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tv   KTVU 6 O Clock News  FOX  June 11, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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. the bay area's major news of the day with frank somerville, julie haener, the 10:00 news on ktvu, channel 2 news. complete bay area news coverage. >> a fire congressman anthony weaner talks about the new calls for his resignation. >> another homicide. late word on the identity of this latest victim. and the oscar grant case is touching a nerve again. how oakland is preparing for new protests. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is ktvu, channel 2 news at 6:00. >> good evening everyone. i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken prithett in for
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ken wayne. it may be the beginning of the end for that congressman weaner. pressure is mounting for him to resign. he will seek help for admitting to sending k rated pictures for women on line. nancy pal and -- nancy pilosi is asking for him to step down. >> i made some pretty mysterious mistaking and i am trying to redeem myself and get back to normal and serve the people of michael congress. >> he made contact with a minor, a 17-year-old girl through twitter. but wiener and the police say the twits were in no way inappropriate. the police are investigating yet another homicide. we have learned the identity. hector garcia was a san jose
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resident. as ktvu's all was -- alli rasmussen tells us. >> reporter: police woke up to find police tape along the street. >> we went for a walk and saw a lot of police officers. what's going on. are. >> reporter: investigators searched for clues to find out why a man in his 20s was found dead. it was a disturbing scene for this woman who has lived here for more than eight years. >> obviously, i have never, ever seen anything. we didn't hear anything. >> other neighbors did. this man didn't want to be identified but described what he heard moments before the shooting. (speaking spanish). >> reporter: he told me he could hear tires screeching and heard people yelling and running and then heard three shots. police don't know what led up to the shooting and there are still questions about where the victim had come from before he was shot in the street. >> we know where we found him in the street, but we don't know if he was associated with
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a house where he was by or associated to another house or associated to any of these houses here on the street. are. >> reporter: police interviewed more than a dozen people who had been to a small party in one of the houses on this block. they are considered potential witnesses. police don't know if there is a connection between the party and the homicide but say the people they interviewed were awake when this shooting happened. >> there were at least ten people that i saw them talking to that, you know, potentially at least heard something. >> which could help officers find out who was behind the shooting. in san jose, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now on san jose's rising homicide break. last year san jose san jose recorded 20 homicides for the entire year. here we are halfway through this year and the number is 24. two people were also killed at san jose state university. but since campus police investigated that crime, san jose police do not include it in their total. community leaders say police reforms could help the group people acting in
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community together once the san jose police department to appoint neighborhood liaisons and have officers undergo multicultural training so they feel more comfortable about discussing crimes. >> the oakland police are prepared for a scheduled release of mehserle. they will have officers there all weekend in anticipation for the protests. oscar grant was shot by mehserle. he served 12 months. the other 12 months were knocked off because of good conduct. they are not happy about mehserle's early release. they plan to rally tomorrow at the fruitvale bart station at 3 p.m. and then march to downtown city hall. the police are preparing in case the protests turn destructive as they have in the past. deborah villalon is live on broadway where plywood went up
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today on some business windows. >> reporter: well, we are at the studio where you can see there are sympathies for oscar grant in plain view but plasters on plywood protecting the windows here. >> we also found the tmobile store on broadway boarded up. the manager says the building owner took the precaution this morning because of damage last year. outrage over mehserle's case erupted into rioting and looting, causing hundreds of thousands t.v. dollars of damage downtown. a footlocker shoe store and a family-owned beauty supply store were especially hard-hit. since then the beauty store has installed metal barriers to keep its merchandise safe. many people we talk to note the aggitate tore -- aggitate tores were from outside oakland. they hope the protest stays peaceful. >> time has not healed the windows but i think that some of that has dissipated. but there is still high anxiety especially among the merchants in this area because of the
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fact that whether or not they have a riot or not is always going to affect business. people don't want to come downtown. they are not comfortable. we don't know what's going to happen. we really don't. >> this men's wear store says oscar grant's uncle says he will guard their door tomorrow if necessary. he has always argued for peaceful protests and against property damage. the city of 0 he can observing did send out -- oakland sent out an advise to declaring that vandalism or violence will not be tolerated. live in oakland, deborah villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. bart officials say they are setting up ways to keep passengers updated on any service changes turned the planned protest. in a statement on their website bart wrote. there are no doubts tonight
