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tv   KTVU Morning News Early Edition  FOX  June 22, 2011 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, thank you for joining us. it's wednesday, june 22nd i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. it's already the middle of the week. let's check weather and traffic. here is steve. >> thank you very much. we do have fog back on the coast and parts of the bay. it's too shallow to make too much of an impact over the coast. but anybody close to the coast it's going to be a significant drop. 50s, 60s, and 70s. here is sal. traffic on highway four looks pretty good. it's even doing well in concord right now. and also in antioch. westbound 237 traffic is also off to a nice start. it's 5:00 let's go back to the dave and pam. >> sal, thank you. the family of a missing bay area nursing student is making it clear they are not giving up the search for michelle le. now they have hired a private
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investigator. >> reporter: the family of michelle le has hired a search party. and now it has been three weeks since they have seen their daughter and now they have hired a private investigators to continue the search. this investigator works for a company called the frame group. according to their website they have offices in san ramon and los angeles. michelle le was last seen on may 27th. she stepped out of a nursing class during a break and never returned. since then hundreds of volunteers have turned out over the weekend to try to find clues from their whereabouts. over the weekend they searched industrial parks and neighborhood neighborhoods in the hayward area. hayward police are investigating le's disappearance as a possible homicide. le's family says they have not seen any evidence of that. as they don't they will continue to search for her and hope for the best.
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they are hoping someone out there with information on their disappearance will be more inclined. more likely to come forward with that information for a private investigator verses the police. they point out this investigator is working completely independently of the police. this morning oakland police are searching for suspects in a deadly shooting. that happened just before 6:00 last night near international boulevard in east oakland. the victim was shot several times in a drive-bay shooting. at this point it's not clear what lead up to that killing. police are surging witnesses to step forward. san francisco police have found the body of a man that was in the bay. the crowners office have not released their name yet. they received a tip and this trail of blood.
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detectives think he play have been stabbed several blocks away. police are focusing on a green volvo with washington state license plates. two men in their 20s have been camping in that car for several weeks. if you have any information please contact san francisco police. later this morning bo doctor ís will release an update of brieon stow. stow remains in a koa ma at san francisco general hospital. last week his family said doctors were still lowering his seizure medicine. 31-year-old giovanni ramirez is the prime suspect but has not been charged with the beating. time right now 5:03. the power is still out this morning for a handful of people in concord. the power went out about 2:30 this morning. it effected more than 2500 customers first in an area that stretches east of solano.
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right now about 116 customers have no electricity. the cause of the outage is still under investigation. we are hear governor brown will -- we are hearing governor brown will veto a new budget. claudine. >> reporter: we expect this budget to be painful. with more cuts. millions of dollars in cuts. we don't know the details but there is word that it is coming. lawmakerst in the meantime will go through another day today without getting paid. i just took a look at 9 state controller facebook page and a lot of people showing them their support. . calling him their hero. he did exactly what was right. he said the numbers just don't at up. going back to the alternative budget today. governor expected to do this. we knew that.
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state senator mark leonard telling the chronicle they will make the governors budget today. brown vetoed the democrats budget last week. regardless of that veto the controllers saying that budget didn't add up in general. >> they are getting short of their pay. that means they will start hurting like we are hurting. >> it will put a little fire under their seats and hopefully we get a budget. >> reporter: so as people weigh in on this lack of legislature pay today. we will billion talking to -- we will be talking to people outside here in san francisco and trying to get ahold of lawmakers in sacramento. a lot of people still in the air. the budget battle continues with effecting the wallet of the lawmakers.
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money they are losing today and tomorrow. live here in san francisco claudine wong. time now 5:05. president obama makes an important speech tonight. we'll have a live report from our washington, d.c. newsroom on how many troops are expected to leave afghanistan this year. company documents show pg&e and not outside contractors installed the pipes that exploded in san bruno last september. the mercury news reports pg&e crews first performed the work back in 1956. the documents also reveal numerous welding problems on gas transmission lines. the blast in san bruno killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. the relief fund is set up at san jose state university. now that fire destroyed the
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kappa sigma fraternity house. everyone got outside safely. while the from the house is considered a total loss they will provide the students with housing and food and clothing. this morning alameda city firefighters have a new contract. the council voted 4-1 for the new deal. citizen groups want to investigate why firefighters did not go into the water to save the man from drowning on memorial day. the new contract freezes wages and limits health and retirement courtrooms. a new nonprofit organization of animal rights activists will take over the facility from the albie ma draft. the change could save more than
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$1 hayricks thousand. carter roe wan offered his resignation. his announcement comes less than a week after his boss was asked to resign as muni's executive director after 5.5 years on the job. the mta board approved a $484,000 severance package for him. sal, how does the morning commute look? >> it looks pretty good. almost everywhere you look as we look at the east shore freeway it is a nice drive coming in from vallejo and pinole. when you get toes toll plaza it is light. there is always a chance something could happen. that is why we are looking at it here. there are no problems on 280 northbound. it's a 5:08 let's go to steve. thank you, sir.
