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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 19, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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. a capsized boat, a father and two children in need of rescue and how citizens came to their aid in alameda. an emotional father's day for one dad on a mission to find his missing daughter. we're with search crew as they look for michelle le. on this father it's a we look at the changing role that dads play in the home. >> complete bay area news coverage starts rye now. this is the ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00. good evening, i'm ken pritch yet. >> and hello again, everyone
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i'm heather holmes. >> we begin with developing nation out of benicia where a grass fire has been burning dangerously close to home. this is new video into our newsroom moments ago. take a look at this. the fire burning off of interstate 780 has grown to about two acres. the flames have shut down the northbound on-ramp at the east 5th street exit. the fire reached the yards of home on francisco court. fire officials say the fire was contained just about an hour ago and so far no injuries have been reported. ktvu news has a crew on the scene right now, gathering additional information, as soon as we'll get, it we'll be sure to bring it to you. a father's day adventure took a scary days a dad and his children had to be rescued. ktvu's patti lee is live to explain the quick response and how this response came after the failed rescue of a man on memorial day.
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patti. >> well, around 10:00 this morning a father and his two kids took a fishing boat on the ramp and once they got into the open water, witnesses say father sped up and started to do figure 8's. 500 feet offer the alameda shoreline, you can see the tip of a fishing boat. a boat two kayakers say capsize around 11 drts 40 this morning. >> the kids were both on one side of the boat and when he made a turn, the boat flipped. >> we heard him yelling for help. so we knew that we had to do something. >> reporter: they called 911. and held the 4-year-old boy on top of their kayaks while the father and 11-year-old sister held on to the sides. >> i didn't think we could paddle out and reach them, because they kept floating out farther. i said we have to try. >> i think the kayakers right in the middle there. that is the remnants of the boat that flipped. >> reporter: alameda firefighters and the coast guard arrived in minutes. >> we put swimmers in the water and got there relate life quickly.
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there was a with boat in the area. >> reporter: the alameda fire department has drawn criticism for failing to rescue a suicidal man from drowning because their water rescue certifications had lapsed. ken houston, along with 24 others are now in the process of getting certified for water rescue. >> i'm through with day 1 and have day 2 tomorrow and pretty ironic we have a rescue today. >> reporter: they dove in because the senior captain is now allowed to make on the scene decision. >> our hand aren'ted to a and we can go and dot things that a lot of do, but our policy restricts you. >> reporter: firefighters tell us that the rescuers were okay, but just cold and frightened. the boat is likely a loss and a father's day they won't soon forget to. patti lee, ktvu channel 2 news. fire crews were busy overnight with a search-and-
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rescue in the oakland rhettry. crews were called to the water near swan way and doolittle drive. they found a small boat on fire in the estuary about three feet of grays harbor in the boat was burning. crews immediately ladies and gentlemenned a search for a possible person on board or in the water, but they did not find anything. the fire was quickly contained.. volunteers wrapped up a three-day long search for clues in the disappearance of michelle lee. as ktvu's allie rasmus explains it was an especially emotionat day for one volunteer who spent the day searching for his daughter. >> reporter: volunteers prepared to hit trails, neighborhoods and industrial areas across the east bay, and son le was going with them. >> the only present that i really want for father day is
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nishelle here. >> reporter: police are investigating her disappearance as a possible homicide. so far there are no named suspects and few clues. but her father's determination didn't waiver. >> we just have to keep going, because we believe in our hearts michelle is still alive. that is why we're here. >> reporter: since friday, more than 400 people have volunteered to help with the search and the le family says they are moved and overwhelmed by the turn out. >> you can feel the support. you can't touch it. you can't see it, but you feel it. >> reporter: police warned the family not to publicize exact search locations. they were afraid someone might plant false evidence. the search directors says volunteers combed through areas. >> that has definitely helped law enforcement. >> reporter: this is the second day this volunteer remain out. >> another long day in the sun and hopefully we can turn up something that would be useful to the investigation. >> before this weekend he had
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never met the le family. >> i have a daughter the same age. so i felt compelled to come out here. >> reporter: the le family says this isn't the end of their effortsas long as michelle is miss. for the latest on the search forever michelle lee, be sure to visit and click on "the michelle lee" tab on our home page. police are searching for a utin a stab. it happened on 4th and harrison streets. police found a man in his 20s with several cuts near his throat. he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. so far no arrests have been made and no word on a motive. no suspect or motive in a fatal shooting last night in oakland. the unidentified victim was found just after 10:00 p.m., suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. a fairfield man is in
