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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  July 22, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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accelerant in this fire in oakley gives investigators a theory what the victim may have been doing at the time the fire broke out. >> reporter: lapd making an about-face in the brian stoa case. a stunning investigation in the officer involved shooting in the bay view. and a new shooting in san francisco at a station. the pictures that reveal startling information about the incident. good morning. it is friday, july 22nd. dave and pam both have the day
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off of the let's get a look at your weather and traffic. i have a friend coming in from the east coast for a visit and she's in for a change, isn't she? >> big time. it's unbelievably hot and humid in the parts of the northeast. and we're relatively cool here. the temperatures have been in the 90s and a couple holding on today. but the fog bank and the sea breeze is up to 20, 25 miles an hour. and that will mean 60s and 70s for many. traffic looks good here on 880 north and south and toward the coliseum. and we're looking at the bay bridge. there was an earlier obstruction on the incline section. they moved it out of the way. and as you move up to the incline, you can see that the traffic is moving along nicely, coming up to the bridge. so whatever it was is now gone. 6:01. and back to the desk. firefighters rushed to stop a house fire from spreading to other nearby homes and is it
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started around 2:30 this morning on fourth street in oakley. jane joins us live with a possible cause of the fire. >> reporter: the fire investigators have ruled this a suspicious fire this morning. this home destroyed. inside the home, we learned that the firefighters found hundreds of small tanks. it acted as an accelerant to the fire. one man was home. by the time a neighbor arrived, the man was in a bad shape. >> i thought there was an accident with a car. and i randy see a car. i law larry running on the lawn. and he didn't have a stitch of cloths on him. it burned right off. >> reporter: a chief with the east district said that the man suffered third degree borns over a large portion of his -- three burns over a large portion of his body.
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the woman was not at home at the time what neighbors say was an explosion. a huge concern for firefighters finding this 2-alarm fire at 2:30 this morning. >> the a fire coming out of the back of the house, caused the power lines to drop that hampered the initial arriving company to fight the fire. >> reporter: and they found hundreds of these small tanks inside the home. and we were told that gives a clear indication of what the victim may have been doing at the time that the fire broke out. in fact the fire investigator tells us that the victim may have been using these small tanks to keep up marijuana and smoke the oil that is produces after heating it up to a certain degree. so right now that victim the medical center and he suffered third degree burns over a large portion of his body. no one else was hurt.
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jade hernandez, reporting live. hundreds of acres have burned near livermore in a grass fire. we'll take you up top and show you some live pictures. this is near interstate 580 and flynn road. the flynn fire said it broke out just after 9:30 last night. and we want to show you some video from overnight. firefighters said that high winds fanned the flames and it did burn about 600 acres. we know that no structures have burned and no injuries so far have been reported. >> 6:04. los angeles police insisted they the right man but now there are two new arrests in the brian stoa beating case. has there been any public response from the los angeles police department? >> reporter: as of right now, no. i spoke with the lapd about it and and they will not give any additional information. we're live at the hospital where brian stoa is still being
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treated. it appears that lapd is now changing its tune. two men were arrested in connection with the stoa case. although the police have not released their names or any other details, the l.a. time reports that investigators have circumstance and physical evidence. you may remember in may, this man was named a prime suspect in the case when he was arrested for a parole violation. but since then his attorneys have provided cell phone and financial records that prove he was not the man that beat stoa. and now ramirez is now no longer linked to this case. >> it is a true lesson of the judicial system in this country, specific lit fact that everyone should be -- specifically the fact that everyone should be presumed innocent till proven guilty and it was the complete opposite. >> reporter: the pair met dicks
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that worked with stoa -- paramedics that worked with stoa said there is not a day that goes by that they don't think of him and they hope they got the right people this time. >> all we can do is hope and pray they're on the right path to figure out who did this. >> i'll cautiously optimistic. we'll have to wait and see if they got the right two people this time. >> reporter: we asked his sister about the new arrests. she wants more information about giving a comment. thelapd said they have no further comments at this time. they may talk about it at 1:00 today. palm chambers, channel 2 news. the faces of the two
