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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 2, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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it's finally sentencing day in the jay see due guard case. >> the search cop intensify. also, new trouble for money, the disturbing incident that set off a search.
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good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. we begin with new developments in the search for a missing bay student. they involve cell phone calls and persons of interest in this mysterious case. >> reporter: the search for michelle lee could intensify later today. that's depending on new cell phone data. no one has seen this 26-year-old woman since friday night and no one seems to know where she s the latest developments, hayward police received a pattern which follows her into midday saturday. they say the data will eventually help them pinpoint where to better focus their search. investigators interrogated and detained a friend lee had had a
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fight with. police served a search warrant at her home. she remains a person of interest. lieutenant robert keen are, spokesperson for the hayward police department discussed the woman's detention. >> we served several search warrants. we interviewed between 15 and 20 people in formal interviews. earlier this week we did serve a search warrant at a residence. we arrested an individual. brought them to the police department and ultimately released them after a brief dialogue. >> reporter: crime scene investigators say the 26-year-old's locked suv will be processed for fingerprints, blood and dna evidence. lee was last seen heading toward as parking garage. she's a nursing student. police are looking at security camera footage from that garage
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but it's a labor intensive ordeal since there are multiple cameras and fast forwarding through it could mean skipping over important evidence. there's a $20,000 reward for information leading to lee's safe return. we contacted police and waiting to hear an update in the investigation. as sun -- soon as we get that, we'll report it to you loof. jade hernandez. emergency crews literally face an explosive situation in pleasant hill. it happened on douglas lane. firefighters say they heard live ammunition exfloating. in oir last -- our last hour we talked to a man who said the blast shook his apartment. >> i heard rounds going off and
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someone thought it was a fire hazard but to me it sounded like bullets. >> no injuries have been reported. ktvu's kraig debro will tell us what may have caused the fire. >> new this morning, pg&e crews restored power. they were call to 44th avenue after a transformer blew. a plafer saw three flashes of light before hearing the exploasmghts 1500 customers lost their power for couple hours while the crews worked to fix the problems. pg&e said a bird may have caused it to blow. the labor department said the number of people filing for first time unemployment benefits is drifting lower.
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it's down 6,000 from the week before but still higher than most economists had forecast. continuing claims held nearly steady at 3.71 million. the unemployment rate for all of may comes out tomorrow morning no a new poll shows the a scroart of cal -- californians support things which to whether, tend exsporing taxes to close the state's budget deficit. 62% of likely voters say they want a special election. that's up from 56% a month ago, but it's not clear if they who vote to extend the taxes. 46% say they support the tax extensions while 48% say they oppose them. in two hours from now, phillip garrido is scheduled to be sentenced for the rape of
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jaycee lee dugard. >> reporter: these two defendants, nancy and phillip garrido called evil for their deeds against dugard who was just 11 at the time she was kidnapped, pleaded guilty in a plea deal that who assure they would spend the rest of their lives in prison. the big question, will jaycee dugard be here. if she will, what will her statement be. and will phillip garrido have anything more to say about the 18 years. the two defendants pleaded dpil ti under a deal that called for phillip garrido to reeve 46 years to life and the attorney
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for nancy garrido said he will make a statement on her behalf. all eyes are on the eldorado courthouse in placerville. there are only 16 seats for the public inside that courtroom, which is not much when you consider the tremendous amount of interest across the state and here in eldorado county. the proceedings get underway at 9:00 this morning. tori. >> thank you. this morning san francisco police are searching for a man who groped and assaulted a woman on a muni train. it happened at the outer sunset district as the woman was getting off the enjudo line. police described him as an asian man, 5'7" weighing 140 pounds, wearing a red plaid jacket and
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blue jeans. it seems likely more san jose police officers will be laid off. the city and the officers failed to reach an agreement. the city was already poised to lay off 122 police officers. without a new contract, an additional 156 officers may be laid off. both sides may be ordered back to the bargaining table. >> let last check in with sal. >> we're going to look at it. the last time i saw it, it wasn't wet. we don't see wet weather, but we do see, looks like a concrete pumping machine. that's what that is as they build the building here. now at some point i believe we are going to reposition this camera but it's going to be
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tricky. some of these buildings are coming down. the toll plaza backup is 10 minutes or so and happy concrete pumping to you. northbound 880 as you pass the coliseum, the traffic is going to be okay. there's no major problems on the way to downtown oakland. this morning's commute on westbound 92 looks okay. the slow traffic really isn't there too much. there is a crash southbound 17 at 85, noncommute. northbound 101 at 13. that crash ended up being not a big deal for traffic. 101 and 280 looking good and highway 82 has improved. 709. let's go to steve. >> mostly sunny to mostly cloudy. mostly sunny san jose. today will be better than yesterday. looks like that will give us some rain.
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the only question will be on the timing. today partly sunny, partly cloudy, a few lingering showers, slightly warmer with a south wind in advance of a system which will get here. it could start rain on the coast but not inland until maybe late saturday or sunday. tackle this tomorrow. don't cancel plans yet unless you're near the coast. we're starting off looking like the first couple days of february or march, very active, plenty of rain. i don't think we're done until at least monday. after that things look calmer. from tuesday on things will be better. for those who work outside, golf pros, tennis pros, you'll want to plan lay cordingly. the weekend is dicey. the one we had yesterday is moving out of the area. it said i'm not done yet. there's a line of rain from
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santa rosa to napa, yountville. napa did pick up a quarter inch of rain. petaluma 2/10ths. oakland was in there as well as the santa cruz mountains. san jose was 48. they have mostly sunny skies but there's more sun there. the next system dropping down, this will get here. the question is when. mostly cloudy. a low develops offshore. therein lies the key. i've seen this a couple of times. every system we had coming in had something to bump it along. this one did not. so the timing is tough. it looks like it will be sometime on the weekend saturday night into sunday. the updated information comes in in about the next hour. today partly sunny, partly cloudy. warmer san jose, morganville to
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gilroy. everyone else stuck in the 60s. north bay looks like they're stuck with more clouds. increasing clouds friday. looks like for everybody late saturday into sunday and monday. >> thank you, steve. reviewing the recovery efforts, what republicans are doing this morning on capitol hill over president obama's response to last career's gulf oil spill. >> also, why a charter flight carrying one of california's pro sports teams played an emergency landing last night. >> disturbing new information from the world health organization about that e. coli strain.
