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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 27, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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new video emerges in the bryan stow beating case. the confrontation shows the man is not the same man police arrested for the beating. >> reporter: train passengers at the emeryville jamb track station react to what happened on friday. a san francisco boy on a tubing trip ends up in a horrifying situation. "mornings on 2" begin right now. good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's monday, june 27th. this morning, we have -- we have new video that shows bryan stow arguing with another man at dodger stadium. but it's not the man los angeles police have arrested for the attack on stow.
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allie rasmus is live with a closer look at the video. >> reporter: good morning. i've been checking in with los angeles police since 5:00 this morning to try to find out what, if any, impact this new video could have on the bryan stow beating. the officer i've been speaking with say so far police have not had a chance to take a good look at the video. according to tmz, it was released just after midnight. the video was taken from inside dodger stadium on march 31st. in the video you can see a man in a dodgers' jersey standing up and arguing with stow. stow is seated object left and -- on the left and he appears to be trying to calm stow down. while stow was at dodgers
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stadium, he sent a text to his friends about a hostile atmosphere. this man in the video in the dodgers' jersey is not the same person arrested for the crime. that person is giovanni ramirez. ramirez has said repeatedly police have the wrong man and that he was not there the day stow was beaten. but the police say they are confident that stow was one of the men responsible for the beating. now stow's condition was upgraded from critical to serious. it could be as early as this week that we get another update on his condition. allie rasmus, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. 7:02. we want to let you know. there's breaking news right now. the los angeles dodgers have
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filed for bankruptcy protection in a delaware court this morning. they are claiming the refusal of major league baseball to approve a multi-billion team deal that owner frank mccourt was counting on to keep the team afloat. again. documenters have filed for -- the dodgers have -- again, the dodgers have filed for bankruptcy. we'll have more on that coming up. oakland police are looking for a second person involved in a violent street brawl. police found two men on 13 1:avenue around 10:30. one had been shot. another was beaten with a baseball bat. a third victim later showed up with a wound at the hospital. all three are expected to survive. they say a second man who duesed a gun during the -- who used a gun during the bra is still on the loose -- brawl is still on the loose.
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the sheriff's department said one little boy was tubing 3 miss dad on lake sonoma. now, the line that death connected the -- that connected the two is tube cut. authorities have not told us the boy's name but they say he's from san francisco. investigators will return to the scene. a fiery train crash in the nevada desert. one of those killed is a long- time amtrak employee who used to live in the east bay. kraig debro is live in emeryville with reaction from people who saw the devastation firsthand. >> reporter: good morning. we're at the emeryville station. you might recall the train involved in that accident on friday was headed to emeryville. federal investigators are gonna
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be looking over the records of the trucking company involved in the crash there -- of the crash there. investigators found a truck that had tires so bald, they had to be taken off the road. but getting off the people who actually saw the train after the accident. some of the people at the emeryville station, they passed by and made their way out to california. a couple of people they talked to said they heard this happened. amtrak employees are saying nothing because they are being asked to not say anything to the media because their bosses. there are a couple of people we found who did not know what happened on friday. one person from denver said she saw the burned-out train on her very first train trip. >> we is came that way and sawed cars. it was just a horrible sight and all of the half were very upset. you can tell -- staff on the site were very upset. you can tell they are all
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grieving. >> i love the train, but yeah, it's scary what happened to those people. >> reporter: six people were killed on friday when their emeryville train was struck by a tractor-trailer. it happened 70 miles east of reno. the gates were down and the warning lights were on. one of the individuals who died, laura lee, the conductor. >> we're still saying, no, that wasn't my mom's train. it was -- it's hard. >> reporter: laura lee was a long-time amtrak employee. a coworker said she sold tickets before she was a conductor with the organization. back to you. >> thank you. three suspicious vegetation fires in san rafael are being investigated this morning.
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last night firefighters rushed to francisco boulevard west. they reportedly found three separate fires right along railroad tracks. those fires were quickly put out. about two weeks ago, police arrested a transient who allegedly started two fires. no one was been injured. people living in marin may first have to fend for themselves when a natural disaster hits. the marin county grand jury returned the court saying 80% of the responders live outside of marin. some as far away as in kern and nevada counties. the marin independent journal says it's a wakeup call for newcomers. but residents say they may have to survive for 72 hours without emergency assistance. 7:07. police in fremont are trying to identify a man's body that was found over the weekend. police say the body was found
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in alameda creek near interstate 880, saturday afternoon. they say the body is badly decomposed and they don't know how long it's been there. now they are working to identify the man and determine how he was killed. 7:07. we get to talk about the commute. hopefully things are holding up. i know it's getting busier out there. we've had a crash on 880 northbound near fifth. this crash has been blocking at least one lane for a time. i want to show you the 880 camera that we have near the coliseum. look at that traffic. traffic is backed up. if you are trying to get to the oakland area or jack london square, i would strongly relative humidity not using 880 until after the coliseum. you can use international or 580 because you'll be stuck in this horrible traffic and that
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traffic has not been moved. it's pretty light at the toll plaza. it could be because of the 4th of july is coming. some people have vacation time. this morning, in the south bay, we have a pretty decent-looking commute, the road sensors are not soing a lot of traffic. maybe a little bit on 101. 7:08. let's go to steve. >> thank you. we do have a lot of low clouds and fog, temperatures yesterday, very nice. coast and bay and inland, got a little warm. temperatures came up. but we'll start a cooldown. berkeley, emeryville. everybody shot out there, all of the people who watch us. thank you very much. we do have cooler weather for inland areas, a lot of low clouds and fog hanging around the bay. cool, mild, warm. i don't think they will be as warm as sunday. watch how the fog thickens up.
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still an upper 40 left. that's sonoma county airport. but a lot of 50s. the city's 51. so is san rafael. a no-doubt-about--it sea breeze is in place. all courtesy of a rather impressive system for the end of june. last time we had something of this ilk was in 1991. there are signs that this will be a big rain producer for northern california and maybe some rain down to the north bay. south of that, not much may happen but the low has to move over. it looks like at least the north bay by tuesday night/wednesday. so a possibility. thunderstorms into wednesday. that's a cold core system coming in for a time of year where it says, you know, days are long and temperatures can get warm.