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officers here in this video are conseed. the video shows that the bart officers exiting the train and then opening fire on 45-year- old charles hill, less than 30 seconds after they're rifle. hill is not shown in the video. but that item that you see outlined in blue, the police stay is a knife that hill threw at officers and they found another knife next to hill's body. a major new development in the controversial police shooting in san francisco's bay view district. and the young man that appears to have killed himself with his own gun. police are still trying to find the weapon that they believe was stolen from the scene. but san francisco's chief medical examiner has revealed test results indicating that 19- year-old kevin harding fatally injured himself while running away from police officers saturday. >> the bullet removed perfect his head is not consistent with the service ammunition used by the san francisco police department. >> people can cover a lot of
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stuff up. you never know. >> and that criticism reflects the controversy. the shooting has prompted several rowdy demonstrations in san francisco in the past few days. there was a town hall meeting called to try to ease the tensions. family of an east oakland man shot and killed by police officers is now suing the city for $10 million. derrick jones was killed last november. the suit alleges that the police did not need to use deadly force. and one witness said that they have a witness that contradicts the police's version of the story. a major step in the repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy. new secretary of deself-defense expected to certificate -- new secretary of defense is expected to certify the repeal of the "don't ask, don't tell."
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and we'll learn how soon gays and lesbians can openly serve. the first day of the gay wedding will begin in new york this sunday. 823 couples that entered a lottery to get married on that day will get to exchange vows. the city said it previously said it could only accommodate 764 couples. mayor bloomberg plans to officiate at the wedding of his policy advisor. sal knows i put in the order for the light friday morning traffic. >> we're doing friday light in most areas right now. even in contra costa, we're off to a nice start. and thing that the people, i think people get on road early and 580, one of the busiest commutes not looking bad.
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this is 580 coming in. you can see the windmill is there in the foreground and the 580 freeway in the background. a lot of trucks coming in early and coming over the pass. and westbound 580, at the top there. you see the traffic is moving pretty good. take a look at the bridge, westbound 92 traffic looks nice getting out to highway 91. and the road center is not pick up a lot of slow traffic. but there's a little bit of it here and there on 280. i would say most tv is a nice commute -- most of it is a nice commute. a good morning. happy friday. i have a little cooler pattern, another system right there beginning to move in. and i had a couple people tell me a cooler pattern extends for us but all the way up into the pacific northwest. and the heat is in the northeast or the southeast so we're sitting cool here and it will continue the theme into the weekend. today low clouds seemed to have
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ramped up a little bit. and we'll take that into the weekend. i don't see much change and morning fog and sun and a little cooler on the coast. and there are signs we might warm up a little bit. but the pattern is stuck. so with everything in the middle of the country it's tough for us to warm up. a big fog bank has been lifting over the last couple days. it helped along by the symptom in the north -- system in the northwest. the cooling trend started on thursday and it will continue today and level off saturday. maybe slightly warmer on sunday into monday. but maybe not enough to even notice it 80s in the interior. and we have a lot of 50s. oakland 55, san francisco and santa rosa the coolest at 53. 56 in san jose. so picking up there, west northwest, 20 at fairfield. so the flow mast certify kicking in on the -- master is kicking in. this heads out to the
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sacramento valley. cooler inland today. i think we took enough of a drop on the temperatures for the coast and the bay. but the westerly breeze is there. so still a couple of 90s if you're heading up to lake county. kent field 79, martinez low 80s and upper 80s and low 90s in pittsburgh. 23468 oakland -- 68 in oakland, san jose 79, 78 in santa clara, 65 in the city and 60s on the coast. too much of a fog bank out there. we'll continue that into the weekend and maybe subtle changes early next week. and warming looks possible tuesday and wednesday of next week. parking control officer in los angeles is fired for the shocking thing he did on duty and in uniform. a popular safe program that rewards some car owners is back in business.