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yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ] santa clara, a few isolated
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showers are possible. and slightly warm but cool with a lot of mid to upper 60s. some mass mass residents digging through -- some massachusetts residents digging through the rub many. that's what's left of it. this is rare for new england. look at this. two tornadoes hit springfield and more than a dozen other communities in western massachusetts late yesterday. at least four deaths and dozens of injuries were reported. that was a house. the tornadoes ripped off roofs, upended cars and knocked down trees and power lines. >> everything blew at you. everything went off. everything is gone. >> all of a sudden a funnel shot down. >> there's your proof.
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that's exactly what you're seeing in this dramatic footage. that was captured in spring field near the connecticut river. you can see the twister forming in the water and going up in the hair getting stronger. thousands have no electricity. the governor has declared an emergency in massachusetts. republicans are taking aim at president obama's response to last career's gulf oil spill. as ktvu's alison burns reports, they're holding a hearing right now. some say president obama is still hindering the gulf coast recovery. >> reporter: let's get to a live look at the hearing room. republicans are releasing a report that's critical of president obama's handling of the oil spill disaster. mississippi governor haley bar bower said the feds got in the way and overreached their authority. >> we're not mad at anybody
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about it but it didn't work well when they tried to assume command over the national guard. >> reporter: the obama administration says the feds are still actively involved in the recover river efforts. republicans are also expected to use this morning's hearings to step up pressure on the obama administration to ease restrictions on offshore drilling. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu news. the world health organization says the e. coli outbreak in europe involves a new strain that has never been linked before. the bacteria has been linked to vegetables. so far, 18 people have died, most in germany, 1500s have been sickened. the source of the contamination sun clear. previous claims that it came from spanish cucumbers were found to be incorrect. some countries including russia
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and the united arab emroot -- emrats are bang fresh produce dues. mitt romney is expected to announce he is running for president in 2012. now parts of his announcement speech say he is positioned to beat president obama and turn around the country. romney ran for the republican nomination four years ago but he lost to arizona senator john mccain. new york congressman anthony wiener said he did not send what is being described as a lewd photo over his twitter account. he said someone sent it to a 21-year-old woman. it shows a man from the waste down only wearing boxer shorts. >> sometime as prank is a prank. that's why i'm trying to treat
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this that way. hopefully my marriage survives, my first anniversary. >> congressman wiener cannot say the photo sent was not him. a plan was forced to make an emergency landing overnight. the delta charter plane landed at l.a.x. it. was originally headed for john wayne airport in santa an na. the pilot made the decision to land early after noticing a hydraulic situation. >> they wanted to divert to l.a.x. to use the longer runway there, but it was kind of business has usual. the inflight crew was great. >> no one was hurt. the team was coming back from an away game in missouri. they finished the rest of the trip by bus. thompson praised the pilot for bringing the bird down. well, he is one of pro basketball's biggest stars in every way.
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>> 19 years, baby. i want to thank you very much. that's why i'm telling you first i'm about to row tire. love you. talk to you. >> shaquille o'neal made the announcement on his twitter site. he's retiring after 19 incredible seasons in the nba. he got his beard. there the 39-year-old superstar, one of the most dominant players played in orlando, los angeles, phoenix, cleveland and boston and still grinning. two bay area students have been eliminated from the national spelling bee. i want to show you 14-year-old kate from walnut creek. kate and a 10-year-old did not have enough points to make it through today's semifinals but she's still smamplet today's
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round will be in washington, d.c. and started at 7:00 a.m. our time. the 14-year-old kate. i think her original language is russian. the fact that she's a good speller of english is even more impressive. a calm and clever thief. >> he's very good at what he does. >> the surveillance video of a pick pocket in action at several local businesses. plus a battle over the contest. northbound 280 getting slow traffic coming into the valley as you come up past highway 17. more traffic and winter straight ahead.
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flames were pouring out of a warehouse yesterday at a business ironically called hout
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pesmed house. it manufactures furniture. 100 firefighters responded. a nearby transformer also caught fire. the cause is under investigation. san francisco police hope surveillance video will help them catch the so-called bluetooth bandit. now the man that you see in this video is wanted in connection with several thefts in the bay area. police say he steals the wallets from women who drape their purses on chairs whether in a restaurant, bar or coffee shop. his accomplices then use the stolen credit and debit cards to steal thousands. look at the video. he's usually well dressed, generally wear as bluetooth ear piece. >> for women keep your foot around it or lap or these hooks under the table.
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let's check in with sal. >> all right. northbound 280 traffic into the valley is getting busy. northbound 280 traffic is busy from abbas com. okay on 87 and 85. let's take a look at the toll plaza. it's about 10 minutes and no unusual traffic on the bridge. it's not imping -- going to be too bad. if are a driving on interstate 880. traffic in both directions move along. >> at least better for some. we'll have mostly sunny skies towards santa clara valley, a mostly cloudy day, especially from san francisco, oakland, sonoma cod, napa. not a lot of low level
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cloudiness. you can see yountville, so nothing too heavy but enough to say what's doing on here. there's a few holding on showers. 40s and 50s. our one low moves out getting moved along by that strong wind which will be here friday night and hang around until monday. sun, clouds, a few light showers, cool for this time of the year. areas around 82, 83 degrees are not close. santa rosa 78. so very, very cool. rain could start on the coast, more likely saturday morning. the question is the timing and when will this move inland f it's not saturday afternoon or is the day night, sunday into monday. this system will be the last one in the series. >> but it is coming. a stolen laptop computer is found, thanks to some high tech help. the software that led bay area
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police to a suspected thief. residents of an apartment complex heard gun fire. plus lie detector results in the bryan stow beating case. look, every day we're using more and more energy.