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we do have fog closer to the coast. yesterday we were fog free. it was just sitting out there. it's there now. it's very shallow. it went make it close to -- still doesn't take another day. although the city came in at 79. that was officially. i did see some 80s south of market u north mission, financial district they were warmer than the official high of 79. cooling trend starts today. actually it started yesterday for some by the coast. and then after that everyone else was hot. 60s for many right now. 52 santa rosa. 52 that is a little cool. upper 50s for some. i think yesterday we had one but now there is a bunch. however west, southwest at
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fairfield. vacaville east will be hot and cooler toward firefield. our observer knows a little bit about win as well. that is the system. that whole system will settle in for the best of us. by tonight and tomorrow. and that is when the cooling will take place for the inland areas. there will be some coming down today. so, sun. the fog will be hugging the coast. cooling continues thursday. and then much cooler friday, saturday, and into sunday. pam and dave. all right steve. time now 5:10. the nation of israel issues a demand to apple.
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why a computer app that is aimed at palestinians has to go. another night of wild violence on the street ouvrier rabid and what may be triggering it. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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look at this. -ups of young people wearing
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masks -- look at this. hundreds of young people wearing masks. they were throwing bricks, bottles, gas bombs at each other and the police. this violence between the two sides usually escalates to the buildup of july 12th. that is when thousands of prod substantiates march across northern ireland. president obama will address the nation tonight to reveal his plan for withdrawing u.s. forces from afghanistan. as alison burns reports the president will also try to convince the nation that the war is worth fighting. >> reporter: the bottom line is president obama is expected to announce the withdraw of 5,000 u.s. troops by the end of this summer. another 5,000 by the end of the year. and 20,000 next year. that still leaves more than 70,000 u.s. forces fighting america's longest war. debate is raging in congress about the toll it's taking.
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listen to this exchange. >> charity begins at home. we can no longer afford to rebuild afghanistan and america. we must choose and i choose america. >> i feel compelled to respond to the statements from the senator of west virginia which characterize the isolationist withdrawal, lack of knowledge, history of attitude that seems to on the rise of america. >> reporter: president obama reportedly made his decision early yesterday. it answers the requests of u.s. commanders in afghanistan. they say the progress mr. there is fragile and reversible unless they can continue to aggressively take on the toll plan. morgue will try to make that argument tonight. the pot will outline his man during a live address tonight. we will stream it live on our
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website 5:15. israeli government official has asked apple ceo steve jobs to remove an arabic language app the app is called third intifada. he complained to facebook about a similar page calling for an up rise against israel. and facebook removed that page. they have captured the most dangerous drug lords. his name is jose varguez. drug agents say he's the leader of a powerful drug cartel. indiana police arrested an amish man who they say arranged to meet a 12-year-old girl.
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william yoder arrived at a restaurant in a horse drawn buggy. he was set up by the police. the little girl's parents say they found hundreds of sexually explicit text messages and photos sent byroader -- yoder. about ten minutes later they were called to a grass fire near highway 101 at east brocaw road. they had to shuffle resources to make sure the city was covered. no one was hurt. union members with the contra costa county fire department decided to announce a 10% pay cut. it will keep fire stations in the district that was slated to close. they gave up 5% of their
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current pay and waved 2-2.5% raises that were scheduled to take effect in july and january. sal, did you get everybody off to a good start? >> i sure hope so. we are doing pretty well so far dave and pam. as as a matter of fact, as we look at the pictures even highway 4 is cooperating right now. you are driving over to concord are you or 680 heading south toward walnut creek. should be a nice drive. also a good start. a look at the approach if the bay bridge and your drive to san francisco looks good. the morning drive in oakland is free of that construction work that picked it up a few moments ago and all the lanes are open on northbound interstate 880. at 5:18 let's go back to steve. 52-68 on your morning lows. some fog there. cool to mile to warm. there are areas that are very
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low on the morning lows. cool to warm to hot. if you are inland it will take another day. by the coast it will cool down dramatically there. fog is already there. 58-96 cool to hot. temperatures by the fog. now the leading age is there. it will still be hot inulin but not as hot as yesterday. but the sea breeze kicked in late yesterday. that started to cool things down. the cooling trend takes us today into thursday and for everybody by thursday and friday. strong system. actually one of our forecast models digs it into california for a big-time cool down. although i wouldn't -- it wouldn't surprise me in the least. 60s for livermore and fair feel and cord. but lock at santa rosa.
