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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  June 14, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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a northeast wind kicked in. temperatures inland won't take long. upper 90s since the first week of may. it's been a long time. still 60s and 70s coast and bay. traffic on 880 in oakland near the coliseum looks good. right now still not a lot of people on the road going north and south. over on the east shore freeway it's a little busier than when we last saw it but you should have no problems making your way towards the bay bridge. back to the desk. time now 4:59. the cause of an early morning fire in san francisco is being investigated as we speak. this fire broke out between two buildings on elm street, on elm street between scott and pierce streets. ktvu's jade hernandez is there right now with the latest on some of the damage. what happened, jade? >> reporter: dave, you can see firefighters were out here this morning. you can see the debris out in front of the one of the homes effected. the call came into dispatch around 1:00 this morning at 1127 elm. flames trapped between two structures forced firefighters to upgrade the fire to a second
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alarm. firefighters worked hard at extinguishing flames quickly. firefighters fought flames from the alley which is closer to golden gate and scott here in the western addition. no one was hurt. arson investigators were looking for a cause this morning, but the deputy fire chief explained initial obstacles upon their arrival. >> fire looks like it started between the two buildings and went up and got into the building here on golden gate and into the building of the back of the sea exposure. got into both buildings so they pulled the second alarm because we have units in the alley and out back and out here. >> reporter: when we arrived this morning the american red cross was wrapping up their work here. one person was left homeless. luckily all other residents were allowed to go back into their homes. the red cross just left. the cause is still under investigation this morning. reporting live from the western addition, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:01. fourteen people are homeless this morning. a fire raced through a san leandro apartment building. this started about 6:30 last
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night in the 66 unit building at hayes and thornton. firefighters went door to door telling residents to get out. >> we heard a loud boom. and when we heard the loud boom we went outside to check the patio again. and this time there was flaming coming out from the third floor. >> you could see the smoke coming out the inside. next thing you know you start seeing the flames coming out through the roof. >> the apartments are no longer safe to live in. the red cross is providing temporary housing. in just a few hours america's first lady will be here in berkeley. michelle obama is in california this week to raise money for her husband's re-election campaign. at 8:30 the first lady will attend a breakfast event at the claremont hotel organized by super star chef alice waters. later she will attend a pricey luncheon across the bay in san francisco. this fund raising trip has created some controversy. republican critics say the first lady is spending taxpayer
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money to foot the bill. today president obama will make a rare visit to puerto rico with his eye on next year's election. the president's stop on the u.s. island territory is design today boost his popularity among millions of puerto ricoen here on the mainland. they have become a powerful political force. this is the first time official presidential visit to puerto rico in 50 years. in 1961 president kennedy and his wife jackie made a memorable trip to the island. time is now 5:03. well, it sounded more like a friendly get together than a debate among presidential candidates. coming up at 5:15 we'll have a live report from our washington d.c. newsroom on the common theme at last night's faceoff in new hampshire of seven republican presidential candidates. back here at home the deadline is midnight tomorrow for california lawmakers to send a balanced budget to governor jerry brown. they rarely meet that deadline, but this year if they don't, they'll get hit in the wallet.