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the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪ that's why right here, in australia, chevron is building one of the biggest natural gas projects in the world. enough power for a city the size of singapore for 50 years. what's it going to do to the planet? natural gas is the cleanest conventional fuel there is. we've got to be smart about this. it's a smart way to go. ♪
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welcome back. emergency crews faced a dangerous situation responding to an overnight fire in pleasant hill. they arrived to the sound of life ammunition exploding at a burning apartment house. ktvu's kraig debro talked to one of the residents. >> reporter: this happened at the apartment complex on douglas way. it started on the second floor. windows are board up. on the lawn you can see basically all that's left of one of the apartments left. the sound of gunfire rang out. he's the only person we've been able to find who heardment this gunfire or not, the tenants said the experience was frightening. >> flames were coming out from the windows and everything. >> reporter: several 911 calls came into the contra costa
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county fire department. the fire was and control around 11:30. addition to the fire, a man on the second floor unit where it started may have had several fire warms and the bullets exploded. no one was injured by gunfire. so except the apartment that was destroyed, other residents are row leaved. >> my son said all the stuff that has important -- my wii, my playstation. i said, no, no. we have nothing important. we're getting out. >> it was, siting in a way. nothing happens in this area. >> reporter: you can laugh about it now. >> now i can. last night i was kind of worried. >> reporter: the contractors told me he spoke to the man who lives in that second floor apartment and he saw the man load several weapons into his
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truck after the fire. he also said in speaking with that man, the man told him the fire started in a power strip. a man tried to pick it up and put out the fire and burned himself. the one firefighter did suffer an injury but he was treated at john muir. we understand he's back on duty. >> thank you. we are now just 90 muts away from the sentencing of phillip and nancy garrido, the couple charged in the kidnapping and rape of dugard. we have more on with could happen at today's hearing. good morning, claude dean -- claudine. >> reporter: no big surprise are expected. phillip garrido looking at a sentence of 400 years and nancy
7:33 am
garrido 40 years. we'll take you to the eldorado county courthouse in placerville. the tape is up in anticipation of the large media presence. there are a limited number of seats and security is tight. the couple has pleaded dpil -- guilty. the prosecution is asking about a max sentencing. they said quote the defendant's prior record is clear. he is a sexual predator and they cite other cases and called his parole quote unbelievable. the prosecutor said garrido should be sentenced to the maximum 431 years and said there's nothing more crowl than snatching an 11-year-old child off the street to repeatedly sexual assault her for years and
7:34 am
keep her away from her family for 18 years. farce nancy garrido, they're asking for the max of 36 years for her. >> no matter what the judge does, they're going to be in jail for the rest of their lives. >> reporter: this sentencing hearing isn't supposed to take very long. there's a hearing over grand jury documents whether testimony during the proceedings should be released. the prosecution and defense are both asking that they stay sealed. claudine wong reporting. >> we are looking at pictures of jaycee dugard. will she be in the courtroom? >> reporter: no one has been able to confirm that certainly, that is something everyone is looking forward to. >> thank you, claudine. the pastor of a menlo church is on leave in the latest church scan d.a. the archdiocese relieved father william meyers after learning
7:35 am
that he struggled with a sexual addiction. 200 angry parishioners gathered at st. raymond church to demand answers about their pastor. they were particularly upset over the fact that father meyers fathered -- followed a teenage boy into a store. >> you can't have people struggling with their sexual identity. what's that mean? >> i feel sorry for what happened. i hope god will help him. i don't hate him. >> bishop william justice said there's noafd the priest did anything inremember the but the church is following a full investigation. there were explosions at an ocean beach as the become squad
7:36 am
det tonnated munitions from world war ii. a man found the old am how initial in his house. the bomb squad secured it, took it to ocean beach and blew it up. it set off car alarms. an elite crew of five san jose firefighters are being trained in water rescues. right now san jose firefighters respond to water emergencies, but they chan only secure the scene. they're in the trained to jump in the water or drive a boat. instead, very have to wrait for volunteers from san jose search and rescue to arrive. all of this follows after a man drowned in alameda on monday while police and firefighters stood by and watched. they said they weren't trained to go into the water to rescue
7:37 am
the man. the suspect in the beating of giants fan by jan stow has now taken two lie detector tests in the past two days. one test was given yesterday a day after the defense team carried out its own. a polygraph expert is hinting giovanni ramirez passed both and ramirez' lawyer is hoping prosecutors will drop the charges. >> we think 100% hour client is in-- our client is innocent. he didn't beat bryan stow, never been to dodger stadium. >> los angeles police still maintain they have a strong case against the former convict and known gang member. a man will be charged with breaking into an oakland apartment and stealing a computer and the computer itself helped track down the suspect.
7:38 am
the mack-- macbook had tracking software called hidden and it tracked the thief, muthanna alde-bashi. police said it had enough tech until ji to make it a priority. >> we have three theft investigators charge w. handling -- with handling them. >> it tracks the location and takes photos with the built-in web cam and monitors online activity. hidden software, by the way, costs $15 a year. i'm feeling they'll have a little more business. >> this has gotten national attention. sal's tracking your commute. what do you see, sal? >> this morning's commute has been pretty slow in some areas.
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let's take a look at the commute, westbound highway 4 as you come up to the well low pass. you'll see the commute getting slower coming across the concord and no major problems. also, the morning commute will be busy. toll plaza looks like it came to a standstill. coming up to the pay dates. you can see traffic is -- i'm looking to see if there's anything that's causing this on the bridge. i don't see it but we might get to it, soon. looks like it's at a standstill. let's did to the traffic on the east bay. there's a crash there on the way down from pleasanton to fremont. let's go to steve. >> a little bit of blue sky, partly sunny today. more clouds to the north, more sun to the south. yesterday gilroy was only 65 for a high. i would think that's a record
7:40 am
low max yum -- maximum temperature. today clouds, sun, mainly north bay or east bay even though it's not going to be much warmer. increasing clouds tomorrow, sliest -- slightly warmer. looks like it starts on the coast. inland is going to be tough. the system just sits. it may be one where it's raining but not out towards walnut creek or an ti okay or livermore. we'll see -- we'll deal with that tomorrow. eventually that low will eject in and everyone will be in line for rain. very active pattern for early june. that is not something we say very often. it's going to be hot or warm. the lows continue to move in not only giving us incredible weather but incredible weather across the country. there will be rain saturday, sunday and labor monday.
7:41 am
after tuesday, things will calm down. if you work outside, it will be better. it won't be hot. there's no sign of any heat. looks like this is the last, coming down in the series, this one coming down saturday, and sunday. it's still producing light showers, just skirting the north bay but things are calming down. napa had a quarter inch of rain. santa rosa in there as well. sfo redwood city. concord, oakland, santa cruz, crockett, a 10th of an inch. 55 hayward. you can see the counter clockwise rotation only to be replaced by the next one. it has a lot more moisture where there's nothing behind. that every system has had something to keep it moving along so they don't stick
7:42 am
around. i've seen this pattern a couple times. it sits there, sits there, sits there and eventually moves. so partly sunny, mostly cloudy today, maybe a knew light showers popping up north and east. as that low moves out, high pressure. the next system develops offshore. timing is tough. looks like saturday morning coast and bay and saturday night that low finally moves. the key is when will it move. today some sun, clouds, but continued cool is the message. 50s, 60s, slightly warmer which might have a little bit more sun, just a little bit. mostly cloudy on friday. saturday morning looks like rain close to the coast and bay. saturday night and lingering into monday. what's happened recently, numerous bills aimed at tracking down on california lawmakers. and are you doing the shopping
7:43 am
these days? new numbers on re tail sales.