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there is a no doubt about it change today. so the sea breeze is starting to see itself because of this system digging right there. this has to develop and continue to bump the high out of here. it will take another day for those away from the coast. by the coast it started yesterday. came right up a monterey. it has filled in nicely. the cooling begins today. that will take us for awhile here. fog, sun, cool for some. warm for others and hot continuing for those well enough away. cooler weather is on the way thursday and then for everybody on friday taking us into the weekend. european markets are down fractionally in early trading this morning. most asian markets gained grown overnight. japan nikkei rose nearly 2% with export stocks booming as
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the yen weakened. cheers in china slipped after the government there announced inflation would rise more than 5.5%. right now it looks like our future is indicating a slight dip on the opening. little caution ahead of the federal reserve statement again. we have been talking about ben bernanke giving a press conference later this afternoon. he will talk about hopefully the economic forecast and the current conditions. pretty much gains across the board yesterday with the dow jones up more than 100 points and starts today today at 12, 190. statute of limitations adobe systems reported that profits grew. they hit $129 million. time now 5:21. the giants are on a five-game losing streak. everyone that watches the giants play the minnesota twins
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tonight could be a winner. it's step up to the plate night at at & t park. some of the money will benefit several bay area charity groups to help feed the needy. summer training. >> it is just around the corner. the news from the lockout talks could make profootball fans look forward to the fall. plus a rescue team members say that it's a bittersweet to return to their success stories. we'll tell you. good morning, northbound 101 if you are driving in san francisco it looks pretty good. we will tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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good morning, fog has come back. coast and bay. it will be much cooler there. 50s, 60s, and 70s. and then inland 80s and 90s. today is the deadline for 11,000 people in north dakota to leave their homes because of more flooding. the sur river is expected to reach record levels it hasn't touched in 52 years. flooding farm lands and homes are in danger today. >> two weeks ago we had a big crew here and moved everything out and moved everything back or started moving everything back in. now we are moving it back out again. >> one farmer says the ongoing
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nods are an emotional and financial murder but he adds can't imagine leaving the land that has been in his family for five generations. the two sides in the profootball lockout appear to be inching closer to an agreement. there is growing optimism this morning the football league will be open for business than usual this fall. the owners and players meet later on today. yesterday the nfl commissioner says they will keep meeting until they reach an agreement. >> i speak to fans all the time. the anxiety level is very high. i think the best thing i can tell them at this stage is that we are working as hard as we possibly can and we will go the extra mile to reach that agreement. >> their indications -- there are indications the locked out players made a big recession. they will take a 12% cut in their share of nfl revenues. mod the sea turtle is
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finally home. he was found stranded on a washington state beach two years ago. she was dehydrated and had a broken foot. they released her yesterday. they do plan to keep tabs on where mod goes with the satellite tracker attached to her back. two groups who are usually at odds are teaming up today. at ballot measure they want removed before voters head to the polls. private eye is involved in the search for a missing nursing student. we'll tell you more about the morning commute straight ahead.
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welcome back to ktvu channel 2 morning news the middle of the week it's wednesday, june 22nd i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. it's 5:0 -- it's 5:30. it will be cooler out there for some? >> it will. temperatures near 90s. but anywhere else closer to the coast and bay big drop. 50s-70s. temperatures should come down inland about five to six degrees compared to yesterday. here is sal. traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on highway 4 westbound coming
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up to concord. also the morning commute looks good if you are on the san mateo bridge and nimitz freeway traffic continues to move along nicely. now let's go back to the desk. hayward police have officially called this case a homicide but the family of a missing nursing student is not giving up the search for michelle le. the family has now hired private eyes. >> reporter: that is right, pam. michelle le went missing more than three weeks ago. her family set up this website to help gather information to find her. the family made the announcement on this website. they sent out an e-mail letting everyone know they hired a private investigator to continue the search for michelle le. according to this posting that investigator comes from a firm called the frame group. not sure if it's pronounced frame or frame because there is an e on the end there.
