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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 2, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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just left the hospital in solemn procession. >> vincent was a very good guy. born and raised in san francisco, a very proud san franciscan. >> reporter: perez' two brothers, one for san francisco the other for oakland. perez was a former marine and a former alameda county sheriff's deputy. >> his full life, his full adult life was in serving the community and in protecting the community. >> just reminds all of us how dangerous this job is and how appreciative we are for people who put their lives on the line. >> reporter: and the vigil continues for anthony valerio. he remains in critical condition with burns and smoke inhalation injuries.
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tracy courtney was treated and released. at this moment, three firefighters have been seriously injured. one dead, one still in critical condition here at san francisco general. reporting live, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. the fire that killed one firefighter and injured two others was nothing out of the ordinary when it began late this morning. just minutes after crews arrived at that four story building and began attacking the flames something went terribly wrong. tonight investigators are combing through the wreckage. >> reporter: that's right, behind me investigators are working into the evening to learn what happened this morning that killed one of their own. >> sometimes things are beyond our control. >> reporter: the tragedy began as a routine call. four san francisco engine companies responded this morning to a fire at this four story diamond hill home. >> i saw three girls run out of the garage at my neighbor's house. i said what's going on. because i started to see white smoke coming out of the garage door. >> reporter: the four residents
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escaped without harm. 15 minutes into routine fire fighting operations, something went terribly wrong. >> you hear it refer to it as a flash. >> two firemen were at the garage door but they were inconscious. the ambulance was here. they put him on a stretcher. i saw them doing cpr. then this big crowd blew up above the house. >> reporter: the two firefighters were rushed to the hospital in serious condition with serious burns. a third suffered burns but managed to walk out of the house. news chopper 2 captured the seen over head at noon. crews on the ground waited on word. crews tried to i didn't figure out what caused the flash. >> it appears to be a simple
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two story building. but from the back there's an additional two stories and it's built down the hill. >> reporter: the residence of this home declined to speak to the media about a possible cause of the fire. they are being aided by the red cross as this investigation continues. david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> the firefighters are like a family, and we lost a part of our family today. >> we'll have more on this story. we have a link to a page where you can leave condolences, ktvu news. she hated every minute of every day, those are the words of jaycee dugard. >> reporter: dugard was not present for the sentencing but
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her powerful words were heard by everyone in the courtroom. words in a statement read by her mother. phillip and nancy garrido knew their fate. their sentences before they entered their courtroom. but no one could know what their victims would say. dugard's mother looked at both and said. you took something that didn't belong to you. you took my baby, i hate you both. jaycee dugard was taken, repeatedly raped. she gave birth to two children. her mother read a statement by dugard. she said, "i hated every second of every day of 18 years
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because of you. >> she loved her. she delivered the kids. they were a family. >> reporter: phillip garrido was sentenced to 431 years. >> i think it's safe to say that a nightmare has come to an end. >> reporter: it is possible but unlikely that nancy garrido could be paroled. and before phillip and nancy garrido parted ways they heard these ways from jaycee dugard, she said to them both, you don't matter anymore. we'll have more statements from jaycee dugard and her mother at 6:00. and just a few minutes ago
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a judge in the garrido case released reports. one expert gives a chilling picture in the day when she was dragged into her car. dugard said as the car drove off, i heard places in the front and he said, i can't believe we got away with it and he started laughing. dugard -- the judgeleftt part of the documents sealed saying that it was pornographic and graphic. and garrido was convicted and sentenced to 15 years many prison for an attack but paroled after serving just 11 years. >> i would like to let him know that i hope he rots in jail. i came here to watch this case and watch him get sentenced and put away and that's what i did.