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proposition 25 which became law in november says lawmakers will not get paid starting thursday if there's no new budget. both their salaries and their per diem expenses will be held up until a budget is passed. now in just a couple of hours community activists will stage a rally in downtown oakland demanding that lawmakers pass a budget that includes tax extensions to pay for health and human services programs. that rally begins at 11:00 at the state office building on clay street. a special education teacher in vallejo is in custody this morning. he's accused of raping a developmentally challenged teaching assistant. ktvu's kraig debro tells us investigators now worry that there could be more victims. kraig. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, pam. the special education teacher works here at loma vista elementary school and the victim is a student here. we're here at the school this morning because we want to see if any staff members, perhaps students, show up today. not quite sure if this isn't a year round school. but also because police say not only did the crime happen here,
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it happened during school hours. police arrested 56-year-old jerry johnson yesterday afternoon at his elk grove home. sacramento county sheriff deputies assisted vallejo police during theist. he's being held on $750,000 bond. police say they want the d.a. to charge johnson with one count of rape of a person who is incapable of consenting due to their mental and developmental disabilities. the victim is 18 years old but has a mental capacity of that equivalent to a 7-year-old. >> it's obviously a terrible crime. he's in a position of trust with this young lady as well as other young children, can i find you are garten age kids. one of our concerns is in case there have been other victims we would want the parents to come forward to us and provide information to us if their children may have found themselves in a similar situation with this teacher. >> reporter: police believe the rape happened in february, but the 18-year-old didn't tell her parents until early this month. that's when they came into vallejo police headquarters. he teaches kids about 3 to 5
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years old. the woman is johnson's student aide. got to find out if we can why the delay between the february date of the rape, that's what police say, and then the june reporting of it. reporting live in vallejo, kraig debro, ktvu channel 2 news. your time now 5:05. now that former bart police officer mesherle's out of jail, he's now on unsupervised parole. he was released to the jurisdiction of alameda county after his release yesterday morning from an l.a. county jail. mesherle who was convicted of killing unarmed bart passenger oscar grant will not have to report to a parole agent because he's considered a low risk. his parole is scheduled to end in one year. mesherle served one year of a two year sentence and received early release thanks to a year of conduct credits. now mesherle's legal problems aren't over yet. oscar grant's family has filed a multimillion dollar wrongful death lawsuit against mesherle and the justice department civil rights division is still reviewing the case to determine
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if it warrants federal charges. a class action lawsuit has been filed against the oakland police department and the alameda county sheriff's department over the arrests of more than 150 people during a justice for oscar grant protest. legal papers have been filed over the protests that happened after mesherle was sentenced in november. the plaintiffs claim they were unlawfully arrested and mistreated. sheriff's department says some of the people arrested were held longer than usual because there were so many of them and because other deputies were assigned to riot patrol in oakland. more coverage of the bart shooting case continues on our website you'll find more information about mesherle's release and what happens next. all right. time now 5:07. allie rasmus back again in for sal. good morning, allie. good morning, dave. so far so good out there on the roadways. that earlier traffic hazard we told you about on the peninsula has now been cleared away. let's look at some of the
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bridges starting with the san mateo bridge. things look good there. no delays to report. same story over at the toll plaza as you make your way on to the bay bridge. shouldn't have any problems or any trouble there. over at highway 4 at bay point it's a little busier than when we last saw it. but on highway 4 west of here west of this picture near franklin canyon golf course, the chp is still in the process of cleaning up an earlier accident. at last check they were calling for a flat bed tow truck to head out there. be aware of it in that area. it's 5:08. here's steve. allie, thank you. very good morning. some fog but not nearly as much as we've had the past couple mornings. high pressure is nosing in. and from the pacific now it's not a whopper or anything, but it will give some of the first 90-degree temperatures since early may for some inland areas. june pattern, morning fog. some of that thick fog, maybe local drizzle then clearing. but not that warm. sunny and mild around the bay. inland 80s to near 90 degrees. system that will move in tomorrow will start a cool
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down, but today it's high pressure. not really large and in charge but it's there. coast forecast thick morning fog maybe some drizzle but then clearing to the north. north of the golden gate looks pretty good. south of that may take a while. there's a northeast wind being reported which is kind of scoured out most of the fog there. 50s to low mid upper. concord still 58. one warmer than fairfield. 58 also at mountain view 53 santa rosa and 50s across the board here. not a big difference in the temps, but some upper 50s on the lows which is not something we've seen for a while. the high pressure system continues to move though. so it's over us today. and the system right there and a couple will move into the pacific northwest. that will usher in a cooling trend starting tomorrow coast and bay and probably inland by thursday. sunny and warmer for almost everybody today. some of the fog will just be residing over by the coast. there is a northerly breeze. i don't think it will make it all the way down the coast but it will make it to parts of the coast. 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. haven't seen this pattern in a long, long time.
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91 brentwood and also see 90 in gill roy. it will be close for others but peninsula, parts over to fremont, upper 70s low 80s and 60s and 70s on the coast. fog bank very thick over there. warm inland but a little cooler coast and bay i think wednesday and then thursday looks like that fog makes it in the inland areas come right back down. oh, boy. most economists say the best way to improve the u.s. economy is to add more jobs. a new survey shows how many companies plan to do just that in the next three months. plus a cyber attack hits capitol hill. the group that claims to have hacked the u.s. senate website. you can see traffic is moving pretty smoothly on the 680 sunol grade as you head towards fremont or in the other direction towards pleasanton. more on traffic, weather and more on the day's headlines coming up.
