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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  August 23, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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district and it was quite scary. a 5.8 earthquake hit the east. up and down the east coast, no one was taking any chances. >> we just saw a bunch of people from the offices just taking the stairs out. so we all just decided to follow. everybody at the lobby, they were encouraging everybody to get out. >> everything started shaking a little bit. >> reporter: as far south as north carolina and as far north as new york city. people evacuated billings. the earthquake even interrupted the district attorney who was giving a conference on the strauss-kahn case. intense enough to cause damage to well built structures. today's earthquake was the second most powerful in virginia in recorded history. and the geological service says
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those residents along the eastern seaborg should be warned, there mite -- there might still be aftershocks. evacuation orders were issued, but there was no major damage and no disruption to power or water service. mayor michael bloomberg tried to calm the city. >> i do understand for many people this was a stressful afternoon. but so far we've been lucky to avoid any major harm. >> there was some minor damage from the quake in new york, including a partial chimney collapse in the roof of an apartment building in oakland. in philadelphia, some folks thought there had been an explosion. others thought the rumbling was from the city's subway system. workers rushed from downtown office buildings out into the streets. for many it was a rare and also
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an eerie experience. >> i thought it was a bus going by. i had no idea what it was. >> never thought i would feel it. never. lord have mercy, i thought the world was coming to an end. >> reporter: no injurys have been reported but philadelphia city officials are still checking for any possible structural damage. parts of baltimore saw some of the most significant damage from that earthquake. the quake shook brick buildings. the damage is on display for pretty much everyone to see. baltimore's mayor says the city's infrastructure fortunately did not sustain any damage. that east coast quake is a far cry from what we've experienced here in the bay area. health and science editor john fowler with why some say there's a world of difference
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here. >> reporter: we've been following if seismic network and have found two aftershocks in virginia. 2.2, 2.8 following today's 5.8 main shock. it struck the eastern flank of the appalachian mountains. >> geologically this is a very exciting area. the last time we had an earthquake of this magnitude was more than 100 years ago. so we're talking about a significant event. >> reporter: moody has extensively studied the area. >> brick buildings can be quite fragile in the case of an event like this. >> reporter: the appalachians are squeezed by the spreading atlantic. >> this earthquake is occurring on one of these ancient 300 million year old appalachian thrust faults. >> reporter: today's earthquake fell over a highly populated
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area. >> it's a world of difference between the shaking that's perceived on the east coast as compared to west coast. >> reporter: scientists say today's quake was felt over 500 miles away. but the same magnitude here in california would barely be felt from one end of the bay to the other. coming up at 6:00, i'll explain why. john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. a nuclear power plant just 7-miles from the epicenter lost power after the earthquake. federal authorities say the north anna power station is safe. but crews are still inspecting it for any damage. the plant automatically s hutdown the reactors after the quake. the earthquake temporarily halted work in our washington, d.c. bureau. the quake sent reporters out into the streets along with thousands of other workers evacuated from downtown buildings. they and most of washington for that matter also lost cell
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phone and e-mail service. coming up at 5:30, our washington, d.c. reporter scott mcfarlane is going to give us a report of the earthquake live from our nation's capital. you can go to the east coast quake tab, we have a survival guide for you here in the bay area on hot off yesterday's b.a.r.t. protest, anonymous says it will do it again. our david stevenson was there as the commute chaos played out live. he's at the city now with what could come next. >> reporter: protesters, police and b.a.r.t. all say they are ready to face off again in more platform protests. police on monday arrested four people on the civic center platform.
