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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  June 23, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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pole. during the investigation, the firefighters located the vehicle. >> the area was so -- even to identify the make of the car. to complicate matters worse or even further i should say, there was a power line that came down. so now pg & e crews are still out there trying to put this power line back up. so definitely this scene is still active, this street here which is a residential street is completely blocked off. pg & e does have heavy equipment here trying to repair this power line that went down. and some of the near by neighbors are without power. chp is also here and again the coroner has come to take away the body. they say it's going to be some time before they can identify who the person was. they don't even know if it's a man or woman and what kind of
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car it was driving. we saw the car, it was hard to tell it was even a car for that matter. they're going to continue to investigate. we'll bring you more at 6:00. barry bonds will have to wait until august to find out if prosecutors are going to retry him on perjury charges. prosecutors told the judge they have not decided yet if they are going to try bonds again for allegedly making false statements to a grand jury. so prosecutors granted a jury's request to deny a decision. answering to police corruption charges, four men in the narcotics enforcement team made a brief court appearance today. paul chambers live at that courthouse where he learned of new charges added just today, right paul. >> reporter: i was here for the first day and all four men appeared in court. their time before the judge was
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quick. we also found out there's currently a grand jury investigation going on. >> one by one, the four men involved in a contra costa narcotics involvement team or cnat scandal entered the courthouse. chris butler, welsh and tonabi stood before the judge as their attorneys entered pleas. >> when the investigator looks into it they will find that there's no credible evident and they will not face those charges. >> reporter: the charges include stealing drugs from police evidence lockers. today it all has to do with a sale of narcotics. >> making the dui stops and the people he stops for dui were under the influence. the federal government took over the investigation. defense attorneys usually say
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that usually they wouldn't recommend that but since this case has so many layers it's best for an outside act cy agency to look at the big picture. >> this is going to be a long drawn out investigation and prosecution. i think appropriately, handled by the federal government. >> reporter: now i mentioned there is a federal jury and grand jury investigation going on. coming up at 6:00, hear why that case could lead to more officers being arrested and why it appears that defendants are pointing fingers at at least one of the defendants. and i want to bring you up to speed. we are getting into a newsroom a shooting in vallejo. right now the information that we're getting is limited but we do know that children were playing outside in that area when shots rang out. police then went to the scene and found one person who was killed. we don't know if that person is a child or an adult. a ktvu news crew is on the way,
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a shooting in vallejo that happened within the past 30 minutes, one person is dead. as soon as we get more information we will bring that to you later on in the newscast. a pedestrian walking in the railroad tracks was struck and killed by a train today. it happened around 15:15 this morning just west of davis street in san leandro. the capital corridor train was headed from san jose to sacramento when it hit the individual who was on the tracks. the 35 passengers and crew members on the train were not hurt. passengers were transferred to another train. in the ongoing state budget battle. the governor came to san francisco today and made it clear he is not waiverring on his idea on how to help close a multi million dollars gap. the governor here hit on some familiar themes today. >> reporter: the budge of the state of california remains in limbo tonight. today in san francisco, governor jerry brown said he is sticking to his guns. >> you have republicans, you
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have democrats. >> reporter: the governor spoke at a convention tore but said little if anything that he hasn't before. >> still fund your own veto, you have to stand with your friends which i like to do. but we also have to stand with california. >> reporter: his speech followed a combative news conference. >> we are here to make it clear once and again that the reason that there is no budget deal is that the governor, the democratic majority in the legislature and their allies refuse to allow the voters the opportunity to reform pensions and control state over spending. >> democratic president steinburg was quick to respond. >> talk about a drill. that was the drill's drill outside a governor's office. on a thursday before the weekend to bring out the same
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old tired, tired rhetoric again. >> reporter: the fiscal year ends again. >> we need to know what his pack up plan is if his original plan a does not go forward. >> i am determined to get this state on a firm financial footing and for however long it takes and whatever it takes within the law and in ethical transparent way. that's where we're going. the governor told reporters that he is still confidently pursuing his proposed extensions to added sales tax and vehicle license fees. john sasaki. ps tracking program for gang member social security the latest victim of budget cuts in california. the sacramento bee says the officials will reduce gang