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much cooler tomorrow. rain north bay. maybe farther south. i will kind of ease into that. morning low clouds and sunny inland. anywhere 50s, 60s to a lot of 70s and then some low to mid- 80s if you are well, well inland. i think the temperatures come down from the high. 60s, 70s, just too close to the bay. cloudy with rain, yes, i said rain, on tuesday. showers wednesday. then it's out of here on thursday. and we just go from one extreme to the other. it will be warm to hot by the weekend. >> okay. thank you, steve. the appeals trial continues this morning for the american student convicted of killing her roommate in italy. another man convicted in the slaying told the court today that he thinks amanda knocks and her boyfriend are guilty.
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there's a lot of fog out there. 50s, 60s by the beaches. 60s, 70s by the way. 7:14. right now, minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann is officially announcing she's joining the field for candidates for the 201 presidential nomination. these -- for the 2012 presidential nomination. these are pictures of bachman. she is making the announcement in waterloo, iowa, where she was born. just hours ago, the international criminal court issued arrest warranted for moammar gadhafi, one of his -- warrants for moammar gadhafi, one of his sons and one of the chiefs. these arrest warrants official
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make them international war criminals. however this court has no police force and relies on other states to make arrests. president obama will try to save these negotiations that brokedown last week in the talks led by the vice president. alison burns has more. >> reporter: this is a live look at the nation's debt clock. the treasury department warns the united states will hit its $14py 3 trillion -- $14.3 trillion. democrats want to include any tax increases. >> you cannot achieve if you set out that -- what you set out to do if you said it's about cutting.
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it has to do with the -- to do with others as well. >> reporter: "the washington post" reports one potential path to compropose -- to compropose mice in gop cuts -- to compromise in gop cuts. back to you. >> thank you. it appears that president obama is the first to use the white house auto pen to sign a piece of legislation. the autopen has been routinely used by presidents to sign documents and photographs. last month, president obama authority iced its use to sign -- authorized into law its use to sign for the patriot act. a year-long experiment with the nation's power grid is set to start in a few weeks. it could mess up a lot of
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things including traffic lights, security systems and computers. could also make some plug-in clocks and appliances like coffeemakers one up to 20 minutes fast. the group believes the experiment will make the experiment more reliable. according to "the associationed press" investigation, there's no standard for how quickly people must be advocated in an accident -- evacuated in an accident. a consumer analysis says the populations within ten times the site have grown four times the amount since 1980 but some estimates have not been upgraded -- updated in decades. >> they are telling us it's too early to tell if an avalanche killed six. the mayor says that community
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is in shock. one of the hikers spotted the body about 9,000 feet up in a pass there. recovery crews airlifted the bodies back to the town. today the u.s. supreme court is expected to announce if the law restricting violent video games is unconstitutional. a 2005 law bans the sale or rentals of the games like -- of the games like "grand theft auto." the cases that are the most difficult to do side are usually the last ones announced by the court. and today is the final scheduled day for decisions to be announced. although the supreme court's term does not end until thursday. also this morning, the high court will take up the first amendment right over what broadcasters can put on the airwaves when young kids may be
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watching tv. the obama administration has said the appeals court has stripped the fcc of its ability to police the airways. while the u.s. television networks argue the policy is updated because it only applies to broadcast tv and ignores content on cable or over the internet. we'll see what the u.s. supreme court has to say about that. british researchers have developed what they say is a due for type ii diabetes. they studied -- cure for type ii diabetes. they stu butted -- they did studies and the patients were averaging 220 pounds at the beginning of the diet by the end of the eighth week, they lost 134 pounds and had no signs of diabetes. a new report is calling for more regulations on its use of -- the roundup reviews. the group earth open source
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says it appears that leaders have knownst -- have known for years that the chemical causes birth defects. 7:20. the auto industry may have to increase gas mileage standards according to "the wall street journal." a new report shows the white house almost doubles efficiency. the paper says that most cars will be battery powered and the price will go up by thousands of dollars. governor brown and state lawmakers are scrambling to get an alternative state budget passed. you gotta see this. never -- i haven't seen this before. look in the back. yeah. that's a shark. it's jumping. you can imagine how the surfers
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out there must have felt. good morning. 880 is a mess. we'll tell you why all of a sudden, the commute is one of the worst we've seen in a few weeks.
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governor brown and state leaders are working hard to get the budget passed by the end of -- end of this thursday. the state controller says he's not paying anyone until this is finished. governor brown's spokesperson said he's baffled by republicans' behavior. he said "the republicans in sacramento are basically
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moronic but we're hopeful." there have been no comments from republicans. 7:24. a florida photographer took a once in a lifetime picture -- once in a lifetime pictures, look. the shark there jumped over the -- over the swimmers. here's known for leaping out of the water while hunting. the surfer was not hurt but i'm sure he thought about it. that area known as the shark bite capital of the world. >> that's just amazing. as we go to sal, i want to mention, we have do some breaking news. we mentioned the supreme court was expected to make a decision on california's law banning the sale or rental of violent video games. the supreme court has rejected that law. not a big surprise. a lot 6 people were wondering
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how they would be to uphold that right. we'll have more on that coming up. >> oh, sure. right now we're looking at one of the worse backups we have seen in a few weeks on 880 northbound. it's easing some since the accident at 5th has been removed. if you guys in the control room will get of that at the left, you can see the traffic is much better than it was even a few moments ago. let's go to the toll plaza. this morning on highway 4, that's slow as well. westbound is slow. antioch is slow. let's go to receive. thank you, sal. well, clear for some, a little haze out there. smaze. a lot of fog.
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it's all being pushed along by a late season cold front. a cold front which will be here tomorrow. low clouds and fog will slowly burn back. but i will tell you it's starting to join up about -- join us with what's coming up and down the coast. had some very cool lows. that's a sea breeze right there. west-southwest fairfield, gusting to 35. game over, done. it's just a howing -- howling sea breeze. all courtesy of that system will get the front and then the association the low. the question is how far south -- how far south will it go. today fog, sun, breezy, 60s, 70s for many and then temperatures coming down after that brief warmup on sunday. the big news will be tomorrow. i think by this time tomorrow, i'm talking about rain in the north bay. very, very cool into wednesday
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and then we turn it around and warm it up. sunshine and much warmer as we go into the weekend. 7:47. terrible incident, it involves a bay area mother and her small child. we have new information on the family of this 4 -- of this 4- year-old boy. and a huge fire overnight destroys 5 florida hotel. now dozening of people are homeless.