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seven republican candidates faced off last night in their first formal debate. as ktvu's allison burns reports from our washington d.c. newsroom, they were all focused on one message. allison. >> reporter: it was the national debut for some of the candidates. others had been on the presidential debate stage before. there was no clear winner. they did not spend much time attacking each other. but indead focused on beating president obama. >> this president has failed. and he's failed at a time when the american people counted on him to create jobs and get the
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economy going. >> this president views america as one of equals around the world. >> want to announced to president obama is a one term president. >> reporter: and it was an especially big night for minnesota congresswoman and tea party favorite michele bachmann. she used the event to announce her candidacy. more on how the obama campaign is reacting to this debate during my next update in about an hour. for now live in washington d.c., allison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:14. well, here in the bay area even people who support president obama say they're closely watching the emerging field of republican candidates. >> i think there's some momentum probably that's going to get behind the republican candidates. and i'm hoping that it's not too much momentum. but i do feel like something could happen. i'm worried about that. >> now the regional vice chair of the california republican party says she's not yet ready to throw her support behind any
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of the candidates. >> i'm waiting to see. i think californians are waiting to see. >> analysts say with the presidential election still 17 months away, there's a lot of room for change in the field of those republican candidates. a group of hackers that carried out a string of recent cyber attacks is claiming responsibility for breaching the u.s. senate website over the weekend. the hacker group published some files online that it said it took from the site. there was an intrusion into the server but no sensitive information was compromised. the same group claims credit for several recent cyber attacks including one on sony's online operations. prosecutors won't seek the death penalty against the six young men charged with the murder of a german tourist in san francisco. the d.a.'s office says that decision is based on several factors including the suspects ages and criminal histories. the case involves the fatal
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shooting of 50-year-old sourer caught in the shootout between two rival gangs near union square last august. time now 5:15. we are officially in fire season in much of the bay area and santa cruz county. cal fire crews started conducting wild fire training in the south bay and the san jose fire department. the opening of the fire season means burn permits are suspended for san mateo, santa cruz, santa clara, contra costa and alameda counties. firefighters were also telling everybody to clear brush away from their homes. now controlled burns will continue in dublin today. it's for eliminating vegetation and also for training near the santa roadway that jail. today's burn will take place from 8:00 this morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. bart is asking passengers for their opinions about train seats. the transit agency is asking passengers to test several sizes and types of seats at several locations around the
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bay. today the seat lab will be set up by the fountain at the pleasant hill bart station. passengers can try out different types of seats between 2:30 and 6:30 this evening. then they will be asked to fill out a short survey. >> i want to try this seat lab. time now a 16:00. hey, allie, what's it like on the east shore this morning? dave, we have a report of something blocking one of the lanes on the westbound east shore freeway. and this is the traffic you see on the right hand side of your screen. this is westbound 80 near the gillman street exit. now chp doesn't have details yet on exactly what is in one of those lanes, but we just want you all to be aware of it if you're in that area. taking a look at highway 101 in san francisco things there look good heading towards the 80 split and bay bridge. there are no problems to report on 880 oakland north and southbound traffic there near the coliseum moving smoothly. 5:17. here's steve. allie, thank you very much. and the pollen sufferers, the allergy count continues to
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favor what's new the grasses which have been way up there for the longest time. looks like this week they'll win out as well. trees have changed just a little bit. olive, juniper, birch, not much change there. the trees are expected to go up a little bit towards the end of the week. our june pattern is in place. the high pressure system is building in, but there is a little component of a northerly breeze. but it stops right about point reyes at least so far. thick morning fog on the coast then clearing. inland near 90. been since early may since we've had anything close to that really. lots of fog though. water temperatures warmed up a little last week and then cooled down again off of the bay it's 48 degrees the water temp and 51 outside the golden gate. so it doesn't take much to get that fog machine rolling right along. it really cold water temps. some thick fog clearing north local drizzle as well highway 1 maybe on some of the beaches then it should lift. 50s livermore 54, 53 santa rosa, san rafael in at 54.
