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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  June 16, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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sending out an important warning to people living in the oakland hills. ktvu's claudine wong tells us that the warning is a reminder that fire season has arrived. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, pam. yes, we're in the oakland hills. in just one of the areas gives us an idea of what all the rains we got during the spring have left behind and the fire concerns that we're seeing this morning. this is a notice sent out by the fire department letting the homeowners know. goes all the way up the hill we have lots of neighborhoods up there. inspections are going to go on today. they're going to go around to all the houses and take a look and make sure they have that also important defensible space. they want to make sure they clear all of this out from around their homes. we've been driving through the oakland hills. it's high here. it's higher in other places. this is maybe a couple three feet long. if you have this around your house and a fire breaks out it's going to go straight towards it. fire department says we're going to come around and take a
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look at how things look around your house. make sure you're taking necessary precautions to protect your home and your neighbor's home. if we see problems, we're going to give you a sheet, give you some time to fix it, but they are talking about fines and other things to make sure all of this is taken care of. we're going to talk more about these inspections coming up on the morning news. live in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:00. oakland police are busy investigating a late night shooting. this happened about 11:30 last night. a man had been fatally shot was found there at the scene. so far there's no description of a suspect. if you have any information about this, call oakland police. and in san francisco a man was shot several times at third street and new comb avenue in the bay view district. this happened about 11:15 last night. the victim an unidentified man in his mid-20s shot in the abdomen. we don't know his condition. police are searching now for a white vehicle seen fleeing the scene. well, police in antioch are
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investigating a scary incident. a small child fell out of a window. this happened yesterday afternoon at the child's plum bridge way home. ktvu's tara moriarty joining us from children's hospital in oakland now where that child was rushed. tara. >> reporter: well, what we know is when he came here he was in unstable condition and had suffered major head injuries. now officials have not released his name, but we do know that at this hour he is in serious condition. the 2-year-old boy fell out of a second story window yesterday afternoon in antioch when the screen gave way. contra costa county firefighters assay it appears the boy pushed against a window screen and fell 15 feet to the driveway below. >> we were next door when it actually happened. we were outside and we just heard the screams. >> reporter: the next door neighbor told us the boy's parents were not home at the time. >> i think they're all home alone until it happened i think they called a relative to come over. >> reporter: who is they?
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>> it was all the siblings. i think it's a girl she's 18. >> reporter: now from the street you can see the top of a couch against the window. officials say with toddlers climbing around so much furniture near windows it can be a hazard. firefighters also warn now that summer's here and it's hotter, opening windows can be dangerous for little ones. consumer advocates say parents should consider installing window guards which cost about $30 each. we're live in oakland. i'm tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. family and friends of michelle le are not giving up hope of finding her alive. tomorrow they plan to begin a three day search for the missing nursing student. the 26-year-old was last seen on may 27th in hayward. since then hayward police have classified the case as a homicide. now the search will take place tomorrow through sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. volunteers who want to help should meet at the command center on cypress avenue in
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hayward. time now 5:03. in just a couple hours governor jerry brown will tell us what he thinks about the new state budget just passed by democrats. governor's news conference is set for 12:15 today. democrats pushed through a package of budget bills yesterday in order to meet a constitutional deadline. no republicans at all voted for the budget. even democrats say they don't like this budget because of the deep spending cuts. >> it is in no way the democratic vision to decimate k through 12 education. make no mistake about it, these are very, very, very real, very painful cuts. >> now the new budget calls for raising car registration fees, extending a quarter cent sales tax and charging residents in rural areas a yearly fee for fire protection. governor brown has 12 days to sign the budget. he's expected to use that time to pressure republicans to support extending tax hikes that are about to expire. california's public
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universities say tuitions may have to do up. and they may even turn away more instate applicants if the cuts in the new state budget remain. the new budget calls for cutting $150 million each to the university of california and california state university systems. that's on top of cuts of $500 billion for each of the systems that the governor imposed in january. the budget also calls for california schools to receive $3 billion less than what the governor proposed in his revised budget plan in may. libyan leader moammar gadafi woke up this morning to explosions near his home. nato air strikes targeted the tripoli compound in a predawn raid. smoke can be seen rising from his fortified base, but no word yesterday on casualties or damage. the u.s., england and france want a regime change. gadafi's government says it will agree to a cease fire if he keeps his position.