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that number looks a lot bet are than yesterday. new claims for unemployment benefits fell. the labor market recovery has taken a step back. also, oil nell below $100 a barrel. right now the dow is down three. the nasdaq is up 12. s&p is up one and a half. most retailers saw sales increase. some high end stores are
7:46 am
reporting double dig git increases in same store sales in may. that includes saks fifth avenue. nordstrom, target, kohl's. this morning china is denying a cyber attack inside the bored. google said g mail accounts were hacked and came from china. the company said it happened after some passwords were stolen from a phishing scam. microsoft showed off the operating system. it's a full version of windows that will operate on than lets and personal computers. it responds to finger swipes but can also be commanded from a
7:47 am
keyboard and mouse. the current devices are finally able to run a full version of windows. for now microsoft is calling this version windows 8, but they slay that cop change. today is the beginning of the first insider trading trial. this case has some pretty strong bay areas. prosecutors say winifred jowl allegedly gave inside information while working for a mountain view company. eight of the 13 haven terred guilty plea. prime minister kahn said he would be killing to resign after the rebuilding effort of the earthquake and tsunami were well underway. opposition parties submitted that no confidence motion saying they're unhappy with the way he
7:48 am
handled the crisis. there's new details in the drug allegation case involving cycling's biggest star. the head of a swiss lab now says lance armstrong's test results from a 2001 bike race indicates he was using banned drugs. that conflicts with a lab director's earlier statements. armstrong's attorneys are still demanding an apology from 60 minutes. the doctor that helped nadia cul mon give birth to octuplets will be -- he implanted six times the normal amount. she gave birth to eight babies in 2009. the state licensing authority also found the doctor to be negligence in his treatment of
7:49 am
two other patients. governor christi and his wife mary pat showed up at their son's baseball game in a brand-new $12 1/2 state helicopter. he has built an plage of a budget cutter. the latest accused him of being an elitist and hypocrite. >> what are you doing with our money. >> it's hard to swallow when you see the education program and the money taken from the poorer school systems. >> one democratic new jersey lawmaker is demanding pay back from christie but they said it didn't cost extra because the chopper would have been in the
7:50 am
hair anyway. lawmakers put on the shelf a bell to policer that own. among them things on pay, travel and other compensation. a ban on middle have the night sessions and state boards within four years of leaving office. they also rejected two laws. one would have docked the pay of lawmakers who were absent and the other would have create lad do not call list for campaign robocalls. >> all right. 7:50. san francisco has a new attraction and she's just a few days old. the place where you may spot her. it's a giant message against bullying. this new video released by the world champions.
7:51 am
7:52 am
hard times hit skid row. people living on skid row in los
7:53 am
angeles have to pay at one shelter. union rescue mission now charges $7 for a bed. the shelter has also cut the three free meals a day down to one. the tough economy is one of the reasons for the changes. and the federal government will limit loans to students at for profit school the like the university of phoenix and devie. they will be able to receive federal paid tuition only if 45% are repaying their student loans. federal officials expect 5% of programs to fail that test. well, apple said people or businesses that offer free ipads or iphones as incentives are taking advantage of apple's good names. apple says using the name infringes on its brand. the ipad touch can be used under special circumstances but only if 250 or more of those devices are purchased.
7:54 am
so far, there's been no legal ruling about apple's guidelines. the world champion san francisco giants are taking a stand against discrimination. >> there's no place in society for hatred and bullying. >> that was giants pitcher barry zito for "it gets better," the name of the campaign for teenagers. it was named after a teenager who killed himself after being teased at school. we posted it at our channel 2 website, you can look for it in the ktvu right now section on our home page. san francisco's palace of fine arts has a new resident, a
7:55 am
baby swan. it's mar that the young swan is only a knew days old. in fact, she hatched on memorial day. one person said she has been waiting for the past few weeks. >> i've been peeking my head around. i'm so excited to see today she had her baby. it's so exciting. it's our oasis in the city. >> the mother, blanch, there, still have three more eggs but they don't know if the eggs will hatch. but martha is cute. it's a chance to go see her. >> sal, that's enough to stop traffic. >> people can just go boy and see it. good morning, everyone. certainly, that's not affecting traffic, which is good but we are looking at situations that will be slow. at the toll plaza it has been steady and slow. we had a couple hiccups but
7:56 am
nothing too big. let's look at 83408 -- 880 northbound, passing the coliseum, southbound 880 as you drive top wentham, no major problems. in the south bray if you're traveling on 280 northbound, it's been slow getting into the valley and very slow as the centers turn to dark red. 85 to 87 to cupertino. >> well below average for some, especially inland, upper 70s, low 80s. mostly cloudy. partly cloudy skies. south bay mostly sunny. the system that brought us the crazy weather is moving out. it's clipping the north bay.
7:57 am
it left behind a lot of low clouds. santa rosa, napa, fairfield, not much but enough to give a few light rain showers. 50s on temps. 55 covers it. that low moves out a stronger system is moving. it will develop tonight into tomorrow. rain could start on the coast but more likely saturday morning and saturday night for inland areas. it will be a tough call on the timing. we'll deal with it. today partly sunny, 50s, 60s, a few low 70s. so 70 morgan hill to 72 in gilroy. neither one was in the 70s. increasing clouds and rain moves in. it will be on the coast, then the bay and saturday flight into sunday for everyone lingering into monday. tori. it's finally sentencing day
7:58 am
in the jaycee dugard case. the garridos go before the judge. 26-year-old michelle lee is still missing. we'll have more information coming up. a very disturbing new incident. it involves muni and a female rider and a man who is still out there on the loose.
