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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  July 15, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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complete bay area news coverage starts right now. this is the 10:00 news on ktvu channel 2. developing news tonight as police in hayward investigate a edly encounter that happened at a 76 gas station. good evening, everyone. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. there has been a deadly shooting this evening in hayward. a call to the ktvu first alerted us to the homicide. the victim was sitting inside a gold cadillac. ktvu's patty lee is standing by at the intersection of west henson and tararoga and joins us with the live report. >> reporter: investigators and
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the coroner's office arrived about 15 minutes ago to process the crime scene which is basically centered under that white tent which was structured by police. under that tent is the gold four-door cadillac. according to police, inside the car is an african american male about 25 years old. we're told he was shot several times through the driver's side window in the head, chest and shoulder. police tell me some of the calls started coming in around 5:30 with reports of gunshots. then they were flooded with calls from people who say they saw someone running from this scene. this is a 76 gas station open 24 hours. police tell me there are surveillance cameras on scene, but they will be focusing on eyewitness reports and those eyewitnesses have been taken to the police station for questioning. you can see yellow tape surrounding this gas station and also surrounding this area are patrol officers who tell us they expect to be here all night. reporting live in hayward patty
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lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >> our crew will stay at the scene and if there are any new developments, we'll get an update. within the past hour ktvu news has learned police are interviewing a person of interest in connection with the killing of a young woman whose body was set on fire. authorities identified her earlier today as 21-year-old monica rodas, the mother of a young son. ktvu's debra villons in the rockridge neighborhood where the body was found and has been talking with the woman's family tonight. >> reporter: the family saw the reports yesterday of a burned body found on this street but didn't connect it to their loved one until the police came knocking. maria alfero says her 21-year- old daughter monica has no enemies, no troubles, born and raised in oakland, a graduate of street academy high school four years ago. >> translator: monica was
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always happy. she was a good girl. it was an injustice what was done to her. >> reporter: what was done shocked even the police. a 5 a.m. fire on a north oakland street turned out to be her burning body. she was identified by dental records. the family has been told she was already dead when set on fire. now her relatives prepare to post rosaries over the next several days and monica's mom accepts condolences in the small apartment they shared. monica left wednesday night about 10:00 going out with a friend she didn't name. >> she knew a lot of people and they all knew her around here, so i really don't know. >> reporter: police say monica rodas' former boyfriend has a history of domestic violence against her and violated a restraining order two years ago, but he's been in jail for two months on an unrelated charge. their 3-year-old son lives with his paternal grandmother in union city and monica's mother is speaking through her grief
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because she can't fathom why her grandson lost his mom and she her daughter. >> it was just brutal what they did to her. she wants justice and the person who did this to be locked up. >> reporter: monica rodas lived in east oakland more than 5 miles where she of found here dumped in the street, but police say this spot chosen because of its proximity to the freeway. again my sources tonight tell me that within the last hour they have brought in and are questioning a man they believe was with this young victim the night she died. ktvu channel 2 news. it has now been seven weeks since she disappeared and today volunteers made yet another tammy to try and find missing nursing student michelle le. our cameras were at the search in hayward just before today's search. organizers have been concentrating on rural areas of alameda county hoping to find the 26-year-old last seen at
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kaiser hospital in hayward. investigators have treated the case as a homicide but her family is holding out hope she may still be alive and they plan to continue this latest search effort tomorrow morning. the city of san bruno is blasting a report from the state panel that linked a sewer project to last fall's deadly pipeline explosion. san bruno engineers signed off on the 2008 sewer project, but the city says the state panel didn't bother to interview those engineers or even the contractor. in a filing yesterday the city asserts standard procedures were followed to keep the pipeline safe and suggested that the investigation should be left to the national transportation safety board. an update on a story we first told you about at 5:00. danville police arrested a man this evening in connection with a sexual assault. a 14-year-old girl was walking near the tennis courts in diablo vista park last night when a man grabbed her and touched her chest. she pulled free and ran away.
