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tv   KTVU Noon News  FOX  May 30, 2011 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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we'll the latest on what police are saying about a nursing student who went missing in the east bay. memorial day ceremonies happening across the bay area. the message some speakers had about the meaning of this holiday. good afternoon. i'm maurine nailer.
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this weekend has been a violent one. we begin with new information on a triple shooting at 88th avenue and international boulevard that left two people dead. we have new video and clues they might hold. >> reporter: witnesses that we spoke to say it started off as a block party that turned into a side show. around 9:30 is when things turned violent. a man was shot and killed on this street corner and over here on the street police found the body of a woman. down the sidewalk about a block, a third person was found shot. she's now fighting for her life. right now, we want to show you exclusive video that ktvu obtained at the end of the shooting.
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you can see someone on the tape with a gun. witnesses say several people were carrying guns here last night. we showed this video to oakland police who have been investigating since last night. we just received fresh video which shows the side show with cars spinning out and smoke from the tires. two people were dead and a third was rushed to the hospital where she is expected to survive. we spoke to the family of one of the victim who was shot and killed. she leaves behind two young daughters. we have a photo of ken any taken just hours before she died. >> we were here for a couple hours before this even happened. my sister was there for only 20 minutes. she got out of her car to take pictures and we heard gunshots and we all ran. i came back and my sister was on the ground. >> i got there 5 minutes earlier..
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one hour ago, friends cleaned up the sidewalk where a 29-year- old father lost his life. we got our surveillance video from this beauty supply store where the shooting happened. you can see the cameras right up here. as of now, police have made no arrests. police are investigating two separate homicides this holiday weekend. a 35-year-old woman was shot and killed while driving on ambler way saturday night. her name has not been released, but she was a mother of five. the woman's nephew who was a passenger in the car was slightly injured in the car. it was the third homicide in the past five days and the 24th homicide of the year. hours before that shooting, a teen was stabbed to death outside an east side apartment complex. police found him near king road saturday morning.
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he graduated from peg souse high school. the search continues for a missing nursing student. michelle le was reported missing friday night. police are trying to determine what the 26-year-old was doing right before she disappeared. they are waiting for a search warrant to look inside her car. it was found locked and parked inside a hospital garage. police aren't sure if le, or someone else drove it to that location. she told fellow nursing students she would be back before heading out of town for a trip to reno. a memorial day announcement a few hours ago the president
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named martin dempsy as joint chief of staff. the nominees need senate approval. immediately following that announcement, president obama paid tribute to the nation's fallen heros at arlington national cemetery. the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier. he declared our nation owes our fallen heros a debt we can never repay. >> it's one of my highest honors. it's my most solemn responsibility as president to serve as commander in chief of one of the finest fighting forces the world has ever known. >> after he finished, he walked through a section of the
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cemetery reserved for veterans of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. earlier the president and first lady hosted a breakfast for families of troops killed in combat. in afghanistan troupes are remembering their fallen comrades. they held a candle light vigil to recognize the 1 -- 1,500 service members killed in the war. veterans marched into the parade ground. the army band played the national anthem and the crowd remembered those who died serving their country. >> each individual and i think of the legacy that they lost. it just gets to me. there's not enough that we can
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do to memorialize the people that were lost. >> just a short time from now at 12:45, a musical program scheduled in the chapel as part of the commemoration. from san francisco to san jose a number of events are underway at this hour. military plane flyover just happened a short time ago. >> reporter: it was all part of an hour-long memorial day ceremony here. the crowd is gone, but you can see the decorations remain out here. each of the 211 gravestones have an american flag and tulips placed in front. military cemetery is the oldest military cemetery on the entire west coast. when i took a closer look at some of the dates, the oldest goes back to 1849. the people taking part in today's ceremony placed wreaths
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at the foot of some soft the grave stones. guest speakers addressed a crowd of more than 100 people gathered here. they heard a 21-gun salute. mid-way through the ceremony, an aircraft passed overhead. later the general from the army california national guard spoke to the crowd. she's the first woman to hold that post here in california. she reminded everyone that memorial day is a day dedicated to the men and women who died while fighting in u.s. wars. >> on one day of each year, the nation stops, takes a pause, and remembers them to take note of their sacrifice. memorial day is a day to give
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pause and to give thanks. >> reporter: the speakers and guests here also gave a word of thanks and appreciation to the members of the support battalion it's the first time in 60 years that battalion has been deployed. >> all right. thank you. there are some other events happening in the bay area this afternoon. at 12:45 in san jose. there's a grand army of the republic ceremony. you'll find more information about events online at
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this morning the weather interfered with a hot air balloon tribute in san ramone. wind and fog kept organizers from proceeding with the launch of six hot air balloons. that balloon was inflated, but it didn't take off and ended up getting blown around on the ground so it had to be put back away. the ceremony was part of the weekend wind festival. ahead some parting words from outer space on this memorial day. some bay area people are traveling on this holiday. they are thinking about gas prices. and rain is back in the bay area forecast. details coming up.