7:59 am
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good morning. welcome back. >> there's sloom new developments in that search for a missing bay area student. >> ktvu's jade hernandez is back to tell us the focus is on a cell phone, phone calls and persons of interest. >> reporter: we just heard from the spokesman from the department. the only thing he could say is the data won't be back until today. then investigators can intensify the search for 26-year-old michelle lee. she disappeared and no one has
8:01 am
seen her sense friday night. the latest developments, hayward police say the phone pinged off tower until midday saturday but it's taking them a well to get information from the cell phone provider. also, investigators interrogated and detained a former friend lee had a fight with and was a best friend at one time. police served a search warrant at the woman's home seizing her computer and cell phone but the woman was later released. she remain last person of interest. all together were 20 people have been interviewed. lieutenant roger keener, spokesman for the police department explained why investigators are still optimistic. >> we are not in the position to identify this as a foul play incident. we hold the same hope that the family was expressing to us last
8:02 am
night. though are our driving force, the hope that we have and we continue to pursue it with that very same hope. >> reporter: crime scene investigators say it will take two weeks to process the suv for fingerprints, blood, dna and fiber exit. she was last seen heading towards keyser on friday. there are multiple cameras. fast forwarding through the footage could mean skipping over important evidence. we checked in with the department. as we mentioned, nothing new to report until that new mobile phone data gets back to headquarters. as soon as that information is here, investigators can intense fight search for this 26-year-old nursing student. reporting live, jade hernandez. in just about an hour from right now, phillip and nancy garrido will be sentenced for
8:03 am
kidnapping and raping dugard. the garridos pleaded guilty prosecutors want a max july of 130 years for phillip garrido. jaycee dugard will not have to take the witness stand and testify but her ordeal could still become public. after this morning's sentencing, the judge will hold another hearing on whether to row please grand jury transcripts that will include testimony from jaycee dugard. ktvu's claudine wong has been going through some of the documents and will tell us some of the arguments the lawyers are expected to make today. emergency crews literally faced an explosive situation when responding to an overnight apartment fire in pleasant hill. it happened at a complex on douglas lane. firefighters arrived to the sound of exploding live ammunition. last hour we spoke to one man
8:04 am
who heard the blast shake up his apartment house. >> maybe after about 10 minutes i heard like rounds going off inside there and someone thought it meet ab fire hazard. to me this sounded like bullets. >> fortunately, crews were able to secure the area and get the fire under control in less than 30 minutes. no one was hurt. ktvu's kraig debro is at the scene and will tell us what might have caused the fire at 8:30. right now 6 people in oakland -- 68 people in oakland are without power. a transformer blew around 3:30 this morning a police officer in the hear reported seeing three flashes of light before hearing the exploasmghts originally 1500 customers were without power. well, new this morning, the labor says the number of people
8:05 am
filing first time unemployment benefits is drifting lower. 422,000 new jobless claims came in. that's down 6,000 from the week before but it's still higher from what most economists forecast. continuous claims hold steady. the unemployment rate for all of may will come out tomorrow morning. there's a new poll that shows majority of californians support jerry brown's call to let the voters decide whether to extend tax increases to close scale's budget deficit. 62% of likely voters say they want a special election. that's up from 56% a month ago but it's not clear they would vote to extend those taxes. 46% say they sport tax extension -- support the tax extensions. san francisco police are searching for a man who groped and assaulted a woman on a muni
8:06 am
train. it happened last sunday in the district as the woman was getting off the enjuda line. she said a man grabbed her. she described him as an asian man in his early 20s weighing 140 pounds, last seen wearing a red plaid jacket and blue genes. the pastor of a menlo park church is on leave. the archdiocese of san francisco rereferred father william meyers from his duty after finding out he struggles with a sexual addition. about 200 angry parishioners gathered at st. raymond's church last night demanding answers. they were upset that father meyers recently followed a teenage boy into a department store dressing room. >> we have kids here.
8:07 am
you can't have someone struggling with their sexual identity. what's that mean? eye feel -- i feel sad. i hope god helps him. i don't hate him. he was our pastor. this is my church. >> the church said there's no evidence the priest did anything inappropriate at the church, the school or anyplace else. however, the archdiocese is still prom mages full investigation. now it seems likely that more san jose police officers will be laid love at the end of thrips month -- off at the end of this month after contracts failed. the city was posed to lay off 122 police officers. without a cruet -- contract deal an additional 156 officers may be laid off. they could order both sides back
8:08 am
to the bargaining i believe that before the layoffs become effective. pg&e said it will mills headlines to hand in documents to regulators. pacific pg&e was supposed to hand in the files by june 20th. now pg&e said it won't be able to straik those documenteds down until the end of next year, 2012. state regulators had asked for the files as part of the investigation of the san bruno explosion. let's check in with sal. somehow 880 doing? >> i just got a tweet from tracy h who lives in -- i guess she lives in the livermore area. she told me there's a big rig that she shaw that was on fire -- saw that was on fire at north greenville road. she tweeted me, pretty intense, lots of smoke and this is what i like about people who can get ahold of us online. you clan go to and --
8:09 am
can go to chp doesn't know about this. eastbound 580 at greenville. i'm sure they'll get ahold of it in just a moment. let's take a look at live pictures. dave mentioned 880. i'm afraid the answer is in the that good. it's a little bit slow pass the coliseum. when you get to the toll plaza we have a backup extending past overcrossing. they're still pumping concrete. >> thank you. well, partly sunny, mostly cloudy. what's going on with thrills june weather. look at the positives. you don't have to use your air conditioner, so you're saving money. temperatures staying on the cool side, really cool for us. today's forecast 50 to 56 on the low. sun and clouds. a few showers in the north. things are winding down.
8:10 am
55 to 65, partly sunny, partly cloudy. let's be optimistic. that 70 will be down towards santa clara valley. the chloe clouds are bank -- low clouds are banking up. we're trying to keep it sunny. we wish. the low responsible last moved out, still a wrap around effect. so still around russian river, santa rosa, napa, fairfield. i better mention it or someone will get after me. napa quarter of an inch. sfo 15. concord, crockett, livermore, all around a 10th of an inch. the low to mid. 56 hayward. the next one coming in is a forecasting nightmare. the reason why i say that, every
8:11 am
system that's come down for the last three weeks had one behind that. it's called the sciker. this one does not have a kicker. it's the strongest one of the system and usually in the pattern, the last one is the strongest. partly to mostly cloudy. there's some sun and maybe a few light showers north and east. the low develops offshore friday. it may sit there until sunday. if you're on the coast, i would have a plan b. there could be rain on the coast but not gilroy, livermore, dublin, walnut creek, napa and out to vacaville. it just depends on when that low moves. if you're closer to the coast there could be a lot of rain. so we'll deal with this tomorrow. sun, clouds, light rain, continued cool, 50s and 60s.