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the growing rifts between congress and the president over the libyan conflict could soon be played out in the courts. a by partisan group of lawmakers has filed suit against president obama. but in a 38 page report to lawmakers, the white house says it does not need congressional approval to continue the military campaign. it is a nato led mission with no american troops on the ground. time now 5:05. this morning al qaeda has a new leader. several islamic websites say ayman al-zawahri has taken over. coming up at 5:15 we'll bring you a live report from our washington d.c. newsroom with what the terrorist experts say about this new man in charge. san francisco's mow ms. pal transit agency looking for a new director. in order will step down on june 30th after more than five years on the job. muni's chairman tells us here at ktvu news that ford wanted to change after battling over a
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new contract. ford will receive a $384,000 severance package. time now 5:06. if you're heading to yosemite this weekend, you have another way to get there. highway 120 is expected to be open again by saturday morning. usually that road is open by memorial day, but snow has kept the route closed. the deeper than usual snow should be out of the way by tomorrow night. most of the businesses though along that road will still be closed down since they will have had time to get ready for customers. they'll do the best they can. >> that's too bad. the waterfalls will be spectacular this year with all the rain. let's check in with sal on traffic so far this morning. sal. all right. we're doing pretty well out there, pam and dave. so far so good. as we look at interstate 80 westbound you can see traffic is looking very nice heading to the macarthur maze. also this morning's commute good at the westbound bay
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bridge. once you're on to the bridge it looks good. if you're on san jose's freeways northbound 280 traffic is moving along nicely getting up to highway 17. at 5:07 let's go to steve. all right, sal, thank you. yesterday looks like we topped out. start a cooling trend today. carry us right into the weekend. today cooler -- fair, i say fair higher clouds north. some fog coming up the santa cruz coastline. cool, breezy, still warm but not as warm as yesterday. more fog returns tomorrow and i think the cooling continuing. breezy on saturday and bottom out then. per usual our forecast models backing off on intensity. they've been doing that for six weeks. anyway we have some low clouds, few high clouds. overall a westerly breeze. 50s and 60s. santa rosa down to 51. 54 san rafael also napa. 56 hayward, redwood city, mountain view and san jose.
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it's picking up. west 31 gusts -- i know gusts yesterday afternoon hit 31. they'll crank up later on little south wind. not much going on oakland, napa. had a little south wind as well but things are calming down. high pressure's building to the far left of your screen dive that next system on us. a few high clouds. warm to hot yesterday. mid-90s inland. not today. well away from any marine influence. cooling trend starts today and for everybody as we go into friday and saturday system digging into the knot. it's been that way for about six weeks now. sunny, cooler, higher clouds to the north, patchy fog copping up the coast. 60s, 70s and 80s. santa rosa 83. napa 84. 80 san rafael. 88 antioch but 72 oakland. 62 pacifica to 70 santa cruz but a lot of fog out there down that way right now. 76 for mountain view but 85 morgan hill. 84 livermore coming down out of those 90s from yesterday. fog continues to increase along with cooler pattern and saturday. transition day sunday warmer on
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monday. well, boston hockey fans are celebrating the bruins' first stanley cup championship in almost 40 years. they spilled out into the streets last night shortly after boston won the seventh and deciding game against the vancouver canucks 4-0. boston police only made a handful of arrests. but it was a much different story on the streets of vancouver. we're going to have that story coming up in just a bit. time now 5:09. the name of a basketball superstar linked to gang members accused of a vicious kidnapping and beating. why shaquille o neal is being questioned. big plans to make it easier to get across the city. good morning. traffic is moving well this morning on southbound 101 golden gate bridge. we'll tell you more coming up. ♪ let's go out to the dmv
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several websites are announcing al qaeda's new leader this morning. ktvu's allison burns is in our washington d.c. newsroom with what we know about the new man in charge. allison. >> reporter: pam, it is a familiar name by now. he's an egyptian doctor. he's been al qaeda's operational leader since before the september 11 attacks. he released a video eulogizing osama bin laden last week. >> he went to his god martyed because he said no to america. >> reporter: terrorism experts say he's an organized, disciplined and deeply
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religious leader but lacks the charisma of osama bin laden. he is on the f.b.i.'s most wanted list for his alleged role in the bombing of u.s. embassies in africa in 1998. the u.s. is offering a $25 million reward for information leading to his capture. reporting live from washington d.c., alson burns, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:13. well, records are reviewed by the l.a. times now reveal authorities are questioning shaquille o neal to see if he is connected to a vicious attack by gang members. the victim reportedly claimed to have a sex tape of shaq in 2008. he told authorities two weeks later that seven gang members kidnapped him, beat him and robbed him. the victim alleged shaquille o neil was behind the attack. he was questioned and one of his business partners in 2009. both deny any involvement and they have not been charged. well, after beating the miami heat for the nba
