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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  June 7, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the morning news continues. good morning to you. welcome to a brand new day
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tuesday june 2th. i'm they've clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. start with steve paulson and a look at weather. how does it look steven? more typical of june. nice morning low clouds and fog burn back to the coast. slightly warmer inland. temperatures over the next couple days they do get into the upper 70s maybe a few low 80s but still slightly below average. we'll start to warm up out of the 6 0z 69 weather moving in mysterious ways. what about traffic. right now traffic looks typical here on highway 4 westbound. traffic is moving along nicely as you drive up to the willow pass grade. saw some guy driving crazy. that's beyond the point. take a look at north and southbound 880 that traffic is moving nicely. 6:01 back to the desk. case of missing nursing student michelle le now being called a homicide. ktvu channel 2 reporter tara moriarty joins us now to tell us why police believe it went
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from missing to murder. >> reporter: hayward police have found forensic evidence inside police car as well as surveillance video from this parking garage here that makes them believe this is indeed a homicide. now investigators also believe michelle le was most likely killed inside of this garage. le's family walked out of police headquarters yesterday with heavy hearts after officials told them that the nursing student who vanished 11 days ago was killed. the 26-year-old was last seen may 27th around 7:00 at night when she took a break from her duties at the hospital where she was working toward her nursing degree. the next day her honda was found a few blocks aa. now police say even though they believe le was killed they will not stop looking for her and answers. >> we are not going to pull back on resources. we're going to continue to commit the same amount of resource that is we have all week with this. we will continue our search efforts for recovery and for
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evidence. >> reporter: now on friday friends and family were hopeful. they passed out t-shirts with her picture on the front. the reward in this case stands at $65,000 after pledges were made from her school and employer yesterday. investigators collected more evidence from an apartment belonging to an old friend of le's. police have named several persons of interest in this case and that i have interviewed more than 25 people. now they do have a hot line set up for tips so that you can call. it's at the bottom of your screen right now. 510-293-5051. right now investigators say they are going to focus their search efforts on rural areas of the east bay as they look for le's body. live in hayward, tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 6:03.
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a 15-year-old and 17-year- old were in the gray car it was going very fast. that's when police say they lost control, crashed into a driveway and ended up beneath a white pickup truck. an investigation continues. well, the unanimous vote on stanford hospital came late last night. ktvu's kraig debro tells us that palo alto city officials have approved the largest development plan in that city's history. kraig [ audio problems ] >> we have a minor technical problem with ktvu's kraig debro. we'll get back to him shortly and then bring you that story shortly. san francisco's coit tower will be bathed in red lights this week to honor two fallen firefighters. it will glow red every night until friday in memory of lieutenant perez. both died fighting last thursday's house fire in
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diamond heights. coit tower was built to honor firefighters and the family's commitment to san francisco. funeral plans for the two firefighters are now finalized. a joint service will be held at 12:30 friday afternoon at st. mary's cathedral. they will then be laid to rest at holy cross cemetery. a vigil is planned for thursday night at st. mary's coo though deal. time now 6:05. this morning two suspected teen gang members are in jail in connection with a fatal shooting of a baby boy in palo alto. the weekend killing of the 3- month-old was a case of mistaken identity. investigators say the two teenagers opened fire on the family's car after mistakenly were involved in a gang fight last week. the baby's mother says she try today shield her children from the gunfire. >> i protected the 4-year-old with my body and i thought i had protected my baby in the car seat but one of the bullets went into his head.