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the investigator will be working independently of the hayward police and fbi. michelle le was last seen on may 27th. he was leaving kaiser medical center in hayward where she is a nursing student. this week they organized a volunteer search party. more than 400 people showed up on friday, saturday, and sunday. they combed through several neighbors and parts of the hayward area. her family says they have seen no evidence of that. so for now they are not giving up hope that they will still find her and they have actually organized another volunteer search effort for this saturday june 25th. they also just posted that on their website as well. for now the family announced they hired a private investigator to continue the search independently of hayward police and fbi to find michelle le.
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a young mother is in jail this morning accused of a crime that has shocked veteran police officers. investigators say ka yang killed her six week old baby daughter by placing her in a microwave. they first discovered the baby daughter when they were called to the home on march 17th. >> this is unique and it's rare. and you don't have to have children for this to be something that is horrific. >> i'm sure there are a lot of people that would have took the baby. you know if they didn't want it. >> homicide detectives arrested the 29-year-old woman at her sacramento home yesterday. she is now being held without bail in the sacramento county jail. time is now 5:33. the brentwood man who is accused of poisoning his
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neighbors pets denies he has anything to do with their deaths. ktvu news spoke to dave outside of his home yesterday. his neighbors believe he's responsible for the deaths of at least six dog and two cats. investigators have seized what appears to be pet food from his front yard. >> why would he have food in his yard if he doesn't have any pets. >> i didn't them there. maybe these are staged props. >> animal control investigators are looking for lab results to see if any criminal charges will be filed. some of the neighbors say he has left town. a lawsuit will be filed in state court today against a proposal banning circumcisions in san francisco. jewish and muslim groups want it removed. they claim circumcisions are common medical procedures regulated by state low not city
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voters. he's been saying he does not want to run. but now there is a new push to get ed lee to have the race to become san francisco's next mayor this fall. coming up at 5:45 the steps one group plans to take this weekend to convince lee to change his mind. former massachusetts governor mitt romney made a quick stop in the bay area to pick up cash and donations for his presidential come pain. mitt romney appeared at a fundraiser barbecue at the home of scott mcneeley. he tweeted more than 200 supporters were at that event. we are told megahitman -- meg whitman was there. some of the people we spoke to after the fundraiser say they believe mitt romney can beat president obama. >> we were business partners for many years. i got a chance to watch him in
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business, at the olympics and have a higher regard for his leadership. >> when romney ran for president in 2008 he raised more money in california than any other state. michelle bachmann will run for president. she was given high marks for her performance in that debate. bachmann a tea party favorite will announce her plan to run in iowa. santa cruz county you will not get financial help from the federal government to pay for storm reed damage. severe weather in march caused $17 million in damage and a mud slide in scotts valley. fema shot down the state's request to cover 75% of the cost saying storms just weren't severe enough. governor jerry brown has about
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30 days to appeal. 5:36 is the time. let's go back over to sal. how is traffic, sal? >> doing pretty well. it looks good around the bay area. if you are driving on highway 4 for example we still don't have a crowd. it is maybe a little bit crowded in antioch but still not major. we usually start seeing that after 6:00. this mornings commute is okay at the bay bridge toll plaza with no problems on that upper deck. if you are driving into san francisco it looks good or out of the city it looks good as well. and on the peninsula and on the nimitz freeway traffic on 880 south it looks good. it also looks good on 101 heading south. 5:37 let's go to steve. all right. a good morning. fog is back. yesterday was hot. you know that. if you were inland the coast was really nice but about noon our observer michael on the city e-mailed me west wind. sure enough. he came in at 82.
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the official temperature was 79 degrees. if you were closer toward outer sunset or great highway it was in the 60s or low 70s. now it's very shallow. it will not make much of an impact. san pablo bay will not see much. yesterday no fog. no breeze until late. inland areas were cooking. and now there will still be some that will be hot today. everyone will cool down as we head toward thursday and friday. a rather strong system moving in through the pacific northwest. wouldn't surprise me. we had it happen back remember june 4th when it rained? yeah. wouldn't surprise me. 61 concord. 62 fairfield. 52 santa rosa. 53 san francisco. redwood city says 59.
