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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  July 29, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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legislation that comes over from the house that it's dead on arrival. >> a live picture now from the senate floor, the next stop for that boehner bill. the senate is expected to work all weekend to try to pass a bill. one that the president can sign before the debt ceiling deadline on tuesday. we'll be watching the action throughout this newscast, we'll bring you any updates on the bill. in just the past 20 minutes we received a statement from the white house on the debt ceiling debate. first let's take a look at stocks both the dow jones and nasdaq down. the dow down by 90 points. back to what the press secretary sent us, i actually got it in an e-mail. the white house response says now that yet another political exercise is behind us with time dwindling, lawmakers needs to start working together to reach a compromise to reach an
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agreement. and back again to those stock numbers, dow jones back down by more than 96. it is day two of a pipeline excavation that is going on in san bruno. consumer editor tom vacar is at the site and tells us what's going on there with the gas main that hasn't been used in more than 50 years, tom. >> reporter: frank, let's first of all let's go right to the cam. we're learning this investigation is some what of a fishing expedition, it's well intended but no one is sure of exactly what's going to be found. >> reporter: investigators hope to find information that might be useful in preventing future failures throughout pg & e's vast system. >> we're unearthing a piece of pipe. removing an 8-foot section of
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pipe and running a cable through a 1950 pipe. >> reporter: the agency wants to know about any oddities it might find of this long abandoned pipe. one part of the investigation has gone so far as to x-ray the exposed pipe especially the welds looking inside them. this pipe used to be directly connected to the pipe that blew up last september. this was where the main pipeline was rerouted 55 years ago to make way for this housing development. >> this work is directed by the puc. >> reporter: in other words pg & e had no say in this. they're doing what the upuc instructed them. if this pipe were to come out any time during the 5:00, we will bring it to you.
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fascinating story, tom vacar, ktvu news. a marine county judge told naso he had to pay for his own lawyer. naso is charged with killing four women in northern california between the 70s and the 90s. the judge says naso has plenty of money to pay for his own defense with nearly $1 million in assets including a home in reno. the man once accused in the beating of giant fan bryan stow spoke out in a hearing. giovani ramirez is being held on a parol violation. helicopter raids to
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eradicate marijuana farms may be a thing of the past for california. it's partially funded by the federal d.e. a. but without state money the operation is likely to continue. lieutenant governor gavin newsom today says california needs to get its act together when it comes to creating new jobs. david honda is live and tells us how newsom plans to make that happen. >> reporter: the lieutenant governor introduced this plan at an event here at a fast growing company in san jose because the high tech industry needs the help and will also be part of the solution. >> we had no plans. >> reporter: it was a speech and a warning, gavin newsom addressed business leaders at rice technologies to introduce
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a job plan to get california competitive again and with it help the country. >> it's not cliche to say as we go so goes this nation. it's absolutely not true. unless california gets its act together. >> reporter: newsom's growth is designed to stop the free fall. some goals, form a state mall to coordinate business issue, promote start up companies, rejuvenate companies. >> if health care, education, transportation is difficult in california, it's becoming more and more difficult. >> reporter: newsom acknowledged the debt ceiling debate looms over states. but says california must not be distracted from its focus on competing for its jobs. >> austin and texas is opening
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up an office in california to get jobs from california. we're just sitting here getting poached. >> suddenly if you can't be paid by the federal government you can't pay your vendor, your suppliers, your employees that trickles across our economy and that causes trouble. >> reporter: newsom plans to hold a public summit early next year to see how the job of creating jobs is going. live in san jose, robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. the chairman of san francisco's democratic party central committee has removed former mayor's newsom's name from the committee's roles. he now has to join the marin county democratic party committee. there was no comment from newsom's people. the california supreme court has set september 6 to hear arguments that could have set the ongoing case involving california's ban on same-sex marriage. last year a federal judge struck down proposition eight
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saying it violated the civil rights of gay people. then governor arnold schwarzenegger refused to hear the ruling. friends, family and law enforcement all came together to remember an off duty sheriff's deputy who was killed while trying to help a friend. mike mibach was at the memorial and tells us the stories about the deputy there pretty much said it all. >> reporter: a procession, a salute, a send off for one of marin county's finest. >> if you needed anything, he was the one to do it. if you needed a fence up, he would build it. if you needed your car wash, he would wash it. >> reporter: deputies memorialized one of their own james matheson. >> we will continue to mourn him, we will grieve, we will miss him and we will never forget him. and he will always remain a