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7:30. a danville teenage eris fighting for his life following a serious accident at a santa cruz beach. jade hearse has more -- jade hernandez has more. >> reporter: good morning. we can show you how the community is pulling to the. one of the pastors at creekside community church created this facebook page. it's called a time of prayer. this page has a few of ryan's friends, comment and prayers. creekside has a church of 200 families. later tonight, here in alamo. another vigil is scheduled. this morning, doctors are keeping a close eye on the 17-
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year-old teen who was air lifted on saturday. he was building a sand tunnel six feet deep in santa cruz when it collapsed around him an another teen. the 17-year-old was trapped underneath the sand for 15 minutes. the other teen has treated and released. they were in town for the annual trip when this tragedy struck. a lifeguard and friends dug him out. they have not been stopped praying since. they gathered at the church to decide what to do. >> the first critical sometime period is the first 24 hours. he's responding to voices and certain activity. so it's encouraging. >> reporter: we checked in with
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the santa clara valley medical center. we were trying to gauge ryan's recovery this morning. we were told by the hospital. they could not release any information. but according to the facebook, they say it was -- it is responding to voices. and that is a lot of progress. back to you. well, new this morning, union city police are investigating a shooting and then say it happened at the same house where another person was killed last month. police responded to the house on whipple road around 8:30 last night. they found a 22-year-old latino man who had been shot several times. police searched the neighborhood for a suspect. they say they don't have many leads to go on. the initial information is that the suspect approached on is foot. i don't have a race. i have dark clothing and that's it. >> the shooting victim is listed in critical condition.
7:34 am
the police are listing any changes. a boy is on life sport this morning after his mother accidentally ran over him. an -- life support this morning after his mother accidentally ran over him. the boy suffered serious head injuries. according to a facebook page set up by family members, he underwent surgery and doctors say his injuries are noted a bass -- as bad as initially thought. police say the mother was parking and did not see the child. he had walked from the yard to the driveway and was playing in the path of the car. dozens of people are homeless after a central, florida motel is destroyed by fire. the fire began last night at the vacation lodge in kissimmee and burned for hours, causing the roof to collapse. 150 people had to be evacuated
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from the expend -- extended stay hotel, a florida television station reports that 12 people were taken to hospitals but we don't know the extent of their injuries and the cause of the fire is under investigation. 7:34. back here at home, boy, the stage is set for the latest smart meter program. today, pg&e will begin installing smart meters along santa cruz county and protesters planned several demonstrations. they even plan to block the payment center. critics of the smart meters -- smart meters say they are a health risk. is a san mateo woman says she was fired from her job at abercrombie and finch where she
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worked after -- after refusing to take off her head skirt. she said even though she wore it for religion reasons, it was not part of the decor. back 1. it's been one month since michelle le has disappeared. and family and friends are hoping that she will be found alive. searchers searched -- searchers searched all over. they are focusing on the areas based on tips from the police. the police have reclassified her case as a homicide. the dodgers have filed for bankruptcy, that sets up a slowdown with major league baseball over the future of the franchise and it comes a few days before the team is required to meet its payroll. the dodgers owe plenty of --
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plenty of people money. happening right now, secretary of state, hillary clinton, is making a statement. sheer she is about the human rights, lesbian and gay, transgender community -- community. let's just listen in for a minute. >> to get other countries to sign on in support of a statement on ending violence and criminalization based on sexual orientation and gender identity. in the end, 85 countries signed the statement, 18 more than ever had signed onto any previous u.n. statement on lbgt rights. in the very next session of the human rights council just two weeks ago, after another major push by american diplomats in
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geneva as well has our other teams and bureaus, the council passed the first ever u.n. resolution recognizing the human rights of lgbt people worldwide. it was especially meaningful that we had south africa co- sponsoring that resolution with us. with that, we took a huge step forward to refute the hateful suggestion that lbgt people are somewhat exempt from human rights protections. and we made it absolutely clear. so far as the united states is concerned, that gay rights are human rights and -- >> we've been listening live to secretary of state, hillary clinton, speaking about the part of the lbgt pride month. and her comment on the list weian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.
