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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  June 2, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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in oakland after a massive power outage this morning. the animal that crews say caused the entire problem. the morning news continues. well, good morning to you. welcome to thursday. it's june 2nd. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong in for pam cook this morning. let's check your weather and traffic. hi, steve. hello, claudine, dave. good morning everyone. we have a few breaks in the clouds especially towards the south bay. so mostly sunny. what? yes, mostly sunny there. but still mostly cloudy elsewhere. very light rain moving through north bay and also over to the east bay. a little bit more bark than bite. today better than yesterday. just not much warmer. maybe a few degrees especially towards the santa clara valley. a lot of 60s in between. and the weekend system's looking stronger. more on that soon. here's sal. good morning, steve. right now northbound 880 traffic looks good getting up to the coliseum and beyond into downtown. also if you're driving on to
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the bay bridge looks like there's some sort of a stalled vehicle or something like that on that upper deck. it could be a crash as well. you can see that the traffic is slowing downful we'll let you know more of what's going on here. it's some sort of a traffic hazard. it's in the right lane. we'll let you know more coming up. all right, sal. it is 6:00. topping our news right now emergency crews faced a very dangerous situation responding to an overnight fire in pleasant hill. ktvu's kraig debro tells us what they encountered when they arrived at the scene of a burning apartment house. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, dave. one of the people who lives in this apartment complex in fact the man who lives in that second story unit had a number of firearms. so people were worried about whether or not the ammunition that went with the firearms would go off at the scene. they haven't confirmed if that happened or not. we're still checking into that. in the course of trying to call back the fire dispatch center to find out if that happened we learned that a firefighter did
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suffer a minor injury during this fire. contra costa county fire protection district says the firefighter went to john more but already back on duty. take a look at the damage here covered by this blue tarp. it's covering some of the property there. last half hour we showed you a prosthetic limb among the wreckage. you see a chair there. crews came out here to the colonial arms on douglas way around 10:30. when they got here the second story unit was fully engulfed in flames. the dispatcher didn't have any information on whether there was a preliminary cause but this fire was under control at 11:00. one alarm fire quickly taken care of. contractor out here to board up this apartment tenant tells him a power strip caused this apartment to burst into flames. he says the tenant told him the strip caught on fire and went up the wall. also told me the man who lived in the apartment tried to put the power out himself and picked up the fire strip has a nasty burn to his hand. that tenant did not seek
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medical attention at a hospital. so right now we only have the one firefighter injured and then the four people who live in that apartment and that apartment displaced along with one child. the red cross is helping them. reporting live in pleasant hill, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:02. new this morning pg&e crews are busy restoring the power after hundreds of homes in oakland lost electricity just hours ago. the crews were called to 44th avenue in oakland because a transformer blew. a police officer in the area saw three flashes then heard the explosion. 1500 customers lost their power for a couple of hours while the crews tried to fix the problem. right now we're hearing about 50 customers still have no power. pg&e says a bird may have possibly caused that transformer to blow up. in just a few hours phillip and nancy garrido will be sentenced for the kidnapping and rape of jaycee dugard. that couple pled guilty last month as part of a plea deal and both could spend the rest of their lives in jail. prosecutors have asked for
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maximum sentence of 431 years for phillip garrido. we did talk to legal analyst jim hammer about the case and why today's sentencing is such a big victory for prosecutors. >> what's so big about this is this young woman will never have to now take the stand and publicly recount all these horrible things that happened. >> we still may hear details of jaycee dugard's ordeal. after the sentencing the judge is going to hold another hearing on whether or not to release grand jury transcripts that include testimony from dugard. today hayward police will focus on cell phone calls as they step up their search for a missing nursing student. there is now evidence someone was making cell phone calls on michelle le's phone the day after she disappeared. the 26-year-old was last seen friday night heading to a parking garage in hayward. police found her locked honda suv a few blocks away. investigators have also identified some persons of interest in her disappearance and have served at least four search warrants. time now 6:04. how did the obama
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administration handle last year's bp oil spill off the gulf coast? a hearing on capitol hill will start in about 25 minutes from now some republican lawmakers plan to criticize the response to that crisis. coming up at 6:15 we'll bring you a live report from our washington d.c. newsroom. you'll hear some of the comments from the head of the committee holding that hearing this morning. the united states and pakistan forming a joint intelligence team now to go after top terrorism suspects in pakistan this follows secretary of state hillary clinton's visit to pakistan last week. she gave pakistan officials a list of the most wanted terrorist targets. the joint intelligence team is part of an attempt to restore trust between the u.s. and pakistan after american forces killed osama bin laden during a secret raid in pakistan last month. the pastor of a menlo park church is on leave this morning in the bay area's latest church sex scandal. the archdiocese of san francisco relieved the father of his duties after learning he