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championship, one dallas maverick ran into a different kind of heat, from the police. mavericks guard de shawn stevenson arrested for alleged public intoxication. police say they found stevenson in front of an apartment complex and he didn't know where he was. he was arrested without incident and later released on bail. prosecutors say 21-year-old davis is responsible for the deadly shooting outside club suede on bay street in february 2010. police say davis and another man fired more than 40 rounds killing a 19-year-old man and wounding three other people. san francisco board supervisors is likely to vote no to continue a program that was intended to stem the tide of retiring police officers. the deferred retirement option program encourages officers to continue working even after
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reaching retirement age. the officers who agree to delay the retirement for one to three years have been paid a lump sum of money when they do retire. however the city controllers office says the program costs the city about $6 million a year in increased pension costs. san francisco's bicycle coalition has new plans to link the city with bike ways. the group unveiled its ideas at its golden wheel awards last night. coalition is proposing 100 continuous miles of cross town bikeways. they want to make sure everyone from 8 to 80 years old can ride their bikes safely anywhere in the city. time now 5:16. sal was singing a happy song in the newsroom earlier. i hope you're still feeling good about the morning commute. i am. and i have a few more years to go before i'm 80 so i think i can still ride my bike, pam. good. >> let's go out and take a look at the commute. southbound 101 good down to the
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toll plaza. here i am. westbound 92 head out to the high-rise of the san mateo bridge that traffic is moving along very nicely all the way over to highway 101. and if you're driving over to 101, burlingame, san mateo, redwood city so far looks good and so does interstate 280. 51:67 let's go to steve. sal, i was singing oh you crazy moon. >> really? >> it's a big moon out there. >> it is. >> good morning. you broke my heart. that's what frank sinatra sang, not me. we did have the full moon but we missed the eclipse. unless you're in europe or indonesia not for us. we missed that. patchy fog coming back. that you might see if you're on the santa cruz coastline and moving up the san mateo coastline. cool and breezy. not as hot as yesterday. we're heading down. you can just feel that breeze. yesterday kicked in. fog returns more so i should say tomorrow. cooling continues into saturday. looks like a little rebound saturday but more so on monday
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and tuesday. our pattern get a little warm up but then cool weather comes in for about three or four days. so the warm weather doesn't last. system dropping down will produce a few high clouds. 51 santa rosa. concord says 61 but that's because of a south wind. that's at buchanan. go five miles away and five degrees cooler. 55 redwood city. 53 san francisco and 50s for everybody including san jose. 56 degrees. napa did have a south-southwest but it says calm noun. santa rosa south at 3. this time of year any time napa, santa rosa or anybody in marin county gets a south wind, that's a cooler direction once you have warm weather. west-southwest in fairfield and west-northwest sfo 7. nothing too out ragous. i expect that to crank up later on. as this system dives in and spills in more clouds. 90s inland. not the coast though. mainly 60s and 70s. i think it was 71 in san francisco. a cooling trend starts today coast and bay and a little inland and then a lot on
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thursday and friday into saturday, steve. sunny mostly sunny, higher clouds to the north. patchy fog thickening up a bit. 60s, 70s and 80. 90 yesterday in san rafael. drop to 10 today. concord 84 after yesterday's 94. 79 san jose. redwood city 75. mountain view 76. we'll go 60s, 70s on the coast. mid-80s santa clara valley coming down on the temps. more fog cooler weather thursday, friday into saturday and sunday transition day. monday sunny side up and warmer. european markets are all downright now 1% to 1.5% this morning over more worries about the debt crisis. overnight asian markets closed down sharply in reaction to greek rioters clashing with police. they're angry about proposed government measures and those fears are driving the markets down around the world. it also sent crude oil prices
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plum meting. fell to less than $94 a barrel yesterday late. it was 5% drop lowest price since february. but it's inching upwards again. it is slightly back above $95 a barrel this morning. checking in on the numbers futures indicate a lower opening that follows the losses yesterday. of course the fears in greece and debt across europe. we also have jobs numbers coming in this morning that could effect things as well. nothing really expected on the positive note and the dow jones down 178 points to 11,897. all right. time now 5:20. a bay area woman with a routine medical condition dies right after being admitted to the hospital. only on 2 her son's crusade to make sure hospitals put patient care before profit. will it hold up? the temporary fix that many hope will spare a small iowa town from flood waters. good morning. traffic at the macarthur maze looks pretty good. it also looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza but there are some spots where it's beginning
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to get slow. we'll tell you where they are.