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police custody today after an eight-hour long s.w.a.t. standoff last night. 29-year-old daniel garcia surrounded to police just before 8:30 last night after officers fired four rounds of tear-gas into his house. we first brought you this video last night on the 10:00 news. neighbors say police showed up at the home on quincy lane about 1:45 yesterday afternoon looking for garcia. the 29-year-old is suspected of setting off a pipe-bomb under a car in an apartment complex last month. after taking garcia into custody, police say they found bomb-making materials inside the home. >> a south san francisco woman is heartbroken after someone stole her beloved dog. the dog-napping happened about 11:15 on friday. police say the woman was walking with her brown chihuahua pomeranian mix when a man came up, pish pushed her, grabbed the dog and took off. the suspect is described as aain or latino, about 35 years old and he was wearing a blue
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shirt and baseball hat. if you were outside today, you know it's heating up. this was the scene today in downtown san josi. temperatures hit the mid-80s in the south bay city of. the warm weather and sue skies provided the perfect backdrop for those who wanted to spend father's day outside. >> it was a nice weather day for dad and looks like it's going to be a nicer night. ktvu meteorologist mark tamayo joins us now. it's pretty warm outside right now, hu >> that is right halpern after a 10-20-degree warm up. a look at current numbers. you can see the range on this map from 71 in san francisco up to 93 degrees, we're talking about 90 ns santa rosa, mountain view, 8 1 and san josi right now about 85 degrees. forecast in the short-term is this. a benefit a breeze. low 60, by 8:00, clear and mild. 5 to right around 72 degrees and by 10:00, still mostly clear skies. we could have a patch or two of
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fog develop coastside and patches into the bay. overnight lows, warmex locations in the 50s for concord, fairfield and the antioch area. here is our forecast models showing you some of the pasty fog as we head into early monday morning, but look at what happens as we put this into motion at afternoon hours. the clouds clear out and we have another round of warm temperatures to talk about for tomorrow. coming up, the areas into the mid-90s for monday afternoon and i will highlight the hottest day of the workweek. well, it has been an emotional father's day for the children of bryan stow, the giant's fan brutally beaten in the dodger's parking lot. they confirmed that the children, tyler and tabitha visited him in the hospital. they usually spend father's day at a baseball game. stow remains in a coma at sf
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general. families take time out to celebrate the dads in their lives and new numbers provide a better look at fatherhood around the country. ktvu's maureen naylor tell us that things have certainly changed since the first father's day celebrated 101 years ago. >> it's like a preschool. it's nonstop action. >> nonstop action for this former contract administrator turned part-time referee. >> you need to share, please. >> reporter: and full-time stay at home father, to twinlets, breanna, christopher and diana. >> when you go to a park, most time issues go to the partial, i am the only dad. >> reporter: the 3-year-old stays home. >> are you ready? >> reporter: because his wife, a medical social worker had a better-paying job and great insurance. >> my husband's job did not and we thought if we hired a
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babysitter or do child-care it would pretty much use up all of his income. >> reporter: the latest consensus figures show across the us 154,000 state at home dads and like him, they have stayed out of workforce for a year to care for the families while their wives work. census bureau says 70 million fathers with hepatted and 1.8 million osingle fathers and more than 25 million are married with children younger than 18. >> we come home from work and i can hear her footsteps and that is what probably makes my day everyday. >> the biggest challenge is to make sure you spend enough time with them, with all the demands of work. it's best part. >> reporter: which is why walk hand in hand was the best father's day present. maureen naylor, chase utley channel 2, ktvu channel 2 news. a flight is diverted to washington, d.c., the threat
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that grounded this plane. and caused the fbi to respond. red-flag warnings for seven states including fire-ravaged arizona and why firefighters say this could be some of the worst conditions they have ever faced.
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. a domestic worker'sbival rights is is now making its way through sacramento. the bill would give an estimated 2 anyl,000 workers sick days, paid vacations and industry standards. as ktvu's claudine wong reports those workers reached out to the religious community for support. >> reporter: sylva lopez a single mother of two has made her living for the last decade by cleaning houses. today she stood before the congregation at the first presbyterian church in oakland to tell her story. she talked to us with the help a translator. >> i'm giving my testimony because i would like the domestic workers to be able to work with dignity and respect.