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west, southwest 15 at fairfield. that is a big difference. that is the barometer. watch travis and sfo. west sfo is at 9. i expect that to pick up. right there. this whole system is moving toward us. i will put the high out of here. the fog which came searching up from the monterey area. but fog, sun, cool to hot. if you are inland it will be hot. for some it will come down a little bit. we go from 64 to 98 clear lake. 86 napa. san rafael 80. 95 pittsburgh but 70 berkeley. 68 alameda. 97 brentwood. tough call in santa clara valley. san jose 85. 85 cupertino. but 59 daly city.
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that is a tough call on the peninsula. cooling continues thursday and goes right into the weekend. there is a new twist in the immigration battle in arizona. how it could be connected to a raging wild fire. one bay area city changes how they charge people to come downtown. if you are reeving on to the highway. dad, i was wondering if you've --
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high speed internet is more affordable than ever with no home phone required. only in the network of possibilities. at&t. good morning. we have fog beaucoup the coast. parts of the bay. it will be cooler there. 50s-70s. inland it will still be warm. welcome back. good morning, to you. here's a quick look at the top
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stories we following for you right now at 5:42. the family of missing nursing student michelle le has hired a private investigator to join the expanding search. michelle le was last seen may 27th after taking a break during a nursing class at kaiser medical center in hayward. jerry brown will unvail his new revised state budget. that is after he vetoed one that was sent to him by democratic lawmakers last week. the governor said that budget was full of gimmicks and one- time fixes. tonight president obama will announce his plan to begin the withdrawal of troops in afghanistan. the president is expected to say 5,000 troops will leave afghanistan this summer. an additional will leave before the end of the year. it will be a short day of testimony today from the trial
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of a florida. but the prosecution may a new revolution outside the juries presence yes. an inmate who was incarcerated with anthony. >> i parentally her in a swimming pool and was found by thechild's grandfather. >> prosecutors are investigating whether anthony stole her defense from that inmate. anthony's defense is that her daughter accidentally drowned and that her father conspired to keep a secret. arizona authorities believe either drug smugglers or human traffickers sparked a massive wild fire in that state. they believe a campfire or it will cigarettes began the blaze. the fire has burned 42 square miles. destroyed 70 homes and businesses. and all of those canyons.
5:45 am
arizona senator john mccain has been criticized for suggesting illegal immigrants are responsible for the wild fire. part of monterey county will be set on fire this morning. it will take place at the lou guy that pistol range from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.. it's designed to clear brush along the way. futile is now 5:45. a new investigation in the that massive oil spill. the explosion on the deep water horizon killed 11 people. spilled millions of gallons of oil into the water. it also says the company did not assess, manage, and communicate some of the risks. the federal reserve wraps up its two-day meeting today
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and chairman ben bernanke will show k consider what it holds. they expect their colleagues to leave interest rates unchanged. they also believe the fed will say inflation will remain under control with the exception of food and energy prices. bernanke is trying to make the central banks actions more transparent. the pressure is growing for ed lee to join the race to become san francisco's permanent mayor. the group that is behind the run. ed run website plans to open a campaign office for ed lee this saturday. major lee has become the interim mayor. ed lee has repeatedly said he would not run for mayor but supporters are hoping that this campaign office will convince and encourage him to change his
5:47 am
mind. -- newsom has moved to marin county. he may have be having his eye on congresswoman seat. parking in downtown san ho sigh will cost more starting july 1st. the city council approved rate increases at city owned downtown garages. they include a $5 flat rate to park on saturdays at three locations. the fees will expand to sunday starting july of next year and the evening rates will go up to $5. it will be $7 at the market in san pedro garage. the san jose city council is also making cults to the overall city budget. it plans 10% cuts in pay for police, and other fight fears.