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part of our law enforcement family. >> reporter: born in petaluma, matheson loved the bay. a special spot where they had his arms around others and he had his arm around him. >> i once sold jim a car for two vodka cranberries. he loved the people, jim was about people. i'm going to miss him so much. >> reporter: the one reason jim was such a good friend, he did what his heart and gut told him to. >> reporter: that was to spend more time not at work but with family and on this day his family said goodbye and thank you. >> my dad was a man that held his children in the highest bract of his love. his way of life, his job and
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then his home. >> reporter: it was another friend that said if jim had any last words it would be these. i don't want tears, but laugh and talk with me as if i were right there. the highway patrol is cracking down on speeders by stepping up the number of patrol cars on the bridge. the chp has been monitoring speeds on the bay bridge with built in sensors and information from patrol units. during off peak hours, westbound traffic is running 10 miles per hour over the speed limit. the chp says that puts drivers and road crews as risk since caltrain does much of its maintenance work at off peak times. we'll have that story for you coming up at 5:35. san francisco cable cars stopped running for a little more than three hours this morning. they shut down around 7:30 when maintenance workers discovered a problem and began to repair
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it. authorities in oakland are blaming mechanical equipment for a three engine fire. a firefighters cut his hands on glass trying to get inside but his injuries were not serious. even though the fire was strong they did have to deal with some obstacles. >> we found the point of origin. it's in the back corner which took a while to get there and get the fire out. >> reporter: firefighters put the fire out in about an hour. they think equipment overheated and that's what caused the fire. damage is estimated at $70,000. 4,000 pounds of garlic, a thousand pounds of butter and a whole lot more will be eaten this weekend in gilroy. we'll tell you what was going on in one of the most premier food events in the country. i'll tell you how warm it's
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going to get in your bay area neighborhood. >ú
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a man who drove his car into this home on ashby early this afternoon has been hospitalized. berkeley police say the driver had a preexisting medical condition that may have contributed to the crash. the collision did so much damage to the home that pg & e had to be called in to shut off the power to the building and a building inspector was called in to see if the building is safe enough to live in. it's the only place dragon breath is acceptable. everyone expected. the gilroy garlic festival is under way. chefs are really pushing the limit. >> reporter: gasia, it's been a great opening day here. organizers estimate 30,000 people showed up to this event and they're all here to eat food with this in it. they have buckets and buckets of garlic here. back in this food preparation. because everything that you can think of is being made with garlic.
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a sizzling spectacle of garlic infused meat. jennifer arambulo and her friends prepared by not eating breakfast today. >> we had garlic kettle corn earlier. we're going to get the frog legs earler, turkey legs over there. >> reporter: much is being prepared behind the scenes. they'll go through 4,000-pound of garlic, 1,000 pounds of butter and 10,000 pounds of meat during the three day event. >> it's a lot of work but it sure smells good. so we're having a lot of fun though so it's really working out well. >> reporter: people waited in long lines to try garlic pizza, garlic pasta and garlic corn. >> it's unbelievable,
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seriously. >> reporter: others were more adventurous, garlic ice cream and garlic on watermelon. >> i like watermelon and garlic, so i figured why not try it. yeah. >> reporter: back out here live, i'm holding garlic chocolate. so coming up at 6:00 i plan on trying this to see if it tastes any good. i'll have that coming up at 6:00. reporting live from gilroy, janine de la vega. >> let's hope it tastes good. roger clemens is asking a judge to throw out the indictment that accuses clemons
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of using muscle enhancing drugs. clemens says trying him again would violate his constitutional right against double jeopardy. a leader of the firefighters union wrote the 2009 letter objecting to alameda canceling it's water rescue program. alameda says it's an island. fire officials said a lack of training kept them from making a rescue attempt. people in san leandro are on alert after a mountain lion scare. a resident reported seeing a mountain lion about 9:30 last night. there were no other reports the mountain lion hasn't been found. authorities say anyone who runs into a mountain lion should stand tall, try to make eye contact and make sure to give the mountain lion enough time to escape. a wildfire has been burning now for more than a week in san