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struggles with a sexual addiction. there were some 200 angry parishoners gathered at st. raymond's church last night demanding answers about their pastor. they were particularly upset over the revelation that the father recently followed a teenage boy into a department store dressing room. >> you've got little kids here. kindergarten through eighth grade. you can't have somebody struggling with their sexual identity. i mean what's that mean? >> bishop william justice told the crowd there is no evidence the priest did anything inappropriate with children at the school, church or any place else, but the archdiocese is still promising a full investigation. time now 6:06. there's word this morning that a mountain lion was spotted at a marin county middle school. two women said they actually saw it on the track at the miller creek campus in marinewood tuesday evening. they say they were about 50 feet away from it. one of the women says she made eye contact and locked eyes with it. then the mountain lion ran off. school officials haven't said anything about it, but marin
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humane society was notified. napa state hospital is being fined by state regulators. yesterday the psychiatric hospital received a nearly $17,000 fine from cal osha. that included three citations for failing to correct unsafe work practices. that fine is linked to the december assault on 79-year-old therapist george anderson. he was attacked by a patient, suffered skull fractures and is now unable to work. one man is dead after being hit by a cal train. yesterday around 7:00 p.m. a southbound train hit the man on the tracks south of the san antonio station in mountain view. now cal train is trying to determine why that man was standing on the tracks. this is the seventh fatality on the cal train tracks. other others three ruled suicides and three others still being investigated. your time is 6:07. sal's watching the roads. you're everyone watching the incline. why? >> that's right. because there was a stalled bus up there on the bridge and cal trans crews are up there with their trucks now.
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this is not having a major effect on the toll plaza because cal trans was out there rather quickly to get it out of the way. traffic still a little slow on the upper deck of the bay bridge getting up to the middle of the bridge. they're moving it now. in fact i think they have moved it but that's residual slow traffic. look at northbound 101 coming up to the 80 split. san francisco looks pretty good. no major problems coming up to downtown. and if you are driving westbound 580 near the halt month pass 580 before grand line there's a disabled vehicle maybe partially in that right lane. watch for slow traffic. 6:08. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. very good morning. our early june kind kind of acting like early march. it's going to continue until about the 6th. i think after that things will be better for those of you who work outside i have to get this in be it golf pros or tennis pros or contractors, after th7th looks quieter. not hot, just quieter. maybe a little warmer. i have seen some projections of
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mid-70s. how about that? we do have a very unsettled pattern on friday night taking us into saturday and then no doubt about it sunday into monday. after that things should calm down as our next system begins to get closer into the picture. it's bumping the system we had yesterday and early yesterday. see that wrapping around very light rain coming in on the western edge of that. moving in to parts of the north bay, mendocino county, lake county. south bay mostly clear. they'll be a little warmer. some of these clouds hit and miss. scattered about. not a big deal. looks like they're abdomen done rounding third and heading home. not before that in picked up a quarter inch. petaluma .2. sfo redwood city .15. concord, crockett, livermore all around .12 or a tenth of an inch and lesser amounts. still for this part of the year pretty impressive. 40s and 50s temperatures all within about four or five degrees of each other. doesn't matter coast, bay or
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inland. low spinning into northeast california it will eject out because the next system is dropping in. the problem with the next system is it's the last one in the series. and the last one in the series does not have something to bump it along. it may sit out here and spin and spin and spin. so the timing is really tough. i'll deal with it tomorrow. the low develops, rain will start probably on the coast before it does inland. don't change any plans for saturday yet but i think sunday, monday we are looking for rain as that low finally gets moving. sun, clouds, very light rain today but partly sunny, mostly cloudy. continued cool though. we will warm some temperatures up but not in the north bay or east bay. keep 50s, 60s coast, bay and inland. slightly warmer. gill roy yesterday only 65. now it's probably a record low maximum temperature i haven't heard for sure but that's pretty cool for early june for them. and then temperatures continuing to be well below average for this time of year. increasing clouds friday. rain could start on the coast friday night. more likely saturday morning. and then for everyone saturday night into sunday and monday. all right. time now 6:10. the number of people missing
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after that massive tornado in joplin, missouri, is now zero. emergency workers say everyone reported missing from the tornado that hit joplin last month are now accounted for. officials say everyone's been accounted for. at one point there were more than 1300 people on the list. 134 people are confirmed dead. the rest have just not been able to get in touch with their family members and friends. s governor of south dakota says the residents of three cities there have until tonight to get out of town because of flooding. a lot of people are spending the final hours at their home getting furniture and photos and whatever they can carry to safety. by tomorrow the army corps of engineers will release water from the missouri river and into the floodplain area. the governor's warning some of those homes may be under water until next month. well, another scary incident involving muni. this one involves a woman, a groper and a good samaritan. seems like it was a prank
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to make fun of my name. >> a congressman says his twitter account was hacked. the photo that's getting him more attention than he wants.