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52 in the city. mountain view and concord say 58. they're eaching to go for warmer weather. they're ready. but that system to the north will start a cool down after today. sunny and warmer for many. some morning fog and a northerly breeze mainly north of the golden gate so far. highs today 60s to low 90s. this is looking more like a june map 91 in brentwood. go 85 napa. 85 san rafael. 75 oakland. 62 pacifica. 90 in gill roy. on sunday you were 77. couple days you've warmed pretty fast. pleasanton 86. redwood city 77. 60s and 70s on the coast. 60s and mid-70s. usually in this pattern by 11:00 fog burns. cooler weather into thursday and right into the weekend. a new survey released this morning shows 70% of employers don't plan to add or cut jobs during the third quarter. but some industries will add
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jobs. 27% of businesses in the leisure and hospitality industry say they'll increase staff. hiring is also likely by wholesalers and retailers. the job losses are forecast in government, education and health care. let's check in on wall street this morning. here's where we start the day. pretty quiet as you can see. numbers were small yesterday. the dow jones does start just below the 12,000 level. 11,952. right now it does look like the markets could head higher. we do have gains all the european markets are up right now and a little bit of a mixed picture overnight in asia. a government report shows the u.s. airline industry would be losing money if it weren't for baggage fees. the biggest airlines collected $3.4 billion for checked luggage last year. delta airlines collected the most in baggage fees followed by united and continental. and those fees are going up. delta and united raised their
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baggage fees earlier this month. >> i had a feeling you were going to say that. >> i hate that. time now 5:20. pesticides in produce, 12 fruits and vegetables at the top of the list. you don't have to stop eating fresh produce just yet. take a look at that. where drivers were pounded by large hail. you're looking at a picture of 280 and 880 in san jose. it's a little dark this morning. you can tell there's just a few headlights barely any visible at all. shouldn't have any problems traveling in that direction.
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good morning. fog mainly from about the golden gate south. and clear north of that. it's going to be sunny, warm to hot our first 90 since early may will show up for some. not much of a sea breeze today. look at that. and listen to that. hail the size of golf balls pounded the ground and cars in colorado yesterday. severe storms hit the eastern part of the state. but a rainbow then appeared in the middle of the storm. forecasters expect today to be much nicer with temperatures actually getting into the 80s there. well, it's a rare race against time as crews rush to build a protective wall to keep water from the missouri river from flooding a small iowa town. a levee has failed along the
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border between iowa and missouri. and threatens the town of hamburg. water is spilling through a 300- foot hole. the army corps of engineers says worst case scenario flood waters could dump up to ten feet of water in southern hamburg. people there have been told to head to higher ground. pg&e is seeing more copper wire thefts in the antioch area. the most recent happened on auto center drive last monday. pg&e tells the contra costa times its workers found a hacksaw next to a wooden pole that thieves chopped down before removing wire. one of 300 pg&e poles reportedly targeted this year by copper thieves looking to cash in. pg&e says it's using wiring with thicker molding to prevent more thefts. time now 5:25. pesticides in produce may be more common than you think. the environmental watch group released a report of the so- called dirty dozen listing the
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12 fruits and vegetables with the most pesticide residue. at the top of the list apples followed by celery, strawberries, peaches and spinach. the produce was all tested after being washed and cleaned and peeled. >> so unfortunately what this means is that if you just wash the apple, you're not going to be getting rid of all the pesticides that the usda is finding. some other pesticides are actually incorporated into the tissues of the fruits and vegetables. >> the group claims one option is to buy organic or choose produce from a list it calls the clean 15 like corn, pineapples, avocados which have lower pesticide levels. they even weigh the group says the benefits of eating fresh produce outweigh the risk of pesticide exposure. on our channel 2 website you can find a complete list of fruits and vegetables and how they ranked. just look for the right now section at well, new this morning we just heard about an earthquake
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rattled the south bay about 30 minutes ago. 4:51 a.m. magnitude 3.1 earthquake shook san jose. the earthquake was centered about five miles away from hall ma rock. right now no reports of any damages or injuries. we will stay on that news. the legal debate over same sex marriage gets personal. the big decision that's expected some time this morning. one person homeless after an early morning fire in san francisco. why firefighters had trouble getting that fire under control. and muni workers have a new contract, but making them unhappy. taking a look at the south bay this is 237 in mill piece there are no delays this morning east and westbound traffic moving smoothly. still keeping an eye on a clean up of an earlier sent on highway 4. more details on that and all the day's news and weather after the break.