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so today is a really happy day for me. >> reporter: calway accused the parol board of making horrible mistakes in the dugard case. we have full coverage of the dugard kidnapping on our website right now you can read jaycee dugard's full impact statement that her mother read in court today. former massachusetts governor mitt romney made it official today. he's making another run for the white house. >> i believe in america and i'm running for president. >> reporter: mitt romney told cheering supporters at a new hampshire farm quote barack obama has failed america. romney lashed out at the president and his policies. he says unemployment is still above 8%. >> families are buried under
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prices for food and higher prices for gasoline. >> reporter: romney is joining a crowded field of announced candidates, his opponents include newt gingrich, tim pawlenty and ron paul. >> if he personally would be offended in stepping in a state that he is in, but i don't believe it that governor romney is offended at all. but we happened to have it on our schedule. >> reporter: sarah palin is holding a clam bake. and even though she's been repeatedly asked, she has not confirmed that she is running
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for president. google says hackers tried to steal hundreds of pass words of officials. the company says it was able to stop the hackers from getting the pass words. the fbi is now investigated. the state department has created a cyber security coordinator to respond to these type of attacks. >> we take them seriously, we're looking into them. >> reporter: china denies any role in the hacking. google linked the hackers to a military school in china. john -- the march resolution deals with only part of the state deficit. speaker of the state assembly
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is backing chung's position. bad news about retail sales and unemployment set the dow down today. stocks fell after a weaker than expected sales report from retail stores and a higher number than claimed. the nasdaq was up four points closing at 2,773. new information in the disappearance of a bay area woman, find out why police say one of her former friends may be involved. a break from the rain today with the weekend looming. we have rain clouds back in the forecast. i'll show you which days on the weekend will be the wettest.
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an unattended backpack raised enough suspicions to warn a response by san francisco's bomb squad to the
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embarcadero center. the backpack was found at 8:45 in a walk way that connects two buildings. police closed the path to pedestrians. some lower level offices were also cleared and security moved people from windows and glass door. in the end, the bomb squad reported the backpack was harmless. we have more on the nursing student who's been gone for almost a week now. sal castaneda has the story, and you just spoke to police about the latest lead. >> reporter: this is where le's car was found. this is about a block away from where she was last seen. just moments ago, hayward police identified a person of interest, jizele esteban a former friend of le. police say the two had a falling out.
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the search has been intensified for le. michael le, michelle's brother says his family is doing all they can to find her. he says his brother just flew into town to help. >> i am only 22 years old, i don't have resources available other than facebook and fliers. but my family has come in and they have new ideas on the table. >> reporter: michelle le's white honda was last seen driven out of the parking garage. the surveillance video did not show who was driving the car. it was later found a few blocks away. people say they have questioned several people they are calling persons of interest. >> this is an in-depth interview. we've done 15 to 20 of them. we have many more to do. >> reporter: police say they are waiting for cell phone analysis to be done for more accurate cell phone usage data. the fbi and the alameda crime
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lab have put that on expedite. so the information will be coming in a few days. the family says they will be holding a rally right here where he car was found beginning at 7:00. sal castaneda, ktvu channel 2 knew. a new ruling from california supreme court has a warning for pimps. the court ruled today that the state's pandering laws applies to anyone recruiting working prostitutes just as it would to people new to that trade. the case was brought by a los angeles pimp caught trying to recruit an l.a.p.d. officer posing as a prostitute. the pimp's attorney argued the law should only apply if the victims were not prostitutes yet. people in san jose say they don't want the earthquake and tsunami victims to be forgotten so they're still raising money to help the victims of the disaster. they have done things like celling iphone covers for $100.
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the motivation here is simple. >> it's humanity. it's knowing that people need the basics in life. and that these thousands of people don't have them. >> just last week, fundraisers in san jose handed over a check for $100,000 to the japan consulate. money that will go to help japan. take a look at this amateur video that one man shot in springfield. >> let me in, let me in, let me in. >> reporter: the man pounded on his front door as the tor may doe bore down on his house. once inside he then shouted to his family to get inside the basement. traffic slowed to a crawl as people watched a tornado passing. 40 people were injured when a tornado swept through the area. we'll take a look at more of
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the damage and hear from a survivor coming up at 7:30. in missouri, the death toll went up today after. the public safety reports four more people died from injuries they received. all of this puts the number of dead at 138. and making this tornado the single deadliest tornado in the united states in 61 years. san francisco's university reservoir is back in business after being bone dry for two years during seismic upgrades. let's remind you this is what it looked like back in february when ktvu got a look inside. workers put in new columns. built in 1855 university mount storms about 25% of san francisco's water supply. the work was part of a $4.5 million upgrade. water today was not -- weather today was not bad.