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tips led police to a 66-year- old man. the suspect is from india and is visiting relatives in danville. it appears a copper thief struck again in petaluma hitting a pg&e storage yard for the eighth time in the past two years. the latest theft happened yesterday morning at the pg&e storage yard on corona road. police say employees found a chain link fence had been cut. jane rarity, chainsaw and copper wire were missing. officers say the copper is often sold at recycling centers. friends and family of a marin county man who fell into a blow hole in hawaii say a simple warning sign might have saved his life. 44-year-old david pots died saturday after a wave washed him into a blow hole on the island of maw we. pott -- maui. potts's girl friend say there was no signs, but officials say the area was privately owned. east bay park police
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uncovered $1 million worth of marijuana plants today. officers found the plants in the los trampos regional wilderness near san ramon. officers uprooted 3,300 plants today. the growers had tapped into the park's water supply and were using poisons and pesticides. authorities destroyed the plants. no one has been arrested. the men arrested for stealing a picasso from a san francisco art gallery made his first court appearance today as law enforcement on the east coast prepared additional charges. ktvu's john sasaki reports on the plea and evidence. >> reporter: the judge decided not to show mark lugo's face who pleaded not guilty for stealing this quarter million dollars sketch from an art gallery. while bay area police found the missing picasso new jersey police say they found a stash
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of stolen artwork in lugo's owe bokeen apartment. >> it's a pikas -- hoboken apartment. >> it's a picasso that dates back to 1983. >> reporter: another piece was found worth $350,000. lugo reportedly comes as a wealth -- from a wealthy family, perhaps someone with expensive tastes. >> apparently knew about the finer things in life. >> reporter: these are surveillance images from new jersey where lugo allegedly stole three bottles of wine worth 6,000-dollar. this morning his attorney did -- $6,000. this morning his attorney did everything short of admit his client's guilt. >> all the things taken were apparently taken in the last 45 days and that speaks more to a burst of compulsive energy than someone who has the ability and sophistication to go out and fence these paintings. >> i think he's going to spend a lot of time in rikers and it couldn't happen to a nicer guy. >> reporter: he could go to rikers island jail but only after getting out of jail here. a defense request to reduce his
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$5 million bail was rejected. i'm john sasaki, ktvu channel 2 news. like sending their kids to their rooms to calm down president obama today told democrats and republicans to go back to congress and think about how to solve the nation's debt ceiling crisis. >> you need over the next 24 to 36 hours to give me some sense of what your plan is to get the debt ceiling raised through whatever mechanisms they can think about. >> the president vented his frustrations during his third press conference in two weeks. after days of talks at the white house about the only thing everyone agrees on is that time is running out. if the debt ceiling is not raised by august 2nd, the u.s. faces a catastrophic downgrading of its credit rating, something the president described as a tax on everyone. the treasurer for the state of california says the notion of no agreement in bash wash is incomprehensible and irration -- in washington is incomprehensible and irrational. >> no one in their right mind would go off the cliff and let
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the united states in effect become a second class world power. >> the credit rating of many cities including oakland and san jose he says are tied to the u credit rating. he's -- u.s. credit rating. he's prepared to borrow billions in so-called bridge loans so that california can pay its bills on time. standard & poor's warned fannie mae and freddie mac today they could lose their top credit rating if congress doesn't raise the debt ceiling in time. fannie and freddie own or guarantee about half of the home mortgages in the nation. if their credit rating is reduced, they would likely charge more for any new or refinanced mortgages. two of rupert murdochs top employees resigned today. rebecca brooks resigned from head of the british newspaper division in charge of the top selling tabloid news of the
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world when reporters hacked people's cell phones and reported by bribed for information on celebrities, politicians and even 9/11 victims. the scandal spread to the u.s. late today when dow jones ceo ralph hinton resigned, influential publisher of the wall street journal. he previously ran news corp. at the height of the hacking scandal. he says he was ignorant of the misconduct but feels it is proper for him to resign. so it's here, carmageddon. up next a live update from los angeles on the construction project now underway that many fear will cause weekend gridlock. we'll take you to lake tahoe where the extra wet winner has created a somewhat un-- wet winter has created a somewhat unusual situation there. >> we're going to talk about temperatures, slightly warmer than today and a lot of fog, maybe some drizzle for your bay area weekend. from