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los angeles department transportation fired a park tenants while appearing in a pornographic movie while in uniform. this is after a los angeles tv station aired a report on the porn video and the other officer was allowed to return to his job after being
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disciplined. a southern california woman accused of mutilating her husband will be in court today. katherine becker will be arraigned in orange county. the police say that she drugged her husband and severed his genitals after an arguement over house guests. becker faces a maximum sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole. defense secretary is expected to announce that the pentagon is ready to lift the ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the military. we just interviewed a former air force staff sergeant what was disgatherred for being gay -- discharged for being gay. >> reporter: that's right. the military is one step closer to allow gay and lesbian service members to serve openly, seven months after president obama signed to repeal the "don't ask, don't
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tell" policy. they say lifting the ban on the gays and the lesbians in the military will not hurt readiness. david haul was discharged from being game and he does not think that service members will start coming out right away. >> we know there will be some people that want to discriminate against gays and lease bens and -- lesbians and there's many ways that you can do that in the military and get away with it. >> reporter: there's still a 06 day waiting -- 60 day waiting period after the general's announce. reporting live from washington d.c., allison burns. crescent city harbor is still trying recover from the japan tsunami. the fishing industry has been
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devastated by this. a plan to dredge the harbor could be completed by mid- october. and fishermen are pinning their hopes on that date because crab season begins on december 1st. a san francisco nightclub will hold a fundraiser to help in the search of missing nursing student michelle lay. the 26-year-old woman was last seen on may 27th at caser hospital in hayward. police have officially declared her case a homicide. but her family and friends refuse to give up hope that she is alive. they raised the reward money to $100,000 in the effort to find her. agricultural crime is on the rise in california. grapes, almonds and beehives are targets. it has been a good year for crops in california and that bring out the thieves. in napa county, police have set up a tip line.
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we're checking on sal. it occurred to me that the same dynamic anchor team that we just sal will be on the air tomorrow. it's been a weeklong plug for the show we dig it let's take a look at news chopper 2 giving us a look at the 580, 586 interchange. we have cool shots in almeda county. and the traffic is looking good. we're in good shape here. 680 and 580, if this is you, you're going to be in good shape. and now take a look at highway 4 bay point westbound as you come up to the willow pass grade. that traffic looks nice. and as we pan over to the right. you can see traffic is moving along very well. i think our camera is going slightly faster than the cars. but that guy over there, he's a candidate for a visit from chp.
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and this morning's commute is nice. on 880 and the coliseum in both directions. you're on fire this morning, your friend. >> and your tweets are on fire. >> thank you very much. we have low clouds and temperatures today inland areas will come down. a big fog bank out there and it looks like it will play to the weekend. and the temperatures have come back down. lots of fog and low clouds and up and down the coast. there are pockets on the coast. but there's more in the way of low clouds than fog today. 50s for everybody so fog, sun, cools the warm and cool area way from the coast today with more of a westerly breeze or southwesterly breeze through the delta. so 60, 70s, 80s for most. and there's a couple locations that hold on to it at 90 but tomorrow we'll say good-bye to most of the 90s. and we'll level off there. so the weekend looks like a carbon copy and more of the same. slightly warmer on sunday but
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not really a big deal. more the same monday and tuesday. google social networking site is expanding by making the first acquisition. google plus is buying the social group called frig for an undisclosed price. it is 20,000 groups have formed. google plus is surprising leaders by having 20 million unique visitors in the first three weeks of operation. apple is interested in buying hooloo according to two separate reports. the wall street journal and bloomberg news say that apple is looking into making a bet for hood loot disney -- hooloo and disney say it is up for sale. nasa just wrapped up their
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space shuttle program. the u.s. still is in the lead for space engineering and technology, but they say that many countries are likely to pass the u.s. it happens once a year. the colorful event that attracts thousands of superheros, aliens and monsters to california this week. and the move that the government must make to avoid a partial shut down of the aviation system.