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good morning. coastal fog is on the san mateo coast -- well santa cruz coastline moving towards the san mateo coastline. it will be mostly sunny. there's some higher clouds in the knot bay but cooler today. 60s, 70s low to mid-80s for many. well, this morning heavy damage is being reported in parts of south carolina after
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severe storms last night. this is video of a mobile home that was destroyed in tailor located in the northern part of the state. high winds knocked large trees down on to the mobile home. three people managed to escape without injuries. bad weather also has been reported in parts of north carolina and georgia. today flood waters from the missouri river are expected to reach a temporary wall built to protect the small iowa town of hamburg. the army corps of engineered ad sandbags to the temporary levee yesterday after a 300-foot hole opened on monday. water levels are high since the corps began releasing water from dams upstream to clear out heavy spring rain and snow melt. if the water rushes through the makeshift wall, parts of hamburg could be submerged under ten feet of water. most people have cleared out. only on 2 an article in the new england journal of medicine is calling for changes in the
5:25 am
medical profession. san francisco doctor says hospitals have to put patients before profits. now he wrote the article called the wait that matters. his 69-year-old mother went to the emergency room for an irregular heartbeat and shortness of breath. she died after treatment was delayed because no in patient beds were available. >> i think that hospitals are currently financially incentivized to perform lucrative procedures instead of meeting the needs of patients in the emergency room. >> now san francisco general is reducing er wait times by building a facility three times the current size. the doctor wants legislation requiring hospitals to put patient care before the cost. he says hospitals often focus on elective surgeries because they make more money. since california's three strikes law began in 1994, no inmatings have won their release from a 25 years to life sentence until now. this is craig. in 2007 he was sentenced to 68
5:26 am
years in prison under the three strikes law. yesterday he was released to medical parole. prison officials say they cannot release details about his illness, but that his condition does not make him a threat to the public. right now there are about 40 other inmates being considered for medical parole. a scientific mystery is shining a light on the east bay. this lightbulb was first turned on 110 years ago in livermore and with only a few interruptions, it has been on ever since. it is in the book of world records as the longest burning light in history. also serves as night light in the fire station there. this saturday the city of livermore is holding a birthday party to celebrate its famous lightbulb. well, a scuffle on the state assembly floor. [ indiscernible ] >> the except that sparked a fight between two lawmakers during the budget debate.
5:27 am
he came to bid farewell to a football teammate. why an airline dress code landed the friend of david henderson behind bars. and drivers are being urged to dump the pump today. we're going to explain why in a live report. good morning. westbound 237 looks pretty good crossing 880. more about the morning commute.
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well, good morning to you.
