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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  May 30, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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we're learning more about the victims in a double homicide as exclusive video shows the chaotic scene and a man holding a gun. good evening i'm gasia mikaelian. in tonight for julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. ktvu obtained that video from someone who was there and in it you can hear some of the gunshots. we're also learning more about the two victims who between them had five young children. julie haener is in the newsroom with that and the exclusive video -- amber lee is in the newsroom with that and the exclusive video. >> reporter: to pay their
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respects they've created a memorial at the crime scene. family and friends say they are struggling to come to terms with the deaths of 28-year-old latoya kenney, and 30-year-old eric busch of san leandro who's the father of three children. last night chaos erupted after what appears to be a street party. kenney and busch suffered fatal gunshot wounds and a third woman was taken to the hospital in critical condition. someone gave ktvu this exclusive video that shows a man walking holding a gun and the pandemonium that followed. >> i don't know why they do this. i don't know what they're thinking, i don't know if they have enough sense. >> reporter: kenney's father says he is an outreach worker. he proudly told us kenney worked as a nurse at the rehabilitation center to support her daughters. one whom she adopted to help a
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friend. >> she is a good girl. >> reporter: at daylight people were seen trying to clean up the blood. relatives of busch say they can't believe his children are now fatherless. >> people are careless about lives. it's like an ending situation and there's no coming back from that and there's no moving on from that. >> reporter: police have not yet said what the motive for the shooting is and so far no arrests. reporting live in the newsroom, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the san jose police say he is confident his detectives are making progress in solving two unrelated homicides this weekend. 35-year-old melissa roth was shot to death on angler way. she might have been shot in a case of mistaken identity. friends say she was dedicated
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to keeping her children active so they would not fall victim to street violence. hours earlier, 18-year-old vincent tran lee was stabbed to death. it happened on king road. police say it appeared the stabbing was gang related. tran lee had just graduated from pegasus high school last week. and the death toll is now 32. but the city police chief says the problem is not just gangs. >> it's not necessarily just a gang issue, it's a violence issue at a level we haven't seen in a while here in san jose. >> chief chris moore told ktvu today only five of the 22 killings so far this year are gang related. the murder rate does not include two murders on the san jose state campus which has its own police force. today memorial day is the one day of the year we set aside to pay tribute to all of the men and women who have died fighting this country's wars. ktvu's rita williams talks to
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some who have lost their loved ones and honored them today. >> ♪ >> reporter: a day to remember all those brave americans who died fighting for the rest of us. recent heros such as sergio williams sigua a los altos high school graduate. >> it's a day of remembrance for everyone. no just our son. >> it gives a different meaning to memorial day for us. we miss him a lot. >> reporter: some are too young to know the horrors of war, but many people here have lived many years with their memories. no surprise says pete mcclosky. in all conflicts in the 40 years since compulsory military service ended with vietnam, more than 12,000 americans have lost their lives. >> most of those buried here
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served when one of the nation's values was a duty to serve the country. >> mccloskey a korean war veteran says it's unfair that less than 1% of american families now bare the burden. 87-year-old margery carlson's son died. today at 43 years honoring his service and others here, she says this will be her last. >> it's now time to pass the torch along to the younger generation. >> reporter: rita williams, ktvu channel two news. on this memorial day there