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we'll have more on on this later on. san francisco's famous pride parade got an extra boost of energy this year, thanks to new york legalizing gay marriage on saturday. the lesbian is motorcycle club dykes on bikes lined the streets. the grand marshals were olympia dukakis and chaz bono. we have more information at find it on the gay pride tab at [ cheers ] yesterday's big parade came two days after new york stay lawmakers voted to legalize same-sex marriage. thousands of people filled the streets cheering for that decision. now they are curbing -- turning
7:40 am
their attention to the state of maryland and rhode island. they are hoping what is happening in other states will boost support. now, in chicago, the parade went on as scheduled, despite the fact that somebody slashed the tires on more than 50 flights -- floats overnight. the floats were found hours before the parade started. some of the parade officials called this incident a hate crime. but chicago police are calling this a property crime, at least for now -- at least for now. let's check with in -- check in with sal. this morning we are looking at a traffic pattern that's somehow normal. we have slow traffic in areas. 237 traffic is backed up crossing 880. also this morning, we're looking at the commute that
7:41 am
runs over 880 southbound getting to this point, it's pretty slow. let's take a look the at -- let's take a look at the bay bridge. up on that upper deck, in the right lane. it's a stalled vehicle, either that or it's a crash. let me check on the pier here. i know it's -- obviously one lane is blocked here. this is terrible news for people trying to get into san francisco. so far it looks like a stalled vehicle. let's move along and san jose traffic looks okay. 7:41 let's go to steve. i realize for some of you it's still early. maybe you are not up to every other heartbeat. between tuesday afternoon and wednesday morning, thrown .75 is projected for sfo. that would be tomorrow, tuesday, into wednesday
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morning. .50 to 1 inch of rain. it's on its way. maybe more. that's much more bullish than 12 hours ago. so with that in mine, if -- if agricultural interests, whatever, you might want to start thinking about tomorrow being a rain day. today low clouds, sunny, breezy. two bans of fog and they are now merging as that system to the north gets closer. 49 -- low 50s. san francisco 51. mid-50s and a west-southwest to 22 at fairfield, west-southwest vacaville. west-southwest napa. sea breeze is there. i shaved -- shaved off the highs. there's our system. for the end of june it deserves a bigtime wow. the last time this happened was 1991. so the front will go through
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and then the low has to go through and therein lies the key. this is going to give moderate -- moderate rain in northern california, maybe even here. mid-80s inland. today, low clouds and fog. breezy, morning low clouds, 80%, 70s for others. i realize i went quick or the north bay. tomorrow, cloudy with rain. rain moves in tuesday into wednesday morning. possible thunderstorms and then
7:44 am
it's out of here fast and then all signs point to warm to hot conditions by the weekend. tori? >> thank you, steve. the tsa reacts to complaints after a 95-year-old airline passengers is forced to remove her viper
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staking a live look at the big board on wall street, stocks are up as the debt news from europe is somewhat
7:47 am
positive. the do you is up 100 above 12,000. home depot is the latest company to be accused of vie slateing the -- violating the biamerican act. the department of justice is investigating after a san francisco attorney claimed home depot sold products made in china. home depot said it would not knowingly sell band -- banned goods. today mcdonald's is introducing a new smoothie flavor nationwide of the mango pineapple drink is part of a campaign to convince consumersers, it's a hip and healthy place to eat. beverages now account for 25% of mc donald's revenues. the tsa is -- tsa is
7:48 am
defenning the search of a 95- year-old cancer patient who was forced to remove her diaper. this is the photo of a woman is at a mardi gras celebration. a tsa agent reportedly felt something and it turned out it was the diaper. a second person has died after a car driven by a woman plowed into a san jose nursing hole. it happened saturday. police say the driver, who they are not identifying, hit the gas pedal instead of the brake. suzanne infante died from her injuries yesterday. >> if a 90-year-old woman is
7:49 am
driving, you -- you have to blame the dmv for giving those licenses out. >> 88-year-old ester bokanaga died on saturday following the accident. two more are being treated at local hospitals. police continue to investigate the accident. the driver has not been charged. the brother of venezuelan president says supporters of the hospitalized president should not warm up armed struggle in the future. there is a lot of speculation about his heath right now. president chaves's brother told supporters r the ruling part -- supporters the ruling party -- back here at home, you can get screened for h.i.v. for free. the santa clara public department is developing the test. they will be offered -- is
7:50 am
offering the test. they will be offered at the crane center between 9:00 this morning and 5:00 this evening, and at a -- at a mobile clinic at st. james park from 10:00 until 2 p.m. in the afternoon. all of the tests are free and anonymous. beginning friday, july 1st, foster care parent families will get a boost of almost 26%. it all depends on the age of the child. this comes after a u.s. district judge ruled that california chronically undercompensates foster parents. that pay adjustment brings california closer to the federal standards. ten minutes before 8:00, a close encounter -- a close encounter. a lot of unanswered questions this morning all following the frantic search, this one here in the local lagoon.
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at 10:15, pacific time, 7500 miles over the southern lake ocean, astronomers say you immediate a medium-powered telescope to this -- to see the asteroid. authorities may file charges against a woman and her husband who claim the wife -- according to authorities, the woman claimed her family was still in the car. this rescue operation turned up nothing. investigators -- now want to know if she drove the car into the lagoon on purpose or was
7:54 am
there an accident. they are also trying to confirm her identity. a mast-moving wildfire in new mexico has -- fast move- move -- a fast-moving wild wire has shut down the nuclear lab. the fire started sunday afternoon and has grown to 6800 square miles. the fire crews say the lab remains safe. the blaze is within a mile of the lab. firefighters are getting a firm grass on three other wildfires. one is fully contained. and a second blaze is nearly out. the third wildfire is growing ownfully a rugged area with -- only in a rugged area. the fire sparked last month and has charred at least 500,000 acres. it's 77% contained. starting tomorrow, it will
7:55 am
be against the law to either sell or make drop-side baby cribs in the united states. 32 babies have died, millions of these cribs have been recalled. now, a lot of parents like them because it's easy to lower the side rail like that and put a sleeping baby in the cribs. but sometimes the sliding side rails will try to break off and create a gap where a baby could become trapped and they will be allowed to use the cribs for at least another 18 months. starting this friday, july 1st, san francisco public libraries will no longer be mailing reminder notices 3 overdue books. instead, libraries will use is e-mail, text messages -- will use e-mail, text messages
7:56 am
instead. we want to check in with sal, get and update on the commute and see how the bay bridge is. >> we have a couple of complaints of 880. it's improving although the toll plaza as well. the metering lights are on. >> 880 is backed up. there was an earlier crash at 5th. that's been gone for a half an hour. the traffic has not been great. 580 is a better choice this morning. if you are driving in the south bay, northbound 101 is pretty busy coming up from 85. there is a new crash reported, northbound 280 right near highway 17. watch for slow traffic as you drive through that area. let's go to steve. i'm not letting complaints but i'm getting -- getting complaints but i'm getting
7:57 am
incredulous emails. yes, the rain. yes. i'm planning on that. it's much stronger than 24 hours ago. that's for sure. a lot 6 low clouds in advance of it. in fact, it will an cool, foggy day for some. inland, sunny, but breezy. temperatures are starting to warm up now. concord says 59. there is the sea breeze and fog bank. that tells us we're not gonna be very warm. the front has to come through first and then the low, forming on the back side of that, it looks like it's going to go over at least the north bay late tuesday into wednesday. fog, sun, breezy. morning cloud, 60s for some. 50s by the coast. tuesday, cloudy with rain.
7:58 am
possible showers on wednesday. well, again, we turn it right around. it will be one extreme to the other. it will be warm to hot as we head into the weekend. dave and tori. new video merges in the bryan stow beating case. we'll tell you about the confrontation the video shows about the man who is not the same person the police arrested. an east bay conductor family responds to her death on friday.