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welcome back this is the ktvu channel 2 morning news. i'm dave clark. i'm pam cook. it is now almost 5:30. check in on the weather with steve. feels cooler today, steven. pamela, that is correct. well, it will be cooler for many today. dave, good morning. we have mostly clear skies. higher clouds coming into the north and fog working its way up the santa cruz and san mateo coastline. very little as of yet. look for more of a westerly breeze. mid to few upper 80s. we're getting out of those 90sful here's sal. northbound 880 traffic is moving along nicely passing the coliseum with no major problems. also this morning we're looking at westbound bay bridge. that traffic looks nice. 5:30 let's go back to the desk. well, a dispute over baggy shorts lands former teammate of david henderson behind bars. 20-year-old de sean returned to san francisco for his funeral. he played football at lincoln high school. he died this month eleven days after getting shot in the bay
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view district. u.s. airways says he broke the airline's dress code by refusing to pull up his pants. his mother says he was targeted because of the way he looks. he faces charges including battery and resisting arrest. time now 5:30. some new clues this morning in the search for a suspected killer in oakland. take a look at some newly released surveillance video. now police say they're looking for the man on the right there. you see him lighting a cigarette just a second ago. this is in connection with a homicide on june 4th. now police say he killed 50- year-old leo dunson as the older man worked on his car on high street. investigators say the suspect is about 5'9" about 170 pounds and has long dread locks with red tips on it. the suspected rapist videotaped by his alleged victim is due in court today. you're looking at cell phone video of 47-year-old deon mcdaniel last week. now just before this police say he sexually assaulted a woman in oakland. mcdaniel was arrested tuesday
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night. police say they found him hiding out in a dog house in oakland. now he has 11 previous felony convictions for burglary, theft and other crimes. new this morning. as temperatures go up, so do the threats of grass fires in the bay area. ktvu's claudine wong is in the oakland hills this morning with what firefighters are doing to do to get the word out about fire danger. claudine. >> reporter: well, good morning, pam, yes, inspections are underway here in the oakland hills. i want to show you we've moved a little higher up in the oakland hills. part of the draw of living up here the incredible view we can see this morning. part of the danger is this. things get very overgrown here and that causes high concerns for fire dangers because we know how quickly fire can spread up here. so what the oakland fire department has done is they've warned people that they're going to come out and do inspections. those start tomorrow and continue today and you have to pass. you have to create defensible space around your house. we've come to this house because you can see the
5:33 am
difference. look at the weeds here and look at what it looks like when they've cleared it away. that defensible space as we come close tore this house right now is going to be what protects this house if a fire is to rage through this area. this is what firefighters want to see when they come through here. what they've told homeowners is that we're going to give you time. they give them a couple weeks after handing this out. this is really routine duty out here. homeowners know this is something they have to do. tell them we're going to come out and inspect everything we're going to help you out in any way that we can. if you do not pass the inspection, if your home does not look like this, we're going to give you a little more time and then fines are going to come. as we've been driving around the oakland hills this morning we have some area that is have this kind of defensible space however we have seen some homes where they have not where the grass still comes up pretty high. this is what the oakland fire department's going to be looking for today as they try to warn homeowners that this defensible space will save them and their homes this fire season. live in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. time now 5:33. boy, some drama on the state
5:34 am
assembly floor in sacramento. a fight started between two assembly men over some comments deemed offensive by some. [ indiscernible ] >> something going on here. colleagues had to physically separate assemblyman wagner and fortanny. this happened after wagner compared a plan to cut redevelopment agencies to a soprano's like shake down. referring to the mob show. another assemblyman who is italian said he took offense to that and demanded an apology to all italian-americans. a former x rated movie star says new york congressman anthony weiner asked her to lie about their online communications. her name is ginger lee she now
5:35 am
had contacted weiner about politics but he responded with sexual e-mails. she says she now thinks he can't be trusted and he should resign. congressman weiner's on a two week leave of absence getting professional treatment. right now just one vote is need today pass a marriage equality bill in new york. the state assembly has already passed a bill proposed by the governor. it would grant same sex couples the same rights, benefits and protections as opposite sex couples. right now 30 republican senators oppose the bill. two support it. some are still on the fence. >> eight years ago i was very strong no and i didn't think there was any chance i would even consider not being a no. so clearly i'm in a different position where i'm entertaining whether or not i should maintain that no vote. >> since may 1st, gay rights groups have hit the phones trying to raise support for the bill. so far they have made 15,000 calls. time now 5:35. san jose police declaring open
5:36 am