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diego county. the eagle fire has burned more than 14,000 acres on the los coyotes indian reservation and the borrego state park. it was 90% contained as of 8:00 this morning. the fire has not come close to any homes. you saw all those people down in gilroy in janine's story. we talked about how the weather hasn't changed much but you know what that's just fine. >> that's exactly the conversation we were just having at the commercial break here in the studio. you expect it to be a little hotter inland. maybe a little less fog coast side. but i have to tell you, the last couple of days for my money just outstanding bay area weather. i know out in the avenues i know you live out there because you love the fog. and you're getting your share of it right now. that's fine, so you get tired of fog you just go east a little bit and you're into oakland, you got temperatures in the 80s and you look in here into the inland bay valleys. you see the current temperature numbers. they're a little cooler than
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they were yesterday. it's 83 in livermore. 60 out in oakland. the fog is coming back in tonight and tomorrow, just like today. maybe a little cooler there's the shot looking from mount tam that's the animation. but you can see the fog on the golden gate bridges. the north tower of the golden gate bridges. some drizzle, we had drizzle in the last few mornings. that's the great highway over here. and as the avenue is ocean beach, cliff house is right here. there's been a lot of fog and there will be again tomorrow morning. there'll be clearing tomorrow afternoon and temperatures just like they were today. that's what we're looking for more of the same as we go into your bay area weekend. it's been nice. it's been subtle, the changes have been incremental and they've been subtle but they've been very much what you would expect this time of year. warm inland and cooler coast
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side. and these are the temperatures for tonight. out in fairfield you can run out there with your flip-flops and it should be fine. out into the bay, you got 70s not bad. low 70s in the east bay hills. and then out toward pittsburg and martinez it's going to be clear. you have the pacific ocean. you have this beautiful bay and you go up into this delta. you have lake tahoe in the mountains and the sierra nevada. this beautiful place that we live. i was a geography major and we learned about land forms and
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that's what i think about the land forms and what a beautiful place we lived. the picture shows a sailor kissing a nurse. the sculpture was on display this afternoon at the u.s.s. hornet museum. it's in the bay area. the statute will be on display at san francisco's pier 45. the president says it is the single most important step the united states has ever taken to cut our dependence on foreign oil. the search is on for a couple of sea lions what they have wrapped around their necks that has rescuers worried. new at 6:00, these special washing machines could protect firefighters from cancer causing agents and ktvu was there when local firefighters got them a year ago. but hear why a bay area city won't let them use it. >> we're on a search and destroy mission in the delta
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against one of the most difficult to destroy invasive species. will the new project work? then it cleared the first hurdle today. the plan that could change the impact of your boat, tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00.
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president obama unveiled landmark new fuel efficiency standards today. they will require cars and light trucks to get an average of 54.5 miles per gallon by the year 2025 which is twice the current standard. >> this agreement on fuel standards represents the single most important step we've ever taken as a nation to reduce our depends on foreign oil. now just to be clear here, these new standards are the average for a car maker's entire fleet. that means some cars will be higher, some cars will be lower. the white house estimates the united states will save 12 billion-barrels of oil and drivers will save an average of $8,000 between now and 2025.
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president obama also joked with car makers about his daughter malia getting her learner's permit one day. >> i'm hoping to see one of those models that gets to top speed of 15 miles per hour. the ejector seat any time boys are in the car. the agreement represents a compromise between the white house, environmentalist and a dozen auto makers. the president also said it should serve as a message to congress since the deal was reached through negotiation. the new fuel standards quote will save money for american consumers and businesses at the gas pump, improve the air we breathe and reduce the nation's dependence on foreign oil. california also took part in the stalks because of its own strict emissions rules. officials agreed with these new strict standards. medicare payments will be
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cut down to 5%. errors had given an unplanned windfall to in nurses homes. the new payment schedule will go into effect october 1st. the nursing home industry says the cuts will make it difficult to maintain appropriate nursing care. north korea's first vice minister met with steven bosworth at the american in addition in new york city. the u.s. is trying to get north korea to resume talks with china, japan, south korea and russia but a key sticking point is whether north korea is open to dismantling it's weapons program. why wildlife officials say they can't help a pair of sea lions right now.
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they are a san francisco must see. but marine experts are desperate to find two sea lions missing from pier 29. rescuers say those two sea lions could be in danger of dying. why going after these animals could actually make the problem worse. >> reporter: well gasia, pier 39 is san francisco's number one attraction for out of town visitors and these sea lions are a big part of that. so when some of them are missing or injured it causes a big commotion. >> they're loud, a little bit lazy and well loved by tourists. >> you know you have to come to pier 29 and see the sea lions.