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the traffic nightmare southern california has dreaded for weeks has officially begun. the on ramps have been closed and starting at midnight a 10- mile stretch of the 405 in los angeles will be completely shut down to work on a freeway widening project. drivers are calling it carmageddon. the 53 hour closure is expected to have ripple effects on about a dozen other major highways in the l.a. area and even in the bay area signs have been lit up warning drivers to stay away. on any given weekend
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500,000 drivers would use that stretch of 405. so you can see why the closing is causing so much concern. ktvu reporter hal eisner is in los angeles now with that complete freeway shutdown less than two hours away. good evening, hal. >> reporter: good evening, frank. the clock is ticking on us. they actually started taking action around 7:00 on time closing the ramps, at 10:00 started to choke off some of the lanes near the freeway. up near the 101 freeway, if you're familiar with that and as we look over my shoulder here, that is the mulholland bridge in the focus of all the attention right now. it's 51 years old built in 1959. the reason they have to do the demolition is because they're expanding the freeway underneath it, so they're taking the south half of that bridge off and the north half next year and they'll widen the south half and then widen the north half, but this has gotten so much attention and concern because the fear is it could have a huge rippling effect and could cause gridlock in los
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angeles. there have been some who found that laughable and others found that quite serious, a lot of politicians telling people stay home this weekend. don't get out here on the 405 freeway. they even enlisted celebrities to get in the war on trying to get the message out, kim kardashian, william schatner and ashton kutcher was out there with messaging. it seems to have had some impact. once they started closing these ramps this freeway got really empty. it's really slow now for friday night and we suspect based on things we're hearing from the construction crews that they may get a little bit of an early start on this. that's a very serious considering since if they don't have this open monday morning at 5 a.m., there are very stiff penalties. i think it's $6,000 a minute for being late. the bottom here line is is here carmageddon is about -- is here carmageddon is about to arrive at midnight. will it be a disaster? nobody is sure. some say probably won't be a
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big deal. others are saying we've never been through something like this before and others are going to stay home and have a barbecue. frank, we'll see what happens here in los angeles. >> where do all these cars go if not on the 405 and could this mean gridlock in neighborhoods in the area? >> reporter: well, that's exactly that rippling effect, frank. first there are cars that will get on surface roads. ventura boulevard for anybody familiar with it is expected to be it a road people dump john to so they can get over to canyon roads and work their way down over the hill. other freeways, the 5, possibly the 110 will see heavy traffic or at least that's some of the predictions. here's the real concern is if a truck overturned, if a car had an accident, of that on the traffic behind it and for any of you that might be flying into l.a. x., take special note because l.a.x. is right on the 405 freeway.
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>> hal eisner, thank you. the bay area has 475 miles of carpool lanes with more on the way, but the percentage of drivers who carpool is falling. only 10% of commuters in santa clara county carpooled last year. however, carpool lanes remain busy because the number of cars in california has nearly tripled in the last 30 years. the conversion of an interstate 680 carpool lane to a toll lane in september slowed traffic between dublin and the sinol grade. caltrans plans to fix that problem monday, july 25th, what it flips on new metering lights which are expected to ease traffic between stone ridge drive and the pleasantton and highway 237 in milpitas. chrysler joined in an effort to keep drivers safe
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across the country endorsing the safe driving act of 2011 which would encourage all states to ban the use of hand- held phones while driving. right now there are only bans in season states including california. if this passes, all states that don't enters the ban could lose up to 1/4 of their transportation funding. san francisco city leaders are working on a long term fix to try and control the erosion along the beach. patch work repairs done last year and in 1997 aren't enough to fix the growing problem. over the years storms battering the beach eroded the sand and locals are noticing the difference. >> it's just more of a swallowing type of earth that's just swallowing it away. >> it's not as wide as it used to be. it's narrow and it's kind of sad. >> the urban planning commission must now get a master plan put together and
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implementation would take longer leaving some folks worried about what's going to happen during next winter's storms. a record level snowpack followed by swift snow melt means lake tahoe's water levels have risen past, but as ktvu's ken pritchett reports, that has some wondering where's the beach? >> reporter: the waterfalls still roar, the rivers are still raining and lake tahoe is still rising. lifeguard cindy beber says where the water is now 9 feet deep last year's swimmers could wade. the higher water not only means fewer places to sun on the sand. >> we have a hard time finding a beach where we can take our boat and get out and enjoy the day. >> reporter: there's plenty of beach to be found. you just may have to find it. >> it is abnormal to have such a large rise in one year.