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members being monitored by 50%. come july 1st, only 400 gang members will be monitored. the state says it will save an estimated $6 million by scaling back. one day after outlying his troop withdraw, planned president obama today visited an army base that has lost hundreds of soldiers in the afghanistan war. president obama spoke to troops. soldiers from that unit were among the first to go to afghanistan after his attacks on the world trade center. they also were the first deployed during the president of the 2009 troop search. the president promised to keep their sacrifice in mind as he began his troop scale down. >> we're going to do it in a steady way to make sure that the gains that all of you helped to bring about are going to be sustained. >> the president said even though some troops are coming home, there is more fighting to be done in afghanistan. coming up here at 5:30, why two
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bay area lawmakers are angry about the president's troop withdraw plan. the secretary of energy says the oil is being released due to supply disruptions out of libya and other middle east countries but its timing is prompting criticism from republicans who says its results are supposed to be used for emergencies. the move should help reduce the price of gasoline, the oil is set to be released over the next 30 days. more americans are applying for unemployment benefits. analysts say it's evident that the labor market is weakening again. the u.s. labor department says applications rose by 9,000 last week. it's the the biggest jump in a month. companies pulled back on hiring because hirer gas and food prices cut into consumer spending. in california there were 3,300 new jobless applicants largely because of the result of lay offs in manufacturing. results were linked mostly
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due to lingering concern over europe's debt crisis. the indexes were mostly lower analysts say greeces ongoing financial crisis has hurt investors sentiment around the world. the dow jones industrial average fell almost 60 points. the nasdaq ended in positive territory. federal investigators say a tip led the fbi to a former mob boss. 81-year-old james whitey bulger was arrested yesterday. >> i know that name, i mean he's a pretty famous mobster. and yeah it's pretty surprising and interesting that he's living like 20 feet away like a regular person. >> reporter: bulger reportedly left boston back in 1995 and
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was the inspiration of jack nicholson's character in the departed. the 89-year-old -- suffered a stroke. the oakland station has been playing repeats of his program. but now station managers say they will replace the program at the end of this month. camping first unsuccessfully predicted the rapture would take place in 2004 and again this year on may 21st. tonight a ground breaking push to change the way the feds handle marijuana. is decriminalization a possibility? >> a golf course is an unlikely place for police but that's exactly who showed up today at an east bay golf course. what brought them there, coming up next. clearing today around the bay. the fog cleared from the coast and temperatures cooled in many locations. there's further cooling on the way. i'll tell you how cool. negotiating, eh? you got it!
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san jose firefighters have ruled out arson as a cause of tuesday's fraternity house fire. we first showed you the extensive damage the day of the fire. the fire caused so much damage to the kappa sigma fraternity they can't tell where it started. some students said they thought it started in the laundry room. many of them lost valuable possessions. one firefighter suffered injuries to his hands. and tonight a historic push to repel marijuana laws. the bill introduced today would remove marijuana from the list of federal controlled substances and leave it up to individual states how the substance is governed. individuals would then be able to grow and sell marijuana in
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states that allow them to do so. the bill was introduced by democrat barney frank of massachusetts and ron paul. four democrats are cosponsors including barbara lee of california. authors and backers of the bill say criminal prosecution for marijuana users, buyers and sellers is a waste of law enforcement resources and an intrusion of personal freedoms. >> this is going to end a huge part of the drug war. and leading to violence on both sides of our border with mexico. >> reporter: the bill would have to go through the judiciary committee. and the governor says he will not even consider it. now today's action may open the dialogue about marijuana. but it's not likely this talk will turn into action. the bill has no chance of
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passing the republican controlled house. the united nations reported today that cocaine use was down worldwide but that americans remained the biggest users. the u.n.'s office on drugs and crime released its annual world drugs report and found that marijuana is the most widely used illegal substance and that the global production of opium dropped steeply last year. the u.n. secretary general says drug traffickers break more than just the law. >> they break the human spirit. they fuel terrorism and insurgency. they rob the nation of peace. the u.n. says almost 5% of the world's population took elicit drugs at least once in the previous years. sheriff's deputies in riot gear were called in to break up protests in an ongoing labor dispute. deputies arrested 25 people
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for blocking access to the castle wood club. the protesters are union workers who wanted to call attention to their contract plans. cooks, dish washers and janitors have been locked up for 16 months over the issue of employee health care contribution. >> asking us for over 50% of our paychecks is a little bit extreme. our kids cannot afford to go to college. they are not going for their medical check ups. >> reporter: the protesters were cited for civil disobedience but released. colorado is ending coverage for routine circumcision under medication. the issue has been contentious here in san francisco where it's set to be put over voters. muslims and jewish leaders are challenging in court. the secret is out tonight.