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well, good morning to you. welcome back. this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. it's tuesday june 14th. i'm dave clark. good morning. i'm pam cook. let's check in with steve paulson for the weather. it's going to warm up. no doubt about it. south of san francisco and golden gate could be tough. there's still plenty of fog there but north not so much. northerly breeze is taking care of some of that fog. 80s inland to near 90 for some. first time since early may
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we've had 90-degree temperatures for those away from the coast. but still 60s and 70s coast and bay. here's allie. we don't have the maps ready just yet but this is 880 north and southbound traffic near the coliseum everything looking good over there. no delays to report. but here it is. this is highway 4 near the franklin canyon golf course exit. this is an accident that happened about an hour ago, but it is still not cleared up. not sure if the vehicle involved is on the shoulder or one of the lanes, but just keep in mind it could be causing delays in that area. 5:31. let's go back to the desk. new this morning, the red cross is providing temporary housing for a person displaced by a fire in san francisco. it started about 1:00 this morning on elm street between pierce and scott streets. ktvu channel 2 reporter jade hernandez is at the scene with why this fire was particularly
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challenging. jade. that's right. san francisco firefighters put this fire out quickly. now that the sun's coming up you can actually see some of the damage and debris outside of the home. firefighters quickly ruled this a second alarm fire in order to fight the flames trapped between two structures. >> fire looks like it started between the two buildings and went up and got into the building here on golden gate and into the building in the back of the exposure. got into both buildings so they pulled the sect alarm because we have units in the alley and out back and out here. >> reporter: firefighters received word from dispatch around 1:00 this morning about flames at 1127 elm. the deputy fire chief initially thought eight neighbors were effected but we spoke to the american red cross when we arrived a few hours ago and we were told only one person was left without a place to stay. the firefighters fought flames from the alley which is closer to golden gate and scott here in the western addition. no one was hurt. arson investigators were looking for a cause this morning.
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we've learned this home was undergoing renovations. we don't know if that may have contributed to the cause, but of course firefighters were charged at extinguishing flames very early this morning and only one person left without a place to stay. live in san francisco, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:32. a homeless woman in jail this morning after exon fessing to starting two fires in san rafael. you're looking at san rafael hill. this is right next to the downtown area. yesterday those two fires were set right here about 30 minutes apart. homeowners in the area say they saw a woman on the hill just before those fires started. she turned out to be 38-year- old hope windham. residents say she's a regular resident of a homeless camp on that hill. >> the only option left for those that are unfortunate enough to find themselves necessarily out doors, there are others as well. this is one. >> police say she walked into the police department and turned herself in. they say they're not sure why
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she started the fires. but she may have mental health problems as well. firefighters were able to keep those fires under two acres. they say if the weather had been hotter, it could have been a lot worse. tonight san francisco's police chief will discuss the deadly police shooting of a suspected southern california bank robber. officers say they were forced to shoot and kill 25-year-old josh smith after he tried to run them over with a stolen car. it happened last tuesday near buna vista park. investigators believe smith was the so-called gen exbandit. tonight's meeting starts at 6:00 at the harvey milk recreational center on scott street. time now 5:34. five boys from a san mateo middle school are facing felony charges. investigators say they try today rape two girls during a field trip. the boys are all 7th graders at kennedy middle school. and investigators say the
5:35 am
attack occurred last march while 20 students were visiting a park in nearby redwood city. two chaperons, a teacher and a teacher's assistant all there to supervise that field trip. now this morning one oakland student is facing gun charges after a school project became too realistic. last weekend eighth graders at united for success academy were making a movie about gang violence at union point park. district officials told the students to bring fake guns as props. then they found out one of the guns was real. that student was taken to juvenile hall. two staff members have been placed on leave. a major ruling in california's battle over same sex marriage could come within the next several hours. a federal judge's decision is expected some time before noon. the battle focuses on now retired judge vaughan walker, the judge who presided over the proposition 8 case. last summer he ruled california's ban on same sex
5:36 am