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>> reporter: that is sometimes hard to find for domestic workers who often work without benefits, set hours or guarantied wages. sylvia lopez told her story to this oakland congregation, but she wasn't alien. dozens of others also told their stories to congregations across the bay area. it's a moment that has made its way to sacramento. abc 888, sponsored by tom ammiano woo require things like meal and rest break, overtime pay and workers' comp. california has a chance to be the second state in the country to passion a bill that supports domestic workers rights. >> reporter: today lopez stood for the estimated 200,000 estimated domestic workers in california. >> and once you have a face and understand them as a person it's easy to understood that they are actually human beings rfp it's change that people we talked to said is needed. >> no doubt about it, from what i know and what i have seen, there is no doubt about
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that. >> reporter: lopez says her two daughters are proud she is speaking out. she just hopes people are listening. in oakland, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. united airlines canceled flights across the country. this was the scene at sfo friday night when thousands of passengers found themselves stranded. officials tell us that there have been no major delays so far today. but united warns it could take several days to rebook all of those people affected by that glitch. a woman is in custody, accused of making a bomb threat at an airport ticket counter. no disclosives were found. there are reports now that the woman who made the threat may have mental issues. the fbi is questioning the plane's 44 passengers.
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the international music community is reflecting tonight on the influence of legendary saxophonist clarence clemons. the 69-year-old member of the e street band died yesterday at a hospital near his home in florida. just a week after suffering a stroke. he lived in the bay area calling mill valley home from the 1980s to 2000 bruce springsteen issued a statement that they lived a wonderful live. going on to stay, "he carried a love of people that made him love them. he loved the saxophone and loved our fans and gave everything that he had every night on stage." funeral arrangements have not yet been announced. >> a search is underway in yosemite. rangers say penca was hiking with a church group and when the group returned to the valley floor, they noticed
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penca was missing and alerted authorities. penca is described as being 5'10", 240-pound, dark brown hair, wearing gray sweatpants with white stripes and a black t-shirt. cal fire has declared tomorrow the official start of the north coast fire season. that covers all cites from the san francisco bay up to the oregon border. fire officials say the recent rain has created a lot of fast- drying grass that will fuel wildfires. they say residents should make sure there is plenty of clear, defensible space around their hoaxes. contra costa county firefighters are set to vote this week on a contract that halts their next two pay raises and also includes a 5% pay cut. the contra costa county times reports that the three-year deal would cost firefighters and dispatchers more than $6 million. the fire district says without concessions fire stations will be closed. voting is scheduled for tomorrow and tuesday. well, the firefight continues tonight in arizona.
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crews there are working to protect homes threatened by that massive wallow wildfire in eastern part of the state. that fire has grown to nearly 800 square miles. it is now 44% contained. and in southern a.r.s., the monument fire has burned about 33 square miles and now 27% contained. 44 homes though have been destroyed. arizona isn't the only state suffering from those wildfires. flames have already crossed the board into new mexico and officials say that they are facing some of the worst wildfire weather conditions all across the southwest. barbara hall has more on what that could mean for firefighters. >> reporter: parts of the southwest were placed under an extreme fire risk sunday after the national weather service issued a red-flag warning. dozens of active wildfires are burning hundreds of thousands of acres in arizona, new mexico, texas and officials say the weather conditions could caused flames to spread. >> the thing i want to stress
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to folks is that we're having having an extremely dry year all the way across the south from arizona to florida. >> reporter: after touring the wildfire damage saturday, senator john mccain of arizona suggested that there could be other factors. >> we're concerned about particularly areas down on the border where there is substantial evidence that some of these fires are caused by people who have crossed our border illegally. >> reporter: but the former g.o.p. presidential nominee no evidence to back up the claim. no matter what, residents forced to evacuate are ready to return to their homes. >> the land is still mine. so nobody can take that away from me. >> reporter: on barbara hall, regard reporting from atlanta. the us forest service says in court papers the threat of of another major wildfire in the angora lakes area of south
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lake town tahoe outweighs the concerns of the back-backed wood peckers. experts say that the birds prefer to live in burned forests. environmentalists point to research saying that that is not true and logging the area would mean fewer of the rare species. well, firefighters in new jersey had their hands full today and why a hazmat team was called to the scene of this seven-alarm fire. civilian are killed in libya during a nato airstrike. cause to celebrate and the reason behind this season today in myanmar.