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are we reflectionings of lives lost to those who lost their lives at battle. one vietnam veteran brought his son, a lesson the young man took to heart. >> i have my sister in the military and i wouldn't want to see her here. >> reporter: this marks america's entry to world war ii with a salute to survivors and those who lost their life to battle. one veteran says it's overwhelming that veterans who gave up their lives only get one day. he says he thinks they deserve more. this morning in california's oldest military
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cemetery in benetia. the oldest tomb dates back to 1869, one year before california became a state. i want to show you the live look at the bay bridge. just past the toll plaza. those who spent the memorial day away from home had to fight traffic to get back. ken wayne is at the golden gate bridge where he found it wasn't so bad tonight. >> reporter: kind of a surprise tonight frank. we've seen holiday weekends with heavy traffic well into the evening. but take a look over my shoulder. traffic is light and it's moving and it's been like this for a good part of the day. there was a time this afternoon when traffic did back up in both directions. it put a bit of a kink in orozcos drive home. >> people coming to the city, a lot of people actually in the city as well surprisingly. >> reporter: the highway patrol put out a text alert this
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afternoon warning of delays and heavy traffic on southbound highway 101 in the construction zone in roaner park and over the katadi grade. there were plenty of break lights and plenty of stop and go traffic. >> we had a few collisions but nothing major. >> reporter: those heading home found gas less than $4 a gallon. >> easy drive for us. >> reporter: an easier than expected drive home from sonoma. >> we're a little worried about the traffic, we left late so we missed it. >> reporter: instead of worrying so much about traffic, joe was thinking about the the crabs he caught and ate at the mendecino. >> it was good. >> reporter: you get crab. >> lots of crab. and a little cold weather, more than i would like it. >> reporter: still the highway patrol is out tonight and says it doesn't want to spoil the
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end of anyone's holiday weekend. >> we're out there to get people home safe and do what we can to make that happen. >> reporter: all in all a fairly easy travel day on north bay freeways. live at the golden gate bridge, ken wayne, ktvu news. the highway patrol reports fewer dui arrests and deaths so far this weekend compared to last year. as of this weekend, 184 impaired drivers have been arrested. compare that to 203 arrests last year. there's also been no fatalities compared to one last year. the chp's maximum enforcement efforts end at midnight. final efforts will come out together. and firefighters were called to the scene around 6:30 this evening at bay view driver up in petaluma. a 2-year-old girl and three -
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year-old boy fell out of a second story window. the two seemed relatively unharmed, but with an eye to precaution, one child was air lifted to oakland. and another was transported to a hospital for observation. and we're learning there's a reward being offered in connection with the missing nursing student, le. the 26-year-old was last seen friday night for a class. he said she's always been a responsible person and the families has no idea what happened to her. >> it's really hard to not assume the worse. but we're trying. and every time you know we want to think negatively, one of my family or my friends has been telling me to stay positive. and that's the hardest thing is staying positive. >> reporter: police say that le planned to drive to reno with a friend after class. family members say they hope she's in reno but just doesn't
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know she's been reported missing. >> it's something we do, we ask ourselves on a daily basis, why is it so hard for us to get out and find a job. >> veterans share with us their daily troubles. tomorrow you're going to need an umbrella. our chief meteorologist bill martin will share with us. the red light cameras always on but are they accurate and indisputable evidence. find out how a northwest driver fought her driving ticket and won.