season on gangs as that city deals with a soaring homicide rate. the new wave of violence prompted this community meeting at city hall last night. san jose's deputy chief says that half of the city's 25 homicides this year are gang- related. the mayor's gang task force says there are some 6500 gang members in the south bay. >> we want to send a message to those who would do crime in our city that you know despite the fact we have less staff, we are going to do our very best to really put a damper on their activities. >> police are calling on residents to take back their neighborhoods. community members are urged to call the police when there's a crime and to work with children to keep them out of gangs. this morning police are still patrolling the streets of vancouver after fan frustration turned to violence. angry drunken fans ran wild through the streets of vancouver most of the night. they set fires, smashed windows
5:37 am
and overturned cars. there were several minor injuries and police made dozens of arrests. the riot started moments after the canucks stanley cup loss on home ice. meantime the boston bruins ended nearly 40 years of frustration by winning the stanley cup last night. boston shut out vancouver 4-0 in the seventh and deciding game. it was boston's first nhl title since 1972 during the bruins glory days of the bobby or era. police report only a handful of arrests during the street celebration in boston after the bruins big victory. time now 5:37. bay area drivers, you're being urged to dump the pump today. ktvu's kraig debro is here now live in oakland explaning what this is all about. kraig. >> reporter: dave, it's national dump the pump day. and it is exactly what it sounds like it is. it means that the american public transportation association wants everybody to not put gas in vehicles and instead take public transportation. we're at the 12th street bart station today. that's because bart has a
5:38 am
promotion they say involves a little controversy. bart board president will be along in just a minute with more on that. another reason the american public transit association holds the annual promotion is to remind commuters just how much money and energy we can safe when we use public transit. the association's most recent transit report concluded that a two person household can save $10,000 a year by getting rid of one car. public transportation reducing americans dependents on foreign oil by 4.2 billion-gallons of gas a year and saved 37 million metric tons of carbon emissions a year. thanks for joining us this morning. tell me about this controversial ad that was rejected by gas stations. what is it and why do you think they rejected it? >> it's basically an ad that says dump the pump, take bart. we went to gas stations because this year's focus for dump the pump day is to compare taking bart or taking public transportation to gas directly. we went there's these monitors
5:39 am
at gas stations as you're filling up and it shows some ads. we went there to place this ad and they said it wouldn't fly. >> reporter: what do you think that meant when it wouldn't fly? >> they're not placing the ad at the gas station. >> reporter: gas prices have been high. is bart ridership going up with the amount of gas. can you make a district oarless ation there? >> it does go up. recently it's been going up. >> reporter: bart board president thank you so much. bart has a bit of a promotion today. people can actually win free tickets on bart if you do one or two things. one involves wearing a t-shirt like you saw him wearing. back over to sal to check in on traffic this morning. sal, how does it look? it looks okay. as a matter of fact traffic is moving along well on the east shore freeway if you are driving on 80 westbound it's moving along okay driving out toward the macarthur maze.
5:40 am
also the morning commute is okay if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza. so far another big delay. yesterday we had a bad one. today we're hoping for better. northbound 280 traffic looks good up to highway 17. 5:39. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. we have some fog on the santa cruz coastline and it's rather shallow. more so today than yesterday and more of a puff of a sea breeze. 48 to 58. who is 48? that would be just outside sonoma. 48 degrees little cool here. so the pattern's changing slightly fair. by fair i mean higher clouds coming in especially from the north. 58 to 76, fair, sunny, breezy, mild to warm. but kind of cool over by the coast. add about 30-degree difference between inland temperatures and coastal yesterday. 62 to 88. most locations inland will be in the 80s. and then around the bay 70s. sun, fog, breezy. there will be some fog working its way back up to the coast unless it gets chewed up and stopped by the wind. more of a westerly breeze.
5:41 am
low cloud cover and low clouds streaming down the coast. 60s or 50s mainly 50s. concord is the only 60. i have a south wind. 50s for everybody else. 53 san francisco. 51 santa rosa. 54 napa. that's at the airport. little bit of a breeze there. they say calm now. but there was one about an hour ago. west-northwest sfo. that should pick up later on. west-southwest fairfield. southwest at vacaville. vacaville even a puff of a southwest. that's a sign of a cooler pattern. you can see why everything's diving in. higher clouds will stream in overhead as high pressure builds out here. teeter to ther effect and that means cooler weather for us. warm to hot for many unless you're by the coast sunny only in the 60s. today start to bring the temperatures down and really bring them down on friday and saturday as another series of systems moves in to the north of us. this one mainly in the pacific northwest but we get the cooler weather, fair, sunny, patchy fog. 60s, 70s and 80s. berkeley 70. antioch brentwood still warm to
5:42 am
hot 88 not as warm as yesterday. same for pleasanton, morgan hill to gill roy. 70s on the peninsula. and then 60s on the coast or very, very low 70s. a lot of fog towards santa cruz and monterey bay. more fog for everyone friday into saturday and sunday looks like a rebound on the temps monday. time now 5:41. new details about the murder of rapper tupac shakur. the online confession that's triggered a new york police investigation. plus california is lending some muscle to the fight against that massive wild fire in arizona. good morning. northbound 101 slowing down here in san jose. you can see it here. we'll tell you what's going on there and what's going on with the rest of the commute.