5:48 am
it's also laying off 100 police officers and hundreds of other city employees. also libraries and community centers will be open fewer hours. san jose's budget has slunk by $300 million this year. time now 5:47. let's see if we have any problems around the toll plaza. it is early. >> it is early. we always watch the bridges. that is the biggest potential for a small problem. right now traffic is pretty good at the bay bridge toll plaza. the morning commute also looking good on the san mateo bridge heading out to the high- rise and beyond. if you are driving in the antioch area already getting crowding on highway 4 through antioch but the rest of the highway 4 drive looks okay if you are driving vallejo on interstate 880 it has been a nice drive. and then on the east bay for the most part we are off to a nice start. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sal. it will be hot inland. tomorrow you will cool off.
5:49 am
coast and bay you can see the fog is filling in. very shallow but it's there. it will continue to move in as the system moves to north of us. we had a lot more 50s than the north this time. but there is a sea breeze there. west, southwest wind over san pablo bay and out to the delta. that system digging down to the gulf of alaska. looking good for this time of year. fog by the coast and around the bay. that will peel back. it will come in pretty fast again tonight. cooler coast and bay. i don't think it will be as hot as yesterday. other areas will come way down especially closer to the beaches. mid to upper 90s to near 100 inland. the cooling continues thursday and kicks into cooler gear on friday and into the weekend. in a little more than an hour the government will release the latest information on home prices. analysts project a decline in
5:50 am
prices. they range from 3-4%. they add a national price increase is unlikely until late next year or 2013. there is some good news about california real estate. pending home sales on the rise around the state for the first time in 18 months. state association of realtors says last months numbers were up more than 1.5% from april and they were up 12% from a year ago. analysts consider pending home sales a good indicator of future sales activities. there are several reports that hulu is considering putting itself up for sale. the online video service received an unsolicited take over sale. the company is not commenting on the reports. hulu has been one of the most popular ways to watch tv shows
5:51 am
on the website for free. time now 5:50. do you hate the red light cameras? a lot of people do. where the spotlight is on the cameras and one bay area community is cutting back on them. and lost but then found. reuniting a long lost camera and a family.
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happening right now the crew of the space shuttle atlantis answering questions about the final space shuttle launch. we are there live now. the astronauts you are seeing the questionnaires there. they are taking questions in florida for reporters for the last time before that july 8th launch. let's listen in. >> absolutely. i would never claim to be an expert on robonot. i would tell you we are taking up a payload it's called the robotics refueling mod jewel. this is to demonstrate a capability for the special purpose which hasn't seen a whole lot of use on the international space station today. we hope to turn that around with this payload. i have likened it to a fisher price toy for a robot.
5:55 am
i don't mean that in a negative sense. it is really it's an community for this -- >> this is just a tad of that final space shuttle news conference. taking questions. we took you live there to florida. the owner of a camera discovered off the santa cruz coast has been found. she is a teenage girl from texas that lost the camera on a family trip four years ago. man from santa cruz county found it back in march at a hidden beach. he posted the pictures on the cameras sd cards online. generating a media buzz that eventually lead to the girl. time is 5:55. the city of napa making a big change to one of its red light cameras. it's the camera that is located where highway 121 splits off of highway 129. the problem comes when drivers make a right turn there. >> the right turn on red gets exactly the same fine as the
5:56 am
one that blows through the light. >> that ticket is almost $500. the change is coming after a woman in napa fought that ticket and won. the camera doesn't look at right turns that accounted for most of the red light tickets in that city. napa doesn't know how it will make up in the difference it has been getting. i think they will come up with something. you can definitely soak up the sun today at the historic bay area fair. the alameda fair kicks off this morning. admission is just 99 cents before 3:00 this afternoon. now this years attractions include scavenger hunts, kiddie rides, and country music. it runs until july 10th. on july it'd it hopes to create the world's biggest hamburger
5:57 am
totaling -- >> me and sal can handle it just like that. nothing to it. >> i'm a little hungry right now as a matter of fact. good morning, everyone. let's see what we have with the morning commute. if you take your cup of joe to go it might be a good idea. the roads are doing pretty well. you might want to get ahead of that crowd. if you are driving to the sunol grade that traffic is moving very nicely. let's take a look the the traffic. westbound traffic is doing very well. let's go back to the defense. glance a growing battle over -- what golf nor jerry brown may do next. and what is next for lawmakers. >> and plus now eyes joining the desperate search for michelle le. it will be cooler for some. still another warm to hot day inland.
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governor brown prepares to present an alternative budget proposal today. what lawmakers expect and how people are reacting this morning. the family of missing nursing student michelle le reaching out for help. the source outside of the police that


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