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good morning to you. welcome back. 6:14. san francisco police searching for a man who groped and assaulted a woman on a muni train last sunday. it happened in the city's outer sunset district as the woman was getting off.
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she told police the attacker grabbed and fondled her before a good samaritan scared him off. now police described that attacker as an asian man in his early 20s about 5'7" weighing about 140 pounds. he was last seen wearing a red plaid jacket and blue jeans. new this morning president obama's response to last year's bp oil spill is under scrutiny at a house hearing. ktvu's allison burns is live now in our washington d.c. newsroom with a report by republicans claiming the obama administration has hurt the gulf coast recovery. good morning, allison. >> reporter: the report from republicans on the house oversight committee is sharply critical of the obama administration's decision to put bp in charge of responding to the crisis instead of the federal government. it also says the manager of the fund that provides compensation to gulf coast residents has been inconsistent and slow. gulf coast officials will also be testifying this morning including former mississippi
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governor haley barber. they say the president's restrictions on offshore drilling have hurt the recovery along the gulf coast. the hearing starts in just about 15 minutes. we'll have live coverage for you here on the morning news. for now live in washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:15. new york congressman claims he did not send what's being described as a lewd photo of his twitter account. the congressman says someone hacked his twitter account and sent that picture to a 21-year- old woman in washington state. the photo shows a man from the waist down wearing boxer shorts. >> it seems like it was a prank to make fun of my name. when you're named weaner that happens a lot. got 45,000 some odd twitter followers, hundreds of people i follow, this seems like a prank that has gotten an enormous amount of attention. >> but congressman says he can't say with certainty that that photo that was sent is not him. an alabama town that bans mobile homes cannot be forced
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to use trailers as temporary housing for tornado victims. state and federal emergency teams say they are going to look for other places to house hundreds of people after two tornadoes hit the state in april. highways and rough terrain proving to be a major setback for firefighters in arizona battling a major wild fire there. crews say they have now lost containment of the horseshoe 2 fire. the flames burned 75,000 acres so far. that may double before this is all over. the fire is now the fifth largest in arizona history. it started about a month ago. officials say people are to blame. time now 6:17. united nations investigators say both sides in that conflict in libya are guilty of war crimes. the investigators say they found evidence of crimes including murder and torture by government forces. the investigators say the rebel forces are also guilty of abuses that would be considered war crimes although the number of cases were less. u.n. team went to libya to
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carry out that investigation. prosecutors in the casey anthony murder trial in florida say they are nearing the halfway point in their case. the eight day of testimony continues today. anthony is charged with killing her daughter caylee in the summer of 2008. yesterday her brother and sheriff deputies were called to the witness stand. if convicted anthony could face the death penalty. time now 6:17. his inmate is back at san quentin this morning after being attacked at the prison. it happened in the exercise yard yesterday morning. now police say the inmate was attacked by at least five other inmates. they used improvised weapons made from shaving blades and scrap metal. that inmate who was attacked went back to san quentin after receiving some treatment at an outside hospital. it was probably gang-related according to police. the transportation authority in marin will meet today to decide whether to fund a proposed train in the north bay. the sonoma marin rail transit or smart would run between
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clover dale and lark spur. the agency is asking for more than $80 million for the project but critics say that would deprive funding from other transportation projects and bus service in marin. time now 6:18. we get to talk traffic again. sal's back. what do you see? dave and claudine, things are doing okay on this thursday. we have traffic getting busier on sections of highway 4. but here at bay point it looks good over the hill to concord. and there are no major problems on interstate 680 if you're driving from pleasant hill, walnut creek, alamo, lafayette the whole thing 24 and 680 looking pretty good. move over and take a look at the bay bridge. getting a bit of a back up here at the cash lanes if you're paying fast track there's not much of a back up. and if you're on the bridge it looks okay. they've cleared the stalled bus. livermore traffic is okay. a little bit of slowing on westbound 9 getting out to the san mateo bridge but nothing major and 880 nearby looks good. 6:19. let's go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. we have partly clear mostly
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cloudy skies. some light rain has been in the north bay but there you go. turn around and look at your 55- inch high def tv that will be your day. almost look us like a a shape of something there. mostly cloudy, partly sunny especially towards the south bay as the low finally ejects off. exit stage right and as it does it takes clouds and snow with it. but still a few little guy showers hanging on. there some right there starting to thin out. maybe north bay, solan no county contra costa could be in line for a few. doesn't mean we couldn't see some later on. quieter today than yesterday. 40s and 50s on your temps. another cool morning. another cool afternoon. we're in between though. one system moves out because a stronger one is coming in. the timing on that next system will be the challenge and we'll deal with that tomorrow. looks like saturday night into sunday. but rain could start sooner. today though sun, clouds, partly sunny, mostly cloudy. 60s though or 50s closer to the coast. slightly warmer santa clara valley due to a little bit more sunshine. some very low 70s morgan hill down to gill roy.
