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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  June 29, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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a story you will see only on 2. a police raid underway on the peninsula tied to a recent shooting recently in the news. >> reporter: why residents near a fairfield convenience store will surely miss a shop owner murdered overnight. two dove stating tragedies vancouvering one teenage -- involving one teenager. -- two devastating tragedies involving one teenager. gening. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori -- good morning. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. we're following a homicide. the victim managed to call police before he died to describe his three attackers.
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golfing, kraig. >> reporter: good morning. there is a big sense of loss here on travis boulevard neared travis dairy. neighbors say they've known the shop owner for a long time. >> he was liked grand father we didn't have. very nice man. >> reporter: when officers arrived on the scene, they smelled pepper spray. a neighbor says the storeowner was someone the neighbor looked forward to seeing every day. i seen him in the morning. 8:00, 8:00. i waved to him. we call him papa. i said, good morning, papa.
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>> reporter: police say the suspects may have been driving a a -- a late-modeled sedan. police are asking anyone who may have been in the area at the time to contact the fairfield police. back to you. >> thank you. the son of the monterey county sheriff has been arrested. this is a picture of 25-year- old jacob miller. yesterday, morning, sheriff deputies found methamphetamine, pipes and syringes in his apartment. police say the drugs were separated into small packages, indicating an intent to sell. sheriff miller is not saying if he knew about the search warrant before it was served to his son. jacob is being held in a separate cell because of his father's position. facebook has long been a target of hackers but now the internet giant has become a victim of burglars.
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san mateo authorities say on three different occasions, break-ins have occurred at the future site of facebook. munn in 15 minutes -- coming up in 15 mints we'll have -- minutes -- we'll have a look at what the president is going to talk abt. this is austin hatch. on friday, he was critically hurt in a small plane crash that killed his father and step muir. but this is not the first time he survived such 'such a tragedy. in 2003, he survived another plane crash. that one killed his mother and two siblings.
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jesepei and his wife are accused 6 emotionally abusing a -- of emotionally abusing a woman. they forced her to work 60 hours a week, they are denying any wrongdoing. in fact, they countered a -- they filed a counter suit? this morning, a preliminary hearing was scheduled for steven hyashi. his dogs mauled his grandson last july. that small child was attacked and killed after getting in the garage after the -- the dogs were kept. it's 7:0 4. we want to
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check in on the roads. right now, the traffic is not all that bad if you are driving around the bay area. there is a little bit of a of a backup. it's less than ten minutes. also this morning we're looking at the traffic here in front of the coliseum. southbound 880 on the left. you can soo it looks good driving through hayward. if you are on the peninsula, southbound traffic looks good. we mention hayward. hayward, union city, they had a little bit of slow traffic not that much into the livermore valley. about the only slow traffic that we -- we see is the heavy traffic getting into livermore. look at this. we do have some sun breaking into the cloud deck. i'm talking about record rainfall. that's what we had yesterday across the straight. a few breaks but there's also showers wrapping down the low.
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the front itself is now up in the sierra. rain has been falling up there. an incredible june. one we may not see for a long, long time. it's not san francisco's wettest june, that was in 1884 when 2.57 fell. michael in the city has 2.41. it was a record day for rain in san francisco and many locations. 81 can/100thss. the record was 1952 on this day, 22/100ths. some of the other rain totals. over an 1 in oakland, >> san jose was the most impressive. look at that record. unbelievable. they didn't get that rain in some of the winter storms
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coming through. other rainfall records included chico, brentwood. not far away from sacramento, there was an inch of rain. look at that. coming right down out of mendocino county. just to the west of geyserville. some light rain probably cazadero. possible afternoon showers because the low is over us. temperatures are 53 to 57 due to some of the cloud cover. the low, it spins right over us. we have a mix of sun and clouds but showers likely. very cool to mild temperatures. and temperatures, 60s and 70s. that's it. we bo tommed out -- we bottomed out on the temperatures. today will be a little bit warmer. then tomorrow after night and morning fog. not only on the weekend. seven minutes after 7:00. today, governor brown will sign
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the state budget that was passed by lawmakers late last night. the budget was approved with no republican votes. they closed the remaining 9.6 billion deficit with deep spending cuts and some new fees. the budget anticipates $4 billion in new revenue based on an improving economy. and in that doesn't happen. further cuts would go into effect. students will likely face more tuition increases. it cuts $150 million each from the california state university and the university of california. and the universities are first in line to be hit with those trigger cuts if the anticipated $4 billion in additional revenue does not materialize --
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materialize. an ocean rescue overnight. the coast guard pulls three men out of the waters near ocean beach. the new video we just got in moments ago. also, a musical showdown. fee court is now in session. ♪ that airline charged me a 150-dollar change fee.
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southwest would never do that. your honor, chump change. that is not right. i don't understand how three clicks of a mouse can cost me 150 dollars. sir. it's personnel on the telephone. [ laughing ] it's computer time... it's personnel on the, on the, on the desks. we can't afford to do this for free, your honor. jury? guilty. [ cheering ] [ male announcer ] don't pay a change fee on top of a fare difference. fly southwest, the only major airline that never charges change fees.
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sunny and warmer weather will take us into the holiday
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weekend. there is a lot of police activity right now in ontario peninsula all tied to a case that made headlines in the bay area earlier this month. claudine wong is live right there. she knows what's happening now. claudine? >> reporter: let me give you a look at what's happening on the street. you can see some of the police activity. you are looking at east palo alto police officers, patrol officers, probation officers. they are out at this location heading to another location. this is what we'll see all morning long as they continue to check in on known gang members. sar jen, tell me what's going to go on -- sergeant tell me what's going on go on. >> these are operations, mainly focused in on gang members. >> reporter: and this is directly connected to this 3- month-old who was killed in the case that they thought was a -- they thought it was a rivalry. he allegedly thought he was
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shooting at rival gang members? >> that's correct. that was the impetus for this. the death of the 3-month-old was the impetus to this. we're making it absolutely obvious and certain here that lives in town, that that sort of behavior is not gonna be ol rated -- tolerated. >> reporter: the message you are spending -- sending, this is coming to an end? >> zero-tolerance. absolutely zero tolerance. my chief has made it absolutely clear. we will not put up with that behavior.