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a san francisco bond measure for street repairs is right at the two-thirds threshold needed to pass. the measure has not been placed on the november ballot yet. 91% of likely voters think the condition of local streets is a problem. they ranked that more of a problem than the quality of public schools and just below unemployment. 66% said they were leaning
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towards supporting a measure. highway patrol is investigating two hit and run accidents possibly caused by the same car. this is video shot from the overpass. they happened about 11:00 last night on westbound 580 near the offramp in richmond. the three cars crashed because another car was driving wrecklessly. they are asking anyone who may have seen the accident to call highway patrol. there have been fourier dui arrests this memorial day weekend compared to last year. 129 impaired drivers were arrested. that's compared to 150 last year. there have been no fatalities so far this weekend. last year there was one. the maximum enforcement efforts continue until midnight. we have learned that important details were missing from a computer data base and the information that may have helped identify the main suspect in the beating of brian
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stow. the examiner obtained patrol records they say some of the tattoos were never recorded in the law enforcement data system. ramirez was arrested last sunday and is accused of beating brian stow in the parking lot in march. charges have not yet been filed. stow remains in critical condition. endeavor is headed home for the final time. late last night, the astronauts on board the international space station bid fair well to their visitors. they thanked the entire crew for putting in place the final station components. mark kelly had a reminder for all americans this holiday weekend. >> this memorial day weekend, i'd also like to say that as a crew, we're thinking of the veterans out there that have lost their lives in wars. especially recently in iraq and afghanistan. >> they pulled away from the
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space station late last night and is due in florida early wednesday morning. 39 people are still missing in joplin, missouri. survivors gathered to remember the victims of the deadly tornado. president obama praised people for coming together and taking care of each other in the days following the tornado. the president also said that federal aid will be there long after the cameras are gone to help joplin rebuild. this is dramatic video from australia of several powerful water spouts. you can see the columns of swirling air blasting along the surface. they dissipated as they got closer to the coast. strong winds and heavy rain hit australia over the weekend. back at home, they are still waiting to see if the federal government will come through with disaster relief aid. they were hit by two flash floods in march, but the state
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decided not to invoke the fact. officials say their emergency reserves are depleted. the city has spent close to a million dollars to fix city property and expects to spend another $500,000 to complete that work. good afternoon. our holiday will be met by clouds. take a look at what's going on over thest ware here. we have a mix of low clouds and high clouds. rain late tonight and early tomorrow morning. the winds are calm in some areas. calm in san jose. san francisco and oakland reporting 15 miles per hour. napa reporting 10 to 15 miles per hour. in addition to the cloudy conditions, we have cooler conditions in store for today. the winds will be blowing once again. 54 in redwood city. 56 in san jose.