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i think many people were smiling. >> enjoy that weather. we're headed for more clouds and more rain into the bay area weekend. clouds lingering offshore. the weather systems still lie out in the pacific but they are headed our way. the offshore systems look like, boy they look like late february, early march type systems. they're going to get in here as they roll into tomorrow afternoon. in the meantime, we have some clouds tonight. there were a few sprinkles this morning. they are gone obviously. plenty of sunshine as gasia eludes to. tomorrow we start out pretty nice. clouds thicken up. a chance of showers tomorrow afternoon. that could impact the afternoon commute. not heavy rain but light showers. as we head into the weekend, more rain. and at times we could see heavy rain. there's some forecasts in some of the coastal hills. an inch to an inch and a half, maybe everyone even more. that's a lot of rain for june.
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45 in santa rosa, 47 in vallejo, 58 oakland. partly cloudy, how -- showers are gone. showers develop as the latest of the series of weather systems comes on shore. this is for your friday. this low center is the culprit on saturday, sunday. this rain system comes in sunday night. and this low is going to drift around just offshore. as it does it's going to bump up against the coast, it's going to rain. it's going to back off, it goes back and forth. that's how we go into this bay area week weekend. it's a tough tough forecast. coming up, i'm going to roll in the computer model and show you what this system is going to do. first lady michelle obama helped unveil a replacement for the food pyramid today. >> when it comes to eating, what's more useful than a
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plate? >> mrs. obama used humor as she attended the unveiling of the my plate pyramid. many nutritionists said was hard to understand. they believe the plate is a much more realistic way to help people make healthier food choices. three new studies say that low fat chocolate milk naturally has many of the nutrients added to commercial recovery drinks. well it's a first for the new york times. tonight who's breaking barriers at that newspaper. plus if you're married it's free. if you're a domestic couple it's not. the push in washington to make
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a certain issue equal across the board. and it ended in the last few hours, the auctioning of the uni bombers possessions. the amount of money it brought in and what that money will be used for. the effects of wacky weather. it's been years since we've seen this much rain in may and june. >> it's just been a crazy weather year. >> how this late season rain could impact you months from now. >> plus a contentious moment. the bill that caused republican lawmakers to walk out of chambers in protest. >> plus new video you will see only on 2. mountain lions in the south bay. how it's threatening people's habitats.
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the uni bomber auction ended just a few hours ago and it raised $40,000.
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a month ago a judge ordered the items sold. his handwritten personal manifesto went for 20,000. as so did those sunglasses and hooded sweatshirt as seen in a police sketch circulated for years. the measure is designed to make it easier for unmarried domestic couples to get health care medicare. under current law, married couples get the same benefits tax free. jim mcdermott today entered a bill to end the tax benefits for unmarried couples. >> health care benefits should be available to everyone. you have to have health care benefits.
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so this is a fairness issue. >> the congressman says his bill has the support of most of the top 100 companies in the country. it will be included in a bigger tax package that he hopes will be passed later on this year. the justice department is planning to clarify its position on medical marijuana. eric holder brought up the issue in a speech today but didn't provide specifics. he did say the justice department -- for the first time the top editor at the new york times will be a woman. the times announced today that gil abramson will be the new executive editor in chief. the fire department is
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filled with pain and grief after a tragic fire this morning.