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>> ktvu news took these exclusive pictures of the two teen suspects several hours after the shooting. investigators say a 17-year-old wearing a black hoody is facing possible murder charges. east palo alto police held anuses conference giving details about the arrest. you can see the entire interview by going to our channel 2 website just look for the right now section. new york congressman anthony weiner says he will fully cooperate with the ethics investigation against him after he confessed to sending lewd photos of himself to several women. coming up at 6:15 we'll have a live report from our washington d.c. newsroom with how weiner's fellow democrats on capitol hill are reacting to the scandal. the white house says a long time advisor to president obama will resign his post as the chairman of the council of economic advisors this summer. he will return to his position
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as an economics professor at the university of chicago graduate school of business in the fall. now reportedly he has become frustrated with the politics of economic policymaking on capitol hill. let's go back to ktvu's kraig debro. there was a unanimous vote on stanford hospital late last night and it's about the largest development plan in that city's history. right, kraig? >> reporter: right. there's no keeping this quiet around these parts. a big, big developments steve young was at the city council meeting last night but really didn't need him there. bringing in bryan wilson with a nine run lead this is a fore gone conclusion. behind me is the hospital now. this is a four yearlong lobbying campaign by the medical center which included 97 public hears and two years of deadlocked negotiations. two years of construction begins in just a couple weeks. take a look at this. animation provided by the university for media. shows what the facility should look like at the end of the
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decade. the vote 8-0. one council member abstained suggesting he had a conflict because his wife works at stanford. in the end no conflict for most people. the $5 billion project will add more than a million square feet of space. 144 beds at stanford. 104 beds at lieu seal packard children hospital. the harmony traded at last night's meeting throughout the process before reaching agreement the city and university fought over development agreements that would allow the hospitals to exceed local zoning regulations. the city bargained hard not giving in until stanford agreed to pay nearly $175 million in community benefits to be provided by stanford such as cal train passes for hospital employees and about $22.2 million for the city to use on housing projects. both of those projects are mitigation issues. one for traffic and one for housing issues. plus university says 2300 jobs are going to be created by this
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project. we're still trying to get reaction. i have talked to a couple people working the hospital. they're all for it. they say they can't wait for the project for it to end but more importantly to begin. kraig debro, channel 2 news. 6:09 time now. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. how's it going, sal? it's going well, pam and dave. so far so good when it comes to getting on the road without any major obstructions as we take a live look at northbound 101 coming up to the main part of san francisco. the downtown part where most people want to get to. looks very nice and no major problems on the way as we check in with chp. not a lot of collisions to report. this is a look at bay bridge and traffic moving along well. about the only things we've had we've had a collision in castro valley off the freeway but that's about all for now. you can see castro valley freeways are doing well. there are no major problems in hayward, union city or fremont on interstate 880 heading south as most people are this time of
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the morning. 6:09 lest go to steve. thank you, sir. we know about the record rain that many had over the weekend. well, the first through the fifth of june also been the coolest on the high temperatures ever for santa rosa, redwood city and san jose as you probably imagine. temperatures have been 15 to 20 degrees below average. i'm sure we'll get more information coming in later. temperatures just way below average. not only here but also out to the sacramento san joaquin valley and even down to parts of southern california it's been running really cool. 48 to 56 on the morning lows. pretty good cloud deck out there and it's a low cloud deck. 48 to 56 by noon. more sun today. now yesterday the south bay parts of the peninsula actually got the sub while others north bay east bay where is it? today i think it will be a little different. more sun earlier towards the north bay and east bay and holding on towards peninsula and south bay mostly sunny by this afternoon. rain is gone at least for now and i would hope for a while you'd think. you get to this time of year
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unprecedented what we had last friday and saturday but there's a lot of low clouds out there and still a sea breeze. until we get really a north or northeast wind or high pressure to build in we're just gradually warm up. one of our forecast models keeps saying big high pressure coming in and then always backs off. doing that for a month. 50s for now low, mid. temperatures 50 to 57 this little low right there i know it's not -- nothing can hold a candle to the one that came in on friday and saturday. but the mere fact it's there keeps us from warming too much and enhances that low cloud deck. morning low clouds and then sun. slightly warmer inland. westerly breeze kind of keeps things in check though. highs today 50s, 60s and now mid-70s. still below average but we are creeping upwards. we're getting there for some 60s mainly on the peninsula low 70 to maybe mid-70s but well below average. fog, sun, slightly warmer wednesday then looks like warmer even with maybe low 80s. some low 80s thursday and friday and then still okay on the weekend but slightly
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wooler. >> we're applauding. >> that is nice. time now 6:11. a new report now on the radiation coming from that damaged nuclear power plant in japan. why critics say chose a pattern of contradictory information from the japanese government. and a body found in a garbage bag in a sunny vale neighborhood. the information police have to go on right now.
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allison burns reports from the washington d. c. news and some democrats are furious about the scandal and the intention to stay in office. l allison? >> reporter: that's right, pam. republicans are taking aim and democrats are hardly lining up to defend the outspoken new york congressman. within an hour with the admission he had six is exchanges with women, they demanded an ethics investigation of their own party. >> last friday night, i tweeted a photograph of myself that i intended to send as a direct message to a woman in seattle.