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it was the sixth protest since the killing of a 56-year-old here at the platform. >> it's part of our business as usual that we have expectations for demonstrations. >> reporter: aboveground san francisco police yesterday arrested 40 people mainly for failing to following police commands. >> the protesters are not thinking about commuters. people coming have worked eight hours a day and sometimes longer in some cases and we're trying to get home. >> reporter: peter fine says protesters had not planned on disrupting service, but he and
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other protesters are planning another protest. b.a.r.t.'s board of directors will take comment to cut station cell phone service just before a protest. reporting live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. one of the most seriously injured fans from saturday's 49ers-raiders game is now in a different hospital. the 26-year-old man was attacked in a bathroom and that he was transferred last night. due to medical privacy laws his new hospital is not being disclosed. a hospital spokeswoman told us this afternoon the 25-year-old man shot in the stomach in the candle stick parking lot is in fair condition. no arrests have been made in either case. the nfl will be watching very closely as the 49ers consider big security changes after that big weekend.
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>> reporter: that nfl security chief says there is not a 1-32 team ranking of the safest stadium. he did say that the 49ers are very highly rated when it comes to issue of security and fan conduct. a long time fan says things may have been worse than the video shows with fights like this one playing out all over the stadium. >> we seen some guy getting choked out. and a little girl turned to her mom and say, mom, mom, i'm scared can we go. >> reporter: but joey lenore says he thinks the rash of violence isn't typical and the nfl agrees with him. the head of the league security jeff miller told ktvu every team is graded every year on how it handles security and fan conduct. >> some of the reviews we do are unannounced. they don't know when we're coming and we'll have people observing things from the outside. in a position to be able to
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make an assessment of how well we're actually measuring up. >> reporter: he wouldn't say how the 49ers stack up against other teams only that both san francisco and the oakland raiders recently received high marks. >> and this is exactly what it's all about. it's not about me -- >> reporter: leonore just learned he and his son are featured on the 49ers magnet, but he's not opposed to canceling the 49er and raider game. >> i see my son and i see all the problems they have and think, how can i bring my son to that. ktvu has obtained a photo of the gunman behind that police stand off that shutdown interstate 580. today we obtained the dmv photo
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of the suspect. peter james thomas, the 38-year- old gunman was barricaded for hours. thomas told police that his girlfriend was with him, but police later found that the girlfriend was not with him and thomas later shot himself. the stand off lasted more than 36 hours. today rebels in libya have taken their fight to a different level. they captured gadhafi's compound and rebels say his regime is about to fall. >> we're in front of his compound. and where is he? he's underground, he can't do anything. we're looking for you. where are you, come on. >> reporter: gunfire, explosions and shouts of victory throughout the streets.
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rebels carried out boxes of artillery and ammunition. >> there's no question that the gadhafi regime has nearly collapsed, there's also no question that the best thing he could do for his people would be to relinquish power immediately. >> the obama administration also said it will soon release about a billion dollars in frozen libyan assets and give it to the rebels. the money would be made available to the transitional national council for immediate humanitarian need. cnn reporter sarah sidner who you might remember as a former ktvu reporter, is in the very center of tripoli. she was there when shots were fired celebrating. >> reporter: the sun is setting in this area, it's starting to become darker. over here you're seeing them, these are cars that belonged to
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the gadhafi regime. they are sitting, they are blowing off rounds from the top of them. that is obviously a security -- [gunfire ]. i'm going to try not to get hit by any of those rounds. you see the people streaming through the main gate. that's all the way into the compound. so you see -- [gunfire ] a lot of smoke coming from the compound. you see these huge walls. these were supposed to be protective walls. this gives you a sense of power of the gadhafi regime [gunfire ] this honestly is the nicest part of the city. you're seeing these nicely -- [gunfire ] i'm going to back up. let's pull back a little bit. let's pull back just a little bit. let's just pull back because i'm getting hit by some of the
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shells. >> that was sarah sidner reporting from tripoli. fortunately she was not injured. and coming up at 5:30, what the liberation of libya could mean for families and other exiles in the bay area. stocks rallied for a second straight day on wall street. the dow closed with its biggest gain in nearly two weeks as bargain hunters picked upbeaten down stocks. the dow rose 322 points. that's its best day since jumping 422 points on august 11. the nasdaq finished this day up 111 points. housing remain it is weakest part of the economy. newly released figures show that people numbers in people who bought new homes fell. that puts this year's track to finish as the worse on record