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antioch, oakley, only 68. same for fairfield, vacaville, very cool pattern. increasing clouds friday. rain again could start on the coast first then sit there for about 12 hours. that's the part i'm dealing with right now. but eventually by saturday night, sunday into monday that system moves through and gives everybody rain. claudine and dave. well, in the last hour the latest unemployment report came out and the news wasn't as good as forecast. 422,000 people filed for first time unemployment benefits. and that's down by 6,000 from the week before. but that's only about half as much of a drop as most experts expected. tomorrow the labor department will have the jobless report for all of may and economists warn they think the number of new jobs created will show a large drop off. illinois lawmakers are considering a plan to put slot machines at the o'hare airport. they say it would create more jobs and help pay the bills for the cash strapped state. opponents argue it will just encourage people to spend their payroll and social security checks on gambling. chicago's new mayor recall emanuel says he sports the
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idea. dozens of same sex couples lining up in illinois for a chance to apply for a civil union license. the gay and lesbian couples can now apply for civil unions under an illinois law passed in january it gives them almost all the same rights as a married couple including the power to decide medical treatment for a sick partner and the right to inherent their partner's property. illinois is the sixth state so far to allow same sex unions. all right. time now 6:21. and a police chase caught on tape. the dangerous situation this driver created while trying to get away from police. plus real battle over the maverick surf contest that has nothing to do with the big waves. good morning. northbound 101 traffic looking good as you head up to the 80 or 880 interchange. tell you more about traffic and weather straight ahead. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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good morning. san mateo bridge drivers looking at your commute right now looks pretty good out to the high-rise and over to 101. we'll have another traffic and weather look straight ahead. all right. time now 6:25. look at this. a san diego man in jail after leading san diego police on a dangerous chase. watch this. at one point this chase topped 100 miles an hour. he also drove the wrong way on
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the freeway. he eventually stopped. he jumped out and ran. but as you can see police found him a few minutes later with the help of a helicopter. a fight over control of the maverick surf competition will be decided in august. jeff clark and his ex-wife, kathrine clark, co-founded the big wave surf contest in 1999. now they're fighting over who's going to run it next year. they both applied for permits to hold the competition near half-moon bay. the harbor commission says it will vote on who will get that permit on august 1st. california lawmakers are considering a bill that would require registered sex offenders to report their social networking accounts. supporters say tracking their facebook and myspace pages send out red flags and could stop a serious sex crime before it happens. san francisco state senator is among those opposed to the bill. he questions how the state would pay the cost of enforcing that law.
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time now 6:26. san francisco police are hoping surveillance video is going to help them find the so-called blue tooth bandit. the man seen in this video is wanted in connection with at least eight thefts around san francisco. he is suspected in at least six others. police say he steals wallets from women who have draped their purses on chairs in restaurants, bars and coffee shops. investigators say he then hands the stolen credit cards and debit cards to his accomplices. >> then the accomplices are using the credit cards everywhere. >> i never would have thought it would happen to me because i'm always so cautious. >> the blue tooth bandit is described as an african- american man in his 40s or 50s who has a distinct pigeon toed walk. he usually well-dressed and wears a blue tooth ear piece. in just a couple hours from now the kidnappers of jaycee dugard will be back in court. why today for phillip and nancy garrido is judgment day. and the search continues
6:28 am
for 26-year-old michelle le of hayward. we have the latest from the hayward police department. also we're watching new york and wall street. the opening bell's about to ring. we'll bring you the early stock numbers.