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once i realized i posted to twilter, i took it down and said i had been hacked. i stuck with that story which is a regrettable mistake. >> more pictures are coming out and they want to know if official resources were used or ethics rules violated by wheeler's action. >> the radio active emissions from the damage from the nuclear plant in japan may be twice as large as estimated. it was more serious than the government publically acknowledged and it adds to what critics call confusing information from japanese authorities. about half of all american troops have received training on the new law for gays to
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serve openly in the military. they have been surprised by the lack of resistness by the four months of training. the pentagon needed time to train the troops. it's expected that all u.s. troops will have finished that training by the end of august. an autopsy is now complete, but sunnyville police are are trying to identify the body found in a garbage bag over the weekend. the body was found sunday in the bushes. the body of a latino woman was inside but no identification was on her. she was fully clothed and had blood forced trauma to the head. a 19 -year-old was arrested sunday night at his home. investigators are linked the suspect to gang activity but
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say they still don't have the motive for the shooting. time is now 6:17 . german chancellor is arriving at the white house. this is a live picture. l we're looking at the exterior of the white house. you see the limb seens are there and you see the cameras giving us a wide picture. the german chancellor is being given a 19-gun salute during a formal white house welcome. the chancellor will be meeting with president barack obama and they are expected to talk about what is going with the operations in libya is and afghanistan and all over the latest developments with the middle east and of course the world's economy. we can't pick out the individual dignitaries but the
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podium is there and we're waiting for the president and of course the german chancellor, but this is the circumstances that's an effect here. later tonight, chancellor will be presented with with the medal of freedom. we want to take you live there and you can get a feel for what's happening at this moment at the white house. >> all right. 6:19. what's going on in traffic, sale is? >> we're starting after pretty well for this tuesday morning around the bay area. we have had a few minor decisions, no injuries here and there on the major roads which a nice way to start tuesday morning. we don't have too much going on right now. we have a brand new hit and run accident. westbound highway 4. we're trying to find out more details about that one. let's move along and look at
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the freeway westbound that traffic is moving along okay. the metering lights are not on at the bay bridge. they should be on pretty soon. north east bay, fair field and crossing the bridge, still pretty good. no problems on the richmond bridge. 620 till till. let's go to steve. >> we have sunshine. that was not the case yesterday. we stayed cloudy most of the day. ed to its like june and we have a lot of fog and also some low overcast and fog. it will burn back and we have sunshine for many today. temperatures are on the cool side and even with the sun inland, it will be below average. along with the westerly breeze. i expect that to pick up later
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today. 40s and 50s. the reason why we're staying cool, the low past the bay area. so morning low clouds and fog and then sun. it will be warmer inland but the westerly breeze keeps things in check can. 50s and 50s and mid to low 70s. we will be warmer gradually. it will get into the upper 70s and low 80s. it's okay for the weekend but slightly cooler. mike soft says users will be able to watch live tv on the x box. they will have more on the if the new system in the next few months. carnival are offer late
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night programs for the older kids, that will run into 3:00 in the morning. it will give parents time alone but many parents say even on vacation, children should not stay up that late. a case of the missing wheelchair, the massachusetts dog is mobile again after thieves turned it's live upside down. one city is trying to turn the page on a violent chapter in its history. >> westbound 237, the traffic is looking good so far. we will tell you more straight ahead.
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on your laptop with u-verse online and on your smartphone with u-verse mobile, included with most plans. or get u-verse tv for as low as $29 a month for 6 months. in the network you can take entertainment with you. . good morning. traffic is moving along nicely if you are driving on interstate 880. getting out to downtown oakland, the metering lights have just come on and we're expecting delays to begin soon. well, a massachusetts dog is a victim of a cruel robbery, i want to show you 12 -year-old lucky. he's worked as a therapy doll all over the world but since being hit by a car, lucky lost all feeling in his back legs. he gets around with the help of a special wheelchair. on sunday, his wheelchair was
6:26 am
stolen his front yard. >> i've worked so hard to keep the handicap pets mobile. >> yesterday, they provided lucky with a new wheelchair, handicap lucky is grateful for the attention he's received and that's his best friend and deserves the kindness he says . had this past weekend's murder of a 3-month of old baby was the second tragedy of the year. there were 42 homicides counted 37 years ago. the community members took wac their neighborhoods. >> they would stand on street corners along with the salers
6:27 am
of the drugs and this discouraged the customers from coming. >> children can be seen playing in well kept neighborhoods not far from a luxury hotel. >> police chief says community support is invaluable. game 3 of the stanley cup finals was a blowout. the browns scored 4 goals in 2nd and 3rd period to beat the canucks 8-1. vancouver leads 2- 11. game 4 is tomorrow in boston. coming up, we have more on that case of the missing nursing student and how it has been turned into a murder investigation. shop from anywhere.