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>> reporter: thank you for joining us. we're gonna stay with them all morning long as they go literally house to house checking on known gang members making sure they are in compliance with any kind of probation, checking on warrants, we'll check back in with you a little later on "mornings on 2." claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:13. early this morning, the u.s. coast guard rescued three men who fell out their crab boat. it happened in the waters near the cliffhouse in san francisco. this is new video of the boat still out in the ocean. you can see on the right side of your screen. part of the crab boat is sticking out of the water. rescue teams took them to sausalito. we talked to one of the  rescuers. >> a -- we rolled, a load of gear -- gear rolled on the deck. >> one of the boaters was
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treated for hypothermia. all three were boaters were from the eureka area. president obama holds a white house news conference at 8:30 this morning. alison burns is live to tell us some of the tough questions he will be facing. >> reporter: that's right. president obama is expected to start this news conference with a brief speech this morning talking about jobs, the economy, during a campaign stop in -- campaign-style stop in iowa yesterday -- >> no matter what you may hear, there's no silver bullet to reverse a deck eight cull of -- decade full of deficits.
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but 72 americans approve of the president's strategy in afghanistan. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. well, dianne feinstein joining other senators. they are gonna release a video that they appear in. it's called the "it gets better" video and the senators say they are working hard to fulfill the promise of equality for all. now, president obama and michelle obama have always taken part in this campaign. ♪ she was an american girl ♪ >> recognize the voice of tom petty? that's his hit song?" american girl." well, michele bachmann has been playing that song during her campaign stops. tom petty is not abused. . he reportedly sent a cease
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and desist letter. he did the same thing when president bush played another one of his songs "i don't back down." he allowed hillary clinton to play that song during her campaign in 2008. authorities raided nb collective jade afternoon. investigators say the businesses are links to the -- linked to the newark collective and all sold marijuana. $30,000 was seized during the raid. walmart customers will get a break on gas. ten cents. the discount will be given to those who use the retailer
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card. brynn's foreign secretary says iran has conducted secret tests of missiles that can carry nuclear weapons. this is an apparent show of strength to the west. babies are no longer welcome in the first class cabins of some of the flights of malaysia airlines. a that -- that airline says it's banning passengers under the age of 2 in the first-class section of 747 plains. it will also ban babies on the first class 8380s when they begin to fly next year. some of the passengers complain about babies crying during the flight. more labor trouble in the sports world. fans are losing hope for a normal nba season. after talks yesterday,
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commission dave individual stern announced -- david stern talks will not resume until tomorrow. the deadline to reach an agreement is tomorrow at midnight. owners are asking for a more flexible salary cap and for players to forfeit 8% of the -- of their salaries. but players say they will only take up to a $500 million collectively. and players and owners will undergo another talk in the nfl. the bray day versus nfl sought -- brady versus nfl lawsuit is reaching an end. a san francisco elementary school shock some of its neighbors by throwing, new, unused work books into a recycling bin. the prince pam says
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occasionally state standardized tests forced teachers to push to newer books. 7:19. jailbirds turn into love birds behind bars. the tough restrictions during their wedding ceremony.
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7:22. tiger woods has just inked his first endon't mortgage teal 1 deal -- endorsement deal since his sex scandal. the first spot also air this friday. last year, he earned an estimated $98.5 million in winning and endorsements. severe knee pain is currently preventing him from playing golf. there's no word at this point when he will return. >> maybe that's a sign -- i don't know. we don't know anything. but sal knows about our commute. >> let's hope tiger is back by
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the olympic open. i would like to see him again. dave asked me, what's happening? i would like to answer, not a lot. this morning's commute is better than it was yesterday, yesterday afternoon. things have quieted down -- quieted down quite a bill. i do see a little bit of slow traffic here at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's backed up for about a ten- minute delay before you make it on the bridge. if you are driving in castro valley, there's slow traffic on 238. driving across the dumbarton or san mateo bridge. 7:24. let's go to steve. >> thank you, sir. we do have partly to mostly cloudy skies and some rain in sonoma county. look at that. that's an angry sky there. it's very early in the morning.
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temperatures today will struggle. we do have a west wind. it will be a little breezy. the wraparound -- see that? with the low around there, the possibility of rain. american canyon 1.20. petaluma, almost an inch of rain. castro valley .78. palo alto, .50. a little system clipping down t will be in between sebastopol and bodega bay. 50s on the temperatures. until that low clears the the area later today -- clears the area later today, and that is outto the west. 60s and 70s today, temperatures held in check due to the:00 and that low over us which is for this time of year. all signs point towards mostly sunny and a little warmer thursday and friday.
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but sunshine and much warmer saturday, sunday and on the 4th, monday, as well. 7:25. police investigate a frightening crime outside a popular shopping spot. it involves two robbers and one good samaritan. >> reporter: we just spoke to a -- spoke to a concord resident who was struck by thieves.
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a warning for drivers in concord. someone is going around stealing gasoline for cars. jade, you found one man whose car was actually targeted, right? >> variety -- absolutely. we spoke to one man who does not live far. he said six months ago, gas thieves found his gats tank. he spoke to neighbors and they haven't had any problems. >> first of all, the hose was cut. i lifted the hose -- hose out a little bit so -- so i could water my roses. yeah. they didn't put the dan back in. i had plenty of gas. it looks like they only took a couple of gallons, at least
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with me. >> gasoline thieves are targeting spots, in the subdivision. a report says within the past eight months reported gas thieves targeting their tanks. another spot, we were there a couple of hours ago. the doors don't open until 8:00 in the morning. according to the. we sec 1 checked in with the concord police department and we were told by on-duty overnight staff, that he haven't had any reports that they are aware of. but our inquiries have been forwarded to detectives. overall is seems like neighbors
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here haven't had any problems. we did speak to one man who said he had an issue with gas siphoning about six months ago. 7:30. san jose police investigating a rash of armed robberies this week. authority say during a 16-hour period of monday, there were four separate incidents. one victim said she was robbed by a man at gunpoint. police say there's no evidence at this time that those robberies are connected. san francisco police investigating a deadly shooting in the portola district. the chronicle says nelson abates of san francisco was shot several times while walking along san bruno avenue yesterday afternoon. he later died at a local hospital. the gunman reportedly escaped in a white car that was waiting nearby.