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it's a heartbreaking loss for the san francisco fire department. something went terribly wrong at a house fire earlier today. the investigation and outpouring of green is our top story at 5:30. one firefighter is dead, the other is fighting for her life right now. a department spokeswoman says there was a flash over before the firefighters activated their alarm. a third firefighter was taken to the hospital but has since been released. the firefighters were based at station 23 and that's where reporter john sasaki is live right now. john. >> reporter: gasia, san francisco is a city in
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mourning. as you can see behind me the flag here at fire station 23 is flying half staff. because this is the base of the crew caught in the fire this morning. firefighters rushed to the station house to officer comforted and support. no one here would talk with us. but at san francisco general hospital where perez died, fire chief joann hayes right expressed relief. >> it's a tough day for san francisco. this is one thing that i was hoping not to ever report. but, thank you. the fire department is like a family and we lost a family member today. >> reporter: lieutenant perez had at least 20 years on the job. his brother is a san francisco police officer. other firefighters told me off camera he was a firefighter's firefighter. major ed lee -- mayor ed lee also went to the hospital. >> i am here to express our
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sympathy to the family of one of our firefighters. >> reporter: earlier today, someone brought a tray full of sandwiches for the grieving firefighters. live in san francisco, i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. a so called flash over fire also claimed the lives of the last bay area firefighters to die in the line of duty. contra costa firefighters matthew burton died while fighting a house fire in san pablo. the homes had two roofs which allowed pressure inside the burning home to build up. two occupants at that home also died. our coverage continues in 30 minutes. new images are just coming into the newsroom of today's deadly fire. we will show them to you and we will go back to the hospital where firefighters are waiting for word on one of their own who is still in critical condition there. people on the peninsula asking for answers tonight after a strange encounter in a
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dressing room between a 17-year- old boy and a menlo park pastor. even if the church determines the pastor didn't do anything to the minor, the story doesn't end there. >> reporter: that's right gasia. it's almost a second story within a story that's right here in black and white. where it says father myers recently acknowledged having a sexual addition with regard to adults and is seeking treatment. he admitted that, now knowing that and knowing his interaction with students here at the parish, the question that's being asked is, will he be welcomed back? st.raymond's parish home to a school, a church and a pastor now on administrative leave. his name father william myers. >> we have absolutely no knowledge of anything or suspicion of anything that he's had any problems with children. >> reporter: it was about six weeks ago when myers followed a 17-year-old boy into a dressing room where he tried to strike up a conversation.
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the boy's father intervened, no physical contact was made. archdiocese spokesman joel reseleck. >> it's never good. it's like, oh no, not again. >> reporter: he was at st. brennans in san francisco. and last night -- >> you have little kids here. you can't have somebody that's struggling with their sexual identitity. >> reporter: parishners criticized the diocese for shuffling the priest. >> just on that fact alone, they're certainly going to review that and see if he's
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equipped to continue ministry or not. >> reporter: school officials declined comment today. the archdiocese of san francisco says they do not know where the father currently is, only that he is seeking treatment. reporting live tonight in menlo park, mike mibach. a muni train operator is being questioned. a passenger threw up. the train operator was told to stop the train and get it cleaned, which is procedure. but the train operator kept the train in operation. the packed train was finely taken out of service several stations later. the operator now has to explain why he did not immediately follow instructions. drivers on highway 17 face a project.
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caltrans will carry out the work over a 3-mile stretch between lexington reservoir. the $18 million project will repave the road. the goal is to reduce the number of accidents during wet weather by getting rid of water building. it turns out long commutes could shorten marriages. long distance commuters are 40% less likely to separate from their partners. researchers found that people who traveled further had better relationships. more than 2 million people participating in that study. we have been pouring over the testimony of jaycee dugard, what we are learning from those documents coming up. and those tsa agents are
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raising eyebrows. why one bay area congresswoman is bringing up questions to where the uniforms are made. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose.
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it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ] we told you at the beginning of this newscast this was sentencing day for phillip and nancy garrido. the transcript in this case was released very late this afternoon. rita williams live in our newsroom, rita you've been going over that stack of new information. >> reporter: gasia, this 123
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grand jury transcript released just about an hour ago is a page turner that reads like a horror novel but this was no fantasy. it's the real life story of jaycee dugard that began with the sweet innocence of an 11- year-old. >> reporter: it says she was walking to a school bus when nancy and phil garrido -- snatched up up the street, zapped her with a stun gun and dragged her in the car. they then covered her on the floorboard and immediately drove her to her house where she was inprisoned in the backyard with tins and sheds for the next 18 years. quote she says, he said he had dover mans and that if i were to run or you know try to do anything, that they would come after me. she continues, i was very scared. i didn't know who he was.