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the author of the harry potter book has cleared up a mystery that's been intriguing visitors to a harry potter website. that site is called pottermore. the author has written about 18,000 words of new potter material for the site. the ones not happy about this of course are book sellers. they say they've been banned from selling the e book editions of harry potter. the storm hit about 8:00 last night and damaged several barns. no people or horses were injured. hundreds had their power
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disrupted over night. overnight. and it's been much cooler. right now it's 80 in santa rosa and it is 80 in concord. so temperatures on the downside. the temperatures tonight, we have clear and breezy conditions and coastal fog trying to reform. tomorrow the cooling continues. and there's been a cooling trend. that heat died down after sunday, monday, tuesday and the moisture, the fog the cooler air comes in helps fire danger. helps air quality as well. the weekend is going to continue to cool at the coast. numbers are going to be in the 80s. low 80s. mid-80s, in places like san francisco and out toward down toward san bruno so you get the picture. overnight lows are going to look like this. 40s, low 50s. fog makes a return, but not a
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lot because it's pretty much gone right now. with the fog gone we're talking about temperatures getting down into the 50s. 66 out toward the berkeley hills. and you're right when we expect 80s in here in morgan hill but not tomorrow. 73 out toward danville. 75 out toward san ramon. you will hit the upper 70s as you get to the delta. a couple of days ago we were doing 101, 102 in this area. so temperatures are coming down. low pressure center to the north. as we've seen all year, that's why it's been such a wet winter. this low will enhance the fog layer, the marine layer and push it offshore. we will see this continued cooling with highs just in the 60s and 70s. the major cooling is down. but now we're going to see subtle cooling as we head toward the weekend. as i come back we're going to take a look at the forecast. and we're going to look at
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forecast temperatures where you live. i'll see you back here. it was not a hate crime. the attack against a transgender woman that is raising eyebrows today. and we'll take you to new york, a fight against same-sex marriage. and why bikes on the golden gate bridge will have to follow not one but two speed limits. is there such a thing as a magic carpet? that story ahead. plus, taking care of our war heros. we'll show you the unique way a local group is helping pets to
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new u.s. census data out today shows a snapshot of the gay and lesbian population here in the bay area. california has 125,500. san francisco has more with 11,555. more gay couples are raising children together in california central valley. an institute spokesman say that many men in that area came out later in life and have children from previous relationships. and a same-sex marriage event is being held in new york. the event comes as they hold talks for a historic -- president obama praised state legislators for debating the
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issue of same-sex marriage. at the state capital in albany, both sides have having their voices heard. the state senate is still meeting behind closed doors. reportered asked the state senate when the issue will come to the floor with a vote. >> i expect that it's going to be a lengthy conference. and then we'll make the decision. >> i'm not going to work under time constraints. >> reporter: new york republicans have held up a vote on the gay marriage law. they've wanted legal protection for churches and faith leaders who refuse to conduct same-sex we'd -- weddings. president obama says that he supporting same-sex union. and 600 people spent more than $38,000 each to hear the president speak today in new york. and bridge officials are considered a speed limit for bicycles.
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the proposal calls for a bike limit of 15 miles per hour with a five mile an hour speed limit when passing pedestrians. cyclists no longer have the option of using the bikes only western side because it's closed for maintenance. bridge managers say they are concerned about overcrowding. and a new honor for the intern credited for saving the life of councilwoman giffords. daniel hernandez is shown here in pictures with president obama. yesterday the 21-year-old was recognized by the u.s. surgeneral. she presented hernandez with the heros award at an event. hernandez told them to make a lifetime commitment to helping people. barry bonds and his attorneys tried to play hardball with the prosecutors today to hurry up and retry him or forget it. the hope was that the president would offer an afghanistan troop draw down
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that was significant, swift and sizable. >> but some bay area democrats say that's not what they got. what they're saying about it today.