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there it is. the opening bell. stocks are poised for a slight gain today which will be a relief for investors certainly after what we saw yesterday where dow had the largest drop in nearly a year. that sparked by the economy is slowing. we are watching other numbers for you this morning. unemployment benefit applications sales fell, costco gained and u.s. factory numbers are expected later this morning. we'll watch it all for you here on ktvu. we're off and running. we'll smile and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu morning news thursday june 2nd. i'm dave clark. >> i'm claudine wong. pam cook has the morning off. time now is 6:30.
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well, it is sentencing day for phillip and nancy garrido. the couple charged of the kidnapping and rape of jaycee dugard. we want to show you live pictures of the courthouse where you can see things already taped off in preparation for the media storm that is expected today. now the couple pled guilty last month as part of a plea deal and prosecutors have asked for the maximum sentence of 431 years for phillip garrido. nancy garrido could face 36 years to life. legal analyst jim hammer calls the plea deal a big victory for prosecutors. >> all the defense got out of this case is the theoretical possibility that nancy garrido may one day get a chance to apply for parole. i'll tell you she's probably never getting it and if she does she'll be in her 80s. >> jaycee dugard could make an appearance in court today. after a sentencing this morning the judge is also going to hold another hearing on whether to release grand jury transcripts that include testimony from dugard. time now 6:31. emergency crews faced a dangerous situation responding to an overnight fire in
6:32 am
pleasant hill. they arrived to the sound of live ammunition exploding at a burning apartment house. ktvu's candidate county reduce out there right now. he talked to one of the residents there. good morning, kraig. >> reporter: good morning, dave. if you've been with us most of the morning you know we've been trying to track that down since early this morning. no official word yet but one of the officials here said he did hear something that sounded like gunfire. take a look at this. this is all that's left now of at least one apartment unit here on the second floor at this place on douglas way. now the fire started at the colonial arms apartment on douglas way. several 911 calls came in to the contra costa fire protection district around 10:30. crews arrived to see one unit engulfed in flames and flames leeching into the apartment next door. before crews arrived a resident told us he heard something even more frightening than the threatening fire. >> maybe after about ten minutes i heard like rounds
6:33 am
going off inside there. and then somebody said it might be a fire but to me it sounded like bullets. >> i wasn't scared because the fire came over so fast and i take the kids and my nephews they live upstairs. >> reporter: now if you look to the apartment building it doesn't look all that bad, but if you're living here you don't know how far the fire's going to spread or how fast. you got a little bit of that reaction from the woman who wasn't quite sure what was going to happen. take a look at a live picture here. we just walked around the back and you can see it wasn't only in the front of the apartment complex but also around the back. don't have any official estimates or official word from fire department yet. it appears as though certainly a place not livable that's why four adults and one child have been given a place to stay by the red cross. we're going to track down the exact time the fire department got here because one of the people just heard from he told us ten minutes after the fire started he heard gunfire. he also told us the fire department hadn't arrived here
6:34 am
yet. reporting live in pleasant hill, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:33. it was an explosive night at ocean beach when the san francisco bomb squad detonated military ammunition. you saw it. yesterday afternoon the san francisco bomb squad was called to this house on mount sue tree. police say a man found some ammunition from world war ii inside of his rental home. the bomb squad took that ammo to ocean beach and blew it occupy. there's that blast again in slow motion. you just saw it. parts of the great highway by the way were also shut down just as a safety precaution. new details in the search for a missing nursing student, michelle le. ktvu channel 2 reporter jade hernandez is live now in hayward where police say calls were made from le's cell phone the day after she disappeared. jade. >> reporter: that's right. we're live at the hayward police department. and the search for michelle le could intensify later today. that's all depending on new
6:35 am
mobile phone data expected to be in later this morning. no one has seen this 26-year- old woman since friday night. and no one seems to know where she is. the latest developments hayward police received a pattern which le's phone followed until midday saturday. it took investigators a while to get the information from the cell phone provider. but they say the data will eventually help them pinpoint where to focus their search. also investigators interrogated and detained a former friend le had had a fight with. police served a search warrant at le's home seizing her computer and carole phone. but the woman was later released. sherry mains a person of interest. spokesman for the hayward police department and the man who spoke to the media yesterday about le's case said she was last seen heading toward a parking garage at the medical center in hayward. police are looking at security camera footage from that garage. crime scene investigators say the 26-year-old's suv will be processed for fingerprints, blood, dna and fiber evidence.