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i didn't know why he was doing this. i just wanted to go home. during later years she said she didn't know where she would go if she'd had escaped. the judge refused to release 34 pages of the pages where dugard details the rapes she endured. she gave birth to two daughters, the first one at 14. >> there are details that she eluded to that are horrendously graphic and i think the court's description was that its pornographic. >> reporter: now there is a lot more contained in these until now, secret transcripts. i'll be back at 6:00 with more details of what jaycee dugard said about her 18 years of hell. antioch residents seemed
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satisfied with the sentence handed down to phillip garrido today. the woman who lived behind garrido's house did not want to speak on camera but said the garrido's are getting what they deserved. a customer said, it's scary to know something so horrible happened to close. >> i'm happy that he got 400 years. i'm thrilled to death. and i feel sorry for the other lady, 36 years but she deserves that and more. the garrido's home is now boarded up. we posted more reaction from antioch on our website the transportation security administration is facing new pressure tonight to make sure that uniforms for screeners are made here in america. our bureau chief shot this video of the made in mexico tag
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on tsa uniforms. congresswoman speier says that hundreds of manufacturers jobs would be saved if the uniforms were made here. >> this bothers me and it should bother everyone to know that uniforms are being manufactured out of the country when so many are going unemployed. one of apple's spokesperson says that they have reopened one of their plants in japan. it is apple's main contract manufacturer for products such as the i pad and the iphone. authorities are still investigating that explosion. a junk yard in a petaluma river, what state officials are doing to try to keep toxic materials out of the environment. and rain showers are coming back into the forecast. we did get a break today. i'm going to show you which
5:42 pm
cities are going to be wettest and when. is. new at 6:00, the effects of wacky weather. it's been years since we've seen this much rain in may and june. how this late season rain could affect you months from now. a contentious moment, the bill that caused lawmakers to walk out of chambers in protest. plus new video you will see only on 2. mountain lions in the south bay. what it reveals on how people are threatening their habitat. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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for the second time pg minnesota e says it will miss -- pg & e says it will miss a major deadline. the california public utilities commission had given pg & e until tuesday. now pg & e says it won't be able to deliver those documents until the end of next year. pg & e already could face a $3
5:45 pm
million fine for missing another deadline back in mid- march. >> reporter: frank, here at the petaluma marina you see well maintained boat after boat. but further out, parts of the petaluma river are like junk yards. this old barge sitting on if river's edge isn't just an eyesore, state officials say it's also dangerous. they say the barge has been right here for years, the owner has since died leaving behind a thousand tons of debris some of it toxic. >> i found asbestos, pcb, we found other toxins in the paint. >> metals that leak out into the paint and the sediments for these vessels have been abandoned. those end up getting uptaken by aquatic life and they work their way up the food chain. >> reporter: so beginning
5:46 pm
today, crews from calorie cycle began removing the barge and all the junk on it including this small boat. officials say there are seven other places within a 10-mile stretch of the river where people have just left their boats. >> unfortunately, it's tied to the economy. a lot of these vessels, there's upkeep to them. it takes a lot of money to keep them floating and these guys don't have funds or resources so they let them go. >> reporter: so before lead paint gets to the environment, the state plans to remove them at a cost of $2 million. >> you and i are picking up the tab. >> reporter: the entire clean up project is expected to last three to five months. scientists are working quickly to learn more about a strain of e.coli that's left 18 people dead. it's never been seen before, it
5:47 pm
may be a mutant strain that came from two different bacteria. it's believed to have linked to vegetables in germany. people are being warned not to eat lettuce, tomatoes in germany and two other countries. >> reporter: julie haener is in the newsroom with a look at some of the other stories that we're looking at. >> reporter: she thought something was wrong and dug a little deeper. tonight we hear from the uc berkeley police officer who's investigative instincts helped brave jaycee dugard. plus farmers have their fingers crossed tonight. the double whammy they are facing when it comes to farming. and massachusetts is reeling after three deadly tornadoes that left behind a path of destruction. >> everything went black, and i couldn't even feel the floor under me. i just grabbed ahold of my mom and little brother and held on
5:48 pm