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>> reporter: tahoe rose more than 5 feet this year and that is unusual. >> we have 111 years of record of tahoe rise. this would be no. 5 all time. >> reporter: blanchard said lake tahoe should begin its slow decline in the coming weeks. that's heart to some to believe. >> reporter: the lake is laws about stablizing and should start to -- just about stablizing and should start to catch up with the runoff at the end of next week. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. the fog is back, just like the last three or four nights, fog when you wake up. tomorrow morning temperatures, warmer than today. these are the highs from today, not what you'd expect this time of year at all especially out toward antioch and fairfield. temperatures tomorrow will come up 3, 4 degrees. i think we'll see some 80s in the far reaching inland bay
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valleys. the fog will be there late tonight, early tomorrow morning. the weekend will be slightly warmer. there will be some low 80s tomorrow inland and some low and maybe even mid-80s out towards fairfield and vacaville sunday and warmer next week, but these temperatures still well below the average. when i come back here at 10:45, we'll go through your bay area weekend and look at your neighborhood, give you forecast highs and the warm-up. homeowners associations celebrate a victory against conservationists tonight over the bill governor brown struck down today that would have required hoas within the state to let people replace their lawns with artificial turf. the bill was supported by water conservationists and passed by the legislature with bipartisan support. a rally during rush hour in san francisco today as people wear orange suits in support of the pell began bay hunger
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strike. it has been -- the pelican bay hunger strike. it's been a long time coming, what made this bay area solder's funeral so special and why his casket was so small.
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protesters dressed in orange jumpsuits marched through san francisco this evening, a show of support for california prison inmate who have been on a hunger strike the past two weeks. we have the story live from the city and it was a small but loud gathering. >> reporter: it was loud. they came right along this stretch of market street and ended up down at the pal street cable car turnaround. at one point activists went face to face with police raising their signs in support of the pelican bay inmates. it started with picking up their signs and wearing orange jumpsuits. >> prisoners have had enough, coming together from class
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racial barriers to say enough is enough. >> reporter: then a loud and slow march down market street. >> what's the point because there's no transparency or accountability with cdc right now. >> reporter: one activist said he's a former activist from san quentin. >> these people aren't to be released but for human dignity and human rights. >> reporter: more than 1,000 inmates allegedly declined food at one point. inmates say they are subjected to inhumane treatment such as long confinement in windowless rooms, lack of healthcare and poor food. activists say some inmate hunger strikers are facing serious health problems now. earlier this week the cdc said some inmates have been treated for dehydration but say there have been no other serious health issues. tonight police followed the march closely on motorcycles and on foot. at one point the protesters
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faced off with officers who would not let them circle union square. traffic at some point had to wait. so far governor jerry brown has not intervened, but if this continues there could be a tough decision about whether the prisoners should be force fed. as for the rally tonight it ended peacefully and no one was arrested. ktvu channel 2 news. a 60-year-old woman is in the hospital tonight after being hit by a bicyclist along the san francisco waterfront. it happened about 8:30 this morning at mission street. police say the victim was crossing embarcadero with the green light when she was hit. the woman suffered a light threatening head injury. the bicyclist did stay at the scene for questioning. federal agents have busted a counterfeit movie operation in san jose today. agents arrested four people they say were making counterfeit dvds of movies in a clothing store on alum rock avenue and in a home on south king street. agents confiscated $53,000 in
10:27 pm
cash and thousands of copies of bootleg dvds including the first harry potter and the deathly hallows, soul surfer and x-men. residents of a san bruno neighborhood are fed up with vandals trashing their homes and cars. it's happened a number of times in the rollingwood neighborhood, including twice in the last three weeks. 29 cars have been damaged police say. neighbors believe kids are staking out their neighborhood and make sure no one is around before they strike. residents plan to install security cameras and lighting. after more than 60 years a final homecoming. >> he did serve his country gallantly and honest honorably. >> a soldier from san francisco finally laid to rest, the surprise visitor at his funeral service. san francisco moves to shut down hookah lounges and owners are smoking mad, that story is ahead.