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55 degrees here at the pennsylvania -- palo al that area. backing it up here and showing you the next system that will be approaching the northern california coastline by this evening, who will get it first? the north bay. late tonight and early tomorrow morning, we all begin to see the scattered showers. your radar view showing you these clouds already ahead of the next system. you probably don't want to see it, but it will continue to move south and bring us some rain tuesday and wednesday. your forecast here. it takes all the way into the evening hours before we see light rain over the north bay. it rolls in tomorrow morning commute could be a soggy one. it looks like we'll see a break. just a few sprinkles over the north and south bay. past going to continue. we have more out here over the
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pacific. snow levels down. for today partly cloudy skies. cooler conditions. scattered showers in the forecast for tuesday and wednesday. we're going to be breezy and cloudy. for today anywhere from 3 to 6 degrees cooler than what we saw yesterday. widespread 60s in the forecast. mid-60s for some areas. your extended forecast here. cool and cloudy for today. the rain moving in tuesday and wednesday. we get a break on thursday and friday. but look at the weekend. cloudy and cool and more rain. >> do you see any warm-up at all? no. >> all right. thanks. the u.s. service could face tougher restrictions this fire season. the issue is aerial fire retardant that's dropped on wild fires. they drop an average of 28 million gallons a year.
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but environmental groups are concerned about the long-term damage from the chemical mixture. they are asking them to not drop retardant on or near waterways. some drivers are relieved to see gas prices this holiday weekend still falling. this morning regular grade is selling for $4.03 on average. but it's $4.15 in san francisco. that's down nearly a dime in the the last week. but some people say it's still not enough to make a difference. >> normally we go out to the sierras for memorial weekend. but not this weekend with the way grass prices are. >> last memorial day regular was selling for $3.10 a gallon in the bay area. millions of american flags are flying today as we mark the memorial day holiday. a company is stepping forward to take care of those flags when they become too worn to
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display. they require to be burned in a signified manner. not everyone knows how to do that. so one service in san jose is offering his services. he's gathering tattered flags and is offering to cremate them. >> we're doing this because we respect the flag. we don't want it to sit on the garage floor or in a closet. we'd rather seen it come in and be used for a meaningful purpose. there's a special memorial day baseball game today between the oakland as and yankees. fans can donate to troops direct before and after the game. the nonprofit provides necessities like tooth paste and bottled water to frontline troops. today's game starts at 1:05.
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ahead while you may have to make different connections if you take to san francisco from the east bay.
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crews are getting ready for pipeline testing in two bay area cities. that involves filling them with water at a high pressurized
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level. that will happen tomorrow in newark and wednesday in san jose. the actual testing should be done later this week. customers shouldn't notice any interruption in service. the tests are in response to the san bruno pipeline explosion. other utilities are asking the state to change power pole safety rules. they want to eliminate a requirement that they need to be built and maintained so they will not fail. the companies say that's an impossible standard to meet. opponents say lowering the standards would increase the risks and utilities would not be held liable for injuries and damages. bart riders should expect delays because maintenance repairs continue. bart estimates 20 to 40-minute delays for trains coming from dublin or fremont. other lines can expect up to 10-minute delays. riders from san francisco to dublin will have to take a pittsburgh bay point train through the two and transfer at the 12th street station.
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the work is continuing at this hour and expected to end at 2:30 this afternoon. detours for pedestrians on the golden gate bridge start tomorrow when work begins on the western sidewalk. that means for the next four months, pedestrians and bikers will share the east sidewalk. on busy days, 16,000 walkers cross the bridge. once the western sidewalk is finished, they will do the east side and that sidewalk will be closed for months. ohio state's football coach resigned this morning in the middle of an investigation that involves players selling memorabilia. jim tressel guided the team through ten seasons including a national championship in 2002. that was the team's first championship in 34 years. in his resignation letter, he said after meeting with university officials we agreed it's in the best interest of ohio state that i resign as head football coach. the assistant coach will take
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over as interim head coach for the upcoming season. a journalism professor and reporter is in afghanistan on this memorial day. at 5 her story of the moments after violence rocked the city where she's currently teaching. we're talking with friends of this nurse. she hasn't been heard from since friday night. we'll have that coming up. that's it for us on this memorial day. have a good day.
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