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welcome back. i'm tori cam b. >> i'm dave clark. this morning we are getting a good look at new video of injured giants' fan bryan stow arguing in the stands with a dodgers' fan. this could mean good news for the man who police arrested for the attack on bryan stow. allie rasmus has more. >> reporter: so far los angeles police have not been able to comment on this video. i've been speaking with an officer in the department since
8:01 am
5:00. they are not sure the officers have had a chance to look at this video. let's show you the video. it comes from tmzt was posted on their website just after midnight on sunday saturday night. it appears to be shot from a -- on sunday night. it appears to be shot from a cell phone. you can see a man in a dodgers' jersey arguing with stow. stow is seated to the left and appears to be trying to calm the guy down and defuse the situation. we don't know at what point the video was shot. we do know that bryan stow sent a text message to his friends commenting about how he was concerned with his safety.
8:02 am
giovanni ramirez was on parole when he was arrested. ramirez wasn't released from jail, though. he's still in jail, will be the next -- will be for the fix ten months because -- for the next ten months because of a parole violation. bryan stow is improving. they upgrade the condition from critical to serious last week. a hospital spokesperson says they will probably provide some sort of update on bryan stow's progress again that week. as alley told us, first received this video. coming up in about 15 minutes we'll take you live to los angeles. we'll talk with a tmz producer about that video and we will find out what los angeles police are saying about it. 8:02. five people remain missing from
8:03 am
an amtrak pass near reno. forensic experts are at the scene. kraig debro is there live. >> reporter: i talked to a couple of people who saw this wreck. one east bay family de -- see sides -- [ inaudible ] >> she's out there working and -- she's following the rules and this guy just -- >> reporter: the conductor worked for the company for 20 years. she was reportedly called the general because she demanded
8:04 am
things be followed to the letter. the train they were riding in was broadsided by 5 tractor- trailer. the truck's driver failed to see or ignored the safety guard or warning lights that were working that day. we spoke to two passengers this morning who saw the train's carcass on their way to california on amtrak. >> i do believe i saw it. i wasn't sure. but i do believe i saw it. >> you see a train sitting on the tracks that looks like it had been true a -- through a fire. federal investigators are working with new information about that trucking company out of nevada. it has been cited repeatedly for crashes, unsafe driving and operating the truck with tires so bald, the vehicle had to be taken off the road. reporting live in emeryville,
8:05 am
ktvu news. a 7-year-old boy remains hot iced at this hour -- hospitalized at this hour. the sheriff department says the little boy was -- the sheriff's department says the boy was tubing with his father on lang sonoma. the line got in the proehl peller of another vote and it cut the -- propeller of another boat and it cut the boy's leg. the boy is from san francisco. 8:05. three suspicious vegetation fires in san rafael are being investigated right now. last night firefighters rushed to francisco boulevard west. they reportedly found three separate fires right along railroad tracks near a possible homeless encampment. about two weeks ago, police arrested a transient who allegedly started two fires behind the culture center.
8:06 am
nobody was hurt in any of those incidents. volunteers met up at the west gate church before setting -- heading out to locate the homeless. >> you kind of get the feel for health needs, housing needs and so done the road, once we get all of this information we can really lobby for what services people need out here and kind of expedite the progress for everyone. >> this is day one. volunteers will finish up on wednesday. 78:06. well, today, the california street cable cars are back in service after being out more than six months for
8:07 am
maintenance. the california line closed down for a $24 million upgrade. that included major repairs and rebuilding for the cars and for the track. comcom-- commuters in san jose may have to find an alternate to work today. we want to check in with sal, keeping a close eye on the commute. >> now we're getting word of a b.a.r.t. delay. 10 to 15 minutes it says from daly -- on the daly city line because of an equipment problem on the track. that was actually tweeted by the people at b.a.r.t. which i follow on twitter
8:08 am
there. so we will let you know how that delay develops. tori did mention, the macarthur maze. it's pretty slow coming around the corner to the bay bridge toll plaza because of earlier problems. 880 is recovering a little bit. still kind. slow, though. this morning in the south bay, monday 280 -- northbound 208 is still slow. 101 is the slowest commute in the south bay. it's backed up just near the capital expressway. at 8:08. let's go to steve. let's go to sal. kind of funny.
8:09 am
the fog is increasing -- what -- this is gonna eject out of here and we'll go from really cool to really warm by the end of the congress. 50s -- of the week. 50s. san jose a little warmer under mostly sunny skies. 59, livermore is close. fairfield. fairfield has just a howling sea breeze. san rafael at 52. gusts to 30 out at travis. west-southwest sfo at the oakland airport and even out to -- out to vacaville. vacaville is getting a west- southwest. you know that's the sea breeze. there's that system. low clouds and fog if you are inland, low, maybe a few 80s. this is going to -- going to plunge temperatures. the low which is back there. about 20 degrees below average there. then we'll rebound rapidly. but this system showing every sign. it's tapped into some pretty good moisture. it will be okay most times of the year. for the end of june.
8:10 am
you have to go back to 1991 to find anything remotely close. some low to mid-80s inland. tomorrow, cloudy skies, rain starts in the north bay. i will probably be talking about drizzle at this time. by noon southward and there are some very hefty projections on the total. walnut creek, danville, low 80s today. same for the santa clara valley. also, san jose at 77. santa clara 77. woodside portola valley. dae little city 59. low to mid-60s. cloudy with rain on tuesday. showers possible thundershowers. it's out of there on thursday. we go wall to wall on sunshine. severe, clear, warm to hot.
8:11 am
8:10. one hour ago. the u.s. supreme court announced california's law restricting violent video game sales is unconstitutional. a 2005 law banning the sale or rental of games like the grand theft auto series to anyone under the age of 18. video game producers claimed the law violated freedom of speech. the law never went into effect and the cases that are the most difficult to decide are usually the last ones announced. we'll have more off "mornings on 2" right after this. stay with us. 7
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
a rather solid fog bank. it's made it pretty far inland with a very solid sea breeze. even with sunshine, temperatures will cool off. a lot 660s and 70s. the big news -- a lot of 60s and 70s. the big news looks like rain on thursday. president obama jumps into the high-stakes talks on raising the nation's debt limit this morning. as alison burns reports, time is running out to strike a deal. >> reporter: that's right. the treasury secretary has warned it could be an economic catastrophe for the united states in congress does not act within the month. the u.s. will sit the -- will hit the $13.3 trillion limit on august 2nd.