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a foot soldier from san francisco killed in germany during world war ii finally came home today more than 60 years after he died in battle. ktvu's mike mibach attended today's service at the national cemetery in san bruno and tells us a surprise guest showed up. >> reporter: a procession for a young private draped by flags and salutes from fellow soldiers. a young san franciscan is finally back home and dozens of strangers young and old were waiting with open arms. >> he did serve his country gallantly and honorably. >> to the honor and memory of this man here is -- there's no words for it. >> reporter: edward o tool was a soldier with the army's 84th division killed in a world war
10:31 pm
ii battle in a small german town in 1944. peter davidson said he was there. >> our battle was a doozy. it was two hours long. >> reporter: oh toole was presumed dead and -- o toole was presumed dead and two years ago dog tags and dental records were found and identified as o' toole's and on this day the remains were laid to rest at the golden gate national cemetery. >> this is so close to being history in my backyard i could not avoid being here today. >> reporter: the u.s. military says his family has passed away. in fact, had he no known living relatives until today when just moments before the service began a man showed up to say not only was he related to the private first class, but that he lives in the same san francisco house the young man grew up in. >> i put the begin paige down and there this thing was eddie -- page down and then there
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this thing was eddy and i'm going oh, my god. >> reporter: barry byrd had not heard about his great uncle until yesterday and brought him his purple heart and his flag was brought to him. >> i think eddie is here and i just wanted him to see his things ago. >> reporter: after 66 years alone in the battlefield edward o' toole is alone no more. >> we have more details now oust deaths in wars during the 20th sent -- on u.s. deaths in wars during the 20th century. world war ii was the deadliest war. more than 53,000 troops died during combat in world war i and vietnam was the third deadliest war for the united states military with 47,000 killed in action. these numbers are just for troops killed in combat. there were many more deaths, but they are class filed as other. nearly two dozen san jose firefighters back on the job tonight after being laid off
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last year due to budget cuts. a $15 million federal grant enabled the department to welcome back 22 of the 49 firefighters let go. during a ceremony today chief willy mcdonald gave the men back their badges. one firefighter told us he's thrilled to be back on the job. >> you can't even explain it in words. it's a great feeling, this morning putting my uniform back office just amazing, smiled from ear to ear. i can't wait to put the badge on now. >> the other 27 firefighters laid off last year either got jobs in other cities or chose not to return. they will be replaced by new hires. business owners in oakland's fruitvale district are getting some much needed help fighting crime. over the next two weeks the city and fruitvale merchants association will install 120 cameras along international boulevard, some inside local businesses. we spoke with store owners today who already have cameras. they said they aren't convinced the new cameras will deter criminals but they hope
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surveillance video will help police catch those who break the law. oakland base clorox is considering a big offer to go private. carl icahn is offering $10.2 billion to buy the company. the offer would amount to $76 a share. stock for clorox rose 9% today on that news. a late rally kept wall street phenomenon posting one of its worst weeks -- from posting one of its worst weeks in some time. concerns over the lawmakers raising the debt ceiling and ongoing problems in europe have weighed heavily on the markets. a federal judge today dismissed a lawsuit filed by safeway over tobacco sales. pleasanton-based safeway argued grocery stores have the right to sell cigarettes. the ordinance contained an exemption for stores with pharmacies, but san francisco city officials said that exemption violated equal protection guarantees and filed a motion to have it dismissed. in some places hookah
10:35 pm
lounges are all the rage, but in san francisco the concept is going up in smoke because in the city smoking indoors is illegal and the public health department says they have to shut down the doors. ktvu's david stevenson spoke with lounge owners today who said they did everything by the book. >> reporter: san francisco's hookah lounge went cold turkey today closing down from orders of the health department. >> this is hookah tobacco. it's really wet and moist. >> reporter: kamalas 4's dad had to lay off three employees after investing in the lounge and an air filtration system. >> now they're passing laws say you can't smoke indoors. >> reporter: the city recently amended its own law. the department of public health is now targeting 20 hookah lounges and investigating 20 others.