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president obama paid tribute on this memorial day to the men and women who lost their lives fighting this country's war at arlington national cemetery. mr.obama took part in the traditional wreath laying at the tomb of the unknown. during the visit, he told the story of two veterans that became best friends while in the academy, and were laid to rest together. the president stopped at one section where many of those who died in iraq and afghanistan were laid to rest. this memorial day 800,000 veterans are looking for jobs. today there's renewed calls to
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ease the the transition from veteran to citizen. >> reporter: while american flags can usually be found waving in the wind, criticism tonight that the unemployment, educational and health support for veterans is much harder to find. a glimpse of life in the front lines. >> by the time the commander had given orders. >> reporter: from a 25-year-old marine sergeant. mahage shares photos where his unit was constantly under attack. >> there's not a marine in my platoon that hasn't been blown up five or six times. >> reporter: there's been a traumatic brain injuries among veteran groups. >> being blown up so many times, concussions and dealing with headaches for the rest of your life pretty much. >> reporter: lifetime effects
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are leading some to ask for veteran assistance. there are 2.7 million americans collecting va disability. and 837,000 currently unemployed. today the chief confirmed that veterans can get all the help they need. >> we must commit to them, commit to our veteran, commit to those who sacraficed so much. to make sure we commit to them for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: today in oakland, a's fans thanked service members for risking their lives. >> ♪ the game dedicated to u.s. troop and to the bay area nonprofit troops select that gives aid to veterans. >> we're very proud that we are able to give veteran members all they need to be effective on the front lines. >> reporter: the founder of
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that organization told us tonight that it now ships 2- tons of supplies each month. i'm heather holmes, ktvu news. before going to arlington national cemetery, president obama introduced his new national security team. the uncoming and outgoing military leaders appeared with the president. martin dempsey was tapped to be the next chief of staff. wadefeld was picked to be joint chief of staff. all have to be confirmed by the senate. a 51-year-old woman is behind bars in southern california tonight after police say she was found pushing a trash can contained a man's body parts. carmen montenegro was arrested last night. she was booked on suspicion of murder. the coroner has not releasted the identity of the victim. a woman who identified herself as a relative of montenegro
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called a tv station saying that montenegro came to her home looking for help to dispose of the body. estimated that some 450 high risk prisoners were freed as unsupervised parolees. they found 31 were not eligible for unsupervised parol and nine were determined likely to commit violent crimes. in that, investigators estimate that more than 450 high risk inmates were released last year as part of a new program aimed at easing overcrowding in the jails. >> in 96% of these cases it's simply a computer program that pops out those scares, and based on that score people are released through the program. >> the number of incorrectly
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released is much lower than the inspector general reported, says officials. >> i thought i entered intersection when it was yellow. >> reporter: melinda doherty made this turn a year ago and saw the camera flash. then came the pictures, she fought the ticket, lost and fought on. >> i'm a single mom, it's $199, that's a lot of money. >> reporter: an appeals judge agreed with doherty. the company compensation is tied to how many citations it issues. >> basically a flawed system. >> reporter: a flaw she found that could revoke thousands of other tickets. >> if the contract is not valid, then will anybody have to deal with the red light cameras? >> this intersection where
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doherty was cited has already been faulted. which means the yellow light doesn't last long enough to get through the red. it also criticized the high cost of the ticket, and noticed that in five years only one accident has happened on this right turn. napa police insist surveillance makes better drivers. but like dozens of other california cities its keeping an eye on a pending state law that would tightening rules for camera systems and make it easier to challenge tickets. right now only about one in 100 drivers cited even try to fight. doherty wants her victory to give others the green light. >> they should fight it. they should fight it all the way. i want to show my children that what i believe is right and i'm going to fight for it. all right, get the umbrellas ready. live storm tracker 2 has rain showing up just north of the area. it'll be here tomorrow.