8:15 am
unless congress acts, the nation will default for some 1 some time. they have failed to produce a deal so far. now president obama is taking some heat. if you are the executive, you have to be the out there pushing and leading, you can't lay back and wait for somebody else to do it. president obama started his morning with harry reid just about 45 minutes ago. this afternoon, he meets with much mcconnell. democrats insist any deal must include tax increases. also "the washington post" reports that the republicans are expressing a new willingness to make significant cuts cuts in defense spending and that could be a potential path to compromise. alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. early this morning, a new video surfaced showing bryan stow inside dodger stadium on the day he was beating.
8:16 am
that video shows stow in a confrontation with the man that police arrested. tmz produced that video this morning. and here is here. tomorrowing. >> 1. >> groomle. >> i know you don't -- is here. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> i know you don't release the sources. but can you -- >> i can't talk about where the video came from. land confirmed to us it was bryan stow in the -- l.a.p.d. confirm the was stow in the video. the l.a.p.d. actually wants this video that we have, you know, before their investigation -- for their investigation. it's pretty interesting just to see -- just to see -- eneven though it's a quick video.
8:17 am
it shows that bryan was in the stand and being harassed by dodger fans. obviously -- bryan is just like, his hand gestures show he doesn't have any part of it. it's unfortunate, we know what happened afterwards. >> so gary what, is your policy about sharing this video with police. are you gonna turn it over or is that something that is not your policy. >> wenerer want to hinder any criminal investigation, especially if it helps -- helped this gentleman and his family out. if the l.a.p.d. does go through the proper channels. obviously, we will comply, we're not out here to stop the cops and the good people working on the case from doing their -- their proper procedures. >> now, you're not gonna name the source but did you talk to the person who shot this video
8:18 am
and did three say -- did they say anything -- >> i did not personally talk to where we got the video from but i -- what i had been told is that the gentleman wearing the dodgers shirt that's confronting mr. stow in the video, from what we're told so far, he's not involved in the attack. we were told that he -- this is not giovanni ramirez. we're told that he was not one of the people in the group. so that's what we know right now. it's kind of interesting that bryan was getting this from everybody there. it's just kind of setting the scene for what happened. and what we know now happened. >> thank you, gary, as you might know a lot of giants' fans are really concerned about this, it happened to one of our fans, a lot of people are following this case.
8:19 am
you can follow this case at and a wild scene and a lot of damage in seattle over the weekend during the pride celebrations there. at an american apparel clothing store, the workers are busy sweeping up -- look at all of this shattered glass. a small group of troublemakers started this. two police cars and a banktal were also damaged -- and a bank a.t.m. were damaged. if you live in sonoma -- solano county, we want to show you the american tick. the experts recommend that you wear protective clothing in you -- if you are in an airport ya with a lot of brush -- in an
8:20 am
area with a lot of brush, they say disinfect from the bite. a penguin from antarctica ended up on a new zealand beach. it apparently mistook sand for snow and was eating a lot of the sands and twigs. so vets and physicians flushed out its stomach and are feeding him a fish flurry. they've nicknamed the penguin after the texas film. ♪ is the commodities trader who bought michael jackson's jacket is -- jacket says it will be is used for children's charities. there's new developments in
8:21 am
the casey anthony case. stay tuned. we'll bring you the latest on that case. @
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
the casey anthony murder trial. this is some of the evidence they are looking at. you can't read all of that but this is inside the croom in florida. an interesting development. the judge this morning re-- this is someone on the witness stand. the judge rejected a motion by the defense that claimed that casey anthony is not competent to continue on with this trial. the judge, belvin perry, ordered three psychiatrists to evaluate over the weekend, they concluded that yes, she's competent. in the meantime, the defense has filed a new motion for a mistrial. they predicted they would rest their case by thursday. but now it's not clear whether that ruling this morning will affect their plans. today, by the way, is the 40th day of the casey anthony trial. she's accused of killing her 2-
8:25 am
year-old daughter, caylee. the auto industry may have to increase its gas mileage standards significant i. "the wall street journal" says the white house wants the fuel economy doubled to more than 56 miles a gallon by 2025. carmakers say that could probably mean most new vehicles would be battery-powered and that would raise car prices pie 1 by thousands of dollars. -- car prices by thousands of dollars. sal,ish need you to use your skills to get everybody where they need to go. >> are you surprised that more people are not just working from home. this week and all of these last few weeks we've had -- we have had terrible traffic. good morning. let's take a look at the bridges. went been is really slow because of an earlier
8:26 am
motorcycle stalled out in the right lane. but they removed it. it's backed up for at least a 25-minute delay. slowing in hayward. golden gate bridge, not a lot of slowing. the weather isn't so much of a traffic problem but it is a little foggy out there. let's go to the forecast with steve. tu, sal. e-mails, twitters nation, a live with rain tomorrow. and and anna said i have to bring in the cushions? what? yes, i would. getting a strong surge on this fog bank. there it is. it will increase it. san francisco 51, concord, 59. 52 san rafael. 59 in san jose. but there's a really strong sea breeze from the golden gate.
8:27 am
so that tells us inland areas will cool down. most times of the year, we have a front coming in. but from the end of june, they -- we have a front coming in and there will be rain tomorrow. it looks like it could pack a really significant punch. not only the munch but the associated low which is moving in northern california. if that's the case, we could have thunderstorms here as well. late tuesday into wednesday. the big news appears to be rain tomorrow. maybe even moderate. not sprinkles, one projection has .75 at sfo thursday night. clearing sunshine and then warmer weather by the weekend. this morning, the coast guard will resume a search for a missing voter in marin county. now, witnesses say they small the a -- they saw the man fall
8:28 am
out of 5 hey loom number boat. the boater lost sight. there was no sign of the man and he was -- he was not wearing a life jacket. chasing thousands of people out of their homes and into north dakota. coming up for you at 78:36. we'll get a really good look at the damage in a live report from an area. find out what's being done to keep that water from flooding even more homes in minot. 8:28. trouble on the streets of oakland. we'll tell you the latest on what happened overnight.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
well, good morning to you. 8:30 a prayer service is set for tonight for a danville teenager critically injured over the weekend. jade hernandez tells us the 17- year-old was badly hurt during a weekend trip to the beach. jade? >> reporter: that's right. one of the pastures at creekside community church, the church sponsoring the group, created this facebook page for ryan buchanan. it's called a time of prayer for ryan. the page has a few of his friends an comments on it and also prayers. creekside is a christian church with about00 families. later today, another vigil is scheduled. doctors keeping a close eye on the 17-year-old teen who was airlifted on saturday from santa cruz.