10:36 pm
>> environmental health since about 2009 has been investigating the claims of non- tobacco use and it found out a lot of the businesses are using tobacco products. >> reporter: public health inspector janine young says the county's department of small business is working with some lounge owners to find smoke- free ways to operate. >> smoke was a big issue. tourists doesn't like it. there's too much smoke coming and they're open till like midnight, 2:00, 3:00. >> reporter: the manager said he complained about cafe chanta next-door. it has till july 19th to remove all its equipment. >> good for us they close down. >> reporter: there may be some hope left for san francisco hookah smokers. tobacco shops operating in commercial buildings before december 31st, 2009, can apply for a license that allows smoking in an enclosed space. new information on osama bin laden bin, the documents recovered and the plan had he for the 10th anniversary of the
10:37 pm
september 11th attacks and who was the primary target. . >> back here in less than 10 minutes with your weekend forecast. there's some warmth coming, but not a lot of it. i'll give you the details. >> the community they're now rolling into and why not everyone is happy to see them in town. [ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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san jose police have enlisted the help of two federal immigration agents to combat the gang violence that has led to the city's highest homicide rate in two decades, but effort may be backfiring. >> our message is clear. we don't want i.c.e. here. >> some in the community worry the immigration agents are looking to deport undocumented workers they encounter and say they're too afraid to come forward and report a crime. >> translator: what do i tell my children now? what do i say to my 3-year-old when he asks where his dad is? my brother was comported. without having committed a crime and without having seen a judge. >> police have repeatedly tried to ease fears saying their only focus is stopping violent criminals. today san jose independent police auditor announced the two i.c.e. agents will meet with representatives of the community to try to reassure
10:41 pm
people that they're only targeting gang members. americans are being warned to remain vigilant if they travel to parts of mexico. the u.s. state department has learned the juarez drug cartel may be plan ago tacks at the border with mexico and -- planning attacks on the border with mexico or ports of entry near el paso, texas. the warning comes after antonio guzman was arrested, the suspected leader of the juarez drug cartel earlier this week. authorities also worry cartel members may be planning to attack rival gangs, police or general public. moammar gadhafi burned the french flag following word the united states, france and other nations now officially recognize rebel forces in the eastern half of libya as the legitimate government. gadhafi addressed the crowd on state radio vowing never to surrender. in croatia firefighter are battling a major forest fire
10:42 pm
that has destroyed hundreds of homes on an island in the adriatic. hundreds of tourists have been evacuated. flames are visible 10 miles away. there have been temperatures well over 100 degrees. in baja, california, the mexican army has begun burning the biggest marijuana feel ever found in that country. mexican authorities discovered the 300-acre pot plantation hidden under camoflauge earlier this week. the marijuana was worth about $160 million on the street. there is new information tonight about osama bin laden bin and his plans to attack the united states. documents recovered from the pakistani compound where he was hiding revealed bin laden planned to kill president obama on the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. the documents show bin laden was hoping to shoot down air force one or the president's helicopter with a missile or grenade. officials say bin laden was also hoping to fly a small
10:43 pm
plane into a u.s. sporting event and attack general david petraeus' plane. the power of a association, finding information is easy -- of assertion, finding information is easy, but is google hindering our ability to remember. >> and find out which day of your weekend will be the warmest.