6:36 am
now we checked in with the department this morning and as soon as we have more information we will pass that information along to you. reporting live from the hayward police department this morning, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. the suspect in the beating of giants fan bryan stow has now taken two lie detector tests in just the past two days. los angeles police administered one test yesterday, a day after the defense team performed its own test. hinting giovanni ramirez passed them both. ramirez's lawyers is hoping prosecutors are soon willing to drop the charges. >> we think 100% our client is innocent. he didn't beat bryan stow and he wasn't at dodgers stadium. he's never been to dodgers stadium. >> los angeles police maintain they have a strong case against the ex-convict and known gang member and prosecutors say they are going to file formal charges soon. time now 6:36. happening right now on capitol hill. a hearing is getting underway on how the obama administration
6:37 am
responded to the bp oil spill in the gulf coast. these are live pictures right here. the man in the white hair that's mississippi governor haley barber. this hearing's just about to start. republican lawmakers are expected to criticize the administration's handling of the crisis. governor barber by the way is heading the list of witnesses who will be testifying. he'll be expected to say how his state was effected by the deep water horizon oil rig explosion that killed eleven workers and sent millions of gallons of oil into the gulf of mexico. former massachusetts governor mitt romney will officially enter the 2012 presidential race this morning. romney will announce his run for the republican nomination at a farm in new hampshire. in excerpts from his announcement speech romney says he is positioned to defeat president obama and "turn around the country." romney ran for the gop nomination four years ago but lost to arizona senator john mccain. today the first lady is unveiling the new shape of
6:38 am
eating right. this food pyramid we all know it it's being replaced by a new plate shape design. nutritions say the pyramid is hard to understand and confusing consumers. this plate design will be broken into four parts. grain, protein, fruits and vegetables and design today show how much of each food group you should include on your plate. time is now 6:37. now seems likely that more san jose police officers may be laid off at the end of this month after contract talks broke down. city negotiators and the police union failed to reach a deal by a midnight deadline last night. the city was already poised to lay off 122 police officers. without a contract an additional 156 officers may be laid off. the city council may order both sides back to the bargaining table before those layoffs take effect. all right. time now 6:38. let's go right back out to sal. sal, roads have been pretty good this morning. still looking good? yes, they are, claudine and
6:39 am
dave. still looking very nice if you're in most areas although a bit more crowded. the bay bridge you might we've with me if you look at this picture and say that's not very nice. well, for this time of the morning i think it is. if you look on the left not too much crowding coming in from 880 and only backed up land army base. for this time i think that's pretty good only 10 minute delay. 101 looks great approaching the 80 split. peninsula or hayward southbound traffic on 88 getting slower but not too much as you dry down to fremont. sal, i just tweeted you. >> i will look for it right now. >> good morning everyone. little change here today. we're in between, the tweener, as one system moves out. more showers popping up mainly north bay. mostly sunny day south bay. partly cloudy elsewhere. waiting for the last system in the series usually two things the strongest and toughest time. clouds, sun, few showers today are likely. we're not completely done the way the pattern is right now wouldn't surprise me if there's
6:40 am
a little hit and miss shower activity. tomorrow increasing clouds should be warmer as we get a south wind in advance of that system which could arrive friday night but more likely saturday. the weekend cloudy with off and on rain. some could be moderate to heavy. the question is when does it show up. the low may sit here and spin a little bit. it does not have something to bump it along. therein lies the key. every other system has had a kicker. our june is starting off looking more like march. the first couple of days have been very active. we've had hail, rain, funnel clouds, tornadoes, the pattern will calm down after tuesday the 7th. i don't think it will be hot or anything, but it looks like a series of lows will start to kind of wind itself down a little bit. friday, saturday, sunday and probably monday. we'll still be in line for some rain and maybe significant rain depending on where that low sets up shop. the one here now is moving. packed its bags headed into northeast california. very active if you have to travel to northeast california or even in the sierra still lingering showers. a lot of low clouds though
6:41 am
banking up towards the northwest hitting i'd say more in the north bay. few showers near santa rosa. just kind of still flirting there. some of that rain leftover in the that's 24 hours. napa quarter inch, petaluma .2. sfo, redwood city, about .14 or .15 and a bunch around .10 to .12. concord, livermore, crockett was in there as well. about a tenth of an i think for some. 40s and 50s. everyone's really close on these temps. what's new it's another cool morning. but really the afternoon highs that continue to be the coolest. one low moves out. the next system is dropping in. so partly sunny to mostly cloudy today. more clouds to the north. more sun to the south. few light showers off and on rain but we're about done with that at least for about another 24 hours. the next system is going to move in and it will be there. the question is when will it move? the timing is really tough. the low develops offshore this may be a pattern where the coast gets rain first and inland raring do not.