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dating back half a century. tom vacar tells us how some new developments in the bay area may be weathering the storm. and a student pilot has a story to tell tonight. he was flying with his instructor when something went wrong. maureen naylor tells us what happened next. >> reporter: the plane lost power, so the student and pilot were forced to land right here. the 1966 beach craft musketeer came down shortly after taking off. the plane's engine sputtered and stalled then the aircraft lost power. while the faa is investigating,
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the pilots have a theory. >> they believe they were running low on fuel. >> reporter: sheering off a piece of a tree and spinning the plane off the path. >> it was a beautiful landing, soft, happy. lucky. alive. it's a good day. >> i'm in shock. >> reporter: we were there as the pilot a 30-year-old apple employee from redwood city was reunited with his wife. the two shared a long tearful embrace while their 8 -month-old son sat unaware of the terrifying other ordeal his father survived. >> he just bought the plane. he just got it on friday, and i think this is the first time -- he's still learning how to fly. >> it's amazing they could land it without injury. because that's like -- like crashing a plane. that's like, they don't have good outcomes. >> reporter: such as last february when a plane crashed into an east palo alto
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neighborhood killing all three tesla employees on board. both the pilot and instructor walked away unharmed. the pilot did not want to speak on camera but tells us it was a scary experience. reporting live, maureen naylor, ktvu news. cal fire crews have the upper hand on a gas fire that has burned through 300 acres. calfire called in planes to help contain the fire. about a half hour ago, calfire told us this fire is pretty much out and all aircrafts have been sent home. no buildings were threatened. seems like it's been a slow fire season so far. but we actually checked with the california department of forestry and we've seen more acres burned. at the same time last year only
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about 18,000 acres had burned. this year there's been close to 33,000 acres burned. the average more than 130,000 acres. a 350-acre fire is now 60% contained in the san san bernardino valley. and irene is now churning it's way toward the east coast. today officials and residents from florida to the carolinas are stocking up on supplies. the category two storm is expected to grow into a category 3 in the next 24 hours. with winds of at least 110 miles per hour. the national hurricane center
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predicts this storm will hit south carolina on saturday morning. well let's go over to our chief meteorologist, bill a category 3 hurricane can do quite some damage. >> and some of the models yesterday were showing irene going to a category 4. florida is on the west side of irene. florida then the southern states are going to be fine. i'm going to show you some more irene. first let's go look at system of the fog that's visiting us. we have less fog than yesterday. temperatures really increased. when you see fog like this, see how it stuck out over the edge there. it's not even making it up over 19th avenue. here's a live picture, i've said this a lot. if you've lived here for a matter of time, that tower at the golden gate bridge, both towers, that marine layer is below the tower. and when you see that or the
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fog below the tower, and when you see that what you're getting into is, you're getting into is no cool air pushing inland. when you see it pinched you know it's 95 degrees in concord. it just goes you also know the air quality is not that great. back to irene. here she is now as she stands. over the next few days irene is going to head toward the east. it wants to go back to a category 2. then at one point they added a four here on friday but now it's going to be a category 4. florida on the left side, that's good news. when it comes offshore. that right quadrant is going to push off the waves. this whole area is the possibility, the most likely path is this. you can see it actually going to run north into the rhode island area, close to the new england states. we have a few days to go.
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main impact to us is going to be on travel plans. we haven't seen these purples or reds, a couple of types but not much. as we wind up summertime this is one of the warmest days we've seen. today was definitely warm. the system i'm tracking to the north of us is going to drop down again. when it does we cool. it's not going to be a big push of clouds like we saw the other day. it'll be enough to cool us down tomorrow. a little cooler tomorrow. but still low 90s inland. then toward the weekend, we heat up. when i come back, we're going to look at irene and the pressure. i'm here to say we can't
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afford another shutdown. >> senator boxer in the east bay today making a plea. plus former governor schwarzenegger said he was done with his come back, but today we're hearing about his new movie plans. a patient at a mental hospital is learning his sentence for killing a nurse. >> he's a thug, he's not going to survive in prison. what local leaders say needs to change and a new grocery store so minors don't walk away with bottles like these. >> we're very concerned about that. tonight on ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00. ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show.
