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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  June 10, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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firefighters are attending the private funeral service. >> i wanted to be in that house with my brother. and i say that with all apologies to my father daughters. >> perez' brother choked back tear s as he spoke about his brother. the final bell tolled nine times as the funeral concluded. the fire chief and san francisco mayor presented the two firefighters helmets to their families. firefighters and police saluted as the funeral procession wound its way through san francisco and then down the peninsula. people also gathered along the route, many waves and holding flags. as we mentioned perez and valerio are being laid to rest at holy cross cemetery in culma. we want team coverage
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tonight beginning with mike mibach who is inside st. mary's cathedral. >> for just about two hours we learned a little bit more about a couple of guys from engine company 26. >> reporter: two caskets draped in cloth, surrounded by firefighters with broken hearts. >> we loved your son, and they will always be with us. god bless you vincent perez and anthony valerio. you touched our lives and we will never forget you. >> reporter: the funeral service for lieutenant vincent perez and firefighter paramedic anthony valerio was filled with love. family and firefighters telling stories about two men who saved
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lives, who battled fire, who never hesitated. >> wince was a fireman's fireman. he was always the first one in the door, he was always the first one to grab a nozzle. if there was a fire, vince was the one that was going to put it out. >> vince lived his life to the fullest and we should all follow his example. tony valerio he went from south city to sf state. he surfed the waters right to station 26. >> thank you for being part of our family. we will miss you. you left us way too soon, the best ones always do. bon voyage as you begin your next adventure. aloha. >> vince perez a native from the mission district went from the marines and also station 26. >> the amount of pure love i sensed for my brother vince in
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that fire house was overwhelming. i knew right then no question, my brother went to battle with the best of the best. >> the helmets they wore now in the hands of those they loved. where memories of heros can forever be held for their hearts and the others who they went to battle with. >> together gentleness and strength went into harm's way. and today gentleness and strength have left us. thank you for the gift of your live, may you rest in peace. the last alarm for perez and valerio was sounded by engine 26 company chief. the final prayer was made and a final procession was made. when i am called to duty god, wherever flames may range, give me strength to save a life
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whatever be its age. and if according to your will i am to lose my life, please bless me with your protecting hand, my family i leave behind. live tonight in san francisco, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. the siblings of the fallen firefighters recall fond memories and spoke. they also had reassuring words for members of the department. >> because he was a man of few words at work, some of you loved him so and wondered if you loved you back. well i'm here to tell you, yes, he did. >> the families of their two firefighters had a large presence in the service with readings and remembrances as well as other traditional roles. hundreds more firefighters and others watched the service on a video screen in the gym at a near by high school. the gym was set up as an overflow room. seats filled up fast and more chairs had to be brought in. firefighters say it was
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important for them to be there. >> to make sure that we support not only the firefighters but their family. >> this is my third funeral this year, so it's very tough. >> about a dozen recruits from the alameda fire academy also watched seeing firsthand the risk of their new profession. people who didn't even know the two firefighters lineed the streets as the funeral procession made its way through the city and down the peninsula. john sasaki spoke to both of them why they were so moved by today's funeral. >> as the firefighters bodies rolled by, life here came to a virtual standstill. after the funeral, the mile's long procession included firefighters from across the state and the bay area. >> if we couldn't be in our officers and not be so close to
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this this dear to our city. >> i think it's a celebration of two veryheroic firefighters lives. >> reporter: the funeral was broadcast on bay area television including here on ktvu. at long time san francisco institution lefty o' dulles firefighters watched the procession. >> it's very sad. but it's also you know a celebration for what they've done for the city and for everybody. so i guess it's mixed feelings. >> before the funeral started a smalling procession of family and friends accompanied the bodies of -- a smaller procession of family and friends accompanied the bodies to st. mary's cathedral. >> may put their lives at risk a lot, i think we should show more support for our policemen and our firemen. there are two flags here today, one for each of the firemen. >> reporter: bevin duffy says all of san francisco is paying