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about a possible lead in the beating of giants fan bryan stow. an la t.v. station reported new evidence of bloodstained dodgers jersey linked to the beating. knbc said that jersey contained stow's dna but not of the suspect ramirez. now the la times is quoting sources says the blood belongs to neither stow nor ramirez. stow remains in critical condition after being beaten back on march 31st. the lapd has not yet confirmed the report. california's budget deadline is nearing. lawmakers need to figure out a way to close a $9 billion deficit. the state senate passed a few relatively minor budget bills early today. the assemblies next session is likely to be monday. wednesday is june 15th. the constitutional deadline for the legislature to send a balanced budget to the governor. this year a voter-approved initiative will punish lawmakers for missing the deadline. for the first time they will
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lose salary and per diem payments each day they refuse to make a deal. the state controller will not pay them retroactively when a budget is approved. if you want to learn more go to we have posted budget documents on our website. look under the politics tab. san francisco voters are going to vote a new mayor this november and already the race is starting to shift into high gear. ktvu's john sasaki is live now in the city where he talked to six candidates out stumping for votes today, john. >> heather, these handouts on your doorstep can mean just one thing. the san francisco mayor's race is heating up. state senator leland lee thanks supporters. >> it is important at this time in san francisco that you have somebody experienced who understands what is really important for the city. >> reporter: the candidates for san francisco mayor are collecting signatures to get their names on the ballot. city senator dennis herarra says he is right for the job. >> for me it is talking about my vision not just over the
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next 4-8 years but that san francisco will be the model for the city 50 years from now. >> most major candidates are current politicians. reese is a capitalist. >> i know all about job creation. the only way we get ourselves out of the budget deficit is we keep and retain jobs to san francisco. >> reporter: phil ting made with voters in the sunset. >> they are tired of muni not always running on time. tired of figuring out why the parks are closed. they are tired of figuring out, you know, how much money they are paying for healthcare. >> david chu opened his campaign headquarters. >> we've been helping to create jobs by keeping companies like twitter here in san francisco, bringing the america's cup here. we are helping to create new affordable housing all over the city. >> bevan dusty hosted a pancake breakfast. >> i am somebody who ran the city's complaint department for five years. i was a supervisor for eight years and i do believe we can fix the big picture by paying
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attention to the basics. >> current mayor ed lee has pledged not to run. he has two months to change his mind. live in san francisco, i'm john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. cal fire is gearing up for a later than usual fire season in northern california. officials say there has been about as many wildfires as normal for the first time of the year despite all of the rain. however the fires have been smaller than usual. that could change as we head into summer. the rain has caused grass and brush growth that could feed fires later in the year. firefighters in antioch made quick work of this small fire that burned near yorksure and polymer drives and the first fire in that area in just a week. last week a one acre grass fire burned dangerously close to the homes. police say they will increase the patrols. >> the big fire burning in eastern arizona spilled over the state line into new mexico this evening. fire crews gained some ground yesterday. they set back-fires to try to starve the blaze. but high winds and low humidity
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caused the fire to grow to 430,000-acres today with only 5% containment. >> a major security shakeup is underway at honolulu international airport. 36tsa employees and their bosses have been fired. 12 more are suspended for allegedly failing to screen thousands of checked bags for explosives. investigators say one shift of screeners wasn't doing the job properly. the local tsa director, a former honolulu police chief is among those being dismissed. a computer glitch forced the cancellation of some u.s. airways flights in and out of sfo this afternoon. the problem originated at the airline's phoenix headquarters. a power outage shut down the airline's ticketing system triggering problems nationwide. one u.s. airways flight from sfo to la and one to medford, oregon was cancelled today as was a flight from phoenix to san francisco. oakland and san jose manetta airports reported no problems.
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>> made in america. up next, the new push to get you to buy products produced right here at home. >> anti-nuclear demonstrations in japan. why they chose today to hit the streets. >> and a massive, massive traffic jam this afternoon on the bay bridge. how it started and how it was resolved. >> cloudier, cooler and breezy today over the bay. a warmup is on the way but will it be in time for the weekend? coming up we will take a look. >> breaking news is happening right now. >> frank somerville, gasia mikaelian, weekdays on ktvu, channel 2 news. complete bay area news coverage. and stuff ♪ ♪ ♪ let's follow that lady with the laptop ♪ [ male announcer ] now you can watch hit tv shows on your laptop with u-verse online and on your smartphone with u-verse mobile, included with most plans. or get u-verse tv for as low as $29 a month for 6 months. in the network you can take entertainment with you.