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>> they are very active and very cute. >> these animals are in really good body weight and condition so they can illude the rescuers. >> reporter: pictures taken at pier 29 caught what appeared to be fishing line around a sea lion. >> wrapped around their neck and you know it doesn't bio degrate. >> reporter: the fear is the monofilament will strangle the sea lion. >> it's what's going out in the ocean, these item k-s kill the animals. >> reporter: the marine mammal center has tried three times to rescue this duo. >> floating pier rescues are the most dangerous for the rescuers and really for the animals too. >> reporter: the plan now is to wait for them to wait assure for a land rescue. >> we don't want to chase these
5:30 pm
animals because by doing so that might actually cause the entanglements to dig in even further. >> reporter: the marine mammal center says it rescued 23 animals last year. reporting live in san francisco, david steveson, ktvu news. wildlife experts say a grey wall that stranded in the clam river is showing signs of improvement. white spots of fungus appeared on its skin. wildlife experts hope that the mother will do the same. >> reporter: michelle le's family and friends planned a car wash for tomorrow to race money for the reward for information on her whereabouts. this comes after a rally and march wednesday aimed at keeping attention on her case. last time anyone reported seeing le was a month ago.
5:31 pm
the car wash is set to begin tomorrow. the killing of a good samaritan earlier this weekend in west oakland is bringing out the best in those committed to carrying on his work. ktvu's paul chambers is in oakland with what will be happening there in just a couple of hours, paul. >> reporter: frank in 2.5 hours from now people in this community will take part in a community vigil for paris pao. you can see there is a growing memorial in his honor. today i spoke with people who also give back to those in need. they say pao's death is a reason to continue their mission. >> reporter: for three years now this mother and son have given back to the community. >> it's really sad that this
5:32 pm
man's life was taken while trying to help others. >> reporter: they say pao's shooting is a wake up call but won't stop them from doing what they love. >> i think this will be a good way to honor them by feeding the homeless even more. >> reporter: at least once a week michael carraway has given to the homeless. now more than ever people must continue to reach out. >> he was blessing people, we need more people to come out here and bless people. >> it's sad, because that's an angel. >> reporter: all the good samaritans say they will continue to help others. >> we definitely want to feed, we would definitely have to feed in the daytime. >> i keep everything the same. ain't nothing to be scared of. >> reporter: police released this information about the suspect's vehicle. here's a picture similar to its descriptions. if you know anything about this case you're asked to call police. live in oakland, i'm paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news.
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we have developing news right now from washington, d.c., live pictures here from the u.s. senate where democrats have just killed the republican debt ceiling plan that was passed in the house just about two hours ago. majority leader harry reid who you are looking at there has said that plan would be live at arrival, he was right. the senate will vote tomorrow put together by reid and mitch mcconnel. time is really of the essence here because the deadline for an agreement is next tuesday. and at this point the house, the senate and president obama are all far apart when it comes to agreeing on some type of compromise deal. the soldier accused of plotting an assault on fort hood defiantly acted out in court today. this was the first hearing for 21-year-old private naser abdo who was formally charged today
5:34 pm
in a waco courtroom. a gun shop owner tipped off police that abdo has purchased large amounts of gun powder. authorities later found bomb making material in his hotel room. abdo refused to stand up and yelled out, nedal hassan2009. religious sect warren jeffs is speaking out tonight and defending the practice of polygamy. the head of the church of the latter day saints says he believes polygamy is the i will of god, a power larger than court. he is representing himself in a trial going on in texas. if he is convicted he could face life in prison. jeffs is also facing a separate trial for bigamy in october. as the nation prepares to commemorate, president bush is speaking about what he experienced in the hours after
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the terror attacks. in an interview, the 43rd president said some of the first thoughts are for the safety of his family. he says when he flew to new york it looked quote like a giant scar from the air and that it was in his words like walking into hell. the interview will air on august 28. a transcript of richard nixon -- nixon gave the testimony in june of 1975 ten months after he resigned as president of the united states. historians sued to have the testimony made public. the judge said historical significance outweighs the need for secrecy. nixon died 17 years ago. the way b.a.r.t. leaders rejected proposed changing in their bike rules. plus, you might have noticed it, it's something that suddenly appeared on the bay bridge. the new look and what it's for next. and motorcycle helmets could save your life but now
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there is new information on what could be an unusual downside to those helmets.