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tribute. >> from young to old, i think every san franciscan says, thank you. >> reporter: and one mother stood with her son, she wanted him to know that those who protect us have dangerous jobs and sometimes things don't go well. as hundreds of san francisco firefighters mourn the lives of two of their own, others step in to fill their seats. you can also watch more video of the funeral just look under the sf firefighters tab. >> the east palo alto family's who's baby was shot and killed said a final goodbye. a funeral service for anthony garcia was held today. the pin infant was in a family
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car early saturday morning when alleged members shot at it killing him and injuring his parents. 17-year-old fabian sargosa will be tried as an adult on murder charges. mehserle will be released from prison on monday. a memo from los angeles superior court judge obtained by ktvu news shows his release being ordered. mehserle was convicted of involuntary manslaughter in the shooting death of oscar grant. mehserle has said he thought he was firing his taser. we have been reporting that mehserle believed he was getting out of jail on monday now it has been confirmed. if utilities committee allege that is pg & e violated -- the second proceeding will investigate energy procurements carried out last year. staff will present their cases
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to an administrative law judge. the judge then prepares decisions about possibility penalties for commissioner work. state senators plan to work through the weekend on california's budget. dell democrats are pushing a revised reform. >> we are ready to bring them forward for a vote. if and when there is an agreement to fund education and public safety. >> the budget for the fiscal year starting july 1 is due next wednesday. the shortfall is now estimated at under $10 million. apple the company many consider the darling of the tech world is facing a backlash tonight for its hiring and firing practices. >> reporter: you know the maker of the iphone, the i pad and the i pod face the ire of an i
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protest today. >> let's go bite apple. >> reporter: saying apple is not too big to take a bite out of, activists did just that and more. at the heart of the protest one of the world's most successful companies are accused of not hiring enough of their workers. >> millions of china, in the united states only 2%. the activists use some of its vast cash resorts to support school in minority populations so that they can hold good paying high tech jobs. >> to me the bottom line here is apple needs to educate more those communities. >> reporter: we went to apple's
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developer conference where technotypes from around the world, we asked does apple discriminate. >> nerds are nerds. i don't think it's a racial issue in this community at all. >> reporter: between its two app stores, many and thousands of american jobs are being created at an increasingly speeded up pace. tom vacar, ktvu news. the bay area media company pandora is upping the ante. they are now seeking more than $160 million with share prices from 10 to $12 each. that's about 50 million more than its filing stated last week. pandora has 90 million registered users who stream live music. wall street needs all the help it can get, today ended the sixth day in a row of losses.
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you see there what happened, the dow closed at 11,952. it's the first time the dow is falling below 12,000 since march. the nasdaq was off 41 points. wall street's second losing streak is now the deepest in weeks, what the experts are telling us. we'll be right back with more now from today's funeral for the fallen firefighters. tony was a free spirited medic with the department of public health who eventually became a firefighters. he was a pony tailed medic who called himself the people's paramedic. he was like mother teresa with a siren.
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this week has been the most difficult time in my career. but these guys make it so much easier because we're covered. those guys are 150 firefighters from across the bay area filling in today to allow san francisco firefighters to attend the funeral. at the start of the shift, san francisco fire officials briefed the stand in crews on the dangers and nuances of battling fire in the city. one fire station needed the help more than others. ken pritchett is live at station 26 where the out of town crews were quickly called out this morning. ken-- >> reporter: frank, this is the fire station of the fallen firefighters. it has remained closed all day but every other fire station in the city has remained open. however half of the firefighters at those stations are firefighters from outside the city limits and today they had work to do.