8:32 am
bryan was zigging a sand tunnel 6 feet deep. he was trapped underneath the san for -- sand for about 15 minutes. the other teen was pulled from the sand, taken to the hospital, treated and released. about 16 were there for this event when the tragedy struck. lifeguards an friends dug him out of the sand. so last night they gathered to talk about what happened. >> it's a game we play at the beach. nobody realizes the risk of it. it's just boys being boys. >> reporter: the santa clara medical center said they can't comment on his progress. on one of the posts created by the pasture who created this facebook page tolt us that
8:33 am
ryan's heartbeat is strong. his lungs are healthy. they are very optimistic about ryan's recovery. reporting live from alamo. 8:3. the stage is set for the latest smartmeter showdown. today, pg&e will begin stalling -- installing smartmeters. protesters plan several demonstrations and even plan to block the entrance of the pg&e payment center. critics say radiation from the smart meters creates health risks. they also say smart meters often overcharge customers. this morning, oakland police have been looking for a second suspect involved in 0 violent street brawl. police found two men on 13th avenue around 10:30. one had been shot, another was beaten with the baseball bat. a third victim showed up at the hospital with a stab wound. all three are expected to
8:34 am
survive. police arrested one man. investigators say a second suspect who used a gun during the brawl is still on the loose. no word on what sparked the violence. 8:33. dozens of people looking for a place to stay after a central florida motel was destroyed by a big fire. this started last night at the vacation lodge in kissimmee, florida. it burned for ours. the roof collapsed. it look the like -- it looked like a total. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. back here at home, it's now been one month since nursing student michelle le disappeared. family members and friends are still hoping she'll be found alive. over the weekend, dozens of volunteers, once again, went
8:35 am
out searching rural parts of the east bay. family members say they are searching with limited information but they are focusing on areas based on tips from the police. michelle le was last seen at kaiser medical center in hayward. the police lee crass fid her -- reclassified her case as a homicide. we want to check in with sal. >> this commute has been not as light as we thought it might be. as we lead up to the 4th of july. it's a holiday weekend but part of it is because we had a stalled motorcycle on the upper deck of the bay bridge. traffic is backing up to the maze. the only good news i have it's beginning to loosen up a little bit. as we wear on this week, we might see lighter than usual commutes, especially on a friday. in years past, people pend -- people tend to build their vacation and the -- around the
8:36 am
4th. we look at the commute here in the south bay where the road sensors have been picking up a lot of slow traffic and now 85 is getting into the act. let's move the map up. i would recommend 280 instead of this route. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. hazy, foggy, sunny for tomorrow but low clouds have really enfenced. it's going to be a cool day for many coast and bay. 50s and 60s for many. high pressure which built over us sunday. a front is moving over. 51 to 59 on the temperatures. had some upper 40s in the north
8:37 am
bay. some very cold readings a lot of low and mid low 40s. a really strong sea breeze as well. all eyes point toward the northwest. this is a system dropping down toward the end of june, really impressive. there are signs. some of the updated forecast information from this morning was even more bullish. .25 to an 1 is possible out of this system. it looks like the low is coming right over the north bay tomorrow. so low clouds, sunny and breezy, mid-80s. much, much cooler. a good, 20, 25 degrees. that's how -- i saw one projection for santa rosa for 63 for a hot. morning low clouds, sunny, inland. anywhere from 50s 60s by the beaches.
8:38 am
low to mid-80s if you are well aware from any fog influence. palo alto, mountain view, wood side but then 50s, 60s on the coast, 60s for south san francisco and also low 60s in the city. cloudy with rain, last time we had something of this nature was in 1990 at the end of june. we go sunny -- sunny side up and warm to hot for the weekend. it's a race to protect people and homes in minot, north dakota this morning. james spellman looks at the damage this morning. good morning, jim. >> reporter: good morning to you, tori. yeah. take a look at what people in minot, north dakota are waking up to see. just flooding for block after block, mile after mile. it's a lot of water, a lot of
8:39 am
damage. as the sun came up monday, the national guard patrol -- the national guard patrolled the streets. assess -- assessing the damage after the sourus river crested. some homes are under 11 feet of water. 12,000 people were evacuated. you know, not hit your area or maybe not as much water is gonna come over. but we did get quite a bit of water. emotions ran high. >> devastating, heartbreaking, heartwrenching. >> reporter: over the weekend the sandbag areas and fema has authorized sending assistance to minot. but with the river expected to stay around flood stage for the next week or so, cleanup is on
8:40 am
hold. even so, some residents are just thankful they got out in time. >> it's a lot of sobering people who have been forced to evacuate all of this floodwater. it will be a long time -- everybody here has an unbelievable spirit. sometimes the worst of times brings out the best of people. there is obviously a lot of cleanup. do many of these people have flood insurance to help pay for it. the majority of the people we have spiken to, have not -- did not have flood insurance.