8:12 am
antioch 66. concord 66. a lot of this should be closer to 80. slightly warmer. increasing clouds. rain could start on the coast say late saturday. >> all right. thank you, steve. what a congress plan is saying this morning about his twitter account. >> it seems like this was a prank to make fun of my name. >> but is he finally clearing up the confusion about a lewd photo. twisters in an unlikely location. also disturbing news about a new e. coli strain, experts say they have never seen anything like it.
8:13 am
8:14 am
8:15 am
it will be a mostly cloudy day. we're trying to be optimistic but there are a lot of clouds. temperatures stay cool, very few low 70s in the santa clara valley. it is an almost unheard of thing in massachusetts. >> i was sitting here watching the storm. this is my house. >> what's left of list house. two deadly tornadoes tore through springfield and more than a dozen oth are communities
8:16 am
late yesterday afternoon. at least four or dead, dozens more injured. residents say it was an incredible sur priessments the tornado knocked down trees and power lines. >> everything blew at you. everything went off. everything's gone. >> all of a sudden the funnel shut down. debris started rising into the air. >> you can see what's happened near the connecticut river. it shows the twister forming in the water, literally pulling the water up in the air. thousands still without electricity this morning. the massachusetts governor has declared an emergency. the world health organization said the e. coli outbound in europe is -- outbreak in europe is a new strain they've never seen before. 18 people have died, most in
8:17 am
germany. 1500 more have been sickened. the source of the contamination is not clear. there were claims it claim from spanish cucumbers, but that appears to be wrong. in 45 minutes, former massachusetts governor mitt romney will officially announce he's running for president in 2012. he will announce it at a farm in new hampshire. romney said he is positioned to defeat president obama and quote turn around the country. romney ran for the gop nomination four years ago but lost to arizona senator john mccain. a few hours ago new york congressman anthony weiner said he will no longer answer questions about a lewd photo sent through his twitter account. weiner said someone hacked his account and sent it to a 21-year-old woman. the photo shows a man from the waste down wearing boxer shorts.
8:18 am
some pretty tense moments for the los angeles angels. their plane made an emergency landing overnight. it landed at l.a.x. you she it right here. it was originally headed for john wayne airport but the pilot decided to land early after noticing a hydraulic problem. >> the flight crew alerted me to the situation. they wanted to divert it to l.a.x. to use the longer runway there. this was kind of business has usual. the inflight crew was great. >> no one was hurt. the team was coming back from an away game in missouri. it finished the rest of the trip by bus. some players sent tweets. rich thompson praised the pilot for bringing the bird down. he's one of pro basketball's biggest stars in every sense of the word. >> 19 years, baby. want to thank you very much.
8:19 am
that's why i'm telling you first, i'm about to retire. love you. talk to you soon. shaquille o'neal made the announcement on his website. he's retiring have the 19 incredible seasons. he's one of the most dominant players. he played in los angeles, orlando, phoenix, cleveland and part of boston. the national spelling bee has come to an end for two bay area students. this is 14-year-old kate of walnut creek. kate and a 10-year-old from san jose did not have enough points to make this through to the semifinals being held. the next round is being held right now in washington, d.c. the winner will be determined during tonight ames final round. just about 15 minutes ago first lady michelle obama helped
8:20 am
unveil a replacement for the food pyramid. you can see her at the new my plate food high con at the department of agriculture. the plate is separateed into four parts showing grains, proteins, fruits and vegetables. >> because when this comes to eating, what's more useful than a plate? what's more simple than a plate. >> she's got a point. >> the new plate icon replace the hold food pyramid. a lot of nutritionist said the pyramid is too hard for people to understand. they believe the plate is a more real live way to make healthy food choices. people like me. strange lights captured on camera. this is not the first time it's been seen in the oakland sky. >> a bay area teacher preparing for a trip that very few people outside of nasa have taken.
8:21 am
>> you've reached 280 at king street. we'll see slow traffic and using the sixth street exit. we'll tell you about the morning commute straight ahead.
8:22 am
8:23 am
all right. this is hang national news. this is infrared video captured by a bay area blogger called
8:24 am
kevin mccracker. those three lights are moving very fast in the sky. some people say it's a ufo. mccracken said it's probably some type of aircraft that you and i haven't been told about. some say a satellite and others say a flock of geese. speaking of up in the sky, a physics teacher is about to begin and out of this world provide mission. he was chosen to fly on nasa's sophia, nasa's largest airborne observatory. it's equipped with a high tech telescope and will reach 4,000 feet. >> if this genre finds something
8:25 am
exciting. >> she said she will videotape her experiences so she can share her trip with her students. the great thing about teachers, they want to share the good experiences with their kids. lot luges check -- let's check in with sal. >> we're looking at very busy traffic all over the bay area. let's go to the 880 northbound as you drive the coliseum. you can see traffic will be busy, almost stop and go, really bad traffic from the coliseum area. most people are stopped there. right now traffic will be really busy. let's go up to the toll plaza. the traffic is going to be backed up for about a 15-minute delay. and southbound 680 at stone valley road at alamo there is an
8:26 am
accident. traffic is busy. by the way, i found out what's going on on the nimitz freeway. at stone valley video there is an accident. put up 880. there is a stalled truck at high street. now that we have the super missing, you can see that it's pretty slow. in those lanes there's a stalled truck popped up. we'll find out how long it will be there and it's terrible. let last go to steve. >> the weather is not terrible. it's sunny to the shout bay but mostly cloudy, the majority of the peninsula. too many low clouds. but not too many. the rain is moving out. there's been rain associated with the weak system. there meet be a few left over. the overnight lows are not bad.
8:27 am
the high temperatures continue to be on the cool side a good 10 to 15 degrees. the system dropping down has a lot more moisture. the question is when will it arrive, probably saturday morning. i will tackle this forecast tomorrow. 50s, 60s, low 70s. that will be about it. everyone else too much cloud cover and too cool and air massments the best guesstimate, because this is the last in the series, so it's going to be marching to the beat of its own drummer. on the coast there will be rain saturday, maybe saturday night. inland, no doubt about it. could be heavy rain and also in the santa cruz mountains. the husband and wife of kidnapped jaycee dugard are about to learn their fate. the garridos go before a judge in 30 minutes. one resident at an apartment
8:28 am
complex thought someone was shooting at him. the specific training a group of san jose firefighters are now getting.