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there are new reports this morning that the man appointed by the state to investigate the san bruno pipeline explosion is changing his mine on the cause of the disaster. in his original report, robert nickels says vibrations from a 2008 sewer project weakened the pipeline but now he says changes in gas line pressure over the years caused the problem. a violent night in kabul, afghanistan. taliban fighters stormed the luxury hotel pop lair with international guests. coming up in 15 minutes. we'll have a live report. the first lawsuit has been filed after the amtrak train
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accident last weekend that killed six people. the lawsuit claims -- the first lawsuit claims -- the first lawsuit claims negligence. the company released a statement yesterday expressing sympathy for the family and friends of those who were killed. there a search underway for two men who ran down two people at the gilroy outlet mall. police say it happened at the mall monday night. a good samaritan tried to come to the rescue. that's when the two men hit both people with their car. the suspect's get away car described as a red chrysler lebaron. antioch's interim police chief will officially be named the new police chief on friday. 45-year-old allen cantondo has been with the department for
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almost a quarter century. the city of antioch is praising him for encouraging social media and more community involvement in policing. it's 7:33. this friday, the state sales tax in california will drop by 1%. that's because governor brown was unsuccessful in getting republicans to support extenting a temporary sales tax increase that went into effect in 2009. the governor tried to negotiate this for months. when it expires this friday, the sales tax will go down to 7.25%. we asked people here in the bay area their reaction to this drop. >> i like the penny back. >> i'll spend more but at the same time, i'm kind of torn because the state is gonna bank less. counties and cities can add on to the state sales tax
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rates. so the full tax arrest buried in place to place. the savings from the lower tax rate will be most noticeable on big ticket items. 7:34. well, another result of the just past is budget, residents will have to pay sales tax for things that you buy online. amazon is threatening to cut connections with california stores that are affiliated with their website. it is 7:35. cleanup will continue today after a fuel spill at oakland's lake merritt. clues -- crews will be laying down new absorbent booms in an etch art to soak one 40 gallons of diesel fuel that spilled
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into the lake yesterday. they say the rains likely flushed the fuel down a nearby wer grade. cleanup will likely take a few days. in san francisco, muni has named a new acting chief. debra johnson will temporarily replace nathaniel fort. johnson recently served with muni operators. she will likely be considered as the permanent exective director. the agency's board is expected to start interviewing candidates next month. let's see what's happening in the commute. hopefully things are going well. >> well, things are going well. for the most part we don't have a lot of serious crashes out there. we do have slow traffic to worry about, 237. you will see some stop and go traffic. it was light early in the morning. it's also slow heading out southbound from -- about
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thornton avenue there is a new accident that cleared to the right shoulder. went bay bridge about an eight- minute delay and then it's moderately heavy on the deck. there is a new crash after foster city boulevard, just west of the san mateo bridge. a van hit the center median there. the chp is on the way. it could be some slow traffic in the area. is some breaks in the clouds after yesterday's impressive system. i mean that would have been a good system any time of the year, but for the end of june, it's one for the record books. some sunbreaks. you can see this spinning over us some -- so showers could pop up at any time. the front itself has moved into the sierra. our observer steve bridges also said about .50 at lake level and then redding had about 1 to 2 inches of rain. just incredible amounts. some of the june totals were
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shattering records. however, it's not the wettest june for san francisco. 2.57 fell in 1884. i think we're at 2.41. it's close. but we did break a record yesterday. .81. our observer michael in the city had 1.1. the old record was back in 1992. other records in the state. chico had one. -- had one. brentwood, .086. vacaville almost 7/10. and sacramento, you can also throw stockton in there an
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fresno. some light rain continues to back around. it looks like light stuff. 50s on the temperatures. everyone else around 55 degrees. the front moved off but the low is -- but the slow is spinning right in. you -- should be some really impressive cloud formations. sun and clouds. breezy at times and that's a west wind. 60s and low 70s. i mean we're way below average on these temperatures. what's new it's been this way for a long sometime. temperatures will start to warm up pretty fast. we'll see 90s and you request -- and you can sake 1 take that to the north. 7:39. a controversial vote in the city of ross has been postponed after a heated meeting last night. the ross valley sanitation board says toilets need a new
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sewer system but this upgrade could mean water and sewer grade heights up to 60%. last night books of protest cards -- protest cards were presented to the board. >> i thought there was the possibility that they would be successful. a violent hotel attack in afghanistan. we'll have a live report to learn how gunmen were able to storm the hotel which has extremely high security. and a big honor for the cal bear baseball team at the oakland coliseum today.
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stocks are trading in positive territory. they are back in the black. this after news that just came in that the number of people to buy homes rose sharply in may. that's bringing the dow up. the nasdaq is up 7.5. the s&p is up 6.5. the other issue invest remembers watching closely, breaking news, the greek parliament just voted to
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approve unpopular austerity measures. these are live pictures where right eters have been -- righters have been -- rightetters have been dash rioters have been clashing with police. ♪ will begin to send out notices to the owners of 82,000 suvs. the automaker says the recall affects high land and lexus brand suvs from the 2006 and 2007 years. toyota says there could be a wiring problem in the computer
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boards. the company behind farm ville and mauve yowars is expected to -- mafia wars is expected to raise $2 billion with its ipo. that would make it one of the largest this year. demand for zinda stock is expected to be strong because it reportedly has high revenues. no financial numbers have been released to the public. a brazen hotel in afghanistan's capitol overnight. holy fur fur joins us -- holly fur fur joins us live. >> reporter: good morning, tori. at about 10:00 p.m. local time in kabul, eight heavily armed insurgents attacked the hotel continental. the taliban is taking responsibility for that attack. at the beginning of the attack, the suicide bombers approached the hotel, one of the bombers
7:46 am
set himself off, killed himself so that the other seven insurgents could go into the hotel. two security guards were killed at that time. the remaining insurgents took to the roof of the hotel and engaged in a gun battle with afghani police. nato forces did join the fight. after a six-hour battle. helicopters with snipers killed all of the gunman on the roof. two police officers were wounded in the battle -- battle. at last report, eight civilians were killed. but that number may increase as they still check the building for survivors and those might have been in the building. after the building was secured, it was about 3:00 a.m. after ganny police say they checked to see who would there who was in there.