6:42 am
i'll have updated information in about 50 minutes if you're just sitting at home or whatever. if you have to go we'll deal with it tomorrow. sun, clouds, light rain, mostly sunny, partly cloudy, 50s and 60s really cool on these afternoon highs. should be in the low 80s for many. warmer towards the santa clara valley and peninsula little more sunshine today than yesterday. increasing clouds friday. rain could start on the coast friday night but more likely saturday morning. question is when will that low move in? sure looks like sunday and monday. those will probably be the best days for rain. time now 6:42. and four people are dead after a rare tornado hits massachusetts. we want to show you some live pictures right now from springfield. you can see above there that that is just springfield this morning. recovery efforts are getting underway there this morning. the winds did rip roofs off buildings and broke trees into small pieces that went flying through windows. witnesses say they were stunned by just how ferocious and quick the wind was. more than 40 people were hurt across the southern part of that state. time now 6:42. no damage reported so far this morning after at least one
6:43 am
tornado and several funnel clouds touched down, yes, in northern california. look at this amateur video. one of the tornadoes there this is the north edge of yuba city touched down just before 6:00 yesterday evening. also reports of funnel clouds across several counties including butte, sutter and yuba. same area where several tornadoes touched down last week. yesterday's storms actually died out as they moved into the sierra foothills. time now 6:43. trouble in the air. the airport where this plane was forced to make an emergency landing and the high profile passengers it was carrying. and china says google is wrong about a cyber attack on its g mail system. good morning. 680 traffic looks pretty good as you're driving on southbound 680 through fremont. we'll tell you more about the east bay and the rest of the commute straight ahead. ding?
6:44 am
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here's a look at top stories we're following. hayward police still searching for missing nursing student michelle le. they're going to focus on cell phone calls. evidence someone was making calls on le's cell phone the day after she disappeared. later this morning phillip and nancy garrido will be sentenced for kidnapping and
6:47 am
raping jaycee dugard. prosecutors are asking for maximum sentence of 431 years for phillip garrido. jaycee dugard may make an appearance at that sentencing. players from the los angeles angels are safely back on the ground this morning after their plane was forced to make an emergency landing overnight. delta charter plane landed at l.a.x. last night. it was originally headed for john wayne airport in santa anna. but the pilot made the decision to land early after noticing a hydraulic problem. no one was hurt. the team was coming back from an away game in missouri and able to finish up the rest of its trip by bus. time now 6:47. japan's prime minister just survived a no confidence motion in parliament today. before the vote prime minister there told members of parliament he'd be willing to resign once japan recovers from the tsunami disaster. opposition parties submitted the no confidence motion against the prime minister because they weren't happy with his handling of the quake and tsunami disaster that
6:48 am
devastated japan in march. there have been some new explosions in the capitol city of yemen. you're looking at the pictures there. clashes between rebel tribes men and security forces have been reported right near the presidential palace. 39 people died yesterday in heavy fighting across the city. the opposition forces are demanding that the president step down. china is denying reports that hackers in that country broke into hundreds of g mail accounts. google which owns g mail believes the hackers obtained pass words through g mail accounts and changed settings on some of them. it says hackers were able to monitor the accounts of u.s. government officials, chinese local activists, journalists and military personnel. implications that it helps support such activities are completely unfounded. this morning a man will be charged with breaking into an oakland apartment and stealing a computer. that computer itself helped track down the suspect. the mac book had a theft tracking software called hidden. and it snapped these pictures.
6:49 am
the mac books real owner posted pictures on his blog and included pick e-mails of his employer of a cab company. >> we have about 2400 theft reports coming through our system every single month. we have three theft investigators passed with handling all of those. >> the software works by tracking the computer's location in quarter mile increments and then takes photos with a built in web cam. it also monitors online activity which is how police found out about the cab company. hidden software costs about $15 a year. interesting. time now 6:49. sal will help you get to where you need to go. you're watching the toll plaza and every place else. >> that's right. we have more crowding at the toll plaza. if you are driving into the commute. but we're going to start with the maps with the hayward commute. hayward to fremont union city looks like miles canyon road getting quite a work out if you use that to get over to 680.
