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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  May 30, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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shows everyone scattering. but three pem were hit. one was latoya kenny -- three people were hit. one was latoya kenny. >> everybody kept yelling. get up. >> we tried to get her up. >> reporter: the other person was eric bush. his friends are devastated. >> when is the killing going to stop? when is the education going to stop. when are they going to help the community? they always talking about helping the community, support the community. i don't see it. >> reporter: this is his daughter. >> she was nice, liked others. everybody loved her. >> reporter: back here live you can see the displays of affection. a third victim is in the
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hospital in critical condition. john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. it has been a deadly year for the bay area's largest city. >> we are up to 22 homicide in the city of san jose. we had 20 all last year. >> only five of the 22 homicides are gang related, that includes the death of 18- year-old vincent tran. the murder rate does not include two murders on the san jose state university campus. friends of a missing nursing student has been gone since friday are reaching out on twitter and facebook tonight. but they are not going to the neighborhood where she was last seen. >> reporter: late this afternoon we learned police talked to her friends and family and said not to talk too much about the case or to canvas the neighborhood where
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she was last seen. police could have a lead but they said unless there is a break in the case they are not talking either. >> friends of michelle hoang thi le describe her private. only a small group of people know if someone might want to harm her and they are not talking. >> we are listening to what the police is asking us to do, which is to not comment too much, we don't want to jeopardize their investigation. >> police want people with information to call them. just a series of unusual events. friday when she left class and never returned. she said she was driving to reno with a friend but her car was foundthen street -- found on the street. >> this place is a very nice place.
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peaceful place. so maybe they need to have more security. >> reporter: friends say it's not like her to ignore phone calls or messages like the ones on her facebook page. till there is a reason not to, people are staying positive. >> she is missed and loved. we are hoping for the best. >> reporter: to the best of her knowledge there are no reports of michelle hoang thi le or any other student being harassed at the campus or the one in hairward. ktvu channel 2 news. today the bay area joined the country in remembering and honoring americans who served and died in our country's wars. [ taps playing ] >> thousands of people came to the national cemetery to pay tribute. this year's ceremony honored surviving veterans of world war ii. but it is also a day to reflect on the 1 million u.s. service
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member whose made the ultimate sacrifice since the american revolution. >> a moment to think back and to really see how much we owe to them who gave their lives. >> a coast guard helicopter performed a fly by absolute. it will stay open till sunset. calling for service by all americans. >> most of those buried here served when one of the nation's values was a duty to serve the country. >> he said the children of the privileged and wealthy need to service as they should share in the perils of combat. he said it's time to rethink national service. >> they have nowhere to lay a wreath. they have only this,
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remembrance and honor. >> she remindedminded the bay area 80,000 american soldiers remain missing in action. most served during world war ii and some served in vietnam. one was honored that ceremony for wearing for mia bracelet from 1973 till earlier this month when the soldier was buried in alabama. honoring the sacrifice mexican-americans made for the country next. fans packed the coliseum to watch the a's play the yankees but the heroes of the game weren't the ball players. >> reporter: the game ended a while ago at the coliseum but on this memorial day the a's honored fallen soldiers and the men and women fighting on the
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front lines today. >> reporter: greeting fans filing into the game. >> lot of young boys out here fighting for our country so we can watch a game like this. >> happy memorial day. >> reporter: ships two tons of supplies those on the front lines in afghanistan. >> most of our service members aren't supplied and that's where they fill that order in bulk. >> wasn't always like this where you could proudly wear a uniform and not have to face the things my father had to face and it's just great to see the american people supporting their service members. >> reporter: before the game
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the a's players were wearing army patrol caps. >> troops all over the world and we are fortunate to be out here playing baseball. special day for all of us. >> reporter: he through out the first pitch. he saved the lives of his platoon in march. >> reporter: many fans say people need to honor the troops past and present and not just on memorial day. ktvu channel 2 news. a san jose state professor is speaking out tonight after surviving an attack in afghanistan. she spoke today. today after classes taliban
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insurgents launched two deadly attacks. after a vehicle came to the school. >> came up, found us and said let's go. let's go. and we grabbed everything we had and ran into the car and sped lights and sirens to the consulate. >> it killed four people and injured dozens. she is now back in her hotel. she will decide whether or not she will stay. >> reporter: this memorial day president obama announced a new team to lead the nation's military. this morning the president named army general martin dempsey as the next chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. james is the president choice for vice chairman and ray is the candidate for the new army chief of staff. all three require senate approval. army general martin dempsey would be the first to led combat operation in the post
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9/11 areaa. in joplin, missouri. workers are already rebuilding the noun. the number of people unaccounted for is down to 29. 146 people are reported dead. officials say some of them could be duplicates. officials are working to relocate those left homeless. wildfire that threatened homes is also out. the fire broke out friday near lake isabella. no one was injured and property damage was minor. crews are trying for the third day to find a missing diver. he disappeared saturday. a companion diver was rescue. authorities haven't released the names but they are believed
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to be from southern california. a balloon festival never got off the ground. it was too windy. one balloon that was inflated lurched back and forth and then it was taken down. they were part of a holiday art and wind festival. family as got to see world war ii planes up close. the tour includes the only b24 bomber that is still able to fly. we will tell you why the walkway on the golden gate bridge is about to get more crowded. also a strange northern california drug bust, involves a purse and pounds of meth. and the umbrellas need to stick around, i will tell you when the rain will begin.