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. drivers trying to get from the east bay to san francisco this afternoon got caught in a massive traffic jam. take a look at the backup on the bay bridge. it all stemmed from efforts to save a man who climbed out on to a ledge around 2:45 and then threatened to jump. when negotiators managed to talk him down around 4:30, the
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traffic was backed up for hours. it is still very heavy at this hour and is just now beginning to let up. in news of the world tonight. [ music ] >> in tokyo thousands demand an end to nuclear power on this, the three-month anniversary of the earthquake and tsunami. protestors want japan's nuclear plants shut down and stricter radiation tests conducted. 90,000 people remain homeless, most of whom evacuated the contamination zone near the damaged nuclear plant. in germany the government says the e.coli break seems to be easing. it was trace today bean sprouts traced to this organic farm in hamburg. 14 people have died from the new drug resistant strain of the bacteria. 3,500 have been hospitalized including five in the u.s. president obama turned the attention to the economy in his weekly address.
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he says when it comes to jobs, he knows with what the american people need. >> they are not asking for much. they are just looking for a job that covers their bills. they are looking for a little financial security. they want to know if they work hard and live within their means, everything will be or the. the president says the government should partner with the private sector to ensure more jobs. he also says it's important to invest in clean energy jobs to make the u.s. less depend dependent on foreign oil. jackie spear says we can stimulate the economy by buying goods made in america. ktvu's mike mibach caught up with the congresswoman today at the san mateo county fair. >> reporter: made in america, from pots and pans. >> what is this? >> that's a toy. >> reporter: made in america? >> yeah, maybe. >> reporter: to toys, beds and cars. >> you can't outsource american labor. you can outsource labor but not american labor, aye. >> reporter: tack on that that
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equates to $64. if each of you expends $64 on american-made product like these hot tubs, 200,000 jobs will be created. at least that's what one woman believes. >> this is a tsa uniform. this was made in mexico. >> reporter: congresswoman jackie spears says she's making a push for you to buy local. and for congress to offer incentives for u.s. companies to build at home. >> make it in america is a major theme that we are pushing in congress right now because we have been losing our manufacturing edge. >> reporter: some political analysts say press obama's toughest opponent just may be the economy. >> we have 18 employees right now. so there are 18 sewing jobs that wouldn't exist if we weren't manufacturing in san francisco. >> reporter: mike owns rickshaw bag works in san francisco. the more he manufacturers at home the more people he is able to hire. congresswoman spears says that's the point. but she also needs the consumer
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to get onboard as well. >> we've got to be proud of american-made products. >> in san mateo, mike mibach, ktvu, channel 2 news. hayward police are looking for the hit and run driver who left a teenaged girl injured in the middle of the road. as we reported during ktvu mornings on 2, the 17-year-old girl was struck at soto road near culpa avenue at 9:15 last night. police say the teenager was crossing the road when struck. the car was either a white corolla or a volkswagen jet at that. she was taken to the hot and is in stable condition this evening. six people are in jail for the shooting of a temple back on may 13th. the police said he had been shot execution-style. three men and three women, all fairfield residents, were arrested yesterday on charges ranging from kidnapping to torture and murder. investigators have yet to reveal a motive for that killing.
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a stretch of pavement along san francisco's coastline is getting dusted off this weekend. the city has closed the great highway between lincoln and sloan for sand abatement. the work is required automatically when wind blows sands on to the nearby dunes. it is unsure how long the closure and detail will last. a small earthquake rattled california's channel island this morning. the quake measured 3.6 and centered off the coast of malibu. people reported a slight shake. the quake hit at 1:15 this morning. [ music ] >> as expected, we saw a cooler day for your saturday. we are going to see a nice change. but perhaps not in store for your sunday. let's take a look at what's happening out there. a week disturbance over california bringing those low and high-level clouds today. our temperatures are cooler by 5, 6 degrees from 24 hours ago. we were seeing the sunshine. still nice and mild.