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a seven-alarm fire had a vacant chemical plant sent firefighters scrambling today in new jersey. fire started about 5:00 this morning in camden. firefighters from nearby towns pitched in to battle the blaze. hazmat crews were also called to the scene to check and see if any chemical were left behind in that plant. there are no reports tonight of any injuries and no word yetn what started the fire. today's fire comes on the heels of a huge fire thursday that destroyed almost two square blocks in camden. well, police on long island
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in new york say four people were shot today in a drugstore. it happened about 10:00 this morning in medford. police say two of the dead are store employees, the other two, customers. and each they say was shot execution-style in the head. the motive appears to be robbery. no arrests have been made. late today nato admitted one of its airstrikes killed civilians in tripoli. nato blames weapons systems failure for hitting the wrong target and apologizes and issued this statement. meanwhile, pro-gadhafi forces continue to pound major cities including key cities that produce oil. reporter rick leventhal has the latest from misrata. >> reporter: no fighting at this hour, but we're hearing the sounds of war, loud thumps off in the distance and what we
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believe to be fresh rocket attacks near the port of misrata, we're told that gaddafi forces have approached the southern edge of this city and trying to hit oil tanks. they are not hitting the oil tanks, but they have hit other targets including a farmhouse, where a family took us to visit earlier today and telling us that a woman was killed, a mother of eight was watering corn plants when the rocket hit. one of her sons told me she was the most precious thick in his life. meanwhile the gaddafi government claims a nato airstrike hit a hughes and killed several residents inside a saying it "was intentional and deliberate." nato says it was targeting a missile site and is investigating this particular strike. in the mime there was been intense smelling and intense
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fighting on several fronts where a doctor at a field hospital says at least opposition fighters were killed this morning and more than 30 opposition fighters injured in this one day alone. in the mime, for rebel fighters are being trained daily in misrata to be sent to the front likes. in misrata, rick leventhal, fox news. robert or defense secretary gates hit the sunday talk show circuit today. gates says president obama does not need congressional approval to continue support of the airstrikes. >> i believe that president obama has complied with the law, consistent in a manner with virtually all of his predecessors. i don't think he is breaking any new ground. >> gates said it would be a mistake to cut off funds in the
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middle of a military operation. a report released this week reveals that the fukushima nuclear plant was unprepared for a disaster. the report from the plant operator, tokyo electric power company says workers had to find emergency gear and had to borrow equipment from contractors. the march earthquake and tsunami caused three reactor cores to melt. there are now fears more than 100,000 tons of condamage nateed water at the plant could overflow within two weeks. in other news of the world, the taliban has claimed responsibility for a convoy attack in afghanistan. a suicide bomber blew up a car near a german convoy today, killing three afghan civilians and wounding several others. two german soldiers suffered mike holmgren injuries. a german commander was not injured. taliban refuses to net in peace talks until us and foreign troops leave afghanistan. greece's embattled prime
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minister today asked his country to support austerity measures. in an address to barrelment, george papandreou appealed for support and said, "a vile bankruptcy or action to leave the euro would be immediately catastrophic for households, banks and greece's celebrate." >> anyl icon of democracy for myanmar celebrated her birthday in freedom today. nobel peace prize leader aung san suu kyi was mobbed by well- wishers. kyi told the crowd her wish for her 66th birth was to cooperate in bringing peace it her country. the military junta released her after years of detention and house arrest. the day after president obama played golf with house
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speaker john boehner, there are hints of a bier partisan compromise. >> i think many of us would loob at flatten the tax code and do away with deductions and exemptions and take that revenue to help pay off the debt. >> deficit reduction is necessary, but not sufficient and there hasn't been enough focus on jobs and job-creation. and we denieds are going to put form an agenda this summer and this fall, jobs first. >> the white house and lawmakers will continue to negotiate this week on ways to shrink the deficit before the us hits the debt ceiling, which could be disastrous for the economy. senator minority leader mitch mcconnell that they may vote to raise it for a few months and return to the issue in the fall. first laddy michelle obama is prepared for a week-long trip to africa on a mission she hopes will bring inpsispiration to young people.