7:47 am
the -- they were about to hand over more of the security forces to the afghan police and military personnel. so that handoff was supposed to happen about 10:00 a.m. on wednesday, kabul time. the prime minister, hamid karzai says this is not going to deter that time line. he did con tell the attack but also raced dash did praised saying the afghani police responded swiftly and was pleased the way they were on the scene when this all happened. er tofully. >> thank you. it is 7:47. a united nations human rights official is warning there is a risk of another full-blown war in sedan. southern sedan is set to gain independence on july 9th. it's part of a peace deal in
7:48 am
which 2 million people died. but a u.n. human rights commissioner said when she visited sudan she witnessed clashes on the border area between visited -- and she visited one town that is what the scene of total destruction. this is a live picture of east palo alto. we're watching as you are watching right now. police raid is happening as we speak. a lot of police officers out there. these are pictures you will only see here on 2. the police are targeting suspected gang members in this raid. the raid is tied to the tragic death of a three-month-old in east palo alto earlier this month. you can see definitely officers. this raid has been underway for about an hour and a half. this is the fourth location that police officers have hit so far. now, claudine wong is out there on the scene. claudine will be back with us with a live report in about 15
7:49 am
minutes coming up -- coming up at 8:00. also happening right now, the casey anthony murder trial underway in florida. we're back in their courtroom live pictures. this is the judge meeting with the lawyers in the case at the bench. now, today, the defense is planning to call a grief expert to the witness stand. they want to prove that the anthony family is dysfunctional and casey anthony was aboosed by her father. she said that's why -- where casey anthony was able to learn to keep secrets. we'll have more on this later. san jose police want your help in attract -- in tracking down two men accused of kidnapping and robbing an elderly woman. authorities say the men forced the victims into the vehicle.
7:50 am
police say the kidnappers drove the woman no a -- to a nearby bank and forced her to withdraw money. it's believed the men may have pulled off a similar crime about a week later. san francisco supervisors are delaying to install a vote around the city. at&t says the 726 metal cabinets like this one would give people another option for phone and internet service. uc berkeley's baseball team will be honored before the beginning of tonight's game. now, they didn't win the college world series but they went and they have a lot of reason to hold their heads high. their program was almost cut this year, due to budget cuts but they went on to their -- went on to have their best season since 1980. the team's head coach will
7:51 am
throw out the first ceremonial pitch at tonight's as game. south carolina just won the college wrist last night. they bon, 5-2. 10 minutes before 8:00 getting paid may have its downside whether it's a check from the -- from the government or your employer. why it may be hazardous for your health. his holiness treated -- tweeted for the first time when he sent out the allotted characters.
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welcome back. today, settlement talks are set to resume in the oscar grant shooting case. yesterday, b.a.r.t. agreed to pay grant's family $1.3 million to settle a federal rights lawsuit. that settlement means the grant family can no go after former b.a.r.t. police officer, johannes mehserle, for any more money.
7:54 am
b.a.r.t. will negotiate with six other plaintiffs. it is 7:53. getting paid may actually be bad for your health. a new study states that people have a better chance of dying on or close to the day they receive a paycheck or tax refund. just imagine. he could potentially have more followers on twitter than anybody on earth. we're talking about pope benedict xvi. he tweeted for the first time. the pontiff even typed out the characters from his ipad. the vatican says the pope enjoyed himself and is in awe of this new technology. just so you know, he tweeted, dear friend, i just launched
7:55 am
news.vatican. it's a new information website. but now you have the pope. >> absolutely. i'm sure he will have a lot of friends out there. >> i think so. >> twitter nation is very happy about that. let's check in with sal. >> tori, you are on twitter? >> yes. >> and so is steve paulson, we don't have any -- have as many followers than the pope but who does? maybe lebron james or justin bieber. let's take a look at the now -- my maps are kind of malfunctioning. okay. there they are. westbound 92 foster city boulevard, the accident has been cleared. highway 101, san mateo, that traffic is busy from burlingame on south. 280 is your better bet there. across the bay we have a lot of slow traffic. southbound 880 at thornton.
7:56 am
the traffic was very slow from a street on down to fremont. let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. that's backed up for about a ten-minute wait. this morning's commute in san francisco along northbound 101. let's go to steve. some sun, partly sunny, some showers are possible. the low is right over here -- temperatures today held in check. we do have a west wind. so that will negate any kind. thunderstorm development. just had a -- just had a nice video sent to me from don montgomery. he said we're a.m. -- we's watching up here. >> let me show. if you are traveling up there. rain turning to snow at the higher elevations. american canyon, almost an inch and a water. petaluma, livermore, .78. both picked up .50.
7:57 am
a little bit of rain up the area. can kind of falling apart. it's making it 50s. concord 58. you can see the low spinning. it's spinning right over us. the possibility of showers is in the forecast, sun, clouds, a lot of clouds. breezy at times. highs today, 60s and 70s, these are way below average as you can probably imagine. after tomorrow, we'll see some fog, sun, clearing, much warmer on saturday, sunday, with 90 into 100. inland. 7:57. a story you will only see here on 2, a police raid happening on the peninsula. this is tripod a tragic shooting we've been talking about in the news recently. >> reporter: in fairfield, neighbors react to the death of a popular storeowner what people are doing -- what police are toking to try to catch the killers.
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welcome back. i'm dave clark. >> i'm tori campbell. it's a story you will only see here. it's the raid on two gangs. cot tells us this raid is tie -- claudine wong tells us this raid is tied to the killing after 3-month-old. >> reporter: police out here are out to send a message. police officers are at the fifth location this morning. looking for known gang medicals. gang members who have warrants out on them -- sergeant dave carson joining me now -- joining me. we're focusing on this operation. this is the fourth operation of many more to come. but we're focusing this operation specifically on the two gang medicals. >> reporter: how dangerous are these guys. they are hard to find. you think a lot of them know
8:01 am
you are looking for them and they are on the run. they know we're targeting -- they know we're targeting them. and they know we're doing these checks on gang members who are on parole. sometimes it's a hit and miss. >> reporter: you talk about the message you are sending. this is specifically coming from the 3-month-old baby who was shot at or someone allegedly thought they were shooting at rival gang medicals. >> that's correct. that's the impetus for this operation and more to come. we're sending a clear message to those gang members that that behavioral will not be ol -- will not be tolerated. >> people should be able to drive through the streets
8:02 am
without losing their or or -- without losing their car or death. >> reporter: how ba do -- due think it's getting worse? >> reporter: i don't know that it's getting worse. but that crime that night, it could be an -- do have been a crime of opportunity. i wouldn't say it's getting worse but if we just let things we, they would have the -- it could cause even more rift between these two gangs. since we don't know, we would rather track this now. we're about halfway through rates that are gonna sweep through east palo alto. they've been looking for gang members. some of these members have not obviously ben there but they are getting the messance. thank you. 8:02. a san jose gang member being
8:03 am
charged for murdering his friend while the real killers go free. although daniel pena was not the shooter, he's responsible because his aggressive shooter triggered the shooting. the real killers are not being charged because they may have acted in self-defense. the district attorney says this is the only the second time this particular law has been used. two minutes after 8:00. we're following another big story. a homicide in fair field. a mini-mart owner died following a violent robbery. the victim managed to call police before he died to describe his three attackers. >> reporter: gening. emotional reaction from neighbors. police say the man here was the victim of a homicide inside his own place.