as tight as i could. >> reporter: eight towns were hit very hard yesterday. many people found their homes and business in ruins. hundreds of national guards men are on patrol to discourage looting. governor patrick duvall and kerry both toured the damage. both said it was the worse damage they've seen in their state. >> house that is have been lifted up off of their foundations. in some cases totally destroyed or moved several feet. >> many of the residents said to me, this is massachusetts. this isn't supposed to happen here. and it never has to our recollection. tens of thousands of people are without electricity tonight. on to our weather now and boy bill this is, you see those pictures and massachusetts, you see what's happening here. this has been a strange weather year so far. >> it has been a strange weather year. and as we look at it we'll be able to make conclusions. for now it's just a day-to-day weather. we don't know too much about
5:49 pm
climate and what's changing and what's not changing. as we look back a year from now we will say, that's what it might have been. a lot of clouds out there. temperatures cooler because of cloud cover. not a bad day after a few morning showers. we do have more inclement weather coming our way. i look at the jet stream and where it's positioned. it's so far south right now it's more like a march pattern. we go out in the pacific. you can see all the activity out here that does not look like june. the jet stream has been hanging south and that's why we're getting this weather. our weather goes this way and heads that way. so it goes out towards east. big weather out here means weather in the plains. potential big weather at the coast. we're all tied together. here is how it goes, clouds, sprinkles up north: friday afternoon, there's your afternoon commute. that's not a big rain event. it's a few sprinkles kind of
5:50 pm
like we saw this morning. that's friday 3:00, a little break. friday night you see the system offshore. this is the main system for the weekend. it's a spinner. it's going to bump the coast and it's going to get wet and return again. it goes forward, bumps into the coast and watch what happens. backs up a little bit. there's saturday afternoon, and then when we get into sunday it does the same thing. kind of confused, difficult weather pattern. we're going to watch it closely. tonight at 10:00 i'll have the latest computer model that might have a better resolution of that low pressure center. and where i'm getting at is, when the lows are getting like that and bouncing back and forth they're really hard for the models to track. tomorrow, temperatures cooler, maybe some sprinkles in the mid- afternoon. say 3:00, 4:00. more sprinkles and periods of rain saturday. right now saturday appears to
5:51 pm
be the wettest day on the weekend. yeah, frank, to answer it it is definitely an unusual year. and we don't -- you don't know this until you look back. the climatetologist put it all together and look at what caused it. we have the reservoirs full. we have the mountains. i don't think the benefits. maybe there were explosions at ocean beach overnight as the san francisco bomb squad detonated ammunition from world war ii. yesterday afternoon the bomb squad was called to this home on mounsutro. the man found the old ammunition in his rental home. the bomb squad secured the ammunition, took it to a secure
5:52 pm
place and blew it up. we would like you to meet martha. we put these pictures this morning. the young swan is just a few days old. she actually hatched on memorial day. the mother blanch still has three more eggs but they still don't know if those eggs are going to hatch. teens texting behind the wheel. we have very interesting pictures to show you here. take a look at them and try to answer for them for yourself. what is that and look at the man who answered. dad, i was wondering if you've --
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a video has some folks wondering what is really in the skies above oakland. it shows a group of three lights traveling at a high rate of speed. some folks are calling it a ufo. but mccracen says it's probably just a prank that has not been revealed to the public. others think it's a flock of geese. many teen drivers are still texting behind the wheel. >> combination of a teen drivers inexperience, that false sense of invisibility behind the wheel all too often end in a tragedy.
5:56 pm
>> reporter: a survey found 25% of teens admit that they type text messages while driving. it's a statistic that could lead to injury even death. jc good says her parents were killed in a chain reaction crash that was caused by a teenager driving while on a cell phone. >> they were on the phone and his brain did not process that there was a red light in front of him. he ran the red light. a tractor trailer swerved. the worse possible direction he could have swerved. into direct traffic and hit our car straight on. >> california law prevents all texting and driving. there is new information coming out this evening about
5:57 pm
the jaycee dugard kidnapping. the tool that police use to subdue suspects that phillip garrido used on his 11-year-old victim. and one firefighters is killed and another injured fighting a fire.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
a heros salute. san francisco firefighters are in mourning tonight after one of their own is killed fighting a small house fire that quickly turned deadly. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. inside the home the battle took an unexpected turn and three firefighters were carried away in stretchers. this is a new picture just into the ktvu newsroom. you can see the smoke coming from the home's garage. and a viewer just e-mailed us this photo showing the thick plume of smoke rising high over the neighborhood. ktvu has learned lieutenant victor perez died at the hospital. 53-year-old tony valerio is in critical condition and the third figh


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