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good morning. news chopper 2 showing us a nice view of interstate 280. in san jose, the traffic looks good and so does the weather. >> reporter: congress will have to pass a new funding bill by the end of the day to avoid a partial shut down of the federal aviation administration. if lawmakers miss the deadline, planes would still fly and air traffic controllers would still work but up to 4,000 administrative workers could be furloughed as soon as tomorrow. and republicans and democrats are at odds over three issues,
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funding to flights to rural airport, the number of flights that should be allowed at washington's regan airport and union restrictions. it's the final chapter for borders bookstore. a bankrupt judge approved the company's liquidation plan for the 300 stores yesterday. a plan for all the current assets is expected to be used to pay off all outstanding debts. police made nearly 80 arrests by protests of hotel workers in san francisco. workerred stages a noisy demonstration outside the grand hyatt yesterday afternoon and that brought traffic to a grinding halt. people say they have caught jobs and brought in lots of minimum worker. >> for me, i can't keep getting these minimum wage wages when the cost of living is skyrocketing.
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i can't make it. >> my housekeepers are close to $60,000 a year. my housekeepers clean 14 rooms a day and with a certain number of checkouts, we start to take room as away from them. >> union and hotel are set to return to the bargaining table next friday. day two of comic con2011 kicks off today. it's notorious for the elaborate costumes worn by the fans. the convention is a chance for folks to pay tribute to their favorite comic, television and film characters and there are a few a list celebrities to make their appearances to promote their movies. concord police are called to a home where hundreds of people gathered overnight. the illegal thing that was going on and the police said was happening at that large party before it broke up. and a house fire in oakley
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took off around 2:30 this morning. we'll talk about what played a role in the house fire. and the opening bell is about to open on wall street. we'll have the early stock numbers for you when we return. hello parents, it's going to be a big school year. your kids are going to climb rope. they're going to have a year long tug war with the ceiling. and by the time they get out of 8th grade, they're going to do it with sweat on their brow and achievement in their hearts. so, this is what they're gonna need:
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there the opening bell on wall street. u.s. stock futures fell this morning. all eyes are on washington and that august 2nd deadline that is fast approaching, no resolution yet on raising the debt ceiling. trader does not like that and that does seem to be dominating their focus on the market so we'll keep an eye on that for you this morning. good morning.
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it is friday july 22nd. dave and pam have the morning off. time is 6:30. one person is in the hospital after an overnight house fire in oakley. and tanks could be responsible. we just got a look at the damage inside the house. we're there live with jade. >> reporter: the fire investigators told us this is a suspicious fire. he also told us that an off- duty pittsburgh police officer was driving by when he saw the yellow flash of the light and then flames. this home is located near fourth and main here in oakley. firefighters arrived and quickly went to securing the flame to the home of the fire. the homes are close together and there was worry that the flames would spread. one man was inside when the home neighbors say exploded. and the police officer and a neighbor found the fire victim on the lawn. paramedics airlifted the man to
6:32 am
the hospital. he suffered third degree burns to a large portion of his body. we spoke to neighbor. >> i thought there was a car accident. but when i ran out here, i didn't see a car, but a saw larry laying on the lawn on his back. and he didn't have a stitch of clothes on him, it burned right off. >> my husband came out and we grabbed the baby and they told us that we had to go outside because there was a fire and an explosion. >> reporter: within the last half hour, we've been able to confirm what caused this fire this morning. the fire investigators was taking pictures of one of hundreds tanks inside the home. and they ruled this a suspicious fire and it appears the victim may have been use the tanks to heat up marijuana to heat up the oil in the plant to smoke it that is highly flammable. the fire started about a month
6:33 am
or so ago that involved the same process. it's a very dangerous process. and the fire investigator wanted to make sure that everyone knew that kind of process was highly flammable and can lead to something like this. reporting live, jade hernandez, channel 2 news. there is a stunning new development in the brian stoa beating case. los angeles police have now arrested two new suspects for the brutal attack outside of dodgers stadium. paul chamber joins us now live and the police have concluded that ramirez was not involved in the beating? >> reporter: that's right. i talked to lapd and they would not release any new detail and they will not talk about a possible press conference. the chief made a change last month that could have been a good thing. you're looking at a sketch of the two men they wanted for a