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tomorrow, her daughters and mother and niece and nephew arrive in johannesburg, the purpose is to improve us and african relations and wants to encourage young people to get involved. they will also travel to botswana. we return to developing news. we of a live crew on the scene near a grass fire near homes in benicia. >> an unusual situation for one woman in california and how she ended up with dozens of alpacas living on her property. helping those in uniform and the annual fundraiser that aims to give local police officers another line of protection.
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. we return again to our top story, developing news in benicia, where crews are fight a grass fire. ktvu's eric rasmussen. >> ken i'm standing on the on- ramp to northbound 780 and chp just re-opened it a few minutes of the it was closed down to firefighters could fight this thing. this is the kind of dry brush they were worried about, you can certainly imagine how quickly it burned up this hillside today. we can also show you that this fire burned right up to the roadway this afternoon. firefighters got this two-acre fire contained about 90 minutes ago. you can see the flames also burned right up to the back of some houses. i can tell you at least one neighbor out here told me me she thought her house was going to burn down. firefighters stopped it from
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getting out to the freeway. i can show you you are really looking at the backside of francisco court in benicia. i also talked to a battalion chief out here, just in the last half hour and he says they still don't know what the cause is. they are looking at a variety of possibilities and that certainly includes the fact that this fire could have been suspicious and could have been started by somebody. they are also looking at a couple different point where's this fire could have started. again they gist wrapped it up. they have got it contained and the homes are safe. we'll continue to gather information and we'll have a lot more for you at 10:00. live in benisha, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. state controller john hi chang who issued lawmaker paychecks is expected to decide on the issue. the howard jarvis taxpayers association is threatening to sue chiang with lawmaker pay is
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not withheld. group says proposition 25 requires lawmakers to pass a balanced budget to ensure pay. members argue that the budget veto by governor brown thursday was not financeable. a san joaquin county woman faces a unique problem involving a herd of alpacas. sheryl hudson of clements agreed house more than 50 alpacas on her property temporarily, but then the dealer abandoned the herd. hudson had been taking care of the animals the last six months, but now she says she can't afederated to do it anymore. >> i have done my best, feeding them. it's costing me $30 to $40 a day. they need to be sheered. they need dental work and need their shots and feet done. >> turns out the breeder who asked hudson to house the alpacas took them from a minnesota rancher without paying for them. she is just trying to find the animals good homes. there oba flood of new websites that don't end in "dot com."
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the international organization that oversees website suffixes are meeting to consider of accepting new addresses. possibilities include "dot vegas" "dot bank" for banking institutions. there are currently 310 domain suffixes available worldwide. there is word tonight about some heftiv paychecks for silicon valley ceos. meckry news reports that oracle boss ellison had a total compensation package of $70 million in cash and stocks and steve laub semiconductor manufacturer@mel is reported to take home $19 million and john chambers made more than $18 million. on average the mercury news reports say their pay rose on average 37%. hackers stole personal information from 1.3 million
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users. the data includes birth dates, email addresses and passwords of sega pass online users. the company says user credit card data is say. sega pass by the way, has been shut down since the incident was discovered. just the latest victim of hack against online gaming companies. the walnut creek fire department held a fundraisers for k-9 units and say they need a new dog for the force, but cannot afford it because of cuts. they teamed up to hold a petted wash this weekend. for $15 pet owners got a self service washing for all of their pets. all the money raised goes directly to walnut creek police of the, who stay the dogs are an important part of their team. >> the dogs are a tool that when you need them, you need them now, not 30 minutes from now or 40 minutes from now. >> the department says it has not had layoffs, but there are fewer officers. it says the average cost for a canine is $20,000. the annual closure of san
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francisco's great highway will start again tomorrow morning. the southbound lanes of the highway will be closed this week from lincoln avenue to sloat boulevard. the closure will last in and of itself friday. it's all been done to move sand if ocean beach that piles up in front of the pom nadwalking panel. drivers are encouraged to use sunset boulevard as an alternate route. a classic symbol of old hollywood fetches big bucks and just how much someone paid for marilyn monroe's iconic white dress? the weather on this father's day was worm, but how about the rest of our workweek? meteorologist mark tamayo with our work week forecast. ♪ let's go out to the dmv ♪ it's ok t're number four hundred and three ♪ ♪ we'll find ourselves a comfy seat ♪ ♪ and watch some shows and stuff ♪ ♪ ♪ let's follow that lady with the laptop ♪
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. concern tonight about a tropical storm forming off coast of the mexico.