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a visit from california's senator barbara boxer to oakland international airport today. turned into something of a union rally. both the senators and the workers demand that congress prevent another aviation
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shuttown. >> when work shuts down it represents failure. when work is ongoing it represents success. and i'm here to say we can't afford another shutdown. >> reporter: oakland internationals partially completed traffic control tower loomed behind the center along with oakland mayor jean quan and construction workers. work on the oakland tower and other faa projects were brought to a complete halt, throwing more than 70,000 people temporarily out of work. >> it's all about us working every day and try to make a living and pay our bills. we're not interested in this political stuff, we need to get people to work in the united states. we built this nation. we need to go back to work. >> a temporary agreement put the workers back on the job but only until mid-september. senator boxer says the senate has already approved a bill to provide funding for the faa. today she called on house
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leaders to do the same. former governor schwarzenegger is planning a movie come back. he'll be in a modern day western called "last stance" this will be schwarzenegger first role since leaving office. the family of singer amy winehouse says that toxicology tests show there were no illegal drugs in her system when she died. the findings showed that alcohol was present but it hasn't been determined yet if that played a role in her death last month. an initial postmortum failed to determine a cause of death. i'm scott mcfarland live in washington, on the street after the earthquake, why was the city so spooked and what's the latest on the damage.
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buildings swaying and thousands of people flooding out into the streets after that earthquake on the east coast. needles to say folks back there are not used to earthquakes. this was the strongest earthquake to hit washington, d.c. since 1847. scott mcfarland was there during the earthquake, where were you and how was it like? >> reporter: it was downright scary. it was strong, unmistakable it was an earthquake. the walls were rattling, the windows were rattling, the floors were shaking side to side. it's what i imagine it would be
5:29 pm
like standing on a bowl of jell- o. people were evacuating for several hours. we just got the all clear a few moments ago to go back to our buildings. that's how much surveying was done to make sure there was no damage. u.s. capital just began allowing workers back in. we spoke to those workers, here's what they had to say. >> people started freaking out. i thought it was a train, somebody said like derailed. i don't know and then i heard earthquake. >> reporter: absolutely scary. folks that were here on 9/11 it was a reminder. no major injury, no major
5:30 pm
damage reported. i can just tell you this is a city that is spooked. scott macfaland. >> you said you were sprinting but was it orderly or was it any panic? >> it was orderly, i credit that to the fact that there's so much police in washington, d.c. there's u.s. capital police, secret service, federal protection service, and they have crews outside. they were seen, they were visible and they were relaying information. but there was a sense of relief when we found out this was an earthquake. so close to the 9/11 anniversary, when you feel the ground shaking beneath your feet, you fear the worse. >> has there been any serious aftershocks since that earthquake. >> reporter: two of them reporting. i think the biggest story that developed is that none of us could use our cell phones or use e-mail. couldn't contact loved ones easily. it's difficult because we work but we also live here our homes are near by, our spouses are
5:31 pm
near by. also makes you wonder what happened in a larger emergency with no ability to communicate. >> reporter: the capital is now reopened. what about other buildings and trains and subway service there? is that back on now and are things getting back to normal now? >> not yet for commuters. the metro system, the subway system that's a little more used than b.a.r.t. but similar to b.a.r.t. that's still paralyzed moving as what they describe walking speeds. the aboveground speeds are stalled as well. the commute finally cleared but it was like a parking lot during rush hour. you couldn't go back into the buildings because they were evacuated and you couldn't go home. >> thank you very much, scott mcfarlane. the earthquake also raised concern at airports across washington, d.c. airports in washington, philadelphia and
5:32 pm