marriages unconstitutional. but a conservative christian group contends walker might benefit from his own decision if he wishes to marry his long time partner. >> judge walker's decision must be vacated and reconsidered by a neutral judge who has no direct and substantial personal interest in the outcome. this ploy has been used throughout history in civil rights cases when litigants try to disqualify black judges from sitting on cases involving equal protection and desegregation. >> now yesterday the judge decided this case -- deciding on this case heard several hours of heated legal arguments. he's making it clear that he's wading into uncharted legal territory in this complex case. time now 5:36. airline travelers hate airline fees. but the airlines say they'd be out of business without that money. coming up at 5:45, just how much passengers paid to check
5:37 am
their baggage and make reservations. time now 5:36. san francisco muni operators have a new contract, but they don't like it. an arbitrator ruled the contract they overwhelmingly rejected last week will take effect july 1st. now this new contract includes a wage freeze. it also allows muni to use part time employees. muni management says that will help lower overtime costs. and muni says the new contract will save them $38 million over the next three years. 5:37 is the time right now. back over to allie rasmus who is in for sal today. how's traffic, allie? good morning, pam. traffic looks good so far. there is one thing to let you know about right away. show you the picture we have of the east shore freeway. on the westbound side you can't see it from where we are looking at where our camera's positioned, but westbound side at gillman street still a report of some sort of object blocking one of the lanes. chp doesn't have any info on exactly what that object may be. but it's something to be aware
5:38 am
of. again, westbound 80 near gillman street. heading over to the bay bridge toll plaza you can see a few more headlights as people make their way on to the bay bridge, but there are no delays. the metering lights won't be on for another hour or 45 minutes or so. and over on 280 in san jose north and southbound traffic there is moving very smoothly. 5:37. here's steve. all right, allie, thank you very much. went a little northerly breeze along with high pressure aloft and at the surface taking care of some of the fog. it is moving down the coast a little bit. so even the coast should get in on some today. may take a while for san mateo and santa cruz coast but getting chewed up along the sonoma and marin coast. heard from our observer in the city clear skies. june pattern is here. now looks like our first 90s inland since early may will pop up as well. i mean they had their first in sacramento yesterday. so areas should pick up also today antioch, brentwood, gill roy, vacaville which was 88 yesterday. morning fog clearing and then sunny, mild around the bay, near 90 inland. temperatures thick fog highway
5:39 am
1 some of the beaches could be local drizzle. already some clearing to the north. a sign of things to come. 58 concord. 58 mountain view and then officially 52 in the city. but our observer again just checked in with 50. cool for some and mild for others. not much of a sea breeze. still one in place but it's losing out to a stronger northerly wind. fairfield west-southwest 10 it was stronger than that yesterday. calm at oakland airport. calm napa and west-northwest sfo. that's just a puff there. when the sea breeze cranks up it's much stronger than that. one system will begin to move in tonight into tomorrow. that will bump the high up but not before upper 80s to near 90- degree temps. some fog but again a lot getting chewed up being pushed to the south. 52 to 58. clear skies inland. won't take long to start warming up. 60 to 78 by noon. sunny and warmer for many and mild to hot 62 to 90-degree temperatures. antioch, brentwood, fairfield close. mid-80s novato, nata.
5:40 am
90 up in clear lake. 72 berkeley. 75 oakland. go 65 in the city, but i mean yesterday was only 61. 87 livermore to 90 gill roy. redwood city 77. so once you get rid of the low clouds it's good to go for sunshine and warmer weather. we'll carry that inland on wednesday. but then thursday, friday, saturday, cooler weather begins to move back in. well, president obama is now weighing in on the scandal involving congressman weiner. over the weekend posted more photos showing the congressman shirtless and working out in the house members gym. in a taped interview yesterday president obama addressed the issue. he says if a politician gets to the point where they can't focus on their job, maybe they should step back. >> there's going to be a decision for him and his constituents. i can tell you that if it was me, i would resign. >> right now congressman weiner's on a two week leave of absence. his wife works with secretary
5:41 am
of state hillary clinton and is in africa with her. sources say the congressman is waiting to speak with his wife in person before making a decision on whether or not to resign. time now 5:40. the interim mayor of san carlos is now official. andy klein will replace o mar who died suddenly of a heart attack last month. he originally withdrew his name from consideration after a drunk driving arrest just a couple days after the death. but he threw his hat back into the ring after a test showed his blood alcohol level was below the legal limit and the district attorney did not press charges. a website has been launched now hoping to get interim san francisco mayor ed lee to run for the position in november. it's called run, ed, run. features people from various neighborhoods and walks of life holding up signs encouraging mayor lee to seek the job on a permanent basis. ed lee said he has no intention of running for mayor, but he has about two months to change his mind if he wants.