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tomorrow morning mid-morning, light scattered showers but it's going to get here. weather system just sits offshore. here's number one, here's number two and there's more behind it. we have a wet weather pattern in store. not a lot of rain. not copious amount of rain. forecast for tomorrow morning, there's the scattered showers. it's not a big deal. bigger rain to the north. as we get into the afternoon it starts to clear up. but more light scattered showers. none of it big. cloud cover, above average temperatures. when we come back i'm going to press this into the thursday, wednesday, friday slot and we're going to see more rain in the forecast. a bizarre sight today in joplin, missouri where one of the most unusual clean up crews helped haul away debris. >> it's either take the day off
10:21 pm
or give a hand to people who really need it. >> reporter: the picadeli circus was supposed to put on a show today. the may 22nd tornado damaged thousands of homes and killed more than 130 people. and tonight 29 are still missing. in montana, the army national guard is bringing in supplies to the town of round up. the southern edge of the town is under as much as 8 feet of water. the community has been isolated since mussel shell river breeched it's dam. major work is set to begin on the golden gate bridge. it will affect every day use but not in the way you might think. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪
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it's probably going to get a bit crowded tomorrow on one side of the golden gate bridge. not for those who are driving but for those who are biking or walking across the bridge. some think it could lead to some real problems. >> reporter: the golden gate bridge is an iconic tourist attraction drawing millions of the visitors a year who photograph and walk under it signature towers. but it's also the only pass for cyclists. starting tomorrow, bridge officials will begin a four month seismic retrofit which will close the bike lane on this side of the bridge and force all these bikes to share this side of the road with pedestrians. some experts say it's not a good case. >> it's going to be dangerous i think. >> reporter: some pedestrians say the path can already be pretty narrow for walkers and the occasional cyclist already
10:25 pm
on the pedestrian path. >> we're having problems with bikers hitting pedestrians and the pedestrians hitting bicyclers too. i can see that going both ways. >> reporter: safety comes down to common sense and combining cyclist and pedestrians isn't a new idea. >> i think if people are careful, everything will be fine. that's the way it is on weekdays and seems to be okay. >> reporter: once the seismic upgrade the west side of the bridge. the pedestrian side will be closed on the east side. at that time the bikes will be allowed on the western side. but starting tomorrow, pedestrians will not gain access. east bay b.a.r.t. service is back on schedule after some major delays. crews shut down one track of the transbay two for electrical
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repairs. the maintenance caused delays for the east bay lines. the work is finished for the rest of the workweek but will pick up again this weekend. the deadline is looming for seniors who ride muni. the senior s pass will be phased out this friday. anyone with the paper pass will have to switch to the rechargeable clipper card by that day. seniors can sign up for their new cards at any muni ticketing machine or by calling the clipper service bureau. there are also several sign up events throughout the city. are california lawmakers calling the planned street high rail system a bullet train to nowhere. tom mcclintock says voters were misled when they apraoáfed speed rail -- approved speed rail and that costs have now ballooned. mcclintock says it will cover
10:27 pm
only a fraction. >> my senses there's very strong opposition to it. it's not just among republicans, i think in washington and democrats as well. they are saying this is just plain nuts. >> reporter: work is supposed to start on the first leg of the system. up next we get a firsthand report from afghanistan about a tax on what had been a relatively quiet city. reporter diane garassi tells us who is making sure she is safe. americans observe memorial day in various ways. at one east bay park, crowds were smaller than previous years. the stronger the rapids, the more we loved it.
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if you've been kidding yourself about high cholesterol, stop. along with diet, lipitor has been shown to lower bad cholesterol 39 to 60 percent. lipitor is fda approved to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke in patients who have heart disease or risk factors for heart disease. [ female announcer ] lipitor is not for everyone, including people with liver problems and women who are nursing, pregnant or may become pregnant. you need simple blood tests to check for liver problems. tell your doctor if you are taking other medications or if you have any muscle pain or weakness. this may be a sign of a rare but serious side effect. lets go... haha. if you have high cholesterol, you may be at increased risk of heart attack and stroke. don't kid yourself. talk to your doctor about your risk and about lipitor. a city in afghanistan that
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had been secure came under attack today. diane garassi is in that same city teaching. only on 2 she talked to janine de la vega about the bombing and how she managed to stay safe. >> reporter: this is video of the smoke rising from the city of h era t taken earlier today by diane garatzi. for the last year and a half she's been teaching journalism. today after classes, taliban insurgents launched two deadly attacks near the school. one at an italian military base the other at a government building. shortly after a tanker came to the school. >> they came in and said let's go, let's go, let's go. they took us to the consulate.