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good morning. we have some fog coming up the coast and some higher clouds. so fair. still warm but temperatures noticeably cooler for many today. 60s 70s coast and bay. mid-80s for many inland. all right, steve. time now 5:44. welcome back. good morning to you. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we're following right now. a 2-year-old boy from antioch in the hospital very serious condition after falling out of a second story window at his home. this happened yesterday afternoon on plum bridge way. police say the child had surgery at children's hospital in oakland. oakland police are investigating a late night shooting that happened about 11:30 last night. a man who'd been fatally shot was found there at the scene. so far there's no description of a suspect. and governor jerry brown has a news conference scheduled today for 12:15. he'll respond to the new state budget just passed by democrats in sacramento. his budget covers a $9.6
5:46 am
billion deficit with a combination of spending cuts, fee hikes and deferred payments. new york police have launched an investigation into an online confession about rapper tupac shakur. a convicted felon claims he was paid $2500 by a hip hop mogul to shoot and rob shakur outside a manhattan studio in 2004. he survived that but was gunned down in 2004. he's confessing to bring closure. today the defense takes over now in the casey anthony murder trial in florida. and there could be some surprising witnesses on the stand. yesterday the prosecution rested. there's casey anthony. after 19 days of evidence they say proves casey anthony killed her 2-year-old daughter, caylee. however defense lawyers say the prosecution did not prove its case. and they asked the judge to
5:47 am
acquit casey anthony of all charges. >> there's no evidence whatsoever, none, as the causation of this child's death. >> now the judge disagreed saying the jury will decide this case. now the defense is hoping to question a convicted felon who served time for kidnapping. they say he was in contact with casey's father during the time little caylee was missing. we're now getting a look at the mug shots of former senator and presidential candidate john edwards following his indictment earlier this month. news organizations filed a freedom of information act to get the photos. on june 3rd edwards was indicted on charges of illegally using campaign funds to hide an extramarital affair that he had while seeking the 2008 democratic presidential nomination. he has pleaded not guilty. congresswoman gabrielle giffords is waking up at home this morning. she was released from a houston
5:48 am
hospital yesterday just five months after she was seriously injured in the tucson shootings. giffords still struggles to speak and walk and will continue daily therapy. her doctors and her husband, mark kelly, call her homecoming a huge milestone in her recovery. time now 5:47. some more help from california's on its way to those fire lines in arizona. members of the california national guard will soon be battling these huge flames. some should get -- should leave today. investigators say an unattended campfire was probably the source of the fire. it's already burned more than 469,000 acres. it started back on may 29th and is already destroyed 32 homes and four commercial buildings. right now it's only 20% contained. well, there's a bit of some good news for firefighters in san jose. the department is going to hire back 49 firefighters laid off last summer because of budget cuts. this comes after the city
5:49 am
council voted to accept a $15 million federal grant. those san jose firefighters are set to be retrained and back on the job next month. all right. it's 5:48. go back over to sal for a look at traffic. sal what is your occupation are you keeping an eye on? >> well, we're looking at the east shore freeway westbound 80. that traffic is moving along pretty well heading out to the macarthur maze with no major problems. also the morning commute looks good if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza. westbound traffic continues to look nice into san francisco. this morning if you are driving on the peninsula 101 and 280 looking good. if you're trying to get a flight at sfo you shouldn't be facing too many slow downs getting there on the 101. it's 5:49. let's two to steve. sal, thank you very much. fair skies. mostly clear. but there's some fog coming up santa cruz coastline. you can always tweet me if you have interesting weather. sp weather by the way. and if you have wind or anything like that things aren't too bad but it is leaning towards a cooler
5:50 am
