citizenship in the same city that is deeply divided over how to treat those
5:47 pm
who are here illegally. the approach san francisco is tackling tonight. it's all coming up in less than 15 minutes. >> state correction officials are about to change the way they track sex offenders. companies that give out those gps ankle bracelets will track. five students and allumni from cal were arrested late last month accused of beatings that were part of initiations. those suspects had been released during the investigation. court records show the victims were shot with a bb pellet gun and beaten with whips. the main society of the united states say they are
5:48 pm
worried that while horses may catch a type of herpes from domestic horses. the blm says it plans to restrict horses on a case by case basis. okay the holiday weekend is just about here. over now to our chief meteorologist bill martin. >> we have warmer temperatures outside. let's take a look at storm tracker 2. we have 67 and san jose right now warmer than yesterday. clearer skies, as we roll into the next couple of days we are looking at, well some clouds even drizzle tomorrow morning along the coast is your best bet for that. weather system still resides to the north of us. as they get close to us they are not going to get close to us, but as they come close they enhance the marine layer and you get coastal drizzle. chance of sprinkles too in some places in the north bay.
5:49 pm
what's interesting is, its just keeps coming. this is a very active pacific weather pattern that just keeps sending stuff our way. it's been doing this since november, october. it just keeps doing this. high pressure comes in and low energy comes down. that weather system as it slides through get as little close to us it could trigger a few sprinkles and a few areas of drizzle. especially coast side. so there's your friday as that weak system slides through. no big deal, but then look at the weekend. then another one drops down, this one not so much a frontal system just cool unstable air. that's the drag because that keeps your temperatures out of the 80s. that will put you in the 60s and 70s. your forecast model tomorrow morning, you saw a little light drizzle then more clouds on saturday and green offshore. maybe a little drizzle there. there's your bay area holiday weekend. look at lake tahoe. might be some sprinkles there maybe some snow flurries. maybe things will change. we'll watch, come back at 10:00
5:50 pm
and we'll update with the latest computer models. but this pattern is really dynamic. it's really progressive and it continues that way right through your holiday weekends. w eekend. we have one more day to dial in. the forecast highs tomorrow, 70 in morgan hill. temperatures below the average for this time of year. we're coming up on june here, about a month from the summer solstice. >> you grew up in morgan hill. do you remember any tornadoes. >> in the old days nobody would report them and see them. but now there's people even though it seems sparsely populated. >> you think we're done with
5:51 pm
the snow in the sierra? >> i think we could be some over the weekend. >> that speaks for itself. and the most distant explosion every detected. the explosion happened at the very edge of the observable universe. they say the blast glowed as brightly as a million suns, so it was easy to spot. new census numbers show that men are closing the gap when it comes to age. 2010 figures released yesterday, figures show the number of men over 50 has increased. dozens of locals put on their dancing shoes today for
5:52 pm
their senior prom. seniors 55 and up were at golden gate park this afternoon for the first annual event. participants got a taste of a real school dance. they got snacks and raffle prices. the event was put on by san francisco's recreation and park department. the winner of american idol talked with ktvu about what's next. the country star who helped him to the stop and his relationship with the runner up. 0!ockñ?çóxo?ñ=çñññçvxqx?ñññ?óioy
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the winner of american idol is, scottie mccreery. 17-year-old scottie mccreery is the american idol winner. mccreery beat out lauren alaina last night to win this year's crown. >> they called it the high school crooner and now this 17- year-old has a new title, and a new career. scotty mccreery says he watched the american idol finale last year and never dreamed he would be crowned the winner. and he says tim mcgraw became a
5:56 pm
country dad for him. mccreery talked live this morning. >> it's pretty wild. i'm still the same old scottie i was back in north carolina. but it's just now getting the work and starting my career early, you know. >> mccreery and lauren alaina will now join a school which begins july 6. for much more including a slide show of the performance go to our website then click on the american idol tab. coming up in 90 seconds. oak lands police are gearing up for a hot dangerous summer. the trend they want to stop in its track. and the new way to pay that could help you eliminate carrying around all those plastic credit cards. and we're following a deadly crash in lahonda that killed a state worker. we have more news for you in 90 seconds.
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good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener.
5:59 pm
one person is dead and six others in the hospital after a truck rolled into a ravine where they were working. >> reporter: we're standing about two to three miles from the spot where the accident happened on the other side of that hill and it proved to be extremely difficult to reach for emergency personnel. here's a look at the accident scene from news chopper 2. rescuers made it there and found seven people at the scene. five of whom were injured, . one that was killed. the people were contractors that were out spraying nonnative speeds when they wrecked. yesterday's rain may have played a role. >> it's an area where there are a lot of small four wheel drive trails type of thing. you know there's been some rain so it's pretty muddy and it's slick down there. the roadways


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