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. welcome back to the morning news. ford ringing in the opening bell. there it is live in new york for us this morning. they look like they're wearing the ford uniform there. they are visiting the new york stock exchange, just visiting and stopping by ceo there ringing the bell. ford motor company staging quite a recovery from the recession. so we will see what happen windshield with that stock and others as ben gets ready to talk about the economy. that's what investors are waiting for this morning. >> we will smile and say good morning to you. thank you for joining us on the ktvu morning news, tuesday, june 7th. time now is 6:30. in the news right now, the search for missing nursing student michelle le case has turned into a recovery effort
6:31 am
for her body. police have turned this case into a homicide investigation. >> reporter: well, what police found, dave, was forensic evidence inside of lee's car. they were reviewing surveillance tapes from the parking garage at the hospital behind me and informs gators believe -- investigators believe she was murdered. family walked out with heavy hearts after they were told the nursing students was killed. the 26 -year-old was last seen may 27, at 7:00 at night when she took a break from her duties at the hospital. the next day, her honda was found a few blocks away. her family was clearly shaken by the news. >> we realize this is the worst possible news that the family and friends wanted to have. but despite everyone's hopes, our efforts now have turned to efforts of recovery.
6:32 am
>> now friday, friends and family were hopeful and held a visual and passed out t-shirts and organized search efforts. the reward now stands at $65,000. ed yesterday, investigators collected more evidence from an apartment belonging to an old friend of michelle le case. chef interviewed more than 25 people. police have set is up a hotline, (510)293-5051. police say their next step is to search rural areas of the east bay looking for michelle le case's body. a long political battle comes to a head today in herculeses. one name is causing controversy. >> the one name is gerard.
6:33 am
voter will make their voices heard in 30 minutes when the polls open but we can show you the current council members have been fighting for their political lives since the recall election was said. ward and caneny have come under fire under the last six months and they have been blamed for a financial crisis in heck lose and for funneling city contracts owned by a former city manager. some of the scrutiny has shifted to the man who wants to replace caneny, and it's come to light that he doesn't have the master's degree that he claimed on his website bio. he claimed something was lost in translation but all of it has voters wondering if the recall will lead to positive change. >> i think it's a waste of our money, to tell you the truth.
6:34 am
politicians are politicians. >> you don't care who is in there? >> doesn't seem to matter. >> we come back out live on the website, supporters of the recall said a special election might cost $68,000. polls are opening at 7:00 a.m. we will be back with another live report then. time now, 6:34, new this morning, pretrial motions are about to begin in the case of a systemed gang member accused of killing his father and two sons three years ago. edward romos is the suspect from june 2008. investigators say romos have mistaken him for rival gang members. he claims another person was the actual shooter. a judge issued an order
6:35 am
preventing los angeles police department from destroying tape from a nearby location from the brine tow case. that video from the day after the beating will show that ramirez had a full head of hair. witnesses have said the person who attacked brine stow was bald. ramirez was arrested last month and has not been jailed. stoury mains in the hospital in critical season. city council is reviewing the memorial day drowning witnessed by police and fire fighters. they dodge questions about why the emergency responders did not help the victim. now yesterday, we were told the fire chief was not doing interviews. the mayor, city manager and city attorney were all unavailable. but people are demanding answers. >> what we're seeing is the
6:36 am
mayor saying, yes, we're going to take this seriously and investigate this and yet nobody is on administrative leave. it doesn't look like its being taken seriously. >> right after the drowning, city officials said budget cuts eliminated funding for water rescue training. according to the budget website, the city is prepare today handle water emergency saws. the city council will issue their review of the incident at tonight's meeting. a peace march takes place in east oakland following a violent where three people were hit in separate shootings. students from green leaf elementary school will begin the peace walk. this begins at 3:00 this afternoon. today, san fransisco supervisors will consider an appeal to transform treasure
6:37 am
island, adding house of housing units and retail and part of a school. critics claim an environmental impact report approved by the planning commission in april was not thorough enough. they say it did not take into consideration how the project would effect traffic on the bay bridge amongst other things. san fransisco tower will be bathed in red lights to honor fallen fire fighters in memory of lieutenant perez and fire fighter paramedic anthony valario. both fire fighters died last thursday in a house fire in diamond heights. now funeral plans for the fire fighters are finalized aircraft joint service will be held, 12:30 friday afternoon at st. mary's cathedral and will
6:38 am
be laid to rest in cullma. all right. our time is you now 6:37. what's happening on the roads, sal? >> reporter: right now, the metering lights have been on for about 15 minutes or so and traffic is backing up already as people cue up to get on to the bridge itself. there's been no major problems on the span getting into san fransisco. if you're driving into san fransisco, it should be a nice drive for you on northbound 101 approaching the 80 split or 280 extension to king street. there's a giants game again this evening at at&t park. across the bay, if you're driving from fair field, let's say across the bridge, it's still a nice drive. at 6:38 let's go to steve !