5:42 am
there's also a let ed be facebook page asking for people to respect his desire not to run for mayor. we do have some breaking news out of san jose right now. police are investigating a shooting on oxton drive. around 3:00 this morning police responded to reports of a disturbance. they found one man dead from his gunshot wounds, then three other people checked in to local hospitals also with gunshot wounds. police believe they were all shot by the same suspect or suspects who remain at large. we have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll bring you more details as soon as they arrive. but, again, breaking news in san jose. all right. time now 5:42. we also have an update on the story about a woman's body found in a garbage bag and then dumped in a sunny vale yard. the arrest police made days after finding that body. that ash cloud from a volcano is still causing flight cancellations in three
5:43 am
countries. if you're heading over the sunol grade on 680 it's a little more crowded as you head towards fremont. but right now there are no accidents in that area to tell you about. not a lot going on this morning traffic-wise but we'll have more traffic, news and weather after the break.
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there's some fog on the coast. sunny and warm inland. highs 80s to near 90. time now 5:45. welcome back. good morning to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following for you right now. first lady michelle obama will appear at two democratic fundraisers this morning. she'll attend a breakfast event at berkeley's claremont hotel
5:46 am
and then appear at a luncheon in san francisco. a special education teach they are vallejo is in custody this morning accused of raping a developmentally challenged student aide. ktvu news camera man captured these pictures of the arrest of 56-year-old jerry johnson last night. and state lawmakers have until midnight tomorrow to pass a new state budget. if they don't, they don't get paid for every day the budget is late. that's a requirement of the new proposition 25 passed by voters in november. the nation's biggest airlines raked in more than $5 million in fees for services that used to be free. sandra endo is in washington d.c. with the break down of just what passengers are paying for now. sandra. >> reporter: pam, it's really hard to imagine those good old days when we didn't have to pay for checked bags and changing your flights, having a little bit more travel flexibility. well, airlines are profiting from all those fees to the tune
5:47 am
of $5.7 billion last year. $3.4billion just in checked baggage alone. and $2.3 billion for changing your flights or for cancellations. taking a look here at the smart board right now you can see the top three airlines who raked in all that dough, delta, american and u.s. airways just for baggage fees alone and also delta ranking number one again in raising the most money really for reservation and cancellation and change fees. american and united coming up after that. so clearly a lot of money to be made from airlines getting a lot from passengers paying those fees. for example, delta if you check one bag, that's $25. the second bag is $35. and when you get to the third bag it could be a whopping $150 on some airlines. so clearly making a profit there. but no end in sight for travelers as to when these fees will either be lowered or
5:48 am
dropped completely. that's the latest from here in washington. i'm sandra endo, pam, back to you. speaking of flights and an erupting volcano in chile is still causing flight cancellations today. the ash from the volcano has forced the cancellation of flights in chile across parts of the south america and as far away as australia. ash is also causing problems on the ground where it is piling up in the streets. time now 5:47. sunny vale police arrested a man in connection with a body found inside of a garbage bag. 47-year-old was arrested friday night. he's being held at the santa clara county jail. police believe he killed 46- year-old maria at a home in sunny vale then dumped her body several blocks away. her body was found inside of a large plastic bag in front of a home. police say the suspect and the victim knew each other, but a motive for the killing is not
5:49 am
yet known. the mt. diablo school board is expected to vote tonight on $4.2 million in budget cuts. the district says they will be forced to make deeper cuts without the governor's proposed tax extensions. three clerical and nine maintenance positions could be eliminated. special education assistants could see their hours reduced. and adult education could lose $300,000. tonight's meeting starts at 7:30. it's at the school district's concord office. time now 5:49. we've got to get you to where you need to go. we've got problems on highway 4, allie. yeah. dave, we've been following an accident that happened there about an hour ago. this is on highway 4 in the eastbound direction near the franklin canyon golf course. this happened about an hour and a half ago. it seems like they are still trying to clear it all away. however, we want to point out that since we don't see any red around that icon you're looking at, there's probably not any delays in that area. they probably have been successful in moving it off to
5:50 am
the side. just something to keep an eye out for if you're traveling in that direction. taking a look at traffic coming off the -- oops. actually this is 237 you can see traffic moving smoothly there. no delays to report. 5:49. here's steve. allie, thank you. some of the fog getting chewed up by north wind coming down the coast. looks like a one day event. so for mainly san francisco north we're already seeing significant breaks in the clouds. south of that san ma that, santa cruz still dealing with fog. inland it won't take long. temperatures will warm up. fog, sun, warmer, first 90s in a long, long time. about a month actually. five weeks to be honest. fog, sun, mild to warm tomorrow then cooler more fog on the weekend as system digs into the north. that's been the pattern. get like a day or two of warm weather then replaced by about four or five days of cooler weather. i don't see any change in that. a lot of that fog losing out to a northerly breeze. point ray lighthouse and northeast wind has been showing up. that takes care of the fog. 50s low to mid to upper.