boston were halted. traffic control towers at newark and kennedy were halted. some flights that were airborne when the quake hit were diverted to other airports. amtrak stopped service to inspect rails for damage. amtrak has not reported any major damage. president obama is not in washington, d.c. he was in martha's vineyard with family and he was about to tee off when he got the news of the earthquake. they've told him no reports of major infrastructure damage from that 5.8 earthquake. our coverage will continue throughout this newscast and on our website and for more on the east coast earthquake you can always go to the east coast quake tab. we also have a survival guide
5:33 pm
for you here in the bay area. the santa clara county district's attorney is set to make an announcement on a decade's old court case. they will look into further investigation into the janine harnes case. she is presumed dead though her body was never found. maurice nesme was killed last year by the victim's brother who then killed himself. prosecutors recently received results on fibers found from nesme's jeep cherokee. kahn the former director of the monetary fund will not face charges in connection with an alleged sexual assault. a new york appeals court denied a request for special prosecutor in the case. that followed a decision by prosecutors this morning to drop the charges. they say they no longer believe the hotel maid who says kahn
5:34 pm
sexually assaulted her when she entered his room to clean it. >> it's an event for a judge to stand up and say that a concluding victim is not worthy of belief. >> the district attorney has abandoned an innocent woman and has denied an innocent woman a right to get justice in a rape case. >> reporter: prosecutors say there is dna evidence that kahn had sexual contact with the maid but they say the everyday did not prove a forced encounter. the conflict in libya is hitting home for some bay area residents with very close ties to that country. robert handa is live, and you spoke to people who have families in libya, and what are they saying tonight.
5:35 pm
>> reporter: many libyan americans who want to go home say the presence of this flag is one of many changes comes. katani is a sales manager in silican valley and has been in exile since he left to go to college. he says when he left, gadhafi's regime seized the family's businesses. >> we've been waiting for this day until libya is free of gadhafi. >> reporter: he says the atmosphere of rebellion is obvious in the pictures and now he wants to see a free libya. >> it's a very moving moment. you know 42 years is a long time. it's a long time. i never thought my kids are graduating and finishing school here. >> reporter: one of gatani's children samaya is also anxious. she says her family until now never thought she would go to the home she never got to see.
5:36 pm
>> so now it's like, i'm trying to find when i have free time so i can go. i'm trying to go see my family who i've never met before. it's just so, so much going through my head. now i can finally be in this place that i've called home all my life. >> reporter: her father understands but says he and many others will return home to help rebuild the new libya. >> we have to go back and contribute to this. this is a time they need help. >> reporter: and gettani says people will be surprised that he soon expects libya to be open to tourism. he says that maybe might be surprised but that libya is a beautiful place with beaches and that people will get to see it now that gadhafi is not in the way. and we want to show you live pictures from news chopper 2. from what we understand a
5:37 pm
car has gone over the edge off grizzly peak. some of these hills alongside grizzly peak are very steep. if you've ever driven through there there's not guards. it's easy to go over the edge, and that has happened here. you see the rescue workers. looks like that might be the driver of the car who they are preparing to bring up. we do not know the extent of any injuries but we're going to continue following -- there's the car right there. that was my mistake. looked like the other shot was the car. but that is the car there. it looks like they might have the driver out of that car and are about to bring him up the hill. as we get more information we will bring it to you. but once again a car has gone over the edge there on grizzly peak in the oakland hills above the clairmont hotel. it's an area where there are very steep and treacherous hills if you go over the edge. well she loved her cat and
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that love has led to an astonishing gift to uc davis. first at&t now verizon. find find out what's in store for sprint when it comes to the latest actions.
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a new lower prized version
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of apple's popular iphone 4 may be coming soon. a korean company has begun manufacturing the flash drive for an eight gigabyte cell phone expected to be launched in asian. the 4g was released with 16 and 32 gigabite version. the new version could help apple boost its sales. the asian market accounts for 20% of apple's total revenue. the wall street journal says that sprint nextel will get to start selling the iphone 4 as well as the iphone 5 by october. many had expected the iphone 5 to arrive next month but speculation has shifted toward october. toyota unveiled its new 2012 2012 camry today.