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today a hurricane watch was upgraded it a warning from zihuatanejo to manzanillo and forecasters say tropical storm beatriz could become a hurricane by tuesday. the national weather service says the storm is about 200 miles south of acapulco. nothing so severe for bay area weather, but the temperature is rising and ktvu meteorologist mark tamme joins us live with our forecast. >> ed it a big warm up in the temperatures for today and, in fact, more 90s showing up across parts the bay area and the warming will continue over next couple of the days. right now i can show you if you are look for the fog it's way to the south, closer to monterey bay, around the big sur coastline. as i come in tighter and, in fact, let me bring this to the most recent imagery. santa rosa, 93 degrees and it's 26 degrees warmer that time right now compared to yesterday at this time. a big warm up, especially in the north bay. we can show i look out towards
5:43 pm
san francisco bay, you can see the transamerica building in the foreground and still a nice day to be on the water. temperatures in the 60s, coastside. san francisco warmed up into the lower 70s, but the warming trend will continue. so for tonight we do have this mostly clear skies. for tomorrow, mostly sunny and we'll continue to warm up. the extended forecast, this is a short-term deal because the fog will eventually cool us off into thursday and friday. the view from above in the satellites, mostly clear sky as strong high pressure continues to build in and this will continue to strength. as a result we started to warm up for today and look at what happens into monday? by tuesday, the hottest locations inland will be in the upper 90s,96-97 and possibly 98 degrees. tuesday, by the way, the summer solstice, summer begins tuesday morning. so that will be the hottest day of the week and ways head into thursday and friday, we'll gradually cool things off the your forecast models showing you the 50s and 60s tomorrow
5:44 pm
morning. here is the eventual temperature range for most of the bay area. 70s, 80s and that bright red color, the 90s we're tacking about low to mid-90s out there. here is your forecast, beginning tomorrow morning, at 7:00 a.m., 55 to right around 60 degree and we could have a patch or two of fog develop coastside and around the bay, but increasing sunshine into the afternoon. we'll continue to warm up already into the low to mid- 80s. by 3:00, there is the eventual temperature range. beaches warm up into the upper 60s to lower 70s. santa rosa, 93 degrees. fairfield, 94 and warmest locations, 94-95 degrees out towards brentwood and san josi in the upper 70s. san francisco just beautiful, downtown the upper 70s at 79. we're going to cool things off, i will coastside on wednesday. cooling trend continues into thursday and friday and that
5:45 pm
setsp a fairly quiet weather pattern. looking ahead to the weekend, low 60s for the beach and low to mid 80s for the inland spots. tomorrow into tuesday, heather and ken, temperatures finally soaring. >> feeling like summer. thank you, mark. that dress that blew minds from "the seven year itch," sold for $4.5 million. several sources report the white dress sold for $4.6 million. the dress was estimated to fetch between $1 and l2 million bucks. it was just one of 6 2oth custom and pieces of memorabilia sold by actress debbie reynolds and no word tonight on the identity of the new owner. march madness may be long behind us, but there is plenty of fierce competition on the courts in iowa. they are one of the teams vying
5:46 pm
for the gold at the iowa senior olympics. >> you have to be over 50 to play, but i would say the majority of the women are over 60 and i find them as my mentors if they can do it at 60, 70 and some 80 years old i hope i am half as good as they are. >> this is the 25th year of the iowa senior olympics. the olympics include competes in horseshoes, scrabble and shuffleboard. coming up the oakland a's try to sweep the bay bridge series with a another one-run decision. and ireland's rory mcilroy takes a hot shot at major golf history at the us open championship. joe fonzi and all the highlights coming up next on sports wrap.