8:04 am
this all happened around 7:50 last night, police are not identifying the victim but he called them to say he had been robbed and ale salted. when they did arrive, they detected the tent used for self- defense. >> as the officers went inside, it looked like he was speller sprayed. the owner, they called an ambulance for him. he passed away at north bay medical center. >> reporter: police didn't say how the victim received his -- received his injuries. the words spread through the locals began to react emotionally. no one was is hurt but many believe they owned the store for ten years. no one is sure. letting people buy guns on he credit when they were support 1 short a few dollars. >> he had a wife, he had a family. kids. oh, my god. the -- the kids just started
8:05 am
college. >> i weaved to him in the morning, me an my -- me and my wife. >> they say there is several surveillance videos in the camera. police are asking anyone who might have been in the area last night walking by or driving by to call them if they've seen anything, if ooh even if they think it's insignificant. report -- reporting live in fair field. the son of the monterey county sheriff has been arrested. yesterday morning, sheriff deputies found methamphetamine pipes and syringes in his apartment. police say the drugs were accept straighted into small packages indicating an intent
8:06 am
to sell jacob is being held in a separate cell because of his father's position. san mateo authorities say on three different occasions this month, crooks have broken into the future menlo park home of facebook. the area is near the old sun microsystems campus. police report the loss of at least 8300 and the theft of copper cable. this morning a man is being held at the sacramento county jail. they say tam wynn was arrested yesterday afternoon at the sacramento international airport. security officers found a loaded gun and several rounds of an munition in his backpack. he's being held on $60,000 bail. this morning, bank of america reached a settlement with some of its highest bond
8:07 am
deal investors. they will pay $8.5 billion to settle claims art -- regarding poor quality mortgages sold by country wide mortgages. that agreement has to be okayed by the kurt still. president obama will hold a news conference at 8:30. coming up in 15 minutes we'll have a report on what the president is expected to talk about. one couple of is accused of physically and emotionally abusing a woman that they brought to the states. the woman claims the couple forced her to work 60 hours a way, withheld food and confiscated her her passport. we have breaking news. shots fired in san francisco.
8:08 am
>> yeah, in san francisco if you will just pardon me -- i just finished this map that i kind of threw up at the -- okay. hold on for one second. goff and em is in san francisco. what i'm gonna do here is get rid of this. you can put up the map here, this map, goff and ellis. the scene of some sort of shooting that went down just about 15 minutes ago ago. police are at -- police are on the scene and someone has been reportedly injured. this is right near sacred heart cathedral prep high school there, about a block away from st. mary's cathedral and ellis street. a good area to avoid.
8:09 am
there's mass i.v. police activity at the corn of goff and ellis -- at the corner of goff and ellis. we have calls into the san francisco police department. they are busy -- really busy with what's going on. police activity. we're -- we're hearing word that one person has been critically injured but that person is not reportedly a san francisco police officer. we'll let you know more coming up. let's go back to the traffic now. this is a look at is the bay bridge getting into the city. -- somewhat tough. it's backed up for a 10, 15- minute delay. a few showers have made it up to the north bay. it will an day where we get
8:10 am
sun, clouds, maybe scattered showers. the main front has moved through. the wraparound -- we get a little sun. that's going to juice up the atmosphere. one of the most incredible junes ever for rain. go back to the -- we had measurable rain on the first, fourth and fifth. who could get rid of -- who could forget yesterday? it's not the wettest june. that was back in 1884 when we had 2.27. i believe we're up to 2.41. it's impressive. yesterday was a record setting day. .81 officially. michael in the city had 101. the report -- the old record was 22/100ths back in 1952. some inch-plus amounts for oakland. and san jose was the big winner there. .60. i say that because the old
8:11 am
record was .02. livermore 78/100ths. >> 50s, muper, san jose almost at -- mid- to upper, san jose, l at 60. the sierra moving into the sierra nevada. showers are likely today. kind of hit and miss. 60s on the temperatures or very low 70s. these are far below average. today governor brown will sign the budget passed by law makes late last night. democrats used their new majority vote authority. they closed the remaining $9.6
8:12 am
billion deficit with some deep funding -- spending cuts and new fees. the budget anticipates $4 billion in new revenue based on an improving economy. but if that doesn't happen, further cuts would take effect. students at california's public university, you will like lie face tuition hikes under this new state budget de. it cuts an additional $150 million each from the california state university and the university of california. and the universities are first in line to be hit by those trigger cuts if the anticipated $4 billion in extra revenue doesn't materialize. now, at our channel 2 website,, we've posted all of the details about the budget that's now on its way to the governor's desk. go to it, look for the state budget tab.
8:13 am
the tribute to pitt. outrage. the new -- the tribute to princess diana, outrage. and why the san francisco giants may soon become a big hit in haiti.
8:14 am
8:15 am
president obama holds a news conference in just about 15 minutes. it comes as his popularity seems to be on the decline. >> reporter: ally son? >> reporter: let's get to a live look inside the white
8:16 am
house. this is thest room -- this is the east room where president obama will begin his news conference in about 15 minutes with a speech about the economy. he's expected to face tough questions on a range of issues including what type of bill he will strike. a new york times poll finds 47% of americans approve of the job he's doing. that's down 10% since right after the death of osama bin laden. only 39% approach of how he's handling the economy. now, one bright spot is another poll that shows 72% of americans approve of his strategy in afghanistan. reporting live from washington, d.c., alison burns, ktvu channel 2 news. 8:16. the governor now testing for radiation near the los ail la mose nuclear -- los alamos
8:17 am
nuclear power plan. firefighters are watching for hot spots. residents not far from the lab are worried -- are worried about the smoke and radiation coming from the plant. -- plant. but firefighters say there's no threat so far. 150 people stayed behind. >> i understand there's risks but this is our community and this is how we support our community. firefighters want everybody to clear out. but they do have the list of the people staying behind just in case, the fire gets out of control. it's already burned almost 61,000 acres. it's only 3% contained. 8:17. a san francisco judge will hold an emergency hearing tomorrow afternoon about the forced medication of arizona shooting suspect, jair red hoff enough. he says he's been forced to take mind-altering drugs
8:18 am
against his will. he's accused of shooting and killing people in a shooting in tucson. another politician gets caught up in the scandal after a photo he ent is -- he sent to a woman. the woman apparently co worked -- apparently forwarded the image to a coworker. he's apologized to his wife, he says. this is the last day of the federal hearing that could decide if a cancer medication should be pulled off the market for some patients. the drug avast tin is made by genentic. now, some best cancer surviver patients call it a miracle.