10:31 pm
>> reporter: embassy officials knew because they were american they could be potential targets. >> it was frightening. but i knew i was in the best possible hands. i was really relieved to see the americans coming to look for me. that was nice. >> reporter: four people are dead and dozens are injured. the attacks are raising alarm because h era t is one of the areas where security responsibility will be handed over from foreign forces to afghans in july. she told us she will go stay at her hotel for the next couple of days where there's heavy security. she hasn't decided whether or not she will come back early to the u.s. reporting from san jose, janine de la vega, ktvu channel 2 news. locals came together today to pay tribute to soldiers still missing in action. >> the veterans who make this city home are the lucky ones. as well as the families who's
10:32 pm
loved ones are laid to rest where they can be honored. more than 80,000 american soldiers are still missing in action. most served during world war ii. when it comes to memorial day do most people think about what this day really means or is today more for picnics and having fun. lloyd lacuesta is here to tell us what he found out. >> reporter: that string of lights is 860 in pleasanton. a lot of people in those cars are no doubt coming home from memorial day destinations. americans did travel but apparently not too far from home. at dell val park near livermore, there was bar-b- queing. playing games and just chilling out. >> memorial day means to me, go out to the park and celebrate
10:33 pm
our vets. >> reporter: park rangers say the crowds appeared smaller this holiday. >> the heat does bring out the people. so generally when we have the warmer weekends people come out to the water and they want to use the lake. with the wind that we have this weekend, a little bit of rain we didn't have the crowds that we normally do. >> reporter: everyone those fishing in the lake said they were surprised. >> it was very unusual because i was figuring there was going to be a ton of boats out here but it was very thin as far as boats in the water. >> reporter: some people did drive gas guzzling recreational vehicles. but it wasn't as busy as in the past. >> the weather, coolness. the price of gas. pretty much has that effect on everything. >> reporter: a remaining camper says it's important that memorial day traditionals continue. >> just the spirit of memorial day. the soldiers, i have my flag hanging up outside of the
10:34 pm
house. i put the big one out. teach them what it's all about. it's more than just an extra day off for vacation. >> reporter: they call the memorial day the unofficial start of summer. people we spoke to said if the gas prices stop going up, and the weather improving, then let the fun begin. >> we put together some of the pictures from the various memorial day events in the bay area on our website you will find them by looking under the slide show section. a memorial day weekend camping trip to the sierra foothills didn't turn out as people expected. it was snowing on the road to shaver lake in fresno today. three inches fell at the lake. some families decided to pack up and leave, others stuck it out figuring a weekend at the lake was better than their other options. >> we rented a boat, but obviously we were wearing jackets and pants yesterday. >> did you take the boat out? >> of course we did. >> reporter: usually there are a lot of boats out in the lake
10:35 pm
but not so this weekend. the camp sites were booked but many were empty. storms spanned flames. the fire started yesterday afternoon and is now out. for a time flames came close to a few homes but firefighters kept them back. fire crews kept a close watch for any hot spots that could flair up again. calfire blamed two power poles that came down for starting this fire. in all, 325 acres burned. vallejo schools are votes on cuts. the board already voted to cut $7 million but it needs to negotiate with the districts two employee unions to go through with part of those cuts which include furlough days. district officials say they can't admit a final budget if negotiations are not completed.
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pbs says that their network was hacked and a fake story was removed. the hackers say they objected to the recent front line program on wikileaks. pbs producers said hacking the website was not unexpected. we have some of the last pictures of endeavor in flight doing a victory lap of sorts. endeavour undocked late last night. it's due to touch down in florida at 11:35 p.m. pacific time tomorrow. then it's destined for a museum. bicycle riders try to save their favorite trailing in sonoma county and they don't mind using their own money to do it. and the doppler showing showers in the area. i'll tell you when we can
10:37 pm
expect them coming up in a few minutes. one of the most common things we find on sports fields. but wait till you find out the risk we found in energy drinks. dad, i was wondering if you've --
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troubling news tonight for your health. experts say there's a growing shortage of medication for a number of illnesses. the number of drugs listed in short supply has tripled. another 89 shortages have been recorded so far this year. company recalls to factory shut downs are just some of the reasons for the shortage. in news of the world tonight, in libya, gadhafi met with south african president. the libyan leader is ready for a truce.