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. good evening everyone and welcome to this early sunday night edition of sportswrap. again todayte-year-old rory mcilroy shattered the expectations of what you are supposed to do in golf's u.s. ohm. for the final round mcilroy was in unchartered territory and kept up that space. with an 8-stroke lead going in, sergio garcia probably offering pre-round congratulations. first player to ever be 15 under par in abopen. take a look at the acon the par- 4 4th. another birdie put the young man from northern ireland 16 under par. at this point the only battle on the course was for seconds place. australian jason day with an impossible third shot on no. 5. day gets in close enough to save par and he shot a 68 and
5:50 pm
ended up with a respectable 8 under for the tournament. y.e. yang was mcilroy's playing partner. yang doing his best to at least make it competitive. that is a pretty good shot, setting yang up for a birdie. but did we mention this was rory mcilroy's day? no one would outdo mcilroy all week and it wasn't going to start on this hole. his tee-shot will role much closer than yang's. another birdie by mcilroy to go 17 under par for the tournament and he said later at this point he was beginning to think he had the thing won. mcilroy would take bogey on 12 and 17, but fellow northern irishman and last year's championship graeme mcdowell along with mcilroy's father on father's day knew where it was headed when he tapped in for par at 1. a 16 under par
5:51 pm
tournament total after his 69, fourth straight sub70 round. first major for this young man is assuredly not his last and he actually thought he could have been better. >> i could have held a couple more putts today. [ laughter ]." overall the whole week has been incredible. i couldn't have asked for much more and i'm just so happy to be holding this trophism happy father's day dad. [ applause ] this one is for you! i know a few of my friends will be out partying and i can't wait to get home and join them. >> the final look at how had he they stood on the leaderboard, mcilroy by a whomping eight streaks over day. a cume of americans tied for third, chappell and garrigus with rewestwood and y.e. yang 10 streaks back. the giants and a's played a bay bridge series that was strikingly familiar to last season. both teams swept the games in their respective stadiums and the giants a bats went nearly
5:52 pm
silent in oakland. barry zito had some his best days. the way things are going for the combines these days, this constitutes a major rally. aaron rowand with the drive. 1-0 as platt cain held the a's to one runs on three hits in seven innings. here is how that one win came home, coco crisp with the two- out base hit in 69th, jemile weeks comes home. cain giving way to reliever generally affeldt. the way the giants were hitting the identity come fairly pretibilitiable fuentes with a 1, 2, 39th for the save. cahill with his 7th win after allowing just one run in eight
5:53 pm
innings. a get their sweep 2-1. a's lade to new york to plait mets on tuesday and the giants back home to host minnesota. well the story that is the university of cal baseball this year has already been well- documented. with that in mind it's hard too imagine anything coming easy for the bears. cal in omaha taking on virginia in their first game of the college world series. hultzen is retired. still scoreless in the 8th when the cavaliers break through. hicks scored werman and virginia ended up getting two runs in the inning and the cavalier's padded the lead in the 8th. jared king with the drive. budding can't control up with the baxt it's an rbi triple and cavaliers with two in the 8th. bears scored once in the 9, but
5:54 pm
go down 4-1 and meet the loser. for the arizona-texas game. still to come on sportswrap, a guy who knows about sump things on the nascar circuit. and gold cup soccer when we come back. i want to crush more cars.
5:55 pm
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a guy who was the fixture in the wiper's circle last year got there today for the first time this season on the sprint cup circuit. 15 laps to go in michigan. earnhardt forced into the wall when teammate mark martin shoved hill. during the ensuring caution flag denny hamlin's crew got there and got back on the track, just bar barley ahead of the rest of the field. hamlin with his first win of the year. had he eight of them last
5:57 pm
season and win moves hamlin into 9th place overall. the lead still held by carl edwards who was 5th today. they are getting down to in it soccer's gold cup and with the us playing jamaica. rfk stadium in washington, d.c., the patriotic site after a scoreless first half. the us got on the. jermaine jones with a pinball sequence and the goal and it's 1-0. donovan client clinton determineey. when donovanricetts comes out to contest, it's a 2-goal game of the us wins 2-0 and meet the winner ever pam ma-el safford in the semifinals. that does it for this early sunday night sportswrap and we'll see you tonight at 10:00. >> thank you, joe. tonight on the 10:00 news we're still at scene of a grass fire in benicia that has damaged homes just as fire season gets underway.
5:58 pm
plus we're also following a jogger attack in the north bay. that sour report. >> i'm ken pritchett. >> i'm heather holmes and for all of us hereby, thanks for joining us. our next newscast is the 10:00 news and then you can always get the latest updates at
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