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b.a.r.t. officials have rejected a proposal to allow bikes on trains during rush hour. b.a.r.t. says there's simply not enough
5:39 pm
space for bikes during rush hour. the last of four big cat walks will soon go up as work on the bay continues to progress. you may have already noticed the tpáers three cat walks hanging from the tower, they are clearly visible to drives and our cameras. the fourth cat walk is due to go up in the next couple of weeks. iron workers will now use those cat walks as they use the main cables of the new bridge. springing the cable will take about a year. the bridge is set to open in about two years. the san francisco based gap store continues it's global expansion. there are plans to open four more stores in italy by the end of the year. there are almost 400 gap stores around the world competing for the $1.4 trillion global market for clothing. helmets may harm a rider's
5:40 pm
hearing. researchers from the university of -- found that wind hitting a motorcycle rider is louder than an unmuffled harley engine. investigators hope to use what they've learned to design quieter helmets. working out with weights can lower your risk of developing type two diabetes. for every 10% increase of muscle mass a person's risk of type two diabetes falls by 11%. patients who had already developed type two diabetes can decrease their resistance by weight training. researchers found that those who ate a high fiber diet had a reduced risk for breast cancer. red cross officials are looking for people to donate
5:41 pm
blood. a blood drive began in pleasanton today. it will continue tomorrow. it's happening from 7:30 in the morning until 3:00 p.m. at the pleasanton blood donation center on spring dale avenue. donors must be at least 17 years old or 16 with parental consent. have to weigh at least 110 pounds and be in good health. donors get a coupon for a free pint of ice cream from baskin robins. doctors are buying this baby some time while a transplant is available. i'm back here in a few minutes, we have your weekend forecast because it is the weekend. and temperatures i think you will be impressed in, especially inland. i'll see you back here in about 10 minutes. these special washing machines could protect firefighters from cancer fighting toxins.
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but here why a bay area city won't let them use it. we're on a search and destroy mission in the delta against one of the most difficult to destroy invasive species. will the new project work. it cleared the first hurdle. the plan that could change the impact of your vote. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. working with at&t, doctors set up a broadband solution to handle data and a mobility app to stay connected with their business. so they can run the office... even when they're not in the office. call at&t and see what we can do for you. with unlimited voice plus broadband, starting at $70 dollars. it's a network of possibilities -- helping you do what you do... even better.
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she's a medical pioneer and she's only 4 months old. a northern california girl is alive with the help of a device that could soon make a big difference in a lot of lives. audrey mcgiver is able to squeeze and pus because of a device that's helping to pump blood through her body. her heart isn't strong enough on its own. doctors discovered the problem just a month ago after her mother said audrey was weaving. doctors found she had cardio miaocasi. >> you can't recover from that. a heart can get stronger but
5:45 pm
this is not a chance. her only chance of living is a heart transplant. >> reporter: finding a donor would likely take months. >> she was critically ill. she was malnourished, she was supported with a mechanical breathing machine, and she didn't have the strength to move around. >> reporter: to buy some time doctors turned to the berlin heart. this is video of doctors implants the device in another patient. the fda just gave unanimous endorsement of the miniature pump for use of children in the u.s. it's in steps for approval. with the device doing the pumping audrey is stronger than ever. >> now her mom can hold her in her lap. she can open her eyes and look around. she's getting fed well and she's getting strength in a daily basis. she is moving, she smile, she opens her eyes, and she's actually happier than she was at home. >> reporter: now the berlin
5:46 pm
heart is not an instant solution. there's the danger of blood clots and infection. still audrey's doctors say they have every reason to believe she will get a heart transplant and go home and go on with her life. authorities are looking to murdoch's son. james murdoch the chief operating officer of news corp. claimed he did not know about the hacking. but two former executives say he did. this comes after journalists from the news corp. tabloid news of the world tapped into phone messages of people including a teenage girl who had been murdered. murdoch shut down that tabloid earlier this month. apple now has more cash than the united states government. the latest daily statement from the u.s. treasury says the government had an operating cash balance of $73.8 billion as of yesterday.
5:47 pm
apple's last earning reports said the cuper to the best ertino based company had -- our julie haener is live in our newsroom now with the stories we're working on for ktvu news at 6:00. nature pitted against nature. new at 6:00 the state is shipping in a bug from the amazon. it's a risky experiment. plus we first showed you these top of the line washing machines that can actually save firefighters from the risk of cancer. now we learned they are not even being used. the problem with san francisco fire houses that's holding things up. the world's population is expected to hit 7 billion later this year. that's double what it was in the 1960s. it's a jump of 1 billion people since 1999.