10:40 pm
but he still refuses to step down. a key demand of the opposite. key general met today. the attorney farasco signed to file an appeal for the extra diction to international criminal court. his attorney said the 69-year- old's former general is not well. he was on the run for 16 years? in haiti, the earthquake is being challenged in a report obtained by the associate press. the report commissioned by the u.s. estimate it is death toll is between 46 and 85,000. u.s. officials caution the report has incan inconsistencies and will not be released. and after a work out, many
10:41 pm
people grab some of those energy drinks. >> reporter: doctors will tell you grueling endurance sports do require replenishing water, electrolytes and carbs. >> it's very juicy. i don't know i like it instead of water it has more flavor to it. >> reporter: but pediatricians now say even active young people are at risk of obesity from repeated high dozes of sugar. we found many sports drinks loaded with it. just look at the labels, this one 14-grams of sugar. this one 20-grams. the highest we found gatorade pregame 25-grams. one gulp as much sugar as a pack of reese's peanut butter cups. >> it has tons of chemicals in it. i've always told them that the best way to hydrate is just to
10:42 pm
driven water. >> sometimes water doesn't do the job. gatorade is not only good but gets the job done faster. >> 110mg and 220mg. >> reporter: doctors are now urging parents to read the label and keep kids away from sugary sports drinks. consider them as a sugary pop. and a chance for rain tomorrow but there are bigger changes to our weather in the horizon. our chief meteorologist bill martin will tell us when we might see thunderstorms 3w4r5á -p -- tell us when we might see thunderstorms.
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10:44 pm
high flyingexpectations at a balloon show had to be
10:45 pm
cancelled today. this one balloon that was inflated lurched back and forth and then was taken down. the balloons were part of an art and wind festival that featured kite making and flying. ktvu's jana katsuyama says they don't want to see their favorite mountain biking trailing closed even if they have to shell out their own money. >> reporter: the sun was out and people were out. for them it's a rare haven where bikes are allowed to roam free. >> concern is the park going into disrepair. i think it will give it a lot of abuse. >> i come out here almost every day. so for me to close it would be a huge loss. >> reporter: for now mountain bikers are moving into high gear to save this 5,000-acre
10:46 pm
park. carlos perez and bike monkey is holding an event here next week. >> it makes sense that users help to raise money for the park. >> reporter: he and others worry if the park closes, bicyclers will still use the park and will get trespassing tickets. >> we need donations from the state park. not just from the mountain biking community but from all users. >> reporter: the irony is the park does charge a $2 fee at its main entrance. but there are so many small entrances it makes it difficult to patrol. the state is set to close it in july 2012. in santa rosa, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. all right, so this is going to be one of those weeks a little like last week. we're going to have cooler than average temperature, clouds and sprinkles. they start tomorrow morning. you see showers just to the
10:47 pm
north of us. no showers here yet. but after midnight we will start to see showers develop in parts of the bay area, mainly north. light showers, accumulations will be very light. .1 of an inch will be a lot next year. but there could be areas that get .3. best shot for showers sometime during the noontime hour. thursday and friday are dry but that implies wednesday and saturday and sunday are wet. so basically the hole in all of this is thursday and friday. looks like we have showers for wednesday. showers in the forecast for the weekend. right now could change, it's still a long ways from now. this is the weather system, this is not supposed to be here. that system to me and this pacific pattern to me looks like march. there's the next one here. that system moves in wednesday and has a little more push. main impact will be northern california but we're right on the south end of it like
10:48 pm
yesterday's system. we have showers starting in the morning, then snow flurries in the mountain. scattered showers, cooler and breezy. as this next system comes in on wednesday, thundershowers a real possibility. even severe weather possible up in the red bluff area. 7:00a.m. on tuesday. there's the forecast for your morning commute. like i said it's not a big deal but it doesn't look like may, early june does it. this scattered shower activity moves into the 7:00 a.m. period. as it moves into the afternoon, as we head into wednesday afternoon here comes the main low center. this is the best chance for some thundershower activity wednesday afternoon. and keeps coming. up into the mountains we're going to see snow flurries up there wednesday night. then i roll it into thursday. thursday, friday looks great. then the long range forecast on saturday and sunday right now. doesn't look good, doesn't look dry. certainly below average temperatures. right now the models bullish on rain saturday and sunday. not just scattered showers but