6:50 am
then we have a look at the southbound 87 little slow getting up to 280 in downtown san jose. the rest of the south bay commute looks okay. and on the peninsula 101 and 280 still looking good with some slowing already on 92 eastbound on the way to 101. speaking of 101 let's two to 101 in san francisco. northbound looks good into the city that way. dave mentioned the toll plaza. it is busy now. backed up for about a ten minute wait. nothing more than that. once on the bridge looks good into the city. let go to steve. sal, thank you, sir. mostly sunny towards the south bay and mostly cloudy north. partly sunny, partly cloudy. today a few light rain showers. falling north bay a little in the east bay. not much but it's there. so we'll mention it. but we get a little more sunshine and slightly warmer. just a little bit. especially towards santa clara valley. system continues to rotate out of the area. the wrap around could produce a few showers or just the nature of this system just kind of bubbling up the atmosphere later. but a lot of calmer today as weak high pressure builds. should have more clouds than
6:51 am
anything else. light rain hanging around between santa rosa, st. helena. can't say i blame it. it's a nice place to hang out. still be there. south bay though web camera san jose state meteorology department mostly sunny. mostly sunny. a quarter of an inch in napa last 24 hours. petaluma .2. normally you'd say what's the big deal but for the first couple days of june this is a big deal. sfo .15. and redwood city was in there. concord, livermore, dublin, crockett all around a tenth of an inch .12. not much change in the temperatures t. they've been stuck for a long time. that low's getting kicked out because the next system is dropping in. it's going to drop in right offshore. so the timing and when, where that all sets up will be determined tomorrow. but partly sunny to mostly cloudy today. more clouds to the north. more sun to the south. few light showers or off and on rain looks to be winding down. then we'll wait for that system and see when it wants to move. it will sit there. it doesn't have a kicker. that's the key.
6:52 am
it will sit there and spin. the low develops offshore. a lot of rain with it. just timing it when it moves in. maybe a case where you get rain on the coast but not inland saturday morning. don't cancel any soccer games or baseball games what have you yet. let's deal with this tomorrow. sun clouds, few light showers around. continued cool. no doubt about that. only slightly warmer peninsula and south bay i think about the same east bay and north bay just too much cloud cover there. and a few showers are possible but nothing compared to yesterday. increasing clouds friday. rain could start on the coast late friday, saturday. more likely saturday. it looks like that low once it finally does move in then everybody's in line for rain sunday, monday. all right. time now 6:52. may was a good month for many retailers. some high end stores reporting double digit increases in same store sales including a 20% jump by sax fifth avenue. in order symptom also a 7% jump from may of last year. target, kohl's and the parent of tj marx x also say sales were up although target sales not as strong as analysts forecasted. look at numbers. dow down about 16 points.
6:53 am
futures pointed to the higher opening today but looks like other economic numbers that came in this morning are making things fluctuate a bit. slighter dip in jobless claims and mixed retail sales we talked ability but stronger claims in productivity. yesterday was the biggest drop for the dow in nearly a year. 6:52. a very unusual sight spotted in the skies in the bay area. a theory behind what in the world this is over oakland. i promise you it gets better. >> it gets better. >> and the message the san francisco giants are hoping teaches tolerance toward some teenagers. good morning. right now traffic on highway 4 is getting busier even in bay point. tell you more about the morning commute and also take a look at the bay area forecast.
6:54 am
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welcome back. time now 6:56. video. something was over the skies of oakland and now getting national attention. claudine, what is that? >> looks like a street light. >> infrared video. a blogger named ken mccracken. see this group of three lights moving very, very fast in the sky. some people call it a ufo. mccracken says it's probably some kind of aircraft we don't know about yet. he says this isn't the first time he actually captured a very unusual object. >> all right. the san francisco giants are
6:57 am
stepping up to the plate in support of lgb teenagers. >> we all know how difficult life can be as a teenager. >> particularly challenging for lbg teens facing at versety in their lives. >> yesterday the team released the video for the it gets better campaign. a long time giants fan pitched the letter to the team in a petition along with 6500 signatures. homophobia seems to be strong in the world of sports and hopes this will send a more positive message. we have posted the video on just look for the story in the ktvu right now section of the home page. time now 6:57. go back to sal. check the roads, sal. dave and claudine, traffic is still pretty busy around the bay area as we look at the commute this is highway 101. there's an accident reported just up the road north 101 at 13th. but so far we don't see any slow downs here on this picture. so that's good news. we'll see what happens. bay bridge toll plaza is backed
6:58 am
up for about a ten minute wait. once you get on to the bridge it looks good into san francisco. let's go to steve. sal, mostly cloudy to the north but partly sunny to mostly sunny especially towards the peninsula and south bay. slightly warmer for a few couple showers are possible. still a few up in the north bay. temperatures in the 60s for many again. dave, claudine. all right. time now 6:57. coming up on mornings on 2 it is finally sentencing day in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case. live coverage. also the big announcement involving police in the bay area's largest city. stay right here with us.
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