8:41 am
fema is here. they've authorized what they call individual assistance, meaning a homeowner can get money directly from the homer -- from fema to help them. there's help for them. but as far as flood insurance, unfortunately, not that many people had it. tori? >> all right. thank you. it is 19 minutes before 9:00. people living in marin may have to fend for themselves when a natural disaster hits. the marin county civil grand jury returned a report saying up to 80% of the city's emergency responders lived outside marin. some as far away as -- in kern or nevada. they say it's a wakeup call for newcomers but long time residents had been told for years they may have to sur -- they may have to survive up to
8:42 am
72 years without emergency assistance. tragedy at one of the most beautiful locations in the world. the mystery this morning as several climbers die in the frenchalps. pap place
8:43 am
8:44 am
i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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stocks are up today after encouraging news about the european debt crisis. that's overshadowing some disappointing news on the americans spending at the weakest pace in 20 months for the month of may, due plainly to the higher gas prices in april and may. oil is down about 1%. the dow sun 85, above 12,000. nasdaq up 25. s&p is up 8. 8:45. let's bring you up to date on some of the other top stories we are following for you. look at this new video -- this shows bryan stow arguing in the stands with a dodger fan, this
8:46 am
is in the stands the night the beating occurred. bryan stow remains in a coma at san francisco general hospital. a 4-year-old boy in martinez remains on life support after his mother accidentally ran over him in the family driveway. the grandmother of little brian flairty said he suffered serious injuries. in just about an hour from now, the council on islamic relations will announce a lawsuit accusing abercrombie and finch for fiing -- for fig -- for firing her after she would not take over her headscarf that she says she wears for religious reasons. an arrest warrant has been issued for moammar gadhafi, one for his son and the intelligence chief of libya.
8:47 am
all three are accused of crimes against humanity. these warrants make them official war records. however, this court has no police force and allows on -- and relies on other states to make arrests. police in fremont are trying to find -- trying to identify a man's body found at alameda creek near 880 on saturday afternoon. they say the body is badly decomposed. they don't know how long it's been there. authorities in france believe they've ice lated the latest e-coli outbreak to hit europe. experts say seven people are still in the hospital after eating guspacho. experts say this strain of bacteria previously killed people in germany and sweden.
8:48 am
british researchers have developed what they say is a cure for type ii diabetes. they say they studied 11 pipe who developed diabetes later in life. they were put on a diet of 600 calories aday for weeks. at the end of the week, they lost an average of 33 pounds and according to the reports they had no signs of diabetes. environment and public health groups, there is a new report calling for regulations on its use. now, the group called earth open source says it appears that european regulators have known for years that the chemical causes birth defects in the embryos of animals. roundup is used in farms and gardens all over the united states. it appears that president obama is the first president to
8:49 am
use the white house autopen to sign a piece of legislation. the autopen, there it is, right there, has been routined -- has been used routinely by presidents. president obama authorized it to send into law the patriot act. that's because the president was in front at the time. there was no same to fly the bill there before the anti- terrorism powers rant out. this morning, michele bachmann, officially announced she's joining the race for the republican nomination for president in 2020. >> i want my candidacy for the presidency of the united states to stand for a moment when we, the people, stand, once again, for the independents from a government that's gotten too big and spends too much and has taken away too much of our
8:50 am
liberties. bachman made her announcement in waterloo, whereby she was born. this morning she said don't believe liberals works are a right wing of the party. hugo chavez supporters say armed struggle should not be ruled out. he had emergency sargery in cuba about two weeks ago. there is a lot of speculation about his heath. his brother said the ruling party wants to maintain during during elections but they also said we cannot forget other forms of fighting. you can get screened with i.v. for free. the say 1 santa clara department is offering the test as part of h.i.v. testing today. the crane center on h 1 l. i -- lindsen and at a mobile clinic
8:51 am
from 10:00 to 2:00. all tests -- tests will be cre and anonymous. there are reports that human error may have caused the death of hikers in the frenchalps -- french alps. back here at home, the the los angeles dodgers filed for bankruptcy. that sets up a major showdown with major league showdown all over the future of the dodgers. it comes just a couple of days before the dodgers are required to meet their may roll. a lot of people are owed by the dodgers even some players who are no longer on the team. the dodgers have been under financial ruin. at the same time, frank mccourt, the owner, is going through a very expensive divorce. thatter was a statement by the
8:52 am
team that says there will be no disruption to the dodgers' day- to-day business, the baseball team or the dodger fans is. >> very interesting development. we have breaking news from a chicago courtroom. a verdict in the trial of former governor rod blagojevich. also -- there's this video. you watch it closely. it's out there somewhere. there it is. yes. something was jumping around, around a group of surfers in florida. we'll tell you all about it.
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
breaking news out of chicago. the jurors deliberating in the krupp shunt trial of rob blagojevich tell a judge they've reached a verdict on 18 of the 20 counts against him. the judge says the verdict will be read this afternoon. blagojevich has defied all -- has denied all wrongdoing including charges that he sought to sell or trade president obama's vacated u.s. senate seat. the transportation security administration defending the search of a 95-year-old woman, a cancer patient, who was forced to remove her adult diaper at the airport. take a look. on june 18th, she was catching a flight at the northwest florida regional airport. a tsa agent patting her down reportedly felt something suspicious. it turned out to be her adult
8:56 am
diaper. the tsa says its officers acted professionally and according to procedure. new this morning, police in union city investigating a shooting. they say it happened at the same house where another person was killed last month. police responded to this house on whipple road about 8:30 last night. they found a 2-year-old latino man who had been shot several times. police arrested -- searched the neighborhood for a suspect but say they have few clues. i don't have a lace. i have -- i don't have a race. i have dark clothing, that's it. police are investigate -- police are connecting any complications between the shooting last night and the homicide that occurred last month. a florida photographer got is once in a lifetime video. suddenly, you saw it there, the shark jumped over the surfer.
8:57 am
he's known as a shark that leaps in and out of the water. this was taken in smyrna beach, florida. known as the shark bite of the world. i don't go surfing. what's happening out there on the roads, sal? >> well, out here in the newsroom, one of our producers said that's awesome! that's awesome shark video. let's take a look at the roads. traffic on 80 northbound and southbound is improved. this is awesome, too. it had improved. it was terrible earlier, now it's gone -- let's go to the toll plaza. that's not quite gone yet. livermore valley had a slow morning, it's still very slow on the -- all the way to dublin. 8 0 is slow heading -- heading down to fremont. fog near the coast. cool there. 50s, 60s, 60s, 70s. and low os.
8:58 am
increasing cloud tonight, looks cloudy with rain on tuesday. maybe some showers the fourth looks warm to hot. stay tuned. we'll follow steve and we have bill martin coming up this evening. >> bye now.
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