5:42 pm
they say it has a sharper more pointed hood, a quieter and roomier interior and more trunk space. toyota has sold nearly 20,000 new camrys. a basic version will cost just under $22,000. there may be a better way to predict cervical cancer than relying on the traditional pap smear. the hpv test may be a better tool. scientists say the hpv tests detects two strains of the hpv virus that is likely to increase the risk of cancer. researchers suggest using both tests for a better diagnosis.
5:43 pm
researchers looked at two laparoscopy appendix surgeries. a huge donation can lead to more cures for diseases that make pets sick but it does come with a little bit of a catch. a wealthy cat lover named maxine adler's estate recently donated $50 million to uc davis. the gift stipulated any animal cancer treatment discovered by researchers uses the money must include the name of her cat. dubi. dubi died of cancer. the latest new home sales figures are out. the question is why are some bay area home builders saying they are optimistic. i'm consumer editor tom vacar, that story still ahead. in real life, over a rescue effort unfolding right now in the east bay hills. we've learned more about the two people inside of a vehicle and this person here being taken by rescuers up to safety.
5:44 pm
back in 10 minutes, a big increase in temperatures, certainly an increase in fire damages. i'll tell you which cities will be the warmest tomorrow. a mental patient on trial for killing a hospital worker learns his fate. we are talking with the victim's relatives about the punishment handed down just hours ago. >> he's a thug, he's not going to survive in prison. also, caught in the act. the bizarre crime at city hall that sheriff's deputies witnessed themselves. and -- >> reporter: what local leaders say needs to
5:45 pm
5:46 pm
we continue to follow breaking news happening right now in the east bay hills. there is a rescue effort under way. our news chopper 2 is over the site. if you've ever been on grizzly peak a lot of people take it to the tildon park area, it is a
5:47 pm
windy road with pretty much nothing to keep you from going over the road, and it appears that's what happened. we have a tow truck at the top. we showed you live a person being put on a stretcher and being brought to safety. so we know at least one person now has been taken from the crash site up to safety. we don't know if someone else was also in the vehicle. at this point we're trying to find that out. we are keeping in close contact with oakland fire department as soon as we get more information we will bring it to you here. sales of new homes in the united states have hit a five month low in part because of a glut of existing homes already on the market. but ktvu's consumer editor tom vacar is at a major town hall development in the east bay where home building still has a pulse, tom. >> reporter: frank, it's simply because those national numbers are just so bad that it may be the perfect time to go from brochure to being a buyer. kb homes development a half mile from b.a.r.t. has already sold units even
5:48 pm
before construction is done. >> it's always location, location, location in real estate. >> reporter: sh era arla conner is with the builders association. >> it's closer for people to get to work and transportation is not as big of an issue. >> reporter: but even in the outskirts, it's still a good sign. >> with this company i'm working six days out of the week, so i'm staying busy. >> reporter: it's still slow for builders everywhere. when the real recovery comes they can ramp up much more quickly. >> builders still today are not making money.