10:44 pm
10:45 pm
researchers say that google could be affecting your memory. that's because some say you no longer need your memory when you can pretty much look anything up online in an instant. ktvu's health and science editor john fowler reports it's called the google effect. >> reporter: in tech savvy san francisco people told us they use the internet as a memory crutch from online appointment calendars to bank accounts to shoe and clothes sizes. >> yeah. i don't have to remember anything. it's all self-contained. that makes it easy. >> if i couldn't utilize the
10:46 pm
internet, i think i can remember everything. >> reporter: at this internet cafe we found a 23-year-old teacher who googles things dozens of times a day. >> i think it's awesome that we have so much information accessible now, but i think people are getting laysier probably. >> reporter: and some say ail -- lazier probably. >> reporter: and some say alienated. >> yes, it does affect your memory and your ability to pay attention. >> reporter: retired be with union worker paul crosby doesn't use the web. >> while i'm missing a tremendous amount of information and access to information. >> reporter: several told us the reward of satisfying their curiosity on the web made things more memorable. >> there's a word i was trying to find out the meaning and i typed in and said what does that mean and it came up and i remembered it because i was able to find it. >> reporter: one researcher today said websites such as
10:47 pm
wiki peed ya turn into a -- wikipedia turn into a group of common knowledge. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. a new trend is moving to marin county causing concern for some restaurant owners there. five gourmet food trucks from san francisco set up shop in the parking lot of the larkspur ferry tonight attracting commuters and residents. the event now happens weekly. those who visited the lot today said they're enjoying the new trend. >> we came down here to see what it was all about. >> reporter: what do you think? >> well, i think it's a great idea. >> those working at restaurants in the area are not as pleased. restaurant owners tell us the transit authority should have notified local businesses about the new concept and also asked them to participate. if you didn't get enough fireworks during the 4th of july, you can always head over to oakland tomorrow night.
10:48 pm
it's the hottest show onette, the inferno fire circus -- on earth, the inferno fire circus has performers from a los angeles company. the show starts at 7 p.m. on seventh street in the cruicibles building. you can find a slide show and more video by going to and scrolling down to the right now section. >> as you would expect, another dose of fog tonight, friday night going into your weekend, another mild weekend in store. it will be slightly warmer this weekend than it was today and yesterday and the day before. there's all that fog out there now pushing up through the delta across richmond and the bay bridges across the san mateo and dunbarton bridge. the fog will be in your neighborhood tomorrow morning as it has been every morning this week. temperatures last week pretty
10:49 pm
darn warm. temperatures week have been well below average. they will warm up a little bit tomorrow and a little more heading into sunday, but no major warming. i think we'll see temperatures into the low 80s in the warmest spots both days in the weeks. the forecast for the fog tonight just like it has been, maybe some drizzle. i spotted some drizzle in a couple spots today. it's not heavy as it was early in the week. when you get this big push of fog like you see here and you see the burnback, at night it makes it virtually to get temperatures into the 90s. there's so much moist cool marine air all the way up towards sacramento. tomorrow night it goes right back up. it's heading up through the delta. fire danger down, air quality good. temperatures out, ocean beach and san francisco 59, 60, downtown city, 64, 68 degrees towards albany, 72 degrees in
10:50 pm
martinez, about 75. these temperatures warmer than they were today. look out towards coe bay, 80 degrees. i think we'll see a -- cove bay, 80 degrees. i think we'll see a couple 80 degrees temperatures tomorrow. this system is going to track off as we go into next week, sunday, monday, tuesday, starts to warm up, but this whole week has pretty much stayed the same. so forecast highs tomorrow tomorrow warmer than they were. if you're out by half moon bay, pescadero, davenport or santa cruz, you'll be wearing hoodies and jackets a good portion of the day. i don't suspect the sun is coming out much at all at the beaches, but if you go inland
10:51 pm
out towards livermore, you'll find those 70s, upper 70s. no fire danger. >> we like that. the squabble between dodgers owner frank mccourt and his estranged wife goes back to court, the requests he made today. her diary. when you're done, i'd love some feedback. sure. your mom and i read that thing cover-to-cover. loved it. thanks. would you mind if i cut the lawn this weekend? only if you let me talk to your mother on the phone for hours on end. done. [ male announcer ] u-verse brings peace to the family. at&t u-verse lets you record four shows at once from any room and play them back on any tv. get u-verse tv for only $29 a month for 6 months. in the network, everyone can get along.