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. not your typical drug bust. a dui check point yielded more than drunk drivers. they found $45,000 worth of methamphetamine. a man was driving up to a check point he threw a purse out of the window. inside the purse, 3 pounds of meth. the driver is in jail. barts is back up to speed after a slow weekend. 3 hours ago service got back to normal after maintenance work. cruise shut down one track and that caused delays for trains. not all of the work is done, expect delays next we could as well. the golden gate bridge will
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be getting more congested. bikes and pedestrian will be using the same path to cross the bridge. >> reporter: let's show you how it works right now on the golden gate bridge. bikes can take that path that you see, a bike only lane but tomorrow they will be funneled to the east side of the golden gate bridge and will share that pathway for the next four months. >> reporter: the golden gate bridge is a tourist attraction, drawing millions every year. but it's also the only path between san francisco and marine county for psychoest. they will begin a retrofit that will close the bike lanes on this side and force them to share this side of the road with pedestrian. >> people not paying attention, what is happening near them. it's just -- it's going tobe dangerous.
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>> reporter: some way the path can already be narrow for walkers and the bicyclist on the path. >> bikers hitting pedestrian and pedestrian hitting the bikers too. i can see that going both ways. >> reporter: safety comes down to common sense and combining them isn't a new idea. >> gets crowded but i think if people are careful it can work fine. that's the way it is on week days. works okay. >> once the upgrade to the westside is completed the pedestrian path on the eeth side will be closed to continue the work. at that time bikes will be allowed on to the western path but not pedestrian. ktvu channel 2 news. good news for drivers heading home. gas prices are down.
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the average price for regular in san francisco is $4.15. that is down 7 cents from last week. oakland 8-cent drop. same with san jose down to $4.03. loess look at the ride -- let's look that ride home. that is 80, university avenue, it is getting heavier. at 5:00 it was light but more folks are coming home. to the 101, the bay bridge, you can see things look like they are clear sailing tonight. dozensdozens of people gathered to honor mexican- american veterans. roger dickerson was at the ceremony and says these events are important to show appreciation for veterans of minority. >> to honor our minority
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veterans who served under circumstances where they lived in a country that didn't involve them in community life and yet they put on the uniform and went to war for us. >> 14% or 275,000 veterans in the state are hispanic. president obama spend memorial day paying tribue to the nation's fallen soldiers. >> our nation owes a debt to fallen heroes that we can't replay but we can honor their sacrifice and we must. >> the president addressed the nation this morning from arlington national cemetery. he thanked the leaders of the pentagon and military families and called on americans to honor their soldiers every day. hackers struck pbs this morning posting a fake story about tupac. it claimed he was alive and living in new zealand. pbs quickly took down the
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story. on to weather now. changes are in store this week? >> yeah. i wish there were changes. this week looks like last week. clouds, showers and umbrellas will be needed and temperatures below the average. here is innext weather cyst. showers towards eureka. tonight, showers move in to the bay area and we are looking for more light shows for tuesday and wednesday. here is how it looks. number one, right here, tonight and tomorrow. here comes wednesday over here. looks like it has more joyce. again, this does not look like early june. this looks like march. that's how it will feel. this week will be like a march
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weather pattern. tomorrow, trace amounts to a 10 10th in the santa cruz mountains. here comes this very, very weak weather system. rem ninsant of last week, week before that. they are tweaking through. they don't have a lot of joyce because it's too late in the season. they are coming through, just enough to keep temperatures low and keep the sprinkles going. tomorrow morning, 2:00 a.m., showers around napa. light showers around vacaville. for the morning commute. drizzle. look up north, clover dale. forecast tuesday, 1:00, lunchtime. look. wednesday is what i am watching. remember the severe weather last week? as the low kicks in on wednesday. right in this area, northern valley, not suggesting tornadoes but a good chance of
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thunderstorms from vacaville north into wednesday. and mountains that means snow above 5500, 6,000 feet and unusual weather. i don't know what to tell you. plenty of rain. lot of water. above average snow fall. twice the snow fall you would expect for this time a year and temperatures below the average. five-day forecast -- not the end of the world. you will -- but it's -- >> it's annoying. >> tomorrow wet on the roadways. annoying. i think so. >> thank you. american's feeling hung over today and it's probably because the "the hangover part ii" set a new high for comedy debuts. it made $105.8 million. "kung fu panda 2" came in
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second and pirates of the caribbean came in third. good day for the giants, they needed it. and which california cities the royal couple will be visiting in july. you will find out in just a moment.
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. turns out the world's most famous newly weds won't be coming to the bay area. they will visiting california this summer. they will visit in montreal. and from july 8-10 they will be in los angeles. there was some hope they would come to the bay area. good news for the giants. >> much needed after losing 2-3 in milwaukee. the kid who hit the grand slam the other day comes through. not with a home run this time but a nice rbi single in st. louis to break a 2-2 tie. the giants lead from then on. but they did have the grand slam off the pat of torres with a shot to deep right and the
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giants ride the pitching of madison bumgarner, victory in the first of four games against the cardinals. 7-3. a's game this afternoon, hope you got there early, it was over after the first inning. the way that guy pitched for new york, 38 years old, back from arm surgery. gets all the offense he needs in the first inning. mark teixeira, his 16th homer already. his first shut out in five years. four hitter and get this, the yankees now beaten the a's 8 straight times. the warriorsler still have not hired a new coach but a new name emerges as a potential. mark jackson, former player in the nba with the knicks and
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indiana. broadcaster with espn and abc. doing nba games. he met with officials twice already. speaking of load coaches, jim tressel is out as the head man of the ohio state buckeye programs. that's the sporting life for identityright now. >> he is one of the best coaches in the country. >> but not good at keeping the program off limits. memorial day is always a busy day at california state parks. coming up at 7:00 on tv 36, north bay is among dozens of california parks facing possible closure but one event could change the outlook for this park and all those who
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