5:49 pm
honestly. they want to keep people and keep busy. >> reporter: builders still have a powerful argument. >> new homes come with a warrantee, new homes are energy efficient, they're at green standards so it's a much better choice. >> reporter: everyone those with dings and dents on their credit are finding loans now. >> if you can qualify for it and you can afford it now is the best time to buy because now homes are more affordable than they've been in years. >> reporter: bay area pent up demand is building ing but it's not quite yet b -- building but it's not quite yet blooming. and julie haener joins us with some of the stories we're working on for 6:00. >> new at 6:00 we're in the courtroom as the victim's family makes an important request. >> if you have kids versus machine, who wins? >> locals say this much anticipated grocery store has
5:50 pm
one glaring problem. these check out counters. the change they're demanding to keep alcohol out of hands of children. an amazon is being sued to get taxes on california goods. and the panda express, this sign here was put up here on flagstaff arizona to warn drivers. you can see pranksters were able to change the message to rogue panda on rampage. still no word on how the hackers got control of the sign in the first place. well on to our weather now. what a beautiful day. bill my kids were saying today, dad i can't believe it. it's finally great weather and now they have to go back to school. >> isn't that how it works typically. we usually have a hot summer around here but yet we haven't. here we go into the last couple
5:51 pm
of weeks in summer and we're in the 90s. one of the warmest days we've seen. the reason for that is we've had the fog stuck at the coast. when that happens you don't get a lot of cooling. these are the highs from today. 97 in antioch, 94 in f airfield. they are not exceptional highs but they are when you look at the entirety of the summer which has been lots of 80s where there should be 90s. definitely a hot one out there in the inland bay valleys cool right at the coast. around the bay we saw plenty of temperatures in the 80s and even a couple of low 90s. 62 in concord, 62 in vallejo. so pretty darn warm overnight. tomorrow this low track south just a few miles and as it does it trends temperatures back down. so we're cooling back down tomorrow. and we'll start to warm up again as we head into friday and saturday. back into the 90s. but not a big cool down.
5:52 pm
97 in the inland bay valleys. the forecast now has all this cool air. there's the map for your wednesday afternoon. the heat is still in the valley. the cooler breeze will shunt that to the east a bit. but on thursday and friday it's all going to start heading our way again. so it remains warm. these are the forecast highs for your tomorrow. 65 in stinson beach. your forecast highs in the inland bay valley, not 97 but 91 in brentwood. then the santa clara valley 88 in morgan hill and 88 in gilroy. so as you move through the day tomorrow, not as hot but still quite warm inland. your five day forecast with your weekend in view is going to show you that ball. one of the warmer days we've seen in a while for the extended. >> it really did. it should have felt this warm weeks ago. >> you saw we had a fire today.
5:53 pm
>> thank you bill. and we're looking at video live over a rescue effort you see here unfolding in the east bay hills. the latest when we come back.
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let's give you another live look here at breaking news happening on the east bay hills. here's a vehicle that went down an enbankment. we just learned a chp helicopter has come to the area and is at this point circling. at least one person has been rescued and brought to safety there on the main road.
5:56 pm
a lot of crews on the scene. we're going to stay on top of this and bring you more at 6:00. joe montana huddled with some pint sized players to fight hunger in san francisco. how about that. montana one of the greatest quarterbacks in nfl history, but at the san francisco food bank today montana was part of a different team. montana and pop warner players from sacramento unloaded 5,000 pounds of food as part of kraft foods huddle to fight hunger. >> this is here in san francisco. and this one does a tremendous job. i got a little tour about it and i was shocked. they do 45 million pounds of food a year and half of that is fresh. i don't know how they do it, that's amazing. very amazing. >> reporter: the food unloaded will help the food bank feed 200,000 san franciscans who
5:57 pm
struggle to feed themselves and their family. you can help joe montana feed the hungry. every time somebody hits like on the kraft page, kraft will make a donation to fight hunger in america. and a mental patient faces a judge. the sentence was to serve his time in prison instead of a psychiatric ward. ok, kids, our cable will let us record one more show.
5:58 pm
who should get it? i really love jennifer. yeah, she's great. yeah. yeah. kyle's got that thick head of hair. and that should be rewarded. ok, moment of truth. on "three," say which kid you love the most. oh, fun, yeah. 1...2...3... jennifer. jennifer. whoa. wow. ha! she's so pretty. yeah. or, we give it to kyle. it's really all he's got. [ male announcer ] switch to at&t u-verse and record four shows all at the same time. just $29 a month for 6 months. at&t.
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manhattan's district attorney tries to calm fears as a magnitude 5.8 earthquake rattles the east coast. the shaking was felt as far away as new york, philadelphia and virginia. >> they started evacuating everybody. it was crazy. >> today's quake was the strongest in more than 100 years to strike the east. >> good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. our health and science editor john fowler is live in menlo park with the unique design of


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