pattern. patchy fog will pick up a little bit. cooler not as warm as yesterday. more fog returns tomorrow. cooling trend continues into saturday and rebound on sunday. but little more so on monday of next week for those who want to plan ahead. system coming down there's a band of high clouds that will effect mainly the north bay but they're being driven down as high pressure builds to the west. that's going to bring in more of a westerly breeze. 50s for many. low 50s santa rosa 51. outside sonoma not on the square but outside sonoma 48 degrees in some of the higher elevations are down about five or six degrees. everything's in place. temperatures today compared to 24 hours ago about one to eight degrees cooler. for a breeze concord that's why they're 61 otherwise they wouldn't be that warm. west-southwest 13 fairfield southwest vacaville only 3 i know it's not much but it's the direction, it's a sea breeze. and west-northwest also at sfo. gusts of 31 yesterday. you can see the ridge building up and that drives everything like that. that means higher clouds and
5:51 am
also cooler. yesterday we topped out for the week 90s. many inland areas temperature wills slide down today and head right on down friday into saturday as another in a series of systems digs down off the pacific northwest. pattern stuck for a long time. high pressure tries to build in and then gets knocked out of there. sunny, fair, cooler today. maybe too warm for some of you. 65 into 87 clear lake. fairfield 86. st. helena 86. sonoma 82. 81 novato and 80 san rafael. 84 concord to 88 antioch and brentwood. 70 berkeley. 68 alameda. 76 castro valley. 79 santa clara. low 80s saratoga, san jose 79. did go with an 80 woodside. 77 in beautiful palo alto. 74 san mateo. but 64 daly city and half-moon bay with mountain view at 76. that's the spirit. more fog, cooler friday, saturday then into sunday it looks like warmer weather monday and tuesday. well, a few minutes ago the
5:52 am
labor department reports encouraging news. 414,000 people filed for first time unemployment benefits, but that is down 16,000 from the week before. continuing claims fell slightly to 3.68 million americans. we'll see how the market reacts in just a little bit. citi group customers be ware. the bank now says more than 360,000 customers were hit by a cyber attack last week. customers names and e-mail addresses were also taken. but the bank says no social security numbers were compromised. the hackers gained access to data through the citi account online system. all right. time now 5:52. foiling a plot to kill a popular british singer. who was targeting singer josh stone and the bizarre plans of her would-be attacker. plus what was just discovered in lake tahoe and why scientists are worried.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
welcome back to the morning news. two men accused of plotting to rob and kill british singer appeared in court this morning. the suspects were arrested monday near stone's home after neighbors alerted police about a suspicious car. officers say the men were armed with swords, rope and a body bag. they also had detailed maps and photos of stone's property. a judge ordered this morning the two men be held in jail
5:56 am
until their next hearing in july. time now 5:55. police in indiana hope surveillance photos will help them find a missing college student. 20-year-old lauren spear disappeared two weeks ago after leaving her apartment. investigators say a pickup truck was seen in the neighborhood several times the very night she disappeared. now three of her male friends are considered persons of interest. all of them have now hired lawyers. traces of radiation is now being found in whales caught by japanese fishers in japan for food. that radiation is most likely from the fukushima nuclear power plant damaged in the earthquake and tsunami. these are the first whales found to be affected by the radiation leak. officials say the amounts found is only one twentieth of the legal limit but they're now concerned about more traces of radiation. a newly discovered earthquake fault could mean the
5:57 am
lake tahoe region is at risk for quakes. it crosses the union pacific railroad tracks and interstate 80. seismologists say they found this fault just five years ago. now if a quake hit the fault, it could compromise a nearby marty creek dam. water levels behind that dam kept pretty low. with this year's heavy snows they could fill it and be dangerous for about 72,000 homes underneath that dam. wow. all right. it's coming up on 6:00. go back over to sal to check in on traffic. sal. all right. pam and dave, right now traffic is moving along okay if you are driving on northbound 280. i think it's a very nice drive getting up to highway 17. also if you are driving on 680 pretty dark but i can tell you traffic is light. and then if you are driving onto the san mateo bridge it looks good. 5:57. go back to the desk. all right. taking the search for missing nursing student michelle le to a new level. what family and friends say they're about to do to prove
5:58 am
they're not giving up hope. plus the very latest on a small child who fell out of a window in one bay area community. good morning. little change today. some higher clouds and more of a west wind. so how far temperatures coming down. we'll have those in two minutes.
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