8:19 am
others say it does not work and could raise the rate of heart disease. better check your met sin cabinets, too. there is another tylenol recall, , johnson & johnson say in this case, there may be a moldy smell. if i do have one of the bottles that are being recalledded now. stop using it. you can get a refund or a replacement. "newsweek"'s birthday tribute to princess diana is causing outrage among some people. the magazine's latest cover features a photo of her as she might look ahead -- as she might look today. the magazine as features an article that whacks -- that imagines what princess die an flaw's life might be like
8:20 am
today. princess diana died in a car crash in paris. she would have turned 50 on friday. hundreds of giants' t- shirts and baseball caps are heading to haiti because they are counterfeit. u.s. government has destroyed the counterfeit items. the defending world series champions will face the cubs against tonight after is sweeping a double-header in chicago. the giants' bats finally came arrive scoring 19 runs. they won the first game and took the nightcap 6-3 and barry zito was on the mind. we've got developing news
8:21 am
from overseas. controversial decisions in greece. this is let to riots in the streets. newschopper2 just arriving on the scene, doing a little search of this area near goff and eddie. several streets have been blocked off. these are first pictures of the scene coming back after the break, we'll show you what's going on a very tense situation right now in san francisco.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
breaking news in san francisco. police activity at the corn earn of goff and eddie. this is a very active scene. we know one person has been critically injured and taken away to the hospital. that's reportedly from gunshot wounds. that car was involved. this is very close to sacred heart cathedral prep, one of the big catholic high schools in san francisco about a block 1 block away from st. mary sea 1 -- st. mary's. those students have been kept inside their classroom. the police officers are there. now, they are still looking for some people association the with the crime that went on -- associated with the crime that
8:25 am
went on. goff street is shut down in the area of eddie. as we widen out, you can see how many dozens ours -- ours came to this scene. goff is one of the streets that that gets people from the marina down to the central part down near market street in san francisco. there is a huge traffic jam. ktvu has multiple crews on the way. we'll be on the ground in moments but these are first pictures of the incident here at goff and etdy. again, one person has -- goff and eddie. again, one person has been seriously injured, taken away to the hospital. we're trying to figure out exactly happened. some alternate -- some alternate routes there for that area. these pictures you are looking at from egypt where security forces clashed with forces. the scene is similar to the uprising in the square earlier
8:26 am
this year. you may remember the one that forced former president hosni mubarak from power. human rights groups estimate more than 800 people were killed during that three-week revolution earlier in the year. 8:25. let's go to steve now. get our forecast. thank you, mostly cloudy, partly cloudy. we do have mostly cloudy skies. the low is right there. we could get some decent buildups. it's early and we're already getting decent buildups. i -- 6/10 fell in san jose. they didn't get rain like that in some of the winter storms.
8:27 am
vau cauville, sacramento -- vacaville, sacramento. santa rosa, san francisco, about everybody in the bay area. a little bit of a ban left over come out of the russian area. just west the petaluma. 50s on temperatures. mostly cloudy skies, very com. we get a west wind as the low stays over us. right now, it will eject out of here by tonight and then calmer conditions and warmer weather is on the way. today, show -- today, show, a lot of clouds. these are way below average for this time of year. we do have good news for the holiday weekend. you can take that into monday, the 4th as well. 8:27. now just a couple of moments away. live pictures from the white house. president obama will be walking out holding a white house news conference shortly. what's expected to be the top topic? and back here at home, gasoline thieves are on the rise causing big problems for drivers in concord. and the times, they are
8:28 am
changing for one island nation. we'll explain a clock controversy.
8:29 am
8:30 am
breaking news in san francisco. these are live pictures. yes, there are a lot of police out there right now. shots fired near eddie and goff. we're getting word one person has been seriously injured. the shooting happened at sacred heart. that school is in lockdown. you are seeing a wide scope of the seen. we have a heading there.
8:31 am
in other news, early this morning, the coast guard rescued three men who fell out of their crab boat. this happened in the waters near the cliffhouse in san francisco. now, this is new video, you see the boat still out there in the ocean. you can see part of that boat sticking up out of the water. now, rescue teams took the three boaters to the coast guard station in sausalito and we talked to one of the rescued boaters about that ordeal. >> we just rolled and a lot of gear shifted on the deck. >> one of the boaters here, he was treated for hypothermia. the others are not hurt. all three boaters were from the eureka area. 8:31. new this morning, people in concord may want to think about parking their cars in the garage after a reported series of gasoline thefts.
8:32 am
residents have posted on the blog saying someone has been siphoning gas from cars parked on various streets. there. thieves are -- thieves have starked -- have targeted several areas. this morning we talked with one man who said his car was six months ago. >> the hose was cut. i let the hose out a little bit so i can water my roses and then there was -- yeah, they didn't put the cap back on. i had plenty of gas. it looks like they only took a couple of gallons. that man said he did not call police because he was not sure what they could do for him. police say they have received no official reports of gas thefts. an indiana teenager is now an orphan after surviving his
8:33 am
second plane crash in eight years. on friday, he was critically injured in a small plane that killed his father and stepfather. it's not the first time he's survived such a tragedy. in 2003, he survived a plane crash that killed his mother and two siblings. he's now the only surviver of his immediate family. right now he's in a medically- induced co dah -- coma. some last-minute union deals may help the city close the budget deficit. city leaders debated several issues last night. >> there a lot of debate going on among our members right now, but it's a good mackage. all of our members -- package. all of these members understand it's a tough time.