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what's this? >> what's this? we have a developing situation. the sun is out. mr. is sun is here. -- mr. sun is here. a lady said yesterday, did you see that for a second? i said what's that? and he said the sun. today it will be back it's a typical june day. low clouds and temperatures will come up a little bit. inland on the coast, to about 50s and 60s. morning overcast for many and then sun. some already have the sun. tomorrow, low clouds and warming continues. weekend will be better, fog, sun, and mild warm but slightly cooler. plenty low clouds out there. but they will burn back. the days are ratherrer long now. it will today but at least the rain has moved off and we will see this pattern in check even though it will be slightly warmer. a lot of 50s.
6:40 am
at the airport, 48. 50 at fair field. the low is right there, and that keeps the low clouds going. morning cloud and then fog and it will be warmer inland. it will be warmer inland today. a westerly breeze, highs mid 70s for some. 66 yesterday. amazing. 73 santarosa. more low clouds and fog. today, north bay east bay gets the sun sooner. but everyone should see it. fog, sun, and then warmer temperatures. it's a cooling trend on the weekend. three young baseball players have gone in the draft.
6:41 am
chris reed, padres chose joe ross in oakland, and the cincinnati reds book robert stevenson, from martinez. major league baseball amateur draft continues today. >> 1-1. swing and a player to right and that's the ball game. >> as for the pros, you probably were sleeping, maybe, but by the time the happened, the giants won last night. sanchez knocked in the running run in the 13th inning capping off a comeback against the nationals. earlier, lincecum reached 1,000 strike outs for his career. i think the game ended at 12:30. >> wow, but they won. that's right. the european eco lie outbreak is is still spreading. the first case has killed 22 people. we will tell you why hall of fame quarterback went to a meeting at the city council last night and we will tell you
6:42 am
whether or not his lobbying efforts helped. good morning. northbound 101 we have a little slow traffic approaching the interchange. we will tell you more straight ahead. look, every day we're using more and more energy. the world needs more energy. where's it going to come from? ♪
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. welcome back. here's a quick look at the top stories we're following for you. two teenagers in the hospital
6:45 am
this morning after an early morning crash if oakland. they were going very fast when they crashed into a parked pickup truck. two suspect ised teenage gang members are in jail in connection with the 3-month-old boy shooting. the weekend killing was the case of a mistaken identity. time now 6:45, happening right now, german chancellor is at the white house. now we're live watching her. she's speaking now. let's listen in for a moment. >> ( foreign language ). >> obviously she's speaking in germany. she has several meetings scheduled with president barack obama and the two leaders will talk about what's going on with nato operations and afghanistan and libya and the economy. chancellor will be presented
6:46 am
with the presidential medal of freedom tonight during a white house dinner. she is speaking and we will have more on this later on. a canadian man has the country's first suspected case of eco lie linked to the house link to the outbreak in europe . the canadian man traveled to germany recently and does not appear to have a severe case and has been released from the hospital. today, agricultures are holding a meeting to find the source of the the outbreak. stoliders have approved the largest development plan in history, and we tell you about
6:47 am
the 49 connection. >> reporter: steve young went to the city council meeting to lobby for the project. the vote was 8-0. so i don't know if he necessarily needed to be there. i just talked to bill and the chief of orthopedic surgery and they are excited about this project. 4-yearlong lobbying campaign had two years of deadlock negotiations. construction begins in just a couple of weeks. this animation was provided by stanford by the media to show what it should look like. the vote was 8-0 with one council member obtaining because hi wife works at the hospital. the $5 billion project will add more than a million square feet out hospital complexes, that's 144 beds at the hospital and
6:48 am
before reaching the agreement, the city is and the university fought over development agreements that would allow the hospital to exceed local zoning regulations that was tough to get over that hump. the city bargained hard and they got stanford agree to community benefits and about $22 million for the city to use on housing projects, both considering mitigation for the added number of people in the area over the course of this project. plus the university says is about 2300 jobs will be created. you now we're just starting to get reaction from employees coming to stanford. we will hear from the chief at the next morning news. time now, 6:48, the highest grossing in most attended music tour in history 6789 the