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71 santa rosa, 64 in napa. san francisco and oakland only partly sunny. areas right around livermore are looking at of 0 degrees and partly sunny skies. san jose is also in the 60s at this time. the winds are quite robust. take a look at what's going on. sfo is reported 18 miles per hour. 17 areas right around oakland. 28 fairfield. the gusts have been blowing as well. 25 miles per hour reported in napa. 30 at the airport. 17 miles per hour in oakland. and concord is reporting 22 miles per hour. even though the temperatures haven't been so bad when those winds are blowing it can definitely put a chill in the air. looking at the satellite view the disturbance that i talked about a moment ago the cloud forms is the trough over california. behind me is a ridge. this is going to be off the coast by monday. that's going to heat us up back into the 80s for the inland areas. for tomorrow just a slight warm- up. so what we can expect for your sunday. the morning clouds will be back. they will be just as cloudy as what we saw this morning. and then in the afternoon the
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sunshine. temperatures will warm just a little bit along the coast by 5 degrees or so for our inland areas. take a look at what we are expecting for tonight. more of the same. temperatures will be slightly warmer but the low clouds are back. widespread 50s. 52 in redwood city. for the afternoon 70s for santa rosa. 72 in villejo. 60 san francisco. 62 for pacifica and oakland and hayward 60s. in the mountain view 60s. so it's going to be a nice day. still running cool for this time of year. we will get back to that seasonal average. really not going to happen until tuesday and wednesday. but for tomorrow, the winds won't be so bad. partly cloudy skies in the afternoon. a slight little warmup. the better warmup will come next week. looking forward to that. >> thank you. >> you are welcome. actor and comedian tracy morgan is apologizing for his
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homophobic rant this week at a national comedy club. the 30 rock star said he would "stab his son to death if he said he was gay." morgan went on to ass the anti- gay bullying movement and didn't care if he blasted bay gays. he gave out this comment. >> kentucky derby winner animal kingdom stumbles at the start of the belmont stakes but still the stakes run. >> joe fonzi has the dramatic finish coming up next. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
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♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ]
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. the group 1600 black men of -- 100 black men of america brought its message of empowerment to west oakland. they focused on healthy living. workshops promoted healthy eating, financial and computer literacy, as well as screenings for high blood pressure and hiv. 100 black men of america is holding its annual conference in san francisco this weekend. the organization of black professionals focuses on mentoring young people. >> time now to talk about sports. boy not a good day for tim
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lincecum. >> yes, that's being nice i think. giants fans have expected a certain level of performance when tim lincecum takes the mound. he was well off that standard against the reds matching the career worst in runs allowed. the place to be for more than baseball. the giants honored their alumni. the sweet sound in mccovey coffee. they trailed 3-0 in the 3rd. and cody ross wrestled with the ball mike leaks comes toward -- around to make it a 2-0 game. >> a lincecum pitch puts this one over ross's head that scores and that was it for lincecum who was charged with seven runs the first time that has happened since his rookie year of 2007. this one turned into a rare blow-out. at 10-2 they win. leaks allowed just four hits in
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8 innings. game two of stanford's super regional in north carolina in chapel hill. the tar heels already leading 4- 1 in the 7th and adding to their lead. stallings makes it 6-1. but stanford rallied for four runs to make it 6-5. and then the rain came and the game has been delayed. stanford must win the game to keep the season alive. cal leads 3-0 in the 5th at santa clara. >> a less than memorable triple crown season came to an end in new york at the bellmont stakes. it takes a certain kind of horse to run in these conditions. animal kingdom was un one -- one of the race favorites but his jockey nearly fell from his mount as he jostled in the mount. a dual between shackleford never materialized. instead it, was 24-1 long shot ruler on ice with jose jr. aboard the splash to the win ahead of state thirsty.
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for three straight years now different horses has won each leg of the triple crown. no horse has won all three since 1978. so no triple crown winner again this year. all of the day's sports tonight on sports wrap. >> looking forward to it, thanks, joe. >> coming up on the 10:00 news neighborhood on edge. after several fires in the same neighborhood. right now we are talking to witnesses about what they say. the full report at 10:00. >> our coverage continues online at web we believe. thank you for joining us. >> our next newscast is at 10:00 with rosemary and joe here and ken, we thank you so much for joining us and we hope to see you back here tonight.
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