8:29 am
8:30 am
it is finally sentencing day in the jaycee dugard kidnapping case. the garridos go before a judge in 30 minutes from now. ktvu's claudine wong has been going through the documents. >> reporter: the garridos will be in court at 9 a.m. we've been looking at the documents in advance of the
8:31 am
sentencing. these documents back the legal argument. we'll get to the prosecution teas take in just a moment. we want to show you a live picture outside the courthouse in placerville. media crews are starting arrive. they have tape up there. they are expecting a large media preens. they're letting some reporters go into the courtroom. we have a crew up there. a lot of rules on how this will be covered. they anticipate a lot of attention. the couple has pleaded guilty as part of a plea deal. the prosecution asked for max sentences. for nancy garrido 36 years. for phillip garrido more than 400. he is spent time in the '70s and '80s for other crimes. so his sentences takes into account three strikes.
8:32 am
the prosecution said garrido should have never been allowed back on the streets to commit the crime. they go on to say that garrido is a sexual predator and that it caused the mother to endure an 18-year long nightmare and for that fact should be sentenced to the max of 431 years. >> i believe the judge will come close to that. that will ensure both of them will spend the rest of their lives in jail. >> reporter: there will be another hearing following that one. this one concerns grand jury documents and wornt tran -- whether or not transcripts of testimony should be released. journalists have asked for the release. the prosecution and defendants are asking that they remain
8:33 am
sealed. we'll keep you updated all morning long on ktvu and all day long on >> thank you. several hours ago emergency crews faced a very dangerous situation responding to a fire in pleasant hill. live ammunition was exploding at a burning apartment house. kraig debro spoke to one of the residents who heard the sound. >> reporter: you're looking at the second story apartment that burst into flames last night about 10:00. tenants say the experience was frightening. >> when i came out, i looked across there and it was engulfed. flames were coming out from the windows and everything. >> reporter: several 911 calls came in to the contra costa fire department. in addition to the fire, the man
8:34 am
on the second floor unit where the fire started may have had several firearms. the bullets may have exploded as well. a man on the other side of the complex heard what sounded like bullets. no one was injured by gunfire except the apartment that was destroyed. the other residents are more relieved the fire wasn't more serious. >> my son said, mom, take all the stuff, you know, important. >> reporter: tv's. >> wii, playstation. i said, no, no, no. we have nothing important. >> it was exciting in a way because nothing ever happens in this area. >> reporter: you can laugh about it now. >> now i can. last night i was worried. >> reporter: that was the feeling a lot of people had. i've spoke to several people. they don't know how fast it's
8:35 am
going to move. there are children here, older adults, so people are lucky to be out of the situation. whether there were bullets, we only talked to one gentleman about that. police couldn't confirm it. the fire department couldn't confirm it. in fact the sound of bullets at this apartment complex was heard 10 minutes before the fire department got here. it's not clear that they knew there was a potential danger. reporting live in pleasant hill, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. it was an explosive night in ocean beach when the san francisco bomb squad detonated world war ii military ammunition. there it is right now. yesterday afternoon the bomb squad was called to this house on mount sutro. a man found the ammunition in his rental house.
8:36 am
parts of the highway were shut down. an elite crew of five san jose firefighters will be trained in water rescues. right now when they respond to water rescues, they can only secure the scene. they're not trained to jump in the water or drive a boat. instead, they have to wait for volunteers from san jose's search and rescue to get there. they expect the training to be finished within the next month. all of this follows after a man drowned in hall immediate da on mon -- alameda on monday has police and firefighters stood by and watched. they said they weren't trained to go into the water and rest chew that man. there's been a lot of criticism about that. tests will be conducted to determine the strength of a tornado that touched down in northern california. this is amateur video at the north edge of yuba city. no damage was reported. there were also reports of
8:37 am
funnel clouds near several counties including butte. yesterday's storms died out as they moved into the sierra foothills. the suspect in the beating of giants fan bryan stow has taken two lie detector tests in the past two days. the lapd administered one yesterday, a day after the defense carried out its own test. the defense is saying that giovanni ramirez passed both. >> we're saying hour client sin know sent. he didn't beat bryan stone and wasn't at dodger stadium and never been to dodger stadium. >> police maintain they have a strong case against rears -- against ramirez.
8:38 am
a man will be charged with breaking into man oakland apartment and stealing a computer and the computer itself helped track down the suspect. the macbook had tracking software called hidden and snapped these photos of muthanna alde-bashi. the macbook real owner posted the pictures and found the suspect worked at a cab company. >> we have about 2400 theft reports coming through our system every single month. we have three theft investigators tasked with handling all of those. >> the software works by tracking the computer's location in quarter mile increments and takes photos with a billed-in web cam and monitors online activity, which is how police learned about the cab company. hidden software costs $15 a year.
8:39 am
>> and he never knew it. let's check in with sal. he's watching the toll plaza and everything else. >> i happen to like when criminals get caught that way. let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is going to be busy and 880 is really bad. that's because of a stalled vehicle up at high street which is right behind that really nifty looking banner. there's a stalled truck. you can see the damage. it's right up there. there are no major problems after that. in fact, after you get past that stalled vehicle, it's fine. westbound 880 as you get to the toll plaza, that traffic will be typical. southbound 680, we do have an accident here. this is a crash at stone valley road. traffic is going to be a little
8:40 am
bit slow from about the walnut creek interchange. also, cal train delays in general, had a couple delays, too many to mention here but i'll round them up by the next report. we have quite a new on cal train. let's go to steve. >> thank you very much. mostly cloudy, mostly sunny south bay. a web camera from the meteorology department, north of there a lot of clouds. pictures of people trying to enjoy the jet ski. so a few brave souls, yes. temperatures today will be on the cool side. it should be hot for many but it's not happening. 50 to 56. sun and clouds. by noon -- trying to be optimistic, mostly cloudy towards the north bai. and 5 to -- 58 to 70.
8:41 am
a lot of low clouds. the water temperatures continue to be cold. we have mostly cloudy morning for many. if you have the sun, enjoy it while you can. the rain is ending, only to be replaced by another system. more on that in a second. a few light showers but nothing compared to yesterday. there's still a little bit hanging on, especially near santa rosa. just light stuff. 50s on the temps. 50 to 57 degrees. mountain view 56. san jose 53. this mishmash will develop off the coast. there's nothing behind it to bump it along. every system drops. that kicks it towards the east. this may not move inland until sunday or monday.