10:49 pm
rain. it's a long way out. forecast highs 65 in fairfield, 65 in brentwood. these forecast highs 10 degrees below average, maybe 15 in some cases. the next few days are going to remain below average. the five day forecast well i tell you what those spring colors are going to last a while. it feels like spring out there. comes up in june this week and this pattern is really not what you would expect. so, upshot right now the weekend is a long way away. i just put unsettled there friday and saturday. the last model got real aggressive for rain on saturday. so that was real rain. >> what does real aggressive mean? >> .25-inch. which will be really aggressive. southern humble residents are approaching -- they are looking at the possibility of forming a city to be called
10:50 pm
emerald city. that would be the emerald monokerr for its marijuana cultivation. the group trys to raise $75 million for its financial feasible study. the hope is that the new city can raise revenue by taxing marijuana sales. a flock of sheep was found running through chula vista this morning. the sheep were being held by the san diego humane society. no word yet where the animals came from or to whom they belong. turns out the most famous newlyweds will not be coming to california. the two will travel through canada visiting montreal and come back through the city among others. then from july 8-10 the royal company will be in los angeles. there was hope the two would come here to the bay area.
10:51 pm
more problems at dodger stadium. what could be behind the second day of fires at that park. 3w4r5á -p look, every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪
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los angeles firefighters rushed to dodger stadium early this morning for the second time in three days. the call came in at about 5:00 a.m. about a fire in a storage area on the upper deck. the same location as the fire
10:54 pm
on saturday. firefighters say it appears paper products in the storage area reignited. the cause of saturday's fire has not been determined yet. no one was injured and there were no evacuations following either of those fires. >> mark ibanez joins us now with good news for the giants. >> things much better at the change of scene. they did just fine when someone drills a grand slam. other than that what you might call slim pickings. there's woody, former giant pitcher enjoying an adult beverage it looked like. coming out to see the giants take care of the cardinals early on. and tejada gave the giants an early 2-0 lead. brandon crawford night in milwaukee, this time chris
10:55 pm
singled to right field. scores cody ross. here's your granny for the day. bases loaded, andres torrez ticket to ride. madison baumgartner on his game again. he went seven strong, 7-3. giants after a feel good weekend against the a's. doesn't like the first place yankees of the east to come in and squash the mood. it didn't take long to establish it. that guy bartolo colon, 35 years old and healthy again. trevor cahill gives it up. continuing on in the first it's robinson with the shot to the right center. that's an rbi double. they are out 3-0 and that was plenty for colon back from arm
10:56 pm
surgery. yankees signed him to a pie skwror league contract but he's been a big shot -- him to a minor league contract, but he's been a big shot in the arm for them, literally. >> i can't remember what happened. just seems it happened so quick. you know you walk out. the off hit, you're ahead and you make a bad hit and it turns around the game. >> when you see him on television he always seems to have all the answers. mark jackson. elbowed his way into the team's head coaching picture. is said to be one of the finalists, a former player himself and currently a tv
10:57 pm
analyst for espn. jackson has met with the warriors on a couple of occasions. >> if you know anyone who lives any where near columbus, ohio you know ohio state football absolutely rules. buckeye traditional is holy. but the program under fire for various tresgressions. and the coach will take the blame. that's the sporting life for a monday night, back to you gasia, frank. >> thanks, mark. be sure to join ktvu morning news beginning at 4:30
10:58 pm
a.m. tomorrow with . we'll be following the search for a missing nursing student. >> thank you so much for joining us.
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