6:34 am
while. two men were arrested, one wednesday. lapd are not releasing the suspects' names or any other details. but the l.a. time investigators have circumstantial and physical evidence they say and ramirez, the man since may was the number one suspect is not responsible for stoa's beating. >> this is a true lesson of the judicial system in this country, specific lit fact that everyone -- specifically the fact that everyone should be presumed innocent till proven guilt at this time. and when i got involved it was the opposite. >> reporter: i spoke to paramedics that works with stoa. they said there's not a day that goes by that they don't think of him. his friend said that he's sceptical. >> i'll be cautiously optimistic considering the thought they had the right person before and now we'll sit and wait and see on this to see if they got the right two
6:35 am
people this time. >> reporter: we also spoke with stoa's sister last night and she wants more information before giving a comment. i will try to talk to more people with stoa's family to see if we can get any new information about this and i will contact lapd to see if there will be any new changes. right now they're not schedule a press conference about the latest arrests. paul chambers, channel 2. concord police broke up a large party that they say included underage drinking. neighbors called the police to complain about the fire on farm bureau road last night. there were close to 300 people at the home that gathered for a birthday party for a 17-year- old girl. the teenager said things got out of hand when party-goers started throwing bottles at officers. >> i caught a couple people throwing stuff at the police and staying tough to them. i was like you need to respect
6:36 am
them. they're doing their job. >> police say they arrested the girl's father for disturbing the police. and the cause of death for the santa rosa teenager died after a weekend sleepover remains a mystery. she dried two weeks ago. she drank some vodka with friends and did not waking up the next morning. and our autopsy report is inconclusive. and now they're waiting for a toxicology report. a manhunt in union city is over this morning. two men have been arrested, including one who is suspected of shooting at officers. the police responded to a report of a burglary on darling way and gene dry. when they tried to make contact with the suspect, the man shot at officers and they returned fire. a man was hiding in a tool shed
6:37 am
and they took him into custody and the initial burglary suspect was found several house as way. and the officers also searched for additional suspects but did not find anything and they're still trying to determine which man fired shots at police. new federal transcripts on the san bernardino said there was welding problems on and ten inch line of the pipe. they say that the segment had welding defects. president obama is take his case to the public as the clock ticks down to an august 2nd dead line to raise the government's borrowing limit. the president is holding a town hall meeting at 8:00 our time. the president and congressal leader have been meeting daily to come up with a deal to raise
6:38 am
the debt limit. the four-month-old nfl lockout could be coming to an end what could happen tomorrow if the players vote to approve the deal. let's head out to sal. sal is coming up. is the traffic moving smoothly. >> reporter: it is. traffic is doing well around the bay area if you're going look at some of the major roads that we're checking out for you, look at 237, getting into the valley here, no major problems here. and it's not that slow. it's a little crowded. this morning we're looking at 880 north and southbound traffic. the traffic is moving along nicely passing the coliseum. and if you're drive nothing the south bay, we have a little slowing on parts of 280 coming up to highway 17. but still off to a nice start. 6:38. sunrise over the big city on a friday. and we have a cooler pattern,
6:39 am
not dramatically cooler. but it will be cooler than we had two days ago. lots of sunshine and low clouds. once that peels back here. and another system that drop into the pacific northwest. the pat certain is stuck -- the pattern is stuck. you see the diving effect taking place with another low drop into a pacific northwest. but you get the idea what is going on is that ramps up the fog again. so we're back into the pattern. we had the high build in slightly and now it's building back towards the east coast and the southeast and we're getting the cooler pattern. so low clouds and cooler and breezy today and sunny and nice. about the same on the week. i don't see much change. there's hints of maybe next week we could warm up a little bit. but there's no screaming message one way or the other. and this is called stratus quo. it didn't take long. cooler today on the coast and the bay and inland. there will be a couple of low
6:40 am
90s. but it is a long process to cool off like lake county and areas that are really far away. but i think they will today and tomorrow and level off on sunday. maybe a bump up on the temperatures on sunday. but nothing more than a couple of degrees. 50s on the temperatures. east southeast 14, and san jose picking up a little bit. and a west southwest at vacaville. if they get that southwest, that mean that's the delta breeze is showing up. so fog, sun and cool for some. cooler inland as the wind and the fog kind of win out here even though we have lots of sunshine. 60s, 70s, 80s and one 90 there. 82 in martinez, 68 in oakland. low 80s in saratoga.