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major league baseball's home run king back in court today and his eight year legal ordeal is far from over. former san francisco giant barry bonds and his defense team will have to wait some more as prosecutors were given more time to make a critical condition. rita williams joining us live from the newsroom with the story, rita. >> reporter: mike, barry bonds conviction two months ago was not the end of his long legal battle there was still another round today. barry bonds and his attorneys tried to play hardball with prosecutors today that they
5:29 pm
should either hurry up and retry him on the three perjury charges jurors dead locked on or forget it. the judge didn't buy it. >> do you think he's being denied a speedy trial. >> i asked the question, the answer that came back was no. and there we are. >> reporter: defense attorneys also asked u.s. district judge susan ilston to toss out the conviction that made bonds a convicted felon or at least to grant him a new trial that motion will be heard in august. >> we remain optimistic about that. >> there's no substance to it at all. >> reporter: across town, giants fan remain split on how they feel about the home run king and his conviction. >> to be honest i've never really been a fan of his. >> they should worry about what's going on in the country rather than what's going on with barry bonds and his steroids. i think it's ridiculous.
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>> reporter: the judge says it's time for both sides to negotiate. the one conviction they have might be overturned, bonds said that he could be retried on the three perjury charges and be reconvicted. >> this is a very opportune moment for discussions and a possible deal. whether that's going to happen or not, who knows. >> reporter: so for now, both sides will be back in court in two months and we'll see if they decide to end the legal ordeal that began eight years ago. rita williams, ktvu news. a san francisco superior court judge has rethe -- dropped charges against a transgender person.
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jackson and perry are facing mice demeanor charges. later gascon said he did not understand why. >> even though the elements needed to prove the misdemeanor are similar to those needed to prove the hate crime charge. hamilton diaz and randall gross got into some kind of argument. diaz ran randall over. diaz faces up to 14 years many prison. today president obama is defend -gz his plan to draw down 83,000 troops from afghanistan. now as carol hann reports, the
5:32 pm
time line is drawing criticism from democrats and republicans on capitol hill. >> reporter: the president hit the road today to sell his afghanistan withdraw plan to one of the most deployed army divisions in the country. the president wants to bring home 10,000 troops starting next month and 23,000 more by next summer. >> over the course of the last 18 months we've killed 20 of the top 30 al-qaida and taliban leaders. we've kept the fight on. we're going to keep it on. >> reporter: yet key military officials have been vocal about their discomfort with the president's timetable. although they support the president's final decision and had a say in it he found the plan risky and aggressive. but war weary bay area
5:33 pm
lawmakers are criticizing mr. obama for not going far enough. >> the hope is that the president would deliver a troop draw down that was significant. >> it is not just democrats who are unhappy. some republicans are unhappy with the idea of the president going against his military advisors. and they are accusing him of trying to score points with democrats, especially those in the bay area. in washington carol hann, ktvu channel 2 news. a graphic novel about what happened the night osama bin laden was killed is coming to comic book shops. the 88 page book titled code word geronimo is going to be released. the story is written bydale dye and julia dye. the two call the book an american celebration that they say focuses on the people who planned, conducted and executed the raid. the comic will be in stores
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september 6th. five days ahead of the tenth anniversary of 9/11. bipartisan talks on the nation's dead hit a stump today. two republicans walked out of the meeting. they left the negotiations because democrats were pushing for tax increases. california's nancy pelosi says she is disappointed that the talks broke down. we do want to remove tax subsidies for big oil. we want to remove tax subsidies for people who send jobs overseas. the list goes on, i don't think that's a reason to walk away from the table. >> there's no word on when talks will resume. the oakland city council is opening the way for the zoo to make an expansion the áf. it calls for adding a new veterinary hospital and the expansion of the california
5:35 pm
trail project. it will also include 30 acres of open space habitat and 20 acres of new exhibit features regionally ex animals. the district attorney's office is now offering a 12 week course called the parent project. they are calling it a success, the new treatment that seems to be helping hepatitis c patients. and the sudden move the irs is making to help offset high gas prices. also on shaky ground, why the fate of hanger 1 is once again hanging in the balance. i want to crush more cars.