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now you can wake up to complete bay area news coverage season days a week now on saturday and sunday with mike mibach and claudine wong, the same dependable coverage every morning at 7 a.m. wake up to complete bay area news coverage seven days a week.
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dodgers owner frank mccourt is asking to pay less spousal support. he made "to a judge in los angeles today. over the past years he's paid the mortgages of six homes and a condo on top of $2.6 million of temporary spouse l report. in a declaration he said -- spousal report. in a declaration he said i simply cannot afford to support the petitioner's lifestyle any longer. >> mark is here now with sports, winners on the same day, giants and a's. >> i can't even remember the last time. start with the giants, padres aptly names because over the past couple years they have been the giants' daddy, but the pesky dominance of the team may be over just like pablo sandoval's hitting streak at 22, the giants moving it out to a 4 1/2 game lead in the west. hector sanchez joining his team and watches as cody ross hits a
10:55 pm
solo homer off justin mosley to make it 2-0. tim lincecum goes six innings, gives up one run, struck out seven but did have help with the governor from andres torre, nice catch. -- with the glove from andres torre, nice catch. runners at first and third. they get the first man but tory who scored three runs tonight on the back end made it 4-1, 6- 1 the final, giants looking good. meantime an explosion from the a's scoring five runs, beat one of the best in the game in dan haren. that it's having yourself a night when you consider the way most of this season has gone. bring your doggies to the game night, the a's are 5-1 on such occasions. keep bringing those dogs. josh willingham two-run shot. this thing is up in mark maguire territory into the
10:56 pm
upper deck there. it is a 3-0 lead oakland over the angels in the 4th. conor jackson rips to right center to make it a second and david dejesus will score. he misses the plate but the catcher misses the ball. nothing like stretching with a segar in your mouth to get ready for an -- a cigar in your mouth to get ready for an athletic endeavour. 61-year-old tom watson, 167 yards will watch it after hitting it with the 4 iron and wind up with the 15th hole in one of his life and he made the cut as well. another american, lucas glover, at 70 tied for the lead at 4-under. at no. 2 he will set himself up very nicely for a birdie which he'll convert. we'll use the 2009 u.s. open champ. 42-year-old darren clarke, 2- under 68 and a 90-foot eagle
10:57 pm
putt and the special talent of being able to have this ball leave a nice yellow line into the cup. that's an eagle. 26 other golfers are within four shots of those coleaders. that's the sporting life for your friday night. >> all right. thank you. before we go we want to bring you new information about the deadly shooting in hayward. at the top of this newscast we reported the victim was shot to death while inside a gold cadillac at a 706 gas station. we have now confirmed the -- 76 gas station. we have now confirmed the identity of the victim. his name was john q caldwell. he was a friend of oscar grant and was with him on the platform on 2009 on new year's day. he's also one of the plaintiffs involved in the lawsuit against bart. hissite has been confirmed to
10:58 pm
ktvu. that is our report for tonight. we'll have more tomorrow morning at 7 a.m. >> you can find more coverage online at and with ktvu's mobile app. thanks so much for joining us, everyone.
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