5:48 pm
much of the growth is happening in the developing world especially in africa where many people still lack access to clean water. plentiful food and education. the u.s. population continues to grow although the population is stable in partsover europe and it's actually falling in russia. people who live in the coast of texas are bracing for tropical storm don. don is about 95 miles southeast of corpus christi in the gulf of mexico. it is expected to gain strength before making land fall on the southern texas coast tonight bringing high winds and heavy rain. but the storm is forecast to weaken and dissipate by sunday. we are coming up on the last weekend to of july and it's not going to be bad to get out there and do what we've been wanting to do all summer. >> on the mild side, warm depends where you are. but look at this area in the
5:49 pm
sierra nevada. this is what we call monsoonal moisture. sometimes it can be dry, it's just a wind shift. but the wind shift is pulling moisture all the way north. and what's going to happen, we have thunderstorms up here on the south side of the lake and the east side. what we're going to see tomorrow, is more of this moisture infiltrating the sierra nevada and some of it could spill our way into the nevada valley. maybe something in the livermore valley could see a thundershower in the afternoon. these are the highs from today. not bad. a little cooler than yesterday. especially up in santa rosa. just a real nice weather pattern. we had a real mild subtle pattern that's been with us all week. it stays that way expect for tropical moisture as we head into sunday. if we change these around really for the far inland bay valleys. 98% of us wouldn't notice much. we'll get to it but here's the forecast for fog in the morning. look familiar? that's what it was like this
5:50 pm
morning. burns off at the coast. plenty of sunshine and temperatures warm up. it starts to warm up rapidly. you will find those mid- and upper 90s as we get into the central valley. you get swung up and as the sun angle gets higher. boom you get convection. that's what convection is. prime time for thundershowers like tahoe and you know this is in the afternoon hours. how they build up and they start to pop up and they die off. here's the system as we're tracking it now. the moisture is going to move out tonight, it'll be more a little bit each day as we go into saturday and sunday. as they occurs we're still going to see warmth and a good shot of showers. our computer model shows clouds and rain. here we are right now. south tahoe. bear valley, now wet get to
5:51 pm
sunday. sunday morning, we see more moisture. here we are down near san benito county. watch what happens sunday night, a little bit more. so it's in the area. if you're going to the mountains and many of you are. if you have backpacking plans you will be hearing them in the afternoon hours. they'll be popping pretty good. 3:00, 4:00 in the afternoon. 85 in fairfield, by the way that's not an unusual pattern for late july, early august. that's the northern american monsoon happens every year. 82 in los gatos. it's a nice one, it's right here in view. it's right here. i can see it. it's a nice weekend ahead. temperatures on the mild side. nothing hot. >> thanks bill. niagra falls may return to its daredevil fall. you may recall in 1989 two canadian men survived their fall over the falls in that barrel. now nick rolenda wants to cross the falls on a tight rope the first time anyone has done that
5:52 pm
since 1920. supporters say it'll boost tourism. but some are concerned the stunt could end in tragedy like this one back in 1985. robert over cracker's parachute never opened. state lawmakers have approved a one time exemption on a ban against daredevil acts. but governor quomo has not signed that bill. . one scoupre is asking $10,000 for a $360,000 ticket. tickets are going for at least 1,200 a piece. why a falcon may be flown into at that time park. what it will be trying to scare away. plus it used to be a dirt lot. how the oakland a's and their mascots brought a lot of smiles and a new place to play to one local neighborhood.
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the san francisco giants could soon have a higher gun to get rid of those annoying sea gulls at at that time park. the team may bring in a falcon to chase them away. the sea gulls have become a real headache there at the ballpark by the bay. they seemed to develop a taste for all that left over popcorn, pizza and garlic fries that are
5:56 pm
still thereafter the games. the kids were thrilled to have some face time with the a's mascot stumper the elephant. stumper along with second baseman jamile weeks helped dedicate a new playing field in oakland today. the newly refurbished field will provide neighborhood kids with a place for kick ball and wiffle ball. >> a little over a year ago this was a blank empty parking lot full of gravel and dirt. we've been able to do something wonderful here and service the kids. funding for the new playing field came from the a's, the good tidings foundation. and coming up in just 90 seconds. >> san francisco firefighters purchased special washing machines to help prevent cancer. that was over a year ago. so why are the machines still
5:57 pm
sitting in boxes in this warehouse. it gained nationwide attention for his humor as jolly old st. nick. the questions tonight about santa john's death. and the show down in washington.
5:58 pm
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good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. we are following developing news in oakland where a police pursuit ended with two arrests just about an hour ago. police tell us officers spotted a man wanted for assault with a deadly weapon driving a dark sedan near 77th avenue. the driver fled to 880. police chased the vehicle to east 12th street where officers then boxed it in. the suspect and its passenger tried to get away on foot but officers took them both into custody. they also recovered a weapon that the suspect tossed out of the car. special washing machines can -- firefighters say spec


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