8:42 am
let's not cancel any plans unless you're by the coast. inland it may take until saturday night. we'll see how things develop. today partly to mostly cloudy, some sun. there could be off and on rain. that system drops in. realize there's a lot of baseball games. there's soccer games, all sorts of things going on. if you're inland, hang on. if you're by the coast change things because the low may sit there for 36 hours. then we could get decent rain. there are projections of two plus inches of rain by sunday night, monday. there's a lot out there. 50s, 60s, very cool, few low 70s. antioch 68. increasing clouds friday. rain could start on the coast but more likely saturday. by sunday, monday, everyone gets
8:43 am
in on it. developing news involving the battle between google and chinad g mail. drug allegations involving bike racing's biggest star. we'll see where this is heading.
8:44 am
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let's bring you up to date on some of the top stories. fewer people filed for unemployment. the labor department reports 422,000 new claims last week. that's actually 6,000 less than the week before. also this morning, the government announced, along with first lady michelle obama a new way to illustrate healthy eating habits. it's the new my plate replacing the food pyramid. nutritionists say a plate is easier to understand. >> hayward police will focus on cell phone calls in the search for missing student michelle lee. there's evidence someone was making cell phone calls on her phone the day after she disappeared. people in three south dakota
8:47 am
cities are evacuating this morning has state officials prepare for flossed. moving vans and dump trucks crowded the streets which could be under water by tomorrow. residents are being told they need to be out of their homes by tonight. everyone originally reported this missing from the devastating tornado that hit joplin, missouri last month is accounted for. 134 people are confirmed dead. at one point more than 1300 people were reported missing. it could take months to clean up all the damage. high winds and rough terrain are proving to be a major setback for firefighters in arizona battling a wildfire. crews have lost containment of the horseshoe two fire. the flames burned 73,000 acres so far but that number may double before it's all over. the fire is now the fifth
8:48 am
largest in arizona history. it started about a month ago and officials don't know how this started but they slay people are to blame. the fer thilt doctor who help -- the ter filth doctor -- fertility doctor who helped nadya suleman will be stripped of his medical license because of gross practice. dr. michael kamrava admitted to implanting six times the normal amount. the board also found the doctor negligent in his treatment of two other patients. there are new details in that continuing drug allegation case involving the biggest star in the world of cycling. the associated press reports the head of a swiss lab reports that lance armstrong's test reports
8:49 am
from a 2001 race indicated he was using illegal drugs. that conflicts with the lab director's earlier statements. arm stron's attorneys are demanding an on-air apology over "60 minutes" over claims that their client tested positive for a banned substance. secretary of state hillary clinton responded to the latest battle between google and the chinese government. clinton calls the allegations very serious and will be invoice gated by the fbi. google, which owns g mail said hackers obtained passwords and changed settings on some of them. google said the hackers were able to monitor the accounts of u.s. government officials, journalists and military personnel. china is denying any wrongdoing. japan a prime minister survived a no confidence motion in parliament today. before the vote prime minister
8:50 am
kahn told the members of parliament he would be willing to resign in a few more months after the rebuilting effort was women underway. time is now 8:49. the united states and pakistan joining a joint intelligence team now to track down top terrorism suspects within pakistan. this follows secretary of state's clinton to pakistan last week. she gave pakistan a list of the most wanted terrorist targets. the team is an attempt to restore trust between the u.s. and mack stan after american forces killed osama bin laden during that secret raid there last month. well, a high profile group of world leaders is calling the current war on drugs an expensive failure. the global commission on drug poll sly points to drug violence in mexico that killed more than 38,000 people.
8:51 am
the commission is recommending the government try some new ways of legalizing and regulating drugs, especially marijuana as a way to defeat the drug cartels. however, the united states and the government of mexico are rejecting those recommendations. bay hear home burglaries, where they're happening. and san francisco has a new attraction. she's beautiful and only a couple days old. we'll tell you where you'll be able to see her swimming around.
8:52 am
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8:54 am
in just a few minutes, serial sex offender phillip garrido and nancy garrido will go before a judge for sentencing. they pleaded guilty under a deal that calls for phillip garrido to receive a life sentence. nancy garrido would get a maximum term of 36 years to life. we have news crews in placerville this morning. we'll keep you up to date on ktvu and residents of hillsboro, you're being warned make sure your doors are locked. san mateo county said there were to burglaries last night.
8:55 am
this happened between 8:00 in the morning and 6:30 at night. the thieves got in through rear sliding glass doors. so experts are suggesting just secure your door tracks, maybe use dowels to make sure they're locked. use extra security from opening doors from outside. students at some for profit colleges similar throt university of phoenix and devie university may not be eligible for student loans. federal government wants to protect students from taking on too much debt to go to schools that don't help them get jobs. today the department of education will announce schools will be eligible to receive federal loan money only if one third of the former students are paying their loans. may was a beg month for many retailers. some high end stores are reporting double digit increases including a 20% jump by saks
8:56 am
fifth avenue. nordstrom reported a july. target, kohl's and a parent of it. j max -- tj maxx said sales were up. jeff clark and his wife katherine clark cofounded the big wave surf contest. now they're fighting over who will run it next year. they both applied for permits near half moon bay. all right. major you a factor here -- awe factor. there's a new resident swan. this is martha. the young swan only a knew -- few days old. she hatched on memorial day. we talked to one jogger. >> i've been running around peeking my head around and seeing if anything has happened
8:57 am
yet. i'm excited to see that she had a baby. >> park officials say the mother, blanch still has three more eggs but they don't know if the eggs will hatch. she's got a cute little one. >> two wings up for martha. let's check your commute to see what sal is seeing. >> i'm not seeing good things on 880 northbound. for awhile two lanes were blocked on 880. it's backed up into san low an droa -- san leandro. this has lightened up. northbound 101 is slow from vermont to the split into mostly
8:58 am
cloudy. temperatures staying cool, slightly warmer. caller. a little bit in the north bay. increasing clouds friday. rain's going to make this on the weekend. the question is when will it make it. a lot of rain, too. >> this will be the grand finale. >> the last one in the series. >> all right. >> we'll they more in 24 hours. >> all right. that will do it for us. thanks for watching. >> bye now.
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