8:34 am
we need to help the city out. i'm hopeful we can get it passed. now, the city council did not take a vote on this last night. they are gonna meet again tomorrow to talk about the budget. friday is the deadline for a budget to be passed. 8:33. a pension reform ballot measure introduced by san francisco mayor ed lee is headed to the full board of supervisors for a vote. the proposal would cap pension benefits, raise retirement ages and boostny workers's health and pension contributions. a vote could happen at the supervisors' july 12th meeting. the head of san francisco's public harts -- arts program is under fire for spending too much time away from the office. today's chronicle reports questions are being raised about the culture affairs director. the paper says the city's art commission is now doing the time heats for -- the time
8:35 am
sheets for the past year. federal officials want to expand an area in sonoma county designated for the endangered california tiger salamander. this is what the tiger salamander looks like. the expansion zone includes a 70 - -- 70-mile area. officials will explain the proposed decision later in the afternoon. they will make a final decision by september 1st. before the island nation of -- nation of sonoma. time is money. they just pass at new law to explain -- to ex1 change the time zone. sonoma will now december -- will now lose december 30th, just to sin crow with two ore countries. >> really, we only have three working days a week to transact ours about. >> some critics accuse of the
8:36 am
snowen -- samoan leaders about this. we want to check in with sal -- >> actually, no. we want to go to president obama. he's set to give a news conference at the white house. it looks like they are still waiting for him to appear. he's expected to face a lot of tough questions about jobs. >> jobs and the economy and, of course, the international scenes. the men in front are the network correspondents who are -- they are motioning at the podium. the president was due out about six months ago. >> while we wait for the president to make appearance we want to check back in quickly with sal for an update on the question serious situation that you are -- very serious situation that you are following. >> that's right. when the president starts talk,
8:37 am
i will toss it right back to you so you can toss it to the president. newschopper2 is showing us this area where shots were fired about a half-hour ago this morning. now, that's the police dispatch center. but goff street is blocked from geary heading on down. this is the crime scene. you can see plenty of police officers near goff and etdy. so goff street heading down from the cathedral p drawl is blocked from geary. from geary to etdy, -- eddie, all of the students have been locked down. this is a great location to avoid. stay off goff for now.
8:38 am
let's take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic is moving along pretty well as you get out to the toll plaza about an eight-minute delay. again this is the map of the area we were just talking about. let's go to steve. thank you, sal. >> you are welcome, sal. don montgomery took these. i said look, we're watching up here and it's snowing. end of june and it's -- [ laughter ] , i love it. by the time we get to the weekend, it will be is sun -- it listen sunny, warm and hot. it wasn't even raining this time yesterday. it finally moved in late morning, early afternoon for
8:39 am
everybody else. the old mark was .22 in san francisco and that was in 1952. rodeo, over 1 inch. oakland, 1.10, napa .09. they had to -- .90. san jose, all they had to do was get more than -- we're got the president here. we're gonna wrap it up. >> prom is speaking at the white house -- president obama is speaking at the white house. let's listen in. looking for a job, that pays more. families are wondering how they deal with the broken refrigerator or a busted transmission or how they are gonna finance their kid's college education and are also
8:40 am
worrying about the possibility of layoffs. the struggles of middle-class families were a big problem before the recession hit m 2007. they weren't created overnight. and the truth is our economic challenges won't be solved overnight. but there are more steps that we can take right now that could help businesses create jobs here in america. today our add min stration is trying to take those steps. so we're reviewing government regulations so that we can fix any rules in place that are an unnecessary burden on businesses. we're working with the private sector to get smalls about and startups, the financing they need to grow and expand. because of the partnership that we've launched with businesses and community college. 500,000 workers will be able to receive the right schools and training for manufacturing jobs in companies all across america. jobs that companies are looking to quill 1 fill.
8:41 am
in addition to the steps that my -- are looking to fill. in addition to the steps my add min stration can take on its own, there are also things that congress can do that will help create good jobs. right now, congress can sent me a bill that would make it easier for entrepreneurs to patent a new product or idea because we can't give innovators and other countries a big leg up when it comes tooeing up new businesses and creating new jobs. that's something that congress could do right now. right now congress could get sent me a bill that would put -- agreements that would support tens of thousands of
8:42 am
american jobs, while helping those add versely affected by -- adversely affected by trade. >> right now, we could give middle class families, the security of knowing that the tax cut i signed in december will be there for one more yee. so there are a number of steps that my add min stration is taking and there are number of steps that congress could be taking right now now, many of these ideas have been tied up for quite sometime. all of them could be used to beef up the economy. one of the most important and urgent things we can do for the economy is something that both parties are working on right now and that's reducing our
8:43 am
nation's deficit. the vice president has been leading this, and as of last week, parties have identified $1 trillion of spending cuts already. but everyone also knows that we'll need to do more to close the deficit. we can't get to the $4 trillion in savings that we need by just cutting the 12% of the budget -- of the budget that pays for things like -- and we can't do it by making seniors pay more for met dicaire. >> we're gonna need to look at the whole budget as i said several months ago. we have to eliminate waste wherever we find it. that means trimming the defense budget. it means we'll have to tackle
8:44 am
entitlements as long as we keep faith by maintaining the fund mental security that medicare and metdy cade provide -- medicaid provide. yes, we a gonna have to tackle spending in the tax code. there's been a lot of discussions about revenues. i want to be clear about what we're proposing here. i spent the last two years cutting taxes for ordinary americans. i wind to extent -- i want to extend those middle class tax cuts. the tax cuts i'm proposing we get rid of are tax breaks for millionaires and billion airs. tax breaks for oil companies and hedge fund managers and corporate jet owners. it would be nice if we could keep these tax breaks. but we have to make decisions
8:45 am
is. if we choose to keep tax breaks for oil and gas companies and jet owners, then that means we gotta cut some kids off from debt 1 getting a college scholarship. that means we have to stop funding certain grants for medical research. that means that foot safety may be compromised. that means that medicare has to bear a greater part of the burden. those are the choices we have to make. so the bottom line is this, any agreement to reduce our deficit is gonna require tougher decisions -- tougher decisionsed, before we cut education, i think it's only fair to ask a company owner and a corporate jet owner that's
8:46 am