6:41 am
and a 70 in santa cruz. 77 in sunnyville. wood side 78, daily city 78. i don't see much change on the weekend there. maybe lightly warmer inland sunday and slightly warmer next week. casey anthony's lawyers send a bill to florida and why it may go unpaid by the taxpayers. why the union is not happy with the hiring of san francisco's interim police chief. it's not that slow out there. i'll give you another update on the morning commute.
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good morning. los angeles police have arrested two new suspects for the brutal attack on giants fan brian stoa outside dodgers stadium. and we have learned that the police have concluded that ramirez, the once primary suspect was not involved in the attack. one person is in the hospital after an overnight house fire on oakley. investigators said that tanks and marijuana contributed to the fire. and today new defense secretary is set to certify the
6:45 am
end of the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy. repeal of the gays and lesbians serving openly will end 60 days from today. casey anthony's defense team submitted their bill to the state of florida. the state refuses to pay nearly 12 thousands of it a hearing is scheduled next month for a judge to decide which portion of the trial and costs that casey anthony should bear. casey anthony has been hiding since her release from jail on the nfl lockout continues today despite the owners agreeing to a tentative deal. every team owner approved except the oakland raiders who abstained. a vote among players appears likely today. if the players approve the agreement, team facilities would open tomorrow and the new
6:46 am
league year would begin on wednesday. the first game of the preseason scheduled the august 7th all of fame game has been been canceled. a higher in the oakland police department. we're live at police headquarters with now with why the union is not happy with the new deputy chief. >> reporter: good morning. i got a letter from a source in the oakland police officers association a couple days ago and looked into it. it's not clear what they're going to do with the hiring of chief. but i have this letter. this is one thing that they did do. they sent a letter to the office of -- the city employee relations about the high are of the interim police -- about the hiring of the interim police chief. they announced last week that they chose joe godown to be the
6:47 am
new chief after his boss lefttor the assistant district attorney for the city and the county. they immediately fired off a letter. the union said that it violates an agreement to meet on confer on new hires and also longstanding tradition. here's what part of the letter said. he had been hired without any prior notice to the opoa and no institutional regulation of a deputy being hired from the outside in the past. the assistant to the director of the opd wrote me to respond to the union's claims. and she said that the chief bats is well within his managerial description to appoint the now chief. despite the fact that the city believes that chief bats has the right to hire, chief bats is going to meet with the union to discuss what happened. we don't know when the meeting s we have calls into the union right now and we'll call the
6:48 am
police chief to see if we can figure out when the meeting is and what there is to discuss and if they believe he is well within his rights to hire mr. go dows down -- to mr. godown. no major problems here. we'll check out san francisco and 101 and a couple different spots. and we'll check out contra costa county because we're finally get something slow traffic on highway 4 coming out to the -- mostly in willow pass. 680 and 642 looking good. i'm sorry. i moved the map too quickly. northbound 101 and 80 and richmond that traffic looks good. and now we teased you. there's 101 san francisco that looks good.