6:49 am
baseball field of the oakland coliseum is almost completely covered for u tube. the concert, by the way, the sold out. 6:49, let's go back over to sal for a look at the commute. >> we're looking at all kinds of things from the camera network. we have seen traffic getting busy on 237 as it normally does. it's backed up crossing 880. this morning we're looking at interstate 880 near the coliseum and traffic is moving well in both directions. the toll plaza is backed up for at least a ten minute wait before you make onto the bridge. the sun is out. the sun is here. i appreciate the information. tell me where you are. there's a lot of low clouds
6:50 am
around. temperatures today, we will warm up a little bit. 48 and 56. by noon, the fog will be burning off. 56-68. it will be mostly sunny, 58-78 and temperatures looking like june. sunny and mild. plenty of low clouds. water temperatures have warmed up a bit. they are around 52-55. they are still cold but not as cold as it was. fog forms like that, it doesn't take much. we have had good across the board but temperatures will rebound, 50s to low mid 50s. so it won't take much to warm up but the cloud will be helped along by another system dropping down and that keeps the wind going out of the west,
6:51 am
even though we have the morning low clouds it will be warmer inland. >> 50s and 60s coast and bay and still below average but warmer than yesterday and we will continue into thursday, maybe friday. temperatures get to near average and slightly below on the weekend. well, the demand for the newest priass has been increased to 5,000 a month. buyers have having to wait weeks for delivery. u.s. sales start this summer. a little bit of rebound this morning, dale jones, up about 30 points. the chairperson of the federal reserve and his speech about the economy will indicate whether or not the fed will continue it's policies or possible raise interest rates. here's the foreclosure store
6:52 am
are with a twist. a florida couple is declaring victory. they went to court to recover $2,500 in legal expenses but the bank never paid. so the couple got a court order allowing them to seize the bank's assets. they showed up at the local branch with a moving truck and sheriff's deputies and an hour later they got their check. >> incredible story. a husband risked his life to save his wife during a robbery attempt and why he's considered live to what is thanks to lucky jewel jewelry. too much coffee could cause your ears to play tricks on you. traffic is looking good until you get to the mcarthur maze. we will tell you more about the morning community coming up.
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fee court is now in session.
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6:56 am
necklace. that saved his life during a robbery. he and his wife were opening a store and the robber demanded their money. they told him the stay couldn't be opened and the robber pointed the gun to his wife. he stepped in front of his wife as the gun went off and the gold medallion made the bullet bounce off. conservation group filed a legal petition to create a speed limit for large ships traveling through california's marine sanctuaries. at least six whales for killed by ship strikes last year. the petition asks the federal government to set a 10 knots per hour off the california coast. a new report faze if you
6:57 am
drink a lot of coffee your ears could play tricks on you. a group of volunteers were asked to listen to white noise and they were told it may include white christmas and press a button if you hear it. the song never played but researchers say several people who had high stress in their life and drinking a lot of caffeine thought they heard the song white christmas. they probably felt the pressure. >> i have to hear it, yeah. >> i am going push it now. they were feeling pressured. >> sounds like you're speaking from experience. >> i have had a few cups of caffeine. we have all been there. good morning everybody. westbound highway 4, the traffic is busy. grab your cup of joe and hit the road. you're going to need extra time. the toll plaza has a 50 minute wait. westbound 80 near the 580
6:58 am
interchange, there's a new cash. low clouds and more sunshine today. that was not the case yesterday. a little warmer and low to mid 70s for a few. more sunshine north bay and east bay. the fog will hold on a little longer. coming up, a battle l over a bay area graduation ceremony and teachers say hearsay send ising the wrong message to students. a baseball team was nearly eliminated in more ways than one. stay with us.
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