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the state of moffit field historic hanger one is up until the air again. nasa had earmarked $2 million. the space agency now says that money could be better spent on other projects since there are no plans to use the hanger in the future. supporters of hanger one say this is just one more hurdle they plan to overcome. high gas prices have prompted the irs to make what some call an unusual mid-year move starting july first the
5:39 pm
mileage rate used to deduct the business related -- the irs commissioner said the government was making if move so the reimbursement rate would be faired to taxpayers. a new study find new cars are having more quality problems. according to an annual survey by j.d. power, 2011 models have more quality problems partly because of glitches and navigational systems and other dashboard technology. lexus, honda and acura were the top performers. the regionally approved drug is effective in treating hepatitis c. the medical center in san francisco found that 80% of patients with the most common form of hepatitis c were cured by the anti
5:40 pm
virus,ansavac. hepatitis c patients -- hospitals must begin reporting any infections that occur during or after 26 types of surgery. the california hospital association requested an injunction against the law saying it will create a burden for hospitals already struggling financially. chubby babies are growing up to be overweight adults according to a just released study. studies found 18% of infants are overweight. the report urges parents and child care providers to encourage children to be physically active and make sure children are eating appropriate amounts of healthy food. for the first time slightly more than half of the children in the united states under the age of 2 are minorities. that's according to preliminary
5:41 pm
census data. analysts say the data reflects sweeping changes in attitudes about race. and also shows a growing age divide between mostly white older americans and fast growing younger ethnic populations. analysts say racial and ethnic minorities will be the majority in a century. the different is more pronounced in smaller water systems, nitrates is used in making fertilizer and can reduce the amount of oxygen in a child's bloodstream. a case of environmental injustice. spectacular new information about just how rich our ocean is from sensors scientists use, i'll explain straight ahead. and the fog was at the cost, then it went away. and further cooling in your bay
5:42 pm
area forecast. i'll show you which cities will be the coolest tomorrow. is there such a thing as a magic carpet. how about a place that's helping create 80 new california jobs? that story coming up later. plus, taking care of our war heros. we'll show you the unique way a group using dogs and yoga to help recover from post- traumatic stress disorder. and handling bullying, how local schools are battling against bullying and sex education.
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the city of san leandro will help keep trash out of san francisco bay. metal screens will be added to basins. that will help catch trash before it reaches the bay and beyond. the city received more than $110,000 to make these changes. work is expected to be completed in the first week of july. they call them ocean
5:45 pm
highways. and researchers say they now know where and when big predators go and why. john fowler live tonight in monterey to explain how california coastal waters are a world hot spot, john. >> reporter: researchers attached thousands of satellite tracking tags like this one to great white sharks to tuna and even to whales. what they found was a surprise. using this sailboat and other craft from off the ferrell island to the coast of alaska to new zealand. researchers tagged and followed the biggest fish in the ocean. ten years of migration reveal the california coast is special. >> this piece of ocean that runs across the california shores is one of the richest places of top predators. it's sort of the yellow stone of our oceans. some of them went away but they always came back. and so what we were surprised at was this homing ability of white sharks and blue fin tuna, albetros and whales.
5:46 pm
and what we're learning is this is their neighborhood. >> reporter: this animation shows those migrations, the center pacific, california on the right and the pass of apex predators and others hugging the california coast. others like tuna streak across the pacific along clear ocean highways. for the first time revealing the pattern of life of these valuable animals. >> the importance of knowing where animals are and where they go is that we can now protect these animals. >> reporter: they also tagged and trapped elephant seals. block says the next step is to get international recognition of these hot spots then continue monitoring with tags like this to see if the protection works. health and science editors john fowler, ktvu news. some young people under going treatment for cancer in oakland were treated to a day of fun at a nascar racing carnival. >> it's so much fun. >> reporter: nela vi era has brain cancer.
5:47 pm
he's been through 11 surgeries of cancer but that did not stop him from having a good time today. he and other cancer patients took a turn behind the wheel of a race car. >> you all have a great family. we want to help the families and we just came out here to spend a little bit of time with the kids. and working with the children's network hospital. if he wins the stanley black and decker company will donate 2 million to the children's hospital. why parents say the school failed to protect their children from gangs. julie haener joins us from the newsroom now with a look at some of the over stories we're working on. >> also at 6:00, a lifeline to bay area veterans who are back from war. the special training they went through with man's best friend
5:48 pm
today. >> right now carpet represents 3.5% of all material in the landfill. the extra fee you will soon have to pay to keep carpal tunneling out of landfills. the race is on now to bring the olympic games in california it's all coming up at 6:00. some angry birds are claiming their territory at a los angeles area starbucks coffee shop. >> there he goes. that's it. >> reporter: a handful of customers are being attacked. the birds usually swoop in or give a little peck at the patrons head. >> now when i walk i already, i know, i'm like whatever. they're going to attack. >> i chose that trash can to throw away my trash in and it pecked the back of my head. >> reporter: the reason here, the birds are likely nesting near by and really are protecting their offspring. if we're talking about weather it's hard to be angry. pretty good day out there. let's check with chief meteorologist bill martin. >> we had strong winds offshore.