6:49 am
and let's move along to rafael. and now to steve. a happy friday to you all. some breaks in the clouds. it's not widespread but it's a big fog bank. and it equals a cooler pattern. the system what is new. another one dropping in. strong low have been drop into a pacific northwest. but that just takes that fog bank and lift it's up and sends it -- lifts it up and sends it locally inland. and we'll get help with the system from the north so that spells cooler conditions for the inland. 50s and mid- to upper. concord is in there as well. serve close. mid-50s, 54 in santa rosa. and a west, southwest at vacaville. san jose picking up southeast at 14. and when you get a south wind
6:50 am
at santa rosa that is a cooler pattern. and cool for some and warm for others. but not as warm or hot as it was two days ago and we had mid- 90s. and now we're looking at a couple low 90s. upper 70s and low 80s. fairfield 87, kent field, mill valley all in the mid- to upper 70s. 86 in concord, oakland 68, santa clair 78, santa cruz they get sunny about noon. 76 in san carlos. 60s on the coast and in the city as well. not much change for the weekend. but it does look like slightly warmer whether might return the middle of next week. keep an eye on micorsoft stock today. we reported record fourth
6:51 am
quarter revenue after yesterday's closing bell. strong sales of the office software pushed revenue to $7.4 billion. that masked the third consecutive quarter of sale declines in the division that includes the windows operating system. take a look at your numbers this morning. the dow is down 32 points. and the s&p 500 down just under two points and the nasdaq up 7 points. we were expecting this kind of opening this morning and we got earning from caterpillar that did miss estimates. no deal in site for the debt ceiling. and angry birds, stores are betting the characters will be one of the hottest trends in back to school merchandise this year. global shipments of angry birds merchandise is up 500% since
6:52 am
february. san francisco giants star pablo is working closely with the fbi what he's receiving from the agency later this morning and why. what couples will be doing at a san francisco museum this weekend in response to an embarrassing incident.
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this sunday is hand holding day at the jewish museum. it is in response when a security guard hold a lesbian couple that hand holding was not allowed. and the officials said that did in reflect the policy and that person would not be employed in the future. there's an event celebrating the life of a famous lesbian artist. the police are looking for who stole dozens of computers at old mill school tuesday night or wednesday morning. they said that someone cut locks and got into the room that was storing the computers. the school officials said that several dozen laptops are missing. park lee is getting a -- pablo is getting a personal award today from the fbi.
6:56 am
it is in recognition for his contribution tie national identification -- contribution to a national identification child program. buster posey is expected to have surgery today. he was injured in may after that collision. doctors are supposed to remove the screws from his three torn ankle limits today. golfers will hit the green in the south bay all to help fight cancer. the annual have a ball golf tournament tees off today. the tournament benefits 20 local and national cancer charities. the tournament is expected to raise more than $196,000. >> we got a mar margarita hole
6:57 am
and taco hole. a lot of fun stuff to make the day enjoyable. >> more than 300 people are taking part in today's tournament. that sounds like a nice event. sal is watching the roads one last time for the morning news for us. it's looking good. right now traffic is not bad in san jose. if you're driving through downtown, it's sunny there as well. as you get up to highway 17 sunny. and the morning commute looks good on interstate 880 in both directions. and if you're driving on 80 would be that is a nice looking drive as you drive out to hayward still okay. 6:57 and to steve. sunshine for some but a bigger fog bank means coolerren land temperatures. so the temperature 60s, 70s coast and bay and low to mid- 80s inland. a couple low 90s. but the trend is bring the
6:58 am
temperatures down. coming up on mornings on 2, a safety campaign designed to protect babies in cars may actually be causing treadges. they were -- tragedies. they were worth $2 million a bottle. what one bottle accident that made one local wine maker weep. stay with us. [ female announcer ] this is the story of eves.
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