5:51 am
concord says 58. mountain view in there as well. 52 san francisco. san rafael at 54. some of the higher elevations i've seen some mid-60s already. and if you get up around 1500 to 2,000 feet temperatures are very warm. the bubble that you need is starting to show itself. it's been nonexistent. but once it's there then it doesn't take long. also a very, very calm sea breeze. west northwest at sfo. nothing at oakland airport. west-southwest napa airport west-southwest fairfield at 10. that's just a puff. not much going on. we have the system moving into the north. that will impact us tomorrow. but today we are looking for sunshine and warmer weather. morning clouds. some of that's kind of thick along highway 1 maybe the beaches but sunny, warmer 80s and 90s inland. warmer weather after patchy morning fog and northerly breeze tacking care of it main linter of the golden gate so far. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. vallejo 79. san rafael at 80.
5:52 am
90 antioch. 91 brentwood. 7 berkeley. 70 alameda. that's nice. walnut creek 87 degrees. 90 gill roy. 80 fremont. 80 men lo park, palo alto, mountain view still 60s holding on closer to the coast. just fog wants to hang out there. it's still a bit of a sea breeze. fog, sun, warm on wednesday. cool weather will take us into the latter part of the weekend. probably the weekend. well, just a few minutes ago the commerce department reports retail sales fell for the first time in eleven months. may sales dropped, but the report is better than most economists predicted. excluding a big drop off in car sales, retail sales actually rose by three tenths of a percent last month. today comcast announces it plans to bring skype to your tv before the end of the year. subscribers will be able to rent a box from comcast that includes a web cam and adapter that plugs into the tv, a new cable box remote will include a keyboard for chat messages.
5:53 am
comcast mass not figured out what to charge for that skype kit. 5:52. a familiar tv face becoming the bay area face of medical marijuana. why you'll be seeing and hearing a lot more of monotell williams. what's his ultimate goal? plus taking the raps off the airplane of the future. we have the naked truth about an eye opening experience.
5:54 am
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welcome back to the morning news. this morning federal investigators are examining the wreckage of a world war ii bomber after it burst into flames following an emergency landing. seven people escaped that b-17 after it landed in a corn field near chicago yesterday. the pilot reported a fire shortly after takeoff. the same plane visits hayward every year to give 30 membership rides to the public. well, aviation designers believe travelers will have a completely different inflight experience on planes 40 years from now. the european aircraft maker air bus unveiled what it thinks those jets will look like. take a look at that. it includes aircraft walls that change according to light conditions. and inflight entertainment systems powered by the heat of passengers bodies. time now 5:56. former talk show host montel williams is a big supporter of medical marijuana. just named the spokesman for
5:57 am
the wellness clinic in sacramento. more than a decade ago montel williams was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. part of his treatment included medical marijuana. but he was never told the proper dosage or right product to use. >> he said try cannabis. no direction. try it. >> now montel williams will council patients on how to use medical marijuana based on their illness. he says he wants the sacramento clinic to be the gold standard for marijuana dispensaries. the clinic officially opened this week. all right. coming up on 6:00. we want to get a look at the commute so far allie rasmus in for sal. so far so good this morning. there really aren't a lot of problems to tell you about. start with 280 and 8 in san jose. traffic in the north and southbound direction moving along very nicely. over at 60 heading over the sunol grade very easy time driving the pleasanton direction. more crowded headed towards fremont but no problems in that direction either.
5:58 am
5:57. go back to the desk. well, a shocking arrest as a bay area special ed teacher goes to jail. while they investigate claims of a rape of a defenseless victim. and a taste of the white house here in the bay area this morning. who's cooking with the first lady in berkeley and why critics are furious. good morning. we have some fog, but it's losing out a little bit. temperatures inland warm up. how warm? we'll have those in two minutes.
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