5:49 pm
that scoured the fog away. we go to live storm tracker 2. i can throw up some live buoy reports. northwest 27. gusting to 31. that's just like this. so just as an offshore wind will clear the fog away, when you get enough wind offshore when the fog hasn't set up the wind will blow that fog apart. and that's exactly what happened today. we have clearing today in pacifica. despite the clearing, fairfield now 82 degrees. a couple of days ago it was 103- degree. monday and tuesday it was hot. it's pretty warm too but take a look. that offshore winds is shutting off. a weak weather system to the north comes in from here. we have cold weather pattern. and that's blowing all that cool air inland. hence a cooling trend. the pattern is really repeating itself through the past few months. those hundreds we had coming down to the 80s and low 80s and
5:50 pm
70s. upper 70s low 80s for the week weekend. where's the fog? it's reforming by monday morning. this might be a little more fog than we'll see but the fog is coming back. at least by seven or 8:00 a.m. it'll be along the coast. i don't think it'll have a big inland push and it'll be back in the coast again. stinson beach, ocean beach, it's going to be touch and go because it's a tough model. fog is tough to model with the computer model. but there are going to be some breaking tomorrow. the fog will return despite it being gone. the temperatures tomorrow a little cooler than today or just like today. your forecast highs, 80 in clear lake, 80 in fairfield. way down from the numbers we saw just a few days ago. no spare the air day tomorrow. 70 in pleasanton, 74 in san jose. the air quality is going to be
5:51 pm
good. nice fresh sea breeze. out in the bay. good sailing day tomorrow and good sailing day over the weekend as well. there's no rain in this forecast. temperatures trending down. we talked about it last night. a settle cooling trend and a little warmer and a little cooler. look where we live. probably the finest climate in the world. it's outstanding. two everywhere it's, it's hot, it's raining. >> and this is people coming in for summer vacation and to see family. >> exactly, it's the perfect time. and lindsay lohan spoke to the judge tonight who told her she could only have one friend at her home at a time and definitely no partying. lohan was called to court after reportedly failing an alcohol test last week but the judge found the test was not covered by a court ordered that expired in february. lohan is on house arrest that is set to end next week. they knew the work would be
5:52 pm
hard. but some women say they were targeted for vicious behavior while on assignment with the peace corp. the changes called for today that could protect future volunteers.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
two native american tribes are now saying they do not
5:55 pm
support an encampment. turning two tribes wrote an open letter to all california tribes saying the presence of the activists threatens the sanctity and security of these sites. officials say he pulled a gun on a woman. the first police officers who got to the scene nearly shot the good samaritan in the confusion. the officers then figured out what was going on and released the good samaritan and arrested the suspect. young women are being sent into dangerous situations and often fall victim to violence. >> after the rape, i was devastated. i've lost confidence in myself. >> reporter: christine kaning was a peace corp.
5:56 pm
volunteer in africa. she says while she was there she was attacked and raped in broad daylight. in 2009, another peace corp. volunteer was murdered. a young woman from georgia had her throat slit after she told her superiors about the sexual assault of young girls. >> together we look forward to working with them to make sure these volunteers are safe and secure wherever in the world they travel. >> reporter: the new legislation looks at how the peace corp. handles reports of sexual assault. it will also handled complaints of violence against volunteers. peace corp. officials say that the agency recently increased security. coming up in just 90 seconds. >> reporter: police officers arrived and thought it was a grass fire.
5:57 pm
when they got here it was so much worse. more coming up live at 6:00. and a special training session today for some bay area veterans back from war. the lifeline man's best friend is giving to the troops still dealing with the trauma from the battlefield. ♪ let's go out to the dmv ♪ it's ok that we're number four hundred and three ♪ ♪ we'll find ourselves a comfy seat ♪
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a suspected car thief meets a fiery end. the crash that set a field on fire and took a life. good evening i'm mike mibach in for frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. authorities tell us the driver drove down the road and that ignited a grass fire. sal castaneda is in crockett where he spoke to investigators who are still trying to piece together what happened. >> reporter: you can see there several firefighters still in the field because a power line came down and made it very hard for them to fight the fire. they also want to make sure there are no hot spots still out there with hoses. if you move to the right here, i want to have chuck move over to the right. several pg & e crews are still in this neighborhood. still more than a dozen people without power and again this


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