done so well to give up that tax break that no other business enjoys. i don't think that's real radical. i think the majority of the americans agree with that. so the good news is because of the work that's been done, i think we can actually bridge our differences i think this could be -- this can be done in a way that does not hurt our economy right here and right now. it's not often that washington sees both parties agree on the scale and the urgency of the challenge at hand. nobody wants to put the creditworthiness of the united states in jeopardy. nobody wants to seat united states default. so we've gotta seize this moment. we have to seize it soon. the vice president and i will continue these negotiations with both leaders of both
8:47 am
parties in congress for as long as it takes. we will reach a deal that will require our government to live within its means and give our business conference and get this economy moving. so with that i will take your questions -- i've got my list here --ing off with -- starting 06 with ben from "the associated press." >> thank you, mr. president. i would like to follow up on the comments you just made as you try to reach a deal to raise the debt limit and cut the deficit. you keep saying there needs to be this balanced approach. but republicans say flatly they won't -- >> they don't want a balanced approach. >> they don't want any tax increases and the house speaker says -- not only that but that plan will not pass the house. so my question is will you insist ultimately that a deal has to include those tax increases that you just laid
8:48 am
out. is that an absolute let line for you? and if it is, can you, plain how that could possibly get through the congress? i think what we've seen in negotiations, a lot of people say a lot of things to satisfy their base or to get on cable news but that hopefully leaders at a certain point rise to the occasion and they do the right thing for the american people and that's what i expect to happen this time. qual me my eastern. but my ex-- call me naive. but my expectation is that leaders are gonna lead. i just want to be clear about what's at stake here. the republicans say they want to reduce the deficit. every single observer who is not an elected official who is not a politician says we can't
8:49 am
reduce our deficit in the scale and scope that we need to without having a balanced approach that looks at everything. democrats have to accept some painful spending cuts that hurt some of our constituencies and we may like them and we've shown a willingness to do that for the greater good, to say, look, there's some things that are good programs, they are nice to have, we can't afford them right now. i have to have difficult de -- discussions with the pentagon saying there's fat here, we need to trim it out. i promise you the preference of the pentagon would be not to cut anymore because they feel like they've --
8:50 am
>> you've been listening live to president obama. a lot of talk obviously on the economy. he said the economic problems we're facing weren't created overnight. won't be -- won't be solved overnight. he did outline, though, a list of specific things congress could do right now to help and he also spent a lot of time talking about the reducing the nation's deficit a lot of talk right now between the republicans and the democrats about raising the debt limit which is about to hit its maximum amount in august. so very important to reach an agreement on that. that's something that's a major focus of the white house. let's quickly go to sal. breaking news. shots fired in san francisco. what's the latest? >> well, our news chopper 2 is still overhead. this scene that happened just before 8:00. you see that honda, it looks like a -- like a late 1980s honda accord splashed into another car there.
8:51 am
that's where the crime scene took place on goff street near eddie. this area is cordoned off. this is very close to say yet heart school. our newschopper2 is overhead. the interest in the school is right there on your left. now, newschopper2 -- will you do a quick pan to the right for me? i want to show you -- i want to show people what's going on here. go up to the cathedral if you can. there it is. so he's right above the cathedral. look at geary street -- thank you for doing that so quickly -- look at geary. gearvy a mess right now coming in from the avenues and the rich -- in the richmond because of the closure on goff. goff is such a major street that we have blocs and blocks of slow traffic here. just around the corner from sacred
8:52 am
heart cathedral prep, good area to avoid. ktvu has several crews on the scene. we understand one person at least has reportedly been critically injured an taken to san francisco general hospital. let's go back to the desk. let's bring you up to date quickly on some of the other top stories -- it's a story you will only see on channel 2 this morning. look at this. police targeting east palo alto gangs. this raid happening this morning is in connection with the shooting death of a toddler earlier this month. the 3-month-old child was leaving a baby shower with his family when he and his parents were shot. also police in fair field, say the owner of a mini-mart died after a violent robbery that happened last night at the travis dairy. investigators say the victim called police and described his attackers before he died. and cleanup resumes this morning after an oil spill of diesel fuel at oakland's lake permit. crews will be laying down
8:53 am
absorb and booms trying to soak up about 40 gallons of diesel that spilled jade. the cleanup will probably take a couple of days. it is 8:52. we'll have more "mornings on 2" including more comments from president obama when we come back. ♪ [ ukulele strumming ]
8:54 am
♪ [ folksy whistling ] [ man ] quitting is a fight you can't let yourself lose. it can take many tries. but keep trying, you will beat smoking. honey, you okay? yeah, i'm fine. ♪ [ ukulele ]
8:55 am
( by want to go back to the white house where president obama is holding a live -- we want to go back to the white house where president obama is holdal live press conference.
8:56 am
let's listen in. >> we would not be carrying the lion's share of this operation but as members of nato we would be supportive of it because it's within our national security interests and also because it's the right thing to do. we have done exactly what i said we would do. we've not put any boots on the ground and our allies who historically we've complained aren't willing to carry enough of the load when it comes to nato operations have carried a big load when it comes to these nato operations. and as a consequence we've protected thousands of people in libya. we've not seen a single casualty. there's no risks of additional escalation. this operation is limited in time and in scope. so i say to the american people here's our narrow mission. we have carried out that narrow
8:57 am
mission in exemplary fashion. and throughout this we've had hearings. we've had reames of what the operation is about. i've had the congress over to talk about it. so a lot of this fuss is politics. if you look substantially at what we've done we have done exactly what we said to do under a u.n. mandate and we've protected thousands of lives in the process. and as a consequence, a guy who was a state sponsor of -- sponsor of terrorist operations against the united states of america is pinned down and the noose is tightening around him. now, when you look at the history of the war power's resolution, it came upar the vietnam war in which we had --
8:58 am
up over the vietnam war in which we had soldiers there, tens of thousands of lives lost, hundreds of billions spent and congress said, you know what? we don't wasn't something like that happening again. so if you are gonna start getting us into those kind of situations. you have to consult with congress beforehand. and i think that -- i don't even have to get to the constitutional question. there may be a sometime -- there may be a me in which there was a serious question as to whether or not the war powers resolution was constitutional. i do not have to get to the concept -- i do have to get to the question.
8:59 am
we have engaged in a limited operation to help a lot of people against one of the worst of tyrants in the world. we should be sending out a unified message to the sky that he should step down and give his people a fair chance to live their lives without fear. come on. you had a three parker. -- you had a three parter. what are the other two? i do not have to reach it. that is a good legal answer. let me start by saying this administration under my direction has consistently said direction has consistently said that we cannot


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