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>> shortly after the flag was lowered to half staff at fire station seven an alarm sounded and fire trucks hit the streets of san francisco. but those trucks were from hayward. as hundreds of san francisco firefighters attended a massive church service to remember their fallen, these firefighters from the peninsula extinguished a fire at a tiny baptist church in the ingle neighborhood. >> it turned out to be perfect coordination. >> reporter: firefighters from redwood city and foster city. many responded in san francisco fire engines. >> we have been positioned throughout the city to back fill a few engine companies that we have that are working right now. >> reporter: it took several days of planning to coordinate to cover the engines in the city. >> i went to the couple of the
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firemen and thanked them. >> reporter: giselle quezada watched the firefighters protect their neighborhood. impressed by the names on the back of their jackets. >> they are a family, they take care of each other. they're our family as well because they take care of us. >> reporter: firefighters from outside the city limit were not the only ones that helped. a private ambulance companies provided volunteers so that san francisco fire, emts could attend the services as well. in san francisco, ken pritchett, ktvu news. fire houses across the bay area fire fighters who couldn't attend the service followed it on television. firefighters sat around the table in silence. >> the oakland fire department has a sense of sorrow, our hearts and prayers go out to the families and fellow firefighters. both valerio and perez have tied to oakland, valerio
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started his career as an emt with acne ambulance service. perez' brother is an oakland police sergeant. he's one of many who spoke at today's funeral. the hybrid department needs several firefighters and paramedic as well as at least one captain. san carlos is currently negotiating with existing employees about their positions, details about the job opening are now posted on the san carlos fire station website. and officials are reminded that transgender patients are -- caltrain reopened a stretch of highway 1 between big sur
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and cambria in time for the weekend. about 40 miles south of big sur. crews worked at a feverish pace. even flying out heavy machinery. the road reopened yesterday afternoon. the storm clouds have moved out of the bay area but with the june weather pattern that includes quite a bit of fog showing up coast side. i'll be tracking that as we head into the overnight hours. you can see the clouds right now down toward santa cruz county. everyone a few patches moving into the south bay and right now we are tracking this track closer to ocean beach and right around san francisco and the golden gate bridge. for tonight we do have this partly cloudy skies, gusty winds out there, especially right around the bay. fog will continue to develop. this weekend morning low cloud coverage. and next week a dry weather pattern, temperatures in fact, warming up by tuesday and into wednesday. overnight lows first thing
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saturday morning. coolest locations in the upper 40s with some fog. we do have a few patches heading inland. all because of this guy this weather system to the north. this will not bring us any rainfall but it is a cooler air mass. that coupled with a stronger on shore breeze will lead to a cooldown tomorrow. most areas coming down three to 6 degrees from today's highs, just a minor bump of the numbers for the second part of the weekend. here's the forecast model. you can't pick up the coverage. as we do take this into the afternoon hours, clouds becoming more cloudy. still patchy coastal fog and a busy of a breeze developing as we head into the afternoon. that is all reflected in tomorrow's forecast. by 12:00, partly cloudy, mid- 50s to the mid-60s. then 3:00 gusty winds. no 80s in the forecast.
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warmest locations approaching the mid, maybe the upper 70less. here's 7 0s. here's the latest numbers. showing you 60s for oakland and san leandro. san jose 69, los gatos as 73. those temperatures only in the upper 50s. san francisco only six # degrees. that much warmer for the second part of the weekend. inland neighbors heading back into the mid- to upper 70s. >> thanks, mark. actor russell crow is apologizing for remarks he made about circumcision. a fan asked crow if she should
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circumcise her son. and he said, circumcision is stupid. he later apologized for criticizing the religious practices of some. >> we eat together, we live together, and sometimes we die together.
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the president of mexico will address the graduating class. mexican president felipe calderon has promised to give a -- warriors new head coach mark jackson may not have any basketball coaching experience but he not only played the game he's also an ordained minister. today jackson delivered a new gospel of golden state. mark jackson is still a commentator for the nba finals but he took time today to meet the bay area media in san
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francisco. not oak land, but san francisco. jackson is used to being a dynamic leader. now he says he's ready for his first grown man job. he should answer the warriors credibility and development. >> we're going to be demanding. offensively we're going to be a team that pushes the basketball. some may say can you push the basketball and defend. absolutely. we're not going to accept not getting it done on the floor. we're going to hold each other and this team to a different standard . we're going to be professionals and we're going to have an outstanding time. this is going to be an important time so you better latch on to the back of the -- >> i'm a believer. golden state also hired malone. considered one of the finest coaches in the nba. stanford pitcher mark apel
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gave up these two home runs. north carolina wins 5-2. so stanford now needs to win both saturday and sunday to reach the college world series. and cal plays dallas baptist tomorrow in the superregional. mark jackson, a good first impression today in san francisco you guys. >> thanks, fred. bay area news at 7:00 is coming up in 30 minutes on tv 36. plus compete coverage of today's funeral for two fallen firefighters. our coverage continues online where you can watch more of today's service on when you're there look urpdunder the sf firefighters tab. man: we need a sofa. something i can stretch out on! -- look under the the sf firefighters tab. you got it!
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